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Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 11: Kevin Garnett is … | Encouraging signs for Lakers? | Next coach to go

Here’s an open-ended one: Kevin Garnett is … ? Please explain.

Boston's Kevin Garnett -- Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Boston’s Kevin Garnett — Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Steve Aschburner: You can fill in that blank with any or all of these, drawn from my experiences raising Garnett from a Timber Pup: An all-timer. A throwback. A salty dude. Overly chippy on occasion. A great example for young players in terms of two-way play, competitiveness, loyalty to your team and feistiness toward opponents. Underrated for about a dozen seasons for his abilities as a passer and to defend five positions when necessary. Tightly wound. Vulgar to the max as a trash talker (remarkably creative, though, at times). A guy I want on my team. Future inductee in Springfield. One of the most fascinating athletes I’ve covered.

Fran Blinebury: Loud, obnoxious, crazy and yet still highly entertaining and potentially dangerous. Even at 36 and for only 30 minutes a night, he’s the reason not to write the Celtics off just yet.

Jeff CaplanKevin Garnett is a man-child … OK, so he’s not so much of a child anymore. Kevin Garnett is a man-beast, still at age 36? Kevin Garnett is a Hall-of-Fame trash talker? I’ll go with all those. All I know is the guy is as fierce a competitor as anyone ever in the league. Sure, he’s probably the kind of guy you hate until he’s on your team. Does his legendary trash talking go too far at times, maybe all the time? Yeah, probably. But who cares? Be a man and suck it up (wink, wink, Carmelo).

Scott Howard-Cooper: The representation of the modern-day Celtics. His passion came to characterize the ultra-competitive roster that won championships and had other long playoff runs, a level of emotion that drove a team and also led to a reputation for cheap play. Later, his aging likewise came to epitomize the decline of the Celtics into a team that may not win a playoff series. Kevin Garnett is one of a kind in every head-nodding, head-shaking way.

Sekou Smith: This is a loaded question. In light of Monday night’s drama in New York with Carmelo Anthony, not to mention all of the other dust-ups he’s had throughout his career, it would be easy to cast Garnett as the dude in the black hat. But so much of the smack he talks is about the persona he’s built over the years. Who is Kevin Garnett? I’m not sure we’ll ever know who he really is. What we do know is that, love him or hate him, he is without a doubt one of the the most fearless competitors the NBA has ever seen. With a motor that never stops. He’s no saint. He’s said and done things on the court that are reprehensible (and he’s an equal opportunity offender, ticking off everyone from Tim Duncan and Anthony to role players and rookies during his career). It would be foolish to overlook those things when assessing who Garnett is and ultimately what his legacy will be. That said, if there’s a guy you want on your side with everything on the line …


  1. Cwalker says:

    KG one word BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. myeclipsepw says:

    Kevin Garnett – A physical player who care for his team mate and he hate his opponent. He trash talk cause he is comfortable with it. Open minded, aggressive , some called him a dirty player, it is part of the game. Future hall of famer, Top 5 League best Physical-dominance Power FORWARD, a very good post-up player. Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett is a good match up :).

    Peace up dudes :”> we have our own opinion^^

  3. bigwes95 says:

    i never have really like KG, but if i had to say what he is then i would say: a winner. there’s no denying this guy might be a top 3 PF of all time and plays well at both ends and is one of the most competitive people i’ve seen. sometimes he goes too far, but that still doesn’t affect his game and what he does off the court

  4. g h hays says:

    KG is soooooooooo yesterday’s news. From being, arguably, the best player in the league to, sadly, the joke of the league. Same ole, same ole, same ole….he never evolved. And now it’s just tricks, cheats, and dirty play…all done with mouth WIDE open. Sadly, the celts as a team seem to have followed his lead – the confuse toughness and tenacity with dirty play and intimidation.

  5. willan joseff says:

    KG is a great player. probably top 3 PF of all time. but his trash talking goes over the edge at times..against melo and charlie villanueva..

  6. STEVE says:

    What is off limits?. Whats next, White players calling Black players the N-WORD throughout the course of the game to affect their play?. Talking about a family member’s terminal illness or death of a child or disability?. Is Garnett such a great player that he has to resort to that?. Did Magic, Kareem or Jordan?. Bird, Gary Peyton and Reggie Miller talked trash but believe me, they knew where to draw the line. Garnett couldn’t get Minnesota out of the first round for 7 years, won one title (and Pierce was the Alpha Dog in the 2008 Playoffs), and has done nothing since. He pissed LeBron off for 5 games in the Conference finals last year until LBJ went Postal on the Celtics in Game Six. Duncan eats his lunch in stature and lets his game and 4 rings do the talking,. I loved him as a competitor, but He’s acted like a First Ballot Douche since he went to the Celtics and thinks he’s the Second coming of Bill Russell; he’s more like a 7 Foot M.L. Carr.

  7. joshua says:

    Kevin Maurice Garnett is simply The EVERYTHING in the Nba :))

  8. Piggy says:

    Kevin Garnett is a pure competitor. Kind of silly to criticize a professional baller for using every tool available to him to defeat his opponent. He is totally loyal to his team–both when he was a T-wolf and now as a Celtic. He and Lebron James were basically in the same situation; whereas Lebron James chose to leave a Cavaliers team where he was a one man show to find his own success, KG stuck with the T-wolves for many years, playing past his prime, and surely sacrificed a multi-championship legacy in the process.

    People who criticize KG need to look through the trash talk and see a man who is throughly loyal to his team and sees no-holds-barred competitiveness and hunger for victory as virtues, not as something to shy away from. In that, he has been totally consistent throughout his NBA career. I would want to have this man in my corner any day just because of that, before even considering his skill.

  9. ko0kie says:

    The Big Ticket is the heart and soul of the celtics.. especially on the defensive end.
    I’m glad he got at least one title… would have been a shame after all those year in the shadow of another great PF (Tim Duncan)

  10. Ladyshakalaka says:

    The bottom line Kevin Garnett is a dirty player! His mouth is so foul! He constantly uses the female negatively to call the other men he is playing against. I being a women feel disgusted when Garnet disparages another person and he uses the female genitalia as something so horrible! I don’t care what team Garnett plays on he is horrible and I am disgusted when sports writers and commentators defend his actions and say he is so competitive!

    A man can be a fierce competitor and not have to be a nasty vicious evil foul mouthed player like Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and like Jordan used to be when he played! That is a character flaw, no matter how people spin it’s wrong and if I was Carmelo Anthony I would treat Kevin Garnett like he deserves to be treated with no respect, not even worthy of a single word, he should be insignificant and his name should be stricken from his vocabulary!! Tim Duncan is a fierce competitor and 4x champion unlike Kevin Garnett. Tim Duncan and David Robinson are men my sons should emulate and not someone like Kevin Garnett so please be men and honestly say who Kevin Garnett is- someone who no man should be like especially excuse because he is competitive!

