Lakers Need Goudelock To Back Up Talk


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — As two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash walked away from Friday morning’s shootaround sharing very little confidence of being able to play in tonight’s Game 3 against the San Antonio Spurs, newly crowned D-League MVP Andrew Goudelock strode in high-stepping over his own swagger.

Goudelock said the plan is for him to start tonight at point guard if Nash is unable to go. Nash said he’s feeling better, but is a “long way from being NBA-ready.” With Steve Blake out indefinitely, Jodie Meeks doubtful and Kobe Bryant on crutches, L.A. will likely be without its top four guards. Goudelock and Darius Morris would run the backcourt.

That means the 6-foot-3 Goudelock will draw San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker on the defensive end. How does Goudelocke, with 425 minutes of NBA action under his belt, plan to do that?

“Just stay in front of him,” Goudelock said, matter-of-factly. “He’s a really quick guy, don’t let him get anything in transition, stay up on the pick-and-rolls. He’s got to guard me too, so I’m not really worried about Tony Parker.”

Goudelock averaged 21.4 ppg in the D-League and he has 175 total points in 41 career NBA games, or the amount Parker has scored in his last games — and that was playing through nagging injuries.

“I’ve always been a scorer, put the ball in the basket,” Goudelock said. “I lost a lot of weight so I’m a lot quicker. I just bring a lot of energy. Those guys don’t really know me, so I can bring something unexpected. With my scoring ability I think I can help a lot.”

The Lakers could certainly use it. They’ve scored 79 and 91 points and shot 43.2 percent in falling in a 2-0 hole

As the point guard, Goudelock said he can pass the ball, too, and find Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol for looks inside. He had never played the point until this season, but he says he’s a greatly improved passer. The Lakers players, although they haven’t seen much of him this season, expressed confidence in Goudelock’s game.

Kobe had already nicknamed him “Mini Mamba” for his scoring ability and attack mentality.

“People have to always honor my scoring, so it makes it easier to pass the ball because I get so much attention because they know that I can score and they probably don’t think I’m gonna pass it,” Goudelock said. “I’ve seen scouting reports from other teams that will be like ‘he’s not going to pass it.’ So it makes it that much easier for me to get 10 or 11 assists in the D-League because I’m getting double-teamed, getting so much attention, they know I can score, so it makes it easier for a guy like me, whether if I wasn’t a scorer as much it might be a little bit tougher because guys might be able to sag off me or do some other things.

“But being able to score and add that scoring punch takes a lot of load off my shoulders.”

That will be Parker’s problem, apparently. But one thing Goudelock will have to watch when he’s guarding the shifty Parker is the ticky-tack-type foul that he picked up during his brief appearance in Game 2.

“It’s going to happen. I’m a young guy, they don’t know me, they’re going to call that,” Goudelock said. “I’m ready for it. I’m ready for all of this. It doesn’t matter. I’ve been doing this since I was about 5 years old. It’s no different from if it’s Tony Parker or a guy in the D-League. They’re going to have to guard me, I’m going to have to guard them, it’s all basketball.”

Goudelock certainly talks the talk. The Lakers now need him to walk the walk.


  1. dmh says:

    D-league ain’t no nba….

  2. Ladyshakalaka says:

    I hate to say it, It’s time for Steve Nash to retire . I really like Steve Nash great player future hall of famer but his nagging back injury and difficulty iplaying without getting hurt will not help the Lakers in the future.

    Steve Blake is a second string back up point guard. They need to acquire a new point guard and get rid of Ron Artest ( I refuse to call one of the dirtiest players to ever play the game- Peace).

    Dwight Howard is so immature and for him to ever be a francise player and win a championship he needs to grow up. He is a special talent and could really be a league MVP and a champion but he is his own worst enemy.

    I feel bad for Pau Gaol because he is a great player, super talented for his size and always gets the “blank” end of the stick from the LA fans and media.

    Kobe could do no wrong in the media and they coverup his nasty and disrespectful personality like they did with Jordan! Kobe is not one of my favorite players, not becaue he isn’t a great player becaue he is! He mimicked Michael Jordan in how he shoots the ball, his supposed intensity in the game, his selfishness and nasty demeanor even his sticking out his tongue (like Jordan) while he is playing. For some reason Kobe couldn’t just be himself he wanted to be compared to Jordan.

    Kobe is just as nasty of a person if not worst than Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan played he was mean and nasty to everyone even his own teammates. Just listen to Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech- you will see what a self- absorbed jerk he was and is! Getting back to Kobe listen to his press conferences he is a jerk! I am so happy that the Lakers are struggling I am sick of their monopoly because they are in LA with all the stars and have all the money- I hope they don’t win another championship for another ten years.

    Mike D’Antoni needs to get a good defensive coordinator because their defense is bad!

