Rockets’ White Won’t Go To D-League

HOUSTON — Nothing is ever as it seems for very long in the ongoing saga of Royce White and the Rockets.

Barely half a day after the team issued a release saying the rookie had been assigned to their NBA D-League affiliate Rio Grande Valley Vipers, White issued his own statement that calls that news untrue and questions the sincerity of the Rockets organization.

The information that the Houston Rockets have publicly presented about this situation has been extremely misleading and a lot of times totally inaccurate. An image of support has been presented by the Rockets, but the only logical support here would be listening to the recommendation of the medical professionals involved. That has not totally happened here. I have chosen to not play, because the doctors and I believe it to be unsafe for unqualified Rockets front office personnel to make medical decisions, as they are not mental health professionals.

The 6-foot-8 forward out of Iowa State, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, has been at odds with the Rockets due to what he claims is their unwillingness to accommodate his condition. The team had re-worked his contract to make provisions for White to sometimes travel between games by bus, since anxiety about flying is one of the symptoms of his illness.

White did not report to the Rockets’ training camp in Hidalgo, Tex, home to the Vipers and, after getting no playing time in the first five games of the regular season, he went AWOL following a game at Memphis on Nov. 9. He remained at odds with the club when management insisted that he attend therapy sessions with a psychologist of their choosing, but has since agreed to terms and evidently been working to heal the wounds.

White resumed working out at the Toyota Center during the past week while the Rockets have been on the road. It was believed that an agreement to go to the D-League was part of a multi-week plan to fully integrate White back into the Rockets organization.


  1. KD35 says:

    C’mon, it’s really frustrating! He needs to quit!!! NOW.

  2. Najee says:

    What are the Rockets waitin for! Cut this guy and move on. Theres no way that they can work around him and his disorder. I hate to see anyone lose their job but this guy really needs to think about a career change.


    Honestly. He knew when he entered the league that he was going to have to fly especially when the team has back-to-back games that are sometimes in 2 totally different states. I just think that at this point the Rockets need to just part ways with him and keep it moving because right now it is not working out and I don’t see this situation getting any better.

  4. Corey S says:

    Having this disorder doesn’t prevent ya from playing your home games. I mean if he really wanted to cooperate he coulda played the home games and road trips to San Antonio & Dallas, which is about a 3hr bus ride. Even OKC & New Orleans is still a reasonable bus ride.

  5. Luis says:

    I myself suffer from anxiety and panic disorder for 20 years. It’s brutal. It’s horrible to deal with. People will never understand you. Only sympathize or make fun of you. Take care Of yourself. Have therapy sessions. Take meds if doctor recommended. Make sure your life is balanced and anxiety free as possible. Don’t worry about the NBA, they don’t worry about you. Get well. Put your family and friends first. Everything else will sort itself out. You can’t control all your fears. Courage only comes from experiencing fear. Minimize your fears and slowly expose yourself. Get well. Don’t rush. God bless. For those of you bashing this guy. I hope you have a panic attack. Be human.

    • dattebayo says:

      If you know this condition so well, do you think that someone with this disorder could even become a successful NBA player? You travel a lot, there is a lot of attention from the media, road games can be very hostile because of the crowd, not to mention the constant expectations of fans, coaches and ownership. With all those influences, is there even a way to somehow control the disorder or to manage eventual panic attacks?

  6. cruzer says:

    well part of me feels sorry for this guy, but the nba is a business and if the guy can’t or won’t go to the d-leage then he needs to go, i think he is using his mental illness as an exuse, pay him off and let him go, if the rockets have agreed to help this guy and he is not taking the advise then, there is nothing else that they can do…they are offering to help him but he is not willing to, he thinks his doctors are better then there’s, he has to learn how to play the game. he is not helping himself right now.

  7. bj says:

    well, most you got to accept that some things are not so easy and straigth forward. the Rockets responsibility is to help this kid, wether continues to play or not, they signed on to it the moment they added him to the franchise. If you have full insight into his state, you are much appreciated to come with comments/remarks- this guy barely turned into his twenties. help do not hate him. as for him he should really get a better agent/advisor on public refrain.
    wonder if some NBA star came out and admitted being gay 🙂

    • cruzer says:

      really they are offering to help him but if he is not willing to work with them then he has know one to blame then himself, they are only going to go so far, it up to him to work this out and so far he is not willing to work things out maybe he should talk to ron artest how has mental issues so see how he is going it.

  8. Ms Ann says:

    If,Royce White did not disclosed he had a mental health issue before signing his contract,I am sure the owner of the Rockets attorneys can say goodbye to him and wish him the best.Going into 2013 the NBA owners need to implement better health checkups and hold the doctors accountable if they overlook flaws in any aspect of a players health status.Please take this man of the roster and move on and build your team around Lim/Harden.Royce comes across as a person regardless what the Rockets owners suggest,he will declined.Take this young man to court and sever ties with him and don’t trust this agent again.

    • cruzer says:

      Ms Ann – great comments and have to agree, for one if he did not disclose his illness until after he signed the contract then i would thing the contract was null and void, but i am not a lawyer, 2nd the rockets are only going to go so far to help this guy out, and for the way it sounds he is unwilling to listen to what they have to say, ur comments on sever ties is right on, that is what the rockets should do sorry but its his undoing, he needs to get better people around him.

