Spurs Fined $250,000 For Resting Players

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There were very real consequences for the actions of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich resting four players Thursday night in Miami, 250,000 of them to be exact.

The NBA fined the Spurs $250,000 this evening for sending Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green home before Thursday night’s 105-100 road loss to the Miami Heat.

Per the statement released by the league, “the Spurs’ actions were in violation of a league policy, reviewed with the NBA Board of Governors in April 2010, against resting players in a manner contrary to the best interests of the NBA.”

NBA Commissioner David Stern made clear his displeasure with the actions of Popovich Thursday night and then followed that up with the “substantial sanctions” he promised:

“The result here is dictated by the totality of the facts in this case. The Spurs decided to make four of their top players unavailable for an early-season game that was the team’s only regular-season visit to Miami. The team also did this without informing the Heat, the media, or the league office in a timely way. Under these circumstances, I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans.”

If you thought the hours after the game generated a heated debate about whether or not Popovich did right by his team, the fans and the game, you better believe the hefty fine handed down will be debated just as vigorously.

So, was penalty right on the money (sorry) or too harsh?


  1. OMEED says:

    David Stern is consistently making terrible decisions. what a punk!

  2. DWAR says:

    The Spurs decided to make four of their top players unavailable for an early-season game that was the team’s only regular-season visit to Miami. The team also did this without informing the Heat, the media or the league office in a timely way. Under these circumstances, I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    REALLY ???

    If the Spurs feel like resting their players, then why can’t they ????

    Didn’t the Celtics rest their starters before the Playoffs last year ???

    The coach has to do whats best for the TEAM, NOT whats best for the NBA !!! He works for the SPURS, NOT for the NBA !!!

  4. thomahho says:

    Oh, how I am anticipating the post- stern retirement era

  5. Richard C says:

    why is everyone saying that the fans at miami were disappointed that the starters of the spurs were not there??? They barley won against the bench! I think the fans would have been MORE disappointed if Tim, Parker, and Manu had went because they would have SPANKED the heat!!!

  6. Ken says:

    I think it’s just a bit too harsh, pin pointing as the “hurting the benefits of the league and the fans”
    personally, if i were a a spurs fan, i would think that game is a confidence booster, since spurs bench is good enough to give the heats a hard time. and whereas if i was a heat fans, it’s lucky we got this close win due to the absence of the four stars in Spurs.
    If resting aging star players for the benefit of winning future games (also increase the chances for more hard fought games in the future) is a false strategy, then intentional fouls like “hack a shaq” should be fined as well.

  7. Dennis says:

    The fine is fair considering the top players of a team is resting with out any good reason at all. People came to watch the game hoping to see the spurs mix it up with the heat. Bad decision on the coach i say considering its early into the seasons for resting all his star players at the same time.

  8. Ryan says:

    Pop could have easily had the players fly with the team, dress and sit. Would have been the most professional thing to do. The fine is fair.

  9. Jordan says:

    I could understand this, if say there team lost by 50+ but the Spurs put a fantastic game on against the Heat!! To add credit, without there star players, I think this is ridiculous Pop knows how to run his team! Did anyone ever think he was giving some other bench players a chance to shine, (which they did)! He should never have been fined! Makes me thing WTF is the NBA coming to with bulldog calls like this!

  10. so they punish the spurs because coach pop did what was best for the TEAM????? Thats insane. So i guess when Charlotte sits kimba walkers and Detroit sits monroe and brandon knight or any other mediocre team that sits their star players to get a higher draft pick will be fined as well. But i want to know what would have happened if the best bench in the nba would have won that game??????

  11. Samuel says:

    The debate is over. Stern has a league to run and it’s bigger than one arrogant coach. Sure, the scheduling may be a little harsh but get over it. You have a choice, you can stay in the league and get paid Millions, travel the country and the world and get treated like a king or you can quit and get a real job. 4 games in 5 nights, whhiiiiiii. Pop knew exactly what he was doing and his organization paid the price. All that and he still probably won’t make it out the first round. LOL!! It’s all about money. The sooner yall recognize, we can end this silly debate.

  12. DrKenB says:

    Had this been a playoff game & the coach pulled the players to throw a game, it would have been a far different story. But this time in the season, the coach has the perogative and exercised it properly. The fine should be recinded. Of course, this coach has been known to give the finger to management from time to time, so I can understand Stern’s stern penalty. Still, Stean should have been the bigger man & called the coach in privately & expressed his grievance. That it was done in such a public display just goes to show how personal this is between these two egos.

  13. digitioli says:

    you went to a preseason professional basketball game. you saw professional basketball players. you got what you paid for.
    people in this country are so completely hooked on being told who and what is great, they can’t even decide for themselves any more – someone has to tell you – by spending millions of dollars of advertising that this player or this band or this show is great before you BUY it.

    as for this game, if it had been called fairly, the Spurs would have won and stern would have looked really bad for saying anything.
    the officials are corrupt, and it all starts at the top, protecting the heat as number one priority in the nba. they get every call that counts. bron gets 10 fouls a game that aren’t called. he is a great player – who regularly fouls defenders when he shoots.
    Not Basketball Anymore

  14. Duwigo says:

    I wonder if the commish had fined the spurs if they actually won that game in miami. they came very close. either way, i think its the coach’s decision who to start in a game.

  15. Major says:

    Pop shouldn’t have done that. He sat the best players against the defending champions. In the name of Spurs fans, he deserved that.

  16. Idan Givati says:

    Most of you are missing the point here – the NBA is a league for the fans eventually. They pay to come see games (or to watch them on TV) and it doesn’t matter when’s the game (early or late in the season etc).
    What pop did was to insult and laugh at the expense of the fans who payed good money (or woke at the other side of the globe in the middle of the night) to see some of the league’s elite “go at it”!

    He could have said 1-2 players are “seek” and need rest, he could have said that 24-12 hours before the game… And by that he could have slipped through…
    But not doing so is just what a professional sports league is not all about, though I appreciate the honesty!

    The fine is nothing, a more suitable action was suspending all these players for another game – so that they can have some more rest!

  17. Bill D says:

    Stern puts money over players Health!
    Stern doesn’t care about bad game scheduling-programming!
    Bad programming by the NBA should be finable!
    Only a team who don’t show up in court should be fined.
    And giving a day off to veterans means Popovich respects his “old horses”!
    If Spurs had won, that would be the ultimate match worth every penny for the ticket!
    For the good of the game you let coaches decide what’s best…
    Faking injuries? Grow up and be men enough gentlemen! Thumbs up for Popovich!

    NBA Hypocrisy at its best…

    • Bill D says:

      Stern puts money over players Health!
      Stern doesn’t care about bad game scheduling-programming!
      Bad programming by the NBA should be finable!
      Only a team who don’t show up in court should be fined.
      And giving a day off to veterans means Popovich respects his “old horses”! Something Stern should care about!!! (NBA cares!)
      Is there anyone out there to believe these guys don’t work hard? Professional Athletes?!
      If Spurs had won, that would be the ultimate match worth every penny for the ticket!
      For the good of the game you let coaches decide what’s best…
      Athletes don’t have to Fake injuries to get a days rest on a hard league due to bad programing?
      They don’t sign their own “death contracts”!!! Thumbs up for Popovich!

      NBA Hypocrisy at its best…

  18. OzBaller says:

    I am with Pop on this one he is in the business of winning championships and thats how he will be ultimately judged. He rested players now so they will be fresher later on in the season a sign of very smart player management. The Spurs are the most successful small market team and here is another feather in their cap with an aging roster they have to rest these guys and try and develop there younger players and what a great opportunity for them to play against last year champions. No wonder they keep making the playoffs year after year

  19. overkill says:

    you know whats a disservice to fans? GUARANTEED CONTRACTS, can we get rid of that? or maybe the wizards, or bad refs, back to back games, a pointless 82 game season, or high ticket prices?

  20. rex glenny says:

    well, if there is a fine needed….then fine the Washington Wizzards for being allowed in the NBA…..They lose every game, even the ones on Nat’l TV.So therefore the fans are getting the short end of it every game.

  21. jammasta says:

    I have to give commissioner stern his props for laying down the law to coach pop and the spurs. My boys and I went to a preseason game between the celtics and knicks in albany ny. Some of the crew are knick fans and some are celtics fans so it was gonna be a fun rivalry night for our teams. Well at the game NONE OF THE 5 KNICK STARTERS WERE THERE and NEITHER WAS GARNETT or PIERCE. We weren’t the only ones to complain because a lot of people traveled far and spent a lot of money to see backup players. It seems like the nba heard all about it and wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen to fans again. Thanks commish stern for standing up for us fans! The nba would be nowhere without them.

  22. ian says:

    Comm. Do you have a heart for those people want to stay away from injuries? 🙂

  23. curtis says:

    i thank its ok what he did because miami is not to strong for that team if he would have play them that game would have been over

  24. Sid says:

    The only reason people think there shouldn’t have been a fine is because the spurs bench kept it close. If the heat had blown them out, then people would be going crazy. Should they be fined $250,000? Not that much, but more people would be happy with the fine if the spurs were blown out.

  25. Churon127 says:

    This is so unbelieveably wrong that i just cannot get my mind around it.

    It’s still a team’s decision who to play and who to rest. It’s the team’s decision wether somebody plays for 20, for 30, for 40 minutes or not at all. Is it going to be illegal now when teams suspend their players? Is it going to be regulated how many players can simultaniously be sick or have a family emergency?

    I also really cant understand the fan’s position – when u buy a ticket you buy a ticket to a game – if a player breaks his ankle u still wont get a compensation for that. If that happens on a team with one star-player 100% of the star players are also missing that game. Deal with it.

  26. cs669 says:

    Actually, Pop was right and Stern was right. They have different prioritites and responsibilitiies so the two actions were correct for both men. Pop is the coach and should be able to play whomever he wants on any given night. Stern is the commissioner and is tasked with ensuring the longivitity of the league. Seems to me that both men acted appropriately Every decision has a consequence and that is all that this situation is. Pop protected his players and Stern protected the league. Seems like that is the way it should be.

  27. kb24baller says:

    Stern is just worried that he would loose fans and viewers of the NBA. But what Pop did was what he wanted. It’s his team. He can rest whoever he wants.

  28. Abe says:

    Also to add, am sure the ticket holders expecting the big three from the spurs and Danny, which is absolutely disappointing, can sort this out with something to compensate which was apparently a loss to the consumers.

  29. Abe says:

    If I am going to be asked if I would choose personally my health over a regular season win and end up sidelined for the rest of the season if I get injured, 4 ROAD games in 5 nights, Resting is just wise for me to choose.

    1 game over a possible 70 games – Whats wrong with that? Besides, there was no specific rule against this action. The rule given above was not specific to what was done by POP.

    Why a fine to POP? why is the commissioner not looking at how they schedule the games. 4 games in 5 nights ON THE ROAD.

    Am sure the NBA sees this poll that almost 60% says there should be no fine. Be responsible Mr Stern. Schedule according to health and safety (at least as a human being) and include a rule in place for this rather than keep pulling the trigger for whatever reason. A quarter of a million dollars. REALLY!?

    I was expecting the NBA being more professional than this. So surprised of their actions.

    • Chuck says:

      Abe, if their health is such an issue 17 games into the season….RETIRE! After all they do receive handsome salaries for standing-up, jumping and running in a kids game.

  30. KaiDub24 says:

    At the end of the day, every team plays the same amount of games in the same time period and it balances out so I don’t want to hear the scheduling as an excuse. If the Heat have a relatively light schedule right now, it’ll be intense later on because they will have to catch up. That’s just how it is. you take what you get, I’m sure the Spurs aren’t the only team with a rough schedule right now and it isn’t the first time either. I mean if you MUST rest them, I don’t see why a coach would pick a key matchup game to do so… It wouldn’t be fair to a team like the Raptors either but at least there is less hype around games like that

  31. Erasmo says:

    David Stern is completely wrong. The Gregg Popovich and the Spurs organization should be praised for being a model franchise and not fined for strategic coaching. David Stern made a huge mistake.

  32. J.W. says:

    The thing is that it sets a precedent against resting players, but was unfairly levied against one team. David Stern fined the Spurs because people didn’t have 4 of their main guys in the game. So that’s 250k/divided by 4 is like 62.5k/player. So there’s 48 minutes in a game, so that’s like 1302/minute/player that the Spurs were fined. So by the precedent that was sat, Miami should be fined $11,700 for sitting Lebron for 9 minutes for that game, almost $21,000 for sitting Dwayne the 16 minutes that he sat, and so forth. If I was the Spurs, this is what I would argue.

  33. Jimberlin says:

    Stern’s fine is outrageous. Coach Pop was simply using wisdom about the use of his players. The team performed great without them. Plus if they are too tired they are prone to injury. Pop is the best coach in Sports – Stern needs to let him run his team the best way he seems fit, even if some fans wanted to see the Spurs Big 3. I wish the team owners and management would come together to protest this outrage.

  34. Just-a-thought says:

    Stern did not say “don’t sit your stars”. He said: ” The Spurs decided to make four of their top players unavailable for an early-season game that was the team’s only regular-season visit to Miami. The team also did this without informing the Heat, the media, or the league office in a timely way.”

    This means that Stern punished Pop not for sitting his stars, but for sitting them, and not making the appropriate effort to let the fans know about it. Pop’s cynicism knows no borders. When Pop tells an NBA fan “things don’t always go your way in life” he shows utter disrespect to fans in general, and puts himself and his considerations above them, while THEY pay his salary, and thanks to FANS he has had a career as a basketball coach.

    If Pop can’t understand that on his own, then $250,000 may help explain that to him.

    I totally support Stern for punishing Pop, who has clearly lost proportions.

  35. chalice is retarded says:

    Chalice they are clearly talking about basketball. You can take your life lessons somewhere else and talk about it with your emo friends zzzz

  36. Jay says:

    Anyone that agrees with this fine, please answer this for me… When San Antonio rested their starters for a couple games before the playoffs the past 2 years, why weren’t they fined then? Those fans paid to see the “Superstars” just the same. Regardless of what anyone says, the ultimate decision on who will play should belong to the team and the coach. How would some of you like it if the government stepped in and told the McDonald’s that you work at that they can’t give you any days off because the customers pay for fast service? I don’t give the lady working the drive-thru my hard earned money so that you can sit at home and play video games…

    • I think they should have been fined then. I was at the Utah game when they didn’t show and even though Utah beat them it still felt like we were being cheated out of the best product. It was like Pop said Utah isn’t worthy of our best effort and so I know there were a huge number of people that felt cheated. If you go to McDonald’s and get slow service cause the manger gave the shift off cause they are tired I would expect the manager to be reprimanded by the owner. There should be accountability for ones actions.

  37. Wilson says:

    WOW! JUST WOW! david stern is acting like a toddler with tantrums.. he needs to go…period

  38. Read says:

    Its ok to rest your players BUT at least warn us earlier !

  39. Donkonger says:

    All I can say is…. 2014 can’t come soon enough. The sooner Stern is out, the better for the league and smaller market teams!!! His biased, dictatorship is all about the $$$ and not about the game. Stern says “I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans” What a joke!!! All he cares about are the Lakers, Boston, Miami and the Knicks. If he could have his way, at least one of those four teams would be in the finals every year! Go Pop!!!

  40. AvonGirlSATX says:

    I’m a Spurs fan & I can honestly see both sides of this. I feel bad for the fan that did wanna see our Stars play against the Heat. But I totally understand Coach Pop as well. I think the schedule is what really messed it up. If our guys would have had at least a 2 night rest, maybe Coach Pop would had played them. IDK but I think this has been blown way out of proportion. And the fine is just an insane amount. Go Spurs Go!

    • What if the other 29 coaches followed Pop’s lead and rested there best players against teams that they may not beat anyway, or because they were tired, or because fresh players would have a better chance if not required to play select games? If you only really showed up for the 50 most likely wins of the year then your stars would be fresh come playoff time. Sounds like good coaching, but what of the NBA product, It would be a joke. The fine was too light. I’m with the commish this time even though it is time for him to go.

  41. Robert C. says:

    This is America if a coach makes what he feels is the best decision for his team, then it is his porogative. The owner should have the final say because he can fire him. This is a business and you make money buy winning championships, so explain how the spurs hurt their team? They did what the felt was in their best intrest not the NBA or the heat, as they should.

