Numbers Don’t Favor Lakers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If and when this season officially goes over the basketball cliff, the Los Angeles Lakers will have their pick of scapegoats.

From the entire Buss family to David SternPhil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Mike D’Antoni, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, the Hollywood elite and just about anyone else who has set foot in Staples Center this season, you will not be safe if things come completely undone and the Lakers miss the playoffs.

The real culprit, however, might be the numbers. They don’t lie and the Lakers are stalling at a time when they simply cannot afford to, given the obstacle course they have left to navigate.

As of this morning, they need to go 24-18 over the next 42 games just to break even this season, which we all know probably won’t be good enough to get them into the playoffs. That means they’ll need to play lights out over that same stretch to get back into the playoff picture.

While we’re not saying it’s impossible, it seems highly improbable for a team that’s managed a mighty 17-23 record heading into tonight’s game against Chicago (9:30 ET, TNT). Then again, the way things are going, impossible might need to be the rallying cry the Lakers use the rest of the way. Because no one thought this result was possible when Nash and Howard joined the party over the summer.

Fast forward to the third Monday of this New Year and Howard and the Lakers are still trying to get out of their own way, experiencing the sort of growing pains few people expected them to still be dealing with this late in the season.

Give the Lakers this much, they are giving it the old equal-opportunity try in assessing their issues. Everything is being scrutinized. Even Kobe has admitted his struggles and failings. Their defense has been atrocious, validating the fears of many (the HT crew included) that D’Antoni’s penchant for focusing so much on the offense might obscure the fact that this crew’s biggest deficiencies are on the  other side.

Despite despicable defensive numbers, they all seemed to be more concerned about offense, as Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register reports:

“The ball sticks,” D’Antoni lamented Sunday.

Said Nash: “Sometimes we don’t do what we talk about and we break away. And maybe that’s because we need more time, but to me, mentally you’ve got to stick with the script. Right now I think we’re defecting from the script too many times.”

Bryant’s thought process? Very different.

He said he was “very, very happy” about Pau Gasol getting consistent post-ups Sunday: “We got a lot of easy things from him down there, so we’ll start seeing that more often.” As for his poor shooting, Bryant said he was tired and needed to get more massages, ice baths and rest. He has been asked to defend the best perimeter player on the opposing team in recent games and last game requested more set plays for him to shoot.

“This team needs me at both ends of the floor,” adding a vague reference to “unless they’re going to do something roster-wise.”

The time for vague references are over. The Lakers have a definitive bottom line they are working. They have 42 games to work with and the legacy of this team, this group, and, specifically D’Antoni, Kobe, Nash, Howard and Gasol, will be defined in that time and space.

Time is running out!


  1. Time to break this team up. The La Fakers are doing. There fans are living in the past. Time to rebuild. Trade Gasol and Nash for expiring contracts. They are too old and there careers are over. Trade Howard to the Bobcats or the Wizards for a first rond pick. He will leave this summer anyway so get something for him. Finally amnesty Bryant. He is way too old and is pitiful now. In fact he was the most selfish and overrated player of all time. He did not just ride Shaq’s coatails in the Phil Jackson era, he rode Shaq’s bridal gown train! Now he is upset that Howard can’t bail him out the way Shaq did or D’Antoni can’t make him look like less of a ballhog then Phil did. He needs a dominate superstar to do all of the hard work so he can take the credit. That is the only way he can contribute to a team, before he got old at least. Now his career is over and the Fakers need to cut their losses and just amnesty him. Rebuild with draft pics around Earl Clark and Robert Sacre with D’Antoni as the longterm coach. Stop living in the past. The Fakers are done.

  2. KB24 says:

    Get rid of Mike D!!!!! and bring in a Better coach!! even if you can’t get Phil back anymore, there are better coaches out there alot better! than mike d!

