NBA: Refs Blew Critical Call In Mavs-Blazers Game

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — All Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban asks for when it comes to NBA officiating is transparency. Well, he got it on Wednesday.

The league released a statement admitting that refs blew a crucial call in the final seconds of the Mavs’ 106-104 loss at Portland. Dallas guard O.J. Mayo was called for a charging foul that gave the ball back to the Trail Blazers with 1.5 seconds left. After a timeout, Portland inbounded the ball in the frontcourt and LaMarcus Aldridge made a game-winning, turnaround jumper.

Instead, the league said, Mayo should have been awarded two free throws with the game tied at 104-104.

“After review at the league office, the video replay confirmed the play should have been ruled a blocking foul as Portland’s Ronnie Price did not get his body directly in Mayo’s path prior to him starting his upward shooting motion,” the statement read. “Mayo should have been granted two free throws.”

The play in question started with 4.5 seconds left in the game. Mayo caught the inbounds pass along the baseline and made a quick move to the basket. As he leaped to the basket, Price slid across the lane, just outside the restricted area and the players collided.

“You really can’t [say] too much without getting a big fine,” Mayo told reporters after the team practiced in San Francisco on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday night’s game at Golden State.  “Can we play that 3.3 [seconds] over again?”

It was a critical loss for the Mavs, who started a four-game road trip at Portland as they desperately try to climb the Western Conference standings and get back in playoff contention. Dallas, which dropped to 19-26, led the Blazers by 21 points early in the third quarter before Portland began to chip away.

Dallas committed eight of its 16 turnovers in the fourth quarter and Mayo committed three in the period, including the offensive charge.

The league also acknowledged a blown call in Denver’s close win Sunday against Indiana, saying that video replay showed Nuggets guard Andre Iguodala reached in and fouled the Pacers’ Paul George with 2.2 seconds left in the game and the score tied. However, Iguodala was credited with a steal.


  1. Fire & jail refs that are on the take$$$!!!

  2. Is stern really ok w/ this or involved w/ it?

  3. I think there should be another investigation into refs for the whole league this time. Calls have gotten even worse since they caught that ref who was paid off to call favorable games a few years back & he ratted out like 9 other refs. Stern said they were going to crack down on that & keep the league clean of such. Well why has it seem to have got worse since. Especially w/ obvious bad calls were a 2 year old can tell. What’s up w/ that. It’s got even worse in playoffs the last couple years especially last year!!!

  4. orangpen9 says:

    nba refs are the worst in pro sports and they never improve.

  5. lonnybgood says:

    I love how the Raptors fans are acting like the refs are the reason they lose games. Haha, They are getting better though. Id say officiating isnt why they are losing the games however.

  6. BOLATINE says:

    all humans are bound to errand but if the Nba could refrain fron fining players who question miss called i think we will be heading in the right direction. two nights in succession my indiana pacers was robbed out their game which put the opposing team in a winning position. you missed call for the pacers but gave a called to denver in 0.03 second, what a horrandous called! we should have won the game in utah but again but called puts the game in over time. i think nba should add more ref on the field especially playoffs to avoid making incorrect calls consitenly or stage a possible replay

  7. v says:

    I would like to see the refs getting penalized monetarily. I believe if you start hitting their pockets they may become more focused and pay attention to detail. Or a severe whistle may include having the call re-played for clarification. I think it is time for the NBA to start cracking down on the refs! Money talks and bs…walks.

  8. Tony Snow says:

    lol BS

    i watched the entire game twice

  9. peeps says:

    …to be honest, it seems like reffereeing has gotten worse and worse over the last decade or so… I don’t think its the fault of the referees as much as the league for drastically changing the game. Some players are making a living off stupid hand check calls … In the 90’s the only call was illegal defense (which was stupid)…and other than that the players were alllowed to play, I don’t remember nearly as many games coming down to questioinable calls then.

  10. peeps says:

    hahaha! As a jazz fan I just expect the refs to blow calls in favor of the Lakers, Heat, Celtics…teams like ours know that they have to beat the other team and the refs every night.

  11. Blind Lemon Pye says:

    Lmao why can’t they ever do these for bad calls when your team is playing Miami? When the Nugs played out there, there were so many bad calls, and at the end, Iguodala did a kicking motion but his foot never came near the ball, and the referee called a kicked ball upon Wade’s request.

  12. Now they know how the my Celtics get treated all the time especially in big games regular season or playoffs!!!

  13. Just saying says:

    Refs should be fined for making the wrong calls…

  14. dattebayo says:

    As a Wolves fan I can only say that calls in general are against the Wolves rookies and sophomores, in favor of opposing allstars and big market teams and I have yet to see a game, where there aren’t any horrendous foul calls made against the Wolves.