  42. Bill says:

    Well i think Pop made a good decision he cares for his team that’s what it is .. but for league point of view it’s a bad practice that should not be repeated for some lousy reason that’s why Stern so pissed off

  43. colombian 830 says:

    Completely the wrong move. If he he=ad a problem he should have done something earlier not let it progress and then fine a quarter of a million dollars for something he has been doing.

  44. Quxpert-Spurs Fan says:

    A major portion of the fine was because Spurs didn’t inform Miami, Media, or NBA about not playing 4 super stars. NBA tickets are way more expensive for games with super teams with super stars than other games. Coaches crtainly have rights to play their players however he wants, but certain respect to fans who spend the more money with high expectation to the games and to the media should be needed. Don’t compare a game like this with the last 5 games in the end of the season when the seeds have already been decided. Fans who buy tickets know that and the price of the tickets will reflect that. What’s the big deal for coach Pop (I do highly respect him) to inform NBA/Miami/Media/Fans about his decision at least early? He knew the schedule, and he knew his players, he has coahed NBA forever, i would be surprised if he didn’t know he would rest his super stars long before he announced it.
    I’m a long time Spurs fan.

  45. digitioli says:

    $250K fine for almost beating the Heat at their place? Absurd. What rule did they violate?
    If bron bron doesn’t get away with 2 non calls, a crucial offensive foul and an obvious 3 seconds in the last minute, the Spurs win.
    The NBA Not Basketball Anymore is all about money above the integrity of the game, lead by judge, jury, attorney stern.
    All of the rules are selectively enforced, especially traveling, palming, charge/block, and 3 seconds.
    The 2 biggest highlights of the last week beyond this situation were a flop by Garnett that started a fight and referee Joey showboat Crawford’s five skip blocking call that was an OBVIOUS charge that changed that game. The whole thing stinks.

  46. David says:

    Stern just wants to make more money. He dont care about the teams. I dont see him give stoudamire a fine for sitting last year in the playoffs after he injured himself. He should have given the knicks a fine for that. Playoff tickets cost way more then regular season.

  47. W/E says:

    O M G Thats INSANE, D.Stern is corrupted he STEALS 250,000 dollars from the Spurs FOR WHAT!!! Thats beyond scary, this man can take huge amounts of money whenever he wants to, whats wrong with you people wake up, thats a HUGE scandal how they let one man have the total control over everything thats beyond logic..Stern is officialy a Dictator who can steal insane amounts of money whenever he wants to. THis is wrong and it has to stop….

  48. Fan says:

    I hope the Spurs will pay the fine in pennies! 🙂

  49. Frank J Concepcion says:

    If you are too old to play consecutive games in the NBA, Perhaps these overpaid softy’s should consider playing chess instead;

    I prefer to watch energetic twenty year old’s over these past their prime wanabe’s. Sir Charles said it best. N-B-A stands for no babies allowed.

  50. Onyx says:

    Stern should be fined for giving the Spurs this fine.

  51. NBA-Addict says:

    I support Stern for this amount of fine. These professional players and coaches have obligations to the fans and the league first and foremost. Fans pay high tickets to see the stars play in front of them and that includes young kids idolizing them whether they are from the visiting team; a lot of them were disappointed then. Denying them this opportunity was unfair, selfish and very unprofessional.Fans are the reasons why they became millionaires. Imagine going to Michael Jackson concert and seeing a different singer performing? The message was sent clearly to all teams, players and coaches. Next offence should cost them at least 1M.

  52. Douglas Barnett says:

    Mr. Stern’s best days are wayyyyyyy behind him. Americans do not like nor will they tolerate Tyrants of any kind for long. The Spur’s fine is an act of a man out of control of his emotions and certainly out of control of his business. If the only thing that mattered wasn’t the 2nd season of the NBA, which Stern has set up over the years, then Popovich might have acted differently. but the truth is that the Playoffs are ALL that matters. I think Popovich is the brightest coach who does the most with the least I have ever seen (maybe Larry Brown would give him a run over a two year period) and Popovich is the kind of coach who will give hope to small market franchises. Since the new CBA rules supposedly even the playing field between large and small market teams (another fallacy in practice) then men like Popovich should be celebrated, not smashed by Stern’s demented iron fist. By the way, I am a solid Laker’s fan- the only team I can stand to see beat the Lakers are the Spur’s (with much nausea.)

  53. Dew says:

    I firmly believe the Heat game was about the Spurs getting playoff ready as well. How many opportunities would our bench guys get a ton of minutes in a game on the road against Miami in the playoffs? The game was great to see how Neal, Mills, De Colo, Splitter and the rest of the guys a chance to go into a very hostile environment and have a shot getting real minutes and be exposed to what it is like on the court with James, Wade and the Heat. Now, all of our bench will know as well as our starters since our starting guys have been there and know what it is like in the playoffs. Can’t blame Pop for wanting to give our bench guys the experience they would otherwise never have and prepare them for down the road. That game not only prepared them for the Heat if the Spurs make it that far, but also other amped up crowds as well. Can’t believe Pop getting fined for getting the Spurs playoff ready. Spurs are built differently then other teams and it takes 10-12 guys to be able to come in and play, not just a handful of superstars to win the game for you. They do not have the luxury anymore with the aging core they have. They will need the Bonners, Splitters, Neals, Blairs, and Mills to go into a place like Miami and play well. Shame on Stern for fining them for the experience and coaching practice.

  54. Geroy says:

    Does nobody remember the TIm Donaghy fiasco ?
    He essentially outed Stern for having vested interests in some games.
    Bottom line is Stern cares about the money and not the game and this fine proves it ( really driven home by the fact that the $250,000 goes into his and leagues pocket instead of reimbursing the fans he so sadly claims were cheated).

    This was a prime-time game, competing against football with his beloved Heat team involved. Popovich didn’t play by his rules so he needed to punish him. The Stern behaves is disgusting. I can’t wait till we get a new commissioner.


    I’d recommend looking that up, and praying Silver brings that same level headed honest approach to the game when he takes over.

  55. Rick says:

    Man you Spurs fans are STUPID

  56. fine_is_fine says:

    I think what the Commissioner emphasized to the team and team owners, is to respect the league, the NBA.
    For coach Pop, as a coach he can do his job as a coach but he cannot rest all his caliber player while playing against a championship team! (its a disrespect to the league) Using only bench players for an elite team, what the heck is that. As a coach you wanted to win a game, right?
    This maybe the reason why the league commissioner. I have notice during the game, not many fouls were given to Miami Heat (did u notice also?) so this was just to be fair to all teams.

  57. overkill says:

    the bottom like is that POP does what is best for his team, basketball related and FINANCIALLY. They are a SMALL MARKET TEAM and if they don’t make the playoffs there is little chance to make PROFIT for the year, and its a disappointment for the fans and the players, staff. This is an 82 game season, no SPURS fan cares about loosing one game, and other fans don’t care about the spurs, just check the ratings. The higher the playoff seeding, the more likely you will have more home games to make a profit, so if you sit players to prevent injuries and have a better chance of keeping them healthy and fresh for the long haul, then so be it

    If they NBA wants great game in the season then how about teams getting a day off before a primetime matchup, its whats done in the playoffs, because no one wants to see a great fresh team playing an old tired team, seriously. That game would have been entertaining for about a quarter and a half

  58. Dew says:

    I like how Pop does the right thing by sitting his guys when the Spurs already had 2 out with injury, 14th road game of that month, 4th game in 5 nights, the Heat game was part of a back to back as it is with the Heat well rested not playing since the Saturday previous to the game, and to top it all off, the Spurs bench almost beat the Miami Heat! After almost winning the game, they get fined!?!?! Was the competition not good enough?? If u ask me, our young guys are as good if not better right now than the guys we sat out. Only reason they got fined was due to the championship Heat not getting their ratings or money’s worth out of that nationally televised game so the NBA decided it needed to make up for it’s losses by fining them. What a joke!! Pop is the coach and should be able to sit whoever he wants to. Next time, don’t put the Spurs on a 6 game road trip with two back to backs in that trip and making the defending champs the last game of that trip!!! If you want stars to play, don’t wear them out before pitting them against the top in the NBA. Schedule makers and TV listings should be fined/fired…not the Spurs.

  59. Paul says:

    Hes right on the money!!! Can anyone here call there boss and tell them theyre tired?? NO!! So many fans were looking forward to seeing a good match up. theyre not getting paid millions to watch their team mates play. If they want rest, WAIT FOR THE OFF SEASON!!!

  60. quicksilv3r84 says:

    David Saddam Stern.

  61. jose machado says:

    Pop next time instead of being honest, give them a good excuse, there are some persons that prefer to be cheated(just like womens prefer to ear a good lie), and it seems to be the case of NBA comissioners.

  62. Chuck says:

    What a bunch of morons! I can see the majority of you never attend the games, or are just Spurs followers who follow on blind faith, or worse yet, are completely clueless.
    The outcome of the game has nothing to do with this situation. Whether the Spurs lost or won wasn’t affected by the decision, but it could’ve been. That’s what’s wrong. There is no reason on this earth why Popovich couldn’t rest his players individually during that stretch of games. Popovich just being Popovich. How would you like to buy tickets a month in advance( for a pretty penny) for a family of four, and end up explaining to your kids why they can’t see Duncan, Ginobli or Parker! This league is predicated on the term Superstar. When you sell yourself as a Superstar league you had better back it up! Both the league and it’s players built this aspect.
    Stern is a creep and a jerk and fined for all the wrong reasons, but he got it right in the end. Are you people so simple minded that you equate winning a ballgame by luck with the addition of effort or lack of(i.e. Heat)… by the other team, with what’s right and fair for the average fan?? I’ve never seen so many negative responses to an issue that doesn’t deserve it. I keep seeing responses that suggest that the Commissioner has no right to tell the coach who to play, over and over again… WRONG! In the best interests of NBA basketball the Commissioner can do nearly anything. To you brainiacs who suggest otherwise… READ THE BYLAWS IN THE CBA!
    Another thing, for those who question the fine amount, don;t compare that amount to your own salary or of those of ordinary individuals. These NBA participants are all wealthy and their fine amounts are proportionate with that.

    • Crazy says:

      Trades happen mid season after ticket purchases. Injuries Occur. Emergencies Occur. Please correct me if I am wrong but did your ticket Say Spurs vs Heat because that is what was played…..I have yet to see a ticket to see Duncan versus Lebron. For all the season ticket holders in Orlando, and Phoenix….please ask for a refund since you bought your ticket before trades were made for Howard and Nash. While were at it the league needs to be fined when they suspend players because your ticket in hand entitles you to see players who break rules like Rondo.

  63. juan says:

    as a spurs fan i believe pop did right, it is his team, his players, and if the game mattered he would play them. the season is just started, it does not matter, they were playing in miami, the people go to see the vurger king and wade. someone mentioned that if miami showed up in sa without thier big 3 , i for one would love it, easy win. stern is not pissed that sa sent 4 players home, he is pissed beacause burger king didn’t get his prize, that his little boy, and wants to show him off. well ifurthermore, the script was written, miami by 40, burger king takes care of spurs by himself. anyone who saw the game could see at the end all the calls were going against sa, and trust me, tonight against memphis more of the same, all this games are fixed, it is entertainment not competition, the burger king is the star and the reat of the players are supporting actors, they did it with jordan and kobe and now james, it is called marketing.

  64. ASDF says:

    Bad called from Stern! Hes a dictator!

  65. Broderick says:

    If this is the case refs should be fined for ejections and players should be fined for fouling out. David Stern is an idiot. Players need rest. If they weren’t stars there would be no issue. So why is it an issue

  66. Jimmy says:

    Why don’t David Stern change the NBA title to “It’s all business”. If coaches couldn’t make decisions for their team, who can? Pop has his right to do the right thing for his team here.

  67. Nba Fine says:

    I firmly believe that the spurs are too old to play basketball and should retire by next year. This cowardly act of the spurs proven to me as a basketball fan how much they need to retire ASAP. The timing was bad they could at least done a five minute game but to not even play is disgraceful. The fine was alright but they should be a rule in place for any of these acts they should only be done when the playoffs are near, injury, etc.

  68. dannyz says:

    if fans are really that dissatisfied with the game then ask stern to refund you the money and see how that goes? ,stern dosent care about the fans he just wants that money in his pocket, seriously i think everyone hates stern !!

    • dannyz says:

      oh and 75% of people on Nba.com opposed this fine and he still went ahead and did it, thats how much he cares about fans !

  69. David_Stern_is_an_idiot says:

    I don’t like the Spurs but David just looked like the biggest idiot in the world!

  70. Mr. Perfect says:

    Ironic. NBA made a player health and safety regulations but fine a team that rested aging players. Just simply confusing,

  71. tactful83 says:

    Here is how I look at tit: The Spurs actually did the Heat a favor and the Heat shouldn’t complain. The spurs are a much better team at this point in the season. If Pop would have played his top four, the Heat would have lost by 15+ points. Heck, if it wasn’t for Ray Allen the Heat would have lost to the Spurs bench.

    I think this has to do more with ego. Pop doesn’t bow down to the Heat like everyone else. He knows the Spurs are a better team. The Heat felt disrespected “How dare the spurs not regard us as gods”.

  72. Nikouras says:

    So how is that different from GSW resting Curry and Bogut for the last 20 or something games last season even they could play but protecting them and at the same time finishing lower so they can improve their chances on draft ?
    If Pop took all 4 with him and benched them or played them a couple of minutes then what?
    Is commish going to start fining teams who aren’t coached well?
    What is that?
    there is no end to that!
    I agree that it is a business and a show and maybe they should have announced it earlier but you cant know these things a week ago…how can you know how tired are you going to be?

  73. Mazola from Sweden says:

    A $250.000 fine for breaking a … wait a second, there was no rule broken at all, was it? How can you get fined for breaking a non-existing rule?
    OK, what’s next on Sterns list of non-existing rules he can deliver silly fines for? Benching the starters in the 4th quarter if their team are ahead by +20 points … not making the right play down the stretch … not making a specatular dunk when a chanse was given … star players having a sub-par day on the court and not producing enough oooh’s and aaaaah’s … ?

    Note to Mr Stern: FIRST you institute the rules, THEN you can fine those breaking the rules. As of now your arbitrary actions are a disgrace and are ususally only seen in third world dictatorship countries.

  74. Hussain says:

    Basically if you make a fool of David Stern, he will then in turn take exception and retaliate. Next time Pop should just dress the resting players but fail to play them coaches decision.

  75. vern says:

    I side with Stern this time! A national t.v. game, there’s lots of kids that save their allowance or little newspaper money just for the chance to see one of their role models/hero. Think about them. Whereas an adult may understand, the younger fans don’t. This may have been the only time a fan, that spends money on a ticket that is too expensive in the first place, gets to see a game only to find that the stars they wanted to see aren’t there. If Pop wanted to rest his players he could’ve played them 5 or 10 minutes. The fans are the reason these guys are getting those million dollar contracts and Stern realizes that. Good Fine!

  76. John Doe says:

    I guess it will never happen that the league will apologize to the Spurs – but that and paying back the fine would be the correct thing to do.



  78. m.g. pereira says:

    “I think Pop will pay from his personal pocket ,remember he’s the coach & the general manager so ,he did what is best for the team,and finally a 5 point loss by the bench? against the world champs? we’ll see what happens at S.A. when the heat comes to the spurs court.

  79. HUSSAIN says:


  80. lilcr0w says:

    Pop was scamming the league when he was able to draft Tim Duncan as well. I’d lose games on purpose just to get the number one pick too, then turn around and fire the coach and takeover the ranks and be called a great coach. Anyone could coach that team and be considered a “great” coach. I like how he goes of on players in the middle of games. Very professional Pop’! Your not as great as people make you out to be. Who’s next?……

  81. team first says:

    Wow let the coach do whats best for his team ..San antonio is known for their team concept ….Which in my book means success!