  9. mark dacascos says:

    in the comming days.. we’ll see a news.. “Rockets fires White”

  10. mark dacascos says:

    coaches gets fired… this royce white can get fired easily for breach of contract. rockets management are really patient with this guy

  11. ben says:

    this Leon Smith 2 character will be out of the NBA by the end of the season

  12. cp10 says:

    Meanwhile the rest of us have to pay to ride on a plane

  13. -_- says:

    As a Rocket’s fan, I have to say this is very disappointing of White. I can’t imagine how it is for him with his mental issues, but it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who is making millions of dollars a year and just sitting around. It doesn’t seem like he is giving much effort to getting back on the court. If the Rockets are the “irresponsible” ones, then Royce should be trying to be the big man here. Why should the Rockets be concerned with him when they are doing pretty well (not of late, but still good) without him?!

  14. tar says:

    sad story but cut him.

    getting stick of reading about someone who’s never played a game, refuses help(d-league).

    i wouldn’t waste more time and money on him when all he does is trash the organization.
    he wont bring anything to the locker room besides cancer.

  15. stanfunky says:

    Delonte West had much more serious mental issues than Royce White, and teams worked with him (several) until things just got out of hand and they couldn’t let them slide. I think White is doing a disservice to anyone with mental issues, and needs to put up or shut up – he hasn’t proven anything yet, and must earn his playing time and role (in Houston or elsewhere) before he can be a pampered prince. If flying is really that serious of an issue for him, go to the D-League and tear it up while riding to games by bus or private car, and get serious about working on the anxiety, if you want to play in the NBA. That should be his focus, not trashing the organization that gave him a chance.

  16. gerald says:

    he need to get a regular job, that include not fly just driving back and forth home to work, work to home nba cant be a good job for him

  17. B. A. Baracus says:

    “I ain’t gettin’ on no plane, Hannibal.”

  18. AnnoYouLater says:

    damn this guy making people with disability look bad…irs makes me sad that this guy is able to play basket ball and greg oden cant….

  19. wooderson says:

    never heard of him but it sounds like newsworthy stuff…. nawt

  20. Julio Garcia says:

    Terrence Jones will be the next on to force not going do D-League ????

  21. Rocket33 says:

    So what happens if Royce actually plays an NBA game? If the refs make a bad call against him is that going to affect his mental health as well? I’m sorry but I think his actions are doing more to hurt future players with mental health issues, rather than raise awareness and pave the way. Sure, there is a huge lack of understanding from all of us. We can’t pretend to know what is really going on inside his head. But the way I see it, if a swimmer/surfer can get attacked by a great white shark and get back in the water, Royce can make a go of this. It’s a shame because he is very talented and right now that talent is going to waste. The Rockets took a chance on him but right now they owe him nothing. It’s the sensitive issue of mental health that is why he still has a job. Any other player would have been released a long time ago for speaking out publicly against the team like he has.

  22. D says:

    He’s cousins without the talent.

  23. Davide says:

    at this stage, the only and probably best thing he can do if he still wants to play basketball is go to Europe, he can play in some countries where he can probably travel by bus or train, the issue is that he has to fly to get there 😀

  24. Ray says:

    I feel sorry for the dude because he does have a mental illness but it does seem like the team is trying to help him out. Whoever is advising the young man needs to sit him down and tell him to go to the D League like the rockets want him to if he wants to continue to get paid. They are paying him to play basketball which he hasn’t been doing very much of lately and if he doesn’t want to go to the D League I believe the rockets may even have a case to release him without paying his contract. The best thing for both parties would probably be for the rockets to release him and to buy out the remainder of his contract.

  25. JAC says:

    SS an anxiety disorder is way more than a fear of flying, or some phobia. You wouldn’t say someone with cancer just had the flu, or someone with Diabetes just needs to diet more. An anxiety disorder is a debilitating thing. I don’t agree with how White is handling this situation at all, but people need to understand that this is about more than just a fear of flying.

    White is exhibiting the typical entitlement mentality that a lot of people his age have. Rather than work and earn the respect, voice, and influence he wants, he believes it should be automatically given to him because of his illness. He expects everyone to compromise for him, but he refuses to give in return.

    Yes he is fighting a mental illness, but he is also fighting a lack of maturity and a warped sense of entitlement commonly seen in our society.

  26. joseph says:

    stop being scared we need you man

  27. Metta says:

    Okay, no he isn’t handling the situation in the best way, but he has an ilness and he wants them to work with his illness so he can live out his dream. Must be tough

  28. Reuben says:

    The best way to get over anxiety is to just do it; it’s not going to kill you.