  3. Quinn says:

    ** squad they got***

  4. Quinn says:

    D’antoni was the worst choice. He couldn’t win with NAsh when he was MVP and Stoudemire when he was the premier 4 in the L. Offense orientated teams don’t win chips. D wins games. i thought y’all woulda noticed this. They should have left brown, because Princeton O is more suited to LAL with the squad they git than Dantoni’s new version of Showtime (puhleeze).
    Lakers to miss the playoff, Dwight to end up in Maverick jersey. Book it!

  5. KB24 says:

    Laker fan for Life!! no matter what happens!

  6. lakerfan says:

    fired all lakers coaching staff and let those 4 hall of famer play the game

  7. W/E says:

    12 place for the Lakers…they became the joke of the league, TRADE NOW

  8. Stern H8r says:

    Speaking of numbers, Nash’s numbers are awesome. I feel so sorry for him. He had the misfortune to join the Lakers way too late. Kobe’s meltdown year was a bad year to join the Lakers. The Black Mamba is a basket case. Time to retire so we can remember you as a great player instead of a joke.

  9. LUGA KA says:

    Again against the Bulls game this time….
    Metta FGM/A 4-11 M 38 P 12
    Nash 7-12 M 35 P 18
    Gasol (bench) 6-14 M 25 P 15 + 12 rebs
    Howard 2 -5 M 29 P 8 + 9 rebs WHAT??? 2-5 only????
    Bryant *7-22 M 41* P 16 Wow for a guy next to MJ…. uLOLs define Greatness???? hahahahahah

    They shouldn’t Bench Gasol…. It Should be kobe!!!! It’s clear that Gasol and Nash are the guys that are competing for the lakers…. Nah who cares anyway… Just blame it on PAU or Coach no D’Antoni Again…. Because kobe is so great and He is the closest thing next MJ…. uLOLs….. I don’t BUY that!!!!

    • phil says:

      Agreed. Great idea for Kobe to come off the bench. The starters will be much more productive, and they’ll have a “great” bench.

  10. Stan says:

    Griffen, Paul, and Jordan the clips big 3 taking flight. Looks like the Lakers are missing Barnes. thanks Lakers he is just what they needed. If the Lakers had Bledsoe instead of the ballhog Kobe they would be a great team. Sorry Lakers but L.A is Clipper nation now. Pack your old KoBrick Diva and head out cause your going to get owned in Staples by the real home team.

  11. Stan says:

    If D’Antoni had any balls he would bench Kobe… That’s why the Lakers are losing, Kobe takes too many bad jump shots and is afraid to take it to the basket because he is so slow now he turns it over. Yes Kobe leads the league in Turnovers and he is not even a point guard. It’s like Kobe is moving in slow motion on Defense and his man scores on him with ease. KOBE needs to be TRADED NOW. If he has a no trade then bench him, I know he does not have a no bench clause.

  12. Kobe?? says:

    Dear Sekou; I’ve been looking at some statistics.

    Like Eaglos says; kobe’s shooting is questionable.

    On the amount of shots and percentages; the lakers win 11 times when Kobe take less than 20 shots. His average shotperc. is virtually every time over 50%. When he takes more than 20, they only get a W on 6 occasions, with far less than 50% shooting (more like 35).

    When they take a loss, they usually do so on Kobe shooting far more than 20 p/game; 21 Losses with more than 20 shots (on an approximate 40% shooting) against only 3 losses when he takes less than 20 shots on more than 50% shooting combined..

    I mean; seriously?

  13. Eaglos says:

    Another stellar performance by mr Kobe Brick.

    7-22, 0-6, 2-3…31 shots just to score 16 points. Nash managed 2 points more by just taking 17 shots.
    Another great mystery for sherlock Kobe to solve….