  11. Telcontar says:

    At the end of the day, who cares? KG doesn’t.
    He’s just gonna keep giving it all to get another ring.
    ‘Nuff said

  12. Harlem 115 says:

    I’m not going to say KG is not a good player; he is There is lots of trash talking on the court between many of the teams, But what I will say, there is No excuse or Reason At All for Getting Personal. When you say something about someones Wife or Mother thats just unexceptable period POINT BLANK!! KG Should Have Been Suspended As Well As Melo. So for all of you pro KG fans and Melo haters here is something – where I come from from YOU JUST DON’T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT IT IT SO WRONG BECAUSE THAT COULD BECOME A PROBLEM!!!!

  13. KG IS THE MAN! says:

    If KG didn’t injured himself in 2009 and Perkins didn’t got injured in 2010 THE KG AND THE CELTICS WOULD’VE HAD 3PEAT.

  14. Pat Grimes says:

    I made a typo: As his #2 Fan, I doubt if Kevin would disrespect a man’s wife with his mother, child and wife watching. He may have said something like “Yo Man, did you forget to eat your WHEATIES today, letting me dunk on you like that”. I could see him saying that.

  15. Pat Grimes says:

    As his #2 Fan, I doubt if Kevin would disrespect a man’s wife with his mother, child and wife watching. He may have said something like “Yo Man, did you forget to eat your WEATIES today, letting me dunk on you like that”. I could see him saying that.

  16. thetruthaboutkg says:

    Why won’t you publish my comments? I haven’t said anything worse than anyone else has.

  17. Serious Guy says:

    Are we all forgetting about Reggie Miller. Miller would talk about you, your mom and even your unborn child. Kevin is the only guy like that, till I saw my man Melo snap the other night. Glad I drafted him for fantasy.

  18. rtceltics says:

    Come on now,anyone who questions KG’s heart and soul should just go away. Put him on the market and see how many teams would jump to have him on their team. He is the best we have seen in Boston since Bird. No disrespect to Paul Pierce but KG does it all on and off the court. Trash talking, Melo, grow up. You are a wimp. Who knows what was really said, none of us do. Just know that I, as a long time Boston Celtic fan, am proud and delighted that he is on our team.

  19. JRR1129 says:

    Too funny.
    If you think KG’s trash talking is bad or wrong, or that he plays “dirty”- You would’ve hated the golden age of Basketball and though Jordan, Bird, and Magic were punks.
    The style of play then was much more physical than now, and that’s the way KG plays. He’s nothing compared to back then.
    The trash talk was ten times worse, personal or not. Hell, there were players that went after Bird for being a white guy with their trash talk.
    Denying KG is a top competitor, a future HOF’er, and a defensive presence and all-star is ludicrous and denys all objective evidence, reality and the facts.
    He’s ALWAYS backed up his talk with his game, to say otherwise proves you belong in an institution. It’s all based on your bias because KG has hurt you, your favorite team, or your favorrte player over the yearr with his game and strategy.
    Thanks all for showing exactly how bad the disease of bias is in this country.

  20. Joanne says:

    Carmelo Anthony and the rest of his teammates are my foavorite team in the NBA, They are the only team that matters to me in the world of Basketball, So when one of them is hurt or talked badlky about I will strike back at that player who started out to trash any player on my only team in the NBA, The Knicks as a team have been put through the shredder by all the other teams in the league No matter if it is the west squads or the East squads as well, They feel that New York Can not play good Basketball, Sometimes New York doesn’t play well and their coach get’s on their backsides for it, But when one player, who looks like a thug and swears worse than a sailor has the nerve to trash talk one of the Knicks, That player should learn to keep his mouth shut when it comes to anything concerning New York Knicks. But Clyde Frazier is no Better than Kevin Garnett when it comes to trash talking cause he(Frazier) constantly puts his former team down in the dirt each and every time and favors the opposing team when New York is playing Home or Away. Every player of any team and that includes The New York Knicks should not trash talk about anyone no matter who they r. GO GO New York all the way!.

  21. Love Garnett but hate the trash talk. Leave the trash talk on the street courts. Don’t step over your boundaries, this is the NBA and my NY Knicks ain’t nothing to play with. Please believe it.

  22. gerald martin says:

    the truth is the knicks were took by surprise. garnet must of said something not nice, all in all it just makes for the next time they meet. the 24th

  23. H.KIPP says:

    Poor Melo…now he’s a target for all trash talkers who want to take him out of the game and stop the Knicks. I hope he can grow some more and just get energized by that nasty stuff.
    KG…? He’s just a guy who needs to express his false superiority through trashing and debasing the other guys humanity. He’s got a s__t mouth.
    The NBA owners encourage ‘hit-men’. It puts ‘kash’ in their already bulging pockets.
    Maybe some day ‘real basketball’ will redeem itself out of this sewer…until then it’s just going to be more ‘trash’ playing in the same league with real ‘talent’.
    Hey Melo…! You’ve got the real MVP stuff, just learn to tolerate the ‘trash’ and it will become like water off your back. Play on Knicks!!!

  24. josé machado says:

    as a player with technique, explosion, and great heart i always admired him, but has a cutout for player of very high competition it´s very dirty, so it leaves a lot to be desired, like a woman that you see and say, UAU, what a princess, she opens her mouth and you are already running.

  25. david mcghe says:

    Kevin Garnett is the icon in the NBA today, along with Kobe. Add Tim Duncan.

  26. Eli Odell J. says:

    hard worker, boy got some dang grit i’ll tell you that
    not much better to be said bout a man

  27. Jenifer says:

    That was another moronic move on KG’s part. Personal is personal…business is business. LaLa is not wood business. The rock is the business at hand on the wood.
    Very poor sportsmanship and professionalism from KG. Same poor etiquette as not acknowledge Ray Allen when he stopped by the Celtics bench. (I believe it was the first meeting between the Heat and Celtics).

    KG is still a man-child. Sadly, some things never change.

    I’m glad ‘Mello didn’t reach KG at that time…a waste of ‘Mello credibility.

  28. ShayDaddy says:

    Carmelo is a better player then that big jolly green giant! by the time carmelo is his age he will have done 3x what he has done!

  29. Kannan says:

    Does trash talking important to WIN games in NBA?

  30. CHUCK NORRIS says:

    KG MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. JDL says:

    Honestly I blame the poor refereeing of the game. Thats right NBA send me a fine in the mail but the lack of control over the game by not calling Garnett’s holds elbows and shoves early in the game set off a reaction that could have turned much uglier. KG was only playing the game that the REFFS allowed him to play. Believe me if he was in foul trouble early it all would of been avoided. Come on NBA a FOUL IS A FOUL!!!

  32. Nate says:

    Trash Talking is not against any NBA rules and has been part of all sports since there was sports. Come on you whiners, if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone physically, it’s all within the rules. Mental games is all part of competing and sports… live with it. What’s said on the court, should stay on the court. If you’re too weak to let trash talk affect your play then that’s on you.

