Kobe’s Right, Official Missed The Call

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That Twitter beef between Kobe Bryant and his followers and Dahntay Jones and his followers can officially be put to rest now that we have a ruling from the NBA about the missed call at the end of that Wednesday night game at Philips Arena.

Just as Bryant said after the Lakers’ 96-92 loss, Jones did not give him the proper space on his landing from a baseline jumper attempt and, the same landing that will keep Bryant out “indefinitely” with a severely sprained left ankle.

The league’s official ruling can be found here and states that:

With 4.9 seconds remaining in the Atlanta Hawks’ 96-92 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on March 13, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant attempted a jump shot over the Hawks’ Dahntay Jones. After review at the league office, video replay confirmed that referees missed a foul call on Jones as he challenged Bryant’s shot and did not give him the opportunity to land cleanly back on the floor. Bryant should have been granted two free throws.

Bryant will still have to wait a year to get his revenge, as he mentioned after the game. But he’s already been vindicated, per the official ruling that is backed up by the video evidence (above).


  1. Comon man-“kobe’s right, official missed the call”-oh F!!??! RREEEEAALY! Regardless of right or wrong no call or league review saying kobe’s right-the thing that pisses me off is everyone knows that a Pierce or any other player other than kobe or lebron are not going to get the league to F!!??! review a play as that unless it’s against them-only kobe & lebron are going to get that extra care treatment over the other hundreds of players around the league. Another case of favoritism for the nba’s superstars getting treated like princesses while players like Pierce have played injured from hard fouls most of their career. Look i’m not haten, that’s just the truth. I’m die hard Celts fan & i’ll go only so far to say that yeah, when u watch the slow-mo replay, u can see jones sliding more into kobe-but he obviously didn’t intend to injure him-just to get in his air space-Now my whole point is kobe puts refs on blast in post game interview then stern/league say ur right–any other player & coach do that in post interview & they have gotten fined being told to file complaint in writing or email-WTF-so basically stern & the league tell everyone else except kobe & lebron to shut up in the media while they hold kobe & lebrons hand & take them out for ice cream & roast marshmallows!

  2. Jeff says:

    If it was a no name role player who got injured jones wouldn’t be getting any punishment for it. Its only because of who it is, and if kobe had got up and kept playing we wouldn’t even be getting bored to death with it. Last week it was the deandre Jordan dunk now this, I guess with the need for 24 hour news writers have to flog things to death


    oooohhhhhhh come on,, say wat u want we dont care.. as we dont care about lakers,,, dont blame to the ref blame it to ur self ur teammates and coaching staff.. this is the worst team ill ever seen in my life and coaching staff… ur not gonna make it to the playoffs if you do then 1st round kick out.. hahaha .. mark it watch it wait it…

  4. Luke says:

    Kobe should have recieved 2 free throws. Everyone still seems to be arguing over this missed call, but out of all the comments made this was the worst:

    “If you want to win games, you cannot go blame refs for not making the call. You should dominate from the start, have the entire team ready and do what you are paid for as a player or as a coach, period. Don’t cry about the refs if you seem unable to win the game, just work harder!”

    At the end of the day, Kobe was fouled, sprained his ankle, and lost the game that he should have recieved 2 clutch free throws. Though the Lakers “should have dominated the whole game”, they didn’t, and they needed a shot to win. These kind of games are dependant on the refs.

    Fans can’t expect to have their teams dominate every single game. Every team in the NBA will have to have a clutch moment, that’s just the NBA; that’s just basketball. Everything could change in a moment of a jump shot. When that moment is taken on a non-call, its not the players or the coaches fault.

    Refs have one of the hardest jobs in the NBA. Fans shouldn’t “cry about the refs”, but they should be expecting them to make the right calls.

  5. NBA Fairness says:

    Clearly a dirty play. It’s not the first time Dahntay Jones has been caught on camera playing dirty.

    I don’t care if it’s Kobe, KD, Lebron, whoever. You don’t slide your feet underneath another player while they are shooting. Period.

    When you go for a block you extend your arms forward and your body and legs are behind you. Who blocks with their feet first? Jones clearly was trying to bump Kobe in the body.

    NBA players know you don’t do this, that is why it’s so rare seeing something like this. You watch any NBA player, they block with arms outstretched and legs behind them, not in front of them.

    It is Dangerous as hell and can end careers.

  6. boulesheet says:

    a paper about a missed call for kobe lol, nba big markets media coverage is pathetic, but when it’s about lakers.. it’s crazy, you guys need pills and rest
    hey kobe, it’s a missed call, it’s over queenking “i’m so important” bryant. how many of your fouls the ref miss every nights ? and how many missed calls for the others ? be quiet, and if you really want to be the boss, beat dwight howard down every days he is not shooting at least 500 FT

  7. Gg says:

    To Chris and the other clowns out there, they have to review these kind of plays. If this were to happen in the future to another player, the officials would now know that kind of play is considered a foul!

  8. Hossein says:

    Whats up with all the fighting?
    He clearly fouled and clearly did it unintentional.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. bartus06 says:

    simple: a defender cannot go after a jump shooter’s landing spot!

  10. Akwasi Opoku says:

    when is kobe getting back

  11. ballhog says:

    YES it was intentional.But at the opposite side.The only intentional act is kobe kicking jones with his right foot that’s why he lost his balance.

  12. deJavu says:

    thing is..it had happend before, dirty tactics or strategy you call it…it just keep coming back from the same person D.Jones .NBA should penalized this players so not to injure anyone else, or else it will come again, and again and again to his dirty plays.

  13. Jowellchua says:

    Like i said that ballhog is faking another injury to make it look more than what it really is. you aint michael jordan who plays to REAL injury and REAL sickness. just like that fake elbow injury he had wherein he scored tons of points right after that. lol having an ankle injury that as severe as what the lakers want the public to know, kobe aint supposed to be able to walk immediately moreso start in a ballgame just after 2 days. coemon anyone who does play ball how could you get back in 2 days from an ankle injury as severe as what they want us to percieve.

    • Bruce Lee says:

      How do you know? Your not him… Realize greatness instead of hating, and come on with that ball hog stuff, you clearly don’t watch any Laker games, and did you see him play the whole game vs the pacers? NO, he only played 12 minutes because that’s all the pain he could take. Now quit all your rave and rants on how much you hate Kobe. He has a sprained ankle not a broken one, and yes sprained ankles cause a lot of pain (that’s why he only played 12 minutes), but as you can see Kobe has played with other injury’s. If he was faking don’t you think he would have played his normal minutes???? Do you really think he is going to risk the playoffs just to prove that he is injured by not being on the floor??!?! You’re a moron.

  14. Alok says:

    How long will it take approximately until Bryant’s back to a 100%???

  15. Boy_Paco says:

    Are you serious by saying Johnson contested the shot? He did not jump to block the ball but he barged in with his leg crossing the landing path. One lost game could make a big difference aiming for 8th playoff spot.

  16. BigLuke says:

    “Kobe Was Right” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! What a laugh. Would love to the the headline ” Bargnani Was Right” Last for two days on NBA.com. What a joke. Thanks Sekou. Keep kissing.

  17. Jay says:



  18. cesar says:

    clearly a foul. jones did extend his right leg ^^

  19. DapperJay says:

    I thought you got fined if you dared to use your right of the First Amendment and criticize the biased, inaccurate officiating. On the same note, the officials have missed PLENTY of calls, OBVIOUS calls, yet those aren’t be showcased or blogged about. Really, get off of Kobe. THEY LOST, end of story. Cause if Sekou is gonna post this, then he better post EVERY TIME the referees miss a call, which is every game, so…yeah. Post something else please.

  20. rudi says:

    kobe should have got the free throws.you say that it doesn’t matter, and the lakers lost, but those free throws could have won the game. the lakers are at a crucial part in the season, trying to get in the playoffs. the lakers needed that win.

  21. magicmike says:

    There are so many (too many) missed calls that has benefited the lakers throughout the years and they miss one call on kobe and it the end of the world? hahahaha I pity you blind laker fans….

  22. sunny says:

    All I have to say is that Laker fans are not allowed to complain about referee’s missing calls because of their history.

  23. Sonics 4 Life says:

    Somewhere, Mike Bibby has a smile on his face right now.

  24. Almighty KOBE says:

    Kobe gets special treatment.. If the call ain’t going to his favor… He whines… Next thing you know… He tweets about poor officiating.. He literally questions the call of the officials… Can’t believe he can do that… Mark Cuban spends a lot $ criticizing the calls… Now the league kneels to kobe??? I don’t get it…

  25. Nuggets Rule says:

    KB got injured in a play that was at most a non-flagrant foul. Referees miss calls all the time, it’s an inherent part of the game. Unfortunate circumstances aside, this play is no different than dozens of others. This discussion has overstayed its welcome.

    Wishing KB a quick recovery and LAL good luck making it to the playoffs.

  26. Darius says:

    So many haters… wow!

    Kobe got fouled. Dahntay is a dirty player and has intentionally attempted to hurt Kobe in the past by tripping him in game 2 of the western conference finals. He admitted this! I guess it is true that the more people hate you the better of a player you are. Keep on Hatin!

  27. NBA FAN says:

    HELL yeah!!, I don’t care if it’s intentional or not! why does the ref miss the foul!! the ref is right there beside them! what the hell is the referee did not make a call damn! Kobe got injured!

  28. FanOfTheGame says:

    Maybe the Lakers lost because Kobe shot 33 shots, (25 in the second half) and only made 11…Man up and take the blame once in a while.

  29. FanOfTheGame says:

    The refs have been missing calls in the final seconds of games all season. Just as the Toronto Raptors, it happens. Now it happens to the Lakers and Kobe and it is a huge news item? Kobe has a tendency to blame anyone except himself when things aren’t going well. Blame Shaq, blame Bynum, blame Howard, blame the refs. Kobe is a great player but I have no respect for him as a person

  30. Francisco says:

    Kobe was rigth, but most people are wrong about kobe being a closer, 36 out of 115 in the last 24 seconds 2 up or down since 1997, for a poor 31%

    best closer Carmelo anathony 47.5
    chris paul over 45
    marion 40
    brandon roy 40

    # 17 lebron james 33.3

    Kobe is not a closer he performs worst at the end . the MYTH IS OVER

  31. kb2412 says:

    Take in mind this Jones is the same player that was called for 2 technical fouls in the 2009 Conference final , in one play he tripped kobe on the other he pushed him , i think this is a personal thing going on this wannabe player , trying to stop
    one of the greatest players of all time and he doesnt have what it takes , on that play he made on foul pushing him away twice , and then the bad intention , watch the video …….

  32. sam says:

    there is another example, if u guard lebrick or wade or durant this was a clear foul call,thats why they are at the top not because of hard ork the league is pushing them thats all every run/momentum is a wrong call in favour for the heat or okc, look at the block from lebrick on chandler clean block who is so blind, there is no review from the league why, because dont critizise xour darlings, ridiculous. where is the clear foul call against wade vs kobe so on and on, why they put the teams not now in the nba finals it is boring every challenge is predictable some bs at phillys game, plz nba why it is to obvious

  33. SomeOfYouDontKnowBasketball says:

    Im not a Laker fan but I know basketball.Number 1 it was a dirty play. You cannot do a fadeaway shot and land straight. Jones shouldnt even been under him that far on his fadeaway shot. Every player must have room to land. If he was shooting straight up I would understand but youre talking about a fadeaway. Guys that cant play ball or never played basketball to master that shot dont have a freakin a clue. Yes Lakers loss. They have to deal with it and who cares. But you still have to protect players. Im sure everyone else would complain if it happened to their team or favorite player. The point is it was a dirty play and the league should protect all players whether theyre a superstar or not.