    When the Wolves played in Chesapeake Arena, Durant shoved Andre Kirilenko out of the way with both hands (2nd quarter with 2:41 remaining). AK ended up falling backwards into Russell Westbrook which the referee called as a foul. That should have been a technical or an offensive foul on Durant, but somehow Durant got rewarded with 2 freethrows. Somebody wanna explain me that one?

  15. Beads says:

    i was about write the same thing. I think overall, Portland deserved their victory

  16. googergieger says:

    Refs didn’t call a key three seconds violation in the Lakers game. Wonder why that wasn’t talked about? Refs had a few no calls that really hurt the Wolves tonight against The Clippers. Especially down the stretch. Bet you that won’t be mentioned. NBA will acknowledge mistakes when it isn’t one of their media darlings. Same with the flopping rule. All you can really do is hope your team plays well enough come play off time they can over come the five on eight, they’ll more than likely come across sooner rather than later.

  17. El Undelador says:

    So just pretend that Mayo hits both FTs. Then Aldridge hits the tying jumper, and the game goes to overtime. Blazers are 5-1 in OT, while Dallas is 1-8. I know the stats don’t play the games, but Portland was still in the best position to win that game. And if Mayo hits just one, then Aldridge still wins the game.

  18. Consultant99 says:

    How important are the referees in a basketball game? HUGE. So many games are decided by eight points or less it doesn’t take much to influence the outcome of a game. Why was it that a rogue NBA ref was able to get away with point shaving for so long – lack of oversight, plays too close to call, or is it just too much to expect referees running up and down the court at player level to make the right call? I prefer a birds-eye view using cameras and monitors as being a more effective way to ref a game.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the big name players get the benefit of the call which adds to the injustice of blown calls. Raptors got robbed tonight and the Mavs and Indiana last night. Obvious calls. When Stern provides a means of challenging calls or starts imposing fines on the refs for missing obvious calls we’ll know the NBA is serious about cleaning up this problem.

  19. dirk45 says:

    Do they pay Cuban some of the money back he had to pay when HE said these things?

  20. Ben says:

    Still blew a 20 point lead lol Thats not on one call

  21. GO BLAZERS says:

    Ah, sweet, sweet revenge for that blown goal tending call against OKC over a year ago. To bad it hadn’t come against OKC

  22. Rickster says:

    Would love to see fines handed down to these refs. Maybe after Stern dies as he loves his refs more than the fan base. Might as well turn NBA into cycling and invite a bunch of cheaters to act out games.

  23. Peter J says:

    SAME CASE FOR THE RAPTORS TODAY! we were robbed of a chance to get 2 free throws. clearly, horford hacked derozan’s arm at the end! but NO CALL by those referees! why is it because it’s atlanta’s home court? because derozan is not kobe or lebron? if it was those superstars, they would have called a foul instantly. Then the NBA fines the coach/players who react about the officiating? Those referees cost the Raps a game. The coach/players should be mad, they were robbed!!! Once again, bad officiating at its finest!

  24. danny says:

    reminds me of the raptors bobcats game earlier in the season when the cats fouled bargnanis jumpshot…. aha they didnt even touch the ball! it was ruled a clean block despite smacking it out of his hands and getting a way short airball

  25. HotSauce says:

    Reggie Miller touched on this in an episode of Open Court, Theres a 4th back-up referee waiting in the locker room, why not bring them out watch the monitor so they can co-operate with the officials on court??

  26. killuabest says:

    Unless you are a superstar or in a superstar team..calls may not be in your side…sad fact but true, and it doesn’t stop there.Best thing is if it is under 2min of 4Qtr to review. Even then, its ref calls, cant do much about it…even Cuban cries tralala.

    • El Undelador says:

      Definitely no superstar bias in favor of Portland, though. Somebody named Ronnie Price took that charge.

      But yes, it is very annoying when teams like Clippers or Heat get all the calls.

  27. Hawks says:

    Refs blew critical call against Raptors again. lol

  28. theflowson says:

    What is done is done, it doesn’t really matter now does it because the games are over, you cant change the outcome. In critical moments during the game, it is very important to review or use video replay on those “50/50” type plays. I don’t know how some of these calls are missed to be honest.

  29. Peter says:

    Another blown call in the last second against the raptors at atlanta, how can you possibly keep watching these games when the refs decide on the outcome, why isnt NBA doing anything about this? Use the replay!!!! This is frustrating.

  30. Alvin D says:

    Wow another blown call against the Raptors tonight. Clearly a foul on DeRozan on the final seconds and Raptors lose by 1 to the Hawks. This is the fourth time this season the refs blown a call against the Raptors. Who cares about video replays now, the refs should just call David Stern and ask him who he thinks should win the game.