  82. Luke says:

    The Spurs stars are getting old. They can’t play schedules like this without wearing out. If I were Pop, I would have rested them some time in the middle of the road trip, not at the end, but I believe that it’s his decision. As a fan, I wouldn’t like it if the game was in San Antonio, because the fans would be coming to see those three. Since the game was in Miami where everyone comes to see LeBron and D-Wade, and they still got to watch a good game, I don’t understand the hysteria.

  83. B-rock says:

    As a fan, I would be more upset if the players had gone to MIami, suited up and not played a single minute. That would be like an awful tease and if I saw my team losing with the stars still on the bench, I would be even more ticked off. The nba got a fantastic primetime game with pure nba/international talent come ready to play. This fine is ridiculous and I believe it sends the wrong message. Popovich did inform the media and obviously informed the league by doing so. I had always liked David Stern right up until the lockout and now I just think he needs to not even wait till the end of the season and just resign already.

  84. EDWARD RANGEL says:

    Look at how many times Michael Jordan decided to skip SA at the end of his career, claiming a bogus injury and playing the next night. Not once did princes fine him, too busy trying to extract lips from rear I suppose. Stern tried to hand the spurs to the heat on a platter POP said HELL NO Stern said watch me….Is it 2014 yet…

  85. MDnSA says:

    With all due respect Commissioner Stern, You CANNOT have it both ways. You can NOT, time after time, call the San Antonio Spurs a “small market” team and always portray them as the “David” in the “David vs. Goliath” match ups against more popular teams in “bigger markets” year after year. Yet now, he goes on record to state the Spurs have done the league a disservice by not playing their star players. Players who, just a year ago, were considered to be “too old and too boring” to watch on TV or return to the top. Now all of a sudden their absence in one nationally televised game is hurting the league???? Which one is it?
    Commissioner Stern has grossly overstepped his boundaries by trying to make a team decision instead of governing the league. This has to be grounds for appealing this fine. It also must be mentioned that the team has not actually broken any written rules with this decision since it is at the coach’s and team’s discretion when it is appropriate to rest or not rest healthy players. You state that your job is to protect the integrity of this league and watch out for the fans, players and team’s best interest but it seems in this one situation the only interest you are interested in is your own. The Miami fans who bought tickets got to see their big 3 rally at the last minute to win in the final minutes of regulation, those watching on national television got to see the same thing and still hear the excellent commentating of Reggie Miller & Charles Barley & the token “white guy” sitting next to them. The NBA had a great night, how was it hurt by anything the either coach did on either side?

    The commissioner has grayed the boundaries of his role as the NBA commissioner and more than likely just wants to make one “last stand” before his 2014 exit. It’s oddly similar to defenders of the Alamo making their last stand in 1835 against Santa Anna yet they actually had something more meaningful to defend instead of pure EGO. Which is why they are going to be remembered as heroes and David Stern will most likely be remembered as a grumpy old man who went kicking & screaming.
    Sad thing is his legacy as NBA Commissioner could have been remembered differently had he kept his decisions confined to the boardroom and let the coaches and basketball minds handle the baseline decisions. David Stern started his Jerry Jones-esque behavior a few years ago when he blocked a deal that would’ve put Chris Paul in Lakerland. There’ve been others incidents up to him now he is telling a 4- time Championship winning coach which players he needs to play on a game that means absolutely NOTHING towards the Spurs trying to win a for a 5th.

    Commissioner Stern should know this but I will mention it again. A championship caliber team only succeeds if each player knows, understands and plays their role; the same must be said for a league official to be considered great, he must KNOW HIS ROLE.

    This is yet another example of a league official abusing their power and position. It is obvious that David Stern has forgotten he answers to the team owners in this league. It seems Mr. Stern believes that before he exits he can throw his weight around as if he wants everyone to remember that he is still the league commissioner until 2014. News flash Mr. Stern, you can do that in many other ways instead of being the D-Bag that you are showing the world you are.

  86. JenJen says:

    Some of you are forgetting the sole purpose of the NBA. Entertainment. The PLAYERS want to win championships. The FANS just want to see their favorite players play a good game. Therefore, Pop was wrong. Sneaky and in bad taste too.

    It would be like having tickets to a Broadway play starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and showing up and getting their understudies. You bet people would be furious. Maybe if he had just sent home one or two of the guys, but to send all four of them is really an awful thing to do to your fans. David Stern was absolutely correct to sanction them. He understands that the fans pay their paychecks, and their first responsibility is to them! Pop is a disgrace who only cares about himself and his own record.

  87. Funny Stern says:

    So… Spurs get fined for potentially not giving a good show on national TV? Re-watch the game. They’re saying NBA is living on fans’ support and the revenues made from these marquee match-ups who have star players? Then why was the Chris Paul trade denied? If CP3 had gone to the Lakers, wouldn’t that make more money because people would want to go to watch the game? I don’t get why the NBA itself did not get fined for making such a decision, and then when a coach is trying to do whatever he can to lead his team to a championship, he (and the organization) gets punished for doing things that go against “the best interests of the NBA.” Enlighten me please.

  88. THE TRUTH!!!! says:

    its kinda funny because “basketball fans” have come to some sort of consensus that the San Antonio Spurs play a boring brand of basketball not worthy of national television exposure. Well, the Spurs just saved all those finks 48 excruciating minutes of boring basketball. Pop’s got to do whats best for his club if they’re gonna get number 5 and resting his stars with 2 crucial pieces already on the injured list was what needed to be done. Its not exactly like the Heat blew out the Spurs even without their “stars,” so whats the deal? These guys are professionals; THEY CAN ALL PLAY!!!!

  89. name says:

    Dumb move Mr. Stern. Now you’re telling everyone you can run each team’s operations and make each team’s coaching decisions. I’m sure you’ve insulted plenty with this one.

  90. Ac says:

    Someone give David Stern the fine! He has angered and dissappointed more people than pop has. Do your job Mr. Stern. Fine yourself.

  91. Alex Eisenring says:

    The NBA did the right thing. What gives Popovich the right to rest four starters with no justified reason? It is disrespectful to the fans and the rest of their team. These four players should not have any priviledges, they should work their butts off like the rest of the team. I’m surprised the Heat didn’t win with a larger score margin – are the Spurs that good? I don’t think so, I hope the don’t go to far this season. Besides, I’ve seen Popovich displaying these kind of arrogant attitude towards the fans. In one of those interviews at the middle of a game on national television, he was so rude to the interviewer’s questions. On another time during a press conference, his answers were so short as though as he wanted to finish the ress conference as soon as possible. Popovich is not providing a good example as a coach. They don’t seem to make it to the Finals with him. Mr. “Pompous” Popovich: OBEY THE RULES AND RESPECT THE FANS!!!

  92. bulls4tw says:

    “The strategic resting of particular players on particular nights is within the discretion of the teams,” Silver said in April, according to NBA.com. “And Gregg Popovich in particular is probably the last coach that I would second-guess.”

    • Fine Stern says:

      It seems everyone forgot about that. That needs to be brought up in all these little stories painting pop out to be the villain.

  93. Stoyan says:

    How about punishing teams that sit entire seasons? How about a fine of 250k dollars for each game the Cavs, Hornets or the Heat had in each of their multiple “screw-it-we’re-rebuilding-this-season”?

  94. Gary says:

    David Stern should be dismissed.
    Enough is enough.

  95. umustplay says:

    Disrespect came from the league (schedule); if the league wanted a great televised game the schedule should not have been approved. 6 road games within 9 days and the last 4 games were back to back with 1 day off between each set is ridiculous, while the heat had plenty of rest. The coach was looking out for his stakeholders (owners/management, players, community/fans) and that is why his decision is justified. The Spurs have always been about the system (brand) which the league needs. Stern must fallow thru and fine all the teams that rest their player at the end of the year or he will be the biggest hypocrite.

  96. Colin says:

    What if the players were rested the game before this one, would it be a problem or is it just because it was a national televised game? What would have happen if all the players were on the bench suited up and never entered in the game would the spurs still get fine. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE. WHAT IS THE REAL REASON FOR THE FINE. JUST SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF DOUBLE STANDARD.

  97. Courtney says:

    I think David Stern is the wrong in this situation. He had no right to put his two sense in to this. Pop knows how to coach a team so let him coach. They played 4 games in 5 days. He has old players if Pop thinks they need to lest then let them rest! Stern is full of bs. He lets every team slide but the Spurs. Remember the Knicks getting fined $200 000 for illegal workouts? Stern lets a lot of stuff slide. With the Spurs he lets nothing slide. The Spurs dont have a very large fan base. People outside of Texas just dont like them. He acts like people care. They don’t. Let Pop be the coach. Shut up Stern. Retire already.

  98. DevilRacer says:

    you don’t understand what pop does..he always make good decisions for his players,so resting his 4 starters isn’t bad..his
    plan is for long term,not just for a single game..try to fill in his shoes,just to understand what he is doing..you moron doesn’t
    know anything about coaching,even i don’t have any idea about it but i do know is to understand what good people do..
    giving the best interest for his players,he doesn’t won 4 championship for nothing..so i think giving the spurs a fined or penalty is very unfair…just continue playing hard & don’t mind other people who pretend that they know everything…go spurs go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. YoYo says:

    Stern you damn dictator go retire already, and please take Joey Crawford with you…

  100. hh says:

    The Miami Heat fans paid enough money for a season tickect expecting to get the best spectacle for their money spent.
    What SAS did was disrespectuful to Miami fans, because We are not supossed to paid a hefty tickect for waltching the bench play.

  101. ·j says:

    No sense the decision cuz any team has the right to do what is better for them. Maybe are older and they needed to rest.

  102. Chad says:

    Well, Stern is all-business while Pops is all-sports! I bet Sterns next step is to find out which team has the most fans and make them Champion (or reach the finals at least). You know what i mean.

  103. wyorose11 says:

    Stern unwittingly just made the least popular team…..the most popular team. And he just did a disservice to all players on the bench. I go to watch my team, not to see three players. I was very impressed with the Spurs bench.

  104. chuckster77 says:

    Why does the league have to punish San Antonio? Isn’t the NBA still a business? If TNT or ESPN are upset that San Antonio isn’t playing their starters then don’t schedule nationally televised games for them. San Antonio has the right to play who they want just as the networks have the right broadcast who they want. The only thing David Stern should do is schedule the games better so that this isn’t an issue to begin with. The networks have the power to fix this. If teams like San Antonio start losing national broadcast revenue for sitting starters then the problem will correct itself. 13 games on ESPN or TNT left this year is much more money than a $250,000 fine.

  105. Drew says:

    He made the right call for sure who wants to spend all that money to go to a game between 2 great teams and watch those guys sit on the bench come on man!

  106. chuckster77 says:

    Why does the league have to punish San Antonio? Isn’t the NBA still a business? If TNT or ESPN are upset that San Antonio isn’t playing their starters then don’t schedule nationally televised games for them. San Antonio has the right to play who they want just as the networks have the right broadcast who they want. The networks have the power to fix this. If teams like San Antonio start losing some national broadcast revenue for sitting starters then the problem will correct itself. 13 national broadcasts left this year is more money than $250,000.

  107. Jim says:

    This is a sign that the NBA persons are really controlling the games!!!!!!

  108. Lakers-R-Us says:

    I didn’t hear all you people complain about Stern when he stopped the Chris Paul trade for the Lakers; which changed the face of their team; by the way! Now you’re complaining about Stern when something happens to your team. This is nothing compared to what happened to the Lakers! At least he didn’t stop your team from making a good trade that would have helped them!

  109. pj says:

    Stern is wrong dont tell its about season ticket holders what about the nba strike last year who suffered? stern step down

  110. willie says:

    i wonder if the spurs still won, while those top4 players sitting out… would a complete miami team have a fine for losing to a team which didn;t give their best?

  111. soneangel012 says:

    This shouldn’t be wrong.. this was poppovich’s strategy to improve the non-stars of their team.. and it has been effective for quite some time.. he did this many times in the past didn’t he?

  112. ST says:

    I am a Mav’s fan – but Pop’s responsibilities are to the Team which pays his salary – not to any fans. He gets paid to do what is right for the team – not for TV, Miami fans, advertisers, etc. And, he told the truth – he didn’t lie about any of them being hurt – which I guess if he had lied – would have been acceptable?? As for all the hoopla about Miami fans spending hard earned money to see the Spurs – give me a break – they went to see the over-exposed LeBron and his buddies play – there is no guarantee of anything when you buy a ticket

    • Mahadev says:

      Man he is messed up!!! Stern ruined the Laker trade in the Same way. What next, a fine to Dwight Howard for every free throw he misses? Cuz that disappoints the fans too!!

  113. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Spurs make a lot of money per game 250K is just pocket change if you think about it. Pop didn’t have a good reason resting all those guys against Miami. Fans, most paid and expected to see a good game with all the guys. Stern has helped the league grow since he came in and I trust his decisions to keep the sport at the top.

  114. thaustin says:

    The Spurs consistently put one of the best teams on the floor night after night, season after season. The Heat game was a great game, made much more fascinating because Miami was taken to the wire by a young group of non-starters who played really hard. Stern, fine your other franchises who, year after year, rip off the public with lousy uncompetitive teams that have one spolied superstar that nobody wants to watch. Leave Pop and the Spurs alone. They know what they are doing.

  115. RWL says:

    I think the story behind all this isn’t that he rested his players and got fined but that the 2nd team spurs only lost by five to the Heat. That’s the story we should be talking about.

  116. Julien says:

    Next time the players are going to be injured… WHOAW what a great evolution. Finning someone who did nothing wrong in regards of the rules is dangerous, If you don’t agree, change the rules AND THEN fine the spurs. This guy is a dictator who may have done a great job but what he did should be illegal.

  117. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    All the options are garbage. You should let the people know who paid for the tickets. Dont try and trick us with this rubbish! People pay TOP DOLLAR to see athletes/stars whatever, and they didnt get that. You want to fine Spurs? Fine, but now refund that money to the people who paid to see the Spurs starters play.

  118. What about the fines for the altercations between the Celtics and the Nets, that seemed more severe than this and everyone is focusing on the little things. I have been looking on for two days for the penalties and fines for the altercation and being that it was the next day the Spurs were playing the Heat, everything now shifted to this ordeal.

  119. I have been a Spurs fan for as long as I can remember, I still stand on what Pop did because he what is for the good of the team and the franchise. Everyone by now should know how Pop is so there shouldn’t be any surprise to the media or the league. Pop only cares to win a championship and he does not wish to participate in the “dumb question interviews” that everyone keeps asking him the same stupid questions. The Spurs need to do what they need to do and David Stern indicating that it was a disservice to the fans and the league, We as Spurs fans don’t care to please you fool, We care for what’s great for our team and other fans were complaining, the should have known that the Spurs were already on an east trip and the Spurs were playing 6 games in 10 days and this was coming.

  120. I have been a Spurs fan for as long as I can remember, I still stand on what Pop did because he what is for the good of the team and the franchise. Everyone by now should know how Pop is so there shouldn’t be any surprise to the media or the league. Pop only cares to win a championship and he does not wish to participate in the “dumb question interviews” that everyone keeps asking him the same stupid questions. The Spurs need to do what they need to do and David Stern indicating that it was a disservice to the fans and the league, We as Spurs fans don’t care to please you fool, We care for what’s great for our team and other fans were complaining, the should have known that the Spurs were already on an east trip and the Spurs were playing 6 games in 10 days and this was coming.

  121. TinMan says:

    This isn’t really about protecting the fans, it’s about Stern’s bruised ego. Gregg Popovich deliberately poked him in the eye to complain about the schedule. He chose to very publicly send players home. He could have just benched them most of the game or pretended they were lightly injured to preserve appearances. He decided he’d rather send a message to Stern. The commissioner took it personally, as he should have. What he shouldn’t have is let his feelings take over, and levy an unjustifiable fine. However provocative, Popovich’s decisions were well within the rules and his responsibilities.
    If Stern believes the rules need a change, then change them and give the coaches prior notice.

    A few sidenotes.
    It still was a very exciting and competitive game. From a basketball perspective, it proved Popovich’s approach right. It is a team sport, not, as Stern would like, mere entertainment to showcase superstars.
    There is some hypocrisy in all “think about the little kid…”. First of all, I love Tim Duncan, but I don’t believe there are many kids in the Miami area who are his diehard fans. Ginobili and Parker might have a little more appeal among kids, but again, in the Miami area!? More importantly, a lot of the people talking about this hypothetical kid suggest that Pop should have rested his stars in previous games, not in the big one against the Heat. So you should deprive the kid in less glamorous franchises in favor of the one in Miami, who already gets to see superstars on his own team?