  34. kb2412 says:

    I believe the lakers have not achieved 16 titles crying like babys , right ? Who knows about this game , said it was a foul and a bad intention in the play , stop jibering about tv , and publicity , etc.. we are commenting on the play , plain basketball one on one , its not because its kobe , it would be the same for any other player that can get hurt this way and the fact they would lose a game like this

  35. Reallyunlucky says:

    Geez what a baby Kobe – You get fouled and whine about
    The score so far:

    Fouls not called on others when Kobe’s shooting – 1

    Fouls not called on Kobe when others shooting – 500+

    If your going to moan and bitch when you are fouled, the do the same when you foul others – Put your hand up and say I did foul him

  36. BigLuke says:

    Who Cares. The Refs have been blowing calls all season. This is special because its Kobe???? Waaaa! Waaaa!
    Give it a rest. Ugh!

  37. kb2412 says:

    There was a foul before the shot also , he was pushing Kobe all the way until he tryed the fadeaway , then
    he stepped under him , this is a dirty intentional foul , whoever knows basketball and has played this sport
    knows a players intention as soon as you see the play , definately if the foul was called the game would go
    to overtime and Yes maybe the lakers win it, but still kobe would be hurt and lakers in jeapordy now , tks Jones
    for ruining the second greatest player of all time effort to qualify to playoffs this team, and extra comment
    What the hell is Howard doing in the lakers, send him to the bobcats or something

  38. 54TONE says:

    the lakers are crybabys

  39. Gameon says:

    Oh my gosh I cannot believe Kobe has this much power if you really want to go into it it was the PERFECT no call because Kobe kicks his leg outtrying to draw the foul if you all are saying that Jones fouled him (which I dont believe he did because he was straight up and his body was not into the shooter going up) the the officials made a perfect no call because do you call the offensive foul against Bryant or the defenseive foul against Jones. They decided not to call either and how dare Kobe say that he gives shooters space yeah of course he does because he hasn’t been playing ANY defense at all. JOnes played good defense and all you Laker butt kissers know that if he had made that shot and got hurt all of yall would be hastagging #countonkobe. The Lakers lost plain and simple Kobe missed the shot and they lost get over it and the officials are cowards don’t think this Laker saga is not making the NBA rich it makes for great tv that is the only reason everyone is going on and on about it. #COUNTONKOBETOWHINE

  40. WOW says:

    Everyone who thinks kobe kicked his leg out is STUPID…I have watched Kobe’s game for years, he does kick his leg put, but IT IS A FADEAWAY…..What does this mean? it means he’s going away from the basket. If he is going away from the basket it doesnt matter what he does with his leg hes landing further away from where he began his jump so obviously Jones slide underneath.

    The dude is a dirty player period. Even Bruce Bowen, one of the dirtiest players of all time, called it a dirty play. Like I am sure he didnt want to jack Kobe’s ankle up but he did. he probably wanted to know kobe down or something not take him out for a few games. I hope Kobe plays tonight and does well because everyone seems to think Kobe is a cry baby. If I am not mistaken the guy played with torn ligaments in his finger on his SHOOTING hand. He is a WARRIOR, quit finding dumba*s excuses to hate. DAMN

  41. BigLakerFanBiggerBAsketballFan says:

    Its a clear foul. Jones looked like he did it unknowingly though. Being a laker fan, i can’t be upset at jones for the foul (maybe for jeopardizing our season though) because the act wasn’t as conscious as let say a Serge Ibaka hitting an opponent in the privates type of play. On another note, i play a lot of basketball. And I feel i can get a vibe on which folk here hack a lot on the court based on who agrees the play was foul and who feel Dahntay jones made a clean play, the latter obviously being the hackers lol

  42. theking0522 says:

    YAWN!!! Referees missed calls all the time..Big deal!!! How many times have refs benefited Kobe before? Referees give him all the calls anyways. Stop whining!!

  43. Markus says:

    Yes, it was a foul! Yes, it was a dirty play that “looked” unintentional (think of what the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons used to do to Michael Jordan from 1988-90 i.e. Dennis Rodman tripping MJ and then helping him up!)! And yes, the refs should’ve called that. Jones basically undercut Kobe. Bruce Bowen would be proud. Defenders can contest fadeaways, but not to the point of coming under the shooter before the shooter lands. The league needs to fine defenders who undercut. Plain and simple. Dangerous play. And I’m a Celtics fan.

  44. SIC J says:

    These are the same people who didn’t suspend Ibaka after punching Griffin in the nuts. Yeah, they have a lot of creditability on calls now……….. LOL

    Maybe he’ll stop wearing those dumb low tops now. LOL


    lets be honest, kobes ego is bringing this team down. its always me me me. look at what happen to steve nash? demoted to a spot up shooter. as great of a shooter he is, he was brought in to faciliate. whose facilitaing now? mr. never commited a foul in his life, thats who. i’m honestly sick and tired of kobe whining about calls he should have gotten, hell, last time i checked, the refs are human, they make mistakes. i’d bet if the roles were reversed, he’d gladly take the W. another thing, this twitter feud is getting childish. all its saying to me is that bryant’s a diva and wants sympathy. boo hoo hoo. why don’t you put on your favorite track by justin timberlake and “cry me a river.” it changes nothing. bryant should stop being bitter and follow his own advice, put your big boy pants on and move on. either put or shut up.

  46. Honest truth says:

    Some fans are really idiot and immature.

    Its is clearly a foul

  47. might says:

    mr. jones u sir should be suspended…..u deliberately injure kobe….doesn’t matter they lost the game….u intentionally want to send kobe for early retirement….time for the league to look at this kind of play or else nba will be left with nothing….rant done!

  48. Nikki says:

    it was a clearly a foul. A big possibility to have an overtime if he gets two free throws then the momentum is back.

  49. JML says:

    @ RW thats sum dumb talk coming from you a shooter has to have landing space u cant be under a shooter when hes coming down smh do u even play b ball try taking a jumper n some one comes under u .

  50. LOL says:

    It was a foul, but it wasnt a dirty one. The refs miss the call that could change the game, but this happens. Im a Lakers fan but im not anythin mad about this cause it happens sometimes. But Jones did a foul and Kobe should been awarded with free thorws,

  51. Anthony says:

    That was a cheap shot By Jones and this wasnt the first time either… League should have Fine and suspended Jones

  52. PacerNation2013 says:

    So this is okay?? http://youtu.be/n7w-gissMiE
    Granger in a 2-2 series is taken out by LBJ according to many fans logic on this post and the NBA’s backing of Kobes story? Is Granger a superstar, NOPE, so gets who gets screwe in the end?? Yep..

  53. MAB says:

    Same thing LBJ did to Granger…Granger shot then LBJ went to where Danny’s foot is landing…Hope Kobe will recover fast, thay need to win.

  54. TheOne1 says:

    I understand the safety of the players but when your playing the game and your in that mode you just go with the flow of everything and sometimes things happen. This really upset me because things like this happen all the time and just because his name is Kobe Bryant then they wanna say something, if it had been anyone else who isnt a star player or really anyone they wouldnt of said anything and just moved on from it like any other foul play they never looked back on. Kobe is an amazing player but once something happens to him he starts crying and the NBA babies him but just like they said Bryant went under Perkins before and it was ok with Kobe but once it happened to him he compains. Dont be a hypocrite Kobe. NBA stop the babieing and let it play fair. They won the game Lakers lost and Kobes injured end of story. If it was a foul it should of been called and apparently it didnt so legally and in reality they lost. NEXT GAME PLEASE!

  55. PacerNation2013 says:

    This whole thing is rediculously blown out of perportion. Yes it was a missed call that gets missed ALOT. The only reason its become a big deal is 1. Its Kobe Bryant, and 2. Kobe has made it known how pissed he is about it (that is somewhat understandable considering he got hurt).

    This is not the aggrevating part at all. Whats most aggrevating is had any other player aside of Kobe or any Heat player ever said anything about the officails the way Kobe is doing, it would have been an automatic fine, with a possible suspension for belittling the leauge and its officails. That is disgusting to me and to a lot of the NBA.

    Last week Shane Buttmuncher for the Heat grabbed Lance Stephensons Head and twisted it to the side like a football player in a facemask then threw stephenson to the floor. It was called a two shot foul. Thats it nothing more.. Complete bull.. This leauge is a joke!

  56. Dwade says:

    it was a foul…… and kobe will play

  57. blulv1 says:

    This isn’t the first foul the refs have missed, but it’s a ” BIG DEAL ” since it was Kobe ” The cry baby ” Other players have been fouled the same way and the refs missed the call.Had Kobe made the basket this would have been totally different.So the NBA has confirmed it was a missed call. Please move on.

  58. RDR says:

    apparently those of you who dont know how to play basketball or are to lazy to do so dont understand what it takes to do a turnaround fideaway jumper you are pushing off and and your body is turning in the direction your feet carry you so naturaly you kick your feet to get squre with the basket because you cant to a turnaround standing stright and yes the refs missed the call and those two freethrows would have made the difference so to argue about it is dumb because the game lost and is already in the books.

  59. Drum says:

    the league has to take action on this bs! suspend DJones, there’s no room for dirty play in the nba, specially at the end of games. It takes a big looser to try and win the game by injuring the other teams best player, It’s disrespectful to the fans period!

  60. Bunbury says:

    let’s be objective here. watch jones head and eyes. he looks at the basketball as kobe rises for the jump shot. a second later his attention is no longer on the ball. jones clearly pushed his body and leg underneath kobe’s body. this is NOT the first time we see a dirty play on Jones to Kobe. Remember in the conf finals in 2009?

  61. Brady says:

    The only reason yur doing this Smith is because its kobe, if it was anybody else you would say its the shooters fault.

  62. J says:

    @ LakersForever: I have to agree that referees do give superstars preference from time to time…especially when they’re playing on their own home court (Durant especially)…but to say that Kobe is to be blamed for the Lakers losing games is really unfair. The guy has been trying to will his team to the playoffs when they’re short handed. If he didn’t call out Howard the way he did, I doubt Dwight would be playing at the level he’s playing right now. Basketball doesn’t just depend on physical ability. There are a lot of mental games that are being played out there..and you have to try to push the right buttons. If you look at the game against the Hawks recently, even though Kobe was taking and missing a lot of shots…you tell me what other choice he had. When Metta and Blake are putting up bricks half the time and Nash isn’t shooting so well, what other choice does he have but to keep shooting??? If it wasn’t for his late three in the 4th, the Lakers wouldn’t of even had a shot to win that game. And now that the chips are down you’re gonna make a statement like that? Gives me a sense of doubt that you really aren’t that much of a Lakers fan…much less a Kobe fan

  63. @haters says:

    To those saying that Kobe shouldn’t have “leg kicked”, come back after playing basketball. It’s impossible to fade without having your legs out in front of you!