  33. Quay Lewis , lima ohio says:

    he isnt really a nice guy he is always around the altercations and has lots of techincals in his 99 year nba career lol (KG) isnt as good as the hype makes him . BACK IT UP!!!!

  34. Celtic Pride says:

    Kevin Garnett is the best defensive player of his era.

  35. JimD54 says:

    Come on Charles…Nobody wins a championship without Help, Kobe needed hall of famers plus ref help to win his, not to mention what LeBron needed to win his…….

  36. French Jujubean says:

    I like how 90% of Sekou’s paragraph doesn’t talk about basketball. Biased as often, when he covers something about the Celtics.

  37. 76ers says:

    what excuses are the KG apologists going to make about him mocking tim duncan because his mother died? and he did it on mothers day no less. is that ok now too?

  38. nlitinme says:

    For those of you who care, I am a 56 y/o white woman. I think its funny that such a big deal is made out of trash talk. Give me a freakin break. When KG jumps over the first row and pounds someone, hits a smaller player ala Bynum, cusses out old ladies, then that may be news. Creative cussing? Listen to a drill sargent sometime- the masters.
    Don’t forget- KG entered the NBA at 18, right out of HS, raised his little sister on his own. He was a dedicated T wolf. In Minnesota, he used to go into the Nordtrom in the Mall of America once in a while- always polite, never arrogant- everyone loved him, knew who he was of course.
    He is a quality guy, a dedicated super talented player with skills most can only hope for. Quit with all the focus on trash talk. Who gives a s*&$.

    • E-Ball says:

      Thank you! All of his teammates say that he is one of the greatest teammates to have. They express how much he does on and off the court.

  39. Melo Wade says:

    KG is just the dirtiest player in the nba right now! there is a difference between compete and lack of respect for his opponents! this guy have no respect, totally lost control over his ego! man KG should get suspension too, and with the history of dirty plays he has, he should be suspended from playing anymore games in the nba! thats not the kind of player anyone want to see

  40. dj rgm9 says:

    The Celt’s where lucky at 2008,they only win because Bynum wasn’t there at the finals.Just plain lucky!Ohw !they win also only because dirty playing,flopping especialy his teammate with ‘the wheelchair superflopper’.
    i guess they paid enuff the referee’s at that time.Only 1 championship & 2 finals appearance ‘ with so called big three’,it’s over for them now forever.The “jet “can’t save the Celt’s he’s never Ray Ray,guess what he’s gonna do it over again for the heat.Enjoy watching Ray Ray with the heat!!!lol.For all the ‘green morons’commenting about ‘finals ’09,game 6 before’ mr.dirty Kendrick’ got injured they where anyway 10 to 15points behind the Lakers,the swag&destiny was for the Lakers that time.A nice payback,very sweet end of story!!!
    Accept the short period title winning ‘green morons’!

  41. Gabci says:

    KG is a leader. A hero. A LEGEND.
    Go C’s

  42. Axel says:

    “he is without a doubt one of the the most fearless competitors the NBA has ever seen”

    Hahahahhaha, you can’t have been watching the same KG as others do. Cmon, he’s is easily the greatest fake-tough guy in the league. He NEVER goes physical with the really big guys anymore, and everybody knows it.

  43. bu says:

    Well said Skolimowski!!

    People, will you please look at KG the whole package? Can anyone trash talk his way to this kind status??? C’mon!!!

    You have to be pretty damned good to back your trash talk, dirty play & get away with it.

    In business world, it’s sly & dirty & some ppl are much more malicious than KG.

  44. Kevin Garnett says:

    Melo holla at me next matchup , aint no one gon back you up next time, aint no one gon hold be back

  45. Paul says:

    The thing about KG is that he is despicable. And the idiots that say that his behaviour is competitive fire are idiots too. Being competitive means hard work, effort, and sacrifice. Running your mouth and insulting people, calling them “cancer patients” or making your teammates cry is not competitive fire, it’s just pathetic behaviour… Don’t get me wrong trash talking is fine by me but it shouldn’t be ad hominem. If you want to see competitive fire look at Tim Duncan.

    • Kamote says:

      dude, KG trash talks and makes sure he backs it up in his game. Some like Tim can operate quietly, but others like MJ would also want that mental battle. KG since his rookie year works his a$$ off every night, a complete player on both sides of the court, takes to heart every loss, and even at his age now is still the anchor to one of the stingiest team’s defense in the league. KG talks, but he makes sure he do the walk. That, my friend, is competitive fire.

      • bigwes95 says:

        so basically winning and doing your hardest to win? that’s what paul said, and he’s right. you don’t need to talk about someone’s family(if the rumors are right) and duncan doesn’t need to lower himself like MJ or KG, they’re just doing that to be mean and make themselves look better, others like Bird, Magic, and Miller were super confident in themselves, but would never talk about someone’s family. that’s just being a disrespectful punk. melo chasing him was going over the line, but when someone actually comes at KG, why doesn’t he stand up to them?

  46. Neil says:

    The NBA should allow teams to expand their rosters to one more player. And this player’s sole role would be to handle people like Kevin Garnett. I would be the first one to volunteer for such a position. Believe me, I would kick his butt without any problem…

  47. KG21 says:

    KG is KG. One of the fiercest competitor in any sport. Very unselfish. A rare breed of an athlete.

  48. philipfrommanila says:

    love him, hate him… he doesn’t care… say whatever you want to say! nice things, bad things… he still doesn’t care!!! he’ll be your best friend… can be your worst enemy… that’s KG…

  49. Skolimowski says:

    Kevin Garnett came into the league from high school to become a champion. He was wrongly convicted of a crime as a teenager, lost one of his best friends in a car accident and went though stretches of frustration because of his team’s consistent lack of talent longer than any other franchise player with a ring that I can remember. But he never stopped working, he never stopped coming at you as hard as he could, as loud as he could, he never hid his feelings, he was always true to himself, he cried when he had to, he laughed when he could, he hit you when you asked for it, he felt Minnesota when the losing became unbearable. Because Kevin Garnett is a winner, an MVP, a 14 times All Star, a Defensive Player Of The Year, the only player in the top20 in 4 of the 5 major statistics, He’s a self-taught teacher and student of the game. He never had it easy and he will not make it easy for his opponents. Kevin Garnett is a freak of nature. And this is why he’s my favourite player of all time.

    • E-Ball says:

      Excellent post. I also wanna mention his lost with Malik Sealy as well. Through adversity KG has bounced back many times.

  50. does L.A. have another team apart from the Clippers? says:

    everyones forgetting one more line…. KG will be a 2013 all star.

