Warriors Unveil Short-Sleeve Jerseys


The Warriors on Monday announced they will play three home games this season in jerseys with short sleeves, making Golden State the only team in the league that will wear something other than the traditional tank-top look.

The alternate uniform is scheduled to debut Feb. 22 against the Spurs, a national-TV game on ESPN, and be used again March 8 against the Rockets and March 15 against the Bulls.

The uniforms, designed by adidas, the uniform and apparel provider for the NBA, are made with a stretch fabric that is supposed to allow the same range of motion in the shoulders and arms as traditional jerseys.

“The jersey feels good,” forward Harrison Barnes said at a press conference in Oakland after modeling the new look. “I know a lot of guys shoot with T-shirts on during practice. I do myself. The fit is real easy. It fits like a glove and doesn’t restrict your shooting at all.”

The shorts for the alternate uniforms are also altered, to include blue pinstripes on the yellow material.

“My concern early on was the comfort zone of the players – how did they feel?” coach Mark Jackson said. “I understand how special it is for the league and for adidas, but what we wanted to do is make sure that our players have the best. And once we had an opportunity to practice in it, to shoot around in it, to defend in it, the guys were raving about it. That put a stamp of approval on it.”


  1. Mr. Wilson says:

    This is a terrible idea and you know klay thompson and steph curry cannot be excite about wearing these jerseys considering they restrict the shoulders a bit more than an original NBA jersey. As a shooter my self its much more comfortable to have no restriction on any part of your arms. these wont last, and lets face it they dont look good.

  2. Save Nash Please says:

    What’s next??? long sleeves and a TIE??? uLOLs…. I rather play w/out a jersey on… Than wearing hideous jersey… Now i know why Dwight can’t make a simple free throw shot because he’s wearing clown shirt under his jersey … NBA will make their players look like a clown on that thing… Can’t imagine DWade,LBJ,Durant,CP3,KG and yes Glen Big Baby Davis on that Jersey…. I guess they need to adjust the SHORTS too.. Make them look like a Pajamas too… So they can go straight to bed after the game…

  3. Yo Pop! says:

    Ugly. Might as well wear football shoes and kick the basketball into the hoop. Stupid adidas.

  4. BronFan03 says:

    Who approved these jerseys???? They look terrible….I can’t imagine someone like Glen “Big Baby Davis” wearing this, he would look hideous.

  5. Momowonthis says:

    I think it’s up to the players if they are comfortable f*%# it. It’s kinda like wearing new shoes and having a little edge just to perform better. I like ballin’ in a small t-shirt too it’s more comfortable and not as heavy as an authentic jersey.

  6. I don’t think tht they shoulldn’t wear those

  7. authentic354 says:

    I see whats going on nba trying to get these tattoos covered up…….long sleeve next!

  8. Bryan says:

    It makes sense from a marketing standpoint, I just wonder whether or not it will become a constant thing among NBA teams.

  9. razvan says:

    Soccer equipment. Looks bad for the game of basketball.

  10. ReaperChief says:

    I don’t like sleeves for basketball.. They are uncomfortable when shooting the ball..

  11. monkey bizness says:

    looks ugly.. its like clothing for rugby.. not good.. won’t sell..

  12. angelo says:

    i don’t like it. it’s not that it’s ugly but it looks like an undergarment rather than a main uniform. they may sell it to the fans and wear it to watch games or play ball outside but as a uniform? Nah.. as they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  13. Karlo Garcia says:

    I don’t like it one bit, it’s like playing with a t-shirt not a jersey.

  14. Bruno says:

    What’s this? Soccer?

  15. 2strong says:

    dude its so ugly, ewww

  16. M says:

    This is ridiculous!! Looks are full! Should not be going through!

  17. N1cky says:

    One of, if not the ugliest jersey in history.

    • Nyisha says:

      I completely agree, it could just be the colors but the players look a bit emasculated in them. They look absolutely hideous IMO.

  18. KingMSC says:

    I don’t think this will last. sure the big guys can wear them as they do not take jump shots. I believe this might restrict players from shooting the ball to their best ability since no one has ever practiced/played in such uniform. I wouldn’t be surprised if players after performing badly blamed it on the new uniform.

    As far as the uniform goes it looks like a soccer uniform.

  19. Beads says:

    I cant see how t-shirt would be more comfortable than tank top. I mean tank top is like being without shirt at all. And yes, the shorts are bit ugly

  20. PANG says:

    Honestly when the term “business” gets involved with sports, “sport” itself will start to lose its true meaning. I’m not sure rather these “Jerseys” can really make players faster or more comfortable, but i’m 100% certain that it will bring NBA/Adidas more sales revenues.

  21. bigwes95 says:

    i like the shirt, but i don’t really like the shorts. i think they’re a little too bland compared to the shirt

  22. KingJ says:

    Freakin Ugly!!
    HISTORY, period.

  23. Gaz says:

    Looks good, bit of a big deal though!

  24. dave says:

    I don’t like the new uniform. Looks like he is wearing boxers and a t-shirt.

  25. newyorksteelo says:

    I like the new look. Could be good for marketing since tank tops are not worn all year round. Would pick one up if the Knicks go this route. Lets make it official for all NBA teams.