Kobe: ‘Big-Boy Pants’ For Pau!

Pau Gasol keeps finding himself on the end of the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench at crunch time, a strange place for one of the world’s best post players. But that’s exactly where Gasol was with the game on the line Sunday at Staples Center, for the second time in just five games.

And if you thought things couldn’t get any worse, now Kobe Bryant is dishing out his own brand of public advice/motivational talking points to … help inspire Gasol to keep himself on the floor?

The Lakers’ dysfunction has run deep this season, but perhaps never more than it did Sunday night after a despicable 113-103 home loss to the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard‘s former team, when Bryant told reporters:

“Put your big-boy pants on,” Bryant said. “Just adjust. Just adjust. You can’t whine about it. You can’t complain about it.”

You don’t have to read between any lines to figure out that Kobe is calling Gasol out in the best/worst way (depending on your perspective). Demanding that Gasol man up and take responsibility for his own game and his own transition from Phil Jackson‘s system to Mike Brown‘s system and now, Mike D’Antoni‘s system, is exactly what you’d expect from a team leader.

This isn’t the first time someone has felt the need to light a fire under Gasol. Jackson had to do the same on several occasions when he coached the Spaniard, famously poking him in the chest during Game 3 of that playoff series they lost to the Dallas Mavericks in 2011 in an effort to challenge Gasol’s toughness in a critical situation.

The specifics of this latest late-game benching, provided by Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.com, highlight a disturbing trend where Gasol is concerned:

Gasol was subbed out with 6:07 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Lakers up 84-83. Orlando outscored L.A. 30-19 the rest of the way. Gasol ended his night with 11 points of 4-for-11 shooting, seven rebounds, two assists and a block in 29 minutes.

“I don’t get irritated,” Gasol said of the benching. “I like to be out there. It’s upsetting for me as a player but I won’t allow it to irritate me.”

It was the second time the benching occurred with Gasol’s family in the building. The first time came against Marc Gasol and the Memphis Grizzlies and Gasol’s father and younger brother, Adria, were at Staples Center for the game Sunday.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni downplayed the difficulty of getting Gasol back on track.

“Just talk to him,” D’Antoni said. “There’s no magic words out there. He’s going to have to play. He still had 11 and seven and he’s playing, but we just have to be a more dynamic team. We’re slow right now. It’s just athletically, we’re struggling.”

D’Antoni added that he didn’t want to “lose Pau,” but Bryant assured that would not be a problem.

“We’re not going to lose him,” Bryant said. “That’s just not going to happen. I’ve been around him long enough. I know how to deal with him.”

The Lakers need to worry about losing games right now, too. They’re 8-9 after dropping this game to the Magic, a 6-10 team that had won just three times in its last 13 outings prior to Sunday.

Every time it seems the Lakers are getting on track, like they appeared to do in Friday’s win over Denver, they follow it up with a nasty fall like we saw against the Magic. This uneven approach under D’Antoni is not what anyone expected and certainly not what Bryant said we should expect after the coaching change.

And yet here they are, still struggling with their own identity while serving as the punchline for jokes league-wide because they can’t find a way to manufacture wins with one of the best rosters on paper.

If they keep this up through Christmas, calling for “big-boy pants” for Gasol will only be a small part of the barking Bryant is doing as the Lakers head into 2013.


  1. NBAhoops says:

    what do you think guys?
    D.Nowitski to P.Gasol

  2. Error says:

    lets wait until steve nash came back!

  3. KobeWhiner says:

    Lakers lose again! hahaha kobe ball hog took what? 31 shots! howard took what 9 shots! hey kobe you wanna blame gasol again even he didnt played?

  4. Exhibit_A says:

    and this quote coming from the biggest complainer in bball….instead of telling someone else to stop whining, why not look at yourself…you keep crying for a foul….any other player would pick up technicals like crazy

  5. Sha-naynay says:

    Pau’s the man, but I gotta admit, he is a little soft.

  6. marcus says:

    an idea: let play lakers with two balls, one for kobe one for the rest, thats the solution since 2 years ago in LA.

  7. antoni says:

    Stupid… How is Pau to blame if the team is up with him in the game and loses after takeing him out? 19-30without him…

  8. john zedrick says:

    kobe is better we know that ..but we keep playing like a team..

  9. john zedrick says:

    kobe is better we know that …we just keep playing like a team…

  10. Joseph says:

    The FUNNY thing in LA is… They’re Losing. With the ALL-STAR line-up they have, even if Gasol is Out, there are others who can win a ball game against Orlando, in their home staples

  11. Frankl_1016 says:

    I really don’t know if you notice how the players played under the interim coach BERNIE. Ball movement is a lot better as compared to coach MIKE D. Isolation play will not usually win a game but a better ball movement from one player to another until it reaches an open man. Isolation will just make a player superstar, but not necessarily be a super team

  12. The Unknown Planet!! says:

    If they actually trade Pau. its better to trade with Kevin Love. Love to Lakers then Pau to Wolves. Its a win win situation for both team. Love can shoot outside and a big man and thats what Mike like it. And We know love is a very good players for PF or center. For wolves, they need an inside threat like Pau….But for trading it. Hope love should be 100%.

  13. BoogieBomb says:

    Look, bottom line is this, I don’t think that Pau is to blame here and calling him out was dirty. An argument can be made that Kobe needs to stop shooting so damn much…KNOCK IT OFF!!! Hasn’t he noticed that the team plays better when he shoots less and facilitates more? I get that he’s KOBE BRYANT and all that, but seriously, calling Pau out here was a bit too much. Personally, I think Pau should ask to be traded.

  14. Shiz says:

    The answer to the problem is quite simple. Bring Pau off the bench; he would strengthen the Lakers very weak bench and would automatically be the best six man in the league. Jamison fits more in D’Antoni system as a stretch four and bench Howard in the fourth quarter to prevent opponents from taking advantage of his laughable foul shooting. Gasol is more than capable of taking his place and manning the middle at the end of games.

  15. killuabest says:



  16. Help me says:

    You can’t buy it LA , dont believe you can!

  17. NUFF SAID says:

    Why is it, Pau has to be the scape goat every time the lakers loss???? last season they want to trade him with CP3 now kobe wants him to do more??? If the lakers didn’t appreciate him for what he brings to the franchise then why keep him longer??? Trade him for what the lakers really lack(BENCH) so they can both benefit… Pau can do what ever he wants to be(CENTER)… Lakers will no longer blame him, and they will have an additional man power to their bench…. simple as that… STOP lakerdashians drama… TRADE HIM… I Bet PAU would be more happy even if they trade him on WAS….

  18. Ken says:

    Does anyone realize that D12 cannot hit a shot more than 2 feet away. Please Jim should change his name to Jim Bust. The Lakers do not have what it takes. I will say this Pat Riley remember him knew what he was looking for in Miami. That is why his system worked. Jim Bust just recruited names to be thrown togeather, and the lakers are the laughing A-Holes of the league.





  21. OKCFTW says:

    just trade pau gasol! if you cannot utilize a great post player like pau, just trade him!

  22. JOSH says:

    Dont understand how we have 2 perennial 1st teamers in the starting line up and cant beat the magic, huh? seriously, heat, okc, san antonio, NY no team in the league has 2 1st teamers right now and we’re 8-9? cant believe it! so far i dont like what i see from the new coach. I think they were playing better under B Bick

  23. GCast says:

    STFU Kobe! Look in the mirror!

    • GCast says:

      Mike didn’t use his brain also, they were doing a hack-a-Howard, and Mike allowed it to happen. Phil will certainly get him out of there and subbed in Pau. The Lakers lost didn’t they? That’s the reason he won a lot of regular season games and never reached the Finals. I think Bernie is a better name than Mikes. And Jerry Buss is allowing this to happen to his multi-million dollar franchise because he loves his son so much.

  24. BOOLIE says:

    everyone relax this happens with every great team the time shaq joined L.A in the in 1998 if im right by the time lebron went to miami they are all adjusting to a new coach and system plus new teammates we can panic if it is already 50 games and they just won 15 over the last 50 by the time the season picks up they be knocking at the top 4 in the west

  25. LAKERS B says:

    win or lose… go lakers with kobe, pau and howard.

  26. Did anyone hear Kobe at the end!? It just goes to show how dedicated he is. 30,000 points will probably be the biggest milestone in his career and he didnt even know he was close to it because he’s so caught up with the team and winning basketball games. Now that is a championship player. Hope he wins the MVP Award or something cause after all these years he deserves more than just one of those.

  27. Canary Islander says:

    What unfair issue for Pau. This lack of Lakers team is pointed only in Gasol. What about %of kobe or Dantony sistem fails. If Pau go out Lakers., this team is goig to do a big mistake, Pau must speak clear ans louder about his shape and this media fire against him.

  28. xchino says:

    IT will be a right move if Pau wud go in other team like Miami, OKC, Memphis, etc.
    There he can utilize his skills and talent as a 5, a good team too, better than Lakers whose does always the blame on him.

  29. Dee says:

    Pau is not the major issue that the lakers have and D’Antoni is the worst thing for this team. Anybody that knows basketball can see this plus the bench is horrible. This team as a whole has no chance of winning b/c of the pieces brought in. Nash is a great point guard in a run and gun system or pick and role but that will never happen on Kobe’s team. Why because kobe is not a slasher or a spot up shooter and kobe creates his own shots so cancel nash as far as his game goes and unless u want nash to make open shots off of kobe double teams and penetration then nash just doesn’t fit(could of kept fisher for that). Now D12 on the lakers is another misfit on Kobe’s team. i can go on and on about his game but I’m going to just point out the key factors. he gets into foul trouble and he cant make free throws plus D12 has no real post moves(another blake griffin offensivly) and he cant dominant the game like he somewhat did with the magic. why b/c his offense game is not that good as the other great centers of the past and 2 because kobe isn’t going to let him. D12 also hurts pau’s game the most b/c pau is a banger and like any other dominant scorer pau needs the ball and needs to be the center piece to the offense point blank period although i do agree that he seems soft or weak at times but not every big man is always the toughest on the block (look at tim duncan but we know what he can do). when bynum was there he complimented pau’s game in the post and they fed off each other in the fact they played similar to each other. kobe gone get his regardless but taking 25 shots a game is taking away from the team especially when kobe can score at will. It wasnt a big deal with most of the other teams the lakers had with kobe but they actually can have a team and nowadays you have to the way the nba has stacked up teams. lastly kobe is the best player of this day and era so why is it that he has the most talented starting 5 of his career and wont win. hmmm ITS BECAUSE KOBE WANTS TO DOMINANT THE BALL ON EVERY TEAM HE IS ON. if u watch the Olympics u see a completely different player than with the lakers when he actually plays within the team and he plays shut down d. there are no scoring titles in the Olympics so its no need to score all the points as long as they get the W…why cant u play that way with the lakers??? its simple, kobe wants to try to be better than jordan individually but in reality if he played within his team he could end up having more rings than jordan did but even with that kobe will always be number 2 when compared to #23 regardless of rings as much i love kobe its just the truth (it will never happen but even if kobe gets 10 rings he would still be #2)(kobe is just a better version of iverson in his prime better scorer better d and bigger but sort of selfish as a.i.and jordan was as well…I’ve done my homework and i tried to figure out how could kobe be better than jordan by the end of his career and there is just no way kobe can…so bottom line just PLAY TEAM BALL!!!

  30. LA Fan says:

    Pau is one of the greatest player in the world and he is the best player from spain, and he is one of the reason why they got their back to back championships. I just cant believe he’s not getting his minutes and isnt getting his usual touches. the way I see it the starters are actually playing quite good considering Nash isnt with them, its their bench that needs help. Every time the substitute, they start losing their lead, their momentum, and just start losing games.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Pau is not the Pau from 3 years ago. Pau’s last great year was his CONTRACT year. He basically got $100 million and hasn’t been the same since. He hasn’t been bad but definately not the same guy that you see play for Spain. He’s 32 and still very much needed on this team when used properly. In D’antoni’s system (becasue of all the running) Pau should only play 32 minutes max as should J Hill and Jamison. Every minute Dwight is not in the game Pau should be in the post.

  31. Tim NBA Fan says:

    Dwight probably should have been benched in favor of Pau. D’Antoni seems to have a personal issue with Pau. Dwight is a better defensive player than Pau, this is true. But Gasol is a good defensive player. He can get blocks and defensive boards with the best of ’em. And he is a good post defender. No one in the league has been as good on D as Howard over the years, but lately Howard’s FT shooting hang-ups down the stretch have cost the team wins. His D doesn’t make up for all those missed FT’s. I see it as a clear coaching error. I’m sure D’Antoni has his reasons though. He needs to show confidence in the guy who will anchor his defense all season long and possibly take them to a level his Suns teams never went.

    The Lakers were expecting Nash to be a major part of the puzzle this year, and it is obvious that the biggest reason for the D’Antoni hire was to maximize Nash’s potential to lead the team. It’s tough to evaluate anyone from Pau to D’Antoni until he returns. Blake has shown enough ability in the past to run a D’Antoni type offense the right way, but his unexpected surgery severely cripples the Nash-less offense. While Morris is a decent combo guard and was once a top recruit out of high school, he still doesn’t run a team the way a PG should. He needs much more seasoning before handing him the keys to a championship caliber offense. Duhon is more of a pure PG, but has been inconsistent throughout his career. No reason to think he’ll become consistent all of a sudden. That leaves Kobe in charge of the facilitator role. He has had some bright spots, but while he has always been good at play-making from the post, he is still learning how to run the P & R. No wonder the offense is only working in fits and starts.