  29. KING ALEX says:

    Part of the blame goes to scouting of the rockets, but most all goes on white. you pick the wrong career buddy, you new coming into the leauge that you would have to travel by plane sometimes. so why play ball to get money i guess. rockets should of new the extent of his anxiety an not even pick him up. aint like this kid was no carmelo or durant or big superstar player in college. he wasnt worth the risk. he i not a future franchise player. i feel for him, but this is a buisness. you dont play you shouldnt get pay or you should be fine. its the nature of the buisness kid. no one is going to baby you because this aint a death or something that came up all of a sudden, this is a situation that you new you had a nd you new you wasnt goinbg to be able to travel. what you thought you was going to play only home games as a clause in your contract. Get this guy out the leauge please lol

  30. Chester says:

    Stop using your illness as an excuse white. There are those out there with more serious mental issues who dont have your resources available to them, who are able to make the best of it and lead good lives. You are not entitled to anything until you commit, work hard and earn it. As for the rockets, i think they are afraid if they get rid of him they will be seen as politically incorrect and minority bashing. Just fire him, maybe send him to an institution or afghanistan to see how really lucky he is

  31. Joe says:

    What a waste of a draft pick. There was so much talent this year too…

  32. Steve says:

    White had no intention on playing basketball. He just wanted a team to take care of his medical needs and if they didn’t try and make them look bad for not doing so.

  33. It’s funny how Royce’s anxiety didn’t stop him once from playing basketball for NCAA or declaring for the draft early.

    I wonder what changed???$$$$$????

  34. Kenny says:

    Oh c’mon! I studied Special Education concerning mental conditions and it’s not best to make your disability as an excuse to learn new things and live a productive life. White needs to battle his fears and live as normal as he can. Rockets won’t waste their effort if they don’t want him to prosper as a person.

  35. Sam says:

    He can come to Hong Kong to play. All teams play in one arena. No flying.

  36. Andy says:

    Such a waste of talent, saw him play.. very promising.

    Chandler is turning out to be a gem, so it kinda evens out the situation for the Rockets.

  37. Sandy NC says:

    Royce White does nothing but complain and accuse the Rockets.
    He only demands special accommodations for his condition – which unfortunately are not feasible in the fast paced world of pro basketball. [By the way, here is a question that I never saw addressed: did Royce have to board airplanes, and did he do it, while playing in NCAA?].

    What is mostly missing from Royce’s statements is ANY indication that he’s trying to do anything to overcome his mental problems. We are talking here (based on having studied psychology) on a relatively mild psychological problem (certainly so, when compared to major personality disorders).
    Is it debilitating? Yes, IF not properly taken care of. But it is very manageable. You take a pill before a flight, and more important, you work with a psychotherapist to get over this irrational state of mind.
    You do these things, if you want to get better, if you don’t just indulge in whining. Royce’s worst problem is not his fear of flying, is his refusal to try to get it under control – which again, is perfectly feasible.

    He shows endless self-indulgence, no sense of responsibility towards the franchise that drafted him; he did absolutely nothing for them, but they pay him a big salary, so he can keep whining and attacking them.
    You need some will to cooperate and some inner toughness, Royce, as a prerequisite for making a psychotherapist’s work with you successful, for your own good; that’s the opposite of whining and posing as a “poor victim”.
    It’s been reported that Royce rejected the Rockets’ offer to have a psychologist work with him.

  38. Mike says:

    Anxiety is such a complex thing, many professionals suffer; however, the Rockets seem to be willing to help him out, but according to their terms. NBA is no different than any business. They picked him, so help him heal. Make the contract more comprehensive, the public cannot figure out whether he is stubborn and seems to want his way or the highway, nor the Rockets really sure of their position, help him make it work. As a teacher myself, with Tourettes Syndrome, I must meet halfway, can’t shut of the mental illness but certainly you must be accepting of taking the bus to games, and maybe they can let you out of wind sprints…work it out people, work it out.

    I’d take a week in the d-league anyday! Even with tourette’s I’d ride the bus…give me a week Rockets, just one week in the D-league, make it a documentary…would they be ok with my clearing of throat and eye ticks, cause i’d meet them halfway…C’mon Rockets, give me a week!!!

  39. TeamKB says:

    It’s a shame to let talent such as he possesses go to waste.. Dude could have been great if he actually gave it a chance.

  40. 4dawyn says:

    The thing is this dude acts like the rockets owe him and he wants the rockets organization to adjust to his likings. This idiot doesn’t realize that he owes a lot to the rockets for picking him even with his mental health issues, with that being said this fool should be the one adjusting and should be doing his best to help the team and not to add more dead weight…

  41. Miles says:

    What the heck is wrong with america? so many people with psychological problems. We are a country of a 100million strong but we rarely see such problems.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      320 million last i checked, generally we’d jump at the chance to do somethin we loved and get paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO IT, if i had to take a bus or drive then so be it, heck they done provided that already, just for him

  42. ko0kie says:

    omg,.. why did he even declare for the draft? what did he expect?! the rockets probably believed it would not be that bad.
    what happens with his contract? still guaranteed first round rookie contract?

  43. A-Team says:

    Can’t they just work it out the way B.A. and Murdock worked it out in the movie A-Team? Just tranquilize him or something (with White’s consent of course), then probably cook him his favorite snack when he wakes up.

