Morning Shootaround — March 6

Missed a game last night? Wondering what the latest news around the NBA is this morning? The Morning Shootaround is here to try to meet those needs and keep you up on what’s happened around the league since the day turned.

The one recap to watch: Last night’s trio of games weren’t the most exciting matchups on paper, with two games (Nuggets-Kings and Lakers-Thunder) being matchups that were pretty one-sided (and ended up being that way in the final result, too). That makes Celtics-Sixers our pick this morning, mostly because we were treated to a performance from Avery Bradley that was reminiscent of the work he did in the 2012 Eastern Conference semifinals against these Sixers. As you’ll read below, Celtics coach Doc Rivers credits Bradley’s play with a lot of Boston’s success since Rajon Rondo was lost for the season, and this game last night was a great case in point.


News of the morning

West chimes in on LeBron, more | Cousins argues with fan | Anthony asked out of game before injury | Celtics’ sense of urgency increases | Redick enjoying life in Milwaukee | Bynum visits orthopedic specialist

West: LeBron ‘in another world’ right nowAround the All-Star break, the LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant debate was stirred up anew after Hall of Famer Michael Jordan said he’d pick Bryant over James. Another Hall of Famer, Warriors executive Jerry West, has his thoughts on the LeBron debate — specifically where James ranks among all-time performers and whether or not he is on Jordan’s level. West’s answer to that, as well as his thoughts on the struggling Lakers, his old owner, Jerry Buss, and more are all a must-read in this Q&A from Sports on Earth’s Shaun Powell:

Q: After 50 years in the game, you’ve seen just about everyone. Are you ready to call LeBron James the greatest after Jordan? Or maybe he trumps Jordan? Or is this all too silly?

A: I’ll say LeBron is in another world right now. He’s a player for the decade. You watch him and you can tell his teammates love him. What you can’t do is judge him by the championships right now. Just his all-around play and skills. He’s a superstar who’s very unselfish. You don’t find that too often. He could lead the league in scoring every year if he wanted. But he’d rather find any way to beat you even if it meant giving up the ball. To watch his growth as a player and person has been pretty special. I would have enjoyed having him as a teammate.

Q: Miami has made it work by combining three All-Stars. But weren’t you, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain the original Big Three?

A: Oh, I don’t know. That’s just a label. The difference between us and them is they’re in their prime. Elgin battled injury and wasn’t the same player when we came together. I wasn’t the same player because I battled knee injuries and we didn’t have the medical advancements then as we do now. I was almost constantly in pain. Wilt wasn’t the same, either; he was at the end of his career. And we didn’t win together because Elgin retired before the championship. I know people didn’t like what Miami did by teaming them up, but I thought it was fantastic. LeBron is special, Dwyane Wade is right behind him and Chris Bosh is a very good player. They’ll win championships or be right there as long as they’re healthy and on the same team. People should enjoy and respect what they’re seeing right now.

Q: Meanwhile, your old team has struggled with Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash although to be fair, Howard and Nash haven’t been healthy from the jump. Will they get it together? Or will this be basketball’s Titanic?

A: What people don’t understand is the enormous adjustment you have to make as a player in those situations. I was a scorer, Elgin was a scorer and Wilt, even then, liked the ball. We all had to put everything else aside. The Lakers are playing better now, especially defensively, and I think they’ll make the playoffs. I think the worst is behind them.

Q: You knew Jerry Buss as well as anyone, maybe even better. Got a favorite Dr. Buss story you could share?

A: Well, because of the personality he had, I couldn’t tell you any of the best ones for print. But everything you heard about him as an owner was true. He always did what was in the best interest of the game, from a Lakers perspective and a league perspective. I wish all owners were like him. He was a real innovator. He wasn’t afraid to make a decision. You liked him and cared about him. He was a good guy who was able to buy something and become an incredible steward of a historic franchise. I was lucky to have known him. Working for him wasn’t even work, it was fun. I never saw it as a job. Not for one day. I miss him already.