    It is possible that all this adversity is just what the Lakers need right now. Kobe is becoming a much better pick-n-roll guy than he would have been with Nash and Blake healthy. Howard is dealing with his FT slump now. Some may remember even Tim Duncan had a horrible FT slump in his career. Howard especially is a guy who can’t play when he thinks too much. Once he gets in a groove his FT’s will start falling, though it’s hard to say when that’ll be. Jamison and Meeks are showing how the can fit in the offense. Gasol is gradually resigning himself to his new role. He needs to improve from the perimeter and take it on as a challenge. His numbers won’t look the same as past years, but he can still contribute in a huge way. With his height advantage, shooting over the defense should be no problem. Most importantly this is an opportunity for D’Antoni to learn what he can expect from his guys outside of Nash. He should know now that Jamison is very good, but inconsistent as ever, that Howard has always been a liability at the line, and that Gasol can be counted on from the line, but his confidence is otherwise mercurial at best.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      Thank You!! You have basically stated in a LONG Version what I’ve been saying since the off season. It’s going to take time!! Miami wasn’t built in one season

  32. Maevrik says:

    People forget that without Pau the Lakers wouldn’t have won the NBA ring in 2009 and 2010, not even reaching the finals in 2008. Just be realistic and show some respect for Pau.

  33. NUFF SAID says:

    Barkley trains with Pacquiao in TNT special…..

    How about get rid kobe then hire Manny Pacquiao….. He can go toe to toe even with artest/metta WW…. elbows……uLOLS…
    Maybe they can qualify for playoffs….

  34. Oz says:

    Lakers need to rebuild! Enough said! I’m not a Lakers fan. The only time I’ve really enjoyed watching the Lakers, was when Magic was running the show. Lakers have never come close to what Magic did for the Lakers. Kobe is the biggest overrated player!

  35. xchanism says:

    IT will be a right move if Pau wud go in other team like Miami, OKC, Memphis, etc.
    There he can utilize his skills and talent as a 5, a good team too, better than Lakers whose does always the blame on him.

  36. SensibleScot says:

    I watched Pau at the Olympics and he carried Spain at times. He is in no way soft. He dominated the front court against the USA (granted they only had Chandler as a ligit centre).

    This is simply politics. Bench Howard and you risk losing him in the summer. Pau seems to always get the short straw.

    If I was him, I’d leave. He’s too good to be a 3rd or even 4th option. I’m sure George Karl would welcome him at the Nuggets, they have some pieces D’Antoni would take.

  37. juan reyes says:

    it will never be kobe>>>never! nike launching a new product soon……kobe socks!

  38. jonski22 says:

    Pau just need to rest his knees..get it well..and D’Antoni should not keep him long on the bench, make him play. All the world knows that Pau is not athletic but he is talented and have a great basketball IQ, why change that? I don’t know why D’Anton keep insisting that the Lakers are not atheltic and slow. He should consider that before accepting the job. I think he knows he cannot run his old system on this bunch of Lakers. Lakers are a half-court system, it wins title. I can run when it permitted..Metta is the showtime live with it.

  39. jonski22 says:

    Pau cannot just adjust, it’s the coach to make the adjustment. He was given with a talented line up with specific strength and weaknesses, the coach must know it. The line up is already talented, how can you ask for more. Downgrade your PF, for a JSmith or Anderson or whoever, that cannot play Center. Just imagine when D12 got injured, or just a rental for this season. Lakers will have no center. I mean a combo of Pau/Hill and Pau/Jamison is better than most team. BUt the idea of course is Pau is at PF.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      I somewhat agree. The coaching staff needs to figure it out but not in 7 or 8 games. Pau also needs to adjust. Practice more of what he will be faced with in game situations. News Flash! D’antoni’s not going anywhere unless Steve Nash goes somewhere. So get use to it and ADJUST

  40. eee says:

    Oh Kobe you need to shut up.You are just putting more pressure on your teammates rather than showing your non existent leadership…Watched yesterday’s game and without Pau they let the other team own the last few minutes.Somebody should call out Kobe to stop jacking 25 shots per game when you have Dwight and Pau as your big men.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      If Kobe is hitting 50% of his shots, why shouldn’t he shoot. Other than Dwight is anyone else going to shoot 50%. Is LeBron DWade or Carmelo shooting 50%?? Kobe is learning something new just like everyone else. For those protecting Pau and saying he was the sole reason why we won Back to Back, REALLY? Kobe has won without Pau, can Pau say the same? When you have someone like Kobe who demands a double team it should make life easier on others but when other don’t take atvantage of open shots then it’s time to jack up 25 shots and make 50% of them

  41. Lakers Fan - FP says:


    I know D’Antoni is an offensive coach. However, you cannot solely rely on offense because there are good and bad shooting games. The Lakers has great defensive players. It’s such a shame that they aren’t being utilized. Never abandon defense. Offense will come naturally because they are all talented professionals.

    D’Antoni needs to show Gasol some respect. Gasol is a talented veteran – just allow him more looks from his “sweet spot”. To be a championship team, there must be trust.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: Dwight Howard needs to make free throws. Everyone’s saying it, but seriously, they’re called “FREE” throws for a reason. During practice, that’s all he should be doing – shooting (& MAKING) free throws. Don’t stop until you find the right stroke. He doesn’t need to practice anything else. Due to his size, his presence is always felt on defense, and he controls the paint, dunking at ease. Free throws should not be a weakness for the Lakers. With many of their losses, the point differential could have been compensated by their missed free throws. It’s not just Howard either – MWP missed a pair of crucial free throws during another loss. This is no joking matter – free throws are extremely important, especially during “crunch time”.

    I do want to add that the entire Lakers team should have showed more effort against the Orlando Magic. First, it was a statement game for Dwight Howard. Whether they won or lost, he would feel much more comfortable with himself, his decision, and LA. Second, it was a HOME game against a 6-10 team with injured players.

    Step by step . . .
    Play hard on every possession. Don’t leave your man. Help each other. Win games. Gain confidence. Bring the championship home 🙂

  42. nbafan says:

    Coaches in the USA have a type of play. If the coach haven’t the right players the team doesn’t work. It should be the other way around, the coach must know how to make the team win with the players he has. Mike D and Mike B force Pau to shoot by far all the time. Pau can’t play so well thereby. Imagine Howard playing point guard, Is ridiculous.

  43. Magic says:

    Does anyone noticed that every time Kobe scores more than 35 they lose?

  44. Shaq says:

    How about get rid of Kobe in Lala Land? LOL

  45. lakersfan says:

    dumb dumb dumb…. that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard….. fire jim buss? you can’t fire an owner A and B why on earth would you fire a owner that got you 5 titles AND 7 appearances in the last 12 years……. were starting slow and every team has down years but the lakers have a rich history of winning and a large part of it is thanks to jim buss laker haters stay off laker forums and noobs that don’t know our franchise be quiet

    • Tim NBA Fan says:

      Last time I checked Jerry Buss is still the owner. His son Jim Buss has made some excellent decisions, but it seems as though his ego has guided some less than brilliant decisions. The jury is still out on Jim Buss, but he is not likely to get fired. Nepotism runs rampant in the NBA as it does in much of the rest of the world. Good luck trying to stop it.

  46. rose says:

    right now, the lakers has no teamwork. I watched a game where in pau and d12 were just staring at each other as if pau saying “hey you’re the best rebounder in the league. do something”. at some point even when both are on the court they are out rebounded by other players. sigh

  47. NUFF SAID says:

    You need TALENT(lakers) to win games…TRUE but you need to function as a TEAM (HEAT) to win CHAMPIONSHIP…
    MIAMI is DWADE’s Team…But the BEst player on HEAT was LBJ… Does Dwade got a problem on that??? NO… Does Dwade blame CBOSH for playing bad at home agains NETS uhm NO…He(WADE) let his game speaks louder than blaming anyone….Did he defend??? YES… Did wade shares the ball with his team mates …YES….(Cole,LBJ,BOSH,Miller, ETC.) and the result??? WIN…. That’s how LEADERS suppose to do….

    Wade learns his leadership with KOBE… But He improvised more than being a leader…(Make your team mates better,Share the Ball,Defend,Be there when they needed him most) Set Backs of DWADE (injury)

    That’s the difference of HEAT(WADE) and Lakers(kobe)….

  48. David The Mit says:

    Everyone thinks the players are so old there’s no time to wait for them to gel as a team. They must win a championship NOW! Lol. That’s not going to happen. It didn’t happen in Miami the first year, did it?

  49. Sire says:

    Pau is a tremendous bigman ever to play in the NBA but the problem is the coach who doesnt create more plays for him….Phil Jackson is brilliant coach and they prefer to replace him with a good coach only….

  50. fint says:

    i think they should make a little alteration in the rules that would discourage Hack-a-Dwight plays.

  51. Rufus7 says:

    trade GASOL FOR AMARE? thats the answer….

  52. BRING PHIL says:

    triangle offense is perfect the cast we have in LA. mitch bad move bring d’antoni. BRING PHIL JACKSON BACK

  53. charmlei says:

    The CHEMISTRY of the Lakers aren’t working because they lack a good POINT GUARD. Where is Steve Nash?

  54. aj24 says:

    trade gasol men. . .and bring amare to keep the frontcourt really scaryyyyyyy”

  55. Jun says:

    Don’t be surprised if one day you see Kobe blaming Obama for the Lakers’ failure!

  56. I have benn a laker fan longer than most of you button heads have been alive. My Lakers will rebound as always. Pao needs to start playing and that buss guy needs to retire and take tony with him.

  57. Robert says:

    Kobe leads the league in ego size.

  58. Mossjr says:

    Leave the lakers Pau and show Kobe he is an idiot!

  59. Jasmoove says:

    why Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are doing great both are post players and a scorer inside. why can’t the lakers do it?? too much drama…

  60. mister says:

    It just shows the attitude of Kobe..that’s the reason he can nver be close to MJ..its not the points,rings,records etc..but attitude alone, Kobe is a failure..MJ never had that kind of attitude as a basketball player…

  61. mister says:

    I don’t know why Kobe always blame Pau…U know what Kobe, the problem is you..If you want to be a leader then be a teamplayer..as simple as that..remember u can never win a championship without Shaq and Pau so stop whining..it just shows you can’t handle a team in your own..you can’t win games because of your selfish attitude..

    • EDCATCH says:

      Hey Mister, seems your a Kobe hater. But you need to understand the correct order of events. Shaq did not win his championship until he was with Kobe & Phil. He did not win it in Orlando even with Penny & 3 point shooters around.Shaq did eventually win another with wade. Pau Gasol did not win any championship & even conferrence when he is with Memphis, then. Pau win 2 with Kobe & Phil. The common factor in those Championship is Kobe & Phil, not the other way around as you have said.
      About MJ, I like Him he is good. But if you think MJ is not on the head of his teammates when they are not playing well, all I can say is that you have miss those game when he was scolding his teammates even on the games. MJ & Kobe are both competitive & give their best effort on the game, hence you should understand.
      By the way, Pau is Good. Its the Coach who is not. He should remove Dwight middle of the 4rth quarter and bring Pau to foil the hacking scheme. & put him back at the last 2 minutes mark, so they cannot foul dwight off the ball, and have Kobe & Gasol as the prime scorer & Dwight the prime defender. But at the same time Pau shoul really man up, during the Memphis game, Pau was out played by His brother & Zac. (Ps. If his knee is really affecting him, he should rest & heal it first).
      D’ Antoni should also take out Duhon, Jamir Nelson knows duhon’s game as they are previous teammates, thats why jamir take burn duhon.

  62. Jun says:

    Kobe should stop whining, tantrums, finger pointing etc. It’s not Gasol, Howard nor the coach. It’s him! This is already the year of our lord KING LEBRON JAMES! Bryant is simply over the hill. Gone are those buzzer beating winning shots, his lay ups are easily blocked, he is a lot slower now. Lakers fans should accept the truth!


    GASOL has nothing to do with all of these.. PG doesn’t existssssssss on LAKERS FT MISSED all the time..

  64. Biggest mistake says:

    Simply put: Bringing Howard was a mistake

    Why? Because we already had Bynum (whose numbers aren’t that different from Howards)

    WHat we truly needed? a bench and three point shooters. We got Nash but he’s old and is not known for his offensive.

    If you see every team that wins, they have reliable shooters.

    Is not the coach’s fault, is not Gasol’s fault

    We can’t win by just having height
    because 3 pointers always beat 2 pointers

  65. dwynn says:

    Dont blame it on the coach and pau…all u Lakers Fan should be the One to Blame…You got High expectation to an Old Team!!!Last time i check you were all saying La is instant Champs with this roster!!Blame it on the management too!!

  66. cpcheung says:

    Trade Paul Gasol for Jeremy Lin who can back up Steve Nash any time for connecting and motivating every player in Lakers! Lin is the only missing piece of the manifestation and the realization of Lakers Empire! Kobe, Howard, Nash, and Lin under the same Pick and Roll Master: Mike D’Antoni will become really invincible!

  67. Rudeman says:

    I watched the game and it has nothing to do with Pau. Howard has a terrible free throw shooting that cost them a lot of trouble. Also bench not doing good compared the other day.

  68. Josh says:

    Hey kobe “big boy ” do you remember pau help you win your last two titles ?. Selfish selfish player ! Gasol is a great player and one of my favorites

  69. cpcheung says:

    Trade Paul Gasol for Jeremy Lin and let Jeremy Lin back up Steve Nash. Lin is the only missing piece of Lakers Empire!