    We’ll see tonight if the Spurs’ strategy pays off against the Grizzlies. Too bad they fell just a little short against Miami with their very professional “non-stars” the other night. But had they won that one, I guess David Stern would have been so mortified the fine would have reached a million dollars!

  122. Rav says:


    What David Stern got proven is that the whole healthcare is just for show. Concussion policies and all that, what purpose have they got if you force your players to overwork and overtravel, no breaks allowed?

  123. Sharma says:

    I feel anyone in this forum who is putting down Stern, should rethink what they believe in this situation. First of all I’m guessing that no one on this forum (including me) is a business executive in a successful business like the NBA, but if you try to think like one then you will see why Stern has done what he has.

    Sure people haven’t been fined for this issue before but i cant remember the last time a coach did the same thing in a situation like this where a game was very looked forward to and marketed with the best resources (TNT). Thus this is the first time that because of someone (G.Pop) who is considered of low rank in terms of the NBA’s business priorities, the NBA and its partners had to take such a loss in profit and customer trust.

    Also the schedule excuse is not good since I’m sure almost every team in the NBA (including the heat) has a stretch of games that will be just as tough as the one the Spurs just had. It just so happens the Spurs had theirs right now.

    G.Pop had a good strategy, i agree, but it ultimately conflicted with the NBA’s business interests, which of course is the top priority. And if the NBA does not handle its business interests, then there will be no Spurs or super-coach G.Pop.

    Finally another strategy for G.Pop would have been to rest players (less minutes, not a complete absence) during the games leading up to the heat game, and then played them hard for a win against the heat. This would have sent a message to the heat for a potential finals match-up and shown that the Spurs at present, are a better team. This coaching strategy would be a possible win win for both the NBA and the coach, although it would be a more ‘macho’ approach then the conservative one G.Pop took.

  124. A. Fann says:

    David Stern,
    If you really had a concern for what is good for the NBA and its fans, you would eliminate scheduling 7 games in 10 nights, 4 games in 5 nights and back-to-back games with teams flying out in the middle of the night to play another game the next night in a new city. Pathetic quality and player injury is clearly the result from the “money-making” shortened lockout season of last year with far too many back-to-back games scheduled. If you must persist in back-to-back games, follow baseball’s “homestand “system of scheduling games in the same city. Save gas, lessen fatigue, foster practice/preparation time and get better quality games with rested players similar to the playoffs.

  125. Chester says:

    stern has a napoleon complex, or little man syndrome. never played, coached, or owned a team, all he sees are dollar signs, he should have resigned after the first lockout, or after tim donaghy or the recent lockout. how does he survive? the league board and owners have a short supply of guts. stern should be turfed out on his butt.

  126. Real says:

    Its just wrong, Pop is the coach and the coach will make whatever call he feels is necessary, letting down the fans? Im 110% sure a majority of those fans were heat fans, and it was great game in the end. Ive talked to Spurs fans, and many said it was a good move by pop and they loved the game and said the fine was ridiculous. Stern is turning this league into a dictatorship i mean whats next? will he decide what plays they have to call and who they have to trade or sign, come on

  127. Chester says:

    if stern wants stars in every game, then a hard salary cap has to be put in place and maybe even kick a few teams out so the league isnt so watered down. maybe 2 from each conference to make it 26. probably detroit, washington or toronto from the east and sacarmento and new orleans from the west.

  128. flyppee says:

    your all idiots..!! gud move by stern!

  129. ibah says:

    Stern need to know age matter to human live. What if Tim, Manu & Tony played 2 quarter and the heat is up 60 to 35. sould they play or let the bench finish the game on the road ? What is the deferent if a team luck for #1 seed in their last 5 games and the coach rest then sould they get a fined to? Maybe Stern need to play the full game and ”we” can ask him how he feel playing at that age. Bench is part of a team that gave u a PG, SG, SF, PF and center.

  130. Marc says:

    Stern is mad because because Spurs short line-up was close to beat the last champion that’s it …. Pop sat down those players before versus others team like Wizards and nobody said nothing

  131. Heidi Ritter says:

    I think he was totally right, I can see if there was a family emergency and a player wasn’t there, but what about the families that might have saved up to get tickets to see their favorite team and players for the first time live only to see the disappointment in their kids faces when all of their favorite players weren’t there! Yes basketball will go on, but without the loyalty and admiration from their fans the road to the finals wouldn’t be quite the same. What if their fans didn’t show up, they wouldn’t like it!!!

  132. Henrik Jensen says:

    David Stern made a bad call, that happens, 250k, isn’t that much for NBA Clubs, so it will be forgotten fast, but still a bit harsh with 250.000, just for resting players, there is no law against resting players, so its quite stupid afterall

  133. Janus says:

    As an European, I just don’t get this. When we in Europe go to a sporting event, this is what we want to see, a sporting event. Not a show of superstars. It’s about giving the best performance in a long run, about the team, the tactics, the SPORT. We would rather see less heralded players get a chance to shine then a superstar that can’t give it’s best because he’s tired or not in his best form. We want to see the team play, and every player that wears the team jersey is our hero. In short, it shouldn’t be about TIm Duncan (for instance), but about The Spurs, and especially about BASKETBALL.
    I think this is one of the reasons USA lost it’s supremacy. NBA developed stars, while the rest of the world developed basketball. Don’t get me wrong. Team USA is still on the top o the world, but they are not as dominant as they used to be, NBA is still the best league in the world, but some European teams could compete there now. I think there were too many decisions made in America, that were about advertising and money, not about playing the best basketball possible.

  134. DTYI says:

    More money for $tern.

  135. Phil says:

    It seems like people who agree with the fine align with Mr. Stern who look at the NBA as a purely entertainment venue. I think of it as a professional sports league where the ultimate goal is to put yourself in a position to win a championship. Fining the Spurs seems to put more importance on the money as opposed to the well being of the players.Keep in mind, they are not dumping games to gain position in the draft. As a matter of fact, they competed well without their “superstars”. I think Mr. Stern made a rare mistake for himself, when he reacted initially. It left him no other choice than to follow through. It’s too bad that he has chosen his last year in office to start making really bad decisions.

  136. schierding says:

    Stuff like this really turns me off the NBA. If a coach can’t put out the line-up he feels benefits his team the most due to commercial interests, the sporting aspect is severely undermined.

  137. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    sometimes the league should act fast like in this incident..to bad for the spurs try to rest their stars at the same time is bad for the fans that is paying to see those guys to play basketball not to rest…i’ts to early for resting to bad the fans…try to think just for the fans not for anything else..

  138. Ladyshakalaka says:

    The league was right to fine the Spurs! NBA is a business and these players make millions of dollars. if you can’t handle the schedule then you should not be paid millions and maybe retirement is in order. Four players were sent hime, not one, not two but four players.
    The Miami Heat team were not notified of the Spurs roster change with sufficient time to prepare. Do you think that the Heat had DeColo, Anderson, or Joseph on their scouting report. When you play against an opponent that you”ve never played before and don’t know their tricks of the trade, they will have an advantage for a little while.
    The Spurs spit in the face of the league, the fans and the Heat team, they deserved the fine and more.
    I don’t understand why fans would say its okay for an organization to do such a thing. What if every team that pays their players millions decide to rest it’s highly paid players and let the second string players do all the work, what will happen to the league. The NBA is already competing for popularity and losing against the NHL and MLB.

    If a team decides to rest its million dollar players after just 15 games into a season they they should be fined the total sum of the salary that each player got played and any lost revenue that the TV network lost because of that decision!
    Based on my calculation Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and Green got paid $ 485,000 for not playing a single minute!

  139. Roh says:

    Terrible decision by Stern…. terrible. We hope he goes away before 2014….

  140. Fan Mail says:

    Where would this NBA league be without fans? No where. Resting the players deceives the money paying fans. (Bottom Line)
    Mr. Pops head is way to big. Mr. Stern should have come down harder.

  141. jacelo says:

    that is dis respect in the part of the heat and part of the fans…theire expecting a very good game and then suddenly 4 of the starters will not play..yes you can rest player but not all the starter …and y did he choose the game w/ the heat..y not in the game w/ the magic??what r u talking about the spurs almost win it??? did u watch the game???the heat didnt play well because of disappointment..If you are a player you want to play w/ the best competitor of the game…try to practice and play the game of basketball and you will understand me…

  142. Betting says:

    Stern is mad because he had bets on the top four spurs players…. , What pop did was nothing but a smart decision and i last time i checked a coach job is to win a championship; and it doesn’t matter how but he needs to win one and if that’s resting some key players and getting ready for a “bigger game” by all means pop; do it .

  143. G says:

    There is some logic in the decision of the Spurs. On the other hand, same goes for the league. People pay money to see the most interesting match-up possible and that includes these four players. Perhaps they could have rested them 2 by 2. I suppose nobody would have argued than. About the 250k fine. Would they notice it in their finances? I doubt it…….

  144. Troublemaker says:

    It looks like a dictatorship decision (like it happens in east countries) considering that the rule of playing all games with your stars is written nowhere. Interesting decision in a country where freedom is the way of living. But I forgot, every rule is written to please TV, advertisers and owners.

  145. carla says:

    250,000 fine + 5 games not allowing Duncan, Parker and Ginobili to play. so that they can rest these old players…

  146. Jonathan says:

    That’s a shame!!! Coachs are free to make their own decisions. In Europe, Soccer team coachs shifts (Manchester United, FC Barcelone…) their teams all the time due to their oppenents, schedules,… and there is as much money as the NBA. People come to the stadium to watch good basketball game and not only players. I prefer see a paced, strategic game with players at 100% rather than players on the bench who are not concerned. We don’t care about November games, they are the May ones which are the most important.

  147. shurik says:

    next time, popovich should “LIE” and say they are injured day to day. obviosly, no one wants to hear the real reason why hundred year old duncan didnt play. and no one cares that ginobili is about to loose his legs. or, no one (including the league) want to see spurs winning anything.
    i dont know, what if popovich gonna start playing his players less minutes? is league gonna fine the team as well?
    i love when circus is back in town

  148. Love of the game says:

    Next time do what everyone else does and just fake an injury. same as calling in sick either way they were not going to play and it would have saved the spurs 250K. Im sure they can make up for the lie with all the charity work they do.

  149. Decibel says:

    I totally desagreed with Stern!!!

  150. Hamicarion says:

    What upsets me is the manner this was done, Resting a player here or there I understand…but ALL starters???

    Sure, they are resting because they are building a championship team. Why don’t we just skip the season and go right to playoffs then…everyone on all teams will be rested.

    Pop is an amazing coach, but that move was not good for the game, the fans, or the local business owners affected by the move. If I had tickets to the game, I would have demanded a refund.

    I also would demand a refund from the league if I has spent money on any TV spots. When I found out Duncan and the others weren’t playing, I didn’t watch the game, and therefore didn’t get any commercial impressions.

    I don’t think the fine was large enough, or the Spurs should also have to refund the above.

  151. Shame says:

    That’s what commerce is all about. The only thing NBA cares about is money…

  152. Boss says:

    They just can’t beat the heat so they gave up and tried to rest their good players

  153. bj says:

    Its a good call by Pop, however true- some go to games to see stars play ball. but what of ways when there is a big lead and starters are taken out ? will star players play there best against lesser teams? there are 80 games ! points does not matter to Spurs and Heat- they will head to the playoffs.

    this is game on the highest professional level, and not a travelling circus (like the Lakers)

  154. Aaron says:

    This is shocking!! this is one of the reasons why i dont watch or follow the league that much anymore. In English Soccer this is a normal practice for players to rest on games where there is a big game coming up soon. it is the best for the team. ridiculous!!

  155. Stern is a Heat Fan, Resign now! says:

    Stern only wants to see the lineup, match result and even the championship that he wants, he wants to control everything, the fine is not fair and not reasonable.

    Stern, apolopize to all NBA fans with your “fine” decision and RESIGN now!

  156. Zrumi says:

    Ok..come to think of it..imagine you are a 36year old man playing 5straight games in 5 days..that ‘s not right..imagine stern plays the game for 5 straight night..maybe he will be in the hospital on the third night because of fatigue..I understand the decision of coach pop..it may be hard on his part but it is the best for the team..who wants to lose anyway?..none..the only wrong move of pop was not letting the nba informed about his decision..of course fans and the heat were really surprised about what happened.. No debate here..period

  157. food4minds says:

    What’s wrong with the 4game-5night schedule?? we are talking here about NBA stars.. these guys can even play 10games-12nights! they should not be here if they are not ready for anything like these.. Pop can opt not to give them heavy minutes during the game, right? but sitting his 4 main players is not good for the league. If am a spurs fan living in Miami and bought a ticket for that single spurs-miami game for me to see Tim , Manu, Tony playing live, then all of a sudden all these stars wont show up because they need a rest?? how would you guys want me to feel? I salute Pop for being a great coach, but then sometimes we must also see the other side of the league… its viewers. Without us, the fans, then this league is nothing. Teams must also have sensitivity to its audience. Even during the end of the regular season when players usually take their rest, the league must be very strict with the reasons why these players have to rest, all at the same time. The best move, i think, is still to suit up every game (if they are not inactive/injured/sick) and let the coach decide if he will let his stars play heavy minutes during a game. At least we could still see our fave players.. even if it’s just a glance at the bench.,

  158. jp says:

    it’s early in the season to be resting your best players. stern is right. it’s a disservice to the fans, what they did.

  159. Pat says:

    Dear Mr Stern. Have you thought you were insulting Blair, Bonner, Mills, DeColo, Neal, … ? And do you really think the show was bad for the viewers? Thinking, understanding and talking are more important than punishing….

  160. Federico says:

    That’s interesting. Now Pop can’t even make his team rest during long trips in the RS. That’s SAS’s coaching staff business, not Stern’s business.

  161. Pat says:

    Writing from France. Basket-ball is a GAME and US and France are DEMOCRACIES. We don’t need dictators to rule the game!

  162. deyhakat says:

    David Stern is more concerned with the money then the players, and that’s the problem. With so much strain on a old team against the young and powerful heat, if they were not rested and considering injury history of players like manu, Stern would have lost even more money if one of these guys went down. Not to mention a lot of wasted money for a franchise and future sales for other games. These guys are old, they wont get many more chances to play for a championship, why jeopardize their goals and maybe even their careers, let alone a franchise’s investments over one game. If i were the spurs i would take the fine over a risk of injury to the core of a potential championship team anyway. Heck if i was Pop, I would to it again in a similar circumstance.

    …What really pisses me off is that for caring for his team, Pop’s Spurs gets fined quarter of a million dollars, but when nba players fought, like KG, Wallace, Z-Bo in the locker room, Steve Blake for actually talking smack to a fan AND last year Amare twitters Homosexual Slurs and ALL THEIR FINES COMBINED = $150 000 … Serious Stern you are not doing the game any good.

  163. nATHAN says:

    To all who did not understand the action properly. NBA is entertainment & sports fans are paying because they wanted to see a good basketball game. Its only by luck San Antonio Spurs have a good game.

  164. Paulo Mendes says:

    A case of marketing, TV ratings and $ over free team management, very bad.I can understand the $ stuff but even from this perspective is this the right move in the longer term? Is it worth watching banged up superstars by the end of the season, failing miserably to meet all the media circus hype around them? Isn’t the coach the one who knows better how to get the best from his team, especially during such a long season and with some veteran players? And it was a good game, especially on the side of the Spurs «bench», a chance for some very good Spurs players (quite a few played in the Olympics for their national teams for God’s sake!) to step up. I wish they had won the game (what a slap in the face that would have been) and they were winning till the last 30 seconds…
    Can the Spurs take this one to court? If they can, they probably should.

  165. Joe says:

    The only thing I have to say is show me what rule the spurs broke, Also thought it was a pretty good game

  166. Cobby says:

    David Stern should not be interfering with team decisions anyway. How can you tell a coach of a team, who he can play and who he can’t play. This is wrong, and absolute Dictatorship!! The San Antonio Spurs should appeal this fine, PERIOD!!!