  51. Henrik Jensen says:

    even dough since moving from t-wolves he have newer averaged more than 18,8P, 9,2R, 3,4A, 1,4S and 1,2B, in his first season with the C’s, he is still a top 5 defender, a top 5 contender and a top 25 Player in the NBA, and who is to say that if Kobe havn’t got 81 points in that one game against The Raptors, then Garnett would have been both MVP and DPOY at his 1st year with the Celtics, i mean their record was outstanding and he played amzingly, and was it not for Pierce playing 2% better in the finals, Garnett would have been MVP, DPOY and Finals MVP, instead only DPOY and NBA Champions..

  52. Henrik Jensen says:

    no dizzy, garnett played at least 12 years in timberwolves before moving to Celtics, and he will always be my favorite player, ever !

  53. Notbiased says:

    You guys serious? You guys support trash talk? If you’re a great competitor, you dont need trash talk to do good. You beat your opponent using your physical skills, your own abilities. You beat them by you yourself doing better, not by relying on them doing worse. Yes it happens in the league, yes Bird/Barkely/Rodman yaddi yadda. That doesn’t justify jack though. Trash talk is lame.

    I see a bunch of people posting silly arguments trying to justify the actions of their team’s. player; just admit the fact that what he does is lame/boring. I watch NBA to see sick plays; if I wanted to watch lame disses I’d watch “yo momma”.

    • Nate says:

      Maybe you need to stick with the WNBA or the Church Youth Basketball program…. just saying, if that’s your cup of tea.

    • Kamote says:

      First rule about trash-talking is that you can back it up. MJ, Rodman, Bird, Barkley, Miller, KG etc. are considered lethal at this technique because they can BRING IT. If you’re a player who just talks $h!t and really don’t have what it takes, then you’re just that, a loud mouth w/ no talent… so just shut up and play. Melo talked back with KG, but just can’t bring his game. Though he has the skill and youth over KG, he doesn’t have that mental toughness. It would have been worse for Melo if KG was in his prime (just imagine LOL).

      From your definition of competition, it seems that you have been sheltered all your life. Trash-talking isn’t only found in basketball, you find it everywhere, and most of the time worse things happen. One needs mental toughness to survive. Welcome to the real world.

  54. His Airness says:

    The man is a legend,the thing that impresses me the most is the energy he brings on the court.And he still has it,even in his late 30”s.Long live Kevin Garnett #5!!!

  55. john guth says:

    ps if kendrick perkins doesnt get hurt in game 6 kg would have a ring for each hand 100%. laker fans you know its true!

  56. john guth says:

    Kg is my 2nd favorite player of all time after Mj obviously. After that Ill take AI, white chocolate, and grand ma ma! If you notice a common factor there, its a steady dose of style and toughness! He is the epitome of both! No other 7 footer in history was able to do the things he has done on the court! He makes it look effortless and smooth, until u see the sweat pouring off him and the ice cold stare in his eyes! Along with being a top 5 trash talker of all time, he was able to back it up! Hes an MVP, defensive player of the year, all first teamer, multiple time all star, high school all american, olympic gold medalist, and most importantly a champion! Sure he joined forces with sugar ray and double p to win a championship, but individuals dont win championships! mj had help, hakeem did too, and duncan wasnt winning on his own either! I dont think theres ever been a better all around pf to ever play the game. With that being said duncan is still the best pf ever and I hate to say that! So when its all said and done, and you ask what is kevin garnette, The answer is simple! Hes prototype pf that you would want to be on your team.

  57. phillipjpark says:

    OK, so what you’re telling me is, KG has the right to say WHATEVER he wants on the court, no MATTER how disgusting and wrong it is, without fear of punishment because that’s just how he ROLLS? Everyone knows KG is a trashtalker so it’s okay for him to say messed up stuff to other players?

    So If he says to Lebron that his mom is a slut, it’s all okay cause that’s what we expect from KG and he’s a good basketball player?


    • BLACKWATCH says:

      KG competes at both ends period. More than i can say for the MarshMelo’s that wifed a known video vix jump-off. He’s a clown another the reality show-sambo. Almost as big a clown as Ice T. Tell Melo to man up and take off the capri pants.
      Anthony Peeler is mid forties and probably broke as hell but truth be told would still beat the breaks off both Melo and KG when it combs to throwing hands. KG played early on against the Oakley’s Anthony Mason’s and true to form bone-crushers and head-swellers unlike these cream-filled metros Lebron’s Melos and Howard’s. The wood is no place for diva type dudes. If Melo really wanted to see KG he would have squared off on the spot and lived by the code.

      Peace to Ben Wilson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and every other brother who lived and died for the integrity game.

  58. Koda says:

    He made Big baby to cry his heart out. lol i love kg

  59. KiwiFan says:

    I feel like there may be a small island nation somewhere full of idiots on computers, commenting on I mean serious half of your comments don’t make sense, half of them are personal opinions claiming to be fact and all of them are delusional. KG is clearly a top 5 PF of all time as shown by the numbers he has and continues to put up. Also mental games are as old as sport itself if u can find a way to get inside somebodys skin and put them off their game then by all means do so, whatever it takes to win.

  60. just saying MITE lol says:

    kg is very good and hard working , but he should let his game talk then himself, LOYALTY really ?? if he was loyal then he wouldnt have left the WOLVES in the first place ,, just saying ..

  61. Wilson says:


  62. Ademsun says:

    Kevin Garnet is one of the best forwards in the league. Some times he’s harsh, but he does the right job at the right time.

  63. Jah.Martins says:

    6/26 shooting and a suspension to a MVp candidate, that’s what KG brings 24/7

  64. StraightUPHater says:

    Yeah saying KG got his championship ring because he teamed up with 2 future HOF but Kobe “Ballhog” Bryant played with 3 HOF but didnt even win a championship.. Just sayin.

  65. Jah.Martins says:

    Where is Carmelo Anthonys suspension for making contact with a referee???

  66. Denzo says:

    I love KG. he’s a beast. Plays so hard. Has the right amount if emotion. Smart. Strong. Now get the heck off me.

  67. Haters gonna hate says:

    LOL..Haters gonna hate..KG is one of the top power forwards who ever played the game..cmon..the dude is in his late 30″s and still plays like that..

  68. KG? says:

    I read all you comments and most here celtics fans its obvious.. your minds are closed, He also did that to Lebron during the play off but LBJ just laugh at him… It did not worked on the Miami… Is that what Doc Revers thought to his players? Or maybe they won a championship because that is their STRATEGY?

    • Le2e says:

      Whats the heat strategy, pay the refs or flop til they get the calls? Dont even try to deny the heat got the benefits of the calls all last post season, and dont even try to deny miami is comprised of fish out of water. Hop back on your bandwagon with 90% of miami fans that didnt care who the heat were until 2 seasons ago.

    • Jah.Martins says:

      Uhm , remember Wilt? Bird? Jordan? Barkley? Magic? They all talked more trash than KG. Why dont you ask those legends if thats what the coaching staff taught them.