    In the meantime, blame it on Pau, Howard, tired legs and the stars…

  14. dattebayo says:

    What’s astounding to me, is that Nash and Howard were viewed as potentially the best pick and roll duo to ever play the game. How often have we seen Howard and Nash in a pick and roll? It can’t be that hard to design plays, where the help defense has to help off of Kobe so you are forced to guard either Howard on the roll or Kobe on the perimeter. Mike D’Antoni has been long enough with the Lakers now, Nash has also been back for enough games. Can’t they figure that one out already?

  15. LUGA KA says:

    It’s because of kobe’s EGO…. A good leader knows what’s best for the TEAM… He’s the one coaching players inside the court, He doesn’t need to put all the points but to adjust where they have an strong point… You don’t fight your enemy with their advantage but to exploit where they are vulnerable…. learn from Other teams… Like HEAT, OKC,SPURS CLIPS…
    Like MIA -Lakers game…
    Rio – Nash = even
    Wade – kobe = slight wade
    LBJ- Metta= LBJ
    Haslem – Pau = Pau
    Bosh – Howard = Slight Howard

    If they go with Pau they might have a chance… I’m a HEAT Fan but atleast I know my basketball… The Heat Knew that too, And they prepare for it…. If the Howard gets the ball they will be on a difficult position to guard him… But the HEAT adjust especially for him…. Every time howard gets the ball, 2-3 Heat players swarm him…. By that time the easiest way to score was through NASH and Gasol… But that didn’t happen… On the other hand, the HEAT exploited where the lakers are vulnerable… DWade and LBJ knew that too…. I knew that too…. looks like I’m better than Mike (no) D Antoni’…..

  16. jonski22 says:

    The Lakers real season will not start any moment…when DH12 signed to another team, when Pau si traded this Feb.,.when Metta is signed to other teams…when Kobe retires…when Nash retires..

    The Lakers season will start when they got K.Durant, and some young talent like Thaddeus Young, Kyrie Erving

  17. Silence I'll Kill You says:

    True LA Fans wont accept the fact that KOBE ruining the game by taking highly contested shots and making some turn overs. Kobe cant accept that he will be the 3rd option if Nash utilize and circulate the ball cause Nash is used to play Pick and Roll to the Bigs. That’s the main problem of lakers. Just look at the stat board, Kobe is taking bunches of shots but he’s just making 33% of them. We all know he is great but in order to get them to playoffs, Kobe should follow the leader (NASH) and took off his ego under his shirt. They hired Nash to make good plays, but Kobe is just breaking the play by hugging the ball. Im so upset what he is doing. Im a Laker Fan but its all the truth man, that hurts LA Nation.


    Kobe Please….. Share the ball.

  18. phil says:

    that’s 3 games in a row lost primarily by Kobe’s selfish and bad play. Lack of energy from Howard (he’s frustrated from kobe’s selfishness and being criticized for smiling). And no control from the coaches.
    I too give up on the Lakers.
    Let’s go Clippers!

  19. gha77 says:

    guys to be objective , the lakers won’t make the playoffs this year , they are old ,they are injury prone , they plaay for a very very very baad coach. all they concern themselves about is how many minutes , how many shots they get , whether they are starting , they are pethatic , and the reason for that is THAT BRAT JIM BUSS . I’m not an LA fan , i’m heat fan , but if some one should sholder the blame and resign as the lakers presdent , do think pat reily would ever done that by snubbing the best coach ever for his ego !! phil jakson made kobe and shaq work and you think he wouldn’t made LA winners !!! even mike brown is a better coach than d’antonie ,just wannaa share my thoughts !! although i hate kobe , but a compatetior like him shouldn’t go out like that , nash as well so RIP LAKERS

  20. Laker forever says:

    The players do not match with the system….it’s a simple as that. you have 2 seven footers…you have to create a system to maximize your talent. Its a real shame but the lakers aint going to make the payoffs…and things will explode after

  21. JimD54 says:

    Well Nash is back, what’s wrong now?