  70. Lakers says:

    Okay everyone…… if you compare how he played the last couple of years and even how he played for Spain this past summer, you would know that there is something wrong with his performance so far!! He is too careless…even when they played Nuggets he was not performing at 100%. I don’t really know what his issues are but he needs to fix it! And oh to you all who thinks he is playing okay….you guys need to look at his recent games first. Everyone needs to stop the political comments and say it how it is in sport games. He just needs to pick it up and play a little bit harder. If not make him come to the game from bench. I mean you get blocked 7 times??? And still defensively they got you unlocked??? He needs to do something. This is not the Pau that won two championships……I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Pau!!!!! I really love the guy but I can’t defend him any more!!!

  71. Hunter says:

    God.. Kobe is awful.. I feel sorry for the dudes that play for Kobe.. Especially Pau..


  72. DH says:

    I want out of LA

  73. lyova says:


  74. Brian Scalabrine says:

    Dear Lakers, if you guys want to have the most dominating player in the NBA. Just give me a call.

    – White Mamba

  75. jerikobe says:

    gasol as a center not as forward

  76. JP-F says:

    Stop the blah blah blah and enjoy the game! Everything is part of it!

  77. I guess Gasol is also to blame for worlds hunger says:

    It seems like everything is Pau’s fault even tho they were winning the game when he was on the floor, then he gets benched and the Lakers lose by 11. Kobe went 12-27 but thats Gasol’s fault. Dwight missed all those Freethrows but Gasol is responsible of that also. Mike D’antoni is a horrible coach. Since WHEN do players have to adjust to coaches. Aren’t coaches supposed to adjust to their players to make use of there talents???? Enough of using Gasol as a scapegoat.

  78. Mykzsez23 says:

    hahaha i remember what mwp said about his thought about their record that they will beat the record of the bulls..hhahahaha

  79. frank says:

    bad decison by the coach,,, Lakers is a power house team,,, hope that the coach use that talented line up of lakers,,,

    and the transition defense of lakers is very slow ,,, lack of agresiveness,,, and hope hat the coach will focus on transition defense and defensive rotation,,, respect every shot of the opponent,,,

  80. Goodness says:

    The lakers lost as a team that night…and no one can point fingers…I felt like the coach made some bad subs in the 4th quarter and it upset the rhythm of the game…other than that…they collectively loss the game because of turnovers and bad defense throughout the game…


    Welcome to Houston LAKERS another frustration is coming..


    pau G has to know his role on the lakers offense, second dont give d12 more touches it will cause you TO’s, and get nash healthy, he could run this offense, kobe has not to be blamed about this, he is choosing his shots very wisely and distributing the ball evenly, kobe is the greatest, if u watched the lakers jazz game, if ur jumpshot is not goin in, take it to the basket, thats a very high IQ kobe has

  83. rj says:

    its not right for kobe to say that to pau…after all he is to blame and howard’s free throw for their lose..

  84. Kornikophia says:

    always blame the white boy. lol

  85. Frank Hawkins says:

    Voice of Reason….really?

    You believe the Lakers have a better chance than last year?

    Have you watched any of the elite teams in the West?

    The system and the chemistry is 2 reasons why they are horrible.

    The Lakers have played 12 games at home, they have a tough road trip ahead.

    Yes, it’s Decemeber but January will be here very soon.

    You guys should start rebuilding now, before it’s too late.

  86. Pau is good,D’ Antoni lacks motivation to his players….i’m a laker fan since i was a kid,now i’m 41 y/o so its disappointing to see the lakers like this…i’m sad

  87. David says:

    Yeah I agree it ain’t pau’s fault and also you gotta bench howard in the last minutes. That’s how they got there 3-peat with shaq. Shaq was subbed in the 4th, why? Cause he couldn’t shoot FT’s. D’Antoni needs to realize that and change his thinking strategy.

  88. Ken says:

    Howard is the worst Laker I have ever seen and I have been a fan for 43 years

  89. Ken says:

    Trade DUMB A_ _ Howard for Andrew Bynum

  90. Ted says:

    They could have easily won the game against Orlando. But then again, Mike D’Antoni stuck with a terrible free throw shooter in Dwight and let Pau sit in the bench. Now if the coach is not the problem, you might have.

  91. CCB says:

    And they were nominating this team to beat the Bulls’ 72-10 record at the beginning of the season, LOLZ!!

  92. Just a suggestion says:

    Trade pau with amare. Amare worked with d antoni system..

  93. jayson says:

    they should put Paul Gasoll on that late 4th quarter because Dwight Howard can’t make free throw
    they just keep fouling and fouling Dwight Howard on that late forth quarter that’s why they lost
    against the magic…That’s just a bad decision by the coach…but i know mike D’Antoni is still
    learning on this team…..

  94. Vinni says:

    nothing to say.. i just love the thumbnail of that video..

  95. Wilson says:

    Pau should play at 5 not at 4. he has good post moves. kobe is not consistent with every game at the age of 34 unlike jordan who won a championship until 35.

  96. atlwaymin says:

    Lakers problems are bigger than the Coach, Pau Gasol, they can’t play defense, so people keep saying when Steve Nash get back, the same problem exist, he can’t play defense either, so what he does on the offensive end he lacks on the defensive end, they just are going to have to shoot better and commit to defense.

  97. NNNN says:

    D’Antoni‘s system is a flaw. They can outscore teams that runs but they can’t beat a team with a good D. You will see that in the playoffs when your opponent can learn and enforce some game tactics against Lakers offense.

  98. Ken says:

    Jim Buss will destroy this organization, because he is a wannabe Phil Jackson

  99. Laker Fan Here says:

    And their putting the blame on Pau again. Pffffft. Really KB, you’re telling Pau to adjust? Adjust to what? To the system? Is there really a system?

  100. Voice of Reason says:

    I hear alot of celebrating by other team’s fans, but as a Laker fan I have sixteen reasons (championships) to still be relaxed at this point. Hell, it just turned DECEMBER by the way, chill out. No one will be talking about any of this in April, May or June. My only concern is the relationship between D’antoni and Hill. There was bad blood in NY and it seems to have spilled over to here. Hill was one of the few bright spots to start the season. We need his energy on the court. One reason we lost to Orlando was his DNP coach’s decision. That is the drama I am more concerned about.

  101. David says:

    I dont really care if Pau gets alot of minutes or not, I just want him to get the minutes over dwight in a close game. Pau can shoot free throws so its less of a worry for us laker fans. Either way Mike needs to use Pau down the stretch near the end of the game if close game, else Hack a howard.

  102. Observer says:

    This is hilarious.

  103. CHUCK NORRIS says:


  104. beyKrewz says:

    no matter how great htese players are.. THEY ARE AGING.
    basketball nowadays is speed and athleticism.
    and sad to say,they can’t keep up.

  105. amor says:

    The problem here is the one who posted this and made the story (sekou smith). Ofcourse he watched the whole video…but then again he gave a bad meaning to what kobe said just to let us read his article because that is how he is getting paid. It’s not about the lakers, players, or any other team. Sekou has been making you guys fool for so long. He’s been giving players bad reputation. He is a bias in the NBA. I just don’t understand why you keep on biting his article with an obvious “Making-A-Story-For-Money thing. If you watch the whole video and listen to how the question was asked and answered, it’s so much different from how sekou interpreted it. He has been putting words into players mouth eversince. If there was an internet during michael jordan’s era and a media like sekou was there, i bet jordan would never be respected as how he is respected today. Don’t be fooled by the media. Be a fan to have fun…not a fan being fooled by them…

  106. amor says:

    The problem here is the one who posted this and made the story (sekou smith). Ofcourse he watched the whole video…but then again he gave a bad meaning to what kobe said just to let us read his article because that is how he is getting paid. It’s not about the lakers, players, or any other team. Sekou has been making you guys fool for so long. He’s been giving players bad reputation. He is a bias in the NBA. I just don’t understand why you keep on biting his article with an obvious “Making-A-Story-For-Money thing. If you watch the whole video and listen to how the question was asked and answered, it’s so much different from how sekou interpreted it. He has been putting words into players mouth eversince. If there was an internet during michael jordan’s era and a media like sekou was there, i bet jordan would never be respected as how he is respected today. Don’t be fooled by the media. Be a fan to have fun…not a fan being fooled by them…

    • pakyaw says:

      DUDE,..Kobe already known for blaming and calling outs his teammates…its no surprise…and its not made up story…the media can lose their job if its a false journalism,but they ‘re entitled to voice their opinion as long relevant to the topic….YOU THE ONE GETTING FOOLED!…

      • amor says:

        I’m talking not about kobe but how the media is in general. This has been like this eversince. I’m not a kobe bryant fan. I see a lot in here taking comments from what the media said. As i stated, watch the video and listen carefully on how the question was asked and forget about what kobe is to you while listening to how is answered the question. Based on your comment you agree with what sekou smith said because you think he’s been known for blaming and calling outs his teammates without evaluating carefully how the question was asked and answered. I watch NBA but not a die hard fan. That’s why i don’t just bite any comments aginst someone who is a fan of another team(s) or player(s). I hope everyone here is fairly giving comments not hatred or gossip.

  107. dinobmperez says:

    people forget that pau won 2 titles for LA now that DH is on board he PG becomes the problem? DH horrible foul shooting cost the game and the coach’s decision to continue playing him during that stretch …word of advice to Pau leave LA and go to TWolves…be with Rubio and let see what happens..

  108. Ric-H-Ro says:

    If you have a lamp, you want to use it to light the room. It is a lamp, not a table. It doesn’t matter how much do you need to eat on the lamp, because it is not a table. So the smart stuff would be, although you can’t eat, at least you have light. D’Antoni still didn’t get it. Hey, by the way, nobody noticed Bryant’s bad night shooting! Smart guy!

  109. swiss bankster says:

    many here blame it on one person.
    pau wasn’t shooting the ball very well // got benched when they were up 1 – but there were 5 different players out there for 42 min to make this score so don’t “blame” the lead not only on pau because he was there this minute! // coach thought they don’t need pau for the last 6 mins // d12 not making his free throws // kobe struggled
    its obvious that its a little bit of everything.

    what they should do:
    kobe be a more quiet and positive leader, be critical about yourself!
    pau be more aggressive, start to at least act like you are mad!
    dwight shoot 1000 ft’s a day!
    they have enough talent on their roster, no real need for a trade (if nash healthy)
    coach: really be brave. think about what you have, don’t get scared of it and play conventional ball. the bench is bad, you have 4 stars who don’t click together ERGO split them up a bit so you can build up a stronger second unit! kobe could facilitate, nash of the bench, look who plays together the best….

    or, go under and see how the blaming continues.

    that said: I’m from switzerland. I’m neutral. I’m trying to be as objective as possible. Hey what do you know I’m swiss, dude.

  110. DANITo says:

    bynum has more post moves than howard, and better free throw shooter. if bynum is healthy , he is way better than howard. shaq is rite for favoring bynum. howard humbers are similar to bynum numbers when he was playing with the lakers

  111. Scott says:

    Dantoni would be a better fit at coach if Nash were seven years younger, and the team was names Phoenix Suns. Dantoni is a horrible fit for these players.

  112. nbadictatorship says:

    who is the real whiner here? kobe ballhog, who never takes responsibility for taking tons of shots, have any of you fanboys played a game of basketball? who will have the incentive to play on when your teammate takes most of all the shots in a game? come on, pau is an offensive guy, he aint dennis rodman whos happy not taking any shots. i can see the pattern here, bashing teammates behind their back (youtube video anyone?) bashing the management, asking for trade, bashing old teammates, bashing current teammates (pau?) now we see the real kobe ball hog. whats next he gonna call for a trade again?

  113. TheFormanator says:

    I can’t stand Kobe anymore. If he were benched with 6 minutes to go, he’d be crying like a baby complaining about how the coach doesn’t know what he’s doing. Pau is a really good forward, and to expect him to put up big numbers when Kobe is shooting the ball almost every possession is just ridiculous. The past couple years Kobe has become more and more selfish and it is absolutely sickening. It leads to poor team chemistry and causes the players that he calls out to have a resentment against their “leader.” Kobe needs to retire and let the team move on without him. Its annoying when he acts as if he’s the best player (he definitely is not) and just jacks up piss poor shots and then complains about how its his teammates who are killing the team. Really dude, get over yourself.

  114. Tim says:

    Pau is getting older and he’s never really a physical player. In my opinion, he should play as a center, back up for DH12. PF postion should be shared between J.Hill and A.Jamison. Don’t let Pau go , Lakers will regret when facing him again in another team. Also team chemistry needs to be improved

  115. LAKERS says:

    For me it’s a coach D’ Antonis fault…. You should not bench Gasol because He can do Free throws… For the last 4 mins ORLANDO MAGIC started to hug Howard just to shoot from free throw line but what happen? They already noticed that they cannot beat ORLANDO by Howard always on the free throw line… Coach D’ Antoni should change Howard to GAsol because GAsol can play CENTER. They should win that one.. Bad coaching staff.

  116. specialfriedrice says:

    i note how many people in this thread saying ‘the Lakers D is horrible’ and i totally agree, but lets see what happens at awards time at the end of the season…If there was a betting market up i would be all over Kobe and Dwight still being voted into the All Defensive 1st team, Dwight should be there, but as for the other…that must be Gasols fault too…

  117. Laker says:

    I think the best oportunity for Gasol is to team up with Nash in the pick n roll, and start running the second unit. Right now Howard is the starter and theres no room for two big guys if u wanna speed things up. Gasol should take care of the second unit like Odom did.

