Heat’s Lost Weekend A Hiccup


HANG TIME, Texas — What if the Mayans just missed it by a week?

Isn’t the Heat losing on back-to-back nights to the Pistons and Bucks really the end of the world?

That certainly will be the talk in South Florida and all points in the anti-Heat miasma, at least until LeBron & the boys show up in Orlando for New Year’s Eve.

On Friday night Miami blew a 10-point lead in losing to the lowly Pistons. On Saturday night they collapsed like a tin shack in a hurricane in the fourth quarter and were whipped by the feisty Bucks.

Uh-oh. Here it comes. The hue and cry from Panicsville:

Shane Battier treats rebounds like they’re radioactive and fast players go past him like he is a deep-rooted tree. Mike Miller has to be the worst bench player in the NBA who plays significant minutes. Neither could hold down a roster spot on another other NBA club.

“Norris Cole is another not-ready-for-prime-time player. Mario Chalmers is too inconsistent. Ray Allen suddenly looks creaky and at least twice his age, as if his hair would be pure white if he’d let it grow in. Chris Bosh doesn’t know the first thing about playing defense.

“So all the Heat really are is a two-man gang of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and we all know that Wade is wearing out, which is obvious on those nights when he isn’t pulling dirty tricks to get himself suspended.”

It’s enough to get one lost in the standings. I went to the Eastern Conference list and for all my trying couldn’t find Miami down there at the bottom with Washington, Cleveland and Charlotte, where you’d think they’d belong after this Lost Weekend.

Oh, there are the Heat, still up there on top of everyone, including the Knicks who have beaten them twice.

So what happened? In short, the NBA. Sometimes it simply opens its jaws and bites you.

This was only the second time all season that the Heat have lost two in a row, though it was the first time that they took back-to-back losses by double digits.

It was Miami’s succumbing to the grind of a grueling holiday season schedule and and despite all of those muscles and the record-tying string of 28 consecutive 20-point games to open the season, proof that even LeBron is human and eventually became gassed and asked out in the third quarter.

“I was dog tired,” he said. “I would have been cheating my teammates if I stayed out there.

“Four games in five nights . . . we felt it.”

Leave it to our man Ira Winderman of the SunSentinel to provide a bit of perspective and sanity:

Wow, this must be the worst two-game losing streak ever. And the six-game winning streak that preceded it, including the victory over Oklahoma City, clearly was a mirage. OK then, so you’re essentially saying that Erik Spoelstra must be Coach of the Year to have this group at 20-8? Or could it be a schedule that had them playing four games in five nights on Christmas week. Put it this way, how many people do you know who were asked to work in four different cities in five days this past week, Christmas week? Sometimes you bite the schedule; sometimes the schedule bites back.

Let’s face it. Other than the Clippers, Thunder and Spurs, is there another team that can feel as good about its championship chances as 2013 approaches as the Heat? If I gave you the rest of the Eastern Conference contenders, would you figure one of them will be making up half of The Finals next June?

More from Winderman:

Wade said it is another case of the Heat having to step back, address the issues raised in the last two games.

“It’s going to take time, every year,” he said. “You have to figure it out as a team.”

In other words, relax and Happy New Year.


  1. Beverly says:

    Fran Blinebury:

    It was very painful reading your “harsh negitivity” in this article. I enjoy other writer’s articles on nba.com
    much more than your. Not sure if I will read anymore of your articles. TOO NEGATIVE!!

  2. Moochiiieee says:

    For the HEAT haters out there.. IF a team losing 2 streaks is Panicville then What should we call on the lakers RECORD??? Los Angeles Doomsday???? Or Most Expensive Mediocre???

  3. dexter says:

    this is article is biased nonsense to read

  4. Jayson03 says:

    Chris Bosh at center is fine.. Lebron and wade needs more space to operate inside… Heat needs more effort in defense and gang rebound just like last year to repeat :))))

  5. Tophercheese says:

    Oh my god. It seems that are large amount of people with not too many neurons read this and concluded that it was a hate article. I strongly encourage those who think its a hate article from the very light skimming p, or lack there of, of reading ability to, please read this again so that you may better understand what the intended purpose of this article was for.

    Idiots. Idiots everywhere.

