World Peace May Become A Free Agent

OAKLAND – In a move that would be so Metta World Peace, Metta World Peace is not ruling out the possibility of terminating his contract after the season against all logic, telling he would consider the move in the summer if it meant he could remain with the Lakers longer.

World Peace has a player option for 2013-14, the final year of his contract, at $7.7 million. He said his agent, Marc Cornstein, will approach the Lakers about an extension, but that will be a very short conversation unless the 33-year-old small forward is willing to take a severe pay cut. And it may be short no matter what.

If World Peace does not terminate the deal, he immediately becomes a candidate to be cut under the amnesty provision. If he does terminate, likely (one would hope) after conversations with team officials to gauge the chances of getting more years at a lot less money annually, it is nearly impossible to imagine the Lakers committing more than two seasons on a new deal to maintain the possible cap room in the summer of 2014.

The choice for World Peace could be to risk free agency in what figures to be a cold market in 2013 or keep the final season of the contract in place at the $7.7 million and possibly have his Lakers career end before he wants. He could also stay in the deal and be traded as an expiring contract to an undesirable destination.

“I think my agent is trying to see if he can get an extension to stay here in L.A.,” World Peace told “I’m really excited about the possibilities of staying here in L.A.”

But would he take a pay cut to help make it happen?

“It’s too early to say those types of things right now,” he said Monday night at Oracle Arena, where the Warriors beat the Lakers 109-103. “It’s too early to say. I don’t know what the Lakers are thinking. I don’t know what anybody’s thinking. I don’t even know what other teams think. I don’t know what’s going on because I haven’t told my agent, ‘Hey, go out there and ask around’ and things like that. I don’t know what anybody’s thinking at this point in time. I just try to keep my game. I’m playing at a good level.”

World Peace is averaging 12.8 points and 5.1 rebounds in 34.6 minutes. He played just 19 minutes Monday, all in the first half.

“He said the back of his knee was bothering him,” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “I told him, ‘Well, if it’s bothering you, you can’t go out.’ He said it’s really hurting. That’s why we held him. But I don’t know what that means. He said he felt fluid in the back of his knee.”


  1. DEEJDOPE says:

    Don’t matter who u trade or what coach u get the heat are gonna win the next 2 years and that’s a fact…

  2. realist2013 says:

    The Lakers have no depth. Their bench is weak. Kobe has one of the best point guards to ever play but he’s so used to not having a real one he takes the ball up the court which makes nash and his play making/defense breaking skills null. Howard doesnt want to step on Kobe’s toes so is confused on the court. They are weak at the 3 position. I’d let mwp go. He’s already overpaid as it is.

  3. Scott says:

    Blame the coach, typical Lakers fans

    how about rebuild your team around someone other than about to retire Kobe, but thats right, most of the Lakers fans would disappear during those “dark ages”. Lakers the typical quick fix team, its like fat people going on quick fix fad diets but still remaining fat!

  4. TMACISBACK says:

    Sign Tracy McGrady in the Offseason

  5. goat says:

    Amnesty kobe! problem will be solved

  6. rca nba says:

    hey guys, i would like to say that i agreed with Joshua Greenfarb, hey why keeping your best player on the court when a game is already out of reach? with all the risks to get serious injured and then really hurt your palyoffs chances, whell, i think pride also played in that game for the D’ANTONİ. Nonetheless, coming back to the topic of this article, i feel compelled to SHOUT OUT LOUDLY saying yes LAKERLAND need the serives of METTA WORLD PEACE more than never , meaning its quite predictable that KOBE will be done with basketball in 2 to 3 years, and then where did they go in terms of organizations directions??? the most probably move will be trying to build a team around D 12. İf so he will need need someone to count on when it comes to defense as motivate as him , physically to back him up and eventually transcend to all the team and so on so forth,… BY the way please , if somebody could help the cause to kick D’ANTON out of the looker room he is for me the big reasons of this disappointed season for the PURPLE AND YELLOW .

  7. lakers fan says:

    trade world peace and pau gasol to chicago for deng and boozer

  8. dwan fulwood says:

    Bring in Phil Jackson now. Return to a proven system that play to our strength. These players need Phil to build the chemistry. Also sign Allen Iverson to bring scoring off the bench.

    • Scott says:

      living in the past, why not work on rebuilding your team.