  64. Realist Laker's Fan says:

    IMO I thought Danthay got away from sliding under Kobe when Kobe missed the long 3 that metta tipped back in. Refs didnt call it then and he prolly thought he could do it again and get away with it again. And He Did.

  65. Fefe (Nets) says:

    We don’t care if it’s right or not. It’s not like this is the first time a call is missed. It would have been worse if it were the playoffs etc… and let’s not forget that in general, calls are in favor of superstars like KOBE!
    And Kobe did hurt (intentionally or not) a lot of players (remember Ricky Rubio ??) but when he is hurt ONCE it is MAKING HEADLINES …

    Just move on …

  66. james says:

    Regardless of the intention of the defender, the league shouldn’t have made a statement in favor of a cry baby.

  67. jmoore says:

    I hate the Lakers but I know and play basketball, and from the video evidence its obviously a intentionally dirty play.. Say what you want, but I’m just looking at it with open eyes and basketball (IQ) experience, and no LA FAN bias..

  68. Kamen Kamenov says:

    As much as I LOVE the Lakers and Kobe, the HangTime crew and the other media should stop dwelling on that one so much. What’s done is done, bad calls happen all the time. All Kobe can do now is recover and get back at it asap.

  69. Fab says:

    I am pretty sure if that was a Heat player like LeBron or Wade, this would have been immediately called at least a foul, if not a technical for Jones…

  70. Keith says:

    @ Engin…Get a grip and watch a Laker game if Kobe gets fould 10 times in a game he may get the call 5 times.
    Seen players like D Jones hit Kobes arm on his jumper as a game strategy and no calls are made. Real BB fans know what I’m talking about.

  71. dmoneyball says:

    a fouls a foul right? You cannot touch the jump shooter. I thought that the play didnt really look dirty, but all of us who played the game know that its an easy way to hurt someone withhout looking guilty.

  72. Almighty KOBE says:

    @haters Cry me a kobe… Bwaahahahhaahhahahahah

  73. A Laker Hater says:

    I’m in agreement that this was a foul. A “dirty-foul” would suggest that Jones wanted to do bodily harm to Kobe. Why would he wait until the last play of the game to do that? He knows the Lakers won’t (and we know the Hawks won’t) be in the finals, so harming Kobe wouldn’t help the Hawks win a championship. He knows when someone upsets Kobe, he becomes a target until Kobe dies.

    I’m just leaving this comment to say Kobe is a baby. Really? You’re going to blame a loss on the refs? You are one of the top 5 players in NBA history and your team that everyone was terrified of in the pre-season. Yet, you are scratching to eek your way into the playoffs. Kobe, if you’d make you shots that game would’ve been long over with and you’d be watching the final seconds from the sidelines. I’m sick of seeing every piece of drama the Lakers go through. If a “dirty-foul” happened to a Buck’s player I’d never hear about it, but the whole world has to know when Kobe gets hurt. Oh how I wish the West had 8 good teams this year so the Lakers could be brought back to Earth in the lottery.

  74. rich says:

    Just `coz it’s Kobe… there are a lot instances out there that same thing happened.
    I want the Lakers to miss the playoffs so my Mavs will have a chance to moev on to the playoffs, but not this way, IF EVER.
    Fact is we can never be absolutely certain that it’s intentional, only DJ can confirm that.
    Fact is Lakers aklready lost the game and we shuold move on.
    The only good thing that is coming out of this is AWARENESS ! Refs will be watching !
    But on street balls, this is both good and bad. Some kids nowadays will be dumb enough to do the same to other kids beating the hell out them.

  75. mike g says:

    NBA Commissioner David Stern, and his lackey refs, are all stupid and clearly, asleep on the job! How does 3 officials all miss an obvious (non)call on the last play of the game? And when Kobe tries to bring the matter to the lead official’s attn, he shrugs him off as if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, b/c he obviously didn’t want to review the play! I for one, will be glad when Stern finally leaves the NBA, b/c he has been doing a horrible job, for at least 14 years now (ever since the 1999 lockout year, and the “new” basketball debacle as well)! To go back AFTER the game, and have a ruling about the refs missing the call, only provides more mounting evidence, that Stern and Stu Jackson are both morons, who s/b fired! On another note, how did Serge Ibaka NOT get a suspension from the League, when he deliberately punched another player (Blake Griffin) in the genital area, with a closed fist (with the intent to cause bodily harm)??? That too just shows how detached and irresponsible David Stern has been, for the past 14+ years of his tenure, as Commissioner! At least 1/3 of his outdated refs should have already been forced to retire (or been replaced with younger, more energetic refs), yet he continues to let them work in the League, with their clear bias and animus towards certain star players!!! The NBA League office has lost all credibility, as far as I’m concerned!

  76. MIGO says:

    Okay let’s stop a lot of people say it was dirty, others that it was actually an offensive foul…..let me clarify from now I AM NOT A KOBE HETAER NOR FAN…….but i think that it was not a dirty foul or at least with the intention to hurt him nor it was a offensive foul as the natural stance of Kobe when shooting those type of shots, he was not kicking out he was flowing like h’s always done for the past 16 years…….on the call i’ve read here what does it matter now they lost they could not had won the game anyways what if this or that….the reality is that if the foul had been called, by the way the rule says that you have to allow the oofensive player space to safely land after a shot, thats why the league made the statment, anyways if he or anybody else given that he could not continue made both shots the game would’ve been tied 94-94 wiith 4.9 secs to go, with decent defense they could’ve gone to OT and maybe pull something up of may loose by 10 who knows, if it was up to me (NBA) they are not meeting again this year so i would reverse the score make it 92-94 and give the 2 free throws to whoever as Kobe is out if they tied it then hawks take that last shot make it wint misse it lets go to OT and really decide…..it was a costly error by the ref’s i think the league should re-do the last 4.9 seconds with the foul being called.

  77. Jordan L. says:

    Kobe, you need to get over the fact you did not get your foul call. You should be happy the officials helped you last time when Lakers clearly cheated the Sacramento Kings a Western Conference Championship. Pft.

  78. It could be a mistake but what´s the difference?. Officials rule over the lakers a lot, I don’t understand why do the lakers (or kobe) get the privilege of the league making this clarification of a call. I saw the lakers game with dalllas a few weeks ago and dallas got called for 2 technical fouls that are both NON ACCOUNTED for in the last minute of the game!. Nowitzki barely complained about a clear foul on his shot attempt and I dont see that clarified the next day. Also, kobe´s toronto crrazy comeback, in his 3rd 3 pointer he traveled you can see it here @3:40 in this angle. YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE HOW HE MOVED HIS PIVOT FOOT AND I DONT SEE ANYBODY CLARIFYING THAT OR COMPLIANING ABOUT IT, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

  79. Mons says:

    If Lakers were playing a good basketball, they wouldn’t be in that situation. If you are good enough to win a game, one referee call doesn’t make the difference. Numbers do it…
    It’s a 50/50 situation. Jones is going forward, and he’s not allowed to on a fade-away jumper defensive move. BUT, as a experimented player, Kobe is putting is leg under Jones to get the foul, like a lot of shooters do. When you go fade away, you’re unbalanced so it’s very risky because of airborne contact and landing.
    If you don’t want to take heavy contact so don’t play the last ball of a NBA game. You don’t want to take airborne bump, don’t jump. You don’t want to miss shots, don’t shoot…
    You don’t want to play basketball , just play golf…

    Why we are all talking about that is because of Kobe’s injury and it’s consequences on Lakers playoff contention. If that happened to LeBron, Wade, Anthony, Parker or some stars of any already qualified team, this wouldn’t have made that much waves.

    If Lakers don’t go to playoffs, that’s because they are not playing good basketball, period.
    Numbers first…

  80. bodjee says:

    Was the ref reprimanded by the league? If not, shouldn’t the NBAPA do something to protect the working environment of their members? I lost $100 betting on Lakers to win the game and I guess the NBA should reimburse me for allowing the referees to decide the outcome of the game. If the NBA still refuse to discipline the refs who makes bad call, then the betting lines should remove NBA from their betting lists.

  81. Omar says:

    If the Refs would call the game fair for all teams most of these *DIRTY* plays would not happen.

    They game should be ref by the FIBA refs they don’t gave you BS calls because your name is Lebron,Kobe… nuff said!
    NBA REFS are awful always giving so call Stars calls all the time.

  82. Omar says:

    But the NBA office wont come out and state that Howard laid out Ivan Johnson?
    That’s whats wrong with the NBA! What about the fake foul the gave Kobe in LA against the HAWKS?
    The one were he travel!!!

  83. @haters says:

    all we laker fan just want pro players play real basketball, cuz Dahntay jones defend like a soccer player.

    • Yup says:

      You Laker fan boys just can’t accept that Kobe got injured. It was a dirty play, but if you’re a true NBA fan then you’d know your team is one of the most notorious for dirty plays in the league.

  84. Bingblaze245 says:

    Dan you are right it doesnt matter nobody said it does they are just saying it was a foul it will probably be brought up and fixed

  85. Bingblaze245 says:

    IT WEAS A FOUL!!!!!!!!!! look at the video he got his arm and his body both are fouls…RW if he fades how does Jones hit him with the body if Kobe fades??? Contact initiated by the defensive player guarding a player with the ball is not legal. This contact includes, but is not limited to, forearm, hands, or body check (the nba.com rulebook under fouls) Jones fouls kobe im not a laker fan or even a Kobe fan im a Celtic but i can acknowledge when someone id great and when someone gets fouled…you cant touch the offencive player when he’s shooting

  86. GetReal says:

    KOBE was CORRECT! The call was not made. and NBA acknowledge the NON CALL. Its nice how NBA acknowledge the NON CALLS after the fact, they acknowledge the PACERS GEORGE NON CALL, but this will not still change the outcome.
    Hope everything will be well for the Lakers and Kobe. Hope D.Jones would be more careful and sport next time, he needs to learn and play the game CLEAN.

  87. Ron says:

    Refs just wanted to collect their pay check and go home. Another 5 minutes means another 20 to 30 minutes. End the game and move on.

  88. Engin says:

    The player who took advantega of the most wrong(and sometimes deliberate) calls in the history of Nba is Kobe Bryant. He is the last one to complain anout calls.

  89. Domeizter says:

    Sekou, what are they(the league) going to do about it? I mean if this kind of situation happens again, what would the league do about it? Shouldn’t they make a post game review and make a flagrant foul 1 or 2 or suspension to prevent this from happening? Ruling out the issue as “yeah Kobe was right” doesn’t fix the problem, right? There will always be situations like this. Like Kobe said, the league should protect the shooters.

  90. KIN says:


  91. Vanthay says:

    This is about Kobe and the Lakers more about the “missed call”. A shot was contested, Kobe stepped on someone else’s foot and he hurt his ankle. Injuries happen in sports. You play to win the game, and I believe that Dahntay Jones did exactly that. Kobe is a great player, and Jones did his best to neutralize his greatness in defending really close. This is only an issue because Kobe complained about it. Get over it! If there was a fight, the refs would have jumped in and “protect the player” Mr. Bryant! Just play the game, your team lost.