  6. Georges says:

    All this talk is useless. ALL teams go through slump during the season. See you all after the All-Star break when games really matter. Lets Go Heat. Happy New Year!

  7. jake s says:

    It will be miami vs okc for the next few finals. No teams play better come crunch time.

  8. theking0522 says:

    Guys, please!!! Really? This guys is writing sarcastically…He is saying that the Heat haters will jump and say that the Heat are going nowhere because they lost two in a row, when in reality, it is tough to win when you play 4 games in 5 nights. All the writer is saying is that the two loses make sense because the Heat are playing 4 games in 5 nights, which is tough. In short, he is saying that the Heat will be FINE and the haters will overreact..period..He is not a hater. Don’t you guys get sarcasm..Geee!!

  9. Am I the only one... says:

    who read this article properly? Heat fans: go back to the beginning of the article and read it again.

    Blinebury did not write a “hate piece”, he wrote a piece on how the people from “panicsville” need to chill out, because Heat’s lost weekend is just a Hiccup!

  10. josh says:

    i love how a 4 game in 5 nites thing is brought up when the heat lose but not when anybody else is this league and their reporters are becomng very baised very quickly

  11. budeq says:

    i see dumb people LOL … please i’m begging you read the article at least twice or even more MYGOODNESS! good job to Fran though, he was able to bring out who has the the stupidest fans around, try this trick to other teams i would love to see the reactions also…

  12. TT says:

    Having a real center is nice but they have been getting it done without one. They have beaten teams with elite centers and shot blockers before and they will be able to do it again. What they really need is to stay healthy for the playoff.

  13. Laker fan 2012 says:

    The heat need a good 7 footer. Denver has McGee and Koufos maybe they should try to get one of them.

  14. jose says:

    is the NBA really just business? omg i can’t believe every time i see a heat game i believe the games are prepared by the NBA. hey alll you fans don’t waste your money to go watch a heat game. my god how embarrased ..they honestly don’t deserve to be in the number one place in the eastern list. The bad teams teach them how it play basketball.. what’s wrong with the heat???? and by the way their head coach don’t know know how it coach. erik spoltra go find a real job. you never take out the good players when they are winning. that’s why miami never win with a high score advantage. Please Erick Spoltra read this!!! Is not about if the heat are fine or not. They get paid to play for their city, for their fans, NOT to go put miami down! jesus! There shouldn’t be a basketball team here in miami. their players play like dumb. they can’t even rebound the damn ball cuz everytime i see someone from the heat rebounding a ball then the dumb ball fell off their hands. lol wow no comments! even my little brother can grab a ball good enough for it not to fell off his hands! this is the reason i wouldn’t pay not even one dollar to go see the heat play! this is all business!

  15. strawhat says:

    hakhak miami heat just got bored i cant wait for the playoff to start..trust me if they stay healthy miami heat will gonna play diffirent this teams nyc,bucks,not even close of defeating the heat.cause playoff is in next level they play 7 games and its a game of adjustments the truly treat of the heat is in the weast it would be the spurs,okc ,lakers and clippers

  16. Romar says:

    Heat almost lost to SPURS without their stars. cmon. This team will not win Championship this year. Wade is getting old. Hahahaha! See ya later Lebron. Just too scared you aint skilled bro. You just mated with DWade to get a ring. Bron is not any good.

  17. sunshinestateman says:

    That was a mean blog, the Heat can’t win it all! Everyone in the league when they are playing the Hear they bring everything they got!…write like this now but we will get the next laugh when we will be raising our second championship trophee in a row

  18. Wadeforlife says:

    Another Hate the Heat article.

  19. Wade fan says:

    Bosh had a bad night so what? Did you see his 28 pt 9 reb. 3 blk game last night? But if we could get Cousins or J.J. Hickson who are solid players we could be better.