  167. Bugz says:

    Pop knows his team and decides when to rest his players but at least let them be in unis or be present at the games in respect to the fans. On th other side, I think the fine was too harsh. Why not issue a warning first? Or better the NBA will have a specific ruling regarding this scenarios. Both sides are half correct and half wrong…

  168. Eaglos says:

    “in a manner contrary to the best interests of the NBA”

    We order you obey, enjoy your freedom… You will play
    no matter what… Totally wrong and a very dangerous
    path of thought.

  169. vj says:

    it’s a bit disappointing not to see manu,tony,tim and green..i want to see the heat lose.

  170. KingLBjBoy says:

    If ur a Heat fan in Washington and LbJ and Wade didn’t show up do u accept it???

  171. Fast Auto Warranty says:

    Not really i,pressed by the fine. On one hand the aging roster, on the other a pretty lousy schedile and coach needed to do something. Nothing more! So fine is too harsh. Only thing.

  172. KingLBjBoy says:

    Dis Respectful in the game of Basketball nba should fine more

  173. Bart says:

    A lot of teams do this in the Europa League (soccer), the second division of the Champions League. They want to focus on their national competition. This is really disrespectful to the fans who buy expensive tickets to see their team play against another top club in Europe. You didn’t pay a lot of money to see some game where both teams bench their top players and dont care if they win or lose….

    Is 250.000$ too harsh?, that totally depends on the budget of the franchise.

  174. Granthill33 says:

    Stern should retire.

  175. Pistol says:

    Shame on you, Mr. Commissioner!

    Popovich is the coach of the San Antonio Spurs. It’s his job to decide who plays, when and how much. That’s pretty simple to understand.

    There are three problems:
    1) Pop is honest. He rests his players, never said they have headaches. In my world, HONESTY is a sign of RESPECT and INTEGRITY. So, resting players isn’t allowed but tanking season for lottery picks is okay … But hush! You have to fake or lie!
    2) What message does this send to the rest of the players? There are 14 sports in a roster not five ! And who decides whether a player is a so-called “star” or not?
    3) What policy for injury prevention?
    4) David Stern spoke too quickly. After his statement he had to do something to not lose face. And finally, it is even more ridiculous. The commish looks like a moron.

    Biggest mistake Stern has ever made. San Antonio needs to fight this. Because this team is smart and corporate they won’t but theuy should. NBA front office should try to resolve real issues of this league, The Lottery is ridiculous, the refs are a joke, the catering to the large market teams is overwhelmingly biased.

  176. CRYsis says:

    Stern has no right to fine because it is within the rights of the team to decide whether or not to rest players. There is no rule that prevents teams from giving players rest. Something is wrong here. He definitely disregarded a NBA rule here.

  177. John says:

    “Basketball reasons.”


  178. diosabbath says:

    thanks stern. this was the right move. pop mocked to all nba fans.

  179. rubbyDUBBY says:

    Stern is just trying to make a greenback or two…. He’s a sourpuss because the Spurs’ stars aren’t playing again his cash cows.

  180. daddylogan says:

    The fine was warranted. If I was a Miami fan and bought a ticket to see the Spurs, I expect to see the star players…not the second string team. Very good call by Stern. This league is built on all stars…and if the fans can;t watch them play, what is the point?????

  181. Gman.Return says:

    Remember, in 2011, the Griz sat its starters in the final 2 games to TANK on the standing and got a easier matchup with the first place Spurs (and actually, they won the series). There was no punishment for them. How many fans were disappointed about that?
    It’s all about the money, stern wants his money back, so he fines coach Pop for doing the right thing for his organization.

  182. Gman.Return says:

    Remember, in 2011, the Griz sat its starters in the final 2 games to TANK on the standing and got a easier matchup with the first place Spurs (and actually, they won the series). There was no punishment for them. How many fans were disappointed about that?
    It’s all about the money, stern wants his money back, so he fines coach Pop for doing the right thing for his organization.

  183. NP says:

    talking about fairness, mia had 5 days rest prior to the game while sas was playing all the time. heck i read many of mia games will be like this.

  184. dre says:

    David Stern is acting like a commy. Next thing you know he’ll say what food they can only eat, and where they can only live.

  185. Tyson says:

    I love how stern is trying to ‘defend’ the fans. Lets put some perspective on this Mr. Stern.
    Over the last 30 years only 9 different teams have one the championship in the NBA.
    Over the same time period 19 different MLB clubs, 15 NFL teams, 18 NHL and 9 MLS teams have won their respective championships. Also worth noting MLS has only been going since 96.

    If you cared about the NBA like you say you do Mr. Stern then you should care about the NBA from the mighty Lakers to the lowly Wizards. You Mr. Stern do not care.

  186. preacher says:

    The fans deserve great games and seeing their idols get to play! They pay great deal to see these stars play!! People who think that coaches have full liberty at his call to rest the stars dont realize that NBA is by itself a business aside from being a sports! LOL! Stern did the right thing!

  187. Doremon says:

    This is exactly why the NBA will never be as popular as football in the states and futbol in the world. The execs dictate too much of what goes on in the sport. You have playoffs/finals being rigged, trades being vetoed, and now this. How come stern didn’t fine the spurs when they rested their players against inferior teams? E.J. made a really stupid point saying that fans should expect not to see superstars during the end of the season and resting is okay but not early in the season. It’s the same thing.

  188. marko says:


  189. jihn says:

    “The strategic resting of particular players on particular nights is within the discretion of the teams,” deputy commissioner Adam Silver told NBA.com last April during the lockout-shortened season. “And Gregg Popovich in particular is probably the last coach that I would second-guess.”

  190. David says:

    The commissioner has no right to decide who plays and who doesn’t. What the hell is this league coming to? This is the only sport where I’ve seen this happen. It’s simply unacceptable.

  191. Investigate Stern says:

    Every heat fan should be happy “the big fundamental” was not playing. Every heat fans who payed money to see this game, if you are not happy to see parker out you are not a heat fan you are just an idiot.

    Where does the $250.000 go? How much of that goes to Mr. Stern himself? And what about the money they collect from technical fouls, flagrant fouls, flopping, criticizing the refs etc. Stern should be investigated here. He shouldn’t be able to fine teams and players to help fund his failure Hornets team.

  192. Nathan says:

    I think everyone is forgetting that this was an exciting game. There was no disappointment for the fans. Seriously a 5 point game between the “Superteam” from Miami vs. the Bench of the Spurs. That is good basketball. If Miami would have won by 40 (which they were hoping to do) we wouldn’t be talking about this. Pop rested his star players numerous times last year. EVERY COACH DID IT! And this has been going on for years, hell, decades. Coaches rest players for the sake of resting them all the time. I don’t understand why Stern is so upset. It’s probably just his age catching up to him finally…

  193. jah.martins says:

    NBA is all about the money – it is not what it used to be. back then they actually cared about the cow, now they just keep on milking it.

  194. Romo Lampkin says:

    The kommissar’s statement is insightful. It implies that the individual Franchises owe a duty of care to the other Franchises to not do anything unreasonable that may threaten the ratings of a nationally televised game. And what was deemed unreasonable here was Spurs not informing the league office in advance that they will be resting their stars before the Heats game.

    The problem with this policy is who should adjudicate on what shall be deemed reasonable moving forward? Does the League have a dispute resolution mechanism in place? Do the teams have legal counsel on their payroll? Should they?

  195. jah.martins says:

    Its a good thing that Stern is stepping down soon, his eye sight is getting worse and worse, he now only sees $$$$$ and is blind to anything else thats not related to money.

  196. I4sun says:

    Spurs 2nd unit ALMOST beat Miami Heat. It actually showed how good they were!!!!!

  197. Pop could have chosen to rest his starters during those less important games, not if his team wasn’t playing against the reigning champs. I believe that the Spurs vs Miami was something that a lot of NBA fans would have watched. Although a fine was appropriate, but 250,000 may be too much.

  198. Pop could have chosen to rest his starters during those less important games, not if his team wasn’t playing against the reigning champs. I believe that the Spurs vs Miami was something that a lot of NBA fans would have watched..

  199. Europe says:

    I cant believe what im seeing! It would never happen here in Euroleague in Europe. Stern is just a dumbazz, nobody would tell nobody who should play game and who should rest. ITS RIDICILOUS and people from europe cant believe what is going on on NBA. Stop bllshtng and let them play their games commissioner Stern!

  200. era says:

    David Stern is completely wrong. The Spurs will always put out a starting 5 that will compete. From the top to the bottom the Spurs are a model franchise that the NBA should be praising, not fining. Again, David Stern is 100% wrong.

  201. Wonder says:

    Interesting decision….

    What is the difference between resting players by limiting playing time from minimum to nill playing time for a reason (cover rest) and being honest about your intentions and resting them by sending players home? $250K? Absurd.

    When is a player quistionable for “tonights game”? For who to decide the coach, the commisioner, the fans or maybe even the press? absurd right

    If you think the players are paid to much and should be used every night ask yourself this qustion: am I paying to much to see these guys perform. If yes don’t go to the events, don’t purchase tickets and merchandise. Let the organizations Be reasonable with the salaries, be reasonable with ticket rates. However our contributions makes this show possible. Our desire makes them show for reasons and money most people can only dream of. Are they human – I think, is it sports – I think, is it business – I think. Who makes the diffence – we do.

    I love seeing the game.

    Imagine the upset which was about to come through last night – starless Spurs beat the Heat. Still the same attention.
    Who knows?
    Fine players for playing bad games – coming up nee aint right either.

    People will always be provoced with controversial moves and this was endeed controversial!

    love the game

  202. Robert says:

    David Stern = “The Dictator” putting up a decision without consulting the board of governors. Like the Sheldon Cooper of sports executives.

  203. NBA Fan says:

    Come on guys!! coach Pop did right…and shouldn’t be fine at all. He did his job correctly, he is a coach of the team and his job is to win the games and the championship…if he lost the game and the owner fire him…..who’s gonna concern? did NBA fans provide him a job? or even D Stern? losing the games are close to losing your job as a coach… like coach Mike Brown…losing the games made LA Lakers fired him

  204. Therick says:

    This fine is a disgrace, I have always liked and still do respect Stern for what he has done for the game but this will go down as a blemish at least in my eyes.

    The Spurs was on the back of a four games in five day stint on the road including a double overtime slog against the raptors. Resting important players at times is vital to long term success of the team, and as has been said before the SA Spurs are team that relies on old stars.

    Don’t make a mistake, this is only an issue for Stern as it was against the Miami Heat. Pop did the same a number of times last year to manage a similarly hectic schedule.

    At present I manage 65 staff in a high pressure business environment – even with deadlines I send people home if I know they have worked too many hours because I know I need them there tomorrow and into the future. Not burnt out or in basketball terms getting injured which is more likely if your body is fatigued.

    Pop is right to give all the guys the same night off – you don’t get 80% of a win if you lost by resting them individually over 5 games. The other benefit of this is giving the bench players a chance to get a game against quality opposition, a tactic that has proved successful by the deep bench that they now have.

    Stern needs to retract this for his own integrity.

  205. ninco says:

    Stern shows us he doesn’t know anything about basketball and how to manage a team…..he only cares about money!

  206. Daniel says:

    Fine then make it a rule. The thing is it has happened before and nothing was done. When it happens to a “marquee” team the league is propping up constantly then it’s hypocritical. Do the fans of Portland or Utah not deserve this attention the way the e game against the Heat did for some odd reason? It’s obvious who Stern favors and it’s not fair to the “fans”. The superteams that have somehow been made in all those wonderful markets is the real problem.

  207. Ron says:

    Why do team not fine if a sick players wnated to play the game. Then there is an All Start game where Kobe was injured but David Stern did not replace him instead he started did not do anything in the court leave after 2 minutes and never return. Then there is this player Anthony Davis who did not let to play by the NBA even he wanted to. This year James Harden and I think Kobe played with flu symtoms thing the NBA did not do anything to fine the team for allowing their players to play. Now San Antonio rest their stars with the reason to get them rested the NBA fined them.

    So I conclude, players which are sick but allowed to play by their team management is good as per the NBA, while resting players because they are tired as per the coach descression is bad for the NBA.

    Make sense at lot NBA but just didn’t get the point.

    There might be a child crying that game in Miami not to see Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobilli. But the same child woiuld be crying if he sees one of the three players got injured and never had to watch them play even in TV for some game or even the rest of the season.

  208. matt says:

    this is why people hate the nba

  209. Chris says:

    dumbest thing Stern has ever done (and that is saying something). 2014, aka his retirement, can’t come soon enough!

  210. boss says:

    So which team did stern pick to win this year? Fans will always be fan, I doubt not seeing the spurs player would make them stop watching. And if he’s talking bout the home fan LeBron and dwade played, so I’m sure they are just happy to see the win. Stern is banking already, but still his greed is outta control.

  211. Denis says:

    next time there is a situation like this (for any team out there who wants to rest his verts) just let them sit the whole game on the bench and dont let them touch the court, eat some popcorn and watch the game – stupid stern pffff…

  212. Tim&ZO says:

    Forget about ratings, and money for a second. and think this… Does the NBA have the right to tell a team who should play? If a coach doesn’t want to play a player for whatever reason, it is not the leagues responsibility to smack them with a fine for not playing their players. that’s 100% the jurisdiction of the the team, NOT THE NBA. Why don’t they fine teams for sitting out players at the end of the season after they have clinched playoff spots. Just because it was done on purpose to have players fresh for the next game, it was wrong? NOT YOUR CALL NBA. NOT YOUR CALL.

  213. NbaGuy123 says:

    You never know, maybe it was destiny or something . What if something happened to one of those players if they played, but since he rested them we’ll never know, but I don’t know. Just a lil thought

  214. JOE says:

    I think it a bunch of bull. It sounds like a dictator and the stern needs to quit acting like Obama and The spurs have won four championships and have proved that the big three need rest with there back to back scedules. Disappointed in Nba lost respect for them. it shows they care about ratings and money. Pops dont care there are 5 coaches he has mentored that are winning coaches in the league. So his crediablity is more than stens dicatorship.He should fine overpaid players that milk the nba for $$$$$ . We were 5 starters short and Ginoboli from the bench and our 2nd team almost beat the Nba champs and Coach pop was coaching them and almost won. Point proved! Spurs are awesome in their community and the country. Stern go screw yourself!

  215. jason riddle says:

    Dis my question to yall ok dis crazy to me .pops rest his players every year before postseasons time and alot of nbateams do it before it before postseasons so wats the difference now dat pops do it early in the seasonsmh david stern needs to sit down.every he talks he never makes sense.smh

  216. ctg says:

    Gotta to be Danny Green. SA sat Parker, Duncan and Ginobili 3 times last year no fine but throw in green oh no you can’t do that! Obviously it is danny green that is the key. Or maybe Stern cares more about miami than the the 3 cities that got screwed (or an easy win) last year. NBA screwed SA sending them to Miami off of 4 games in 6 nights on the road so what the hell did they expect. Thank yous?

  217. rommel says:

    stern is afraid of the spurs the way they are playing right now. he wants the spurs tired when play off comes so they will lose thats the point hahaha

  218. What’s the big deal.? Would you guys feel better if the payer suited up and did not play? That would be the same thing. I don’t understand the big deal, because no one want to see the Spurs anyway, remember?

  219. GAME_BALL says:

    A.t all

    Oh how i miss 80’s & 90’s hoop…


    And how much is the fine …

    if a team rests their TOWEL BOY ??

  221. Eve says:

    Pop clearly chose to target MEM game rather than MIA. Why? Playoff tiebreakers.

  222. Geroy says:

    This is a joke.

    When he says it’s a disservice to basketball because they put an inferior product out their ?
    What about the washington wizards and the sacramento kings among other teams ?
    In this logic, they should be fined every game for putting out teams that frankly this spurs B team could have beaten for the past 6 years.

    There are many awful owners in this league who only care about money, and it’s evident. But Stern probably sides with those guys over the teams that are more focused on the game of basketball.

    I really hope Pop sits his stars out next game with ‘sore toes’ and ‘flu-like symptoms’ just to stick it to stern.

    NBA, you should put up a vote to see how many fans want Stern gone this year.