  92. Momowonthis says:

    :Point blank… The refs are niot going to make a foul call with seconds left on the clock to determine the outcome of the game. It doesn’t matter who it is. It’s only right if me did make the call it wouldv’e been no big deal cause it’s Kobe. Im glad it’s seems that they are calling it even across the board. Kobe needs to play with for teammates 1st not his legacy, if his team was his first priority he would have playing like this his whole career and stop tring to be the dominate gunner.

  93. Blue says:

    Refs miss calls all the time. Makes no difference. Kobe took the shot and was hoping to get the tree point play. It back fired.

  94. Shawn says:

    It really doesn’t matter now!!! SMDH!!

  95. hdsnake says:

    OMG, the officials missed a call? Big deal. They miss hundreds of calls every season. And now Herr Stern is commenting? Why, because it affected a league star? I’ve been a fan for over 50 years and the NBA today just disgusts me with it hypocritical thinking. Stars should never be treated differently than bench players. That is something that Stern never learned. It goes back to the Jordan days when he traveled constantly and was rarely called for it. It will be a great day in the NBA when Reichsführer Stern is gone.

  96. Joe says:

    Everyone that says it is a foul is clearly wrong and needs to look at the video again. If you watch you can see that if Kobe had not kicked out his leg he would not have hit into Jones causing him to fall and land on his foot twisting his ankle.

  97. cendo says:

    this foul gets so much attention because it can be responsible for end of career of last decade best player.

  98. Darrell says:

    Kobe Bryant has to understand that HE IS NOT the only player in the NBA with issues of bad calls. A few plays earlier, Howard openly fouled a player (name I forget) as he was going up for a shot, causing him to end up on his hind parts, with the 2 Officials RIGHT there and no call. Because of that play, Steve Blake on the other end of the floor hits a 3 pointer giving the Lakers the lead. The Coach was so upset that he was almost T’ed up and ejected.
    Bad calls or no calls is happening all over and there is NO need to blame players, and vow revenge. He better then anybody knows that….HE IS FRUSTRATED with his team and their position, bottom line. GET OVER IT…and accept that this year is a bust. Rest up, make some roster adjustments and make a push next year. SAFE YOUR BODY.

  99. omyblaze57 says:

    What about all of those wrong foul calls that defenders get against Kobe? One missed call against him and he wasn’t lucky for how he landed, and now everyone making a drama out of this. Hey NBA, review all of the foul calls against those Kobe defenders, and say how many of them shouldn’t be called, just to get even with this…

  100. W/E says:

    SO WHAT, there are HUNDREDS of BAD CALLS or NON CALLS every season which costs games to teams, WHY making all that noise on this one anyway thats how the NBA works its over now u cant do anything about it even if it cost u the championship…

  101. kinstry says:

    wtf…..that was not a foul, so obviously….great defence forcing the miss______phxsuns

  102. Michael McCloud says:

    Alright so it should have been called. Says he was contesting the shot even though he barely lifted his feet of the ground. Kobe was like a foot from out of bounds, you cannot tell me that Dahntay needed to hop so close to Kobe that his foot was basically on the baseline.

    Kobe has ALWAYS done fadeaways like so. Watch any video of his fadeaways and he almost always lifts his right leg forward. Perhaps he shouldn’t lift as much but he has done it countless times. Lke he said, “17 years in the league, and this happened twice.” Cant do anything now though

    Even further, if it really was a no call there SHOULD have been a foul in World Peaces favor at the very least. Ivan Johnson shoved the hell out of him while he was going for the board and maybe he would’ve got free throws or at least one more in bounds play.

  103. JimD54 says:

    The refs also missed Kobe kicking out his leg to initiate the first contact, Why don’t I hear them apologizing for missing that call also….

  104. jimmy the #1 atlanta hawks fan! says:

    The Hawks won. Thats all there is to it. All you Laker fans can complain about it all you want but you probably don’t remember when the Atlanta was playing in LA a couple weeks ago, and the Hawks were up by one, and Kobe drove to the lane, traveled, and got a foul called on Josh Smith when it was abundantly clear that Smith did not even touch him. Bryant made both of the free throws and they were up by one. They only won by one. You guys got a cheap call then, so let us have fair win now because that was not even close to being a dirty play. Just because your “god” got hurt dosen’t meant that its someone else’s fault. If this happened to, lets say Al Horford, no one would care. So stop treating Kobe like a “god” and move on. Geez. These bandwagon Lakers fans……

  105. LJF1987 says:

    Secondly, Laker fans should pipe down when it comes to dirty tactics, Ron Artest should not be playing in the NBA, he’s unhinged. What he did to James Harden is 10 times worse than what Jones did to Kobe, that’s just a fact

  106. LJF1987 says:

    I think Kobe is a bit of a drama queen in general but that was a foul and dangerous play, simply because Jones was clumsy and moved his right leg into a potentially “dangerous” position. Should have been called, Kobe shot a normal fadeaway, and even if he didn’t “kickout” Jones would have been in his landing area, so that argument holds no water

  107. W. says:

    Just look at the footage. The replay in slow motion shows clearly that Kobe lands a foot farther back than he took off from for the shot. Check out :08 mark (goes up for the shot and fades side ways) at :10 lands. And Jones indeed goes “under” him. Just look at jones’ movement, this cannot be refuted. Definitely not intentional but a clear foul and obviously dangerous.

  108. Rky says:

    Sh***t happens for everyone. of course bad news for the lakers but hey! kobe doesn’t have a fatal disease or else… no need to dicuss of that injury much longer…

  109. elie says:

    Thats not fair to the lakers and especially kobe. The ref oviously saw that kobe was hurt so he could have made an effort to review the play and see if it was a foul but it didnt matter to him. That cost the lakers another loss but I still got faith in the lakers that hey are going to take it all.

  110. G says:

    Refferees make mistakes, players commit turnovers or take bad shots. It is all in the game! If Koby would not have been hurt in the way he is now, this would probably not be such a big issue

  111. Phamie says:

    and So what, the Lakers Lost. They should review the tape during the game to make the right call. That’s what replay’s does.

  112. Jalen says:

    Yeah the game is over, Kobe just needs to move on, a loss is a loss. Kobe has battled injuries before so why would this time be any different. Although, i do think it was a foul, and i DO NOT think it was intentional. Just a tough loss for LA.

  113. Wurms says:

    For everyone saying Kobe threw his legs out to draw the foul, you obviously have never played basketball before. That is the natural motion for a fadeaway with that much momentum and jumping with the left leg, the right leg with lift for balance. He didnt jump with both feet, he used his left leg, hence right leg was for balance. This wasnt some post up fadeaway, or a Dirk fadeaway from a stopped start. Kobe was in full sprint down the right side. Go outisde right now and try it. Your leg will kick out.

    For everyone saying it should have been a no call. Your argument has no merit because the league reviewed it and said it was the wrong call aka the pro’s who know what they are talking about reviewed it and said it was a foul.

    That said, Jones is a dirty player, but I highly doubt he was out to hurt Kobe. A trip in 2009 is one thing, but its hard to believe with his team up by 2 pts he would even risk fouling Kobe just to hurt him in that situation. If he was gonna hurt Kobe, I would think the beginning of the game would have been more effective. I think Jones just made a bad defensive play, jumping into Kobe’s path, rather than straight up or to the side like your suppose to do. It should have been two FTs, but oh well.

    Calls have been missed before, its part of the game. And refs do get punished for bad decisions throughout the year. You think they randomly choose refs for Playoff games and Finals? The best ones are chosen and that comes with extra pay.

    Its time for Howard to step up and show that he is a franchise player. We need 25-15 from him on a nightly basis until Black Mamba returns.

  114. George says:

    every time i am watching the video I can’t believe how people behave to become known. well done jones. you are the new star of the nba.

  115. @haters says:

    all we lakers fan saying is that a player should know how to play clean and safe basketball.. This is basketball, playing ball with hands,this is not soccer using legs and foot for defense.

  116. Susan Mills says:

    Bye bye Kobe!!!!

  117. ALI says:

    Kobe is always right!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Angelo says:

    Why the ruling was not made on the floor? Isn’t there a rule that plays can be reviewed when there is less than 2 minutes on the clock. I guess is a double loss for the Lakers. Didn’t get the foul for the chance to make 2 free throws to tie the game, and Kobe is out until who knows when. I am going to miss him, he was putting himself together to make the playoffs. Also, brought some excitement to the league at this point of the season. Good luck.

  119. KnicksFan14 says:

    Even if Kobe got the foul called he probably wouldn’t have been able to shoot the free throw because of the injury. If that was the case the hawks coach picks a player to shoot the free throws for him. Most likely it would have been Dwight Howard and then you just have to use your imagination. Would Dwight have made 2 free throws to tie the game with around a second left? Who knows?

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      The opposite coah picks a player from the BENCH to shoot the FT. Because the player from the bench replaces Kobe, not some1 who is already on the court. Its called subbing the shooter.

  120. Kobeblackhole says:

    no wonder dwight fits the lakers one cry baby blends well with another cry baby, always asking for the league to bail them out. hahaha

  121. Kobeblackhole says:

    11 out of 33 Enough said! lol!!!!

  122. sirsparhawk says:

    Perhaps kobe shouda let the guy with 39 points shoot that last shot. He seemed to have been shooting better than kobe by a ton.

  123. M1978 says:

    To me the situation is crystal clear: it was a foul. In every such situation it is a foul, no matter who commits it. I’ve always tried to avoid to commit such a foul. In my twenties I had less problems with my ancle. I was fouled several times like that, but always got up, could regenerate fast. Unfortunately, after you reach 30, you regenarete slower and every ligament gets more fragile. So couple of years ago I was fouled like that, had to pause 3 months. With such a move you can ruin professional players carriers so I would suggest the NBA to react more severe. I would ban Jones for a couple of games and every play who commits fouls like that and causes injuries. If it was true that the Atlanta coach ordered this, I would ban him for years.

    To all Lakers haters: Imagine that your favorite teams leading player would suffer such an injury. You would be equally mad and you would be right.

  124. Chris says:

    Kobe was right, but you know who else was right when it really mattered? Rajon Rondo last year during the E. conf finals when Dwayne wade SLAPPED HIM IN THE EYES as he was going for a layup.

  125. No way says:

    RW (and everyone else who says that Kobe deliberately kicked his foot out) clearly has never played the game of basketball. You also undermine the competitive spirit of one of the game’s all time greatest closers. If you shoot while fading away, especially to one side, one leg often comes up for balance, as a reflex. Go to you tube and have a look. Better yet, got to a court and shoot a fade away jumper. The return here and apologise. Not also that it was his right root that kicked out but his left ankle which was sprained as a result of Jones sliding underneath him while he shot.

    Not that it matters in the context of the game ‘s outcome, no saying who would have won even if free throws were awarded.

  126. Christer says:

    What i think is wrong in this situation is the way Jones is contesting the shot. He jumps underneath Kobe with is hip. It’s ok if he jumps towards Kobe with his hands nearest to Kobe thats ok, but not when the hip are closest to Kobe. To me a foul can be discussed, but is it a dangerous play ? YES !!!!!!