  20. MadeInDetroit says:

    You called the Pistons lowly, watch them prove you wrong. That performance from will bynum was remarkable, and could have been suggested from his double overtime performance in Atlanta. I hate when anyone calls a team lowly it isn’t right to the players or the coaches. You didn’t call the Lakers lowly when they were below .500 (this is coming from someone who has nothing but the utmost respect for that team). But I suppose you feel that since they had star power they were exempted from even being called lowly. Also, as a lot of comments and even you indicated teams can have off nights, but that clearly wasn’t the case when Lebron had 35 and 10 and Bosh had 28, Detroit just prevented their bench from getting it going. They Heat tried to run, but they stopped them on and on. I am not foolish enough to say as a result of this one win the Pistons are better than the Heat in no stretch of the imagination, but you sometimes have to give credit where credit is due.

  21. I’m not even worried this is how the heat were last year when the bucks went 3-1 against them last yr it’s no big deal , they just beat the thunder on Xmas . The heat don’t care if they finish first or whatever they just turn it up in the playoffs every heat fan chill they’re fine

  22. Heat says:

    Wen yvu hav the best team in the league, it doesn’t mean youll never gonna be beated by anther teamhalthogh its the weakest team
    It depend on how U gonna rise up again when ur down. .

    This writer seems to have so many hater than the heat lol..

  23. Go Mavs says:

    Lebron is going to ask for a trade next year and go to another team whith two other all-stars! Lol 😄🏀

    • XSP17 says:

      Somelthing’s wrong with that? If Pat Riley don’t do his job and stop being so loyal and trade some people, I’ll leave too.

  24. Luis says:

    Wow just because they lost back to back games doesn’t mean anything, the one that wrote this has so much hate against the heat !!

  25. THE KING says:

    it is still not over.. playoff is too far to think that.. its still not over for the Miami Heat.. dont just rely on the Standing that Miami Heat have.. it is in the Effort in the Playoffs!

  26. 3ptdagger says:

    Look, despite Miami’s win over OKC on Christmas Day, they should not be losing to lowly teams like Detroit, Washington, or even only a decent team like Milwaukee. OKC has played much better than Miami this season, and there is no way Miami would win on OKC’s home floor right now. San Antonio only beat Houston by 6 pts. but OKC clamped down and beat them by 30 pts two days ago and 22 pts a month ago. Maybe they miss Harden but you couldn’t tell it in those games.(OK, it’s hard to miss him when he’s there lol) I somewhat question the acquisition of Allen for the Heat, because he hasn’t done a whole lot. Now, Lebron plays great in every game; I have no question he is still the MVP of the league right now. Their bench is just not very good. They don’t have the depth of the best team in the West. Miami needs a 6th man or someone who can come off the bench and spark the second unit. They just don’t have a 90s Chicago Bulls vibe. We’ll see.

    • 3ptdagger says:

      Oh, yes, I forgot about that game they lost on their home floor against a San Antonio team without Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli. There’s something amiss they need to fix if they want another championship run.

      • F. Be says:

        So they should win every game? You do realize that other teams aren’t going to be scared just because they are playing Miami, right? Every team loses.

  27. Bballmom says:

    Folks, these are Heat fans we’re talking about. Higher order thinking skills like sarcasm are lost on them. Not enough IQ points.

  28. JDawg says:

    Typical!! Just coz the heat lose, you make an article about panicsville? Bosch this? Battier that? Chalmers this?!!! Get a Grip Buddy! Dont you have nothing to write about? RELAX! Good teams LOSE too! they cant win all the time!!

  29. a says:

    this a magnificient piece regarding the fact that it consists of no topic whatsoever.

    the heat will be themselves come playoff time and would have no problem win it all again if things were the same as last year.

    But this time they won’t make it out of the East (Boston, NY) without a C

    Tyson Chandler are you kidding me, you have to put someone against him

    they should trade for one but really the only piece they have is Mario Chalmers and who would want him and give up a solid C

  30. LBJ For The Win says:

    it has nothing to do with the Heat Hate!

  31. Game Time says:

    Call me when this matters come playoff time.

  32. JustaFan says:

    The only problem with the article is that the writer is that the readers don’t read 🙂

  33. BlackMamba8,24 forever! says:

    give credit to the bucks, they are a good team, and i strongly believe they deserve a playoff spot, i hope they be in number 7 or 8 and face miami in the 1st round, MAN! that’ll be a hell of a fight since bucks won 3 of the last 5 outings againts the heat! im a laker fan, and i dont care who wins championship this year as long as they are not the heat! XD

  34. kwp 968 says:

    so 4 games in 5 days is hard eh….. stern should give sa the 250k he took from them

  35. BoyHEAT says:

    Seriously? How many haters have to predict this early saying they won’t make the finals? Ever since Wade got suspended they lost their championship type of defense when they defeated OKC at Christmas! They will struggle at the start of the year after that big dilemma but come on! Fran seriously do your job and stop all this hate articles or you should quit now before you get fired by the NBA!

