Curry’s Play Vindication For Warriors

HANG TIME WEST — The latest performance, 22 points Saturday in Washington, was a continuation of Stephen Curry‘s hot streak and could be considered, by comparison, a down game because Curry also had four turnovers against five assists and was two of eight on 3-pointers.

A positive outcome even on a night of grinding gears, all the way to the Golden State victory itself, the 101-97 roll in the mud with the Wizards. This is what vindication looks like.

That four-year, $44-million rookie-deal extension he signed Oct. 31?

Then: Understandable-but-risky move for a player with a history of injury problems.

Now: Wise investment.

Sharp change of thinking, yes, especially with the season merely at the quarter pole, but the Warriors look smart and will still look smart even if Curry cools into an ordinary player. Which is the whole point. Giving Curry a contract extension and beating the Halloween deadline was a pre-emptive strike to head off the offers from other teams in July 2013 as much as it was a vote of confidence for his delicate ankles. Plus, the Warriors now know the price of keeping him would have gone up. Maybe a suitor with the chance to hand Golden State an offer sheet lined by fire, maybe in the updated demands from Curry himself, but the first 20 games is time enough to see that $11 million a season wouldn’t get it done in the summer, health willing.

Curry is averaging 37.3 minutes and has yet to miss a tip. The ankles appear to be in proper working order again. That’s obviously reason for encouragement.

It’s his play, though. Curry shooting 42.9 percent is a developing area of concern that can no longer be discarded as an early-season slump, but that should come around. He didn’t suddenly turn bad after the 47.3 percent of the first three seasons. (And Curry is at a respectable 42.5 behind the arc, so defenses are hardly to the point of backing off on the perimeter.)

Curry is looking more like a point guard, as indicated by the recent string of four games in a row with at least 20 points and 10 assists, putting him alongside Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook as the only players to accomplish that since 2009-10. And as indicated by the Eastern Conference executive who recently told Hang Time CEO Sekou Smith: “This is the player everyone was excited about when he was at Davidson. You knew he had the potential to be a dynamic scorer and a great shooter. The question was always going to be about his ability to adjust to being a full-time point guard and whether that would take away from his scoring ability. When he and Monta [Ellis] were there together and he was always hurt, it didn’t look like he was going to get there. But he’s doing both right now and doing them well.”

Remember, Curry was already held in high regard in many front offices. He was high on the New Orleans wish list for a Chris Paul trade, but the Warriors wouldn’t budge. (Ellis yes, Curry no.) Now, opponents see that the ankle is holding up and that Curry can put up assists even as the leading scorer on a team playing well through the adversity of losing Andrew Bogut and Brandon Rush to injury. Point guard, 24 years old, can score and pass, solid citizen – yeah, the money would have changed by the end of the season.

That holds even if Curry does not maintain this pace because the package of position, skill set and age is now combined with the play, however temporary. This is the trajectory. Only the sight of Curry on the court and clutching an ankle changes that.


  1. Dink says:

    lol and to think the wolves could ve had him and rubio, they took that jonny flynn bum instead

  2. pistoleguite says:

    Reblogged this on NBA BY @PISTOLEGUITE and commented:
    Warriors are pretty good under the coaching of Mark Jackson. Being in playoff is possible for the team if they continue to make efforts

  3. cedric says:

    I’m so glad that the lakers are losing.They need to cause all of trades and the nba trying to keep thim great every year. It’s not fair to the other NBA teams. Go spurs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    go bobcats!

  5. willie says:

    CP3 and klay thompson is a better backcourt than curry and klay

  6. nfl jerseys says:

    yeah,very good curry is big man。

  7. Sam says:

    Definitely one of the most exciting players in the game. Deadly stroke, killer handles, emphatic fundamentals. Lee was healthy last year and GSW landed in the lottery. Curry is healthy this year and they are going to the playoffs. They are amazingly deep and are still so underrated. He isn’t top 5 yet but is easily top 10.

    And don’t try to tell me they purposely submarined the season to get that pick. Jackson promised playoff contention before the start of the season. They were pushing and then Curry got injured.


  8. andylx says:

    Comparing Vince Carter and Tracey McGrady who both play in the air and 2 big centers which are a dying bred in the NBA. Brandon Roys condition was picked in college. His problem is bone rubbing on bone. Plain and simple watch some of Curry’s games before you become an expert. Curry is still a long way to becoming an Allstar or top 5 point guards in the NBA. Coach Jackson has helped Curry’s game. Barnes, Thompson and Jack do most of the dribbling now. Curry rarely leads a fast break. The heart of the Warriors and the leader is not Curry. It is David Lee. He is the reason why the Warriors are winning.

  9. AIforever says:

    Soon will be compares to to a combination of Nash, CP3, Rose and John Stockton.
    He got both Nash and John’s shooting quick release and accuracy(even better potential).
    He got CP3’s pg abillities like leadership, good at organising the game.
    He got both CP3 and Rose’s ball handling and I think he should go hard to the rim more cause he got the height, the athleticism and the touch.

  10. Kamote says:

    Would still be better if they traded for Paul instead.

  11. BHP says:

    FAILED stars like mcgardy and vince carter?? pretty sure both of those guys have had very productive careers. The reason their peaks came to an end sooner then most is because they were high fliers/ dunkers so their knees gave out early….. hope the same wont go for blake griffin but when your jumping like that and coming down with that much size and weight its tough on the body….. But Curry he has a better chance to stay healthy and at the very least the guys got an unbeliveable stroke if worst ever comes to worst

  12. Jacques Durceille says:

    Iverson Legacy, you are being too harsh. He is young and if he gets proper conditioning and treatment he should not go the way of failed stars like mcgrady and vince carter. I am excited for Stephen Curry. Three California Teams might make the playoffs this year. Go curry.

  13. IversonLegacy says:

    This man is trash. Plain and Simple. He will get injured and go the way of the vince carter and the tracy mcgrady. Delicate players with delicate bones are not a wise investment. See the trash called Andrew Bynum or the other trash called greg oden and brandon roy.

    • aaaaaa says:

      I think it was an immaturity thing at first. Maybe he rushed getting back in and that’s what made him get hurt again. I think now he understands the issue and will be careful enough so that it doesn’t become a huge issue again. If he can stay healthy, he’s a top 5 PG.

    • king range says:

      What’s trash is Iverson, full of talent and potential but also full of ego. Where is he now? At least vince carter is still in the NBA and is still baliing (maybe not like before)

    • Drose the Return says:

      how can you compare centers to pgs? and Brandon roy is far from trash, he would whoop you any day without cartilage in his knee. and carter and mcgrady were high flighers and aren’t productive anymore because they cant play above the rim. curry will always be good. he has one of the sweetest quickest releases in the game…