  22. Jenova says:

    Lakerz are for dreamerz…. they should pack up their stuff… superstar starters to bunch of ailing and aging roster. this team acquired too much yet not realizing its horrible effects…

  23. UlolKayo says:

    Season’s done for the Lakers. Just prepare for the next season.

    Go Lakers!

  24. phil says:

    I’ve read hundreds of comments about the Laker’s woe’s. Everybody is slightly missing the point.
    Some blame the players and some blame the coaches some blame the injuries and some blame the chemistry. There’s truth to everything, but nobody’s hitting the nail on the head.
    The source of the problem is the haughtiness of the superstars. Everybody, including the coaches, are in awe of them and scared to step on their toes. Especially Kobe. The managerial staff need to speak to each superstar and with all due respect to each ones greatness, they must be put in their proper place. Most important: they must be told to enthusiastically follow the instructions of the coaches. (This will unlikely happen, as haughtiness is a very difficult trait to overcome). The coaches have to be given the authority and responsibility to bench players if they’re not performing well. For example, if Kobe’s being too selfish and taking and missing bad shots, he should be benched and spoken to firmly. Or, if Howard or Jamisen is playing without energy and not contesting shots and losing their men, they should be benched and scalded in a nice but firm way.
    The Lakers have the ability to win it all, but no leadership to control and focus their abilities – because of the superstar’s haughtiness.

  25. Lee says:

    I think that Kobe is taking too many shots, in two previous games he was 8-25 and 10-32. he should utilize other players more.

  26. mike says:

    they are bunch of old losers put together for an elite comeback against young fast elite nba teams….LMFAO

  27. Nash fan says:

    Lakers to finish strong before the break and need to beUNBEATABLE after the break! Get to the Playoffs LAL!

  28. erwin says:

    I.m disappointed with the way things are going with the Lakers, but as a true fan, I’m still hoping that a miracle would happen, just a spot at the playoffs is enough for me…

  29. FrizB15 says:

    Lob City era… ’nuff said.

  30. KB24 says:

    I still got faith in the Lakers:) because even tho this season may be already over for them if they don’t start getting their act together, they will be back next season stronger!! and Better!! than ever!

  31. KingLBjBoy says:

    Dwama and Kobe are not a good combination give Pau to Lebron = Rings bby

  32. Scott says:

    Steve Nash is way over the hill. Kobe is not far behind him. Dwight is not the player we saw in Orlando. Pau Gasol is playing like he is 50 years old. Their coach is terrible. Maybe they can get a good lottery pick and compete next year.

    • Matt says:

      It would be great if they could get a good lottery pick this year. Too bad they have a 2013 round 1 pick, as they used their 2013,2015, and 2017 first round picks to get Nash and Howard!

  33. bryan says:

    Lakers needs Phil Jackson or other defensive coach that can utilize their bigs Gasol and Howard

  34. Chris says:

    la is losing because everyone one the team is playing individually but basketball is a team sport.dwight cant get the ball in the post every possesion and kobe cant isolate every possesion. they need to learn how to move the ball around before its to late. they need to trade gasol for an athletic sf or a pf the can rebound and shoot the ball.

    gasol for kevin love

    gasol for josh smith*

    gasol for dirk nowitzki

    gasol for andre igoudala*

    gasol for rudy gay

    gasol for lebron james

    lol jk jk jk

  35. Obama says:

    Mike D’Antoni needs to continue to make Kobe guard the other teams best player but not let him take so many shots on offense the ball needs to be with Nash more and they need to feed Dwight and Gasol in the paint.

    Right now Kobe is taking more shots than Gasol, Howard and Nash COMBINED that has to change. Feeding Dwight and Gasol is the only way they can score without Kobe jacking up 30 shots a game

  36. kevin nicholls INDIANAPOLIS says:

    The lakers need to play a two man game with nash and gasol, and play some defense in the paint, and stop turning the ball over and taking bad shots kobe and play some d kobe, were’s phil jackson at !!!!!