    D´antony knows that the main problem is the transition game, and wants smaller and quicker players. Howard + Gasol should just happen against teams with low tempo and that lack of size inside. Another main issue is the turnovers. They need a playmaker and more movement on the wings to get the best of this style of playing.

    If you look at the Spurs, Duncan has a pair of young wings around that help him keep up physically. Thats what you need to do when your team is aging up. Defensively try to defend as a team rather than staring at Howard and WPeace.

  118. vd says:

    I would rather put Howard in the game during crunch time. Let him learn, its still early in the season. Learn to make his FTs in crunch time. Rather now then in the Playoffs

    • Lakersince76 says:

      D12 stands to be a good free throw shooter about as much as Shaq did. It’s not going to happen. He’ll never reach 70% so therefore you need to plan around this

  119. Barry says:

    It’s easy to blame everything into Spanish. When it’s only a couple of years all named him the best four in the history of the Lakers because I gave three NBA finals and two rings. Until Kobe within its immense selfishness knows that Pau is better not to have him partner in a team against. Pau is a big sport, recover from their problems and once you shut up well with the Lakers or another team.

  120. metta workaholic says:

    If Pau is too soft then trade him for Amar’e. when Nash comes back it would be a pick and roll masterpiece. STAT and Nash reunited will be a thing of beauty in addition to that their bestfriend/coach will be there as well. Win-win situation for both NYK and LAL..

  121. alex says:

    just let dh play d entire game, let him shoot free throws, thats the best time to practice ft.

  122. Jowee says:

    I love Pau Casol…..lol…

  123. Dirty D says:

    Its coaching just as much as it is lack of intensity, and D. When you have one of the most talented starting groups, with good coaching you should never have a bad group on the floor, ever! After the starting five when subs start, the teams should look like this:
    PG – Nash PG – Kobe
    SG – Meeks SG – Blake
    SF – MWP SF – Jamison
    PF – Hill PF – Hill
    C – Howard C – Gasol

    There should never be a line up on the floor without at least 2 to 3 allstars on it. This way Nash and howard can run pick and roll with two shooters Meeks and MWP to open the floor like he likes and a rebounder in hill. And with Kobe running point Blake can be the only thing he can be, a sometimey shooter and Kobe can distribute some to get others involved and gasol can post more. And with hill we have a rebounder. As for now they should start Meeks with Kobe @ PG. And pull Howard in 4th Qtr. close games till 2mins. 30Sec. unless he’s hitting freethrows.

  124. Kiddo says:

    I think D’Antoni system not fit enough to be applied at lakers. He needs team player’s players which can handling fast transitional ball movement, not some individual players like kobe, pau, and howard. May be, he hates isolation offense. Pau resting because he is not a good type of D’Antoni system. If you wanna blame, blame to D’Antoni and howard. Howard hacked successfully by his former team.

  125. ap says:

    i don’t get why the media always goes to kobe when the lakers are playing poorly, like he’s NOT one of the reasons they’re losing… the lakers lack chemistry AS A TEAM. and to those who say they will getter beter when nash comes back: yea they will offensively and thats not really there biggest problem. Steve nash cannot D any of the elite PG’s. i could go on forever about the flaws in this laker squad but long story short: Kobe will NOT be winning 6 this year.

  126. Frank Hawkins says:

    If it wasn’t for the officials, always sending Kobe to the charity strip, anytime someone comes within 6 inches of him, he wouldn’t be leading the league in scoring. This arrogant cry-baby, gets at least half his points from the free throw line.

    And, as for Howard, another wanna-be. He stole Shaq’s Superman persona, and apparently his free-throw shooting.
    How can someone say this guy is a great center…outrageous! This guy is nothing more than a unskilled, athletic, power forward.

    I agree with what Shaq said on Open Court, The Lopez and Gasol brothers are the best skilled Centers in the league.

    Many teams will take Pau. Let Jim Buss continue to run this team into the cellar, continue to appease the “Baby Mamba”

  127. Heisenberg says:

    It’s all the players fault. Not the coach. I’m not a D’Antoni fan either. I’d love to see Phil back on the bench coaching. But it will not even matter the way this Lakers are playing. They look good on paper. But the results are disappointing. Nevertheless, I’ll still be a Laker fan no matter what. Go Lakers!! Just win!!

  128. Lakersince76 says:

    If anyone believes a 38 year old point guard is going to ensure we make it to the finals and beat Miami with the current logic is sadly mistaken (especially on defense) Pau will be fine if D’antoni finds a way to play him in the post as much as possible. Pau also has to get healthy, mentally as well as his knees. The real issue is Jordan Hill’s playing time. We cannot afford not to play him nor can we afford to lose Pau’s size. D12 should never be in a close game midway in the fourth quarter. Pau should be playing center from the six minute mark until the two minute mark when Hacka Dwight is illegal. By the way Sacre needs alot of work

  129. Saj says:

    This is rediculous. D’Antonti has a 3-4 record with the Lakers. He was never a winner with Pheonix and if this continues the Lakers will not be a winner with him. Coach Brown didnt start the season off well, but D’antoni isnt doing anything right at all. To have Meeks, Duhon, Ebanks, and Darius chuck up 3’s all game long makes no sense. Keeping Howard in the game when the Magic are clearly hacking him makes no sense. Put in players that can hit free throws, its not like the magic are in the business of playing big anyway. D’antoni needs to leave, he screwed up the Suns, the Knicks, and now he’s ruining Kobe’s shot at #6.

  130. killinpeoplewithcrossovers says:

    if u guys still think that the clippers arent better than the lakers, u gotta get ur mind to the 2012-13 season already

  131. MR.STRAGNACCIO says:

    i use to love kobe and from this momen i hate kobe!!!no more talking,that;s enough mr.kobe!

  132. AusieCeltic says:

    Pau should be traded to Celtics, we need a PF/C to help out KG!

  133. mike says:

    kobe is such a huge douche bag…hes also the hugest ballhog in history,,,hes not even in the top 5 all time greatest…you gotta be able to make your team better like jordan and magic did ..and like lebron does now…kobe will always just be the greatest ballhog in history and nothing more

  134. Polusis says:

    Hopefully Gasol will get traded, and he will show everybody who is one of the best interior players the game has ever seen. Rings? Howard? He can´t even make a free throw …

  135. lebronheatREPEAT! says:

    lol i knew the lakers wouldnt be anything this yr…they cant even beat the magic..so laker fans still have the lakers winning the chip this y..a 8-9 record is a great accomplishment lolllll

  136. The People says:

    So with 6 mins left the Lakers are up with Gasol on the court…the coach believes being ahead in a basketball match isnt good enough so he takes Gasol off….They then get blasted big time from then on and lose the match by 11. If thats not poor coaching, I dont know what is.

  137. noyb says:

    Bad times in LAL. A pity, but just goes to prove that you can actually have TOO many stars. Oh, and you need a good coach. Not Brown or D’Antoni. And a good owner (as in NOT Jim Buss).

  138. Trymore Ndolo says:

    Keep it up tell them da time is not with us they have change now.

  139. Real Speak says:

    If you watched the interview, this “calling out” of Gasol is a bit out of context. The reporter asked “how do you keep Pau connected when he doesn’t play long stretches in the 4th quarter?” and Kobe defended him saying you put your big boy pants on, professionals stay connected regardless of playing time. He did not say that Pau needs to step his game up so he can play in the fourth quarter, That being said this article is more highlighting that the big Pau Gasol is struggling mightily but stretching kobe’s words to mask what you really wanted to write about is obviously contrived. LAL Drama forever every season; They are gonna be FINE.

  140. stan says:

    it’s simple…untill dwight learnes to make free throws, and more post moves, put gasol and hill in for the last 3 minutes. that is some low post defense, and both can rebound and make freethrows most importantly.

  141. amigo says:

    the best combination would be pau and jamison.howard will be coming off the bench

  142. Kobe says:

    Kobe needs to look at himself too. Sometimes he thinks he does everything right, even when he doesn’t. One of the reasons he takes so many shots and can either take his team out of the game or bring them back into it.

  143. ozzbalin22 says:

    I believe the Lakers organization made a huge mistake, they are embarrased to admit it. All this PR work to make people believe D`antoni is the answer is desrespectful to Laker fans. Jim Buss has a problem with Phil Jackson, he needs to get over his personal issues if he wants to make this franchise succesful.

  144. MR Stern FINE D’Antoni says:

    I payed my ticket to see the best players for the Lakers play the end of the game. D’Antoni should be fined by NBA for sitting out Pau Gasol on the 4th quarter. Please commissioner Stern consider this one too now that you are out fining coaches for stupid things.

  145. AG says:

    As long as they keep blaming everything on Pau this team is not getting any better. This getting ridiculous. Everytime they lose a game everybody is on top of Gasol, even if it wasn’t his fault. Time to stop using him as an excuse, he is only part of the problem. I do agree that he should play more aggressively, but he isnt even getting the chances to be as agressive as normally. Damn i just cant understand why D’antoni was chosen as the coach! I got nothing against him, but he also has to make an adjustment along with Gasol. They can’t keep wasting one of the best post players like this. Really they just have to all stop blaming Gasol and start working together as a team if they want to get out of this and win consistently.

  146. Bob says:

    Wow, the best decision for Pau is to leave the team; the Worst decision of Lakers would be trading him. People soon forgets.

  147. Basketball God says:

    Trade Pau for Luis Scola, PROBLEM SOLVED! Pau is a post up player, that’s what he does best, but LA needs a PF to spread the floor for Howard, Scola can spread the floor for Dwight and a way better mid range shooter than Pau, it can also save LA a lot salary caps

  148. ozzbalin22 says:

    We all know Lakers were old last year and this year even older, D`ANTONI is going to wear was left of the Lakers legs, Phil Jackson is the only choice for this veteran team that obviously cannot compete with young athletic teams. Pau Gasol is an all star player, did anyone see what he can do when he is the number one option with Spain or Memphis? you have to maximize your players natural talents, D`antoni is running Pau into the ground. This system will wear the lakers down and if we make the playoff, we wont have any gas left.

  149. Phill says:

    3 Problems with the Lakers…

    1. No Nash
    2. Defense is horrible. Not through lack of effort cause I see the guys trying, but through lack of coordination.
    3. Howard needs to take the example set by DJ and Blake Griffin. Go practice your dam freethrows! Seriously! His form isnt that bad, he just hasnt put the work in and its a Joke.

  150. Phil Jackson is the answer says:

    Does anyone else here agrees that the masters triangular offence would be the best fit for this team? D’Antoni is a failure of a coach I know this from new york. He is the absolute worst in trusting the players and makes a very bad chemistry when he sits the best players down and then he gets blown away. Shame on you D’Antoni for benching Pau.

  151. The Whining Lakerland Fans says:

    Practice. We talking about practice. Practice. What are we talking about? We talking about practice. Not the game I go out there and die for. But we talking about practice man. We talking about practice. How the hell do I make my teammates better with practice! Well Dwight, if he practice his free throws and shoot about 70%, he would of stop the bleeding. Isn’t he tired of practicing to be a Joke? Anyways, what do the Lakers need to keep focusing on, PRACTICE.

  152. Nick says:

    Kobe is funny as he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The problem and I hate to say but it’s the coach… He reacts WAY to fast and I’m a fan of his. Phil let the players play good or bad and I’m not a Phil fan… First Howard will NEVER “GET THEM DOWN” as Kobe thinks… All of a sudden just don’t start making free throws… Howard NEVER will… D’Antoni has a problem that he holds things against players. He has something against Jordan Hill and Pau Gasol. Last night as the Lakers were winning he decides to take out Pau Gasol and Lakers FREE FALL but somehow it’s blamed on Pau Gasol??? Kobe is GREAT but he makes some of the worst decisions I have ever seen a Basketball player make…

  153. Farrugia says:

    Sorry guys, but D’antoni can’t coach to save himself. Sorry to say this but i SERIOUSLY believe that it is true now. I am not a Lakers fan but seriously D’antoni has proven this on so many levels. L.A made a huge mistake taking this guy.

  154. Eaglos says:

    For some reason, none of my previous two posts made it through…

    Anyway, Ivan wrote in a few words what I was trying to post.
    Look at te game stats so far, almost anytime Kobe goes
    trigger happy, Lakers lose.

    Dwight is a joke at best. He is strong and he can dunk and that’s
    about it. He doesn’t shoot, he has no post moves, he is a liability
    from the free throw line. In general, he is nowhere near as skilful
    as Gasol, maybe a good addition for lob-city style of play but not
    worth it as a proper center.

    But in the end it all comes down to proper coaching which is something
    yet to be seen from D’ Antoni. He takes the least out of both Gasol and
    Howard and I reaylly fail to see what he sees…

  155. miamifan says:

    Pau is getting traded to miami at the end of this season. apparently its set to happen after the playoffs though. juwon howard and norris cole for gasol. new line up:


    miami champs for sure 3peat!!!!

  156. T-Bone says:

    Agree with many of the comments already on here. Everyone’s blaming it on Pau; Kobe’s 27 shots go unnoticed. 12 for 27?! That is very poor. Dwight choking at the free throw line. Whole team is struggling. Kobe seems to expect a team to just click immediately into a new system (which they won’t – but will get there eventually). The whiner here is quite clearly Kobe. He is a terrible influence on morale in the team.

  157. Dont care says:

    The solution is simple:

    The Lakers adjust and adjust to Pau’s game. Clearly not playing him the way he is supposed to play is not benefiting the team…they’ve got the worst record since Pau got to LA.


