Wait … Kevin Durant Is How Tall?

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — As the Oklahoma City Thunder wrapped up morning shootaround a couple weeks ago in Dallas, Kevin Durant was asked about the one-legged fadeaway he borrowed from Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki and inserted into his own arsenal.

“I wanted to learn it because I’m 6-9 and Dirk used it so much on us in the playoffs and in the regular season,” Durant said.

Durant went on to talk about how if Dirk could master the shot then so could he, and with his length how difficult the shot is to block and this and that. But, I barely heard any of it as I fixated on the first part of his sentence. It bounced around in my brain like Durant splitting the lane with a dribble drive and finishing it off with a tomahawk jam.

“I wanted to learn it because I’m 6-9…

“…because I’m 6-9…”


Wait, Kevin Durant is 6-what?

“How tall is he?” OKC coach Scott Brooks said rhetorically. “Before or after a haircut?”

It says it right here in black-and-white in the Oklahoma City Thunder media guide. And it says it here and in all of the previous Oklahoma City Thunder game notes since Durant’s first game as a rookie with Seattle that he’s 6-feet, 9-inches. 


There’s been players who measure darn close to 7-feet tall if not 7-feet tall that have preferred to go by 6-11. But 6-9? Please, it’s insulting.

“Probably 6-11,” said backup point guard Reggie Jackson, who is a legitimate 6-foot-3. “I don’t want to boost his ego too much. He’s not 6-9. I’ll say 6-10 1/2, in shorts.”

In shorts? Huh?

Reserve guard Eric Maynor was the only Thunder to peg Durant at 7-foot, then he looked over at 7-foot-3 center Hasheem Thabeet and said of Durant’s mysterious height, “7-3?”

“Six-10,” Thabeet said. “He’s not as tall as me.”

Center Kendrick Perkins looked over at Durant, who was listening to music through his headphones a few stalls down, smiled and said, “6-11,” which would put Durant an inch above Perk’s scowl when face-to-face.

Russell Westbrook agreed with Thabeet: 6-10.

So to review, we have Durant’s official height listed at 6-9 — the one KD perpetuates — and then every inch thereafter up to the full 84.

What other player can span a tape measure like that and induce such heated debate in his own locker room?

OK, coach Brooks, care to give your estimation, before and/or after haircut?

“Six-10,” Brooks said, hardly convincingly. “Ish.”



  1. IanK says:

    Durant? He’s 6’10” in shorts, and 6’8″ in make-up.

  2. big cat says:

    he’s 7’1

  3. Having followed lots of forum threads on this matter and footage of games, I believe Durant is a legit 6-10

  4. Mavs says:

    why not just re measure him?

  5. KingKong says:

    He is taller than Yao Ming.Lol

  6. St.Don says:

    i seen him in person he is an legit 6’11 -7’0 at max if im KD I would not feel bad about that you pretty much is unstoppable in every position offensively literally and you got an guard dribble he can shoot right over people with no problem

  7. JimD54 says:

    Dirk’s move? All Dirk has is a fade away jump shot, and a 7 foot player and all he has is a fade away jump shot, is as worthless as a submarine with a screen door on it, if it wasn’t for Jason Terry torching D Wade all series that year Dirk would still be ringless

  8. troy33087 says:

    Durant took dirks move and perfected it, really the first time durant use it was in the western conference finals, that dirks and company won.

  9. John says:

    Kd isn’t much shorter than Dwight. They have similar free throw percentages……right?

  10. wooderson says:

    just measure him? i think hes about 6-10 but looks about 7 foot due to his freakishly skinny frame and long arms

  11. Jarek says:

    I feel like KD owes Dirk a thank you for letting him use his Dirkalicious shot

  12. Logic says:

    This is just stupid. It’s called a measuring tape. If he was measured at 6’10” with shoes, that means that his real height is 6’9″, the height he is actually listed at officially. There is nothing to debate. This makes me laugh yet be dissapointed in society at the same time. A measuring tape does not lie. *Palmface*

  13. bu says:

    C’Mon, this is not an interesting debate compare to the height of Charles Barkley. Is he 6-6 or 6-4? & how the hell did he get all those rebounds & score inside amongst tall trees like that? That’s even more amazing than KD.