  37. pjlim says:

    they shld play tough, consistently & eagerly that they are hungry for fuds.
    d howard is the missing & weakest link.
    he shld play as a true dominant center as shaq if he wants to prove it that he is the real superman.
    howard is not a real lakers player.
    he wants t play for the nets.
    he just want to be traded out of magics so thats why he play for the lakers.
    he wants to be a superstar of his own team.
    lakers is kobe’s team, 2nd option gasol.

  38. LA_PITY says:


  39. John Doe says:

    I don’t get this. Why can a coach stick to his system and ask management to change the players instead of DOING HIS JOB and coaching the players he has. It is the coaches job do adapt to the players and bring them together.
    I wonder what a real coach like Popovich or George Karl could do with this roster.

  40. KB24 says:

    i still believe that the Lakers will make the Playoffs, because there is still about half a season left to play. and even if they don’t make the playoffs i aint going to be bandwaging like all the other fake Laker fans will, i stay a True Laker Fan! whether they make it or not!

  41. Scott says:

    The Lakers have no bench. The clippers have Barnes, Odom, Crawford, Butler all playing good off the bench. The Lakers should of kept Odom and Barnes. If they did they would be great this year with Howard and Gasol. Gasol needs to get tougher though and start dunking more at the rim. It’s true they for whatever reason can’t seem to get any chemistry. I think a lot of that falls on D’antoni. Too bad they didn’t get Phil back.

    • Cobb says:

      In Mike D’s system Gasol shouldn’t be anywhere near the rim. That’s what’s so insane about bringing in this coach with these players…

  42. JJ says:

    Lakers will win it all. Just wait

    • James says:

      True for next season if the Lakers make adjustment to the roster and replace the most important piece…the Coach. Somehow they afraid of losing a few millions after put together a Star stud team and went cheap on hiring a coach. They get exactly what they asked. Since they asked for offense, Mike D is delivering offense and dont want to adjust. Fortunately for Mike D the Lakers dont need offense bc the stars already have that, so Mike D just take a few millions and smile. Now they all screaming DEFENSE? This dumb thing starts right at the top of the organization. Don’t need to change the roster and lose more money, just change the coach to Phil and they’ll win it all…but still too late for this season.

      • James says:

        What a joke, they can’t beat the Thunder or the Heat. I doubt they will ever get out of the first round until after Dwight is retired.

    • Me says:

      In how many years?

      • James says:

        as many years as it takes for the dumb owners to replace the coach. If they act soon, Phil can still coach…

  43. TTKIN says:

    I agree with the entire article except where it says who is to blame. Out of everyone listed, Metta is probably the only one NOT to blame. Dwight has lost games with his FTs, Kobe with his missed shots, Danotni for not making adjustments, Nash for not shooting enough etc. But Metta has been fantastic all year long. He is the MVP of the team this year in my opinion. I love Kobe but too many games where he scores 20 points but takes 30 shots (anyone watch the toronto game yesterday).

    • "Sandy" or Dentures - Your Choice ! says:

      What a poignant observation TTKIN. What a nice thing to say.

      Metta is a mad man. Metta is a dirty player. Metta can’t speak a straight sentence in an interview. And yet he is the only person who is doing his job – every game. He is surrounded by the so called ‘giants’, but it is he who is following the path. I say ‘following the path’ as opposed to ‘leading the way’ because no one, absolutely no one accepts, or even expects, him a leader.

      You are right, at least for now he is the only one who is going in, night in and night out, with the mind set of getting his job done … and getting it done.

      If you tell him that though, he would probably credit “Sandy” – That is, if he doesn’t point to nature’s eternal wisdom in people losing their teeth earlier in life, rather than later. But thats Metta !

    • Kamote says:

      as always, its everyone’s fault except Kobe.