    The results will speak for themselves

  223. Eve says:

    Fun fact: $250,000 is same amount as Tim Donaghy’s bail.

  224. LQ says:

    There you go, enough said, 60% of the people visiting the league’s official site think Stern is full of it, the game comes first, not the circus, not the show, the game. I’m argentine and tuned in last night, mainly, because of Manu Ginobili and as it turned out I was taught a lesson: I should’ve tuned in to watch a great basketball game, which it was, period.

  225. mario a. leal says:

    how is “commisioner” stern supposed to run the league when he is too busy micro-managing the spurs! he has no right to decide whether coach pop plays him today and rest him the other, its pops team its san antonios team, most impportantly its not sterns team! $250k, come on man, stern is becoming a joke! he wants to help the league, then leave it alone, if it aint broke dont fix it!!!

  226. Ac says:

    Wow! Sterm is worse than Saddam and Kim Jong Il combined…so, what if the spurs won? Would the Spurs not have been fined?….age is getting to him.

  227. ladyspur says:

    I don’t think stern was right. There is a reason for coaches. It has nothing to do with how much they get paid. If they weren’t there the NBA wouldn’t be making all that money so they should share in it. don’t you think your boss should increase your pay for all the money you make for the company. Players need to be rested if they are broken down then who is going to be there to support them. You came to see a basketball game and you saw one. The spurs barely lost even without the stars.

  228. sickofnba says:

    but why rest 4 of them at the same time??? at the beginning of the season already calling out tired???????what about the rest season?? it’s weird the spur coach doing something like this in the beginning of the season. it seems more reasonable to me if it is doing in the middle of the season. I agree with neither. However, i think the fine is too much. I think there might should be a fine, but may be not this much, but then who cares. They are stars. they are franchisers. They more richhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh than us ordinary people. 250000 to us , a lot, to them??? it is like 250.

  229. True says:

    Pop probably knows the Art of War too well while the rest are just plain ignoramus. One step backward, two steps forward. Strategy! Basketball is no exception.

  230. minoltian says:

    The reason for the fine should be Spurs mistake not informing the Heat and the League on time. Resting players is normal in sport, but concealing important information from others is dishonest and deserved a punishment.

  231. Air Jesus says:

    The funny thing is that Stern does this in the name of the best interests of “the league”… but the majority of the fans on the leagues web-site (60% at the time of my comment) are saying that no penalty is necessary. So that begs the question, what is the best interest of the league? and who is this “league” that they’re talking about? It seems stern is doing this cause he says it lets the fans down… but the fans are 60% against him in this moment.

    Its not like anyone is going to not buy tickets to see the spurs. The TV folks have already paid up. The NBA is already on pace to make record money this year. SO who’s interests aren’t being served?

    Isn’t it in the interest of the league that the best veteran players on one of the best teams, aren’t too wore out by the brutal back to backs to play in the play-offs? I mean for real, whats more exciting than Manu going off in playoff time? To a bball lover, that is true beauty. Pop is widely considered the best coach in the league, let him coach! I’m a big fan of letting people do the job they are qualified for, and Stern is not a coach, so let him keep his hands (and ego) out of coaches decisions.

  232. Rodrigo Santana says:

    This is wrong in every way as possible, Stern isn’t spurs coach, Greg is, and he has the right to judge the player that goes into court and the player that doesn’t, and he don’t have to warn anybody if he is going to bench his superstars, after all, Pop is one of the coaches that builds a group, not a team with 3 mega players, so that judgment of bench his starting players is part of his basketball understanding, because of that he doesn’t have the right of being fine over a quarter million dollars.
    For those who says that is not correct to the fans to bench starting players, because they pay for the tickets to see big names, NBA makes of the game a business show, finding every ways to make money, and that doesn’t make part of sports essence, so if you pay to watch the stars NBA takes advantage of, and not to see good basketball (which surprisingly the spurs bench played), you only go to Miami and Lakers games

  233. Jasmoove says:

    i think the fine is too harsh. but i think the fans deserve to watch what they’ve pay for..

    • Larry says:

      Yet Stern himself sat every NBA player last year for his greater good. Hypocritical idiot.
      Then why did stern bench EVERY NBA player last year to serve his greater good? For the long-term health of his organization? Pop can do the same. David, shut up and go away.

  234. hakeem says:

    stern is just being coniderate to us,the fans,who is the lifeblood of the business.i understand the decision of his,besides it’s not only his,it’s the governing body that decide.not only stern.

  235. JBLund says:

    Dictator Stern was upset that someone dared do something he didn’t like, so, like a child, he threw a fit.

    Bad precedent for the NBA. Now, teams will be making up fake “injuries” just so they can avoid this idiot’s wrath.

    Stern needs to retire NOW!

  236. SPURS!!!!!! says:

    @delly (ctrl – F) 2 mil
    You said we watch games for great competition? Was that game not competitive? The Heats should have DOMINATED. They had the advantage in every way possible. Also… the coach has the power to play his players when he wants. About these superstars Popavich is giving the bench a chance to play. Training the young to eventually become superstars as well. The the people who went to the game can say “Oh i saw him when he was just starting up young”.

  237. Ted says:

    Nobody wants to see the old and boring players of San Antonio play anyway. Let them Rest, . in peace together with their coach.

  238. jay says:

    thats mess up no matter how you look at it. how do you fine a person before a rule is made? its like you driving down the road 55mph and the speed limit is 55. you get pulled over for going 55 and than two weeks later they change the speed limit to 45.

  239. PAULPIERCE says:


  240. PAULPIERCE says:


  241. Eve says:

    Stern wanted a players’ league, and Popovich gave him the ultimate players’ program. It was team, team, team. Only, Stern couldn’t market it. He hated it.

  242. Eve says:

    Apparently 18 points from Tiago Splitter counts less than 18 points from Tim Duncan.

  243. Brian Dear says:

    I think that the Commissioner is over stepping his authority in this manner. The NBA made this schedule, therefore, the team has the right to how to construct their roster and starting line up. Ones body can only play consecutive days before you are worn down.. I think that the Spurs did the right thing. It is their decision to rest their players.

    The Commissioner needs to stay in the front office in operation, not running a teams line up.

  244. mike says:

    4 games 5 nights VS. the Miami heat with an extended rest. SET UP. Pop doesn’t care about the eastern conference Miami Heat. He cares about the next game against the Memphis Grizzlies, the best team in the NBA right now. Any fine no matter what amount is ridiculous when a coach is makes a decision he thinks is best for his team. Win against the Grizzles and his team is now considered one of the best. Lets not forget the Spurs bench almost won that game.

  245. Matt says:

    If he fined them because what they did hurt the fans, then he should refund the fans who were at the game with the $250,000 the Spurs have to pay.

  246. MrCleanX says:

    Stern’s last day cant come soon enough!

  247. Jim says:

    If the biggest argument againt Pop for this situation is that the game brought low ratings, lets re-check that. If you’re a fan who doesn’t like to see a underdog 9man Spurs unit stand their ground the elite Heat, then you aren’t a fan of basketball. The fact that they kept up should have brought hire ratings than if the starters were in the game. I mean the Heat was trembling at a point, it literally brought me to my feet at home. It was one of the most exciting games of the year in my honest opinion. Roller coaster of emotions, although its sad to see that they couldn’t finish it off.

    To conclude, Pop still brought us grade A basketball WITHOUT the use of star players. We should thank him for showing us that theres a team out there that doesn’t solely depend on a big three or a superstar. Kudos Pop.

    • MrCleanX says:

      I totally agree. The SPURS (team) played well. They didn’t lose by 50 and Miami’s 3 didn’t only log 20 min each. It was a good game. Stern should leave now.

  248. Kevin says:

    So When David Stern will apologize to NBA fans for bad refereeing – officiating?

  249. j says:

    props to pops. really stern? you are complaining about spurs not playing with their main guys? everyone is pointing out about how spurs have 4 straight games in 5 days. you are complaining because there were “no key players” on san antonio’s team. how about those teams WHO doesn’t have main guys? should we fine them every night? disservice to the league and to the fans? to tell you honestly i enjoyed watching the spurs’ bench dominate the reigning champs for about 46 minutes.

  250. Mitchell says:

    My opinion is simple:


  251. frank rizzo says:

    What a bunch of bs. Teams should be able to play whoever the f they want. If they lose (which they barely did, had a great shot at a W) they lose a spot in the playoffs later (maybe, but doubtful for SA). Who wants to watch those fossils hobble around the court anyway (excluding danny green)? Lol i know they are all great players and probably future HOFers but I have a distaste for manu and duncan n just had to hate a little. But anyway, who says that people didn’t come to the game to watch the younger spurs play as they are obviously no slouches themselves? As usual, Stern makes a dumb decision so he can feel like a big important man a few more times before he ends his tyrannical reign. Please retire yesterday.

  252. Unreasonable says:

    Ridiculous…. The Spurs still provided a very interesting game.

  253. Lebron JR says:

    Commish was right..

  254. amn says:

    I think every nba fan should take part in a complete blackout boycott of the nba until Stern removes this fine. Period. Anyone who supports this fine is a complete fool

  255. smileylb says:

    At first glance, I was going to say Pop is 100% right with his decision to rest his players, considering this move could have been a pyschological move and/or a message to the Heat since the spurs are off to a hot start and didn’t want his players to feel any kind of set back if a loss to the heat were to happen, which was the case AND I thought as a coach, you get to call the shots. But, in all fairness, giving the fans, the league, and Heat prior notice that he was going ot rest his players probably would have been the best way to go…and I would argue if he had done that—Pop would have been 100% right.

  256. Chuck says:

    I guess most of you who disagree with Stern would probably be the same people that say they don’t care about steroids in sports… “just let them play”, vote them in their respective Hall of Fames because everybody does steroids. Why penalize anybody?
    There are a few things in play here. First of all Popovich didn’t rest one or two starters, he rested 4 very prominent players on his team, ON THE SAME NIGHT! We all know Sterns main problem with this was financial (as in TV money), but, it was also a problem for the fans who bought tickets and were expecting to see A team vs. A team. Maybe all of you who disagreed with Stern don’t mind paying a weeks salary (in some instances) to see the B team play!
    Secondly, all of you who say that this has been done millions of times before… TRUE, but NOT WHEN THE TEAM HASN’T PLAYED 20 GAMES YET! I have been a fan of the NBA since the middle ’60″s, and no one rested that many “star” players all together so early in the season. I didn’t know their next game was such a huge one? Why couldn’t Popovich rest one player at a time in the prior games. I’ll tell you why… HE GAVE AWAY THE GAME IN MIAMI, FIGURING IT WAS THE LAST GAME OF A ROADTRIP AND AGAINST THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE. He figured he’d loose anyway! He could’ve even rested his “star” players by the amount of minutes they played in the prior games, but no.
    I don’t agree with a hell of a lot that Stern does, but in this instance, even though done for the wrong reasons, I do.

  257. John Smith says:

    there should have not been a penalty. poor decision by David “money maker” Stern.

    I agree with the previous posts. Poor scheduling of the NBA. Pop is right with his decision to rest his star players. They are human too, their body needs time to recover. David Stern doesn’t know this because all he know is just sit around and make money.

    I am happy too that he is retiring soon. Yeah boy!

  258. Rambo says:

    Looks like Commissioner Stern has taken some new suggestions from Goodell

    The next stage is announcing set plays and defense setups to the media and opposite teams then

    I wonder if the fine would stay the same if Duncan and co were injured

  259. peter says:

    it didn’t make sense at all. it’s team’s decisions to make their players rest or do anything else.
    they knew that by making that decision going to affect their team performance in a game.
    they have their reason. what if it’s a part of a team strategy.
    there’s no reason even close to made NBA fined the Spurs.

    *sorry for bad English, i’m Indonesian

  260. Chris in NC says:

    I agree with the fine, but the question that hasn’t been answered is who exactly pays the fine? Is it Pop himself or the team’s owner?

  261. beReal says:

    So this is about Super stars and not basketball right? I mean lets throw in movie stars to play the game too cause thats what people want to see. Stars not basketball players. Lets not even let guys into the NBA unless we know theyre going to have their own shoe out, or make commercials or movies. What makes a difference all that star power Miami had they barely won. That just goes to show you what a real coach Pop is and what he can do with a real team that can play real basketball. You wouldnt tell a sergeant how to run his army so please dont tell a coach how to run his team. Next time fans in Miami want to see so called superstars and not real basketball players tell them to buy tickets when they play the lakers.

  262. Matthew says:

    Are the players and coaches slaves to Stern?

  263. ballclubfan says:

    fuhrer stern is fuhrer stern.

  264. Jason Knight says:

    This is a coaching decision that the league should have no say in. If he chooses to rest players so they have a better chance of making the league more money by making the playoffs, then so be it.

  265. NBAFanGhana says:

    This is ridiculous. Davis Stern is being ridiculous. Each team needs to look out for their players, and the NBA needs to quit scheduling idiotic back-to-back games on long road trips like this. As a fan, I am liable to watch either tired veterans which is no worse than the coach sending them home to rest because Stern chooses to be tyrannically focused on TV deals. Down with Stern!

  266. xopher26 says:

    Good for Stern. I’m sick of teams doing stuff like this especially when this will be the only time the Spurs will be in Miami this season. Think Stern is overreacting? Tell that to the people who spent their hard earned money tickets to see the Spurs’ starters play, not bench warmers.

    I can understand if they were injured, but to rest them because they were too tired is a slap in the face to all the people that bought tickets to that game. I remember going to a Hawks game last season when they hosted the Knicks, and everywhere you turned around, there were people with Lin jersey’s because they wanted to see Jeremy Lin. You can imagine their dissapointment when he didn’t even play because his knee was injured. In this case, Lin couldn’t play, but there is no excuse for Duncan, and the rest of those guys to sit out just because they were tired.

    Back in the 80’s and 90’s players played no matter how “tired” they were. If 40+ year old Kareem, Mutombo, and Kevin Willis, could run up and down the court night after night, so can Duncan, Ginobli, Parker, and Green.

    I liked the Spurs when Robinson was there, but I hate them now, and this p**** move by Popovich makes me hate them even more; possibly even more than the Lakers.

  267. Tze Haung says:

    Tongue-in-cheek, but should Mr Stern fine the Heat for a disservice to the league and its fans, since they failed to blow out the Spurs who were without so many of their stars, prevented us from enjoying what could have been a historic blowout and left us questioning how the Heat could have hoped to match the Spurs if Duncan et al had played just 1 or 2 possessions?

  268. David Stern is too old for this says:

    Like Kenny said, unless this is written on book, the league should not fine the spurs. If the league feels this is not right, then they should amend their policies… Anyway, David Stern’s time is counting down, and I’m happy…

  269. Raptors Fan says:

    I am glad Stern retire next year or so

    I am so sick and tired of his BS so please retired soon

  270. Qiang Xu says:

    Both Pop and David are doing right things. It is just business.

  271. spurs fan says:


    • DWAR says:

      the Spurs owe the Fans in Miami Ziltch because they played a great game which came down to the final 32 seconds to decided a winner so the fans and TNT got there money’s worth.

  272. wyorose11 says:

    If Stern didn’t want them to pull the three top players then he should not have approved a 4 games in 5 days schedule for the Spurs and 4 days off for the Heat. What does that say? Have the Heat rested up so that the Spurs will be exhausted. My son plays basketball and he’s only 16 yrs old. He’s exhausted after a game with all the running around. Stern better be ready to pull those same ‘Sanctions’ on other teams that do the same thing. He’s too proud to say he was wrong. Would the fine have been doubled had the Spurs won?

  273. celticsfan says:

    Why is everyone bashing the Commissioner? I think he did a great job sending a message to the Spurs. It’s pretty obvious that Popovich doesn’t give a damn about the fans. Despite all of our hatred for Stern, the Spurs knew they had 4 games in 5 nights, 2 against Super Star- less teams (Orlando & Washington). Why didn’t he rest his stars for those games? Popovich knew this was going to be a huge game (ratings) and he blew it!

