Nets Fire Avery Johnson

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — On Dec. 3, Avery Johnson was named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. On Dec. 27, Johnson was fired as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

In 24 days, everything fell apart for Johnson and the Nets, who are now 3-10 in December after an ugly loss in Milwaukee on Tuesday. They’ve lost five of their last six games and stand at 14-14, just a half game from being a Lottery team.

Of late, they’ve been awful defensively and not nearly as good offensively as they should be with all of their high-priced talent.

Nets efficiency

Month W L OffRtg Rank DefRtg Rank NetRtg Rank
Oct.-November 11 4 104.6 7 100.0 11 +4.6 8
December 3 10 101.0 18 108.6 28 -7.6 26

OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

Deron Williams, of course, has played well below All-Star level. He is shooting career lows from both the field and from 3-point range, and the Nets’ defense has been at its worst with Williams on the floor. And now, Williams has his hand in two coaching departures in less than two years.

Ironically, Williams pined for the offense he ran under Jerry Sloan just last week. Johnson added some of Sloan’s offense in practice this past weekend, but the move obviously came too late.

Johnson doesn’t deserve all the blame, however. After Wednesday’s loss in Milwaukee, Gerald Wallace sounded off, as documented by Tim Bontemps of the New York Post

“We’re a way better team than what our record is,” Gerald Wallace said. “I’m [bleeping ticked] off about us losing, and especially the way we’re losing.”

“It’s mind-boggling that we’re in the situation we’re in,” Wallace said. “As good of a team as we are, as good as started off … you saw the potential we had as a team, and the talent we have as a team. And yet, still, instead of team, it’s more of ‘I.’ ”

“Confidence is our problem now,” he said. “I think that’s our main problem. Guys have got too much confidence in themselves and are not trusting in the team.

“Our main thing is we’ve got to get back to a team concept, all for one. Offensively and defensively, when we move the ball, we execute, we take care of the ball, we make the extra pass. … We’ve got to do everything as a team instead of relying on one guy to do this and one guy to do that.”

“Anybody can talk, but we’ve got to go out and execute that out on the court, and right now we’re really not doing that,” Wallace said. “We play a good half or we play a great quarter, and then we go back to playing selfish ball offensively and defensively, and that’s not getting us anywhere.”

P.J. Carlesimo (204-296 as a head coach), who was Johnson’s lead assistant, will take over on an interim basis. The Nets might reach out to Phil Jackson, but probably don’t have what it takes (the proper geography and championship-readiness) to coax Big Chief Triangle out of L.A. Either way, they should already be talking to Stan Van Gundy, who has proven that he can coach both ends of the floor at a high level.


  1. Zak says:

    Leave Phil Jackson alone!!

  2. Damian Barnes says:

    Dwill is my favorite player but he is really struggling with his shot this season. Avery was unfairly put in the hot seat as a result and lost his job. I am a die hard nets fan and I really liked coach Johnsonn, such a positive guy and real family oriented type of coach. If this decision ultimately puts us on the right track then I’m not complaining but regardless I wish we can win it all with him as our coach.

  3. How pathetic says:

    The perfect solution is for D-Will to be appointed coach. He apparently already knows everything having had 2 coaches sacked. This way the only one he could blamed would be himself. Wait a minute- that would require personal responsibility and integrity. Won’t find any of that in Brooklyn.

  4. Neutral says:

    Avery Johnson is a good coach. It’s Net’s loss to fire Avery. D Williams once again have arguement with coach. Last time, Sloan; this time, Johnson. I can’t understand why the team owner always choose to stand on the player side when there is arguement between a coach and a player. Avery Johnson has already won a NBA champ, but D Williams is nothing, he’s only a trouble man!

  5. W/E says:

    Nets fail once more

  6. a mad chinaman says:

    Let’s see, Avery is in his last year od his.contract answer DWill is in the first year of his contract that is far bigger than the coach – who wins

    We have a talented player who hasn’t come close to going deep into playoffs being trusted more than a coach who has won as a player and coach.

    Maybe they should ask.DWill who he wants as coach, since nothing else manners.

