Stats Notebook: Rockets Make Two Deals

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — On the day before the trade deadline, the Houston Rockets were active, making two trades with the Pacific Division and shaking up their frontline.

Less than eight months after he was selected with the No. 5 pick in the Draft, the Kings gave up on Thomas Robinson, sending him, along with Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt, to Houston for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas.

In a separate deal, the Rockets reached an agreement to send Marcus Morris to Phoenix.

Robinson has been somewhat of a disappointment so far, but it’s hard to judge a rookie after just 51 games. It’s especially to hard to judge a rookie after 51 games with a dysfunctional franchise.

Time will only tell whether the Kings made a mistake in drafting Robinson with the No. 5 pick or if they made a mistake in trading him. Either way, they made a mistake.

Here are some notes on the players that were dealt on Wednesday, from the new…

Lowest FG%, restricted area (minimum 100 FGA)

Player FGM FGA FG%
Austin Rivers 55 131 42.0%
Kevin Love 48 107 44.9%
Roy Hibbert 115 248 46.4%
Luc Mbah a Moute 64 138 46.4%
Brandon Jennings 115 242 47.5%
Thomas Robinson 74 152 48.7%


  1. Lei says:

    Many people is curious about Robinson’s height. Actually I never watched his game before. but I think as a 5th pick, he has his ability to contribute for Houston, especially Houston has no real No.4 players. I wanna say, no matter what his height is, he could be a good offensive rebounder, which he has proved in Sacramento. Consider the stats of Omir Asik between Chicago and Houston, if you give Robinson around 30 mins per game, he could be a totally different guy! . I look forward to seeing Robinson’s performance in Houston.

  2. Diego says:

    Kings making a huge mistake, Robinson is a superb athlete, of course he is struggling, the Kings are one of the worst teams in the NBA…this guy will have his mainstream breakout in Houston.

  3. jonas says:

    Stupid trade for Sactown…..Awesome for Houston.

    Was sad to see Patterson go….but we got younger and more athletic. Robinson will flourish in Houston teaming up with guys his age and less expectations than he had in Sac for a fifth pick. It was a steal for houston and we just got better!

  4. Adrian H. says:

    How can you pick somebody with 5th overall, based on his potential I believe, and trade him after few months. Thanks to Detroit and Celtics for their patience with their picks.

  5. Kleefer says:

    Robinson is nowhere near 6 foot 10, according to the NBA draft combine measurements on DraftExpress he is 6′ 7.75″ without shoes and 6′ 8.75″ with shoes. Kevin Love is roughly the same height, albeit with shorter arms, and also struggles to finish around the rim against longer defenders.

  6. Rico says:

    Sacramento has the worst GM/Organization ever.

    Shaq is right, the destroyed the career of Evans. And with that too many 1st round draft picks, they could have at least be like OKC or Houston at best.

    Now they have 4 PGs – – what will they with that to many PGs?

  7. rurban says:

    riscy to give away so many excellent players, but we need better offensive rebounders and all the young guys are getting better in houston.

  8. Sam Sherm says:

    Now the Kings have 4 point guards. Every single one is a bench player at best.

  9. steppx says:

    for some reason everyone sees Robinson as having a lot more upside than patterson. The problemis that robinson predicated his game on muscling the opposition, which he could do at kansas. He cant in the NBA. Couple that to the fact he ISNT 6 10, but barely 6 9, and with not a lot of lift, or at least explosion, and he has struggled. Patterson is more a three who happens to play the four. He has nice handle for a guy, also at 6 9., and his game is taking it to the hoop.He has quick feet on defense, but gets pushed around a bit too much. On the whole the Kentucky product seems to me to have far more potential…..he’s simply more athletic. Robinson was on a terrible team …..sactown kills all itsyoung players….so maybe I will proved wrong.-…. and <im sorry pat pat is now stuck with the kings.

  10. steppx says:

    There seems to be this consensus that robinson has upside and patterson doesn t. <and while its true that Trobb played for the worst organization in the NBA, he also played pretty poorly.The problem was that he ISNT 6 10—he has never claimed to be six ten, but is barely 6 9". <the only worry for him as he came out was that he wasnt going to be able to play the post up offense he used at kansas. He couldnt muscle the guys in the NBA. That has proven to be true. he actually ISNT that high a motor sort of guy………..which is why the coaches at sacramento gave him Faried videos to watch. Patterson is a sort of tweener. He's a four, but he plays a bit like a three. He isnt a banger, but he's also not soft. His came it going to the hoop. He has nice handle for a guy 6 9", and is pretty quick on defense, even if he can get pushed around a bit too much. On the whole I like Patterson's potential more than T Robbs………….but for some reason, Patpat hasnt got the fan club.

  11. felly says:

    man thomas robinson is a stud and will flourish in houston

  12. @AliNGina says:

    Only time will tell, sometimes even veterans struggle on bad teams. Hopefully Lin & Harden can motivate Robinson. Rockets getting younger by the year.

  13. anthony says:

    That was Dumb! Watch and see!