Kings’ Cousins has words for fanFor DeMarcus Cousins against the Nuggets on Tuesday, it was a night to forget. A season-worst shooting night (1-for-12) coupled with a relentless barrage by Shootaround favorite Kenneth Faried led to a 120-113 loss in which Cousins sat on the bench for the final 10 minutes, 15 seconds. But as Cousins left the game, writes Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee, he got into a bit of a verbal altercation with a fan — another black mark in a season where Cousins has had his fair share of on-court dustups:

Cousins sat out the final 10:15, and his exit wasn’t the usual jog to the bench. He engaged in a shouting match with fans seated on the baseline near the Kings’ bench.

“He said some disrespectful things, and I had some things to say back,” Cousins said. “That was it.”

Cousins said he believes it was a Kings fan, “which makes it even worse.”

Coach Keith Smart said sitting Cousins had nothing to do with that verbal exchange and instead was about finding the best matchup to slow down the Nuggets (40-22).

“The focus is on the game. The focus is on what we’re trying to do on the floor,” Smart said. “And whatever happens with someone on our team in the stands, whatever needs to be dealt with, is dealt with.

“These are our fans and they come out here to support us, and we’ve got to make sure we do the right things at all times”

Asked about fan support, Smart made it clear the team’s focus needs to be on the court.

“That’s why it’s very important that we focus on playing good basketball instead of being focused on the fans,” Smart said. “They pay good, hard-earned money to come to a game to do or say whatever they might want to say. But overall the fans in Sacramento have been great to our basketball team.”

‘Melo asked out of game before he got hurtAlthough the Knicks rallied from a 22-point deficit to take down the Cavs in Cleveland on Monday, they suffered a loss as Carmelo Anthony left the game in the second quarter after injuring his knee. A day after that mishap, Knicks coach Mike Woodson says the injury could have been avoided had Woodson agreed to let Anthony out of the game when the Knicks’ star started feeling pain. Ian Bagley of has more on the situation:

Woodson revealed Tuesday during an interview with ESPN New York 98.7 FM that Anthony had asked to be removed from the game due to knee discomfort before suffering the injury in the second quarter.

The Knicks announced later Tuesday that Anthony officially has been diagnosed with a sore knee and will be listed as questionable for Wednesday’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

Woodson called Anthony’s injury “alarming” during his interview on “The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show” and admitted his decision to leave the star forward in the game was “stubborn.”

“Melo was hurt,” Woodson said. “For him to ask me to come out of the game before he actually took that spill made me realize that something wasn’t right. He’s never ever, ever, even hinted about coming out of the game [before Monday]. I play him too much in that regard. Melo’s a trooper — he’s a warrior, he’s a tough kid.”

Woodson was asked during the interview why he chose to leave Anthony in the game after he requested to come out.

“I should have [taken him out],” Woodson said. “Stubborn coach — I just didn’t.”

Woodson explained that he hoped Anthony would help dig the Knicks out of their 22-point first-half deficit.”Maybe I should have taken him out before he actually stumbled and took the fall,” Woodson said. “But again, I’m thinking [during] the game, ‘Hey, he’ll play through it. He’ll figure it out.’

“But he was hurt. He walked out after he took the spill and he didn’t come back, and that’s not Melo-like. Obviously, his knee is bothering him.”

Anthony said on Monday that his knee had been bothering him in recent days, and an MRI taken recently revealed no structural damage.

“Today I just woke up, and you know how some days you really don’t feel right,” he said after the game. “I came out here and I tried to warm up and I thought it was going to loosen up before the game, but some of the things that I was doing, I felt like I was dragging it.”

Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald said Tuesday in an interview with radio station WFAN that he did not believe the injury was “serious,” even though Anthony has been bothered by the knee for two or three weeks.

Sans Rondo, Celtics up their intensityAs was mentioned by the Inside the NBA crew last night, the Celtics are 12-4 since Rajon Rondo was lost for the season on Jan. 27. While getting key players back (such as Avery Bradley and Chris Wilcox) and adding a little depth (via a trade for Jordan Crawford) have helped, Boston coach Doc Rivers says Rondo’s departure probably did more to help get the team on a winning track than anything else. Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe has more on the Celtics’ sudden improvements:

The Celtics began Tuesday two games from the fourth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and home-court advantage in the first round, which is stunning considering Boston was 20-23 when Rondo went down and was expected to sink in the second half.