  7. DIVA says:

    wow if they get D-Howard next year, they will have 2 DIVAS! DIVA-WILL and DIVA-HOWARD cant wait to see that and head coach is STAN GUNDY LMAO.

  8. Nets owner says:

    Actually we want to fired D-will, man we pay way too much for him! but we can’t fired him because we have contract with him, therefore we have to fired the coach instead!! I am telling you, on behalf of the Nets organization, we are very sorry and sad to see our be loving coach Avery leaves.

  9. Mageek_Man12 says:

    Stan Van Gundy should be the next head coach of the nets. He brought the magic, a mediocre team (except Howard) to the 2008 NBA Finals. Why wouldn’t Stan Van Gundy make the Brooklyn Nets a successful team with all the superstars that they already have? Best of luck to Avery Johnson and to the Brooklyn Nets!

  10. Jay Z says:

    imma trade Lopez for Cousins,..and I’ll have a hell of a team!!!

  11. reggie says:

    This is just a symptom of our instant gratification society. We want everything yesterday. No matter that this is a new team, with injuries, or a process to develop, firing the coach is the solution to the woes of this team evidently. Time, discipline, struggles, character development does not matter anymore. The firing of a coach in this situation really is counter productive and senseless. This is not team ball, it’s more like egocentric, implusive, second grade decision making, but again this is Americia and we want it all, without going through the difficult process of achieving it, losses included.

  12. Dr. O'Neal says:

    what if i told you Phil is open for a proposal from the nets ? I mean, that team isn’t as clumsy as you think.. they have those superstars in DWill, Joe Johnson, and Gerald Wallace.. plus an improved center in Brook Lopez. and Brooklyn has the money to give Phil the sun and the moon! and even some planets!!!

  13. shawn says:

    This is honestly just another case of a high profile player who is not performing as well as he should blaming his woes on the coach. This is an epidemic in the NBA as of late. The Nets clearly had a great start to the season and have really had a difficult time staying consistent. However i do not believe this is Avery’s fault at all. Gerald Wallace’s statement said it best…they are just not playing as a team right now. Chemistry is super important in basketball. Look at the Clippers right now! Arguably have the best chemistry in the league right now. No one expected this team to excel the way they did. The management definitely jumped the gun to soon and its unfortunate that this is the how the league is becoming. Another great example of this is the whole mess with Dwight Howard in Orlando.

    • YoYo says:

      Difference between Clipper and Nets is at the PG position. Clipper Pg is their hardest worker, their leader, best defensive player, their mvp canidate, and their glue guy that hold everything together when thing are going tough…The nets have Dwill which is far from any of those thing, nuff said….

      • Chuck says:

        Do you really believe the only difference between the Nets and Clippers is at the point,really??? The Nets have a nice team, something to build on. They are not there yet. They’ve got a center who plays defense only when a player scoots by him (very often), only to make up for it sometimes by blocking his shot from behind. Maybe you’d like to boast of Lopez’s rebounding. I don’t know about you but having a center who plays like a marshmellow on the boards is not like any dominant kind of center I’ve ever seen before. Someone wrote a comment here that said Gerald Wallace was a superstar. RIGHT! What does that make a player like Ramon Sessions, A MEGASTAR??? He’s a very good player, but nowhere near a superstar. Take Joe Johnson, nice player who doesn’t play a lick of defense. The offense bogs down when it gets to him. Good one on one player though. How about that superstar at power forward, Humphries, nuff said. The Nets aren’t a pimple on the Clippers backside yet.They are promising though. All the more reason Avery shouldn’t have been fired yet.

  14. Oneil says:

    Diva-Will Strikes again! Yeah, blame your awful play this year on the coach. You had nothing to do with it D-Will. Next he’ll be asking for a trade. I’ve seen this movie before.

  15. stonymilovsky says:

    Horrible, that was the last straw for.
    The Nets are the new Knicks.
    I am moving on from the team, Billy King threw A. J. under the bus.

  16. Phil Jackson says:

    no way i am coaching this team.

  17. Nba Fan77 says:

    This is going to be hard for the Brooklyn Nets because getting a new coach in the season is harder than in the offseason mostly because the new coach needs toget used to the team’s playing style just ask the Lakers there coach just got to know how they work and there positives and negetives from that 5 game winning streak. Avery Johnson was great defensively and offensively.