  31. HotSauce says:

    WOW just finished watching the end of the Hawks vs Raptors game, and Demar Derozan got HAMMERED by three people with a few secs left and NO call was made, those free throws would have given the raptors a win

  32. jani says:

    this call is one thing… but another: didnt Aldridge travel before his corner three? He made two (whole) steps without dribbling the ball. Am I the only one who saw that?

  33. Le2e says:

    You could see this article for every game. And every time nothing will be done. Theyre just trying to look like the league isnt rigged.

  34. Bob M says:

    I was there. It was an exciting game. That wasn’t the only blown call though. There was one where a Mavs player tripped over his own feet and fell. That was called against Portland, and it started the 21 point lead the Mavs got later in the quarter. I agree with previous responses. Calls get blown all the time but they are pretty evenly blown.

    • Kurtt says:

      As POP says… There were plenty of opportunities to win.

      We have all seen errors, but if your game comes down to a single call, maybe you should of just played a little better. Sounds callous, but no way you can ever prevent errors. Can you imagine how much longer the last 2 minutes would be if they reviewed every call?

      I am actually glad that the NBA admitted it though. I hate the way they protect the refs in regards to mistakes.

  35. Harold Mangum says:

    Sea Pea said it right, there are calls blown every game, some call not called, Superstar bias, LAL bias, Celtic bias.
    Portland has gotten it share of bad calls toward them to say pay backs or a bitch, As in the goal tending call agianst Lamarcus in favor of OKC. The last game against the Clippers when it was more then apparent that Griffin dropped his shoulder on LMA and pushed him out of the way whereas LaMarcus had just got called for a offensive call for doing the same.

    But all in all, what difference does it make. It is sad but it doesn’t change anything.

    • ChrisR says:

      Agree. I’m a Blazer fan so maybe I’m a little biased, but these blown calls happen all the time in every sport. Portland has had their share go the wrong way, the only reason this is getting so much attention is because Cuban has a mouth that matches the size of his wallet.

  36. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    the nba officials admit the call but they do nothing…poorly and sadly for dallas mavericks and the indiana pacers..

  37. Sea Pea says:

    What does it matter. Calls are blown every game. Unless you are going to play the game over who cares. If it was a big deal at the time the would have reviewed it last night more.

    • guffy says:

      Yeah I agree. As a Raptors fan, this is a pretty common occurrence. Oh, sorry we blew the call. We have 20 different camera angles and our refs are standing right next to televisions, but.. well that would just make TOO MUCH GD SENSE NOW WOULDN’T IT STERN?!?

      • 416 says:

        Right on! How many times Raps lost this season because of a last non-call. They simply have no resepct from the refs. Tonite was another example.
        After a few days, we’ll read another one Refs blew call on Raps game AGAIN.

    • Cam says:

      Exactly. What’s the point of saying a block/charge call was incorrect? I’m sure a lot of them turn out to be incorrect when watched in slow motion from multiple angles. Unless it’s a blatant missed call like a goaltending or something, just leave it…

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      It matters because the more the League notice incorrect game changing calls, the more scrutiny refs will be under to make the correct calls during situations like that. Though when it comes down to it, both of those calls could have been reviewed as they were both under 2 minutes.

      • repply says:

        You cannot review regular foul calls under any circumstances.
        Refs did review the dallas foul and retained it

    • LakersWillWin says:

      It DOES matter, it cost a team a W.

      • El Undelador says:

        Well, yes, that call proved to be a game changer, obviously. And yes, many times bad late-game calls can literally lose the game for the team. Blazers know that; it happened to them in favor of OKC last year. But if the Mavericks are going to blame this loss on that call, no matter how errant it was, they should save their breath. They were up 21 points in the 3rd qtr, and up 7 with 90s. Although Portland is an awesome come-from-behind team, the Mavs should not have let them get back in a game that was all but over. Teams with momentum get calls in games, and though that isn’t necessarily fair, Dallas has NO excuse for letting Portland be in that situation.

        Bad call, maybe. Game-changer, yes. Reason Dallas lost: no.

      • Sedare says:

        seeing that it would have likely put dallas up 2, granted.
        IF MAYO hits both.
        Aldridge would have probably still made that shot…
        Blazers had the momentum.

        Blazers win. It cost nobody a W that didnt already deserve it.

    • EZap says:

      Ok, so there was a bad call. The Mavs blew a 21 point lead. You can’t blame the outcome of the game on that one call. A little bit of defense in the 4th quarter might have won the game. Mayo needs that whole second half over again.