Lakers Get Good News On Bryant Injury

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Fears that the Lakers could be without Kobe Bryant for at least part of the stretch drive while trying to hold on to a spot in the Western Conference playoffs subsided Friday when the team listed him as probable for Saturday night’s game against the Kings at Sleep Train Arena.

Bryant was limping near the end of the loss at Milwaukee on Thursday, and he left BMO Harris Bradley Center with the aid of a single crutch — the result of a bone spur in his left foot. Days after learning Metta World Peace (knee) is expected to miss six weeks, which could be the rest of the season, and after seeing Steve Nash (hip spasms) sit most of the second half against the Bucks, the Lakers were staring at the possibility of another major injury hit.

That made Friday’s update that Bryant will probably play against the Kings a relief. Nash, meanwhile, is doubtful.

The Lakers began Friday with a half-game lead over the Jazz for the eighth and final playoff spot in the West, although the teams are tied in the loss column.


  1. Lakers lose tonight says:

    LA Times “Health, fatigue and general confusion might make the Lakers vulnerable to an underrated Sacramento team”

  2. Stern H8r says:

    What a shock. Kobe’s overcoming another life-threatening injury to be back on the court. Anyone else tired of this attempt to make himself look like Magic and Michael. How sad Kobe….I know you live in LA…but you’re not a very good actor.

  3. Jake says:

    hahaha….KOBE’s just looking for a reason so that his fans will not be dissapointed..:-|)

  4. Sandy says:

    Kobe argues every time HE gets a foul as if he’s too good to get one! Seems to get like he is hurt when they are losing the game then none can blame KOBE. In fact, all Lakers players complain all the time to the referee if it doesn’t go their way. Wha!

    • ranfan says:

      What does that have to do with them missing shots? They are all to blame. Kobe has missed his share of shots and so has the team. There is no blame shifting

  5. vino the black mamba says:

    I’m a huge Lakers fan and I really wish that they make it to the playoffs. However, with their current situation, I believe one round is enough. They really need to take their time and recuperate. Kobe will forever be strong-willed, but his determination just can’t seem to get through to his teammates. I say fire D’Antoni, he doesn’t know how to use his players well. As for Gasol, he’s playing really sloppy for a big man younger than Kobe and his play suits best in the triangle. I say all of this waiting for Kobe to prove to me that I’m wrong.

  6. Truth says:

    Thats why we love Kobe no matter what he does he is tough as hell much respect to MJ but Kobe`s our Goat no doubt

  7. The Big Contract says:

    Lakers have thrown some winnable games away, first at the start of the season in the guise of blending new team mates in, and now against weak teams like the Wizards, Warriors, Raptors. The Lakers have no business losing to such teams and even if the game with such teams are close, the Lakers ought to get the wins but they always manage to blow their chances. You cannot keep playing with the basketball gods and expect nothing to happen. Utah is now joint 8th spot with the Lakers and Utah has the tie-breaker. The Lakers put themselves in this spot, losing 4 out of the past 5 games, that is not good form. Utah on the other hand have raised their game winning 4 of the past 5.
    Let’s see how the Lakers respond to adversity.
    They should have traded Gasol at the start of the season. The Lakers went above .500 for the first time and had a little winning streak going all the while Gasol was out. Soon as Gasol came back, the Lakers lost 4 out of 5 games. Pau is dead. It’s ever so obvious on the court with him playing no form of defense and having the worst legs in basketball, he simply can’t move or keep up with other players.

  8. Miami is probably going to win again a championship but Lakers will surly make the playoffs, Kobe made a promise and it’s true

    • sackid12 says:

      how can you be a heat and lakers fan? you might as well just say im a bandwagon fan. and no the lakers wont make the playoffs. no metta world peace. no steve nash. kobe not at a 100%. even if they were healthy i don’t think they could do it.

  9. Sabungero says:

    Kobe played 36 minutes and finished the game. After they lose, the media were telling he’s injured?

  10. DoubleT says:

    this is good news for lakers and their fans.Now its time to get back the 8´th spot and get ready for a big battle against the Spurs.They still can make one of the biggest come backs in sports history.They have a great team,they just need to realize that.I believe in Lakers!

  11. MNM says:

    why is it a big deal if the Lakers make the playoffs? The Best they can expect is maybe one first round win

  12. ByePlayoffs says:


  13. CRYsis says:

    Kobe and the team needs to rest for next season. The whole team has been like injured 90% of the time. They should call of the season and try to recuperate for next season and get better draft picks.

  14. chris says:

    hey kobe i’m a big fan of your & I live far away from state…(Island),,,so I can fix your foot so fast with some tree called Kiap…I know people gonna think this’s crazy but i’m serious Kobe……?

  15. Gerald says:

    hey y’all Kobe is the best play ever and I know Lakers will make it to the playoff…..don’t just say yes kobe is out of the court cuz I know he’ll be back ASAP……so go kobe just tell ur teammate wat to 2 they’ll handle thing up for you

  16. thepast says:

    bring back shaq

  17. Kobe_Fan_PH says:

    Its not yet Over ! We Still Have more Time Scott Lets Just See.They will now have the “Dark Age” I Trust The Words of Kobe “Not a Question We Will” Remember the Words They still Have Hope They Still Have Howard and Nash on The Floor Scott ! They Will Prove you Wrong !