  18. cp10 says:

    I’ll coach them.

  19. David says:

    Jeff Over Stan Van Gundy

  20. David says:

    Boo! Boo! You can’t tell how good a coach with under 30 games played. It’s ridiculous to fire someone after their first bad month. Every great coach has had a team that played sub par for a few weeks.

  21. rodcav says:

    This is NUTS…Avery Johnson is a champion . He coached Dallas to NBA finals in 2006 -2007,
    and quarterbacked a championship San antonio team…he’s got the goods…
    He was given a team of little talent
    with one of his key players injured almost the entire season (Lopez)
    Now that he has a decent team …they should at least give him and the players a chance to gel…
    Remember The Big 3 in Miami didn’t gel till late in their first season together…and that was with 2 of the top 5 players in the league (at least at the time…Wade has fallen off a bit ..but still top 10)
    Shame on the BK Net organization

  22. Croakus says:

    Who wants that job if D-Will gets them fired everytime with his poor plays, he is way over rated took the owner to the bank though. lol

  23. noel says:

    D Will should have a change in his behavior. He’s a good player but he doesn’t have a quality as professional to lead a team.

    • YoYo says:

      He compare himself to cp3, and look what cp3 has done for his team and look at what he did to his…He is a long way from being a leader like cp3, it’s laughable to even compare him to the like of cp3…

  24. txema says:

    D will is a toxic man, he did it with Jerry Sloan, one of the greatest, he’s done it again.

  25. zen garden says:

    d will has always been overrated ..coming from a jazz fan…right now even lillard is ballin better then williams

  26. thesniper321 says:

    I can’t believe it!!! They fired Avery???? Ok Bkn you just shot a huge bullet in your foot!! Thanks a lot as a celtics fan I can only clap at this move, I don’t fear you anymore

  27. WOW-I MEAN WOW-Even though i’m die hard Celts fan, have to say i totally disagree w/ this move cause i like aj as a coach since his dallas days. Could have at least given him till mid season or technically 1 full season w/ new coach & pretty much whole new team!!! Have to say that was pretty much a deaucey move. What i’m sayn really means something cause like i said i’m die hard Celts, i look @ nets like knicks or la, like crush them hard!!! I guess gm gotta save his own job-bet you it was more of jayz’s & russian guy’s power deauce sayso move!!! Look, so far nobody can do it like the Celts w/ legend hall of famers & Doc in 1 year from worst to best w/ a ring-NUFF SAID!!! GREENALLDAY18-BANNER18’SACOMIN”13 🙂

  28. Ron says:

    pj carlesimo??

  29. Karlo Garcia says:

    If i was Brooklyn i would be happy with 14-14 record considering where the team is now then it was then in the past. I guess these days the only way to keep your coaching job would be to have more W’s than L’s!

  30. robster says:

    they have a really good team,they just need to play together.they will be able to make it to the playoffs

  31. robster says:

    one word phil

  32. Alieu says:

    I cant believe this…Avery worked too hard with a team that was really really really bad during the past seasons. Now some new faces are added and he is trying to get them on point….You guys should have given him more times. Right now the NETS are better than alot of the teams….They can make the playoff with Avery. The players should put more time too. The coach is doing great man. Awwww I am sorry to see a man who struggled over the years to get the NETS where they are and go like this. Its going to take another long period to get Brooklyn on the map again…I am a Heat Fan, next is 76ers but I like the NETS too….

  33. TRAINING CAMP fin420 says:

    Phil Jackson to Brooklyn, triangle ownership of Jigga, Russian hustler and Phil.

  34. MKJCNJ says:

    How about Jeff Van Gundy?

  35. puss puss says:

    was avery johnson black?

  36. chance the great says:

    You know who would be perfect for the Mark Jackson, but I know he like his golden state team and the Warriors probably going to lock him in long term! As they should. Just was a dream. I am a big Nets fan and from Broklyn .