“I just think we’re playing better, for whatever reason,” said coach Doc Rivers. “You have all those injuries, you usually go the other way. I just think our guys kind of came together and realized we don’t have a margin of error anymore.

“And maybe that’s why. But overall, I think a lot of things happened, too. I think Avery [Bradley] was just coming back, so our defense improved dramatically with him.”

Rivers said Bradley’s presence has been critical. The Celtics had improved to ninth in the league in points allowed entering Tuesday night’s game.

“When the guy is on the point of the ball putting pressure, it makes everyone else kind of join in, I think that helped,” Rivers said. “I thought our second unit was just about to take off before all the injuries. So they were finding their way.”

Kevin Garnett said the team’s decision making has drastically improved to compensate for Rondo’s missing floor leadership.

“I would say [we’re] more decisive,” he said. “You get to whatever you’re doing and if you’re going to pass it, pass it, if not you make your move. Consistency is something that I always put our hat on. The more consistent we can be with stopping the ball . . . that’s been the formula for success since I’ve been here and getting guys to buy in.”

Redick savoring fresh start with BucksSince being dealt from the Magic to the Bucks at the trade deadline, J.J. Redick has been a bit reflective of his time in Orlando and even gone as far as to share his thoughts on Dwight Howard’s final season there. Part of him had hoped to stick around with the rebuilding Magic and be around when the team got good again, but that obviously wasn’t part of the plan. Redick shared his thoughts on his new home, his departure from Orlando and more with Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

Perhaps this is a blessing and curse, because professional sports can break a ballplayer’s heart this way. Redick’s loyal this way. He immerses himself in the franchise’s fabric, invests in the community. His two old coaches – Mike Krzyzewski and Stan Van Gundy – still get calls and texts on a regular basis.

“My wife Chelsea and I built a life in Orlando,” Redick told Yahoo! Sports. “Listen, there was no anger [over the trade], but there was a little bit of disappointment.

“Part of me wishes I could’ve been there my whole career and been part of the rebuilding, part of the turnaround, and gotten back to the finals in my 11th or 12th year. That’s the romantic in me, the idealist.”

With Redick, the Bucks have won four of five games. With the Bucks, Redick is relevant again.

“There’s been a number of moments since I’ve been here – in the fourth quarter, in overtime – where I’ve thought, ‘Man, I missed this,’ ” Redick says. “And I did.

“Even in Orlando, in a close game, coming down to the wire, you still think to yourself: ‘We’re 15-37 or whatever.’ “

So far, the vision of Bucks general manager John Hammond has been validated. Redick will be a free agent this summer, and Hammond gambled with the trade for him. As hard as the Bucks tried to get Josh Smith, Redick was the player whom they believed could become their starting shooting guard for years. Brandon Jennings is a restricted free agent, Monta Ellis can opt out of his contract and, almost assuredly, only one of them returns next season.

Milwaukee can’t afford to pay the three of them, so Jennings or Ellis will stay, and Milwaukee is prepared to pay Redick as a starting shooting guard. Redick will be in great demand, but make no mistake: To leave the Bucks, he’ll have to take less money – probably a lot.

Hammond and his assistant GM, Jeff Weltman, have the Bucks positioned to be an Eastern Conference playoff team for years to come. For them, Redick has arrived to make shots, yes, but also bring professionalism to the workplace.For Redick, it was over in Orlando. The Magic disassembled into a total rebuild. Part of him will always live with the regret of how everything fell apart, how they fired Stan Van Gundy and traded Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers.

In Redick’s mind, the best thing that ever happened was getting drafted into Orlando with a coach who refused to insert him into the rotation. For two years, Van Gundy challenged him to become a more complete player and Redick thinks “a lot about what kind of career trajectory I would’ve had without Stan, and I’m grateful for what he did for me.”

“Those years in Orlando humbled me,” Redick said, “and gave me perspective on basketball and life.”