    Trade him for garbage and not win a championship loosing DH in the process. Everyone will think…what if…

    Your call.

  158. DHAM says:


  159. KnixFan says:

    PAU needs a new environment. Great player taking the blame for the TEAMS mishaps.
    He should demand a trade & let KOBE question RON ARTEST toughness.
    I doubt KOBE will even try that unless he likes elbows.

  160. AJ says:

    Kobe, should know MD’S SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK WITH THIS GROUP. STOP SAYING put your big boy pants on !
    this coach is not for this team ! BE REALISTIC !

  161. aj says:

    Why are they trying to turn the most dynamic back to the basket player in the league into a jump shooter? They are wasting his talent and I would be irritated too. They need to run inside plays for him, not Howard. Howard doesn’t need you to run plays for him to score. His post game is weak, he scores on put backs, hand offs, and pick-and-rolls

  162. AJ says:

    Bernie as head coach…. Dwight better practice and make himself comfortable at the line.

  163. John says:

    Look at what kobe does at 4:31 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  164. NBA Fan says:

    You folks missed the real point here…..

    The Lakers upper management and coach are doing everything to make Dwight happy, because they wanted Dwight to sign the extension. for now, someone have to sacrifice, and that someone have to be Pau……

  165. Mike D Antoni says:

    The problem is NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Paul says:

    They gave up 110+ points. Their problems aren’t on offensive, it’s on defense. Stop blaming Pau Gasol and acting like Kobe was trying to diss him. Watch the WHOLE interview and Kobe even says that Pau is not going anywhere, as long as Kobe is there, Pau is there.

  167. thesniper321 says:

    Lakers fans are hilarious first it was mike brown the problem, then it’s D’antoni lakers staff can you please bring phil Jackso so those FAKE basketball fans understand that big players next to each other don’t make a big team?

  168. AYO says:

    Dantoni and howard lost us the game the blame should be on the dantoni if not howard, dantoni beched gasol when they were down 1 and let howard stay while the other team used hack a dwight? remember when phil benched chaq in late games… howard lost us the game by not hitting his free throws SMH PAU HAD A GOOD GAME TILL DANTONI TOK IT AWAY

  169. showbaba says:

    Is it not funny? Taking Pau out of the game and left Howard in the last 4 minutes of the game and come back to blame Pau. UNBELIEVABLE. lol.
    You lost because of howard not because of Pau.

    • Lakersince76 says:

      If the Lakers played better in the first 3 quarters and were up 15 points against a bad team we wouldn’t be having this discussion. It should have never come down to Dwight and Free Throws.EVERYONE needs to step up including coaches, Towel and Water Boys, Cheer Leaders etc. We went through this with Shaq, so a bad free throw shooting center should not keep us from winning

  170. jdunny7 says:

    i caught the end of the game. coward effort on the magic to just put dwight one the foul line but they exploited a weakness and if david stern is going fine the spurs for sending guys home because its what fans want to see then the magic should pay a quarter of a mil for their actions just fouling like that that early in the game because it was bad for the game people don’t pay money to watch that garbage and the magic can say a win is a win but that was cowardly.
    if in fact pau gasol was on the charity stripe like dwight the lakers win the game. so the question is when is phil really going to come back because regardless of how pau played dwight should have been in the seat next to him on the bench for missing all the damn free throws. that is an aspect of the game and if he isn’t on the floor not so sure the magic could have stopped the lakes from scoring another 20 points.

  171. showbaba says:

    With Pau in the game the score 84-83. Did you watch the game? If they have left Pau in the game and send Howard out in Lakers would have won the game. Magic keep fouling Howard either he has the ball or the ball is in the hand of another player. They keep sending Howard to the line and that killed lakers. What has that got to do with Pau, why are people lieing? Howard made Lakers lost the game, ask Magic who made you won the game last night? Answer: Dwight Howard. period. Please lakers if you don’t want Pau, send him to Miami and we will give you James Jones, Norris Cole and Pitman. lol. That is cool.

  172. Pau: best C worst PF says:

    I dont get it…. doesn’t anyone see the fact that gasol is not ment to play PF?!?!??!?!?
    Pau at center = 2 championships
    pau at pf when bynum become healthy in 10/11-11/12 = 2 second round loses.
    2 bigs never wins it never has never will (bynum was injured both championship runs for lakers)
    pau isnt a better center than dwight but he certainly is better than 98% of the league
    if pau was to come off the bench as a back up C NOT A PF. he would A. strength the starting lineup by moving jamison to a stretch 4
    B. strengthen the bench… given us a solid post scorer/ playmaker for the second unit
    pau gets what he wants with more rest (tendonitis) and get to more looks in the post

  173. Maxxin92 says:

    Media and ignorant lakers fans need to stop using pau as a scapegoat for these lakers losses.. We’re losing cause of D! 18 trips for Orlando and lakers only come up with two stops in the last six minutes of the 4th quarter? That’s not going to take us very far.

  174. mike says:

    This is a young mans game and people are suprised an old man team is playing like an old man team. When Nash comes back they will be a little better. They will not in any way compete for the west this year. They are too old. The spurs are competative at an old age because they have played together for years and have one of the 3 best basketball minds on earth as their coach. Lakers cannot compete with OKC, Memphis, or San Antonio. Even a healthy clippers squad may take them down.

    • W/E says:

      Mj was 35 Pippen 33 Rodman 38 Ron Harper 34 when the Bulls won the championship in 1998, age is not a problem for the Lakers, the problem is the teams chemistry and the coach.

  175. KobeoverBron says:

    I must add it’s not a problem of Howard or Gasol, it was well known fact that Howard cannot shout free throws. We wanted Howard for all the other tangibles he brings to the table like the defensive presence that he is, the athleticism, the shot blocking. It is the coach job to counter the Hack A Howard strategy. Hack-A-Howard is nothing more than a strategy as any other strategy that a coach as to prepare for. It’s similar to double-teaming Kobe Briant, the coach needs a system to counter and prevail in those situations.

  176. mrwormburn says:

    I love how these kid Lakers fans, who know nothing of basketball, blame everyone but Kobe. The following are facts, not my opinion. Lakers are 2-8 when Kobe scores 25+ and have one win when he goes for 30+. He only scored 14, and let Dwight get involved in our win over the Nuggets. Ask yourself who the real problem is. Kobe is just scapegoating Pau yet again.

    “I’m a slightly better version of J.R. Smith. The media tells “yolo-swaggers” that I’m the best though. They got my back.” – Kome Bryant

  177. lee says:

    I don’t see why kobe is hating on pau at the mo… Howard should be benched in such incidents as the magic game he can’t hit ft pau can and hrs just as good defensively that and he’s one of the best post players in the game. I don’t get d’antoni at the minute, meeks had a great game against Denver and played 9 mins vs magic, morris is a waste of space and at the end of games he’s got 4 shooters in meeks bryant metta and jamison then pau at centre… all makes sense to me…

  178. mark says:

    Cool take on the Kobe-Pau relationship

  179. KobeoverBron says:

    The Lakers become a dis-functional organization ever since Jim Buss took over and turned the organization into a conceptual lab with his process of trial and error. It started with the hiring of the wrong coach and replacing it with a worse coach. Anybody who thinks D’Anthony is is an offensive needs to take a hard look at the New York knicks (post D’Antony). Coach D’antony system continues to be ineffective and superficial (good enough to make runs). Somehow, it is made out to be that Steve Nash will be the savior of the organization, the truth is you don’t need a super-efficient Steve Nash for a super talented team as the Lakers. Although, it looks like the lakers need to be serious about hiring a proper coach, Phil Jackson may not be right, I’d say it’s time for a name like Jerry Sloan…

  180. Maddy says:


    Get rid of that Coach…… nobody wanted him…. nobody belives in his coaching skills…. nobody wants his Offense
    Dwight Howard will not sign an Extention with the Lakers if he is Coaching the Lakers.

    Steve Nash will solve nothing out there, he is not the youngest and his Backups are not playing like him.

  181. Frank Hawkins says:

    How about Kobe playing some defense in the forth quarter, Arron Afflalo lit him up.
    How about Kobe stop turning the ball over so much, when having his MJ hallucinations.
    Pau is the most skilled, proffessional and well liked big men in the league. This guy has great character and is a proven winner.

    Dosen’t matter what Kobe the ball “hog mamba” is shooting, at the end of the day, the Lakers are behind Golden State and the Clippers. I guess this doensn’t matter to you LaKers fans, as long as Kobe is leading thge league in scoring…pathetic!

    Oh…by the way, what was the Knicks record last season before D’Antoni departed?

  182. dattebayo says:

    This is such a weird double standard. With Miami, Lebron always gets the hits from the media and he is the guy to blame for losses. He shot too many threes at times but overall he always was the Heats most consistent player on both sides of the court. With the Lakers, it seems that Kobe is in a can-do-no-wrong bubble and everyone else gets the blame for losses, the coach, the bench and of course Pau Gasol. I am not saying that Kobe shoots too much or is the problem, but he is the leader of that team and he never shows it. He guarded AAA and AAA hit 2 straight jumpers in his face to start the game. With the next possession, MWP was guarding AAA. Is this how Kobe gets the nod for the All Defensive 1st Team, by guarding non-scorers? And don’t tell me that these things don’t matter, if Artest guards people on the perimeter, he can’t box out under the basket or rebound and Kobe doesn’t do that even though he should.
    The Orlando loss is on Dumbtoni to me, just take Howard out in the 4th until the 2 minute mark and try to win the game without him.

  183. AJ says:


  184. The LA Sparks.... says:

    I love it!! At least most of us on here know the problem starts with that imitation Mj they have… If he could ever be a man about his over shooting and leadership quality they may be able to start something going.(Doubt it) So I guess until someone on Sparks checks this punk in ala Chris Childs.. You funny Lakers fans will go thru this until he leaves.. After all you guys made him like this putting this clown up high like he’s that good.Then when he shoots you out of game it’s not Kobe’s fault, it the other guys….. Kobe “is” the problem always has been.. Now you add a coach that can’t coach and things amplify.. The fact that them grown men can’t figure out what to do is hilarious in it’s own light. The Lakers

  185. Frank says:

    Lakers fans crying!!! Hahaha!!!!

  186. AJ says:

    The problem is not PAU ! the problem is COACH. no one say anything about D Howar which after 9 years he still choke at the free.
    he can not play post either !
    it is coach’s responsibility to take him out and put someone else (J.HILL).to play better !
    this coach is just like MIKE BROWN .he take a favor!

  187. Ivan says:

    Also, I find it funny how like Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler doesn’t shoot the ball much at all. Yet Chandler is shooting 78.5% at the line lol

  188. Ivan says:

    Whenever Kobe takes more than 25 shots and drops 30 or more, they lose. its a pattern. Mike D Antoni is stupid for not pulling Howard out of the game in the last 3 or 4 minutes.

  189. Kamote says:

    oh, and “don’t whine” came from Kobe “I wanna get traded if LA don’t get me All-Star team mates”… then Boom! Pau cam and he had his rings… just f*cked-up. Greatest whiner of all time.

  190. De Angalo says:

    It’s not Pau Gasol it’s D’Antoni’s system.. I’m totally against the hiring of D’Antoni…Phi Jackson’s should’ve been the coach it would have been the best thing for the team,Dwight and Pau fit better in the triangle offense d’Antoni’s system has never won a Western Conference championship or an NBA championship and never will the Lakers are not young they’re not a young running team like the Phoenix Suns were

  191. Gentledee says:

    Didn’t want to “I TOLD YOU SO” again get rid of D’Antoni, never was suppose to hired from get go…Mike Brown is a better coach than him, Please fire him NOW! If management keep him the Lakers will be in a rebuilding situation come next season. Please don’t let the best player in the world go out unhappy and frustrated. Kobe did so much for the league including help LeBron’s game…

  192. Kay says:

    Too much drama going on. They should just figure it out amongst themselves and quit blaming others. They knew Dwight Howard’s problems at the line and the drama he carries, Gasol has always been the same Gasol and Kobe is the same Kobe chucking up shots. They should wait till Nash gets back and then after 20 games or so with him in, see where they are.

  193. Jimmy says:

    DWIGHT NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO SHOOT FREE THROWS!! PATHETIC!! I’ll take Pau down the stretch in the 4th any day over overrated D12!! Lakers obviously need a scapegoat for Dwight not workin out and hiring D’Antoni instead of Phil!! Let’s make another mistake and get rid of Pau, niiiice. One more thing, Kobe needs to shut up, keep his comments out of the press, be a real leader, “motivator” and have a private team meeting.

  194. Mister E says:

    I would play Gazol in the last five minutes of any game instead of Howard.

  195. bu says:

    Oh, one last note. I wanna give dues to Metta World Peace for his role in the 2nd championship run. He CLEARLY STOPPED the opposing team’s best players night in & night out. He also played under control most of the time. I still remember how he shut out Pierce on the pick & roll & helped to Lakers dig out of the 13 pt deficit.

    So that yr, was the closest to teamwork & good D for the Lakers in the last 5+ yrs. AND, Kobe’s leadership has NOTHING to do with it!!! It’s P-Jax!!!

  196. Zay says:

    Man up Mau!!! Don’t let Kobe punk you out with insults. I hope you don’t think he’s giving you constructive criticism with those words included. Around the league, you are looking like a punk. Kobe can be aggressive with his words because he runs the Lakers and it’s his way or the highway! Plan to take the highway. Some where you can be respected and find a good fit. In the meantime, be more aggressive in the paint and take it out on your opponents with a winning performance and attitude like you did in the olympics.