  37. down_tothe_wire says:

    they shouldnt have even fired avery its not all his fault guys arnt trusting each other and ther not executing his offense ther lazy on the defensive end. Wallace was right they need to play as a team. I played high school ball and wen we played a 3-3 practice game me and 2 others had chemistry we trusted each other and we talked to each other off the court. When coach put us on a team together we wer unbeatable by the rest of the team b/c they didnt trust anybody else they wanted to be the one for all instead of us the all for one. like they say thers no I in TEAM and it can show dividends of making the playoffs and being a +500 team or being a team that gets a top 5 lottery pick in the draft.

  38. 2Youn7 says:

    OK now. I still dont understand how you can fire a newborn coach for a franchise that is not a chanpionship, yet alone, play-off contender. The owner of the Nets (Jay Z) should have thought harder before hiring former Maverick coach Avery Johnson in which Im sure he did. I think it is only fair to give a new coach at least 2-3 years to nurture the teams structure into an elite contender under the new coach’s self implied system. If the system is still unproven after a couple seasons, thats when I’d prospect new leadership. Relatively, I feel it was not necessary to fire head coach Mike Brown after 5 games because almost ironically, even under D’Antoni’s new rule the Lakers pretty much REPEATED that same stretch throughout the NEXT 5 games. It WAS necessary to terminate Mike Brown from Cleveland after continuously prevailing in the playoffs and one failed attempt at the NBA finals. I wish Avery Luck. Me personally, would like to see Jerry Sloan as the new head coach for BRKLYN.

  39. Chuck says:

    Avery Johnson, good coach not great, doesn’t deserve to be fired based on 28 games. NO COACH DOES. He’s proven in the past to be a reliable and improving manager of men. This is a knee jerk reaction from an owner who knows nothing of western civilization. He probably was listening to that famous philosopher and killer of coaches… D. Will. Until this novice owner gets his s**t together, the Nets are going nowhere!

  40. Costa says:

    And by the way, this may cost the Nets a playoff spot.

  41. Gregorito says:

    Finally! I say good riddance. Haven’t you folks see the documentary about the Nets? Haven’t you see the interviews? Avery Johnson is an idiot. He keeps making a fool of himself. He doesn’t know how to talk. He’s more interested in the sound of his voice than his team. He doesn’t have what it takes to be an NBA or university coach. Even high-schoolers deserve a better role model.

  42. Costa says:

    what?! did not see this coming, bad move, Avery was doing a good job, the players should be blamed. Smh

  43. Ed Antejos says:

    Give a try Phil Jackson

  44. Jesse says:

    Now the players should keep their mouths shut and play their butt off.
    BKN has got a flash starting lineup. There are no reasons for such a poor performance so far.
    Check upon the Rockets, a second tier players own better record, they fight for their time on court.

  45. Slappy says:

    Unfortunately, the Nets had to make this move. While a lot of this falls on the players, the fact is the Nets never had any type of sustainable offensive system this year – even when they were winning in Nov.

    Slowing down the tempo to hide their defensive deficiencies elminated easy baskets. I’ve watched the Nets continually not even get into their offense until their are 10 seconds or less on the shot clock. Over-reliance on isolation play leads to a lot of pounding the rock, poor ball movement and spacing and a lot of 3 point heaves to beat the shot clock buzzer. They have not looked like a professional team most of the season.

    The Nets should be at least a #4 seed in the East this year, and they looked like they wouldn’t even hang on and make the playoffs under Avery’s watch. Glad the Nets made the move. Will be curious to see if they can lure SVG to turn this thing around.

  46. Shane12 says:

    Phil Jackson!!! is the answer!!!

  47. me says:

    The only thing that used to scare me about this team was this man, Avery Johnson, used to be scared that he was the better coach when BK played against Celtics and usually, HE WAS….the way I see it, it’s good for me and bad and stupid for the Nets

  48. NBAallday! says:

    It was far too early to dismiss such an “able” coach!

    I appeal to the Brooklyn Nets management; please do “not” hire neither Van Gundy to the coaching staff. No offense to them, but they are not the “right fit” for the Brooklyn Nets, Both currently lack the flexible, adjustable, affable, capable, and teachable “people” skills to coach the diverse and sometimes complex personalities on the Brooklyn Nets team. Considering the politics and pressure of the instant high performance of the Brookyn Nets boiler pot, this is an unfixable mistake this year.