Bynum visits knee specialist In the seemingly daily update of how Andrew Bynum‘s knees, the Sixers big man headed off the New York to visit an orthopedist to get more news on his problematic joints and the long-term outlook for his career. Jason Wolf of The (Wilmington) News Journal has more on Bynum’s visit with Dr. David Altchek of the Hospital for Special Surgery and what next steps are ahead for the big man:

The 7-foot, 300-pound Bynum, whose right knee continued to swell more than a week after taking part in his first practice of the season on Feb. 22, is considering arthroscopic surgery and no longer confident he’ll play for the Sixers this season.

Bynum also visited with at least one doctor on Monday, Sixers CEO Adam Aron said in two broadcast interviews.

“We’re all trying to gather information and see what the best course of action is,” Sixers general manager Tony DiLeo said. “I’m sure Altchek will have an opinion, our doctors will have an opinion, and Andrew, basically, will have an opinion. It’s just gathering information now. And like I said before, he’ll continue to rehab and see how that goes. The option of washing it out [with arthroscopic surgery], we’ll see what happens there.”

Bynum has been sidelined by bone bruises and damaged cartilage in his knees since September. The Sixers acquired him from the Los Angeles Lakers in a four-team trade in August.

He is making $16.9 million this season and will become an unrestricted free agent in July, when he’s hoping to land a long-term deal and a nine-figure pay day.

“He set it up. That’s his doctor,” DiLeo said. “I know it’s a late appointment, so I don’t know if we’ll hear [results] tonight or tomorrow. … [The swelling] has gone down. But the activity has gone down.”

ICYMI of the night: Kenneth Faried got Dunk of the Night honors from our multimedia crew for this jam, but we like this one so much better:


  1. Bradley is the best on ball defender since i don’t know when-refs need to get used to how he plays & stop calling these non-fouls on him as he always beats the other pg to the spot.

  2. Bill Russell is Theeee G-reatest O-f A-ll T-ime!!! They bragged that lebron was younger getting his first ring than Jordon(who i really like)-WELL Russell was younger than both of them @ 23 year old rookie in 1957 w/ his first of 11 rings w/ the Celts & with in a 2 year period before that “57 nba season-Russell won back to back ncaa rins w/ University of San Francisco & gold w/ U.S. in Melbourne “56 Olympics. Don’t let Russell’s 14,522 pts fool anyone as low all time points compared to those up in the 20 & 30,000’s pts, as him being on the Celts of that time had 3-4 great scorers on the court @ any given time as he did avg 20ppg & 20rpg in college which he likely would’ve continued points wise with the Celts. He is 2nd all time rbs @ 21,620 & too bad they didn’t record blocks & steals back then because Olajuwon’s all time 3,830 leading blocks would probably pale in comparison to Russell’s if they were recorded & the greatness of Russell’s blocks was that he always kept the ball in play which takes a lot of athleticism as they never do today & haven’t for the past 20-25 seasons-they just block & stop & scream for their great play-ok already but the ball went out of bounds-you got the stat but the other team got the ball back-now what’s the stat on how often the team that had their shot blocked scored after blocker blocked-LMAO- Listen, every decade has it’s own superstar, but if you really, really want to compare Russell is The True G.O.A.T. !!! Nuff said!!!

  3. mepow says:

    michael jordan is god of basketball and LeBron James was also one of her foster children .. 🙂

  4. Amerain says:

    Tired of people comparing Lebron to Jordan. The game in Jordan’s era was completely different to what it is now. Unless they change the rules of todays game back to how they were and make the game more physical we can never truly compare the two.

    LBJ is the best in this era. No question. Based on Lebron’s athleticism, skill and size he definitely would have the potential to be great in Jordan’s era but I think his stats would be reduced. On the other hand, Jordan in his prime playing in todays game, I could picture him going scoring in the paint at will, picking up an and 1 every second trip down and averaging 50 pts.

    But like i said, just because of how much the game has changed. We can’t compare.

  5. AuguryBot says:

    When it comes to who is better, (LBJ or MJ) are you comparing them by the entirety of their careers or by a certain portion where they were most dominate? Can you compare their careers when 1/2 of the equation isn’t even half way finished? The fact that this conversation is happening means LBJ is still in the running for best ever.