  127. joley says:

    had there been a call.the result could hve been diffeerent…

  128. Rodd21 says:

    I was going to make the same comment JM made way up there but w/ a twist (for some reason my computer will never let me submit a reply but only a new message). If you know anything about physics it is near impossible to have 90% of your body’s momentum moving in one direction and have the other ten percent go in the opposite direction. The leg didn’t kick out. It remained in the same place as where he first started. If you measured where he landed, from where he jumped, it would have been almost exactly the same distance as the extension of his leg was. Think about it. If his whole body had jumped backward with no leg remaining in the same place it would have been like those standing two legged jumps you used to have to do in elementary school to see how far you could make it. It was like for measurement for the fitness award or some garbage like that (along with pull-ups, mile-time, etc). Try doing that backward, with momentum going backward and to the side, without splitting the legs. The idea of it is absurd. And fade aways like that are off of one foot. You’d have to land like you did a standing two-footed forward leap while doing nothing even close to that. Virtually impossible. The offensive foul call play is when there is a scissor kick toward the defensive players space in order to draw contact. A very different scenario. Jones’s reply about that being an offensive foul was quite incorrect and the people who jumped on the bandwagon with the offensive foul call clearly didn’t think very much about how objects move in space. Good comment JM. Just wanted to add my two cents.

  129. Kei says:

    For those that didn’t notice, you can clearly see the defender taking that extra step to get under Kobe. Imagine you taking a fade away jumper and the defender sticks his knee right below you and not giving you room to land. It is meant to make the person shooting fall, this guy deliberately trip Kobe sometime back and these type of player is out to hurt people they should be dealt with by the league.

  130. Travis says:

    The Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon responded to the calls in Game 6: “I wrote down in my notebook six calls that were stunningly incorrect, all against Sacramento, all in the fourth quarter when the Lakers made five baskets and 21 foul shots to hold on to their championship.” For example, Wilbon pointed out that Kobe Bryant did not get a foul call after elbowing Mike Bibby. (http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A45678-2002Jun1).

    Call it quits?

  131. Dan says:

    Of course Kobe was right. Doesn’t matter at this point though.

    • Ace says:

      I don’t agree, I think it does matter very much. I’m not a Kobe fan, nor a lakers fan, but anyone who has ever played basketball in their life can see clearly on the replay that this foul from Mr. Jones was absolutely intentional! and very dangerous as well, resulting in a player being out indefinitely. It may not matter for the result of that one game, it may not matter for Mr. jones, it may not matter for anyone who doesn’t care , but it does effect the…
      … career of Kobe Bryant
      … the chances of a team to make the playoffs
      … the integrity and ruling of the game
      … the image young athletes get on profesisonal sports and its moral values

      Such a dangerous and intentional foul should result in a suspension for lifetime! as seen on the video above, Mr. Jones just wants to hurt people he can’t defend, which is a very poor attitude for a baller. Mr. Jones should rather work on his D and his foot quickness, instead of tripping and underrunning people he has trouble guarding. Or he should just go and become a soldier, there he can hurt people. However, this type of trying to injure players by making sure they trip or fall badly has nothing to do in basketball.

      Don’t want to hear talking about Mr. Jones again, ever…He needs to get locked up somewhere. He should get over it, he is a poor player. Some time ago players like that wouldn’t be allowed to enter the NBA at all. Says something about the quality of players today.

      So long,

  132. The media is wearing purple and gold Jerseys this year says:

    This team gets WAY too much attention. Is Utah getting an article about every missed call against them? What about Portland or Milwaukee?

    Get over it!!!!!!!!!

    • JDog says:

      No. Because one or two missed calls don’t cost them games. Their less than stellar play does.

  133. Nik says:

    ridculous discussion!! There’s 100 no calls in every ** game. he took it didnt make it before gettin fouled and they lost

  134. TrueBalls says:

    Jones really intended to do that, check the video and look at his face. He’s clearly looking at where the left foot will land and then when he saw Kobe going down, he tried to look into the basket so that it will look like he’s innocent. HEY CHARLES BARKLEY, wtf are you saying? Trying to defend a dirty player? Jones already has history of doing that to Kobe. Should have been suspended and fined. What about Ron Artest getting suspensions with normal fouls because of his reputation?? That Jones should be suspended. AND CHARLES BARKLEY, PLEASE SHUT UP, HATER!

  135. George says:

    Too late for tears. Kobe, the best player in the league is out and this due to an unprofessional attitude of the opponent. Who did that should be suspended at least for one year. WE LOVE KOBE! NBA without Kobe is not the same. Justice NOW!

  136. KR450 says:

    More deluded Laker fans. More whining from Kobe. Same old, same old. Was it a foul? Yes. Did the refs make a mistake not calling it a foul? Yes. Is it dirty play from Jones? No. Careless and lazy perhaps but not dirty, and you LA losers are hallucinating if you think any differently. Regardless of the injury, Kobe has had so many bad calls in his favour over the years he needs to shut up and stop crying about this one call that didn’t go his way.

  137. NeilBenz says:

    I guess it’s not the no call that is upsetting, missed calls happens all the time, it’s the fact that Kobe was recklesly fouled and as a result he got injured……. It was a cheap shot and that guy should have got penalised.

  138. glen says:

    not a foul at all. kobe is whining b/c he missed the shot, lost the game, and got hurt. jones did not try to intentionally hurt him, he was just doing the proper footwork to box out following challenging the shot.

    • JDog says:

      “proper footwork”. Glad I’ve never played a pick up game with your sorry azz.. Dirty players get “fouled” HARD where I come from.

  139. Doe says:

    kobe need to stop whining like a B@%&*

  140. xpact says:

    this article is BS so what they lost move to nxt game cry babys always get attention L.A got the two biggest cry babys D12 en KB24 if they hurt someone it doesnt make such a fuzz if they get hurt they cry to the media..

  141. wew says:

    The Referee was bias!

  142. bos says:


  143. jan says:

    To all you Kobe haters and Laker haters. There is an audio recording that just surfaced during the timeout that the coach for the Atlanta Hawks gave instructions to sweep Kobe’s leg!!! If you still don’t think it was intentional then you are all idiots. If that was a superstar who the league loves let say for example LeBron then im sure the NBA would have a fit and may hand out a suspension. Officiating in the NBA is at its worst and these clowns in their zebra outfits are controlling the game and point spread. You guys are worst than NFL replacement ref’s.

    • mommaeradiobebels says:

      Jan could you please tell me where you heard that recording of the Hawks Coach saying to sweep Kobe’s leg? I am a Laker’s fan and I would love to hear it. I once heard Andy Reid, Coach of the Eagles say in a locker room recording when losing to the Dallas Cowboys that he didn’t care if they had to send Irving, Smith or whoever to the hospital to do it for the win. Well they did just what the Coach told them to do and sent Michael Irving to the hospital and as they were carting him off the field the fans were cheering and yelling go Eagles. The sad thing is that they not only sent him to the hospital, but ended his career as well, for Michael never player another game of pro football. Any Coach that tells someone to intentionally take another player out should be banned from that sport, no matter what sport it is. Any player that does what his Coach tells him to do, in order to intentionally injure another player, should be banned from the sport also, in my opinion What the Eagles did, ended up taking away a man’s career, but could have possibly ended a lot worse by taking his life. What Jones did to Kobe could have also ended a lot worse, it could have ended his career early without the benefit of him retiring on his own, or he could have hit his head so hard on the floor that it busted his skull and he lost his life. All of the posters here need to think about those kind of things when cheering on someone getting hurt, because they don’t play for your team or you don’t like them for some other reason. Remember that this could happen to any player on any team, star, veteran, rookie, ect., and that would be a very sad thing.

  144. q3fot says:

    Remember 2010 NBA finals game 6??? Kobe did the same exact thing and slid his leg under Kendrick Perkins while perkins was airborne, causing perkins the injury.

    So Kobe can dish it, but he cannot receive it?

  145. chris chi says:

    I’m sure the refs have placed bets in vegas…

  146. eric says:

    i think that is bs jones shouldmt of done that he did it on purpose to because kobe even faded away nd he still landed on jones foot hopefully kobe can get back in the lineup we need him and all our players healthy….

  147. CHINA MAN says:

    Trade kobe to clippers to odom turiaf plus cash

  148. Lucianlogan says:

    This is another good example of the silly soap opera drama, the nba front office and its media outlets thirst for. If any other player in the league besides Kobe Bryant had this happen to him, there wouldn’t even be a conversation about it…no hangtime blog, no debate on NBATV, no official league statement regarding whether it was a foul or not. perhaps the league should review old tapes of that 2002 western conference finals between the lakers and kings, and make official statements about all incorrect calls by the officials then as well. it’s just silly behavior by the league and shows a lack of integrity. when a team plays the lakers, they usually have to win two battles, they usually have to beat the lakers and beat the officiating also. so when the script is flipped and for once, the lakers and kobe bryant aren’t the beneficiaries of poor officiating, all hell breaks loose and the league basically tucks its tail between its legs and apologizes to mr. kobe bryant. let’s move on nba, lakers, and kobe…i know i sure am…

  149. DR says:

    ok…hello …what does the mean …are they going to have them replay the last mins of the game….Hello explain what mean..

  150. Tim NBA Fan says:

    The non-call is not the main problem here. Kobe wouldn’t be talking about it if it were an ordinary foul that the refs missed. Kobe knows he gets star treatment most of the time like all-star players receive. His biggest problem is that Jones is a known reckless player and the refs need to take notice especially on the last play of a game when a player might be more willing to win at all costs. There are too many injuries in the NBA already. Swinging elbows can earn a suspension even if they don’t connect. Walking under shooters should also be suspension worthy even if it doesn’t twist an ankle.

  151. Jubes says:

    The Lakers season failed because of Jim Buss, he is insecure of Phil Jackson that is why he did’nt pursue him, Lakers organization will be doomed as long as Jim is there, give it to Jeanie and Phil and it will bloom.

  152. berry says:

    they may have missed a call. but why make a fuss? you can’t get it back. i guess it’s one of those superstar things. it’s easier to lambast a “no namer”. but a player like wade, who pushes off others while they’re up in the air — a very dangerous thing to do, no one says a peep. wade even does it to his own teammates on rebound plays. we talk about intention to hurt yet kobe himself, like wade, love to flail their arms about so they can “take revenge” on their defenders by hitting them in the face. anyone who has actually played a game of basketball knows its very difficult to get someone to step on your foot. way more difficult that slapping or elbowing your defender on the face.

    it was just a foul. uncalled? it’s done. live with it like everyone else.

  153. might says:

    we’re watching u d.jones….ur a hot item right now…dirty little u….

  154. Will says:

    “Dahntay Jones and his followers”. He has fans?

  155. eezynee says:

    I think it’s a good no call, Kobe doesn’t make an effort to land safely he tries to draw the foul by falling, he gets so many B.S. calls in his favor anyway who gives a flying rats behind if they miss one

  156. Jordan says:

    I think there is a legitimate argument that because Kobe was fading away Dahntay’s momentum carried him underneath him as he as moving in the direction Kobe was moving. Maybe he leaned in a bit. However, this was poor shot selection and an argument could be made that Kobe was looking for contact – well he got it all right! I am surprised that some mention here that they have never seen this before and yet it happens most (NBA) games with no foul called (stepping underneath the jump shooter). There is such a fuss because he is a superstar. In summary – he took a poor shot and missed, maybe Dahntey fouled him but the call was missed by the officials and there is only such a big fuss because he is a superstar!