      Kobe has what 1 year left after this, what if the don’t make the playoffs he might even call it quits…

  9. Antonio Perez says:

    the Lakers won 2 games when Kobe was out with the bad ankle
    all the players having fun Howard dunking and smiling
    Kobe came back the Lakers lost 2 straight games
    Howard not smiling anymore
    Kobe for shooting 3s from half court
    and doing what ever he wants
    get rid of Kobe
    the Lakers players will never be a happy team
    everybody deserve a piece of the cake
    greedy Kobe wants the cake all for himself
    let other people shoot the ball
    the coach is not that bad
    what more you want him to do
    he has basically tried everything
    Kobe is selfish he plays for his numbers
    that’s why the Lakers are almost out the playoffs

  10. busa-boss says:

    enough of this kind of drama…win or loss the fakers, i mean the lakers has always been in the novel prize category…shut the drama up and play basketball…d’antoni maybe not the right coach or director of these team,,,but don’t you ever forget faker fans that bryant handles everything on this drama team!!!

  11. GEORGE says:


  12. Yash says:

    it wasnt a blow out , the lakers were only down by 6

  13. glenn says:

    Please have Coach dumbtonie play Nash and Gasol in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Steve is getting blown away by the speed of the young turks when he plays too many minutes. Play him when we need to close up the half and the game. Same for Pau ..he will hit critical free throws closing out the half and close 4th quarter close outs. Howard can go full force without worrying about fouling out. Starting 5…Howard,Kobe,Meeks,Jamison,Clark…..gotta shake something up ! Everyone is set to play our current lineup with quick starts and running the first half.

  14. Marcus says:

    Max, I totally agree with you on Howard… He def has the lowest basketball IQ in the league, hands down. I honestly can not stand the guy. I cry baby filled with illiteracy. He even sounds like a dope in his interviews…

  15. Joseph_03 says:

    The thing is, they need to resign Dwight in the off season and let him fully recover. Then decide from that point on, if they are successful in resigning Dwight then they can consider trading away Pau, simply he just does not fit with Dwight and the rest of the team. Trading him for 50 cents to the dollar isn’t a bad idea after all, if it will mean that the Lakers can bring in players who can fill in the gaps that this team obviously need. Next year will be the most likely last year of Kobe leading the pack, despite being a year older, everyone will be healthier and the injection of hopefully younger legs from whoever they get from the Gasol dump will be beneficial.

  16. Gary Oak says:

    I’m not a Knicks fan really anymore, but I’d like it if Metta World Peace played in his hometown New York. Only because players seem to do well in their hometown sometimes.

  17. Big Al says:

    Trade Ebanks and any two between Blake, Morris and Duhon for someone with more substance. Having let go of Barnes, MWP no longer has a proper SF backup, and when he decides to leave, the Lakers will have a hard time finding an effective starter at the 3. Pau can be sent packing as well if he doesn’t man up soon enough. He’s been given so many chances already, so the line has to be drawn soon.

  18. ko0kie says:

    he’s old and slow…still strong, but it doesn’t last long until he can’t stop anybody anymore.

  19. Bunkball says:

    I refer to him as Jekyll and Hyde. If he plays like MWP, he kind of stinks. I wish he played more like Ron Artest. Someone needs to throw fuel in the fire in order to bring out the old RonRon.

  20. Max says:

    Metta World Peace is one of thE4 very few that really tries for the Lakers!. Howard is so sad and Pau is a goner. Nash and Kobe are just worn out and jamison as well. Last night at Golden State was the 2nd worst nba game I have watched in 15 years. Only Phoenix was worst. Lakers are the very worst type of team. It is embarrsing to even watch their games.If they were rookies then one could have hope. Super Stars? or maybe HAS BEEN SUPER STARS are sad to watch. They do not even try on defense. On offense IF Howard does not get the ball and an outside shooter puts up a shot. just watch!!!Howard leaves the area under the offensive basket and trots off to the other end. Howard is just an overgrown,Mentally retarTed Players. Can on score If right in front of basket and can jump up and dunk. Sometimes will block, sometimes IF the ball falls in his hand, then he will rebound (hei gets rebounds because of his height,not because he tries. SO SAD AND A VERY SHORT CAREER WAITING HOWARD!!!!!!!!!

  21. kobe bryant says:

    D’antoni shud be playing earl clark and jamison more!!!!!! WTF was he doing?

  22. Lakers#1 says:

    Mitch Kupchak needs to blow this Lakers team up in the summer! The team looks good on paper but in reality this team is nowhere near championship level basketball. Lakers look slow, old and unispired at best. Defense is horrible and transition defense is a joke. Opponents kill us with speed and effort every single loss.

    Blow this team up, resign Howard and try to get Chris Paul again (CP3 you know you will never win a championship with the Clippers). Keep Nash as an outside shooter and as backup PG. Trade Gasol away to a team that needs a really good center, because Gasol is lost being far outside the paint. It is also time for World Peace to either leave or take a serious pay cut and play the second unit next year. MWP is still a great defender, but he is way slower that before and offense is way past its prime.

    Lakers should focus on getting younger and more athletic with speed and intensity because that is the new breed of the NBA. Westbrook, Faried, Wall, etc. With Howard and CP3 Lakers would have the core for championship level basketball the next five years!