  44. eric amadasun says:

    we dont need d’antoni.. he isnt the coach for the lakers in the first plcae..thats the first person that should be out, secondly no matter how much gasol plays, hes not a consistent player and his era with the lakers are long gone..Can anyone tell me why we got steve nash again, you sold fisher cos of age and brought in a younger player sessions who did okay last season due to inexperience, but then let him go and got someone much older than derick to play pg for lakers with little defense? who is thinking please…morris, duhon are not very good supporting cash, meeks sometimes doesnt kow his stength on court.. we need consistency, and for once we hired the wrong coach and dont think Mike D’ antoni deserved to be the lakers coach period.

    • JUICE says:

      Just proof of how messed up the Lakers front office is. I don’t get it either. It’s so messed up. Actually can’t wait for this season to end just so I can see my lakers rebuild and make it better. Oh well, I just wish that coaches can be traded lol

      • slider821 says:

        This is hilarious to me. I was at the Nets Lakers game where DAntoni made his first appearance as coach in front of the Lakers crowd. They gave him a standing ovation. Now the fans think he’s the worst thing to happen to the Lakers org. I’m not even sure they know what they need.

      • James says:

        The fans was chanting for “P H I L” foo. They were just being nice and had to welcome Mike D out of curteousy. The Lakers got a bunch of offensive tools and didnt need an offensive coach, they needed a defensive coach to help them balance the team. Not only good a defensive, Phil can utilize the offensive tools and help them play without any effort, that way they dont look so old.

  45. James says:

    Favor or not we all know for sure Lakers won’t win a title this year. The only thing that would favor the Lakers organization is that they make a few playoff games and make some money from selling tickets. Thats it! The Lakers owners don’t care about the title. Bc if they do, they would have hired a coach who know how to utilize talented players the right way. That would be Phil. With the same players, Phil can make them play effortless and they’ll look like playing in their prime even though their old. Proof? the Bulls.

  46. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    Do more roster-wise? Kobe you got Steve Nash and Dwama…what more do you want?

    • James says:

      Kobe means removing the first name on the roster. Of course he doesnt want to remove himself, what else does he mean? The Coach! He said it before Phil is his first option, but Mike is okay too. That still means Phil is his first option. Mike is only ok bc he doesnt know anyone else besides Phil and Mike who both have coached him…

      LB James

    • Trade Deadline says:

      Maybe if we…

      Trade Jodie Meeks for James Harden
      Trade Darius Morris for Paul George
      Trade Jordan Hill for Zach Randolph
      Trade Steve Blake for Stephen Curry
      Trade Robert Sacre for Ryan Anderson

      You’re Welcome.

  47. BJ says:

    The Lakers will not mee the playoffs this year thats for sure. The Howard and Nash trades were big mistakes, its simple as that. Face it, man up to it as management and make some changes. They need some young, strong talent to fit into D’antoni’s run and gun system he has, since they won’t fire him and his record is worse than Browns. Why they haven’t fired D’antoni is beyond me. Well, its not beyond me I have an idea why, but thats a different subject all together. But if they are going to keep him they need to invest in some young players and start to rebuild.

    There is no chemistry with this line up at all. they seem to not really like each other and that is a factor when playing whether people care to acknowledge it or not. Ive heard the philosophy you don’t have to like each other at all, but play the game, fill your role and do your job. What a crock….. having good chemistry on and off the court allows players to mesh, read and play together like a well lubed engine. Take the prime example of the Clippers, Lakers.

    time for a change if the Lakers ever plan to be Champs again, but the Clippers will get there first in my opinion.

    • pakyaw says:

      if Lakers make a playoffs,then Manti Teo girlfriend is real….

      • James says:

        Hey Mike D,

        I didn’t know your nickname is Slider821. I notice you normally don’t have anything creative to say during post game interviews and you like to quote other people. Do you realize that the Lakers are doing bad mainly not because they’re old? Kobe is only 34. MJ played like he was playing at his prime when he was 34. So was Pipen. It was because of you. You don’t have any creative coaching style, You proved that before Nash came back. You want Nash to coach the team, your career wouldnt have got to where it is without Nash. Thats why you wanted this job so badly. I gotta give you props for tricking the Lakers owner to hire you. You even did that when you didnt have it all there in your brain…I meant you were on drugs. Great job!