    To you Avery Johnson,
    When a door closes, God will open a window. I encourage you to keep your head-up. Something good will come out of this for you!

    To the Brooklyn Nets players,
    As Wallace stated in his recent comments, play together and I add stick together to have and maintain a sustainable team.

  49. SMH says:

    Oh my goodnes, I cant believe what I am hearing from these nets fans. They act like they are a contender only because they moved to a different local area and adding one wannabe superstar this year in Joe Johnson but what the HECK??? This is ridicoulus.They still are the fu**ing Nets but somehow have forgotten that 2 or 3 years ago they´ve had one of the worst records in the history of the NBA!!! So who are you trying to blend man?
    Avery was a good coach and he deserved to get more time with this roster.

  50. Coach Killer D Will says:

    D will needs to blame himself.

    He is the point guard and Nets are not playing as a team.
    He has ugly attitude, ugly shot not to mention the most ugly tattoo in the entire NBA.

    His diva like attitude will hurt the entire organization. It’s laughable that D Will was once considered in same league as Chris Paul. The amount of diva treatment needed to get him to play as Nets was a joke.

    D will is delusional about his skills, his worth and unless he matures up and realizes that he is no different than anyone else, this team is going to be average at best

  51. Eazy says:

    I thought NBA stood for “No Boys Allowed”when did it become all about these overpaid kids..Dwight cost Van Gundy( a great coach) his job,now Deron Williams is on coach number two.while crying that he misses coach number ones system.Just sad.Why is a coach responsible for a player being in a slump, or not fitting in to the new system.When are we going to stop blaming coaches and hold players accountable..Just Sad

  52. goat says:

    get Phil Jackson

  53. that guy says:

    paul westphal and jeff van gundy are good too

  54. James Neal says:

    This move was not warrent . This is what wrong with NBA you allowing the players to dictated what happens to a coach. Avery Johnson is good coach he can draw up plays Its up to the players to excuted the play. But no the front office listen to a selfished player in Deron Williams who is not playing up to superstar level. You can have good players top talent but it takes time for them to have chemistry with each others a prime example is the Miami Heat when they got Bosh. Lebron with Wade it took them time. If it was me and am Jay-zee I would check the front office to elimanite some of them. Why don’t the NBA let the players coach instead of a coach then they can see what Avery Johnson was going through. I am really not impress with Deron Williams even when he was in Utah to me he’s not a team player. He needs to learn to except that he not doing his part as Overrated leader.

  55. that guy says:

    Stan van gundy is a great coach and he can definitely deal with egos hes not afraid to tell you the truth to your face and he will have better pieces to work with in bk than he did in orlando with lopez ,blatche,williams,brooks,stackhouse and johnson and bogans they can play inside out

  56. Boca_Fan says:

    There was a lot said about the Heat, but when people were screaming “Fire Spo” they didn’t, they stood behind him and see what happened…….. They win the Championship!!!! They worked as a team, all of them. Sorry to see Avery getting the blame, going to take a lot to fill his shoes.

  57. that guy says:

    idk phil jackson but i do know HES NEVER COACHING THAT TEAM!!!!!!

  58. SHaQ says:


    • goat says:

      stop trying to be about the glam of new stadium and rich and famous owners and start being about the game.

  59. QWERTY says:

    If the Nets want Dwight, they probably don’t want to sign Van Gundy. Probably P-Jax is a better choice

    • steagle says:

      Even if the Lakers don’t do well this year (which so far is looking like the case), why would Dwight want to leave a franchise like LA for Brooklyn? Money ain’t everything, and all Dwight wants is to win championships and go down as a legend… which he has a much better shot of in LA than with an organization still trying to find its identity. He’s put in too much work at this stage of his career to start over for a 3rd time… just my 2 cents.

    • awardwriter says:

      Phil Jackson is not coming out of retirement to coach the Brooklyn Nets, why is this even being discussed. The mere fact the the ownership is being managed, it seems, by the players, the players all have ego problems, and quite frankly, given the accumulation of power elsewhere in the league, the Nets really over acheived in the first part of this season, would all be red flags for Phil.