  157. khevs says:

    if there’s a punishment for flopping players,
    there should also be for referees, mistake.

  158. Damn... says:

    I’m sure, Kobe would hit both free-throws (as he always does in the clutch), however it would not fix Kobes ankle. Even know Lakers have 2 future Hall of Fame’rs in left to play, I’m sure they are screwed…
    Also, I think Kobe made a wrong decision there – Earlier in the career he would have gone for the win (3pointer), that would have been cooler, OR he should have FAKED the shot before releasing it, he had the time for it. Earlier that day I saw a play by Jordan, similar situation, but he faked it, and got a clean look at the basket.

  159. Kaan says:

    First of all I am a Lakers fan… And I don’t care about one win or lose in this situation. It doesn’t matter that the foul was called or not at that moment. Foul call does not bring Kobe’s foot back. The matter is that Dahntay Jones try to hurt Kobe (He tried it before in 2009 as we all know). His action deserved and punishment. Not just for him, there must be rule for this. I mean if kicking someone in nuts deserve suspention how come causing injury to someone does not. You just can’t toy with someone’s health or career. If you can’t defend him, you simply can’t.

  160. Pete says:

    Because it can lead to a serious season end for the Lakers if the star player is out indefinitely. He could be out 1 game or the rest of the season. That is a big deal.

  161. Viewfromafar says:

    Kobe had already let go of the ball before he touched him. Yes it was a foul but it didn’t effect the shot or the play.
    Kobes old ankles ain’t what they used to be.

  162. rodb says:

    what is the big deal? i love the player kobe! but again what is the big deal. they should have reviewed the EXTREMELY obvious missed call on Ivan Johnson a couple plays previous to this one. sorry evrybody wants the glamorous Lakers to win, but sorry they didnt. they got beat by the Hawks B team.

  163. dreadyjun says:

    It’s not the lost or the foul you morons. It’s was a stupid defensive play. He did even try to block the ball he just ran and went under Kobe which was a very dangerous thing to do. Because of that play Kobe could be out indefinitely. It should have received a suspension.

  164. dreadyjun says:

    DHarris, you are a complete fool.

  165. Big Al says:

    What sickens me is that the referees who missed the call will just get away with it. They are given absolute power and when it is proven that they commtted a mistake, no action is taken against them. There was also the incident where JJ Barea’s foul was upgraded to a Flagrant 2 when footage showed that it should have only been a Flagrant 1. Although it was corrected after the game, he was already ejected and the coach was also given a technical for getting angry. Yet again, the refs are let off unscathed.

  166. Ced says:

    Disagree with this ruling, League should not look to bail out superstar players at the end of games like this. A defender has just as much right to defend a shooter in this instance. Contact was initiated by both players involved. A no call was the right call this time.

  167. LALA says:

    This was all Dwight Howard’s fault.
    -Dwight has been the top center in the NBA since 07.
    -He asked to be traded out of Orlando.
    -Mavs wanted him.
    -Anthony Morrow is his friend.
    -Dallas traded Morrow for Dahntay Jones.
    -Dahntay inadvertently or otherwise caused Kobe to sprain his ankle by placing his foot where Kobe would land.
    -Marion defended Kobe in the Lakers-Mavs games.
    -He tripped Kobe in the 2009 playoffs.

    -Mavs got Morrow to try and make Dallas a more attractive destination for Dwight.
    -Marion and not Jones would have been defending Kobe on most if not all shot attempts when on the floor.
    -Marion is not a dirty player who would “Jalen Rose” someone.

    Conclusion: If Dwight Howard had not come to the Lakers, thereby leaving a possibility that he might not re sign, Mavs would not have traded for Morrow. This lead to Jones being in Atlanta where he was the primary defensive matchup on Kobe giving him opportunity to “Jalen Rose” Kobe, something he appeared to not be averse to given his previous altercations with Kobe.

    Therefore Kobe’s ankle is Dwight’s fault.

  168. Kobeblackhole says:

    Very well said my friend, all these lakers fanboys just whine and whine, just because for the FIRST time a call didnt get kobe’s way you all getting so fussy about it. these things do happen you aint living in a kobe only league, so its alright if these last moment no calls happen to duncan, dirk, melo etc? but you all get angry if it happens on kobe? grow up guys just like kobe need to be a leader and own up to his shortcomings as well and stop blaming teamamtes, coaches, management.

  169. Amahle says:

    He doesnt even attempt to block the shot he pushed his hip right under Kobe felt the contact and then walks off…………..come on when is the league gonna start putting a fine on dirty players????? this isnt the first time he’s player dirty on Kobe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6BWYMjTs3c

  170. steppx says:

    nobody else would get the league to say this. Its absurd how many calls Kobe gets in his favor every season……….maybe dozens….maybe more. Are league “stars” from glamor teams really that powerful??? Its a bit depressing because I didnt see a foul, and the refs were right to not call it at that moment anyway. And what about Kobe’s kick out, isnt that supposed to be a foul????????

    • JDog says:

      I can’t believe I just read that. If you ever watched a game, you would see clear as day, Kobe doesn’t get half as many as he should get per the NBA rules and not even a quarter of what LeBron gets.
      And for the last time, it wasn’t a leg kick out. The foul occurred when he landed…on Jones’ foot… which was underneath him!

  171. David says:

    i dont like that this is even a blog, because missed calls have happened plenty of times, especially in game changing moments, and a team that has gone through this multiple times this season, is the raptors, and when have they ever gotten a blog talking about an unfair call, just because its kobe? its not fair.

  172. Duke says:

    before ppl saying that it wasn’t an intentional foul, they should take a look at what jones tried to do to kobe during the playoffs in the 09 season

    • angelo says:

      So, for almost 4 years Jones was just thinking, i’m goingt to hurt kobe again. not next time, not next year or a year from now, but 4 years from now. and if jones’ mentality was to really hurt kobe, shouldn’t he have done it earlier? or kobe didn’t just shot the same fade away shot earlier?

  173. rayrx says:

    That atlanta player should be suspended with no pay for whoever long it takes kobe to get back regardless if they are going to win or not. Kobe is one of the greatest players of our era after Jordan, thats just sad.

  174. Billy says:

    People who are saying its not a foul, your blind. If you look up his previous fadeaways which are pretty much the same, this kind of thing doesnt happen. And Kobe always puts his leg out like that on those shots and this event only happened NOW. Because the defender went under him. But its over and we will see how the Lakers will play without Kobe.

  175. Thane says:

    I believe if they can fine players for things, the NBA should try or start fining referees for their lack of calls and decision making. Some of their calls can completely affect games and ruins the game itself if they do not make proper calls and equal calls for both teams, I know it can be hard to judge this but still some calls made are completely obvious and players such as Kobe get the benefit of the doubt in scenarios that he might not even get fouled and still gets the call.

  176. Learnthegame says:

    Its not about the miss shot. Kobe wasn’t even mad at the missed shot, he even said he missed the shotPERIOD. He simply said gotta protect the shooter I bet if I undercut ur landing you would cry like a punk

  177. Eddie says:

    OK, now that the league admits it was a missed call by the refs and it possibly cost Lakers a loss when they can least afford it, and this kind of thing happens often with ALL teams and all players, is it so hard for the league to review their rules and perhaps change them? Why can’t plays like this be reviewed during the game and bad calls or missed calls be corrected right there and then when it can make ALL the difference? I don’t know, is it just me? Or anyone else feels that something can be done about this.

  178. Beads says:

    I dont care who fouls who, who misses the shots, who plays too aggressive defense, or who injured for how long. Only thing which matters is that Lakers lose!

  179. grant says:

    I remembered a few games ago when Dirk was foul by Metta, Dirk didnt get the call and instead received a technica and Lakers won by a few points.. and the other game against the blazers, L.A was shoved out of the way in the post by Metta, and again, L.A received a technical, and Lakers won by a few points, the last time Hawks and Lakers met up, josh smith go straight up and kobe pumped into him, instead of a no call.. kobe had 2 free throws and Lakers won by a few points, SO now that kobe was fouled and no call was made. y is there such a big FUSS???

    • Bking says:

      I agree with you Grant. I know that on one occasion a bad call could’ve altered the end of a game for the Mavericks. Both Carlisle and Cuban spoke out and the league fined them a hefty amount, then the next day they admitted to play was blown. That’s the kind of stuff some teams have to deal with on a regular basis so to hear Kobe crying and tweeting out pictures of his swollen ankle is beyond my scope of pity.

    • Howitzer says:

      Exactly. It takes every bit of the refs help and then some for the Lakers to even stay in the chase for the Playoffs. Plus, since when do fouls get called at the end of games? It takes someone basically getting bludgeoned to get a call on a game winner. Alot of Lakers fans think the Lakers are entitled to every break and every call. And so does Kobe. Every time he shoots and misses, he’s yelling at or glaring at a ref because he’s so used to getting calls with no one even remotely close to fouling him. Durant is starting to get similar treatment as well. They go to shoot a fadeaway jumper with no one even close to them, they miss, and a whistle blows. For what? No one knows.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Howitzer…. Your comment makes no sense…. First calls do get called at the end of games just like they put in a rule to let the refs review calls made on the court. Youre tryin to make this a Kobe issue when ALL superstars do this…. Lebron, Melo, Wade…..Everyone complains about calls or lack thereof…… Then you start talkin about an unguarded shooting attempt???? What does that have to do with what happened to Kobe…. Clearly he was guarded and clearly Jones kept movin closer to Kobe while he was in the air….. What kills me most is that everybody keep talking about the leg that kobe had extended as if that was the leg he hurt. NO CLOWNS!!!!!! Watch the tape Jones had no chance in blocking his shot…. Kobe did a fade away… not a leaner or a spot up shot…. Since you fools prolli never shot a jump shot in ya life…. I encourage you to try that same shot that Kobe took…. Make a basketball move run to the court and before you stop (while mometum is carring you away) shoot the ball and watch what happens to ya legs….. What you experience will shock you!!!!!

      • angelo says:

        momentum.. yup. that’s the word. look at how Jones fall back because he thought it was a penetration but instead kobe faded away so jones jumped forward with all his might to contest the shot because that is why he is on the floor in the first place? momentum. it would be hard to stop mid air on that burst by jones, wouldn’t it? if we really “know” how to play, then we should also look at the defender’s perspective, right? what would you have done as a defender? watch? Jones is not really a great offensive player. defense is what keeping him on the NBA. if he did not contest Kobe’s shot, the shot went in and kobe didn’t get injured, will the coach trust him again to defend against other players especially on crucial moments? i don’t think so. for once, let’s view things on the defender’s view, or better yet, let’s also give the benefit of the doubt to the non-stars.

    • liptoy says:

      Forget about the foul or no foul.What is important is the kind of play that you do that is dangerous to other player.For me playing with all the intensity and the adrenalin,we should not forget that some move is clearly a threat to other’s well being.Maybe its unintentional or intentional the league should make a proper rule to avoid this in the future

    • Jamaal says:

      Because its a defensive action that has no place in the game. Whether the Lakers lost or not isn’t the big issue here. What you speak of, are instances in which a foul was simply not called. This is about a player potentially being seriously injured by a dirty tactic. Don’t allow your apparent disdain for the Lakers to rob you of the bigger picture. I could go on a tirade about how Kobe gets hammered with no calls all the time- but that’s neither here nor there. What’s done is done. The issue is that a no-call of this nature sets a bad precedence. It doesn’t matter who the player is, you have to protect the shooters.