  36. Dyllon says:

    they should win aginst the non playoff teams hands down

  37. Dyllon says:

    Man whatever im a Laker fan and as soon as they lose the world ends so thats BS the Heat shouldnt lose thats no excuse bro defending champions hold them accountable like you guys do the Lakers Biast ppl lol

  38. Victor Manoel says:

    Man, everybody is ripping Blinebury because of his article, but why? Come on, we have people here talking about hate against the Heat! This article is FAVORABLE TO THE HEAT!!! What the author wanted to say (and I realized tha fact too, watching the game) is that these two losses speak more about how cruel the schedule can be than how poorly the Heat’s bench can play. Did you watch the game? LeBron was exhausted after a furious rally in the third quarter… Another point: altough the first game of this four-in-five-nights set was played at home, it was only against the mighty Oklahoma City Thunder, played with extra-energy (you need to give an extra-effort when you try stopping Kevin Durant & Co.).

    So, the message is: not much to see here.

  39. crisvincent says:

    LOL at the comments. These must be the dumbest collection comments ever. The writer was sarcastic in his comments. How about reading the whole article?

    “Let’s face it. Other than the Clippers, Thunder and Spurs, is there another team that can feel as good about its championship chances as 2013 approaches as the Heat? If I gave you the rest of the Eastern Conference contenders, would you figure one of them will be making up half of The Finals next June?”

    “More from Winderman:
    Wade said it is another case of the Heat having to step back, address the issues raised in the last two games.
    “It’s going to take time, every year,” he said. “You have to figure it out as a team.”
    In other words, relax and Happy New Year.”

    The Heat may have beat the Lakers fans for the stupidest fans ever(And I’m also a Lakers fan). Or it may be because these are just all bandwagoners here.

  40. I’m not even worried this is how the heat were last year when the bucks went 3-1 against them last yr it’s no big deal , they just beat the thunder on Xmas . The heat don’t care if they finish first or whatever they just turn it up in the playoffs every heat fan chill they’re fine

  41. Brandon says:

    Why is it that when ANYTHING happens with Miami it hits front page NBA.com I mean LeBron let’s Durant score 30 on over 50% shooting and the headline reads:DEFENSIVE MASTERPIECE are you kidding me?! Allowing 30 points on 11-20 shooting is most definitely NOT a defensive masterpiece the NBA needs to quit riding LeBron and Miamis bandwagon seriously

    • XSP17 says:

      Dear Idiot,

      If you watch the NBA long enough, you’ll see that there are a few players in the NBA that no one can do anything about: Kobe, LeBron, Carmelo, Michael, Magic, Bird, etc. They are going to get their points regardless. That’s what makes them great. The only thing that can stop them is a quadruple team which is impossible. Kevin Durant would scored 30 and 50% on Jordan himself.

  42. Evan says:

    Sick of all the sports writers putting the Bucks in t he same category as the Pistons when talking about Miami’s last 2 losses. Give Milwaukee the respect they deserve. 16-12 is a good record (much better than 10-22 for Pistons). Wouldn’t be this much talk if Miami lost to Boston and they are 14-15. Plus Milwaukee went to OT vs Miami earlier this season as well as winning 2 of 3 last year against the Heat. So stfu and respect the Bucks a little more. They deserve that much after all the effort the team has put into the season and the emergence of Larry Sanders. Oh, and yes the Heat are still are force to be reckoned with. Notice they are still hanging on to the 1st spot in the East, which last I checked is a very good place to be.

  43. omyblaze57 says:

    Every team goes through this in certain stretches of the schedule. They’re human, it happens. Even the 72-10 Bulls of 95′-96′ lost two in a row, so, not a big deal…

  44. dude says:

    They are still up top on the conference so they are in good shape, didnt CB1 get 16 rebounds this game, which amounts to a double-double? the bench just had a couple of bad games and it is all about fatigue for the heat, four games in five nights is rough. The Bucks and Pistons just outplayed them. Instead of saying it was a HEAT loss, you shoukd be saying it was a Pistons and Bucks WIN.