      Nets are just too SMALL (1 seven footer and AB at 6’11”, then 6 players 6’6” or shorter ) and don’t have shooters that are consistant enough to out shoot everyone, especially if they are not playing as a UNIT. They started out playing for Brooklyn pride, then the egos started coming out. Look at all the teams above them in the standings MIA, NY, ATL, IND, MIL, CHI, BOS, and they still might end up yet behind the 6ers… Those are all GOOD teams, and even clicking on all cylinders, it’s hard to expect that they would beat ANY of those teams in a seven game series. Perhaps after playing together for a season, getting another couple of big bodies, they could make some real noise next season. But this is not a team filled with allstars, took Mia a year to gell, took NY a year to gell, may take LA a year to gell and those are teams filled wit ALLSTARS, so why are we expecting more from the Nets in the first place…?

  60. googergieger says:

    Damn. Deron Williams and Dwight Howard responsible for more coaches getting fired than the lockout. Them two really are a match made in heaven.

  61. dsnvkd says:

    he stinks yes he got fired

  62. Avery had to be let go. This “improved” roster is losing games like it has for the last 2 years. Blowing leads, poor third quarters and long offensive drloughts. He has coaced from the clipboard instead of by whats happening on the floor. A guy will go 5-6 shooting and will be pulled because of a rotation. If D Will struggles in a close game, he still runs plays for him instead of a player with a hotter hand. And how he as handled Brooks is ridiculous. Avery will play less talented guys (Graham, Bogans) who fit his system instead of maximizing on the skills of his roster. He needs to focus on what payers do well and help them improve on the other areas. That is how you get the most out of your personnel and put yourself in the best position to win games.

  63. Ben says:

    D-Will costs another coach his job, this time with his horrendous play on the court

  64. Dela cruz#36 says:

    The owner is an idiot! Avery Jhonson is a very good coach. The Nets are playing good basketball.. Lost a couple of games lately, but so what!! Its a brand new team, new players.. It takes time… Tsk tsk.. Bad move Brooklyn!

  65. Gamerfan says:

    The firing of coach Avery shows just how disillusioned Mikhail Prokhorov is.To expected more from his current lineup that only features one All-Star is not realistic. Sure he paid top dollar for his team but my overpaying for a Kia will not make it run like a Ferrari.

  66. Mark says:

    Avery johnson is gonna get paid either way so I doubt being out a job is a problem.

    But the way I see it is Avery Johnson had no control of the nets since the start of the season. In today’s NBA coaching, coaches need to do what Mike Woodson (Knicks), TomThimadol (Bulls), Greg Papovich (Spurs) do. You leave those egos at the door, you play my system cuz it WORKS, and know your role.

    If players don’t like it you put them on the trading block and throw them at the bottom of the bench. Coaches need to set examples and establish some dominance over players. If they don’t then they would be the catalyst of team failures and faults.

  67. Avery had to go. The team was losing the same way they lost last year. Bad third quaters, blowing leads and long offensive droughts. His problem is that he coaches from the clipboard and not on the floor. A guy will shoot 5 of 6 and he will pull him because of the “rotation”. When D-Will struggles, he will run plays for him in a close game rather than go to the hotter player. And he has wrecked Marshon Brooks confidence. I hope he finds himself, and some minutes, in a new environment.

  68. Poetryselite says:

    I know the Nets have had a very tumultuous month as far as losses, but I don’t agree with this move. Avery is not a good coach… he’s a GREAT coach. He’s already proven that, he got Dirk to his first finals appearance 6 years ago… and was fired not too long afterwards. Too much salt is thrown on NBA coaches. They’re not the ones out there playing the games. They come up with a strategy and either the players execute or they don’t. Deron Williams is a great talent, but Johnson isn’t responsible for his poor shooting percentages. Williams is taking and missing those shots, not the coach. Yes, something had to be done 24 days after receiving Eastern Conference Coach of the Month, but firing him wasn’t the answer. In fact, before being fired, he had already started incorporating some of Sloan’s offensive schemes for Williams and company. Again, execution was the key here, not coaching. At this point, coaches are well aware that if you struggle for just slightly over a 3-week period or even (5 games: hence, Mike Brown), your job is in jeopardy. That is absurd when factoring that there are 82 games in a season. This was just simply a bad move.