      • slider821 says:

        Thanks for the shoutout but I’m not sure what you’re implying…

        I’ve never thought DAntoni was a good fit for this team, I don’t even think this team is a good fit for itself. It’s not that they’re bad becuase they’re old, they are injury prone because they’re old and injurys hurt chemistry and lack of chemistry and belief makes a team bad.

        I’d be happy to coach the Lakers if that’s what you’re implying.

    • Alex says:

      I think some of you people forget that Nash, Kobe, and have played a total of 11 out of the 42 games together as a unit this season. Not to mention Gasol has been in and out the line up since the Dallas blow out game months back. Keep in mind, no matter how much talent you have, there has to be a time frame where all their styles need to blend as a team. Please name me the last 6 NBA champions and tell me if they were ALL young and athletic.

      I’ll wait….

      SImple fact is, nobody, not even the lakers expected for everyone to be clicking at the same time especially when Dwight was rumored to be out til this month, Nash missed 24+ games, Pau in and out the line up, Blake out… Its all injuries and lack of time on the floor. MD will find a way to make it work after the all star break. Theyve been playing consistent basketball until the Toronto game and even then had a chance to come back 19 down to win.

      The core unit of the clippers have played together for a few years now and thats why theyre able to do what they do on the floor. CLips are a good 82-game season team, they are not BUILT for the playoffs and that will be proven when they face the Spurs or OKC. Laker haters need to keep hating because no matter what, either this year or next, we’re bringing the title back to LA where it belongs. Kobe will have number 6 and 7 before he’s done and if Dwight is smart, he’ll stay in LA and follow the path that god has chosen for him and thats to become one of the great Laker centers to ever do it with a few rings on his fingers.

      • James says:

        Ok Jim Buss, I didnt know your nickname is Alex. But correction. Nash and Kobe played the pre-season games too. They dont count but they do contribute to the learning process. Thats 10 games that stars played more than the bench. With their bball IQs they shouldnt be complaining about not enough practice time. Whats actually wrong with them is playing the wrong system and losing trust in each other bc the lose too many games.

      • slider821 says:

        “I think some of you people forget that Nash, Kobe, and have played a total of 11 out of the 42 games together as a unit this season. Not to mention Gasol has been in and out the line up since the Dallas blow out game months back. Keep in mind, no matter how much talent you have, there has to be a time frame where all their styles need to blend as a team”

        I agree with this completly. However, this is and will be the Lakers main problem. They are old and injury prone. Did you expect them to be healthy the entire season? DH was only supposed to be back by December? Did you think they would make the playoffs given that?

        I think they can gel, but waiting for the All Star break is too late just like waiting for Nash to come back was too late. Next season they have a chance, but to your point, they need time to gel and need to be healthy in that time and during the playoffs, and therein lies the difficulty.

      • James says:

        One more thing…every one of the star on the Lakers team right now expect others to adjust to their specific style of playing, when others dont, they say its lack of chemistry. You never heard any single player, interviewed inthe locker room, said they’re trying to learn the other style of playing and try to anticipate, prepare, and be ready for the other player’s next move when he has the ball in the hand. If they do that, they wouldnt be misreading each other and mess up on fast break all the times. EGO. Learn my style instead of i learn yours. If they did just that, they can anticipate each other’s move and do exactly what everyone wants to see.

      • James says:

        DO NOT SHOW mike d THE LAKERS RECORD BOOK FOR LOSSES. HE WILL TRY HIS BEST TO BREAK ALL THE RECORDS!!! 6 game losing streak, no 5 games on the road losing streak..what else does he know about Lakers losses?