    • Hm says:

      Because it’s Kobe.

    • huh says:

      at this point it doesn’t even matter about the win or the freethrows or the foul….so what we didn’t get the win…what people are making a “fuss” about is the fact that it was a dirty foul with ill intent behind it. I would careless if the NBA ruled it a foul after the game, i would rather see them review the tape and determine rather there was intent to injure the player then follow up with a punishment to prevent future events like this from happening. I am a Laker fan but would not want to see this happen to any player in the league whether it is Kobe or Kwame

    • TrueBalls says:

      because you’re dumb. go die with your family

  180. Jesse Iloreta says:

    If you play basketball you should instinctively know that you don’t step into a players landing area. The slow-mo in the video goes to show he deliberately stepped into that landing area. In my 21 years of life and 15 years of watching the game of basketball I have never seen a player step into an opposing players landing area like what Jones attempted. Being a Lakers fan and Kobe Bryant fan I am not bias but take it what it is a missed shot, with a sprained ending

  181. El says:

    For anyone who has played ball, you know that a bare minimum you should give a person room to land cleanly. All you have to do is look at the words echoed by Jalen Rose and know that what Dahntay Jones did was not cool. Forget the file and possible free throws, there are certain things that you simply do not do.

  182. Opinion says:

    Im watching the replays, what ever the angle is. Dahntay Jones intentionally put his leg under Kobe causing that injury. They should have called that. The game is over, nothing will be changed, what done is done But one thing is for sure, Kobe is going to have revenge, ATL! especially you Mr. Jones! Black Mamba’s eye is on you. He’s goin to get you.

  183. TheMayor says:

    you can see it clearly that dahntay extended his right leg and planted it under kobe’s landing ground.. His intention is clearly to hurt Kobe. I agree on jj”s comment and i watched it over and over again that Dahntay glanced down on that area a bit and pretended to look away..

  184. Oslec says:

    Flagrant foul 1 is the minimum call for this act of defense, the NBA official’s should look in to it to protect those player in the league. This kind of foul is as dangerous as the player going up for a layup, and the defender grab the neck and pull it down. The referee on the baseline didn’t see what the defender did, because he is looking on the ball going to the rim, The other referee should call it is the one standing close to mid court.

    • Yup says:

      Basketball is a sport, injuries happen it’s part of the game. Making rules for every single type of dirty play ruins the game and gives players more opportunity to use the rules to their advantage rather unfairly. Look at LeBron now, nobody can touch him without a foul being called. How is that fun to watch?

  185. JM says:

    As a basketball player myself and a person who does the same fade away shot, the leg kicking out isn’t to draw contact or create space from the defender (the fade itself is what creates the space) its to keep your balance while fading away and gives you leverage to land properly. You won’t see anyone doing a fade away shot with both legs pointing straight down, I’m not a laker fan but Jones clearly wasn’t trying to go for the ball, he stuck his arms straight up knowing he was 5 feet away from the ball and had no chance of reaching it but continued to slide under Kobe after the shot was already released. Ya he may not have wanted to hurt Kobe but it happened so he is to blame. Definitely was a foul.

    • Hm says:

      Funny that, considering that kicking the leg out seems to be a pretty impeccable method for Kobe (and others) to draw fouls.

      • AckWrite says:

        Lol, ok you’re just all over that but the leg being ‘kicked’ out as you say is in itself part of the shooting motion, if he took a straight up jumper and kicks his leg out, that is a foul. Not on a Fade away. Get over it bro’

      • JDog says:

        HM,You do realize that it was not the “kicked out” leg that was the foul don’t you? look where Jones’ right leg is when Kobe lands and ask how did it get there while defending a fade away. There’s the foul.
        FIY, a fade away is when you jump backwards to create space to get off a jump shot.

  186. jj says:

    i am in no way a laker fan nor agree when it looks like that officials treat superstars like kobe differently (mostly to the superstar’s favor)… but i have to agree, this play by jones has no place in the game, c’mon, you have to be pretending to be blind to not see that jones continued to move towards kobe and extend his right leg under kobe… slow mo also seems to show he glanced down that area a little bit then pretended to look away following the shot while extending his leg… just sayin’

    • purpngold says:

      To me this a blaintant dirty play. How often do you see this kind of play? Not very often, why? Because it is an unacceptable play with clear bad intentions. There was no play on the ball. Jones should be fined or given some type of reprocussion. He can deny it all he wants, but the camera does not lie, the league has reviewed it and has accepted responsibility for the missed call. Jones should be labeled a dirty player, this is the type of player the league needs to get rid of. It is the league’s responsibility to ensure the safety of it’s employees, specially it’s super stars. Favoritism is not necessary, but Kobe is not your average NBA player either. Kobe is the reason why arenas sell out when Lakers go to their town, and he has been doing this for 17 years. The league should do something about this type of play, not just say they missed a call. Make an example out of Jones to prevent this type of play from hapening to other star players in the league. Since they cannot be defended fairly, I guess it is ok to play them dirty to stop them.

  187. Vinu says:

    im surprised this dosnt happen to him all the time. its pretty hard to defend a fader without getting as close to the shooter

    • Tim NBA Fan says:

      The whole point of a fade away shot is to create space. Defenders aren’t allowed to jump closer to the offensive player if he is already in the air. That’s the whole point of this kind of shot, otherwise players would just shoot straight up and down, typically a higher percentage shot. The reason this doesn’t happen much to Kobe is most players aren’t as overzealous (dirty) as Jones is. And most players realize Kobe’s fader goes in less than 40% of the time. Why risk injuring another player to stop such a low percentage shot?

      • JDog says:

        Amen, Tim. Amen.

      • angelo says:

        AREN’T ALLOWED? So what? When your opponent tries a fadeaway, you should just watch? like “hey, i’m gonna defend and contest your shot because it’s my job, especially with the score close… ow you’re shooting fadeaway… ok, i’ll just watch now because an unofficial rule that is not written anywhere said i cannot contest your shot because you’re fading away.” it’s basketball, things happen and you react. that’s how it works. that’s why there are FOULS and FREE THROWS. you’re not suppose slap your opponents arm but that’s what happen when you try to steal the ball but could and get the arm instead. not because you have a bad intention but because you saw the ball, you wanted to get it and reacted. it was a foul, a bad foul at that, not because IT’S NOT ALLOWED, but because you never foul a jumpshooter because it leads to easy freethrows. the refs missed the call on this one and it’s unfortunate that kobe got hurt. don’t scrutinize jones for doing his job.

  188. LakersForever says:

    I love the Lakers and this is a big blow to us, but im getting tired of Kobe whining about everything, he gets fouled he gets fouled, so what that guy didnt even deliberately wanna injure him, as much as i love the lakers i still recall that kings lakers playoff wherein we the lakers gets all the close calls. the league does not revolve around him (kobe) this happens wherein a call wasnt called he aint the only superstar in this league. im just letting out my frustration on this ugly lakers season, and so tired of hearing him blaming gasol, howard why dont he just take responsibility for the first time that he keeps shooting bricks 11 out of 33 does not make a team win ballgames.

    • kwane king says:

      i applaud you. you are the only laker fan that i have heard make such a comment. it shows you are not bias. kobe gets a lot of calls that are good defensive plays

      • djivan24 says:

        He i not a real Laker. If that was faul and it was we could tie the game and whole diffrent story. The refery should be fined for wrong call and jones for fallowing Kobe like that

    • Charles Trist says:

      But this one he is absolutely right… they said he was right.. in this one KOBE had the right to whine. It was a foul. I would be pissed as well if I get fouled during the last seconds of the game that COULD HAVE made a difference… and it’s not Howard’s freethrow’s fault… it is his lack of trying and giving it all and the team’s chemistry to play together including D’antoni… Howard might be a baby but this ugly lakers’ season.. the whole team’s to blame.

      • Hm says:

        There’s no such thing as a right to whine, especially when you kick out your leg to draw a foul.

      • JDog says:

        HM, have you ever taken a fade away jumper? He lifted his leg for balance as all players do. That was not where the foul was. It occurred when Jones moved under Kobe with his leg extended causing Kobe to land on his foot. That is a foul and a dirty play. It’s the same as pushing someone out of the air. These are dangerous plays. hence, they are fouls. Kobe has burned far better than Jones so he shouldn’t let his ego get in the way of being a man. Honor comes when you defend a man as best you could and , win or lose, can still hold your head up at the end of the game.

    • Kobe24fan says:

      You are right but also wrong look this season hasnt been the best but think bout it every player whines every player!! And u cant just blame Howard blame D’Atoni he benched Gasol and for Kobe? well if you really cared u would want him to hav a quick recovery so either be a fan or choose a nother team

    • 24 says:

      or maybe just change your team…Go to Heat or SAS…they are winning…if you are really love lakers…you will live and die as lakers fan…no matter what…JUST trust your team…

    • J-Short says:

      I have been a Laker fan since 87, and that was before Kobe, people may not like his leadership style but it wins more than looses, the other greats of the game Birds, MJ’s yelled and even fought there players but that seems to get over looked and when Kobe so called call out a player as you say he is a bad leader, But ask yourself have we been a better team over the last 17 years with Kobe and there is a reason that this man is one of the greats of the game we are not talking about Orlando Woolridge or Sedal Threatt, I think you need to go to youtube and look at some comments on Kobe and some of this man greatest games, you dont get greatest games footage if you dont matter and are practically the whole country of China roots for “our team”.
      He is human, he does miss shots, he does turn the ball over, he does make mistakes, but if you look closely so did other great HOF players also.

  189. DHarris says:

    The defender just put a hand up and Kobe extended his legs into the defender it looked like. He is a 45% percent career shooter and just missed, live with it.

    • purpngold says:

      You clearly must be a rookie NBA fan, or simply a Kobe be hater in disguise. Your way of thinking and innacurate comments hold no weight.

      • 24 says:

        hahahhaha….the video is very clear, kobe fades and jones jump towards him….that is very difficult shot and kobe master it…do you think hand up is enough to block it..Jones instinct is to block the ball or the view to distruct the shot..But can you do that?maybe jump towards the him, unless you 8 footer guy. that’s how great this shot is, if you miss calculate your approach for sure you make contact to the shooter…i think that’s what happen…but the ref should call it a foul…because it is so clear…

      • angelo says:

        24: Exactly! Jones tried, he failed, should have been a foul. not necessarily dirty. just reacting on a situation.

    • Tim NBA Fan says:

      DHarris, the video is right there. You should probably watch it closely before you type such an inaccurate statement. You obviously didn’t look at it. Kobe jumped backward in the air. If the defender jumped straight up he wouldn’t have been anywhere near Kobe. The nature of a fade away puts the offensive player’s feet closer to the defender than in a straight jump shot, not because the feet kick forward, but because the body leans backward. In the video it is beyond obvious Kobe jumped backward. At the peak of his jump his feet are at least half a yard further back than where he jumped from. It is undeniable. Unless he jumps backward onto a guy behind him, he has the right to land without feet under him.