  274. Olive August says:

    This made my day. I agree with it %100. I am not saying this is a fan of the Spurs or the Heat, but as an NBA fan in general. Pop has always pulled this sort of thing that past few years. What makes them so special? You don’t see Kobe or Gasol, PIerce or KG, getting rested against the best teams in the league. It’s lame. So they win 5 in a row on their road trip, and Pop just throws in the towel against the Heat and sends his “old” guys home. Please. They deserved it.

    • Neutral says:

      You don’t see Kobe or Gasol……..getting rested against the best teams in the league. Yes, you are right, that’s why Lakers have less win% than Spurs. Lakers deserved bad performance.

  275. spursfanmexico says:

    ernie from nba on tnt said pop should have rested them against orlando and not miama so i guess hes saying ppl from orlando have less priority over miami heat fans– this move makes the nba look bad–mainly david stern it just goes to show they dont care about their players and rest they only care about RATINGS I WILL SELL YOU MY SOUL FOR RATINGS….thats the real message mr stern is sending across… very ba taste in my mouth.. if pop had adviced the media,the nba, and who ever else they wished to notify WHAT WAS THAT SUPOSED TO CHANGE, IS THAT LIKE ASKING U FOR PERMISION MY STERN LOL..EGOS..

  276. michelle says:

    I was a little bit upset, i was thrille to see them play and turn off the heat of miami but i know that if Pop make that decision it was the right one. We have to win this saturday and we need our team with energy and focus in our goal… demonstrate that we are the best( our bench almost win in miami with their “big tree”)and that this championship belong to us! Go Spurs!

  277. Mike says:

    I will no longer pay money to watch an NBA game as long as David Stern is commish! Nor will I watch it on tv anymore! To be clear I am in no way a Spurs fan, I am a Pacer fan, having said that, To have Stern tell teams when they can and cant sit players is WRONG! He is the worst commish in all of sports. He is not a commish he is a dictator. I can not stand the way he “governs” the league. He is a smug, arrogant, self absorbed person, not fit for that job! I have been an NBA fan my entire life. I am a season ticket holder to Pacer games. I am selling my seats and Will NEVER go to another game until he is removed as commish! If he was so concerned about the “entertainment” then why did he not do more to stop the lockout. All he cares about are the Dollars!!! The number one grossing sport in America (NFL) doesn’t play that game! It’s not like Goodell is a fan favorite, but even he knows going down that road is WAY to thin of a line to be walking! Well I have said what I came to say. I sure wish there was a way to send this to Stern but I’m sure a man like that doesn’t even read his own email, he pays people to do it for him! Well anyway thank you for giving me a place to rant.

  278. Arnaldo says:

    I am Spurs fan, and I believe on Pop, so right know Pop need the approval of the commissioner for his team decisions? Pop call him and ask what will be the starting line up for the game with Memphis so you don’t get other fine.

    • michelle says:

      jajaaaa, love your comment. from now on Pop should call stern sohe can gave him permission for the plays he want to make and how much time the players will be in the court!! 🙂

  279. Dan says:

    Like the fine or not (I don’t like it myself), it will be interesting at the end of the season when other teams will rest their main players. Is the NBA going to fine them as well? If they don’t, they they are using a double standard? This could open a whole new can of worms for Stern to deal with. He’s never fined a team for doing this before. This could be an ugly mess at the end of the season.

  280. anakarao says:

    The fine might be hefty but it is good for the league. So what is next if the fine was not imposed? Play regular season games with 2nd stringers to preserve the stars? it is a total disrespect to the Miami Heat, it is a total disrespect to the leaque and most importantly it is a total disrespect to fans who might only see this two teams compete this one time unless they both reach the finals.

  281. glira says:

    wow Dictator Stern,

    that is a team named san antonio spurs, which have their own president and own coach.Coach decides who play or who dont, not you stern, you have no right to judge a coach decision.

    This is nothing but repulsive.People like stern damages sports.

  282. david says:

    you are totally missing the point if the replacement players were that much worse why did they only lose by 5 when the so called big players have lost by more than that nab idiots

  283. A 20 Years NBA fan says:

    I ‘ve been a NBA fan for 20 years, this decision is the worst i’ve ever seen!

    I think Stern can only fine the Spurs if he had try to play 4 regular basketball games in 5 nights for himself! If not, Stern does not have the qualification to fine anyone because he do not have the real feeling as the Spurs players!

  284. Wes says:

    Don’t believe there should have been a fine, I think they should have to play without the same players in at least 1 game against the rest of the teams in that division.

  285. Dying NBA fan says:

    If this was such a “disservice for the fans,” then Stern should give that $250,000,000 back to the fans.
    No rule, no fine.
    Dictator move.
    Stern should be the one fined for not making some sort of rule beforehand and avoid this in the first place; He’s really the one at fault here.

  286. Bron says:


  287. iscarpio says:

    David stern is a dictator because popovish is showing tha nba playing 4 games in 5 days is to much for the players and he wants show they need rest and next seasons don’t play rude with the spurts

  288. tito says:

    i dont get it though they make it seem like spurs did a bad job against the heat..the bench played a hell of a game yesterday i actually thought that they were gona win

  289. Mark says:

    If you were a fan of the Spurs living in Miami and bought a ticket to watch the game, this would make you highly upset! End of Story!

    • Mike says:

      Not end of story! I don’t go to watch “A PLAYER” I go to watch my TEAM! So we gonna start fining teams who sit their stars cause the coach didnt like what they said in a press confrence or what they did in practice? This is wrong END OF STORY!

  290. thecarmike says:

    Would this even happen, if Greg had the same intention, but didn’t play them?

    This is a pathetic support by the league and it’s players!

  291. Colin says:

    So what if the 4 players that were sent home was at the game on the bench and Gregg Popovich decided not to start them and not to put them in the game at all, would David Stern still fine the Spurs. THIS IS RIDICULAS. They say it is governerd under some law created in 2010 but Gregg Popovich did this last year so why was he not fined.

  292. dang says:

    this is beyond ridiculous…I mean comon, fans are there to watch their favorite team WIN THE GAME. sure it might be disappointed to hear three best players of Spurs are not playing. But at the end of the day, it’s W that matter most. That is just my opinion. Stern could have warn Pop if he didnt like the way Pop are resting his players.

  293. Disappointed Fan says:

    SHAME ON YOU Mr. Stern for your disrespect toward the Spurs bench players and all of the other bench players on the other NBA teams. I don’t watch a game because of the “star” players. Give credit to those Spurs players that came so close to beating the Heat. They had to work harder than those missing starters & made the Heat have to play harder than they thought they would have to just to win that game. That was a much better game to watch than what it would’ve been with the 4 missing starters. YOU Mr. Stern are the one who should be fined, you & whoever else made up the horrendous schedule, 4 games in 5 nights, that the Spurs were given. I applaud ANY coach on any of the NBA teams that realize that they need to rest their starters instead of risking them getting an injury. Injured players don’t bring in your precious money. I think that the totality of the facts shows that YOU have done a disservice to the NBA players & should turn in your resignation ASAP ( or retire so your ego doesn’t get bruised)!

  294. merryhairyfish says:

    I don’t think that is fair to the Spurs at all! Pop should manage his team however he wants! I mean, it would have been a more exciting game with Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker, but it should be pop’s decision in the end…

  295. david says:

    what if i where a spurs fan living in south florida…… payed big bucks and traveled miles to see the one and only time my team would be in town. maybe even had to flip for a hotel….. then to find out no starters are playing. o yeah…. angry wouldn’t even begin to describe my feelings

  296. Alex says:

    lets get this straight…pop did the right thing for the interest of winning the championship…but david also did the right thing for the interest of the reputation of NBA being the best league in the world….without the fans supporting the NBA…nba is nothing…all the money these superstars have is from the fans…..

  297. Jetto says:

    It is just right. Why send them home? Play them for 5 minutes, then let the substitutes play the rest of the game. C’mon you just send 4 players home. If the reason if they are aged, the why hire them in the first place. They know it’s 81 games. like I said, 4 players at one game!

  298. Canuto says:

    You don’t question Popovich’s coaching because he wins championships without big time trades. If he wants to rest his players, so be it. Spurs fans are happy with the results and the performances of their second stringers. They can beat the Wizards without using their starters.

  299. iphr0z3ni says:

    I voted for “Too harsh of a penalty”

    There isn’t necessarily any right or wrong answer here, only which side of the fence you stand on. From an organization stand point. Pop’s decision was just, he’s thinking long term, he’s thinking in the best interest for his organization.

    From a business stand point he was absolute wrong. The NBA at the end of the day is a business, and the success of the business is generated by the cumulative amount of revenue received. The spurs decision violated the underlining trust between the business and the fans….As, if I pay for a heat vs. spurs game, I’d expect the marque players PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF PLAYING, to be playing.

    From a “Heat organization” standpoint it’s kind of a job move as well. It essentially throws the game plan, in which (All NBA TEAMS HAVE PRIOR TO A GAME) have, and supposed they were to meet in the finals….They’d have one less game to build up on.

    But 250K is rather outrageous, but I supposed such opinion is also one of perspective.

    Because it’s comparing a penalty to a person/organization that makes millions, too the common mans salary.

  300. Canuto says:

    Only Heat fans are upset with what Popovich did. Sad to say, Stern is a Heat fan.

    • Neutral says:

      I agree with u. Stern is a Heat fan, he is so angry that Heat only win the “bench” of Spurs by only 5 points and so he fine the Spurs.

  301. El James says:

    I am the King this is an outrage, they shall pay. They should be honored to play on my castle and bow before me. By the way all that superstar treatment that I am getting is detrimental to the NBA and I dare them to fine me or fine the referee better yet to fine the David Stern himself who is allowing it.

  302. Eric says:

    Stern rules: Playing time will be decided by the salary. No matter healthy or not!

  303. Pat says:

    Spurs send 4 of their starters home and still stayed within 5 points, so i don’t see what the problem is… Coach has to do best for his team winning the championship

  304. William says:

    David Stern is clearly using the fans as a scape goat to achieve a personal gain (whatever that may be). The fans have voted and a majority do not agree with his decision to fine the Spurs. So he can stop using the fans excuse now.

  305. Ben Dover says:

    Stern makes the high and mighty decisions on what’s in the best interest of money, not the NBA. It’s best to let a coach rest his players when he sees fit, so they can be ready for a championship run. Stern couldn’t dribble his own veiny scrotum, much less a basketball. He is not now, and has never been good for basketball. Phil Jackson for commissioner. Can Stern’s vanglorious ugly face.

  306. Ivan says:

    David Stern is right except for the amount of the fine. I would’ve fined somewhere around the 100-150 K range. Poppovich knew he would play the Heat at that day and they played the scrubby Orlando Magic the day before. He should’ve rested his best players in the magic game and saved them for the heat game, common sense.

  307. Eat this says:

    (1,095 votes) probably all heat fans

  308. Deneice evans says:

    . Not one player, Not two BUT Four players at one time…. NO SIR!!! NO SIR!!! VERY WEAK MOVE from Gregg Popovich

  309. Steelers1972 says:

    Fine was good to me what kind of crazy mess is that to allow certain key players to not even be on the bench with the team after all it is a team sport. No player should be above being with the team unless they are really ailing or there is a personal matter they must attend. Name one job where a boss will allow you to take some time off because you are too key of an employee to the company while the rest of the people have to report to work. Total BS for anyone not to see why something should be done about that.

  310. Tony Parker says:

    From Stern’s standpoint, he’s no wrong. Coz he wants to make sure the customers (audience) get what they want, which is most of the time seeing their favorite basketball stars. Of course they want to watch a good game too. What if all stars show up, but they lost 40 points to the Heat? Will they get a refund? What if only 2 or 3 of the starters show up but not 4? It’s really a judgment call. From Pop’s view, he wants his players to get rested and get prepared for other games. He’s thinking in a long term. As a coach, he did a great job for what he’s paid for. Fans who bought tickets that night will feel better after Stern fined Pop. We think Stern is not right because we are not shareholders of NBA and we didn’t buy that night’s ticket.

  311. SweetAnela says:

    Just another act of commish imposing his will.

  312. Croakus says:

    What about the fans who maybe only had one chance to see his favorite team play in Miami, only to find out later there top players aren’t playing. They paid to see them play, so fine is right!

    • RetireSoonStern says:

      I have been to a Spurs vs. Wizard preseason game where Tim Duncan played very little and fans were shouting “We Want Tim” and would pay to see the Spurs play again. The fans saw a game that went down to end. If the Spurs had of won, would they have been fine for winning without their best players. Also, it gave the Spurs bench a chance to show what they could do and boy did they look good.

  313. RetireSoonStern says:

    Can we have a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” for Mr. Stern!
    Let the coach do their job.
    For a coach to be fine for what he believes is in the best interest of the player and his team is ridiculous!
    Going forward, are you going to fine any team when a player is hurt because it’s not in the best interest of the NBA fans for the player to sit out.
    My hats off for POPS,
    P.S, Call (212) 407-8000 and let your voice be heard!

  314. Tim says:

    David Stern you should retire sooner than what you said. Stupid call

  315. Sath Vijay says:

    I don’t see where there is disservice to the fans (other than the few that only care about watching 1 good game).
    However, SA should have sent prior notice.
    NBA has repeatedly shown they only care about their own interests.
    Something must be done.


    It was going to be settled …

    POPOVICH vs. STERN … one-on-one basketball.

    But I decided to rest POPOVICH.

  317. Nate says:

    Stern needs to retire, right now. As of right now, he’s only trying to abuse the power that he has as the commissioner before he retires. Fining the Spurs for resting their players, and their B team for giving the audience an entertaining close-fought match? That’s absurd!

    Let’s all force him to retire. Get a petition started that’ll force him to quit the NBA.

  318. InYourFace says:

    fine is fair, pop should inform the NBA commissioner that his going to sent home his four players.
    anyone who loves NBA are waiting for this match up and Pop just ruined although it turns out to be an exciting game.
    Pop is selfish trying to play the mind of the people for them to think he is a great coach. NBA fans don’t support what Pop did.

  319. wjtc says:

    “The result here is dictated by the totality of the facts in this case. The Spurs decided to make four of their top players unavailable for an early-season game that was the team’s only regular-season visit to Miami. The team also did this without informing the Heat, the media, or the league office in a timely way. Under these circumstances, I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans.”

    I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans.
    I have concluded

    I’m guessing the boards didn’t decide this, and only Stern did it by himself?

  320. beyKrewz says:

    once again the great great commissioner strikes again!!

    it’s a team strategy,their players are not getting any younger and this is a long season.
    they badly needed to rest their players to cope up.

    this league is really getting a lot worse despite the increase in revenues.

  321. mjc says:

    I agree that Stern was being irrational but NBA is rigged? Seriously? If Stern hates the Spurs so much then they wouldn’t have a stench of NBA champions! Let alone win it. I mean come on. Pop is a great coach and all but at least let the stars be active on paper! DNP-ing them entirely while playoffs aren’t even close yet is just dissing the opponent. Sure the game was close and the bench play of SA was excellent but if the Spurs Big 3 would’ve played imagine the blowout they could cause. In short, limited minutes for key players is the better choice. So both sides (but more on Stern) were at fault!

  322. LOL says:

    I wonder if the fine would have been so stiff if they were playing Detroit, Chicago, the Cavs or the Bobcats. With or without their stars the Spurs did not go quietly.

  323. Smiley says:

    Wonder what pissed off TNT more, spurs only playing their B team, or the heat playing like a B team. Maybe it was a bit disrespectful not even showing up for the game, but the fine was uncalled for. If they fine this, why not fine the act of tanking for lottery? Both are in the best interest for the team yet only one is truly throwing the game. For the parent with the sad child, maybe you should tell them who Santa Claus really is.

  324. Teer Drops from Above says:

    1/4 of a million ? ……… wow. i hope some kids or poor families see sum of that cheese

  325. mrwormburn says:

    Pop could have rested his starters @magic.

  326. DaveNar says:

    Stert is an idiot… the game was close.. why?? SO SICK…

  327. cris says:

    bulls… stern

  328. paul says:

    The NBA should not require these athletes to play more than 1 game every 2 days regardless. This is NOT a shortened season and we as fans don’t appreciate our players being strained to the point of injury!!

  329. cris says:


  330. Al says:

    Stern should be fined and fired. This fine is ridiculous and will prove to be highly counterproductive.