  69. iownuwfs says:

    Unless KG is traded for some fresh legs he is more likely to retire a C

  70. KG FAN!!! says:

    All I know is that if you asked any NBA whether they’d like him on their team…they’d all say YES – withthe exception of some who may play the same position:)

  71. Mark Hondo says:

    KG is the epitome of what it means to be a Celtic. When he was rumored to be traded from Minnesota he did not want to go to Boston but when he got there he became one. He knew what it meant to wear the green and be a Celtic and, man if you don’t want to be one then get out of Boston because Kevin knows what it takes to be a Celtic and he is. Not all athletes have the personality, mental capabilities and toughness to be a Celtic. He talks the talk and can walk the walk. Not all players who wear the Green and White can do that. Keven can. He demands excellence from himself and those who wear the green and, again, if you don’t play your hardest, get out. I love Kevin Garnett as long as he is a Celtic. I love the fact that he won’t talk to or shake hands with Ray Allen. Allen who used to be my favorite Celtic until he became a traitor. And that is what I love about KG. Move on Ray and we hope you stink up the house. He could kiss up to Ray and be good but he won’t because Ray stuck us in the back. That;s what I love about KG more than any other Celtic. He has moves in the low post that 90% of the forwards can not make. He has more moves than EXLAX! He has an outside jumper that players like Dwight Howard can only dream about. I am 62 years old. I go back to Cousy, Tommy Point, Russel, Jones and Havlicek. KG is a man’s man and a Celtic’s Celtic. Keep the faith KG.

  72. ALC says:

    KG -almost knock off his feet from an elbow to the jaw by his former wolves teammates and do nothing about it…

  73. Wow says:

    KG is the most annoying nba player and the most overacting trash talker of all time, . .we can say one of the dirtiest player in the nba right now . . . . not a role model for young nba fans . . .

    • Jah.Martins says:

      Yeah just because Wade Durant and the rest hide all their dirt behind big smiles and nice clothes does not make them any better, so would you rather be a hypocrite or be straight up real

    • Petr says:

      Man, youre so wrong! Look at Barkley or Reggie, they were at least as dirty as KG and are both in Tv around NBA, both wery popular and respected, who said you need to be like Tebow to be a role model?!

  74. REAL_TALK says:

    Doc Rivers is the hidden hand behind KG and the Celtics
    they talk trash every night to destabilize all major teams in the NBA
    take your time to watch after every timeout and you’ll see what i’m talking about.
    (coach strategy)

  75. Bird33 says:

    To the Scribes – well said to all! I thought you collectively captured KG.

  76. Jun says:

    That’s his game, to get inside your mind, say things, racy or vulgar things. That’s part of his defense. His game is physical as well as mental. That’s why Melo was just 6/26 from the field. Same way Dennis Rodman played when he was still active.

  77. Nekbeth says:

    Only Michael Jordan can compare to Kevin Garnett as the most competitive athlete of all time.

    Lake fans, forget Kobe. He is the biggest ballhog and most selfish player of all time. He just competes to score points and stays off the dirty work (like defense and taking charges), that is why he needs dominant big men to help him win championships (Shaq, Bynum or Gasol). Damn, he doesn’t even let Steve Nash be a point guard (always wants the ball).

    Back on the subject: Kevin Garnett, he’s my N.3 guy I would pick on my 1st NBA history team. First two are Jordan and Pippen. Four is Shaq and Fifth is a three point shooter to spread the floor.. who else: Ray Allen (sorry Lebron but I choose Pippen over you any day)

    • vatoloco66 says:

      love you Nekbeth dawm right KG is all heart and before we had the one and only MJ thats a fact love this game grtz

  78. nate says:

    c’mon he’s a top 6 pf ever. mchale, duncan,malone,barkley,bob petit. and as long as my kids dont hear what he says its all good its competition and everyone mad at him was never a real baller, period

  79. Sparks says:

    Anybody who thinks that KG is a bully for trash talking players must not enjoy an actual game of basketball. It happens all the time, and many times at that, from Barkley to Jordan. Who honestly cares if he says some things on the court to get into the opponents head? He’s just keeping the sport alive for others to be able to watch, unlike most big men nowadays like Gasol or Bosh. Boring, bland, and overrated, that’s why KG will always be a fan favorite.

  80. David says:

    KG is one of the best PF. Whatever Duncan has over him, Duncan is lacking in terms of his ability to change how other players defense and even in Duncan’s ability to play defense at multiple positions.

    Look, a lot of these big time players get paid over 150,000 per game, and even if they don’t the poorest full time player are making over 200,000 a year. They are paid to PLAY, so we should JUDGE THEM BY HOW THEY PLAY NOT BY WHAT THEY SAY. Just like any other job, for what they get paid they should be able to ignore comments made by other players. If I were a Knick, I’d be pissed at Anthony not Garnett.

    I’m disappointed by some of the writers above for not giving KG enough credit. He shows up to play every game. He pushes himself and others 110% and he teaches younger players how to play defense. Plus at his age he is still contributing wonderfully. You might not like his personality but this guy is the real deal and as far as PLAY goes a great example. Plus every player that hates him now, would love him tomorrow if he were to come to their team.

    Competitiveness aside, look at Garnett with Kevin McHale a few weeks back. Sure, there are plenty of players who talk less trash than him and I doubt most of them lack the courage to embrace an old friend publicly.

    Bird, Magic, all those guys talked trash. People need to get over the talking, as if it really hurt anyone, and recognize lifelong consistent high level hard play and sacrifice.

  81. nate says:

    he is everything I miss in sports. old school. LOYAL, and will do anything to win. Screw all the haters, your soft just like our world today.

  82. jay says:

    kg is a boss. loyal, tough, competitive and does all the dirty work. will have him in my team any night.

  83. Honey nut cherrios says:

    The NBA is starting to get soft with all the babies complaining over things that Barkley or Rodman would laugh at if they still played. Lets not forget it was Larry Bird that was the most brutal trash talker. Its just how some players play the game and how other players from other sports play it.

    • Petr says:

      Could not agree more, the league is going too far trying to make everybody a rolemodel for the kids and all that, just let them play! Some players are nice guys and some just arent, cant change that by any NBA cares comercials…

  84. francisco flores says:

    all i can say is he is NOWHERE near TIM DUNCAN.. c’mon, best PF?? lol

    • Pete says:

      In what way?

      The only thing Duncan has over KG is more champtionships, and that’s because he played on better teams. When Duncan was in his peak he was surrounded by borderline All-Stars.

      KG had no support until he got to Boston in 2008, when he was already past his prime. Even then he got a title, but coudln’t get more after that because Boston were robbed by injuries.

      If you look at their statistical production KG was AT LEAST a match for Duncan, and anyone who says otherwise has no idea in the world. .