    Lakers 4 Life!

  23. Random Guy says:

    I’d like to say that I would love to see him back next season, but I much rather prefer to move on and look for a younger talent that can defend and score in bunches in the 3 spot. Lakers really payed a price when they let Ariza go after the 09 season. They said that it was a great trade-off for World Peace is a premier perimeter defender and has a decent scoring capability. Yea back then t’was right. But on a long-term basis, the Lakers are really paying right now. It’s no joke what World Peace has done in his career, but to be veeery honest, I would rather have Ariza all along than World Peace. So meaningless to say, I would rather have potential rather than a veteran.

    But don’t take this out of context though. I deeply appreciate what World Peace has done for the Lakers for the last 4 seasons being a Laker. But if I would be the Kupchak, I would rather move on.

  24. GetItTogether says:

    Meta is a beast defensively and still can put up 10 pts offensively as long as he doesnt jack up too many threes..

    Gasol has gone too soft, he was always soft but now he has taken it to another level of softness. He should retire.

    Horrible game and really important one since Utah won. No big shots when they were needed.
    Gasol is too soft
    Nash couldnt hit a 3
    They stopped playing the ball down low to Dwight when he was on a roll.
    Blake was horrible
    Meeks couldnt hit a 3 when needed.
    Defensively whack out of sync.
    Horrible free throws. (they had 9 in a row or something and made 2 at the end of a quarter) Are you kidding me.

  25. jimboy1963 says:

    i guess these next 3 road games will be some sort of a gauge for the Lakers considering these are winnable ones. should they lose even just one of those 3, they better kiss the playoffs bid goodbye. they will for sure just bite the dust whoever they will meet in the 1st round.

  26. deJavu says:

    Dumbtoni..make him a ticket seller..good for LAkerland..

  27. rich says:

    Definitely ACL – he will be out for the season.

  28. Syl Vaughn says:

    Been saying it since LA hired D’ant. They made the wrong choice!! He might be able to coach some team, but not the Lakers. He is not a motivator. He should have been fired some time ago! Like after the first month!

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      how much more motivation do the Fakers need?
      all those players making huge $
      —–kobe like 27m pau like 19m dwamam18m?
      cant always blame the coach people!!!!

      • fpejr says:

        Tru… bryant is making good money n doesnt need motivationn.. as well as howard (though he isnt playing well its a dif case..)

        The whoke team isnt gettibg paid 15plus mil. Per player per yr.. so yea dantoni needs to coach better. Cux. He doesnt deserve what he is gettin paid ..

  29. Christian says:

    Josh are you stupid you know nothing about basketball if you thinking playing kobe 25 minutes a game would be right kobe and metta ain’t been injured alot its been Steve and pau mostly you idiot

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  31. VLADIMIR says:


  32. A.K says:

    Artest is one of the best defenders in the league but hes offensive talent is really bad.. if he was a bruce bowen or shane battier he would be a very valuable piece these days but recently the cheif keef kobe song has gone over his head

  33. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    I hate to say keep him after his past unsportsmanlike concduct but he gives you effort.on the court. Lakers need to hit the reset button to remember Pau, Dwight, Kobe, Metta, & Nash are on this team. Each one of these guys cans score and they need to stop thinking and score points and defend.

  34. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    The Lakers got blown out today at Golden State. How did they finish the game only down 6 points is a mystery to me!

    Lakers tried to fix the game to allow them to make the final score not look like a blowout? Then D’antoni plays Bryant tons of minutes in a game that is already a loss? Bryant wants to just pad his stats and ball-hog? Bryant won’t have much energy to play their next game on the road. Keep playing Bryant 38+ minutes-per-game. It is funny.

    Also, keep playing World Peace 34.6 minutes-per-game. It is funny.

    I realize the Lakers are thin, but Bryant and World Peace should only be playing 25-30 minutes-per-game. At the most. Otherwise, they’re going to keep being injury-prone. I mean, this really isn’t Astrophysics or Rocket Science or whatever.

    • Frank says:

      Bryant isnt injury prone. Last year a survey was given the every NBA GM about who the toughest player in the NBA was and Bryant won and it wasnt even close. Playing big minutes does not make him injury prone. He has always been a big minutes player and for the most part Bryant plays as much as he wants. He dictates when he wants to come out not the coach.

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      its called gabage time, that’s how the Fakers made it close.
      why would anyone want artest hes a dirty undermotivated
      has-been psychopath that needs to be out of the nba.

      • Lakers Heat says:

        the Lakers will be out of the first round of playoffs. Lakers fans quit having high hope. No point for the Lakers to go to the playoffs. They need to make some trades!

    • yeah right says:

      you’re so funny and stupid! i bet you don’t even play basketball IRL! moron!