    Sports, like people, evolves. Athletes become better, faster, stronger… and more elite. Thus shattered Olympic records year after year…. There are probably 50 million more basketball players in the world now than there were 15 years ago. Do you think Babe Ruth would make it on the Yankees? It’s possible that we will witness better than MJ. He’s not actually a God.

  6. @ SeanDiesel-very,very well said! I totally agree & couldn’t have said it any better. I don’t knock lebron either but the way he left Cleveland was totally unprofessional as they catered to him pretty much like a king & he just totally dissed them (same thing with dhoward). I’m not a fan of cleveland especially not miami, Die hard Celtics all the way! Now The Truth Pierce stuck thru w/ Celts 10+ years before getting his ring (@ the writer Celts the only original big 3 since “80’s). With all the hype since the 3 in miami, people seem to forget that the Celts started the 3 perennial all stars on one team of this particular era 6 years ago-hello-it’s nothing new as lebron is acting like-it’s been done since the “50’s & “60’s-just ask Russell, Cous-Whodini, & Heinsohn or Baylor, Wilt, & West. Now i’m not saying just cause i’m a Celts fan but when KG & Ray joined Pierce w/ my Celts it was just totally different than miami’s & la’s deals & their media hype they got-they mainly riley & lebron infused more of the media than anything else. The Celts only (original Big3) did their media short & sweet interviews, stayed out of the limelight & were like ok lets get the season started. Plus nobody can say either KG or Ray were disloyal cause they both were with their perspective teams 10+ years & gave their all & then were traded & didn’t initiate the request of which neither initially wanted to come to Boston & KG really just didn’t want to leave Minn-theirs was a thing of it’s time to go after putting in some serious time. Ainge busted that smart move-& Pierce the home stay yeah thought about leaving well before the “06-“07 record win low season & Red convinced him otherwise & he stayed loyal-A REEEAL TROOPER! I also think heat thing was a riley move to try & show he can out-due Celts org. & Ainge. riley’s had a long standing resentment against my Celts since “70’s-tsk-tsk!!! 🙂 Anyways, i can’t wait till the playoffs, i’m salivating for it, can just taste it & it taste reeeal good!

  7. Howard coward says:

    king james,the chosen one……………he deserved for the season MVP…..let howard coward trade…..please lakers….

  8. SeanDiesel says:

    In regards to this Lebron or Jordan comparison… They call Jordan the greatest for a reason… he easily could have taken a pay cut and signed to play with Magic or Bird or Ewing or any other all star at the time and could have easily gotten a few more rings @ the time. He didn’t.. his true competitive nature and desire to win made him awesome. He wanted 2 beat his opponents not join them. It is easy for u people to forget his games from the past, he played when he was sick with the flu in the playoffs and got 60 points. that made him amazing, He participated in the Dunk contest & went against real talent (Dominique Wilkins) and made it worth watching, not this watered down joke of a dunk show they have now,(Lebron has never participated & he ‘s the NBA’s Golden boy)… just saying. And lastly Jordan made his teammates great players, not counting Rodman his rebounding was sick!!.. I’m not knocking on Lebron or hating but he tried for many years to get a ring and if the only way to finally get it is get a bunch of your all star buddies to take a pay cut to get a ring so be it. Instead of making the All star dunk off exciting again (and get a million dollars from Magic Johnson) he opts out. Even though the playoffs are around the corner anything can happen and even though Miami won last year they were this close from getting eliminated from Boston.. Jordan personified Basketball he put the NBA on mainstream Tv, LBJ is the chosen one to carry the torch for this point in time but its truly a shame, 2 compare Jordan 2 Lebron…. they may call LBJ the king but he will never be His Airness!!!!!

  9. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    after their careers…
    we will based on RINGS…..
    as of now
    1) MJ
    2) KOBE
    3) LBJ

  10. You have to wait until the end of a players career to compare them, you just simply can not compare overall performance and stats with players while they are in different stages of the game.

  11. stanfunky says:

    Andrew Bynum won’t be sniffing a 9 figure payday. He definitely will NOT be getting $16.9 million per year from any team, not even short-term.

    He’ll be lucky to get a contract longer than 3 years guaranteed – teams will want to see that his knees are sound before committing the big money. I see him sitting out 2013-14 on his agent’s advice, and taking an incentive laden, partially guaranteed 4 year, $45 million deal in the summer of 2014.