  197. DFAV says:

    Who cares.. The Lakers are a bad drama movie that never ends.. Shut your mouths and play ball. Isn’t that your ‘JOB’ anyways? And Dwight Howard, your awful. If you can’t make a free throw, you should at least have one of the highest FG% in the league. Watch Tyson Chandler and take notes.

  198. bu says:

    Anyone seen Kobe admitting & take responsbilities like a true leader? (eg. Jordan helped setup his role players & played great defense to create opportunities. Kobe did little & just bag hogged)
    Anyone seen Howard work really hard & play seriously with intensity?
    Gasol has been completely off since the yr of P-Jax poking. He’s clearly not motivated as he was quite dominating in the 2 championships.
    D’Antoni – probably a cheaper & interim coach because…. see below
    Buss’ family feud – well, we saw the facts. This collapse started from the top, not the players!!!

    It was disheartening to watch Lakers coz they win games in the last 3 yrs by talent, not by teamwork & good basketball & good efforts. They played a bit better for the last championship run as everyone were clicking the right way & Gasol & Bynum were huge & aggressive against a suffocating Celtics defense & smart X’s & O’s by Doc.

    But again, good things don’t last. Kobe’s window is closing. And he’s still not a very mature player & not a good leader.

  199. ImJusSayin says:

    The real problem is D’antoni’s Ego. Seriously he needs to check himself, They needed energy and the jerk left hill on the bench and gave meeks limited time as a reward for the previous game. Even Phil put Shaq on the bench when hack a shack was working but mike is too good. Kobe did throw up too many and Metta is the only player showing up on both ends of the court. Ever wonder why they did better under bernie? No ego trippin rotation.

  200. lol says:

    Its so obvious, Lakers will make the playoffs but will struggle there. Best thing they can achieve is Western Conference Finals, most likely another 2nd round exit. Teams that win championships have good defense, but all Lakers got is inconsistent Offence and alot of ego.

  201. Mattymo says:

    So good to see the comments here not buying into blaming Pau. The dudes just a good teammate, he moves the ball, makes the right play, alot of it doesnt show up on the stat sheet (Though I would like to see his rebounding numbers go up a little). Some of his other teammates seem to think if they put up the numbers then they can point the finger at him as the reason for the loss.

    Fact is, as someone pointed out before, the team plays better (The howard/pau or pau/jameison combos) when hes out there. Because he plays the team game..that should be all that matters..not that you score 30 points

  202. Pistol says:

    Pau isn’t the one to blame nor Dwight is. Maybe Kobe could say to Dwight he should learn to shoot a FT … “Just adjust. Just adjust. You can’t whine about it. You can’t complain about it.”

  203. OG.LAL says:

    Trade Gasol its time for Lakers to say good buy.

    • Nunna Yobinnes says:

      I’d be glad to send Josh Smith to you in exchange for Gasol. Then he could play with his best bud, and together they could set the record for worst FT% by any teammates playing 30 minutes per game.

  204. Moe says:

    This article is inaccurate. When Kobe said to put the big boy pants on it wasn’t about Pau needing to do more to get on the floor, he was saying that you can’t whine when coach decides to put you on the bench because at the end of the day he’s the coach. If you listen to how the question was posed and answered its obvious to see that it wasn’t a huge shot at Pau. A part of reporting is picking out quotes without context though so I’m not surprised.

  205. nbadictatorship says:

    whats kobe point differential in this game? -17 so wake up you kobe fanboys. i dont care if he scores 40 or 50 or even 80 points. it just shows all through his career hes been a pure ball hog the best there is there was there ever be ball hog player.

  206. richard says:

    C’mon men! If I earn one hundredth of what Dwight earns I would build a hoop in my bedroom and start shooting free throws first thing in the morning and all day, C’mon men!


    Under mike antony lakers have -100% defense. he wasnt using HILL? he dint let him play atleast 1 min?? just ccuz you dont LIKE defense?? NBA is not only about offense, its also bout the DEFENSE. so therefor it was all fault of coach. Gasol was playing well under bernies coaching staff, Just bring back Bernies!

  208. J-Rock says:

    There is a blueprint for beating any “Kobe Bryant team”….let him shoot 25+ times. He will do his usual 10 for 25…and they lose. Happens night after night….year after year. Kobe has this strange ability and propensity to completely alienate his teamates and have them completely disinterested. Honestly, when Kobe shoots <15 shots…scores between 15-20 pts, he become a terrific role player and sometimes facilitator and his team usually wins. Not hating…just a fact.

    During the 3peat championship run (even though Sacramento really beat them one year), Kobe was a fine role player.

  209. nbadictatorship says:

    Agree with ball hog kobe the most over rated player EVER in the nba. trade kobe to d-league

  210. dorin says:

    unfortunately Lakers doesn’t have a good coach….a lot of you said that Nash back is the solution….all is expecting this….but will not be….the problems is the coach and the defense….not playing Hill at all? 🙂 not good ….
    hill and pau should have had ended the game is howard is missing from the line

  211. Tido says:

    ooppp..JIM BUSS

  212. Tido says:

    3 words

    To whom you can can complain???…Pau or Jim West..???

  213. Gamerfan says:

    First of all, all the comments attacking Kobe were simply lazy people who simply read the headline but never watched the interview. The comments were OUT OF CONTEXT. The writer craftily turned a non-story into a smear piece.

    Secondly, Our team lost because of a poor coaching choice in the last four minutes of the game. Taking Pau out with 5 – 6 minutes left on the clock was a good decision, but the decision not put him back in after the second HACK-A-DWIGHT was a bad choice. We didn’t lose because Pau was soft for most of the game, we lost because the Magic Hacked their way into a lead and busted our momentum by shaking team confidence with Dwight’s dismal free throw shooting. Even if they kept Dwight on the floor, by replacing Pau with Jamison, they got far less offensive rebounds. They didn’t get rebounds, and they didn’t sprint back on D. You’ve gotta be prepared to do one or the other when you have a poor free throw shooter in a Hack-A-Player situation

    Finally, please stop asking to replace the coach because it’s not going to happen. Coach is a great leader but simply made a bad call last night when he didn’t bench Dwight for Pau but once our Lakers become more defense oriented and stop vacating the paint on every trip back down the court, they will be more solid.

  214. mater wi says:

    lakers must have fresh legs .. to keep up between OKC and MIAMI
    Dwight is a total show and a force but does not have a game closer skills..

  215. dratiger says:

    They need Jemery Lin! LOL!
    I don’t agree Kobe about making easy one; 113 point for the other team?? they need defensive!

  216. chinda says:

    just bench dwight howard @ 4 MINS end of 3rd quater either sub with hill or pau problem solve.

  217. Fantasy says:

    Benching Pau was a bad move by the coach! However, it helped me to win my last week’s fantasy opponent by 3 points!

  218. mrcpg says:

    Can’t expect to throw a bunch of guys together like a pickup game and expect to win right off the bat. It’s a team game and don’t you forget it!

    The acquisition of Nash and Howard, especially Howard, was way overhyped. Howard is a solid player, but he is NOT the second coming of Shaq. Shaq was telling y’all that he wasn’t the best center because he is not a true center and he’s right. Duncan, Zebo, Love, LaMarcus, and even Pau; these guys all ball better and have more impact than Howard.

    Howard and the new Lakers are still immature and need to develop more. It’s fun to hate, but there’s hotter topics than Pau/How in LAL. Like Ray Allen in Miami, or the emergent Griz and Knicks. Forget the Lakers.

  219. Ken305 says:

    LOL i love how everyone is blaming the coach..AGAIN. the lakers are slow, old, no defense, have a horrible bench, and a huge liability in howard. theyre playing with no heart, no energy. theyre not going anywhere. and they are DEFINITELY not getting past teams like OKC, Clippers or Memphis. or SPurs for that matter

    • opi says:

      yes the lakers are all those things and they have no shooters so blame buss for hiring the worst coach possible for that team

  220. Michael says:

    Everybody just needs to calm down! what did ya’ll expect, championship caliber team in 1 month? take it easy, it’ll all come together!!!

  221. JerseyCatt says:

    I wish people would just look at the obvious issues here. Kobe never seems to think he is the blame for any of the losses. It’s clear that though he is the league and teams best scorer, he is the worst teamate in terms of making players around him better. Of course he always likes to jump on players who won’t say anything back. Let Metta have a few bad games. He wont call him out because he knows he’ll get his @$$ kicked. When he learns to share the ball and give players on his team confidence emotionally (which he won’t because he won’t change; its been 17 years of his whining) then they will win more games. Notice games where he scores less or takes less shots they win and win big.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @JerseyCatt…. In case you didn’t know when (Ron Artest) played for Houston, him in Kobe got into it all the time. Kobe is the last person in the league that you should test…. Dont believe me??? Check youtube youll see for yourself…. He is from Philadelphia, and if you don’t know the rep the Philadelphians have, then youre a fool. I should know because I’m from Philly….. Mister215, 215 is the area code. Since he hogs the ball so much he should be leading the league in field goal attempts right??? Well hate to burst your bebble, but he doesn’t. He is at the top of the list, but he is also at the top for makes per attempt which is 18.6 attempts to 9.1 makes, which would be a little under 50% for a true shooter. What I mean for a true shooter….. Kobe, Durant, Carmelo…. These are shooters and we all know that Lebron can’t shoot, hell he can’t make free throws at a high clip, and thats a shot at everybody talking about D12, as if he is the only person in the league that has free throw issues. Don’t believe me pull up Bron Bron stats and see for yourself. I only use Lebron because everybody says that he is the best.

  222. Just A note... says:

    People say that Lakers lose when Kobe attempts more than +25 attempts a game, but they have it backwards… It is BECAUSE they are losing that Kobe has to take the team on his shoulders and shoot a lot more than he should. Fake/ignorant/non-observing fans just don’t understand smh

    • eo says:

      cmon laker fans just deal with it kobe isnt the kobe of 5 years ago he cant carry a team on his shoulders u r losing

  223. John says:


  224. rich says:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE ! TRUTH IS – LAKERS don’t need a ‘real’ coach. Just let the players play their strength and they’ll be one of the most dynamic team today. They were unbeatable with their interim coach who almost didn’t do anything ! When the Clips release Del Negro soon, The Lakers should hire him and fire D’Antoni. Del Negro is one of the worst coachest in the league. He doesn’t talk with any substance during Clips huddle. That’s the kind of coach the great Lakers need. Just let them play !

  225. MichaelS says:

    For many there was so obvious mistake by D’Antoni keepind Howard in the final minutes. Unforgivable and beyond any rational explanation mistake.

  226. rocks says:

    pau should be in the floor, blame howard for this loss, he can’t shoot in FT

  227. Jonny says:

    D Antoni has to understand that his system will not work with this laker team, he’s trying to do the same he did back in Phoenix, running and shoot as if laker players were in their early 20s, he’s trying to outscore the opposition to win ball games forgetting about D

  228. Hunter says:

    KOBE IS A TERRIBLE TEAMMATE AND LEADER.. HE BLAMES PAU ON EVERYTHING.. #24’s career is sputtering near the end. He doesn’t have Phil, he doesn’t have SHAQ, he doesn’t have Fisher, he has a coach that doesn’t teach defense, an even bigger baby(literally and physically) in Howard, and a teamate he can blame(Pau). He hogs the ball ,he shoots too much, and now he’s getting exposed so he is pointing fingers.

    • eo says:

      yes kobe forgets who was the reason he got his last two titles they are being very disrespectful to pau

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Hunter…. Let me this right??? Youre the undeniable leader on the team. Youre playing in a new offense just like everybody else, and still putting up the numbers that we expect from you. You have another star player playing with you and he is not playing the way he is supposed to and you have NOTHING to say to him??? I’m lost, because when I played football (Runningback), I got on everyone that didn’t play up to par….. In case you and every other Kobe hater in the world forgot, it’s about winning!!!! And not just that, but win a championship. It’s about adjustments, and if you can’t adjust, then here is the bench, or another team. Kobe is right in ever aspect. I love Pau, even though he is soft, but we are the reason why he gets paid what he does. He needs to play like his worth. Kobe had the flu and still gave 100%….

  229. Rob says:

    They played like 4 games with brown…and a few games with D’antoni… how do you expect the team to gel after having 3 coaches in hte first 17games. Slow down with the criticism, theyll gel eventually, they need better supporting players->still the main issue

  230. tdistor says:

    This is unbelievable. It’s really miserable to keep blaming Pau for everyone else’s faults. He was on the bench. He was not even playing when they started to lose the game.

    This coach is a joke, even more than Mike Brown was.

    But yes, the easiest thing is to blame Pau. So miserable.

  231. Trevor says:

    The only solution is: trade Pau to Galinari. He’s big, 6’10, good for PF and SF. faster, and quicker than gasol, he could hit threes, etc

  232. mettaWORLDpeach says:

    we need 65 wins to break bulls 72-10 record!!!!! lol.. it aint gonna happen metta!! in your dreams!!

  233. rockman says:

    How can Gasol put his BigBoy Pants on when he is sitting down in the bench? When he is in you are ahead and when he is on the bench the opponent suddenly outscores you and the blame is on him? This team is pathetic.

  234. ferd says:

    Gasol+ Blake for Bargnani and Calderon


    First, lakers need to bring back Jackson, Second, get Steve Nash into the lineup, Third, get Gasol and Howard on, or Gasol and Jamison, Fourth, trade for a better bench, because their bench is awful.