      • celticssssss says:

        well said pete lets see wat duncan would have done if u put him with the wolves if garnett was on those spurs team he would have won 6 championships

  85. thesniper321 says:

    KG did the right thing!! After the talk Melo started acting like a little kid and jacked up bad shots after bad shots; This just shows he’s so soft mentaly. He’s just too mellow lol. Melo would get mad each night if he played in the Payton, rodman,barkley era.
    Ho poor melo life is so hard, getting paid millions and acting like a bum because of some words which won”t change your life..
    Melo: Waaaaaaaah
    Mr nice guy: ooooooh poor kid what’s wrong?? You want some candy?
    Melo; the tall dude there said bad things about my woman
    Mr nice guy: Oooh take some sugar little man you will feel better

    woow seriously man up melo

    • Kali says:

      Seriously! You want to say Melo acted like a little kid? All Garnett does is make fun of people like he’s in third grade…thats a acting like a kid. You’re a joke

      • brad says:

        All Garnett does is make fun of people? No. He plays amazing and consistently high-level team-oriented basketball. He obviously knew how to get into Melo’s head. It’s not KG’s fault Melo plays checkers when he’s playing chess out there.

    • ee says:

      wow what a stupid childish comment sad to have to deal with people like this in life

  86. Jamal says:

    Garnett said something disrespectful about Melos wife for you idiots that says Melo is whining. He is a dirty player and the nba needs to do something about it

    • aaaaaa says:

      Although somewhat uncalled for, there is nothing wrong with trash talk. KG plays mind games with people. If you can throw someone off mentally, like he did to Melo, they will not play as well. Besides, there should be no reason for Melo to take it personally, its not like KG only trash talks to him.

      • Owned says:

        I hope something bad happens to your family, no offense nothing personal just want to throw you off your game. Like it? Guess not. Family comes 1st dude. Have some freaking ideals in life.

      • Owned says:

        You should learn that family should come 1st. Business is Business. Family is family. NEVER EVER MAKE A CROSS BETWEEN THE TWO cause sooner or later you’ll end up being eaten by the fishes. Melo was offended cause KG insulted his family. Clearly he is a family guy. What if for example we’re colleagues I insulted you’re family would you laugh? I guess not. But if you say yes, you clearly have no importance for family. I feel sorry for you.

    • celticssssss says:

      jamal how do u know wat kg said u dope were u on the court with them u and melo should go call dr phill and have a couch session and talk about ur feelings the NBA stands for no babys allowed

      • Owned says:

        Why else would the author of the article indicate Carmelo Anthony’s wife? I don’t know what he actually said but I bet it has something to do with her. Reading between the lines dude… its a very basic reading skill.

  87. ramir says:

    In short he is a bully!!

  88. Kali says:

    Kevin Garnett is a disgrace to the NBA! I cannot believe Carmelo Anthony got a one game suspension because of him. Garnett needs to learn to watch his mouth. Where is his suspension? Maybe if he lost a few games worth of pay he would learn to shut up a little bit better and not nag other players. Especially after the fight with Brooklyn I am one hundred percent sure that the Boston Celtics are cheaters and get unfair treatment! They are a disgrace to the NBA and I am horrified that their behavior goes on unpunished.

    • Pete says:

      Should he get suspended for being a winner? LOL

      You really think Carmello didn’t say a word of trash to KG during that game? You won’t see KG going into an opposing teams locker room yelling, or waiting for them outside their team bus.

      Disgraceful act by Melo, he just couldn’t handle the fact that the Knicks just cant figure out a way to beat the Celtics, and the trash talk just pushed him over the edge.

      • celticssssss says:

        hahaha how are they cheaters champ melo is garbage if he played against bill lamber he probly would have necked himself if u watched the game u can see melo started the whole thing melo should have been ejected for swipping at the ball after the whistle but i guess u missed that part

    • manny says:

      KJ is on every pf and center list of cheater.
      The guy called villanueva a cancer patient
      we have heard complaints from bulls ( Noa) who called garnet a very dirty player
      We seen all the elbows on the video some of them very uncalled for
      And Rasheed wallece got punished for screaming ” Ball dont lie ” lol

    • steagle says:

      There was no suspension for Garnett because it’s not illegal or otherwise restricted by the NBA to trash talk on the court, especially when another player is doing it right back at you (Carmelo dished out just as much as he got). However it IS quite against everything the NBA stands for to carry an altercation off the court after the game is over which is precisely what Melo did. The league has to make an example of Melo so it is clear they will not tolerate that kind of behavior with its employees. Melo deserved more, really, and I bet you if he wasn’t such a huge name in the game he’d be out a lot more than 1 game.

    • Joanne says:

      Kali, I agree with what u said about Kevin Garnett, He is a mean person who actually don’t give a darn what he says about anyone in the League. Carmelo Anthony is much more than Kevin Garnett will ever be and he should’ve just let what that Thug hasd said and just let it roll and keep going off the path but what KG said must’ve been real distrubing to Carmelo and he just wanted to know why that fool siad that to him, he wasn’t looking for a fight with that idiot so they should not have suspended him for one game.They should penalize Kevin Garnett for what he did, he started it with Carmelo Anthony not any other way.

  89. What did u say? says:

    Great player don’t need to do trashy nasty words to other players! So low! Kevin garnet smack ur opponents with ur basketball skill not ur trashy mouth!

    • Denzo says:

      Bro, game seven where lakers won the championship against the celts when Perkins got injured- Kobe was 6-24… 6-24!!! Is Kobe a choker. It’s basketball. People have bad games – all the time. Only person who hit the finals and never lost was MJ the goat.

    • Denzo says:

      MJ talked trash. He wasn’t that good though. Pfft.

    • Jah.Martins says:

      Are you for real man? The greatest of players are the biggest trash talkers
      . NBA bandwagon fans do not know what they talking about. Just look at Magic, Bird, Isiah, and Jordan they still trash talk 20 years after they retired.

  90. Kimoxx says:

    I dont know how rumors are true but KG said to melo that his wife taste like honey nut cheerios. Thats why he flipped out..and thats why melo said they are certain words that push your buttons…LOL honey nut cheerios..if its true i LOL’ed hard..

  91. marco says:

    KG is best PF player fun to watch…over the MIN and BOS..i love KG the way he play..very tough skinny his rookie years..i dont think he can defend with that body against the best PF of NBA..but he is so smart on the court..thats why i like KG like anybody else PF in the league….KG the beast….

  92. Greg says:

    True, I would love him on my team. Just not in the last 2 minutes of a close game…

    • NASHTY13 says:

      He is the second most clutch player on the celts man. Don’t hate he’s a beast man

      • celticssssss says:

        greg go watch game 6 of the 2008 nba finals and look at his stats or go look at game 7 in 2005 against the kings i think he had 40 points 15 rebounds u have no idea wat ur talking about champ

  93. zay says:

    Bet Carmelo would love to have him in a knicks uniform…..he’s just a guy you hate to go up against he’s gone to play at a high level and his trash talk gets under your skin cause he’s backing it up while scoring, defending…..probably the best pick n pop 4 n the league

    • Nyer says:

      Not true nobody wants a trash talking dirty player on the knicks. Just look at their roster. Kg belongs in Boston with the rest of the dirt.