  44. Anon says:

    Mental illness is the same as an injury, just one that rarely heals. His situation is no different than a player suffering a broken arm, you wouldn’t ask that player to perform. As for the rockets, you might just have to chalk this one up because his illness is severe and the show must go on.

  45. T-Swift says:

    I knew you were trouble when you walked in………

  46. beyKrewz says:

    NBA wannabe who does’nt even played a single minute and contributed for his team but is now acting like a primadonna???!
    send your resume to walmart boy and stop your basketball aspirations!

  47. Jermey says:

    Mental Health is a real condition, and needs to be treated as such; life is not black and white its varying shades of grey. Royce has made it clear from the start what is disorder he has and now it just seems too hard for the rockets.

  48. Moe says:

    Rockets shouldve scouted this problem with Royce, why do they even drafted him? What a waste of talent.

  49. yeah says:

    he should play in the philippines.. players play on 3-4 courts there and all of them near-by.. no need for airplanes, just buses.. aha..

  50. glyceman says:

    don’t post this drama anymore. seriously. we need to move on. it’s not like everything in the NBA revolves around this guy.. who is he again?

  51. Dieter says:

    I hope the Rockets will sue him for not doing his job.
    He gets a huge salary for being a baby… illness or not, act professional and be positive.

  52. Steffen says:

    If this guy stays in the league in any way or shape, its because the league wants a guy with these problems. If he is still here after the season, I be suprised if a eskimo ISNT drafted along with a 59 year old with one leg. Just to get all kinds of ppl in. A women could also be in the cards come draft day.

    Get this kid out, he has problems fair enough, but NBA is the best of the best. It’s not for mortals like you and me. This guy needs to understand that and get out. Or Rockets needs to cut their losses quickly.

  53. taffster74 says:

    Most of the people commenting here come across as nothing more than bullies – “Oh you’ve got an owie? Let me hit it for you.” You are self-centered ignorami who have no concern for anyone but yourselves. Anxiety disorder is a debilitating disease. I myself don’t have it, but it is comparable to many well-recognised phobias – many of which can be quite debilitating. I’m talking phobias like arachnophobia, Agoraphobia (fear of open places), Acrophobia (fear of heights). It is also comparable to OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) – in certain cases it can be very disabling. The Rocket’s knew about his disorder before the draft, yet they still drafted him. What do they do?call in their own psychologists who -by the sound of it – are just as ignorant of Mr White’s disorder as many people here. Rather than calling in professionals who actually know how to deal with this, they resort to shipping a talented player to the D-League because they don’t want to deal with it. Yes, Royce can play all home games (41) and can drive/take the bus to all games within driving distance (another 5-10 games). It seems to me that the large part of this issue is with the training staff refusing to train him properly because of their ignorance of the issue. In summary, all of you ignorant bullies pull your heads out your rear and actually do some research before opening your rediculous little mouths.

  54. bu says:

    this guy is prob not faking the illness but hell, everyone has to prove themselves in the NBA. nothing wrong with what the Rockets are doing. if this dude keeps this up, no other teams would want him. 2 yr free salary? even if he gets it, no other team would want him & he cannot just work hard then to become a player in NBA. you need full organization support, playing time, playing thru mistakes, good mentors to hv a chance to be successful in NBA. i don’t think him & his agent is that dumb not to realize this as they’re asking for playing time in NBA not in D-league.

  55. White, please no more mental excuse! says:

    and one more thing, common, man, don’t make people who have mental problem so weak!!!!!!!Royce White. There are people who have mental problem but doing really good and successful in life than normal people. It’s not an excuse!!!!!!!Take the Nobel prize economist winner with schizophrenia for example. Go watch that movie, A beautiful Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. philly says:

    drop this guy now! so much drama and he hasnt even played with the team yet . . . . wasted draft pick

  57. focereal says:

    This dude is a clown, if your gonna play in a grown man league then act like a grown man..

  58. aaa says:

    What the heck are these writers talking about? Anxiety isn’t an illness or a disorder. That’s stupid.

  59. Wonder Kid says:

    I don’t know what he expects the Rockets to do for him? give him a starting position based on what? he hasn’t proven himself at all, and Rockets have given him chances to do so, but he just rejects them. Reminds me of as a kid I ask for some toys, but my mom tells me I will only receive them if I get good grades. AT one point, I realize the more I cry and pout, the less chance of me getting it. grow the hell up royce white.

  60. Hoopzaah says:

    I kinda understand his point of view… While dudes like Bynum are carried like lords with every bills paid when injured while bowling or Love’s injury while sleeping or even Boozer’s luck a couple of years ago, breaking his hand while taking out the trash, White probably is treated like a bump or a a spoiled brat and no kind of treatment is arranged.
    Not worth mention what mental stuff has done in the US, specially this month. Weird to see that everybody keeps bullying like this issues were some sort of moody, selfish behavior. Then, it happens again and it is an inconceivable tragedy.
    White has a point, but he’s addressing something that even in politics its chosen to be a forgotten and forbidden subject. But like in the webs, in real life, problems like this are something really hard to talk about because nobody, really nobody understands or even tries to. I wish the best for him so he can suit up and help the emerging Rockets.

