Suns Exploring Trade Options?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat is in the second to last year of his contract, but that hasn’t stopped the big man from making his way into the trade deadline crosshairs this season.

Gortat’s name has surfaced in a report from Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic regarding the Suns and Oklahoma City Thunder. The rumored deal would have the Suns sending Gortat and P.J. Tucker to the Thunder for Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb and a first round draft pick.

Coro came back later and clarified his earlier report, via Twitter:

But Gortat’s name keeps coming up for a reason. Plenty of teams would be interested in a productive big man, with a reasonable contract (one more year at $7.72 million), who can play in any system and play any style.

Toss in the $6.4 million in salary cap room the Suns can work with, and there’s a reason they’ve been mentioned as potential trade deadline players, even as perhaps the third team in a three-team deal.


  1. darko says:

    It seems reasonable to me that the Suns plan to start both the Morris Bros. next season at 4-5. A marketing genius type move- for half a year anyway: it’ll push fan interest way up; and they’re going nowhere as is.If that’s so hey’ll move Gortat for a reliable swingman, and whatever backups they need when the dust settles.

  2. Game Time says:

    Gortat for Perkins and Lamb is a bad deal, but I’d take Scola for Perkins straight up; that to me would be fair.

    • no soup says:

      Houston used the amnesty clause to cut Scola so the team that put in the highest bid for his services gets him. Also the team that claimed him cannot trade him for the duration of his contract. Phoenix only has whatever they bid for Scola as his cap hit, but he cannot be traded. Phoenix gets a skilled big for cheap, but they are “stuck” with him.

  3. John says:

    I dont want them making any moves this year that would take on salary for anything more than the remainder of the season. Our cap space is such an valuable commodity and as it stands we are going to end up with 2-3 top 20 picks(one of which will be top 5 and HOPEFULLY #1) and a ton of cap space to sign someone to a max deal.

  4. They should trade Wes Johnson

  5. Majestic One says:

    Makes a lot of sense for Suns to be a third team to help big payroll teams which is a great way to add draft picks.

    I like a straight trade with ATL for the Suns to, not for keeping Josh Smith but to unload players to create more cap space in summer. Smith can go on being a FA in off season or Suns can do a S&T for him and pick up another draft pick.

  6. Will Armstrong says:

    The Pistons need to step in and offer up Greg Monroe, Cory Maggette and a 1st round pick for Perkins, Lamb and Perry Jones III. Perkins would be a great veteran backup for Drummond, until Krastov develops as the back up center. Drummond could learn a lot friom big Perks. Perry Jones is a better fit next to Drummond with his outside shooting ability, and athleticism. They would be a real force to reckon with in a couple of years. Lamb is probably the best player in the trade, and will be a great fit playing next to Brandon Knight in a year or two. He can also back up the small forward postion with his freakish wingspan. Monroe would give the Thunder a young talented center that need to be on a team full of all-stars, as he will never be able to carry a team on his own. That Thunder team would be scary with Monroe upgrading the center position.