  18. Jim says:

    Well Sactown is gonna win anyway so who cares.

    So tried of hearing about the lakers wo are in 8th place. I guarentee if the Utah Jazz or Houston Rockets were 8th we wouldn’t hear anything about them. So glad that there is a possibility of me turning on my TV in the next two months and not hearing anything about the lakers.

    Sac is good at home and the lakers are hurt and doing terrible, Should be another huge blow for the Lakers losing at Sac

  19. black drama will play!

  20. What’s new here? Kobe will play. The crutch and the sprain are all drama to justify his recent failures! I bet if they’ll win the next game, he’ll definitely entertain all the reporters and boast how good he is! If they lose, he’ll get a wheelchair, blame refs, or opponents for physical plays! I wonder they are always on the spotlight wherein they have a poor season and less attention is given to Spurs!

  21. freeze says:

    Lakers forever, but to many stars and ego, dramas and cry baby lakers will still going to the playoff but 100percent out on the first round. big mistake hiring d’antoni, howard he needs to know how to use all the muscles he has. put some strength on gripping the ball and damn you can take anyone out there.

  22. Outsider says:

    Kobe is good but he did too much to try to keep the laker afloat….. Instead of letting team take its time to come together. No one man can win it all. It time he leans to be a team player and not the Kobe that uses number 8!!!!! Or just take a page from the king James book. Team first myself after…….. Go lerbron it ur turn again…..

  23. NBA_fansHK says:

    I don’t understand why all Laker starters need to play 30+ minute while 5 men sit on the bench? what are they for?

  24. theholyspectator says:

    RIP lakers

  25. Scott says:

    The Lakers are over, its time to enter the “dark ages”

    I would not even want to build a team around Howard

  26. Dictator says:

    hope kobe and lakers will get a playoff spot …

  27. Chris says:

    Nash is old.. He shouldn’t be playing the minutes he’s playing. I admire him for continuing to do so but he’s gotta stay healthy. Kobe on the other hand wouldn’t surprise me if he showed up in crutches and still played

  28. lakers gaza says:

    jim buss plus dumtoni = failure!

  29. lakers gaza says:

    jim buss is an idiot he cause all this!!!

  30. they’ll probably be still a very dangerous threat on the playoffs

  31. purpngold says:

    If Kobe goes down, this season is pretty much over for the Lakers. I don’t think there is anyone else on the team who can step up as the leader. Possibly Nash, but with all the drama that surrounds the Lakers, I don’k know if he can get the others to listen and follow his lead.
    Get well soon Kobe,
    Lets Go Lakers..

    • Francisco says:

      at this stage probably you are right, but they could have done much better without kobe for the whole season , kobe is very unefficient and higthly overrated, why? well the guy is regarded to be one of the best closer of the game when he is not , he shoots 31 % in the last 24 seconds of the game 2 up or 2 down since 1997, that is not clutch at all when you do it 45% in your career. His clutch gene is not there , and science prove it.. Carmelo the best 47.5

      • J-Short says:

        Francisco my friend i get the numbers deal, but I always ask can numbers explain why this man Kobe demands a double team after 17 years of play in the NBA to keep the ball out of his hands or try and get the ball out of his hands in late game under 30 seconds to play games. Someting is telling me that the other team is not worried about his closing percentage that you have come up with. Can your numbers explain this type of play against Kobe with under 30 sec to play?

        Also I am willing to guess you can have say the Olympic team from the last two years and the game is tied and say we have the ball and its 10 sec left in regulation if I was a betting man I would say that Coach K and the whole USA team would clear out and let Kobe iso in the closing seconds, with all of that talent on the Olympic team, can your numbers explain this theory?

      • LakersWillWin says:

        If we based the game on stats no one would watch because we would already know what is going to happen. This guy francisco doesn’t deserve a keyboard because he is redundant. It’s getting old reading your stuff man. Find something original

  32. Jaye says:

    Is this really good news? He needs to stay injured in order for the Lakers to play a team game.

  33. jay says:

    lakers aint making the playoffs. if the right call was made on the last play of the bucks game, they wouldve gotten dusted off by the bucks in ot, #letsfocusonsomethingotherthanthelakers

    • Scott says:

      the Lakers are trying not to enter the dark ages like Chicago did in 1999

      Kobe has maybe 1 season left after this and Howard is not a championship player or someone you would even try to build a team around. Its time for the Lakers to go through the dark ages and rebuild a team, get some good draft picks…

      • ranfan says:

        Well shaq and howard both were the central piece when their teams made it to the finals

  34. I am the actual Rajon rondo. I don’t have many things to do after i tore my acl so this is my first time writing on the hangtime blog. About this article i just wanna say that hope the lakers won’t make the playoffs.

  35. Lobsangrampa says:

    Done deal….2014 is next…

  36. cotton says:

    its about time they lose, glad to see it this way

  37. wakenbake says:

    lebron whines about the refs.. kobe fakes injuries..

  38. RickJ says:

    There was so many haters happy that Kobe was injured earlier saying he wouldn’t be back. It is pretty tough to keep this man off the court.