  61. Hwight Doward says:

    What a royal pain in the neck this Royce White. Every update on him just pisses me off even more, not that I am anyone considerably important, however most if not all can agree where I’m coming from. Grow up Royce White. Your not a child anymore.

  62. Brazilian Jax says:

    He doesn’t want to play.

    He just wants to steal that 2 years of salary and be the imaginer he is meant to be.

  63. wuffe says:

    I read that the Owner Leslie Alexander said “Everyone has been effected by this situation , including the organization”. I will lay you a dollar to a donut that he laid into Daryl Morey for taking that chance on that #16 pick and said from now on Mental Health issues are a priority when drafting. One Player that is helping the cause that no one expected is Metta World Peace. He thanked his pschiatrist on national TV after winning the championship and has made a real turn around.

  64. Billy says:

    He needs inner healing and deliverance.

  65. Neo says:

    Man,I’m sorry for Roy…He does everything a man could do to play the game,and was an all-star.White demands too many and he has yet to prove anything..So I don’t feel sorry for his disorder but for some other guys that risk even their knees to play some basketball…

  66. john denver says:

    there are more players willing to be in his slot in the nba. he’s such a cry baby.

  67. Tim Donaghy says:

    Rockets just need to waive him or buy out his contract and wipe their hands clean of this “experiment”.

  68. the truth says:

    royce white is the best player since jordan

  69. Henrik Jensen says:

    many people have illness from anxiety, i had my self a few years back, its very common, and i understand it, don’t think for a second that Royce White is enjoying it, its very hard, but professionals have got to work with these things, ex. Dennis Bergkamp from Arsenal, football player newer have flied with the team for one of their 30th or more games in europe, but he managed still to be a super player, it can be that royce white don’t like to travel by air, but if his talented enough, which team wouldn’t take these procossions, he can still play every game in West + all 41 home games, thats maybe 60-65 games a year, thats fine, thats really fine + maybe a couple of games here and there whenever there is time for taking the bus/car, etc. and when he gets over his anxiety he can start playing real b-ball again, with full schedule..

    stay tied my man, your going to be alright 🙂

  70. Valter says:

    At An anxiety disorder can be quite disabling,however, the fact that the Rockets took a chance on this guy tells me the”I’m not being supported” act is being exacerbated. Royce needs to realise that in spite of his issues he HAS to play, and the progress so far being close to zero tells me his trusted doctors are not difference makers, at all. For the love of God, the guy barely practiced.

  71. aaaaaa says:

    I don’t feel sorry or him, but its a shame he’s not playing. I liked what I saw during the Summer League from him.

  72. Brian says:

    Dennis Bergkamp an amazing soccer forward from Netherlands also suffered from the same issue in the 90s. He drove to many games across Europe and ended up being one of the greatest soccer players who’s ever lived. There is no reason almost 20 years later a basketball player cannot do the same thing.

  73. Viper says:

    Just get the dude outta the team, buyout his contract or something, he is bringing so much negativity to the team who is on the verge of building its own identity.

  74. royce white says:

    all of you people hateing on me need to SHUT UP now my skill level can not be matched by anyone playing in the nba

  75. Kevin says:

    Get out of here Royce .__..

  76. dirkkk says:

    he should be traded to the bobcats

  77. Rob says:

    None of us probably completely know both sides of the story here.
    I do know this for sure and that is the D-League teams fly on airplanes to games so being the D-League would not solve the flying issue. Have you looked at the location of the teams? Do you really think the Vipers are traveling by bus to the West and East coasts. They play all of the other teams, not just Dallas and Austin.

  78. Neal says:

    Mr. White should stay in mental health institution till complete recovery. Get rid of him now, it would benefit both parties. I don’t see any sign of hope for Rockets to get this big mess straight out.

  79. brett says:

    this guys a joke millions of kids would want hes shot at the nba but theirs always someone who feels sorry for theirselves just hope on the plane and play its in your head you cant fly just do it or quit the nba all i bet the moneys to good for u when you havent earnt it . rockets dont need you anyway and this is coming from a suns fan

  80. Anchorman says:

    As Malcolm X once said: “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

  81. yrreyj says:

    He should know in the first place that playing in the NBA is not the same as playing in college basketball, they travel a lot by plane. Can he travel with bus to China?

  82. Jersey Jim says:

    Wow, not a single positive comment. You could probably get at least a couple of supportive comments even if you were the Devil himself, right?

    The NBA has it’s share of prima donna’s, but normally you have to do something first to earn the “right” to have your BS tolerated.

    The mental illness in this case isn’t the supposed anxiety nonsense, it is the outrageous entitlement belief!

    • Jersey Jim says:

      My bad, I missed the one single supportive opinion. The Devil can relax now.

      By the way, it would seem the the Rockets will provide this young man a few million dollars to keep anyone from thinking that he is underprivileged. Hope he manages the money wisely. 99.99% of the population would at least consider changing places with him if it included a nest egg like that.

      • Eli Odell J. says:

        millions of dollars for absolutely nothin, nay lessn’n nothin, a big smack and a middle finger up to houston and everybody who likes their basketball team

  83. Gary Auslander says:

    NBA teams only play 15 road games out of their conference. A smart East coast GM can get him on waivers and set him up with a car and driver for the other 67 games.