  12. Fab says:

    If you ask me whos the better lbj or kobe, my answer is just two numbers: 81

    • 80s90sBall says:

      If the defense and calls were as soft as they are today, MJ would have gotten 123 points, I’m just sayin.

      I’d like to see Kobe try to get just 40 points against the likes of 80s / 90s Bad Boys, Knicks, and those hard nosed tough players from the 80s & 90s and how the game was called back then which was almost literally no blood, no foul.

      If you don’t believe that, you’re probably too young to.

  13. dj rgm9 says:

    To Lushi@You’re right on the money,bank this!!!

    • KOBE/MJ says:

      Kobe or Jordan did not switch teams because they were UNABLE to win a championship.. BOTTOM LINE and end of discussion..

  14. Lushi says:

    as for the MVP guy..that said that Kobe this and that.

    My Friend I do not really understand people (especially you). ARE YOU BLIND…??? CAN YOU SEE…????

    Or you simply watch basketball ,cuz you have nothing else to do.

    For my Opinion , LeBron can be the GREATEST BEAST but not the GREATEST PLAYER .

    Just one question for you.What he have done with the CAVALIERS.Nothing,right.

    And as for now being champion , do not forget my friend he has behind hin Likes of WADE an BOSH.

    Kobe won 2 rings with the likes of GASOL and WORLD PEACE as teammates hahahahah.

    I really wonder what LeBron would achieve without wade and bosh.


    So please you should really wash your mouth(before) when you talk about KOBE.
    It’s a shame for humanity ,having people like you with no intellegence,or brain at all .

    I am really sorry my friend but you really should watch again these 10 past years of NBA.

    I am convinced that you will find yourself in the “STUPID LAND”.
    And then come back and make a comment about KOBE.

    • nelo says:

      C’mon. Why you blame Lebron for not winning anything with the Cavs, that is with Sasha Pavlovic and Eric Snow if u remember? What did Kobe won with Kwame Brown and Smush Parker? Nothing! The fact that LeBron won with Wade and Bosh doesn’t change anything. Kobe is about to miss playoffs with Howard and Nash!! Don’t get me wrong, Kobe is great but nobody wins on his own

      • Lushi says:

        Do not forget . Nash is way to old to be considered a player that can lift a team to the playoffs or so.
        I do not even know why the Lakers took him.
        Why do you think Suns let him go.He is too old right now.
        As for howard .. i think he is not going to be shaq or so . With out a shooter he will never be able to win things on his own.
        And as for the BRYANT , my friend He wins Games.Totally on his own.
        Evene when he had Kwame and parker.He used to score 82.remember.
        Tell me how can you score 82 points nowadays
        (LeBron had Ilgauskas who was an All-Star those days at Cavaliers.right..? )

    • MVP says:

      wash my mouth?! don’t be disrespectfull..i’ve never played down the achievements of kobe..i’m following the nba since the 1990s..i’ve seen all the “next jordans” the wannabes and the players poorly felt short because of injuries..there is no fact or argument in your little praise of kobe bryant, that show up a serious point..82points? yeah damn it, the second most points achieved by a single player in one game..but you also have to have the ego to shoot the ball that often..lebron never was a pure scorer like kobe..and what lebron has achieved without wade and bosh??yeah, rookie of the year, 2 mvps, LEAD a bunch of losers to the finals..he never had have the chance to play with future hall of famers in the beginning of his career..switch lebron in to the lakers team on their threepeat think lebron wouldn’t be a more effective sidekick of shaq??or think about kobe on the cavs you think, they even have made the playoffs?? maybe the winningstreak of the lakers would be longer, because lebron is a way better and sympathic teammade..yes everything in conjunctive..but i will not wash my mouth, because i see facts, i see numbers and i see teams and not a single player try to shoots the lights out and only make 44% of his shots..i see a all around player who dominates the game in all of its facettes..