  69. ryan says:

    Yup should had played Marshon Brooks I dont know why some of the time he didn’t received minutes he can get his shot. But Deron Williams Coach Killer. 1st he get Jerry Sloan fired leaved come to the Nets expectations are high jacking up threes every second so you know what he did blame the coach I cant stand people like that. Your on the court perennial all star make it happened but know. You take your 19 million why’ll Avery don’t have a job right now Selfish Man

  70. Zombie says:

    They D stands for Diva in D-Will.

  71. jose machado says:

    they´re not playing like in the beggining, something happenig and like wallace said the guys lack confidence, in all sports there are fast redundancies, even many times with coaches that are champions, i don´t think the Nets have a great team, they are one more NBA good team, but they have to find the the magic powder of the season start.

  72. Andrew says:

    This is what happens when you play Jerry Stackhouse and Keith Bogans over MarShon Brooks.

    • NBEATZ says:

      100% AGREE

    • MarShon Brooks says:

      You ain’t neva lie!

      • Jon says:

        Haha if that was really MarShon commenting, I say he take Gerald Wallace’s advice. Out of the gate this season, Stackhouse had a lot going for him, and Brooks is the worst defender out of those three, maybe on the whole team right now. But, you’re vastly improving, MarShon.

      • Dee Jackson says:

        Exactly what I was thinking! After a great rookie season to playing limited minutes makes no sense at all!

    • slider821 says:

      Wow! GWallace comments sound like major shots at DWill. I’m impressed he was willing to call him out on that, hopefully it will put Williams in his place and make the team better, unfortunately the need for a comment like that also caused a coach to get fired.

  73. Benton Callwood says:

    Stan Van Gundy will fit very nice with the Nets. Please reach out to him ASAP!

  74. ChippyJ says:

    I agree that they should reach out to Van Gundy. He’s the best affordable coach without a job.(Jackson would cost too much in my opinion.) He has proven he can make it to the finals. He can win the finals with this team if he can get them gelling on both ends. They just have to buy in to a system that they feel comfortable with.

  75. Boca_Fan says:

    Wow, blame the coach and throw him under the bus. There are a lot of ego’s on the team, they do need to play ball as a team. Best of luck to Avery, good man!

  76. EZfoRPREZ says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you….

  77. newyorksteelo says:

    Stan Van Gundy deserves a second shot, but will he be able to deal with Deron Williams better than he did with Dwight Howard?

    • Arky says:

      He dealt fine with Howard for years.. They had a lot of playoff success together. The guy to blame for Howard getting sick of everything in Orlando (after 7 years, mind you) is Otis Smith, not SVG.

  78. Sam Sam *; says:

    This is crazy the same thing happened to Mike Brown. I understand the NBA is very “cut throat,” but “c’om on man!” (prime time voice) Like if you look at their record they are still in the playoff race matter fact if the playoffs started today they would be in the 7 seed. Hey from a losing season to a making the playoff season is kinda hard. They should have re-thought this. And it is not always the coach fault I can say it is about 65 to 70% the players fault. Thay need to know in their heart they have to want it. ALL THE PLAYERS. ie: Look at the BOBCATS… I can’t even remember the coach’s name, but the players are playing hard making him look decent. Or better yet the Bulls they speak for themselves. {I am a Knicks fan Nets are second.}

  79. Wao says:

    Really! he never got a good team and now that he has a decent team, they fired him so early in the season? I mean, give him a couple more week or ’till the mid season… He is a hell of a coach!

  80. newyorksteelo says:


  81. Sea Pea says:

    Nets are not going to sign Stan Van Gundy if they are hoping to get Dwight Howard next year….

    • vaughn says:

      I really think they jumped the gun on this. Joe and D. Will was to make up the best backcourt in the league. Maybe they needed a couple more months to gel. I wish Avery the best. Wow. The Atlanta Hawks took the Nets trash and turned it into treasure.