    • Average Joe says:

      That was one of the things that the Rockets provided for White, except that the car is actually a bus just for him. So you see, the Rockets have thought of that but this kid would have none of it. Pretty sad, really, considering that he could develop into one of the stars in the league but with his attitude problem, who knows?

  84. Joaquin says:

    I dont have a mental disorder, but cmon kid, youre getting paid damn millions of dollars to get on a damn plane, travel and just play friggin basketball, DO IT, jeez

  85. Albert says:


  86. LOL says:

    what is special about you Royce White????every rookie had been sent to D-league before and you refused to go basic on what?????even Jeremy Lamb had been sent to D-league too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what is you problem really??????????????

  87. LOL says:

    lol…what did he wants???????????????White, what is your problem?

  88. CLIPSSS says:

    This guy has waaay to much drama. Rockets would be smart to waive him.

  89. Trav says:

    everyone is commenting on the basketball aspect of the situation, the rockets knew he had this condition and were willing to take the risk and hes willing to take the risk to play basketball. he has an illness which means he needs help and if the rockets are not helping him what is he to do? you people kill me that’s like saying it was warranted for magic to retire because he had aids. smh! blasphemy

    • Average Joe says:

      Are you sure the Rockets aren’t helping him? We know that we aren’t getting the whole story from both sides, but how can we be sure that the Rockets, or Royce White for that matter, is to blame?

  90. joey says:

    get him out of the league, if you are scared of flying then dont do a job that one of the duties is to FLY everywhere. Thats like being a nurse thats scared of blood….

  91. brad says:

    This story and thread shows up Americans as being completely ignorant of the intricacies of mental health issues. If Royce had a physical condition the rockets would be bending over backwards to accommodate him.

    • Average Joe says:

      If his mental health issues prevent him from getting on an airplane, which is the fastest and most convenient way for NBA players to travel between games, then Royce White should seek an alternate career, one that doesn’t require flying. Mental health ain’t no joke, we all know that, but this guy is using his disorder to lambast the organization that drafted him, made adjustments so he could join the team in games and paid for most everything that he is enjoying now. Point is, if he;’s afraid of flying, he should change jobs to one that doesn’t require going aboard airplanes.

  92. alex says:

    mental health is not a joke to be taken lightly. this has nothing to do with basketball or whether he is able to survive in the league. this is about 40% of the current population who suffers from disorders as such and are suffocating on the inside, an issue that will become more apparent in the next 20 years. I will not be surprised to see more or less people diagnosed with mental disorders with the advent of the diagnostic statistical manual 5 which is coming out in 2013.

  93. Jon says:

    Why won’t White travel to Houston by bus, practice with the team, play home games and then play in the d-league when the Rockets are on the road. That should have been one of the first things they’ve done in training camp. He can seek a psychologist in the Houston area or have one flew in to help him.

  94. Anonymous Agoraphobic says:

    The lack of understanding here is appalling. The insulting and ableist comments from the ill informed is unbearable. Royce White has a debilitating disorder, as serious as broken legs for those of you who doubt it’s seriousness. Royce “supposedly” was very up front with the Rockets organization prior to any contracts, where both parties agreed Royce would be provided special accommodation. Point being, the Rockets as a professional organization knew the potential risk and made the deal regardless….honor the deal, right? Best of luck to Mr. White for pushing forward in the face of such adversity, both medically, and from a callous, empathy lacking public.

    • Steve R says:

      Get on the plane whine box. I wonder if he was shipping to Afghanistan what the Army would do to “help” him. LOL sit down shut up. Must have to be a spoiled athlete to “afford” this terrible disease…..Geez! As far as understanding his problem……no thanks, want to hear my lil problems? Once again, get on the plane whine box.

    • the other says:

      So far, the above comment is the only sane one in this whole thread and needs to be praised. The unwillingness of most “commentators” to at least try to understand what mental illness could mean is absolutely frightening. Such attitudes is what fueled the dark days of social-darwinistic thought. Sadly, it has always been easier to buy a gun than to come to terms with the other. Sad but true. Although we don’t know all the detaíls about this story, it is already an achievment that White is going public, using social media in it’s only rational way – to point at problems that are usually neglected.

      • Eli Odell J. says:

        hey buddy i had a deep depression in my past, hell i had anxiety problems when i was 16/17, y’know what? i manned up and got over em, mind over matter, IT AINT NO BROKEN LEG, i’m tougher than that and i demand everybody else do the same, this guy’s got some “anxiety” problem , they call it “generalized” just so ya know its bs, if he aint ready to meet that, if he aint a match for it, then he aint needed or wanted

    • J gutta says:

      Dude he’s been a jerk off to the organization blasting them and then not wanting to play dleague where he will b taking a bus why?? Cuz he’s good? Cuz he was drafted 1 overall? He scored 60 points in the NCAA tourney to make a name for himself??? No he did none of those things he’s been a drama queen and has chosen not to meet his team who is giving him an inordinate amount of money to play a child’s game anyway half way. I fully understand that he has a mental health issue and I feel for Jon that way but his entitlement and his lack of maturity and professionalism is why he merits all this criticism not due to his disorder due to him acting like a jerk who gets to play a child’s game for a job smh