  15. Hero says:

    Woot! Lebron trumps M.J? Man.. Jordan scored every night 30PPG+ put lebron to make this and see what’s his real FG%. Then think about MJ to score only the beskets he knows he could score easily. MJ was not a train human nature, not a tall guy nor a very strong one as lebron but he scored just becouse of his skills abilities, IQ and athletism. With these stupid comparations btw LBJ and MJ we will have a new ”better” Jordan at the end of LBJ’s career.


    • Francisco says:

      another who got F IN MATH, dude lebron scores 27.6 per game shooting 49 % for almost ten years

  16. kevin says:

    BIG A..

    Lebron is the player of the decade..
    WE know his the “KING” of basketball
    his the best than jordan and kobe

    • Loki says:

      Call me when Lebron saves the Looney Toons from an alien invasion than we’ll talk about this better than Jordan Nonsense 😛

  17. Iano says:

    FFS people. Why don’t we pick up this discussion in 7-8 years when LBJ is done playing?
    Until then this discussion is just a bunch of loud mouths chatting utter bull sh1t.

  18. MACKY says:

    Just my concern about the Big 3s health, the miami organization should rotate the games to each player now, to avoid possible injury to either the big 3s, more than 20 games more, I mean to say give playing time to Miller, James Jones, and Anthony, to save the big 3s health before after eleimanation, i dont want them to get short which was near to happen last year, when Wade & Bosh miss some crutial games, The miami management should think of this..

  19. MJ4life says:

    They have to promote Lebron because the league didnt know what to do when Jordan left. Kobe did his thing. and others did their thing. Lebron is not the best player ever. Its just they need that face of the league. Im sure in 10 years there will be another kid and another “Jordan” …But Nobody will ever touch mike in a loooong time.

    • zman says:

      Wow! Im probably the biggest MJ fan and went to all of his games..finals included…and after watching LBJ ….he is clearly in his own league as far as elite players are concerned. I’ve never seen anything like it….MJ included. LBJ is the only one I can see that threatens MJ for GOAT. Even Kobe was not that high IMO…..but he was exciting as well.

      • zman says:

        He is a really strange concoction of all the greatest players…..I’m starting to understand why he’s called the King… bc his game is all inclusive…can play any position and do everything Magic and Mike could do and is built like a bull(no pun intended)

  20. Ro says:

    What difference does it make where he plays? Bron has become a much better player since he was in Cleveland. More complete, and way more efficient. You cant say he’d be better if he won in Cleveland. I wanted him to stay there too, but lets not forget he did sign an extension once with them. They failed to put talent around him that was good enough to win. He carried a squad of nobodies to 2 straight 60-win seasons. (Sorry Shaq, but at that point you weren’t really relevant). You cant label him GOAT. There will not be anyone as good at every aspect of the game like Michael was. Yeah LeBron has been in the running for DPOY. But remember Kobe averaging 35ppg? Well MJ did it while winning league MVP, AND the DPOY. Big difference between scoring 35 in an offense and shooting a lot of shots to get your 35 cos you dont think your teammates are any good.
    Kobe never left LA, but did he not demand a trade out of there? The almost-trade with the Bulls ring any bells? Lets not go calling him a loyal franchise guy! Come on fellas lets use our brains a bit….

    • Mister 215 says:

      It’s funny that you say that about shooting the ball…. Just so you know Kobe does not have more career field goal attempts then Jordan…. Jordan play what 14 years, Kobe is in his 17 year but Jordan still has more field goal attempts…. In fact Kobe wont have more attempts until this time next year…. Clearly you didn’t watch Jordan play because if you did you would realize that NOBODY shot the ball more then Jordan…. But I guess he’s not a ballhog tho right????? Ya’ll crack me up with this idea that Jordan can’t be topped…. Everybody knew that Jordan and Lebron was gonna be great which is why that were picked 2nd and 1st in the draft…. Nobody knew that Kobe was gonna be Kobe which is why he was even drafted in the top ten…. Kobe took the leauge by storm when Jordan and LJB was coveted!!!!!

      • Francisco says:

        the difference is that michael shot at a much higther percentage than kobe, faaaar better scorer.

  21. boxstOppER says:


  22. ron says:

    As much as I am a fan of Heat and Lebron. This is just getting ridiculous.