    • RR says:

      trade the whole team to the Wizards so they can make it to playoffs hahaha

    • JerseyCatt says:

      Man, the Lakers is like a billionare who’s mad because he is not a trillionare. Point is the Lakers already have more than what they need but still think they deserve more. They just need to play as a team which is hard because their golden child thinks its all about him and doesnt believe in playing balanced team ball. Just look at the all the other teams that are doing better than they are with less.

  236. jkyle says:

    I hope D’Antoni will consider this type of move what if we put Pau on Low Post since he has more variety of moves than DH12 and put DH12 to a more roll to the basket type of a forward like Faried or Javale Mcgee since he is more athletic than Pau. just my a thought.

  237. bOxstOppER says:


  238. Sandy says:

    Steve Nash is 38 years old. I’m sure he still has a lot to give; he can still be a top PG. But, in D’Antoni’s fast paced system ?!

    Nash was successful with this coach when he was between 29 to 34 years old. At his age now, don’t expect him to play just the same as he did then. I’d say Steve needs to shift gears at this point in his career. So, I don’t expect the Nash-D’Antoni reunion to be the Lakers’ salvation; again, that’s because of the coach’s system, not because of the player..

    Next thing in this drama will probably be D’Antoni asking for trades. It will start with an excellent player like Gasol, but, it won’t end there! Mike D’Antoni is the problem, and there’s no way he can be the solution for the Lakers.
    [In his last stint as an NBA head coach, he was 121-167 (.420) with the Knicks in three seasons and a half; how long will the Lakers give him ?!].



  240. eo says:

    come to new york pau where u will be appreciated u r to good of a person and player to be playing with all those w##kers

  241. Boyan says:

    Before the season started, I wrote here that Lakers will not clinch play off. I got a lot of compliments 🙂

  242. Harry says:

    Am I the only one who places almost total blame on Kobe. Team chemistry starts with the captain. “Its my team”… well if its his team then its also his fault. Maybe they should feed the post extensively and let kobe and other perimeter players feed off the spacing that Dwight and Pau create when they are fed the ball a reasonable distance from the basket.

  243. big jebb says:

    is this the group that was going to dethrone the Thunder? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  244. kb24bryant says:

    yes we know that with pau gasol last last year we are 2-1 in nba championship but alll knows for now pau gasol is so soft in every aspect of the game of lakers, soft in post up, soft in offence for now and the best is soft in defence we dont know what happen to pau in this time is he losing is love for the game or there’s a problem with him in physical or mental… we dont know but the lakers nation really need him to be tough in every aspect,,

    • Hunter says:

      How about you guys tell Kobe to man up and quit blaming everybody. If not for Pau there would be no 2 rings and three finals app..

  245. cameron says:

    put the ball in gasol’s hands down the stretch. gasol has a much better free throw percentrage, i’d much rather have him shooting my free throw’s. let D12 play defense

  246. Bowen says:

    Instead of Pau adjusting his game, I feel like its the coaches job to try and utilize every players best talents. Pau even said he made his name working the post, and shooting the 17 footer is not his bread and butter. He’s not bad at hitting that shot, but Pau needs the ball in the paint to build his confidence and get him out of this slump.

  247. CelticsPride says:

    Gasol can hit Free throws, I understand dwight wants to play aganist his former team but if your down points in the 4th why have dwight out there instead of pau? That’s just a bad coaching move.

  248. TTKIN says:

    Pau saying “I dont get irritated” is the exact reason he is getting benched. Show some toughness dude! If D’Antoni told Kobe he was taking him out w 6 mins left, Kobe would say “ya u go ahead and try”, but instead Pau sits there and says “it doesnt bother me”. FINE! Sit on the bench then!

    • Hm says:

      Pau doing that gets him traded eventually. Kobe doing that gets him praise from fans and gives whoever is coaching irritable bowel syndrome.

  249. NUFF SAID says:

    No Dissing this time… I would love to see PAU playing on different this time… Pau is a great guy…. It’s either system, coaching or spacing that fails him… If you put Pau on other team and He is their GO TO guy… PAU’s performance would be like a beast… When i watched him during the Olympic games… He’s a monster… But now he can’t even move freely… It’s a shame that PAU’s real use was just a scape goat….. PAU should demand a trade… Or play with his little brother (younger) Marc Gasol…. This would be a good match up…Against Lakers…. trade him to Z-BO so kobe can say all he want to say against PAU….

  250. javajim says:

    dont blame Pau for being the only team player the Lakers have. how can you expect his numbers to stay up when he goes from the number two option all the way to option four or five? And I’m yet to see the box score that shows the lakers win with kobe taking 20+ shots without at least 8 ast. maybe they should take some of Bryant’s shots and give them to pau

  251. ko0kie says:

    the lakers were old last year.. now they’re one year older.. that’s how it is..and it’s not like the bench got strenghtened.

  252. W/E says:

    its clear that D’antoni doesnt have a clue of what hes doing, the guy CANT COACH, Pau is a good player dont blame anything on him if coach had to bench a starter in the last 5 minutes of the game that would be D12 whos horrible at shooting the ball and not Pau who is a good 7 feet tall center who can shoot the ball. When kobe and D12 entered the game the team went completely out of sync whats going on with this team, so many good players on 1 team but yet so inconsistent and what a bad move was hiring D’antoni the Lakers make no sense.

  253. If continue this, LA will lose Pau says:

    Not was Pau fault, it was Mike fault.

    try to imagine Kobe as center.
    Howard as guard
    Nash as Power Forward…
    You can´t, isn´t it?

    Pau is not a shooter Forward, he was not with 24, less with 31. And he won´t be

    If you try to convert Pau in a shooter, you will lose the player, you will lose games and you will be eliminated in first round
    Pau will go away to another team, working as center or power forward, and doing every night 20pts-10rebs as usual.

    Do you want this? Blame Mike for this.

    I think Pau is starting to think about going out from LA, with a coach who RESPECT him.

    Last night…1 point up, Gasol out and then you loose the game.

    Blame Mike

  254. Claudiu says:

    GET RID OF THE COACH!!!!Mike is a very good coach but but DEFENS win championships not high octane offens!!!!

  255. Kareem says:

    I used to be a huge Lakers fan but I’ve never liked Kobe Bryant even thought he’s a great player and adding Pau and Dwight that I don’t like too makes it hard to say but with this team there’s no way the Lakers have a shot a the tittle.. not this year and not the next 3 ones plus Kobe isn’t what he used to be. OKC plays better basketball I would say they have a better chance to be Western conference champs!!!!!

  256. T says:

    At some point Kobe will have to accept that he is part of the reason they are losing. He looks old out there and his team is not atheletic.

  257. Nunna Yobinnes says:

    Afflalo outplayed Kobe (only needed 18 FGA to score 30, while Kobe took 27 shots to score 34), and yet Kobe wants to blame someone else? Kobe is a stupid punk, and if he weren’t a “celebrity”, he’d still be in jail for raping that girl in Colorado. When is Kobe going to put on his “big boy pants”? Leading with Pau in the game, then lose by 10 with him out. If it were up to me, I’d love to send the Lakers Josh Smith in exchange for Pau. Then he and Dwight could battle for the worst free throw percentage in the league.

  258. Sandy says:

    Hiring Mike D’Antoni as the Lakers’ head coach was a huge mistake. His style is a very ill fit for their roster.
    D’Antoni is wrecking Lakers’ season.

    They would’ve been better off keeping Bernie Bickerstaff as head coach. He’s a good coach who can get the best out of the players he works with; nothing fancy, but solid. Now, if they wanted a great coach, Phil was available. They chose to disregard him, and the team will pay the price.

    Of course, Kobe doesn’t want to admit that his team is going down, down, down. He still hopes for another title.
    Either they swallow their pride, admit they were wrong, and fire D’Antoni presto-subito, or they’ll be lucky to even make the playoffs this season.

    • TRU*NBAFAN says:

      Fans need to stop worshipping Kobe and start being realistic. He is not a REAL leader in the definition of LEADERSHIP, never was and the best thing that made sense was “he hopes for another title.” Leaders don’t call out their teamates pubicly, insult their manhood with big boy pants remarks. Did Kobe have his big boy pants when he sat on the bench crying on national television when they were knocked out of the playoffs one year by the Spurs??

      If all he does is yell at teamates on the bench, on the floor and call them out to the press, he needs another plan if he is serious about helping this team become more cohesive. Maybe he should ask Tim Duncan for pointers.

    • Rob says:

      They put a lot of thought hiring D’Antoni… 2 days. The team seemed happier under Bickerstaff’s coaching.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @pakyaw…. I see now that you are one of the Kobe haters that I was referring to. Kobe was riding the SHAQ WAVE??? What does that even mean…. I’m sorry I know, you must be referring to him not playing like a star, or a KEY player to their championship run. As if he wasn’t just as important as SHAQ was. Like when the lakers played the Pacers in the finals, and Shaq kept getting fouled out. That wasn’t Kobe telling everybody that he got this, you know the whole (with his hands) telling every worried laker fan that they need to calm down. Thats wasn’t Kobe, that was his father right??? If that don’t help you look at his stats over the three title runs during the playoffs…. Better yet, I’ll be kind enough to give you that info…. 99-00 21.1PPG, 1.4BPG, 1.4SPG, 4.4APG, 4.5RPG
        00-01 29.4PPG, 0.8BPG, 1.6SPG, 6.1APG, 7.3RPG
        01-02 26.6PPG, 0.9BPG, 1.4SPG, 4.6APG, 5.8RPG
        Always remember that numbers don’t lie, but haters do!!!!!

  259. Reesie_31 says:

    There is an issue with the way this Lakers organization operates! Pau Gasol is a great player as exhibited during the Olympics when he played with the Spanish team. Now I know that it’s different basketball so I won’t compare. However, Pau didn’t seem to have these issues when he was in Memphis or even in his earlier days in LA. Something is off, Kobe is a prick for calling him out in the media, these things never help the vibe in the locker room! You’ve been in the NBA for 16 years now, learn that! A lot of players just seem to have issues playing their best in LA nowadays. I think part of the issue is that the management and possibly the coach treats them as individuals or more like Kobe and the rest of them instead of a team. Every player has to know their role in the team’s game. You have to make your players feel like they are trusted in a team. Maybe Pau is having a tough time because there is not enough clarity about what this team’s play is. There are some decent players on the roster for the Lakers, they should be doing a bit better but instead, there is always some kind of drama around!

  260. What??? says:

    This is unbelievable. D’antoni is a proven loser i dont know why the Lakers hired him. He will never coach a team to a championship. With Gasol on the floor they were up by 1 then they sub him out and lose by 10. Something is wrong with this coach. He has personal issues with Gasol because the way im looking at it Gasol has been playing well. Why is D’antoni even mentioning that they’re an unathletic team. What the *explicit* did he expect when he came to coach a bunch of 30 year old guys. Gasol needs to get traded for his own good.

    • jose machado says:

      basically, pau has being injured every day from all parts, coach,teammates,fans. he should really go for a place that “really needs him”.

  261. jaeward says:

    even if pau is not playing 100% he should be on the floor till the end of the game he is still better in free throw than howard and still can do a good defense on that no name center. and they should have put howard out before they perish for that hack a dwight.

  262. Eric says:

    D’Antoni’s mistake!instead of putting pau for d12,he sticked to it!he just watched the magic to do “hack-a-dwight”,plus their defense and energy was not there.it’s disappointing!but i still believe that they can work things out!

  263. patience says:

    remembering the age of this team, i’d say we have 25-30 games after Nash gets back before we see the lakers roll with any consistancy. that may be sooner, rather than later, knowing Nash, if he comes back fully rehabed and in good still fiit shape. i have a feeling seeing Nash and D’antoni again is gonna be nice.

    • 16going417 says:

      Nash coming back is not the answer as their offense is putting points on the board (although it is not consistently. But, that is to be expected when you shoot 3’s all the time). The problem is the Lakers have no defense and that is the coach’s problem, not Pau’s. Nash is not going to fix the defense by returning to run the offense.

    • Game Time says:

      Fully healed at near 40 years old; not happening.

  264. Seriously? says:

    Ha it’s so sweat to see the Lakers fail miserably after all the talk from the Laker fan boys about the championship being in the bag. You still have no bench and OKC will still be western conference champs.

  265. Kobe Nation says:

    Pau isn’t the one to blame, nor Dwight is.
    I would blame Management for choosing Mike over Phil.
    Mike D’Antoni is a BIG LOOSER! He proved him self as such when he walked out on the Knicks last Season, and what did the Knicks do without him? Yeah.. you all have seen how good of a team they become.
    Phil Jackson would have run the triangle offense and utilized this talented roster to the Max. His system would have opponents under 85 points per game with the presence of D12, Pau and Hill.
    I wouldn’t see this happening with Mike D’Antoni’s system though. His system will not work PERIOD!
    My Heart is aching every time the team loose.
    Question to you Mr. D’Antoni:” What made you think you were going to do better taking responsibility of this team when you know you have failed with the Knicks not too long ago?” Why did you even stick your nose in Lakers Business. Go coach in the D League for a few years and then come back to the NBA and start with the Wizards. Maybe then you will do something successful!

  266. janrarandoobidoo says:

    i do hope Pau goes to a team where they needed him most, that coach that the LA have right now will never give them a ring.

  267. Ghandu Maker says:

    How ironic, if Kobe was benched like Gasol was im sure he’d be b***hing too… hypocrite…

  268. Hm says:

    This is basically Kobe saying: “Yes, I agree with the retarded fans (who put me above the Lakers) that you are the problem and not me.” As soon as Kobe (and Dwight) got in late in the fourth quarter, the Lakers disappeared offensively. Just before that, the bench was making shots out of simple continuous ball movement. Coincidentally, Gasol was on the floor then.