    • Tim NBA Fan says:

      Some of the comments here are overly callous, but in this situation it seems Mr. White does deserve some criticism. He has a mental condition that is as debilitating as a chronic physical condition. The Rockets drafted him, because he seemed like he could overcome his condition, as he appeared to do in college. Whether a player is broken physically or mentally both deserve some sympathy, but if he is too broken to get the job done sympathy shouldn’t lead to multi-millions in salary. If he is disabled to the point that he can’t do his job he needs to find another job or go on disability. There have been both mental health and physical health success stories in the NBA, but there have been failures as well. The Blazers knew Brandon Roy had knee issues going into the draft. If he hadn’t been as successful and failed to play actual games, the organization would have moved on quickly. White seems to have expectations beyond the special stipulations in the contract he signed. If that is true, the Rockets should cut their losses now.

    • Nat Rowntree says:

      Totally agree with you, Anonymous Agoraphobic. The number of these comments that seem to think his mental health issue is simply a fear of flying is staggering. Total ignorance of a very serious condition.

      • Smiley says:

        ya, all he seems to have a fear of is to do work demanded from his boss and the fear that everyone that he works for is conspiring against his health. All the time he was preaching about his mental health, he could have showed up to practices/games as expected or played in the d-league like so many others before him had done, and the comments would have been much more friendly. But instead he did what a kid would do when he didn’t get the toy he wants at toysRus, sit on the floor and cry to the whole world.

  95. hary says:


  96. Tkincaid says:

    At least Rodman could play.

  97. ivascu alin says:

    he does not deserves the atention! he took a spot from a real player in the draft! he does not want to play he is a drama quuen who needs atention and acts like is a hof!! sick of him release him and sign someone who deserves it! Go to a hospital if your sick d’ont eat money from guys who deserves to play like the players in the D-league! SMH!!

  98. Bear says:

    Obviously we don’t get the full story from either side, but from where i’m standing Royce is just being an a$$. So many people would do anything to be in his position. I understand that he wants to bring mental health issues to the forefront, but if that’s the case he can do it while playing in the D league. All the games are by bus, it’s as close to the nba as he’s going to get. It’s ridiculous that there is a roster spot held for him and he won’t even meet half way. He needs to grow up. No other team is going to want him either, so if he thinks he can work his way out of the Rockets organisation and another team would treat him better, he needs a reality check.

  99. RJ says:

    Come on Royce… You have to be accomodating to your team, too. If you help them help you, they will be much more willing to help.

  100. Iota says:

    Just get rid of him already. This guy has got no respect nor any sense of responsibility.
    He doesn’t deserve a job anywhere, be it in NBA or not.

  101. Mr T says:

    Take a sedative already.

  102. Beavis says:

    this guy is a big goofball. Can the Rockets just waive him?

  103. Not Another One says:

    Nove over DWight we now have Royce White the Leagues new Drama Queen

  104. natefilewood says:

    I dont get paid ridiculous sums of money to do something I love, do you? I doubt it. Man up dude, get on the damn plane or go home. Either way, shut up.

  105. erwin says:

    Why should the Rockets management waste time on this guy? Theres a lot of talented players toiling in the D-League, drop White if he cannot face his so called anxieties.

  106. neitel says:

    Royce, you are sooo ungrateful. #anxiertytroopers my butt!!! you are such an ungrateful person, see..i was reading all the tweets from royce white and i gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe the rockets are being hard on this kid, but all along i have noticed that the rockets are trying to help him….if you want to play, you have to start from the bottom! not right up there with 30 minutes a game?!! not even rasheed wallace gets that! i hope you just retire…dont think you gonna come and demand to play or minutes on the court when you haven’t prove yourself! retire please, rockets does not need you at all. they are doing great without you.

  107. sam says:


  108. A.J. says:

    Boy, Daryl Morey really blew it on this nut job. You can’t rehab the Delonte West losers of this world, what was Morey thinking. He might as well have drafted the dude that killed John Lennon, at least that guy knew how to shoot.

  109. ivascu alin says:

    Waive him and maybe he will get healty! D/ont keep a rosterspot fill for this kid!

  110. trouble says:

    trouble trouble trouble

  111. XSP17 says:

    What the heck was this guy thinking when he signed up for the NBA; they catch buses everwhere?

    • mark says:

      He has mental health problems. Logic and thinking have nothing to do with what he does and says (so it seems). It’l be different next year, because at the beginning of the year (if his attitude doesn’t change), the Rockets won’t pick up the remaining years’ options and his “free ride” will be over. He will have ruined any chance to make it in the NBA, because no other team will put up with this.

      NBA teams need players they can depend on day in and day out, not some Prima Donna who thinks he is better than anyone else and that rules apply to everyone except for himself. The first clue of this was when he showed up a week late to training camp and then claimed that he was being “proactive” in dealing with his anxiety. It would have been “proactive” if he came to training camp a month early, ironed out the deal for travel at that time to lessen the anxiety of travel and blend in with the team. I feel sorry for the Rockets and other Rockets fans, but I will never feel sorry for this guy. At this time, he doesn’t deserve to be one of the up to 450 people who get to be on an NBA team.