    • Real says:

      well yeah but kd plays like a guard at nearly 7 feet, they just play different games and how they can play their ways at their height is unbelievable

  14. Beads says:

    Why dont you americans just use cm’s… much more accurate… there is a lot of space between inches (2,54cm).
    6-10.is around 205-209, that is inaccurate.

  15. dattebayo says:

    Could somebody explain to me, why they don’t just measure everyone’s height at the beginning of the season until age 23? Is that so hard, they have to get their physicals either way at the beginning of training camp, right?

  16. Wendell says:

    If you watch last year’s Finals you’ll can deduce how tall he is. LeBron is 6’8 and KD was a good 2 inches taller than him, he’s was even towering over Haslem who’s 6’9 if I’m not mistaken. So yeah, KD is at least 6’10, almost 6’11.

  17. Matthew says:

    Kevin Durant is unguardable but not because of his height. It’s because of his skills. Who cares how tall he is.

    • dattebayo says:

      When Kevin Durant raises for his jumpshot, his release is so high in the air, that no one can block his shot. At the same time, if an average 6-8 dude raises his hand, he reaches as far as Durant’s chest. His height and wingspan make him unguardable, not his stepbacks or crossovers. Yes Durant has skills and is able to get separation from his defender, but he doesn’t have to unlike guys like Crawford, Kobe or Pierce…

  18. Rondo says:

    Durant should make up his own moves. Instead of copying dirk

    • Hm says:

      Lots of forwards (and others) have copied the move already. Maybe it’s just a really good move.

    • amitpal says:

      Its not coping its called studying. Kobe studied michael jordans move, andrew bynum gets lessons from kareem, lebron james had a some big man (cant remember who) show lebron how to post up. Michael jordan studied other players. People do it all the time. Only thing is very few people can use dirks move because of a special need so when durant does it u notice it more cuz hes the only other plauer in the nba who can do that move.

  19. genoa says:

    He’s 6’10 at least. Which is what makes it so freaking remarkable how quick and precise he is. Although the fact that he’s rather thin makes him seem taller than that. Though I don’t like how he’s listed as a forward when he actually plays more like a 2 guard. Magic was 6’9 and nobody ever mistook him for a forward, why call Durant something he’s not.

  20. Ben says:

    I think KD’s lankiness makes him look proportionately taller than he is. Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised to find he was taller than 6-9.

  21. He measured 6-10 1/4 in shoes at the NBA pre-draft camp in 2007 when he was still 18 years old


  22. slider821 says:

    what a remarkably insightful article

  23. Chuck says:

    What’s an inch among friends? KD is just a “freak of nature,” one of three in the league although Andrew Wiggins may join them in another two years. Who are the other two? Mr. James and Anthony Davis. Watch the development of AD and the other AD, Andre Drummond.

  24. HMH says:

    The fact is he can shoot over anyone who tries to guard him — his length, speed, handles, and shooting ability just make him lethal. Who really cares how tall he is. The rest of the league should be be grateful that he doesn’t have LeBron James physique…..

  25. Game Time says:

    6-10 1/2 in shorts lmao. I’m 6-0 and 6-2 with slacks.

  26. newyorksteelo says:


  27. Psycology says:

    Some players want to seem taller(undersized bigs/PG’s) Some want to be listed smaller to not be cast into roles (see KG). My gut tells me KD just wants players to discover his extra length…at the last second b4 the shots released.

  28. liarKD says:

    KD is liar. He’s about 7’0”.

  29. Jay says:

    7’0 easy , he is as tall as Dirk and much taller than Lebron

  30. Jefrey Landicho says:

    he goes 6’10 with shoes, his height could be 6′ 9 1/2 without shoes. Doesn’t really matter though

  31. babilicious says:

    kd has this remarkable stability in his move..i mean,he s moving like a small guy and he clutch or double clutch too easy..