Advanced Stats: East All-Stars

as-logoHOUSTON — NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us and it’s time to take a break from the condensed schedule to celebrate the best basketball players in the world. Before we get to Sunday’s game (8 p.m. ET, TNT), we’ll dig deep into each All-Star’s first-half statistics.

You already know the basics (scoring, rebounding, etc). So here are some noteworthy, below-the-surface numbers regarding each of the 13 Eastern Conference All-Stars, coming from the new site. Click on the nuggets below to go into even more detail.

All stats are through Wednesday, Feb. 13. Minimum requirements were set at 100 field-goal attempts for shooting stats, 500 minutes for non-shooting stats and 100 minutes for lineup data, unless otherwise noted.

Dwyane Wade, G, Miami

Carmelo Anthony, F, New York

LeBron James, F, Miami

Kevin Garnett, C, Boston

Chris Bosh, F, Miami

Tyson Chandler, C, New York

Luol Deng, F, Chicago

Paul George, F, Indiana

Jrue Holiday, G, Philadelphia

Kyrie Irving, G, Cleveland

Brook Lopez, C, Brooklyn

Joakim Noah, C, Chicago

Rajon Rondo, G, Boston


  1. Prnv says:

    wait, stephenson is part of pacers lineup? the guy who made the choke gesture at lebron? lol

  2. eastwestbank says:

    PG- Wade SG- Anthony SF- LeBron PF-Bosh C-KG

  3. Sunsman says:

    @ Rondo, I think you’ll find that Odom may have his stats inflated by how poor the Clips starting unit as a whole defends compared to the bench unit.

    • Hm says:

      That’s nonsense.

      That being said, I have no idea why Odom is being brought up on an advanced stats article for East All-Stars.

  4. Bulls fan says:

    I think its funny that next to Joakim Noah’s description that they put (including LeBron James).

  5. Chris says:

    So, who is starting in rondo’s spot?

  6. charlie says:

    i still thin D. Williams should have been there…

  7. rondo says:

    Man Lamar Odom and KG are beasts.

  8. Dwade says:

    D’Wade is in the first list…. all of those are below his star abilities…. period and period…