  94. spelkey55 says:

    Haters gotta hate! If KG played on your favorite team you’d love the guy!

  95. creshIa says:

    kg Is all heart

  96. spelkey55 says:

    If he played on your favorite team you.d love the guy!

  97. Greg says:

    Kevin Garnett is a player…
    1) you want on your side if you want to be eliminated from the first round of the playoffs for 7 years straight
    2) you want on your side if you want to miss the playoffs for 3 years straight when he was in his prime
    3) who will hit you from behind…then run away
    4) who can even make Paul Pierce less clutch
    5) must lose sleep at night as the player he despises the most is at least twice the player he could even dream about being. (Tim Duncan)
    6) who had 7 points/4 rebounds and 10 turnovers in game 5 vs Seattle (CHOKE!!!)

    • aaaaaa says:

      So, you’re going to say someone who was a legit one man team is bad? And he has a rivalry with a player who almost mirrors him and joined the league at the same time is bad? Who had a bad game?…… I think the other thing that must be said is the no one, absolutely no one, will make Paul Pierce less clutch.

      • Denzo says:

        Bro, game seven where lakers won the championship against the celts when Perkins got injured- Kobe was 6-24… 6-24!!! Is Kobe a choker. It’s basketball. People have bad games – all the time. Only person who hit the finals and never lost was MJ the goat.

    • TMJpn says:

      about point 1):

      You’ve confused KG with T-Mac.

      And point 6):

      Latrell Sprewell is the one who chokes..

      All else: The T-Wolves were a thown-together roster that went further than it should have, I mean when Wally Scerbiak and mr volatile Sprewell are considered amoungst the best of your sidekicks? If anything, I think those trials of being #1 on a mis-managed team gave him the lessons he uses as a (shock-horror) scholar to younger team mates.

      Which is why the T-wolves fans never got upset when he got traded, and still packed the Target centre whenever he came back.

      I like KG for his intensity, shown in his devotion to his trade and his friends. He will sledge and snarl and jostle hard but I like that firey attitude over a bland, near unconscious one carried by another great PF you have mentioned.

      My personal fave was watching KG mouth off to the Bulls after “that” Ray Allen shot at TD Garden in the epic 09 Playoffs. Sure he’s a thug-of-sorts but he’s also hell entertaining!

  98. Chester says:

    kev garnett has a history of picking fights with smaller guys and then running away and hiding when they come after him

    • KiwiFan says:

      He backs away from the fights because he knows he can’t help his team from the changing rooms or from suspension. Talking trash and fighting are 2 completely different things.

  99. Ronnie5 says:

    Kevin Garnett is a beast. Kevin Garnett is the man. Kevin Garnett is a player that comes to play every game and gives it is all. Kevin Garnett is my favorite player. All statements apply.

  100. Ronnie5 says:

    Kevin Garnett is a beast. Kevin Garnett is the man. Kevin Garnett is a player who comes to play every game and gives it his all! Kevin Garnett is my favorite player. All statements apply.

  101. What did u say? says:

    I just want to know what did he said to melo on court that gets melo mad? Anyone curious too and get answer?

  102. letsdesignhappytime says:

    Creative with trash talking? Oh you mean when he called Charlie Villanueva a cancer patient? Yeah we need more players like KG in the league..

  103. me says:

    The best PF in his era (yea I said it) the heart and soul of the Celtic’s team, the one person on the team that puts everything and then some into his role (especially on defense), the most competitive player in the NBA (bleeding out his head and still playing, hitting the ball seven times with his head for missing FT’s), one of the best motivators in the league (if Rondo is playing sub-par he shakes him up, he made big baby the better player he is today by telling him to step his game up). Forget the trash talking, fact is the big Ticket can back it up cos players talk all the time but don’t back it up. Future hall of famer, along with Pierce, 15th or 16th time all star? In summary, KG is a legend, not many players canclaim that…KG will not be forgotten….Oh and I’m glad y’all wrote this article and are finally giving credit where it is due.

  104. kevins hater says:

    i think he should get suspended for elbowing melo in the back of the head thats why melo really got mad

  105. Manu says:

    Why no mention of how reprehensible Carmelo Anthony’s acts were? If talking trash and winding up an opponent is reprehensible, then how about going to the opponent’s locker room and waiting outside their bus looking for a fight?

    • steagle says:

      Because Carmelo is a league darling – an MVP candidate, a huge financial draw to the city of NY and a big name to be promoted by the league. At least the league did partly right by suspending him for one game, but it really should have been longer. What is this, the Tupac-Biggie war!? No place for that on or off the court.

    • hhchh says:

      kg said melo’s wife tasted like honey nut cheerios, id be a little mad too. plus he hit melo in the back of the head

      • celtic533 says:

        HAHA so thats what he said.I was wondering what he could have to piss Melo off so much.But for goodness sakes though.These guys arent like Phd’s or something.Their mostly crazy tall,athletic,and talented dudes that people love watching play.who knows who they really are personally.Every single person on every court in America talks like that and Melo being from NYC should know that best.So it doesnt surprise me really cuz these guys are not exactly respectful indivisuals if you look at the background of most of these players.

  106. kevins hater says:

    i think he should of got suspended for elbowing melo in the back of the head thats why melo got mad

    • celticssssss says:

      melo is garbage all he is good at is scoring no wonder the nuggets got rid of him he is a ball hog and a rubbish team mate and will never win a nba championship

      • rondovision says:

        im all celtiics but melo is polaying like an MVP but he cant haddle hem self… and look what happen the lost.

  107. kevins hater says:

    i think he should of got suspended for throwing an elbow to the back of melo’s head thats why melo got mad

  108. Kamote says:

    – a player you’d want on your team, but would hate to be an opponent.

    – loved by players (well except for stephon, but where is he right now???), coaches and the organizations he played WITH… from honoring sealy’s death, to perk who still looks up to him, to mchale (after his daughter’s death). Even Ray Allen understood the “cold shoulder scenario”, he knows who KG is.

    – a player who talks trash… as mj, bird, miller, rodman, barkley and other trash-talking greats before him. This is the NBA, still the best basketball league in the world, so bring your A-game both physically and MENTALLY every time you play. And to the “cancer of the team”, everyone knows its true (burdensome contract to an underperforming player).

    – tough and gritty but not dirty. Unlike someone who’d take down an opponent and eventually breaking his arm, push an opponent on an open fast-break, and fling a knee to an opponents groin… and still say everything was unintentional LOL. KG DOESN’T FLOP. Defense right in your face.

    – once a phenom, a complete player… stayed loyal to his team until he has to be traded (after his prime) to win a deserved championship.