    • Hm says:

      Not to mention how defence seemed to be non-existent as soon as those two stepped on the court. The bench was actually pressuring the Orlando offence at times.

  269. 16going417 says:

    I’m tired of this trying to use Pau as the scape goat for the Lakers problems. According to this article Pau was on the floor with 6:07 remaining in the 4th and the Lakers are AHEAD by one. Then he is benched and they get out scored. Sounds like a POOR COACHING decision to me.

    Also, the Magic kept fouling non free throw shooting Howard and instead of D’Antoni replacing Howard with Gasol he keeps Howard on the floor. Sounds like a POOR COACHING decision to me.

    • Dirty D says:

      It was poor coaching to play Devin ebanks at a time when you just got the bench going. (He got meeks other minutes.) He should have put kobe at point and benched Duhon, way to many costly mistakes. It was bad coaching to not recognize that the last game Meeks is the one that got them going. You gotta pull Dwight till the last two minutes when they foul. There will be back lash but wins heel a lot of wounds. And pau may be soft, lazy, and negative right now but he will hit free throws. And a good coach would see that taking dwight out at a time like that won’t hurt the d so much because there is no d being played to hurt. Let them score.

  270. Lamar Johnson says:

    Honestly to me pau needs tobe more agressive like he was back when the lakers 2-peat!!!!!! WE LAKERS just need to trust each other a whole lot more,we need to play teams at our pase……..we need to CONCENTRATE on the season beceause if we dont then theres no need to even think about a playoffs spot…….. As a lakers fan i do believe when steve nash gets back we will be clicking, but until then we have to click without out him!!!!!


  271. mario says:

    Gasol must improve his working at the paint…or he will serve for a change in the future…and the lakers must to improve their bench…one of the worst at NBA

  272. Andre says:

    Sad to watch. Pau seems to be taking a bunch of wide open jumpshots. He is a pro and should be making a higher % of them. Same shots he took with Bynum in the low post. He’s just in a slump right now and needs to fight his way out. However, if this slump lasts through December, Lakers definitely need to consider letting him go for a better situation. I’m torn, i don’t understand why Kobe still needs to take over 20 shots in any game with this roster. I was hoping we could preserve him for the next 3 years.

  273. David says:

    Pau is the greatest post player in the world; if you want to take a big man out in the last minutes, take Howard, as his incompetence at shooting free-throws has undermined your chances of winning once again. A player like him will always make a team vulnerable.

    • yeah…. mike must have thinking that we are up by 5 pts. and we need a good defender to maintain that lead. so he bench Gasol, but in reality we are up by 1 and we need to add more pts. to win

      • Green Mamba says:

        Plus Meeks played so good the last game, why wasn’t he given a chance??? D’Antoni isn’t managing the team well in these early stages. I think he should take Howard out first in the 1st and 3rd quarters whilst leaving Pau on the floor, and then start him(Howard) on the 2nd and 4th quarters on the floor so that the other team doesn’t abuse his poor free throw percentage towards the end of 2nd and 4th quarters like the Magic did yesterday. Coz now they using Pau as a scapegoat. Not cool!!

  274. ger says:

    why blame the guy not playing for the loss.

    • KB24 says:

      I totally agree….we’re discussing Pau….why ? Did he miss the free throws ? Was playing during the last terrific 6 minutes ?

      • Green Mamba says:

        That’s so true, we only got worse when Pau left the game, and everybody is acting like his time on the floor is the reason we lost the game. At least when he was on the floor the offense was ok, but once he was benched both the offense and defense deteriorated. Now they’ll make Pau insecure and they’re destroying team spirit. This is bad management!!

      • Boyan says:

        @KB24……..Common man, you know nothing about this game, Kobe is the best ever 😉

  275. stephen says:

    Lakers personnel doesn’t fit D’Antoni’s system–it’s that simple. Plus, with one of the weakest benches in the league, suspect defenders and no money left for any significant changes I just don’t see how they’re going to be that successful.

  276. CARMEN says:

    the Gasol/Howard combination AND the Gasol/Jamison combination OUTSCORE the Howard/Jamison combination EVERY. SINGLE. TIME

    I read it here at NBA.com.

    So stop with benching Pau when we are down 1 point. Because we then lose by 11.

  277. ceedog says:

    If I were Gasol i’d punch crybaby bryants lights out!!! That will show him how tough he is !!!!!!

    • Mister 215 says:

      SO now Kobe is a crybaby???? I thought crybabies leave when they don’t get their way. Kobe is playing good ball right now (other then the last three games), and he is the star of the team, but I guess since it’s Kobe that’s the reason why your hating. Phil was doing the same thing to Pau, but since he is a coach it’s okay? I thought team leaders had the same rights to get on a player as the coach. Jordan did the same…… You’re just a pure Kobe hater. Hating this early in the morning and you probably didn’t even brush your teeth yet!!!!!

    • Dirty D says:

      Yea, thats it punch the only reason you havent been traded for actual tough players. Yea…..

      • Mister 215 says:

        @pakyaw…. I guess you didn’t read my whole statement, because if you did you would know that I said that OTHER THEN THE PAST THREE GAMES!!!! Next, he is not number 1 in turnovers. Check ya stats. Not only that but Kevin Durant have just about the same number of turnovers that Kobe has. Another note you should consider is that he has been running the offense. That’s not something that he has ever had to do which is why he has made more errors then before….. Just so (since everybody loves Lebron so much) Lebron has been flirting with 4 turnovers his whole career. Only twice out of 10 YEARS that he has had under 3, and barely. I still consider 2.98 as 3…. you know the whole rounding up thing. Kobe played almost twice as many years and still has a lower turnover rate for his career.

  278. Berto says:

    3 Words…We need Nash.

  279. pelosi says:

    What? When Gasol went to the Bench your team was 1 down. Without him, and your superhero-superplayer Howard in the court, you lose by 11.

    It´s easy to blame on Pau and not saying to Dwight he better learn to shoot a FT or maybe to learn one more post move …
    This team is over.

  280. DANITo says:

    get rid of the coach, it has nothing to do with pau. he should of have pau on the floor instead of howard. they need nash back really soon, or its gona be a mess in lakersland. the only players that been consistent are kobe and metta, the rest havent showed anything

    • KC says:

      Getting rid of the new coach is an overreaction. Someone just needs to clue Mike D. in that Pau makes his free throws and Howard doesn’t. Howard is a head case at the freebie line. Just sit Howard late in the fourth, and make sure Pau is on the floor at that time. Problem solved.

    • thomas says:

      nothing wrong with pao. he is the best forward/ center there is. it is the jim buss. get rid of him and hire someone who can make proper decision and can turn this franchise around. he already made couple stupid mistake. one hiring mike brown, second not hiring brian saw, then not hiring phil jackson and last hiring mike d antoni. it’s you mr jim buss if you don’t step aside, lakers will not be the successful franchise. i beg you mr jim buss please fire yourself. i keep loosing interest waching lakers b coz they play pathetic and it is all your fault.

      • MinneLakers says:

        uhhhhmmm… I think you can’t fire an owner of a franchise…. hmmmmm….. The thing that’s making me loose interest in watching Laker games is the Hack a Dwight play these stupid coaches does to him… Yes it is a good strategy but it is dragging the game… Nowadays the NBA has evolved into a transition game because of the way teams are built right now… Everything is supposed to be fast… The number of Hack a Dwight plays should be minimized in every game not just in minutes… This play puts the Lakers in a great disadvantage….. Who would like to continue playing if the game is being dragged too slow by a play and while watching a teammate squandering every free throw that comes to him… Not me and I’m sure as hell not the Lakers also….

      • Girl Knowz BBall says:

        All the fingers should be pointed at D’Antoni. Out of respect for the coach Kobe tells Gasol to adjust. We can try to blame Dwight Howard for his free throws or the rest of the team for their downfalls but no one’s looking at the orchestrator. D’Antoni is in charge of whose on the court and at what time. Why he chose to leave Dwight Howard in the game during the 4th quarter will forever remain a mystery to me. D’Antoni allowed the Hack-A-Dwight strategy to work in favor of the opposing team by allowing Howard to remain out on the court during crucial minutes. As a coach you are supposed to develop strategies of your own in order to win. There’s no way I’d let Dwight Howard stay in the game in crunch time during the 4th quarter if we’re behind and trying to win. He chose to bench Gasol during the 4th quarter yet again taking away some of the offense. He played Devin Ebanks??? WTF? Why was Ebanks ever out there to begin with?? Why did Jordan Hill never see any minutes during that entire game?? As hot as Jodie Meeks and Antawn Jamison were in the win against Denver, why didn’t D’Antoni allow them enough minutes to get hot again? People want to tell Gasol to adjust to D’Antoni’s system but it’s NOT working. When Mike Brown’s system didn’t work the Lakers Organization gave him his walking papers. What is so different about Mike D’Antoni? All the Lakers did was hire another coach who’s stuck on implementing another system that doesn’t work. The Laker’s biggest advantage against other teams is their size yet D’Antoni refuses to capitalize on this. Instead his system forces players to be effective in areas they don’t normally tend to dominate. What sense does that make?? Dwight Howard will never be on the court during the last 5 minutes if the Lakers were down. At least not until he gets better with his free throws. A real coach would make the right decisions when trying to win games and D’Antoni isn’t it. Phil Jackson was the best candidate for the position and now it’s become evident.

    • Alfie D says:

      get rid of Pau if he don’t wanna step up he’s game then trade him and strengthen your bench and start jamison he’s just as good as Pau get guys on the bench that can score and help win games

      • SLR says:

        Pau is great he is probably the best european to ever they just have to find a way to play the two together and bench dwight at the end of the fourth


        Jamison is not as good as pau, besides, Jamison has been super streaky this season

    • LAKERS says:

      Kobe is not consistent. You can tell he doesn’t have the focused mind like the Black Mamba in 2008. He came out every game, serious, and you could tell he knew exactly how he wanted to play each day, how he would ATTACK and he even played good defense. He still got a lil bit of that, and you could tell he had it by looking at his bodily behavior in the beginning of the game during shoot around. But some day he just doesnt look focused and seems like he doesn’t have a plan for the game..like he’s gonna play with the flow and do whatever when it comes instead of planning 20-30 moves ahead of time…Gasol too!

      • Bem says:

        I don’t know if its a lack of proper information, proper follow-up of the situation or you just wanna comment but i think you’re wrong about the Black Mamba, cause to start with, playing without point-guards in the games has made Mamba run an offense he’s never run in his entire career and yet he is doing what he’s supposed to do, i mean pour in the baskets. Like its not enough of playing short-handed, then there is the problem of policies and decision making from the management and coaches…Dude, 2008 was different, get your facts right

      • atatna says:

        i noticed when kobe scored a lot the team loses…. He should involve his team mates more… they need nash back asap to run the offense.

    • Phill says:

      Pau coming out of the game was the right decision. I was watching him just before he got subbed and he looked lethargic and lost. He was obviously down about that block from Glen Davis.

      Antawn provided much more energy than Pau would have and I agree with Mike’s decision.

      Pau needs to shape up and prove that he owns that starting 4 spot, rather than relying on past accomplishments.

      • MinneLakers says:

        finally somebody who really understands the game… Pau isn’t being bashed by the numbers he is putting… It is by the shape that he is having right now.. and by the way he is moving I think he shouldn’t be playing just yet.. maybe sit him a few games a little bit and get him back immediately as soon as those knees heal up….

      • Neo says:

        Pau is not playing like two years ago, but when he was on the court Lakers were winning and at the end they lost by then. Maybe the problem is that Brown and D’Antoni are bad coaches and they don’t know how to make Pau play better.

    • tt says:

      it has nothing to do with the coach and everything to do with the five that are on the floor they wernt wining with their last head coach and they are not wining now so in reality whos fault is it?????

    • Dieter says:

      People should stop blaming Gasol for the Lakers mediocore play. D’Antoni should show some respect to Gasol, and give him a big role. If the Lakers want succes, Gasol is the key guy. Kobe is amazing this season, and has been amazing for his whole carreer, he will play great in any system. Dwight is the new guy, he’s a great defensive presense, but he nags alot and he wants to be the centerpiece. Shut up Dwight, just play and let Gasol be a leader.

      If Gasol isn’t playing great, than the system is broke. D’Antoni has to fix this, I don’t think he can, but he has a last chance to prove himself. Firing Mike Brown was a big mistake… they weren’t winning, but I was confident they could’ve been a real force in the second half of the season. I really don’t understand the hiring of D’Antoni because he’s not loyal, he’s not defensive minded, and his offence is weak and predictable + he doesn’t look like he understands the game. He’s the worst coach in the NBA, on the team with the most money… ridiculous. I’m not a Laker fan, but this disgusts me. If you’re not gonna use Gasol, than trade him. But better is… fire D’Antoni, get Nate McMilan, trade Dwight Howard, because he ain’t gonna stay next season, and he’s not the new Shaquile or Kareem.

      • pakyaw says:

        why keep blaming the coach? Lakers problem is,they are unbalance team..starting 5 old and no bench!..stop the denial already…face the reality and open your eyes…what they need is a young athletic guy who can create his own shot and can beat defender off the dribble.,

    • QuestionMark says:

      So you got rid of one and your gonna get rid of another, good luck winning anything with that.

    • este says:

      what about meeks when he made all of them threes they all need to get there game together and pau is a tall post that should be doing more than what he has done