Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 2, Episode 8

Shaq is back after a week off to once again chronicle some of the absurd moments in the NBA. This week, Shaq zeroes in on Lance Stephenson, Greg Smith, Blake Griffin, Amir Johnson and Kendrick Perkins. And sad news for his legion of fans, but no JaVale this week. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!

Even Perkins had to admit he deserved a spot this week …


  1. LMAOLMAOLMAO-double drible-double haaaalarious! Then Amir’s laughing as he runs back up the court w/ the ref no call. Close to Javale style-LMAO!

  2. Romo Lampkin says:

    the best part is amir’s sheepish smile while getting back on defense after the point

  3. Allan says:

    One of the best Shaqtin A Fool s I ve ever watched LOL

  4. sixers fan says:

    haha what a boneheaded play by the refs

  5. windy bull says:

    hey stop nagging on my man JaVale… at the end of the season he will be nr.1!!! 😀

    its like getting multiple oscars: for stupidity,, no ball handling, bad shooting and more stupidity! 😀

  6. Jonny says:

    Why no Javale

  7. a says:

    it was no double dible it was a drible travel double dribble tripple dribble

  8. W/E says:

    No McGee? FAIL

  9. Letters: jkfldsankvczx says:

    Easily the best one of the year.

  10. noyb says:

    3 seconds, hands down (and I do mean, “hands down”, as in tying shoes… seriously…)

  11. Hoop-in says:

    Blake, don’t do that again. lol. keep the dunking going.

  12. Honey Nut Cheerios says:

    Where’s Garnett vs Carmelo? Or Rondo bumping the refs?

  13. Honey Nut Cheerios says:

    This was a weak episode. Blake hitting the side of the backboard wasn’t that funny. We need McGee back in this thing.

  14. Charles Murray says:

    With all due respect, my favorite was when Shaq got out on the floor and fell down under his own weight ending his career. We reap what we sow Shaq. Can we laugh at you?

  15. mario says:

    The winners r clearly the refs! How can u not call this double tribble???

  16. Daniel M says:

    Has nobody noticed that the Johnson violation was actually a travel first? He switched pivot foot after the first dribble, clearly before the double dribble violation occured

  17. Eric says:

    Shaqtin’ a fool is fast becoming a national treasure. You TIED YOUR SHOE IN THE LANE? Ah haha.

  18. Ben says:

    Since Amir’s points counted and he didn’t get called, his move has gotta be one of the best this year! Made me laugh the hardest but it had to get the call to be called the fool.

    So I vote Greg Smith tying his shoe. That’s truly a Javale level of talent.

  19. HyunGoo Moon says:

    Very funny!!

  20. dwayne says:

    what no mcgee this week shaq come on man

  21. Beverly says:

    Now thats just too much !! LOL

  22. will says:

    hahaha one of the best yet indeed!

  23. markedone8 says:

    This is supposed to be funny and it is for sure, but the fact that the referees didn’t make the call on Amir Johnson annoys me so much! This shows how easy it is sometimes to fake the referees. I can’t believe three human beings with 6 eyes with three brains(?) are not enough…

  24. JS says:

    Mark Cuban would love the Amir Johnson one.

  25. Tech says:

    Best ones in order:
    1. C’mon Amir!
    2. 3 Seconds!
    3. Perk on the break
    4. Blake can’t shoot
    5. Lance sticks the landing

    It’s funny how Amir got away with that LOL.

    • Rocket33 says:

      Yep, I have them in that order too. Definitely the best one this year. And no appearance from JaVale, was he injured this week or something?

  26. Derek says:

    LOL best one of the season so far

  27. Bruno says:

    I think best foolish moment goes to the refs that didn’t call the Johnson violation!