  112. Joe says:

    Who is Royce White anyway???

    • RJ says:

      16th pick this year or something. Body and game somewhere between Lebron James and Boris Diaw if he develops. I guess if he can’t overcome his health issues, he never will develop, though.

  113. Quadre says:

    Wow what a waste of a pick smh

  114. TWizz says:

    I’m seriously getting tired of hearing about this guy..

  115. Wallace says:

    All right…U can go home now

  116. rogerbrad says:

    We need to get rid of this joker… Don’t waste any time with this fool…

  117. rogerbrad says:

    we need to unload this joker…

  118. slider821 says:

    ahahah, this dude Royce makes me laugh. He hasn’t earned anything and expects to be treated like a king. Months ago I said this dude will never play in the NBA because of his attitude and now he refuses to even play in the D league.

    He’s like the paris hilton of the NBA but the difference is he will be broke with no future in less than a year. But I love it, he’s a joke and it makes me laugh so I hope he continues these shenanigans as long as Houston continues to try to milk what may be the worst draft pick ever.

  119. Chad says:

    Why would you ever join the NBA if you planned on doing this. If you cant play basketball because of your “mental health” you had no right joining the league. You should be forced to pay your contract back to the team that agreed to travel accomodations but because you were unhappy with your role and playing time you use your mental health as an excuse. Just a big joke. I pray that you become homeless at some point in your life so you will realize what its like to have nothing. Never take life for granted. So many other people overcome greater things in life than what youre dealing with.
    so irritated over this whole situation. so sick and tired of Royce White.

    • Ming Lau (From HK) says:

      Hi Mr Royce White, I’m a person who is living in somwehere very far away from the US but I always check out the news about you as I’m a Rockets’ fan. I know you’re a guy with great basketball talent and has got a gift of strong physical body alongside a tough character. In court, you play like a beast. The team spirit of Rockets currently led by J-Lin and James Harden is really amazing. The whole team is running much smoothier than that at the start of the season. I pity your current circumstances, in particular your anxiety disorder problems which lingers in your life. I hope you will get well. I also trust “you wish to play”. Please do not lose your faith even no one understand you. If you think something is right, just insist the way you go. I believe that there is always someone who can bring the necessary wayout for you but it’s just that he is yet to come for the moment.

  120. Erik says:

    It is a sad story, but it is time for the Rockets to cut losses and waive him. My heart goes out to Royce. He will receive two years worth of salary, which is enough for a young man to start rebuild his life.

    • truthrevealer says:

      For what? It’s ridiculous how you feel sorry for this guy. He doesn’t wat to do anything but making dramas.

      • Erik says:

        I feel sorry for him because he is a sick person and because of his sickness his considerable talent is doomed to be wasted. That is why. I m human.

      • SS says:

        He’s a afraid of flying. It’s sad that he can’t do what he loves because of a phobia. He needs to accept that and chose another career.

  121. JAC says:

    White is making it impossible for any other player with mental health issues to make it in the NBA without hiding their condition. He is doing the very opposite of what he wants to do. He is turning people against players with mental health issues.

    • Mind Reader says:

      No offense to White, but NBA is basketball to players not to owners. To owners, NBA is all about business. Part of the business requires players to play together and do things together as a team. White’s condition tells him NBA is the wrong career choice for him. If he really loves basketball, there are many places he can play that dont require flying, i.e. YMCA, 24hr fitness, or even the D-League. But if he wants to make money in the NBA he has to fly with the rest of team. This is not a discrimination. This is like saying White should not get a career at an airline as a pilot. He will put all travelers at risk for flying. Same with basketball, he will waste MY money and everyone else’s for buying tickets to the games!!

      • Andy says:

        What you said makes absolutely no sense. He wouldn’t have to fly as part of the D-League? Why not? They have away games too. It’s not at all like saying White shouldn’t be a pilot either. Nobody is, “at risk” and it’s not “wasting money” for him to not play. All it’s doing is wasting the Rockets time. If he is going to refuse the treatment offered to him by the team paying him a ton of money then he doesn’t deserve it, it’s as simple as that. They have tried to do what they can to help and this is how he repays them, by calling them insensitive and blaming them. Yes, he has a mental illness. He is going about dealing with it in the worst way you possibly could.

  122. Angelzfromhell says:

    dead weight. but good pick for the rockets. they picked 2 sfs in case white doesn’t work out. Clearly white is unable to play basketball

    • Sg23 says:

      did you even read your message before you clicked enter ? dead weight but good choice, are you stupid man… obviously it was a TERRIBLE PICK considering that he has zero impact on the team and is a FIRST ROUNDER. I dont doubt his skill set and you have to remember skills can take you so far but his condition is detrimental and makes him an impossible player to have in the nba, he better have an alternative plan because his time is limited in this league especially with how entitled he acts when hes accomplished nothing.

  123. Chad says:

    dear god, please get this dude out of the league. So sick of this.