  45. Matt says:

    You guys need to not get worked up over a Fran article, by far the worst sports writer covering the NBA. there is a reason he was fired in Houston(cough). there is a reason he should be fired now. He writes about the NBA like its TMZ drama.

  46. atefmirza says:

    The comments… they hurt. Full of ignorant hate toward article, can’t… stand… stupidity… and their inability to understand SOME SARCASM.
    The one’s who didn’t sense the early sarcasm, just never comment on an article again, please.

  47. John says:

    Thats Ok.Heat is still fine..before All star break Heat on Top

  48. lamonteecurb says:

    Yeah yeah the are fine wade yes he needs to step it back up but trust yhis wade and bosh will b fine if heathy doing playoff time wade will kick it up to nothes he rebounds and plays D that will come back to him again as far OKC westbrook still does to much and not enuff derant and they a faster center perkins is cool buy hes slow now amd iz a bench center who will get eating once D Howard is at 100 percent we all know and see that hes not but just wait til Lakers are clicking again Okc and them ol spurs will b dead by playoff Time far as the knicks go miami will handle them when it matters y because heath issues and wallace tech fouls will hurt them amare and wallace will hurt them later on u seen the bulls take them out if rose back to rose and they face off in the playoffs that bulls D will b enuff to contain the overated knicks.go HEAT repeat

  49. Jaidore says:

    This article is so bias, and full of hate it seems…how did HEAT win all those other games? Another heat-heater!, it would be great if some of you folks go and there and try what these basketballers are doing…..just imagine from the start of the season to the end in June every other night or sometimes every night this grueling game..? Just a thought!!!,

  50. XSP17 says:

    This team looks worn out to me. They’re are too dependent on the BIG 3; especially LeBron. It’s hard to win a championship without a dominant point guard, center, or dominant rebounder. The greatness of LeBron lead them to it. If they don’t win this year, part of the blame needs to go to Pat Riley. He’s too loyal sometimes. The Heat are not a ver young team and he should have made some off season trades such as Dexter Pittman and Haslem. Why not bring in the draft pick they got stashed over in Europe somewhere. From what i seen on YOUTUBE, the boy can ball. You also have a coach who’s wearing the hell out of the BIG3. Bosh is playing center OK but it isn’t his bread and butter. He’s a forward. I don’t think he likes the physicalness of playing center. I know they don’t have much cap space, but go out and get Kenyon Martin or somebody to play center and put Bosh back in his rightful position. Spolestra has some dept but don’t know how to use it. His in-game adjustments stink. I think they won a championship despite him rather than becasuse of him. The decision to place Bosh at center last year wasn’t his idea but Doc Rivers. He saw Doc do it with KG so he said, why not. Fortunately, it work but make no mistake, he’s for doing that. Riley should have been working on getting a legtimate center as soon as the BIG 3 came together.

  51. Alex says:

    Your article buddy is a piece of junk.

  52. Valter says:

    The Heat need a solid Center with size, consistent at both ends of the floor, alongside good rebounding ability.

  53. Vip81 says:

    Guys didnt you realise the article was written with tongue in cheek? Omg get a grip!

  54. I don’t think Miami Heat will repeat this year. Oklahoma City Thunder or San Antonio Spurs will probably win the title this season

  55. Dylsta says:

    Wee bit over the top

  56. JoJo says:

    I like how this article flew right over most of the heads in the comments section. If it wasn’t obvious enough, this article is saying that this losing streak is nothing short of a minor hiccup and that those that use this as ammunition (The people of “Panicsville”) against the Heat are simply trying too hard.

    Long story short, the Heat will be fine.

  57. Akinbobola says:

    nba.com should fire this writer. this is just a terrible hate piece. worst read ever.

  58. Clone says:

    That’s what happen when you keep the same rotation on a 4games/5days that ends on the road versus a playoff team.
    No energy = no defence = L … ask coach Pop, its a basic thing 🙂

  59. party en miami says:

    little too much chapanga and not enough gatorade.