    I know he’s playing like a man possessed and not even arguable as the best player in the league but there are also other players out there to cover putting up great stats.

    • Loki says:

      Very true. Every article seems to revolve around Lebron less it’s another player doing something stupid like punching another in the nuts. This is the problem with today’s Media. If you’re reading this bloggers.. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WRITE ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE. It is very hard to enjoy Lebron the way you shove him down our throats. I used to subscribe because I liked the articles now every Email I get seems to revolve around LBJ and the heat and it pretty much isn’t any different from the last Article. Write about someone else please

  23. Howard coward says:

    yeahhh….he is the one,the chosen one……He could lead the league in scoring every year if he wanted.he is unselfish guy……..

  24. yanah says:

    he is the KING.. different from mj and kobe.. he’s one of a kind, a rare talent that needs to be respected maybe not off the court but on the court…

  25. MVP says:

    I’m a big fan of the best player of the decade..but to label him as the GOAT is disrespectful…for me jordan is unreachable..not only because what he ment on the court, but what he has done for the sport of basketball of the court..i’m sorry, maybe i’m biased, but while a kobe bryant was allways confronted with other superstars or “next jordans” like grant hill, penny hardaway, iverson, carter, mcgrady…kobe got more luck in comparison to hill and hardaway (injuries) and a better attitude and workethic in comparison to carter, mcgrady and iverson..but if you look to lebron, i can’t see anybody reaching up to him..maybe kobe was a better scorer in his prime, but then you got a kevin durant who will break every record in terms of scoring, kobe bryant has ever reached..not to mention the efficiency and attemps…lebron is the most complete player since jordan..he leads the league in EFF for about the last 6 years?! and since he got his first title, the media can finally praise him the best of the should get used to it..he will win a lot more MVP titles and maybe a view titles..but more me, he was the world’s greatest long before the title..

    • Taulu says:

      All in all – YES LeBron is much better than anyone BUT, as it was said before, LeBron just “gave up” on “war” in Cleveland and left them to join Miami. That was really really wrong, that’s not the way players on that level usually do when they face difficulities. Jordan didn’t left Bulls, Kobe didn’t left Lakers either, both of them stood up against all the problems and difficulities and faced them and become champs.
      In my opinion that’s the greatest misstake that Lebron has done in his career, he should have stayed in Cleveland and make them Champs and that woudl really show his GOAT.

      • Heat Eiji says:

        i don’t think so.. as a LBJ fans out of cleveland its good decision to leave the franchise cause the management doesn’t make a move to attract more all-star caliber player. Mo williams became all-star but not enough to help LBJ.. Shaq was out of his prime but still good. the cavs roster in 08 and 09 are a dominant force but not that much in playoffs. it was LBJ in the end all alone. MJ and KB players are coming on their team due to a well charismatic franchise that they became..

  26. Hes the best to ever play the game LBJ!

    • daft G says:


      • Spencer says:

        you hush boy lebron is the greastest.

      • daft S (from you know what...) says:

        u better do it yourself.. Lebron is the KING!

      • Kobe says:

        daft G you need to shut up, LBJ is king right now

      • geeezzzzz12 says:

        God another Jordan lbj compare. There is none mj is the goat and will always ur have childs intelligence if u think other wise watch all the mj movies plus he stayed with his team that ends it right there

    • Bstarr says:

      Lebron is indeed the best at the moment….but not the best that ever played the game.

      Especially the way they soft down the league (which is not in his favour if you want to caompare him with others from the 80’s & 90’s) it is not realistic to say the best ever!

      So pls man, he’s good but not the best the NBA have seen.

      • AL says:

        Do you really think it matters that the league has soften down? Lebron James is a monster. Athletically wise, he is beyond any athletic that ever played the game of professional basketball. I don’t think it matters how tough the league can be, that is not the problem for LBJ.

      • Chris paul says:

        MJ played for the wizards too if you dont remember

    • Truth says:

      Lbj is an amazing player, thing is he should only be compared to durant or even Anthony… jordan is one of a kind, and kobe should be compared to him, not lebron , kobe is the closest to Jordan… dont get me wrong lbj is the best player.. right now though.

    • LeBron James says:

      lyndon baines johnson?