  3. Fakers says:

    Mitch annouces 2014 season new players and line up goes like this…

    Allen Iverson
    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Jason Kidd

    and media will be talking about all star players once again next year…. still NBA revolves around lakers…

    • rondo says:

      where are you coming from and learn how to spell Mutombo

    • W/E says:

      i think he will bring back from retirement HOFs and put the 50 year olds on intense training program to get in shape just to make sure Lakers make mad noise next year:

      PG: Magic Johnson
      SG:Kobe Bryant
      SF:James Worthy
      PF:Karl Malone
      C: Shaq

  4. vinch says:

    i agree that the lakers should get
    PG-Allen iverson and trade steve blake and cris duhon and sacre for josh smith/paul milsap or atleast get Gilbert Arenas as a back up for kobe. then fire coach D’Antoni and hirre coach flip saunders/larry brown or even jeff van gundi.

    next season’s lineup
    PG – steve nash/ allen iverson
    SG – kobe bryant/ gilbert arenas
    PF – Pau Gasol/ Josh Smith / Paul milsap
    SF – MWP / Earl clark
    C – Dwight Howard/ Josh Smith

  5. Why wont D'Antoni put Goudelock? says:


    he was the MVP of the D-League, plays better than Morris, scores more, he is a legit shooting guard, yet D’Antoni seems to be very tough minded and won’t give him real minutes.

    I don’t like D’Antoni, tough fella.

    Only a miracle for the Lakers, keep believing!

  6. Santiago Rincon says:

    lakers have been through a lot of injuries this season i think goudelock is going to step it up and morris too if the lakers want to get a win tonight if they go 3-0 is going to be tough to come back!

  7. DeBrosh says:

    Steve Nash has tremendous basketball IQ! Lakers could do a lot worse than keeping him, but they should understand there is a lot of miles on that engine! no need to reinvent the wheel just copy what NY has done with JKidd!

    as for D’Antoni – overated coach and not even a natural leader! what a bust!

  8. theholyspectator says:

    i dont think nash has it in him anymore, his body is giving out, this is just a glimpse of what youll see from the guy, hes best years are way past him, you have to a super athlete in your prime to still be able to coast in your mid to late 30s..and nash never was a super athlete in his prime..a pretty decent one but not a machine like kobe..personally if i was nash id retire..these injuries are just signs and thats that…RIP lakers…the purple and yellow era is done, time to rebuild..

  9. CHI says:

    “Lions and Tigers and Goudelocke, OH MY!”

  10. CHI says:

    Wow…Spurs better just pack it up and go home now because Goudelocke is on the floor…..Staples is currently widening the doors so his ego and mouth can fit through them…

  11. Miami x Kid says:

    HAHAHA!!!!!!!! this kid is not worried about a FINALS MVP this is the playoffs not the D-League SMH hes got life in a mix Tony is gonna make him eat those words Smh!!!!!

  12. installerx says:

    i’ve seen this before..with DAntoni and the Knicks. BDavis out, Shumpert out, Anthony out..and they had no choice but to play the last player on the bench…and Linsanity was born! Let’s see if we see a Goudelock mania! or Goudlocksanity!?

  13. ADAM says:

    Steve nash is actually the best thing to happen to the lakers as far as point guards go. Haha….Patty you should be ashamed of yourself.

  14. KR450 says:

    Another Laker with a big mouth. Hardly anything new.It’ll be 4-0 Spurs in this one, and the sooner the Lakers are gone the better.

  15. capt'n crunch says:

    Spurs got Tracy McGrady now, lol, Lakers should go and get Allen Iverson. He’s no Kobe but he could add that 20+ points. More drama and news headlines for Lakerland for sure. Just dont wanna see a sweep so early. This matchup turned out to be disappointing so far.

  16. Patty says:



    • LAKERS4LIFE@16 says:

      I feel shame for you idiot. Retire are you serious? Nash can play another year and still the team don’t play the way they like because of all season long, they have lot of injuries. And aside from that D’ Antoni’s play are still in the long way process because Nash, Gasol, Dwight and Bryant just play for like only a few games…

      And if your fire D’ Antoni, who else will sit there as a coach? Phil Jackson? Don’t be such a stereotype. He doesn’t want to be coach anymore. He wants a managerial position not coaching another team.

      • W/E says:

        so u really want 40 year old Nash as a starting PG for ur team for the next 2 years? And D’antoni as ur coach? No ring for you i guess.

      • CRichie says:

        Are you guys serious!!! Steve Nash is an aging point now!!! He has had a slew of injuries over the last 4 years in the league!!!! He cannot keep up with the quicker more athletic guards of today!!! He was a great player in his prime!!! I loved his play in his hey day!! But now it is time to hang up the sneakers!!!

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      Patty you just said you love Nash and you love D antoni like last month….. (cough cough) BANDWAGONER ALERT (cough cough)