  60. Kobe is da GOAT says:

    bosh jus had a bad day on the defensive side.

  61. erica says:

    I absolutely positively do not believe these loses mean a thing. I totally disagree with your comments regarding Ray Allen, and Battier. Everybody has a bad nights and even great teams lose at times. Considering EVERYTHING. Miami is still the team to beat and they will win the championship again in 2013.

  62. Rafael_Certero says:

    only mistake, I am not worry about those teams that beat Miami Heat, why? because I am totally sure that they wont be against Miami in the Playoff or in the Final, the only team that I am worry about is New York, because this team will play with Miami, Wizard, Detroit and Bucks that was just good luck, that is not gonna happned again, and everybody knows that, we know that Miami is a championable team, and they play like this, I trust them, and they have the talent to win another championship, those game they will use to learn about their defense and their offense, but not to be worried about it

    • JP says:

      One thing for sure your last name Certero doen’t goes along with reality.The fact of the matter is that when you put your hand in front of your face and then declare that the sun doesn’t exist means only one thing, you are fooling yourself nobody else..They lost the game period and prove one thing , they are not unbeatables.

  63. heat says:

    Since bosh left raptors, he was pretty bad, miami wont win this year cuz wade is too old. James in near future will ask for a trade. OKC will go all the way this year and i am raptors fan.

  64. Wilt #13 says:

    I think that the heat need to get someone who can give them atleast 9+Reb’ a game..
    They are to small and they cant relay on LeBron and chris to rebound.If they will get that one rule player who will hustle his butt off on the court they will be champions ones again.
    They are still a great team.But if they want to go to the next lvl they should get a good rebouded that they can trust..
    It doesnet have to be a big name or anything.. Just a good PF or a Center that can defend and Reb’

    • Alex says:

      True that. Who do you have in mind ? As a strong rebounder, I mean.

      • bigwes95 says:

        JJ Hickson maybe? have you seen his hustle and rebounding? crazy considering he can get 15 rebonds any night at 6’9″

      • Gordon A says:

        Hickson’s a good shout, I’d like someone like Orlando’s Vucevic or for probably even cheaper Zaza Pachulia from the Hawks and if the threw in someone like the rookie John Jenkins then you have yet another deadeye shooter to feed off of Lebron etc. Not sure what Heat could give but the Hawks would probably be happy with role players like Joel Anthony or Rashard Lewis, however I like the Heats defence when Anthony is on the floor,

    • amitpal says:

      I think ur mistaken a bit man. If u put a defensive minded centrr in the paint it clogs the lane. Thsts the reason the heat went to a small line up and the main reason they won a championship last year. Neither lebron or wade r great shooter so they cant add another guy in there who cant shoot. If anything thry will need a very skill center like marc gasol which they r not going to get.

  65. Ukheatfan says:

    Miller worst bench player in the nba?? need I remind you of a stunning 23 in 23 minutes in game 5. Hes also a player dealing with continuing back problems. Mike Miller has for a long time been a good bench player hitting good threes and consistently pulling good numbers at the boards

  66. fortune says:

    SMH NBA just stop when lakers or knicks or some other high ranking team loses you write stories like Streak Over, Lakers Back In The Crosshairs? etc stop riding the heat its disgusting and biased

  67. Yeo says:

    Horrible article to read. Too much hate for miami for this one.

    • Calther Lao says:

      Come on Fran and rest of Miami haters, it just a two game losing streak. No need of trades MIA vs. OKC on June 2013 i am sure that baby!

  68. two says:

    yes it’s the end of the world the heat from now on will no longer ever win they will get the bobcats curse and the bobcats will reign supreme

  69. lol says:

    its not the first time they lose against a weaker team so give a few games and they will be back at the w’s

    • amitpal says:

      Ur right this isnt the first time something like this has happened and it wont be the last. The fact of the matter is this team has no true leader. Lebron is greatly skilled but he is no leader. And to teamd without great leadership things like this happens. Losing to bad teams not bringing jr a game every game and playing down to the level of other oppenents. The hest have all those problems and one proof is san Antonio almost beating them without 4 starters or the weak teams like pistons and wizards bestinf them to many times