  109. Patrickmarc says:

    Kevin Garnett ? great skill, good defense, but epidermic reaction that belongs to the past. Flat encephalon sometimes, we had some specimen before in NBA, not anymore now I think. (Meta world peace is working hard to be a gentleman)
    Actually referees won’t let KG acting like a stupid man.
    If we don’t have anymore players like him, I hope nobody will imitate him. Except by watching attentively his jump shot of course.

  110. charles says:

    Kevin Garnet couldn’t get it done with the wolves. He needed three future hall of famers to win a championship. Who couldn’t win with three future hall of famers?

    • Kamote says:

      Kobe? Lebron? only Duncan has that claim as Manu and Parker just got better playing with him.

      • dattebayo says:

        Oh come one, who on last year’s team will be a Hall of Famer besides Lebron and Dwyane? The only way Chris Bosh is getting in there is if the Heat win a lot more titles than 1.

        Kobe also got it done with Shaq alone and then with Pau. Granted, there were a lot of good players on those Laker teams, but no other Hall of Famers. When they had Payton and Malone, they lost the Finals to Detroit.

      • NBAfan787 says:

        Dirk Nowitski won a champion with 11 regular players that know 2 important words “Team Work”. Kobe have a have 3 rings thanks to Shaq and 2 more thanks to Gasol and World Peace. He could not do the job by making his teamates better like Duncan or Jordan. Garnett could won a lot of rings if he change team on his prime. Minesota never bring key players or star that could help him.

      • rondovision says:

        so are you saying that KG is not a future hall of famer?

      • Kamote says:

        wow… they actually deleted my post hahaha.

        @dattebayo… the Boston 3 may not have an HOF player if they didnt win the ring. Allen has the best shot for having the most 3s made. LBJ is sure for HOF w/o winning a ring, Wade gets his for leading the Heat champs w/ Shaq. LAL has Kobe, Shaq (he dominated in his time), Pau (for leading team Spain), Nash (2 MVPs) and DH (3 straight DPOYs). No point in your argument actually.

        @NBAfan787… No worries bro. Dirk deserves HOF not just for having an NBA ring, but also for leading Germany. Changed the game by having an almost 7ft player shooting from the outside. My apologies though, he won’t be at the same conversation w/ Duncan, Shaq or Kobe.

        @rondovision… bro, also a C’s fan. But we have to admit that KG will only cement his HOF (only 1 MVP) by winning a ring, Pierce isn’t even in top 5 in C’s history, Rondo isn’t even close yet. KG deserves it now because he became a champ, and I’m hoping they’d still make one last run.

    • DGrizz74 says:

      Kevin Garnett was by himself pretty much in Minnesota. Doing everything. After 10 years of getting absolutely no where with the twolves he joined two other 10 year veterans who paid there dues and they finally got a ring. Lebron and bosh have been in the League for only 7 or 8. Plus lebron had a championship potential team in Cleveland. Bosh didn’t have jack squat in Toronto so i can’t really blame in

    • EA says:

      Tim Duncan came to the league with the Admiral. KG never had a depender helper at the wolves, but he was going to stay but hit caring GM knew he couldn’t help him get a good player so he helped KG out. Name one team that did not have a bunch of all stars or atleast 2 superstars. between the 80’s and now? None, Kobe had Shaq then gasol at his prime, lebron had wade and bosh, jordan had pippen, and magic had worthy, bird had mchale them pistons had 4 all stars, and etc…. stop hating on players…exactly though barkley was his name, BARK ley… he would of slammed melo….ask Shaq

      • NBAfan787 says:

        Name one team that did not have a bunch of all stars or atleast 2 superstars. between the 80′s and now? None??? wrong!!!

        2011 Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzki (only star) won a champion with 11 regular players (please dont said Kidd he was already too old and done as a star, dont even say Marion cuz he was already done as a force, Peja? dont make me laugth) that know 2 important words “Team Work”. Each player on that team know their duties.

      • celtic533 says:

        You forgot KAREEM!

      • celtic533 says:

        @NBAFAN787 Jason Kidd plus Jason Terry in prime of prime and they had a lot of shooters not to mention good coach Rick Carlisle.And wasnt just Dirk in the playoffs.He became like a Kobe or Jordan or something and was so clutch.Plus that year OKC was real young and inexperienced and Lakers were fading away.i not saying it was an easy run but a lot of things went right for the Mavs.Oh and Tyson Chandler.

    • Paulius says:

      Lakers can not!!! hahaha

    • celticssssss says:

      he still won a championship mate doesnt matter wat u say and if it was that easy im sure every team would do it and wen he was with the wolves he got them to the conference finals he won league mvp and they were always a playoff team you must be a knicks fan by the sounds of it

    • hhchh says:

      i think you guys missed the point, hes saying anyone could win with 3 future hof players, not that you have to have 3 future hof players to win

    • Schemer21 says:

      Well Micheal Jordan couldn’t do it without the help of Hall of Famers.
      Also, who couldn’t win with 3 future hall of famers?? Have you seen the Lakers this season? $ future hall of famers and they’re a mess!!

    • warsame says:

      knicks have the best roster and bench in the league idiot

    • cum2face231 says:

      apperantly kobe cant.

    • danmontani says:

      lakers are lookin real good right now bro..HAH

    • celtic533 says:

      One of those 3 was him and the other two wouldnt have been HOF’s anyway without the championship.Besides his era was so competitive.If he was in his prime now the Celtics would have had like 20 championships.

  111. Bstarr says:

    KG is a NBA player that does what needs to be done to get the job done. He has a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

    And for Melo…stop whining during the match buddy and keep your focus on the game. Melo must be glad that he did not play in the Charles Barkley, Gary Payton and Dennis Rodman era. Those were really rude trash talkers. KG is polite compared to those guys. But I’m looking forward already to the next match between the C’s & Knicks.

    • Blank says:

      Garnett took to a personal level by insulting Melo’s wife. Melo then did what he did. Insulting someones family is playing basketball. Garnett has aged and can not rely on his game to shut the opposing team up so he chooses to get under there skin by insulting them and their families. Thats just wrong. He said it to the wrong person in Melo.

      • Blank says:

        I ment isn’t playing basketball.*

      • @slobrono1 says:

        how are you sure that kg said something bout melo’s wife?

      • celtic533 says:


      • Dante says:

        I want to applaud Marv Albert for giving me the details. The other guys Shaq, Barley and company swept it under the carpet.
        I personally have found issues in the past with Garnett offensive. I think he bad mouthed someone who was critically ill.

        It is not an issue of accepting trash talk, that has been pointed out as part of the game. Garnett clearly overstepped
        the rules and Melo who is used to the day to day trash talk in playing the game was taken over the line.
        Again not the first time for Garnett.
        Just like the NBA cleaned it up with their dress code they need to clean it up with someone who has set a standard
        in behaviour that most would not accept.Shame on the game for accepting this behaviour.
        Where are you David Stern ?

    • Bongoman55 says:

      Jordon and Bird were the worse.