      • angelo says:

        lol! the Right? are we talking about Law here or a contact sport on which we celebrate it when a defender crashes to the floor trying to defend against an alley-oop? *see DJordan on Knight dunk. ow ey, isn’t it also the right of a player not to get fouled? let’s sue the all the players committing fouls!

    • Hm says:

      Yeah, he kicked it out to draw a foul. He does that all the time.

    • Kobe24fan says:

      He also got closer to him to never backed off look at it again.

      • Mons says:

        Yes sir,
        when he put is right leg toward on a jumper, and as Kobe Bryant is a two-legged player, his remaining landing foot is the left one. So all his weight came on his left ankle when touching the ground…

        That’s sound pretty logical to me…

  190. Bojeezy says:

    How will this ruling affect future games? It is not like the Lakers get those two points back. There have been a lot of questionable calls and no calls this year but I am not a referee. Most people will contentiously complain that a call was never called for their team. I guess players will just have to get used to it unless the way things are handled officiating wise.

  191. JM ANGELES says:

    Should’ve been called during the game. Well the call has not been made so it will not change the game. Better move on and pray for Kobe’s quick recovery. Lakers badly need him especially for their playoff push. Referees are also human but they cannot give that reason for always because that’s what the league pay for.

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      I know Referees are Human, But how the hell you miss a call when their a referee 3 or 4 feet from the play looking at Kobe, and he eat the whistle, these referees need to be held accountableand suspended when they miss a fould call when a player gets hurt by a dirty play regardless of who that player maybe, super star or not, because that kind of play can end someones career or a chance to win games to help them make it to the post season. By failing to do so the referees are telling evrybody that is ok to do what ever it takes to deffend a player even if that means taking the player down.

      • bigwes95 says:

        trying to blame the refs is really making you look stupid and ignorant. teams and players should be ready for anything and they know going in that not every foul is going to be called. MJ got away with a foul in a finals game! pushing off the utah player to make space is clearly a foul. what jones did was a foul, but if you are seriously going to act like that’s the only reason the lakers lost then you clearly don’t know basketball. and the refs just missed a call, they’re not saying it’s okay to do whatever it takes to stop someone. if they were saying that, then why even mention the no-call was wrong? doesn’t that just make them look stupid or “blind”? refs are human and don’t miss calls to send a message to the fans that you should injure people if you have to. they don’t want to be ridiculed! look up kobe double dribbling in an olympics game and not get called. something like that can change a whole game, huh?

  192. Chris says:

    Why does this matter? The damage is done, Lakers lost! While there is no guarantee they would have won if Kobe shot two free throws unless you give the Lakers the win, or magically take us back into time to rectify it there’s no point beyond strengthening Kobe’s integrity.

    • Albert says:

      I totally agree with Chris, what difference does it make to even review it and say it was a foul. It’s not going to magically heal Kobes left ankle. The Lakers lost, Kobe is out, Laker season is in jeopardy, Hawks got to celebrate, and Jones already thought he was the man after not letting Kobe score. A better idea is to fire those dumb referees and send them to referre kids games, since obviously they can’t make the right call. My 10 year old brother, who doesn’t watch basketball, saw the play and immediately knew it was a foul. He screamed out FOUL and Jones that was a DIRTY FOUL.

      • Dan says:

        Why does it matter if the call was missed, are you off your face??? REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
        They might have won the might have lost who knows. Would rather lose without the controversy.
        Just because other calls have been missed by refs in the past doesn’t make it ok.
        I doubt he intended to connect with Kobe on purpose he was just careless on the play fractionally.
        Get a room by the way. I agree with Chris blah blah blah.

      • RW says:

        That is bull! How the hell can Jones tell that when he is contesting his shot on a guy who slides underneath on his release? Kobe needs to learn to come straight down on his shot and not slide under with his leg kick. Reggie Miller did the same thing. Some guys do it purposefully and kick out their leg on purpose to draw the foul. He gave him plenty of room. Shooters do not need and dare room. If that is the case you can’t get close to anyone one of them to contest their shot and the NBA can pick and choose who they to enforce this on. Dahntay did not do a Bruce Bowen on Kobe….come on now. Quit crying…Kobe landed on Jones’ foot. It happens. Deal with it. He missed the shot. He does not need anymore help from the refs. They did not miss the call.

      • E-SY says:

        That’s the dumbest comment you could possably make! You agree with Chris… so it doesn’t matter!

        The reaction of the league is unnescesary as well. Maybe it was a foul, maybe not, but it’s clear that Jones just contested the shot and the referees did not blow their whistles. There was nothing dirty about it. The Lakers lost.
        If the ref should have called it, there is still no problem. If you want to win games, you cannot go blame refs for not making the call. You should dominate from the start, have the entire team ready and do what you are paid for as a player or as a coach, period. Don’t cry about the refs if you seem unable to win the game, just work harder!

        And when players battle for victory, someone can get injured. It happens. Deal with it.
        Kobe should go work in an office somewhere if he doesn’t want to get injured.

      • JDog says:

        RW, you’re an idiot. Try taking a fade away jumper without lifting a leg. It is very clear to anyone who has ever played basketball that Jones moved under Kobe while “contesting” the shot. Go back to sitting your lazy, fat azz on the couch and forget about natural movement theories that come within the play of any sport as you clearly don’t have the brain capacity to understand them.

      • angelo says:

        if that was intentional, Jones should be great at it. Kobe’s foot landed at the back end of jones’ shoe. and jones wasn’t even looking. even the notorious bruce bowen couldn’t do that. bowen caught players on the front of his foot while his opponent falls and bruce could see where the shooter’s foot would land. i bet bowen is envying jones’ special skills. wow!

    • Forbes says:

      At the time the foul was committed, the score was 94-92. With the 2 free throws the game could have gone to over time

      • TNT says:

        exactly!! forget the injury. a foul is a foul. it’s clearly that Jones stepped under Kobe if you see where Kobe’s feet leave the floor. Dumb comment by Charles the day later. the n b a didn’t drop the ball on the correction! they didnt’ say anthing about Jones intention, they said it’s a foul.

    • q3fot says:

      Remember 2010 NBA finals game 6??? Kobe did the same exact thing and slid his leg under Kendrick Perkins while perkins was airborne, causing perkins the injury.

      So Kobe can do it, but he cannot receive it?

      • SpeakFacts says:

        wow you can’t be serious. I just lookedu p the play… but you should refrain from posting anything online now that you’ve lost all credibility. Kobe didn’t have anything to do with Perkins’ injury. Observe Kobe has played for 17 years and received this injury only twice! And the first one….it was fricking intentional so can you blame him?!?

      • Will says:

        It was Kobe that injured Perkins it was Bynum that did that.

      • Joe Schmo says:

        Weather he caused it or not, Perkins wasn’t pullin up for a J, he was grabbin a board….

      • Stop using laker hating as reasoning says:

        Kendrick Perkins doesn’t fade away… You’d have to move into a shooters area after he goes up for the shot, which is illegal and very dangerous. Jones may not have meant to harm Kobe, however in hindsight he should have seen how that could be viewed as dirty because of the danger it presents.

    • GCast says:

      The problem is, if the NBA didn’t make a review and give a statement, then other non-superstar players like Jones, and before J. Rose, would just keep doing that no matter if intentionally or not. It may have happened to just one player, but one player can affect the lives/careers of others relying on that player. It may just be a missed call or just one man’s ankle (or career) that others don’t care about, but it has significant effects on future games, or some might even do it intentionally since they could just get away with it like what J. Rose did. I’m also not implying anything but Jones did make a dirty play against Kobe when he was still with the Nuggets. If it was MWP who did it, intentionally or not, to the number one player of the opposing team like Durant, Paul, James, etc., or no. 4 like Harden, I’m sure he’s gonna get suspended for it.

      • angelo says:

        don’t get all melodramatic and everything. the review wasn’t about jones’ “dirty” play, it was about ref’s missed call. and every one agrees. it was a foul, no doubt, but this kinds of play happens every time. a player tries a jump shot or a fade away, a defender tries to contest ending up under the shooter. then the ref calls foul, two free throws. so what made this special? was it just because it was kobe who took the shot? or because jones tripped him 4 years ago? c’mon.

    • RW says:

      Get real. You saw Kobe’s leg come out on an angle and go up under Jones and land awardly. That was not dirty nor was it a foul. He came down on his foot and Kobe did not land correctly. I understand the NBA would lose playoff money if the Lakers dont make the playoffs, but the refs did not miss that call. There is no new rules that need to be changed. Lets not get like the NFL now.

      • JDog says:

        RW, again, you’re an idiot. Do you not see Jones moving towards Kobe even after the shot was gone? It was a fade away jumper. I first have to ask if you even know what that is? Nobody should be under you while landing from a fade away. Jones’ leg was extended under Kobe’s body. That shouldn’t happen when defending a fade away. It’s clear you’re not a Kobe fan but don’t let that be the reason you come into a forum and make yourself look this stupid.

      • Lakersfan4ever says:

        Are all of you Kobe haters are Blind check the replay, Dirty JONES Slide under Kobe When he Jump and Shoot,

      • Michael Knight says:

        You’re just a laker hater if your still arguing that play was clean. Kobe pulled up for the jumper and Jones mover under him, its that simple, watch the replay. Im not saying Jones is a dirty player, because he probably didnt intentionally move under him (although he did intentionally trip kobe when he played for denver during the WCF). Jones was just a little over zealous with his defense and it should have been a foul. Im not sayin LA would have won. But it was a foul, plain and simple. The league reviewed it and it was a foul. END OF STORY

      • Jay says:

        Are we watching the same replay? Jones takes an extra step and slides his foot, right when Kobe goes up for the fadeaway. I’m not even a lakers fan and I would call that dirty anyday.

      • sunny says:

        RW….you are really stupid. You have no idea abt basketball. You sound like someone who definitely does not play and understand basketball.

    • Kobe24fan says:

      Clearly a foul we knw how kobe shoots and everybody neds to get space as they are coming down now jones saw kobe shootin and got even closer as he was coming down and the ref. its not point because either way kobe would still be injured so min the end jones was wrong and this play should be forgotten( if not Kobe of course) and lets keep goin and get tht 7th seed and wait for kobe to return.

    • Smart Guy says:

      That’s BS they have steve nash who shoots 97% FT

      They would have went overtime and KILLED the Hawks so 97 times out of 100 they would have won the game which is a good enough chance for me

    • angelo says:

      Clearly a foul but not necessarily dirty. i remember one time i shot a fadeaway, my defender got too close and i landed on my butt and it hurt like hell. foul? i think so. dirty? not really. Jones is a defensive-minded player. he was on the floor for that reason. to defend against bryant. contest kobe’s shots, which jones did. Kobe faded, jones stepped forward to contest, jones got too close which is a normal reaction when the game is on the line, the foul wasn’t called, kobe unfortunately landed on jone’s foot and got injured. now here’s a thought, if the strategy was to hurt Kobe to stop him, shouldn’t jones do it earlier, around the first or second quarter, maybe?

    • Bunbury says:

      that’s not the argument, dumb***. if it really doesnt matter why then are you posting??

    • BJ says:

      Shut up. Chris, you really sound unsmart because it was a clear foul. the evidence is above.