  331. mandye says:

    I agree with David Stern …..You have to think before u speak people imagine if your a fan of spurs or heats but spurs and u live in miami but want to see this game so u paid your money for your tickets only to find out minutes before tip off your favorite stars wont be playing. Regaurdless of how that game was last night because it was a good game but i didnt pay to see reserves play if i knew i wouldn’t have bought a ticket to the game…So i do understand David Stern , maybe pop wont make this mistake again seeing the result of such action!

    • Joe says:

      If that is your reasoning, then next Pop will do it by making the players travel but not dress up, or they can dress but won’t play.. what is the difference? Or may be play 5 minutes each and sit the rest of the night.. what then? Is David Stir gonna come and tell Pop how many minutes each player should play? Come on, ….it is understood that Stern only cares about money and the Heat and TNT.. that must be it. Plus he wants to dictate.. tell me what I am missing here..

  332. Joe says:

    Are we in America or what? what is this ? Stern is dictating, how come he never said anything before? Adam Silver said it is ok to do it last year when Pop rest his players twice (one vs Portland and one vs Utah).
    why worry now? Is it because the Heat were playing on TNT? Well, there should be a way for Spurs to appeal and win, if this money is paid by Spurs, anyone can see that is Not Justice.
    This is sickening, disturbing !!!

  333. omar domingo says:

    Stern did a good job, fans pay to watch a good game, only to be manipulated by coach Popovich, you disrespected the fans, the league, and yourself

  334. Kevin J says:

    Mr. Stern this is your fault. You should fine yourself. Be careful of the precedent you are setting. You are bowing to networks and the fair weather fans at the expense of the true diehard fans that watch all season and truly understand the concept of a coach managing his team. If you want to showcase a game like this, then direct your schedulers to do a better job.

  335. Alex says:

    This is why NBA fans are starting to hate the NBA. It’s all because of Mr. David Stern’s poor decisions with fining’s and suspensions. He should retire earlier than February 2014.

  336. Laker Fan says:

    Why doesnt Stern leave already!!!…….thats a harsh fine, but i do agree that the Spurs should have informed the media, or heat about their plans ahead of time, so all those people who purchased their tickets to watch the SPURS could save their money and watch the game from home…wait, then most of the fans would have not gone to the game to watch the Spurs bench play the Heat. The Arena would have been almost empty, Stern and the Heat would have been furious for taking their business away…..Good move by Pop, next time just take them to the game and make them play for a minute or 2 and tell the media about your plan and save 250k…..Stern you should retire sooner!!!!

  337. smh says:

    dumb…. having them out of the game was understandable, 4 games in 5 nights. cant w8 till near the playoffs when teams rest their stars.

  338. Guil says:

    I support you DVID sTERN……

  339. shotayute says:

    how about the fans not show up for the remainder of the season until the playoffs? each teams have pretty much the same type of resting period..it just happen miami has theirs now…thats not an excuse and its not like last year where it was a short season…play them less minutes then take them out…who is danny green to be resting anyway..if a player is going to get hurt its not for playing cause we know they get hurt even in practice

  340. SynByn says:

    I see where Stern is coming from on this. He is trying to help the league, and he has already done a lot of good things for it. I know that he wanted to protect the people who bought tickets or paid extra to see the spurs stars. Pop should have given a heads up on the decision so this type of thing happened. Not to mention the money lost from airing it on national TV. Stern punished them too much, but i still see what hes trying to do.

  341. johnrey says:

    coach has the right to rest the key players during the game but sending them to go back not even present during the game is a bad choice

  342. Savu says:

    Stern behaves like a dictator. He always did. The fine applied to the Spurs, and the fact that, just the day before, he suspended Rondo but did NOT suspend Humphries, who actually started the scuffle in Boston, are just tokens of Stern’s long years of documented dirty behavior. But who put this guy on top of NBA, anyway? Shame on you, Mr. Stern. SHAME ON YOU.

  343. Larry says:

    Hey David D-bag, you sat Tim, Manu, and Tony and EVERY NBA player for the greater good of the long-term health of your organization last year. So Pop doesn’t have the same right? What a hypocrit!

  344. ian says:

    Comm. D Stern not good/. Its only one game to let them rest. Okay why dont you and Pop exchange, coach the Spurs so youll know how your player feel. An Pop will be the Comm. 🙂

    • Please resign, Stern! says:

      As we can see how successful Popovich is in the management of Spurs, I think NBA will be better than now if Pop be the commissioner of the NBA!

  345. Mark says:

    This just means the Spurs will have to invent injuries to rest their players in the future – rather than being upfront and honest with everyone… Absolutely, totally ridiculous.

  346. David says:

    Stern, if you are so concern about the NBA fans, then please rebate the fine to all the Miami heat fans at the game! Or better yet, allow the NBA fans to vote for a charity to donate the fine if you think you are doing the right thing to fine the Spurs.

  347. cris says:

    stern is sick

  348. cris says:

    stern fine

  349. TLM says:

    Divid Stern you have let the power of your position go to your head and crowd out good judgement. Pop was truthful, now he will have to lie. What would the fine have been if Tim didn’t play because of soreness in his knee, Manu had back spasms, Tony had double vision and Danny had flu like symptoms?

    I’m sending $10 to the Spurs to apply to the fine. I hope enough other people do the same so that the Spurs make a profit.

  350. Agree to disagree says:

    At first I was on Pop’s side but it really does rob the fans who thought they were going to see the Spurs starters on the floor against the Heat.

    If you’re at work and you want to take a day off, you are a lot of times required to give notice sometimes two weeks in advanced so the fact that the Spurs stayed quiet about this until a day or two before tipoff makes this a poor decision on them.

    The fine was a rather large hit and it’s not going to scare them into playing their starters for the rest of the year. Coaches should be completely free to decide not to start someone for whatever reason even if it is to rest.

  351. george says:

    it s only bad for the show part of it…lets say you buy a game ticket on a sold out night and you expect to see theses stars in uniform…and for non medical reason they dont show just so they can be fresh in another town, well you got owned and even though the game was a good one you did not get what you paid for…i feel the fine was a liltle too much but something had to be done…

  352. JayDub says:

    I think Stern is just looking out for the fans whom he believes did not get their monies worth. They payed for tickets expecting the like of Tim Duncan, Parker, Ginobli etc vs HEAT but instead got a San Antonio Bench whom almost whipped the HEAT. Penalty there should have been but not a fine. I believe Suspension during the playoffs might have been more hurtful rather then just fill the pockets of the league executives with such fines. Or atleast pay for those ticket holder’s next game or something.

  353. wow says:

    I know he is about to retire…but can we just fire him anyway?

  354. Now is the time says:

    David Stern needs to go. This is absolutely insane. Theres no way you should be fired for resting the core of your team to keep them healthy through a long season.

  355. B easy says:

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! Unless that quarter million is going to the unfortunate 280,000 Heat fans who attended the game and were to surprised to see the Champs go toe to toe with a bunch of benchwarmers, who by the way are mostly stars from other countries.(Just because you don’t know their names doesn’t mean they can’t ball)
    Strange that all the fans in Miami stayed until the end of the game, if the Spurs team was so overmatched and uncompetitive. All those poor depraved Miami fans looked so disappointed at the end of that hard fought come from behind decided in the final minute and a half match that took place instead of the one that was supposed to happen.

  356. Blazin trails says:

    I remember the spurs did this last season against the Blazers. But us fans in the rose garden didn’t care… We don’t pay to see the stars of the other teams… We pay to see our home team… Plus in that game the blazers won, so everybody was happy! So why are people in Miami complaining about seeing their home team win a competitive game? Let’s remember basketball is a sport. A game with a long season. A season in which the gm decides whose on the team, and the coach decides when those players play!

  357. Mike says:

    then stop allowing teams like Miami to stack their roster. why should the spurs try to compete against a team that cheats

  358. KB24 says:

    i honestly think stern made the right move and fine the spurs for that.. because i think thats just stupid for pop to send home 4 of his top players just against the heat.. why didnt he do that vs a different team? why against the heat?? that just goes to show you that pop isnt that confident with his 3 against miamis big 3.. so the right move was made against them spurs!

  359. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    What about the fans? I wanted to watch that game with all of their top players in both team.. and It is the only road trip at miami for the spurs.. Spurs coach should atleast let them play for first half.

  360. Diana says:

    sigh…I was typing so fast I had many typos…but I’m sure all can figure out what I was saying…

  361. harden says:

    i think david stern should be spurs coach -.-

  362. Long Ball says:

    Hey Stern,

    Simple resolution to your problem . . . DO NOT SCHEDULE MARQUIS GAMES AT THE END OF A 5-DAY ROAD TRIP! Now, you knew you could get your desired result of a Heat victory by scheduling the Spurs at the end of a 4-game, 5-day road trip . . . just so you’ll know, the Spurs are fining you $250,000 for being an incompetent slug of a commissioner based on scheduling incompetence. Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire, did you expect anything different than a one-finger salute from Coach Schopp after he figured out your little “Prime Time Scheme”??? Grow up and grow some, you lame duck (I should substitute an “i” for the “u”) wannabe!

  363. Eli says:

    Stern turned a good PR story (undermanned, worn out Spurs take well rested Champion Heat to the wire in Miami) and turned it into a PR nightmare.
    Do something useful and hold your referees accountable if you actually want to improve the league. Start by canning Joey Crawford.

  364. Kris says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with the Spurs being fined $250K, but I can see where Stern was coming from. Back in the preseason the Knicks played the Celtics at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY. I talked to a few people who were at the game the night before. As the game started the TV broadcast said that the Knicks would be resting their starters, but the fans at the game didn’t hear it. One guy had a 12 year old son who is a huge Carmelo fan so he bought 2 $62 seats across from the Knick bench so his son could see Melo up close- something you could never do at the Garden without laying out a ton of dough. The son was so excited he didn’t sleep the night before and wore his Melo jersey to bed. This boy just wanted to see Melo in person. The 5 Knick starters not only did not play, but they weren’t even in the building. They all played the night before in Montreal, but the coach sat all 5 of the starters at a game that was loaded with Knick fans, in a city where the Knicks never play. But all 5 starters played the next night’s game at Melo’s homecoming at Syracuse Univ. As I watched the Albany game I tweeted that I would be pissed if I paid for a ticket and saw an empty bench. Apparently many others agreed because afterward I saw (I think it was a tweet)that the NBA got word of it and released a statement directing the Knick fans to contact the team directly. I can understand starters having rest nights but not even having the starters on the bench was out of line. The guy and his son I talked to were far from the only ones majorly unhappy with the team that night. Stern’s fining the Spurs may not have been the answer in this case but I hope it leads teams to think from the fans’ perspective who spend hard-earned money to see an NBA game when they decide to give their stars a night off, or, in the Spurs’ case, send their stars home.

  365. Samuel says:

    Way to go Stern. Stern understands who puts food on his table. Obviously, Pop, with his arrogant self has forgotten. I’m inclined to think it actually was more about Pop not wanting his team to get embarressed and losing all hope that they could actually beat the heat than resting players. After all, he had just played Washington and Orlando. If he really wanted to rest them, that would have been the perfect time. People with real jobs sacrafise a days pay and he flips them off like this. The only problem that I have with the fine is that it wasn’t specifically POPs and not the organization. He should doc them a days pay to boot.

  366. paul says:

    stern is a moron who has no clue.

  367. Eduardo Trindade says:

    Gotta be kidding with me…their fined? And if Greg Popovich decide that those 5 guys will start every game until the end of the season….they would be fined every game? C’mon man!! the coach should decide the players rotation not David Stern !

  368. 24 Seconds says:

    Needs to be stamped out immediatley. Good work NBD no room for this type of selective resting.

  369. thatsSOdumb says:

    the spurs is an aging team
    they can sit tim,manu,tony
    hahah the spurs bench nearly defeat the super team of miami thats why

  370. Max Greiman says:

    So coaches arnt allowed to choose who plays anymore? That takes away from the point of the coach. This is how the NBA and David Stern are ruining true basketball. This is the reason true basketball players watch college ball over nba, because its about the team, not about the players, its about the fabric of the game, not ratings and money.

  371. Mithrandir says:

    I always respected David Stern but this is just plain stupid! You fine 250k for resting your players?! Executive guys shouldnt meddle what the coach thinks whats best for the team.


  372. Mykko says:

    I agree that Stern was being irrational but NBA is rigged? Seriously? If Stern hates the Spurs so much then they wouldn’t have a stench of NBA champions! Let alone win it. I mean come on. Pop is a great coach and all but at least let the stars be active on paper! DNP-ing them entirely while playoffs aren’t even close yet is just dissing the opponent. Sure the game was close and the bench play of SA was excellent but if the Spurs Big 3 would’ve played imagine the blowout they could cause. In short, limited minutes for key players is the better choice. So both sides (but more on Stern) were at fault!

  373. Planefish says:

    A coachs duty is to his team and helping guide, lead and coach them to a championship. His duty is not to the league. Is this a sport or just a circus on hardwood!

  374. alex says:

    i think a coach must have his own volition , especially if he wants to rest a player! Mr Stern thinks as a tyranny and cares only about the viewing!!! after that we must call him a commander and not a comissioner!!!

  375. Review the Stats says:

    I think I’d have to side with the coach on this one. The health of the players should be valued more than money. It was an exciting game anyway– Spurs almost won!

  376. Diana says:

    Pop had every right to do with his players as he would…rather he sat them in dress clothes or uniforms on the bench. Or sent them home hours before the game;rules say in 60 each team has to hand over who is playing. Where in that does it say a coach as to say..oh by the way;I sent my starters home to rest..sent em commercial on SW Airlines;think of the people seeing them on the plane;wish I had been there.

    Sterns has had it in for the Spurs for years and also in for Pop. The Spurs don’t do all the big commercials like Kobe,King James,and others. They do local commercials that are so funny and they point fun at themselves;so much more real that fake. I do enjoy James’s commercial with his family;that seems nice and relaxed and real.

    The Spurs don’t get into all that drama other teams do to draw attention to themselves…say like Super Man who wanted to be traded oh wait no…yes trade me…no no I want to stay…blah blah blah. That idiot is now with all the Ego’s in Ego Wood. With the biggest ego of all Kobe. The Spurs don’t tank games and fight and give the coach dirty looks much less get the coach fired. Again let me name Kobe,Howard,and lets not forget Carmelo.

    If Sterns didn’t love the big market teams so much he would of been able to appreciate the Spurs for how good they have been and have continued to be. But,his love for the Lakers and Knicks (big markets) and now the Heat. Nothing against them it is all on Sterns.

    I personally think each player and coach of the NBA should all donate $10 all in pennies to help pay Pop’s fine.

    Next he might insist each team have a private doctor on stand by for when a coach wants to sit a player. So this private doctor can check him over and make sure he is ill and not faking it just to rest…And then Stern will fine the player,coach,and owner for faking illnesses to avoid playing a tired player.

    Hopefully the next Commissioner corrects some of the stupid things the currant one has done…like refunding the Spurs the $250,000 since I doubt any other player on any other team will donate to show Sterns they disagree with his ruling.

  377. Ginobili44 says:

    It’s rediculous!! if they rested four of their bench players nothing would have happened but because they are ‘Stars’ and they are not putting on a ‘show’ everyone goes a little nuts, it was still a great game to watch!! Wasn’t a blowout and there wasn’t too much terrible play, sure the spurs ended up loosing but that is some great experience for the spurs bench.

  378. I don’t understand this outcry about Pop upsetting NBA fans. Every time SA beats whatever your team may be, I’m sure fans are upset with them.

    Also, I’ve always thought the duty of the coach was to act in the best interest of HIS/HER team/players. If he followed his job dutifully, how come he’s being fined? When has it ever been his duty to play the players that fans want to see?

    With what he did, there is a high probability that he saved at least one (1) player on his team from receiving an injury that would have lasted far more than one (1) game.

    Someone said something about flops not being a rule, before and being wrong. With the very least, it was decided and the league was put on notice prior and given a criteria prior to the fines being put in place. Nothing of this nature was done.

    This is extremely unfair and I hope that some type of appeal is issued to remove such an irrational, pride motivated decision by the commissioner.

  379. Fundamentalist says:

    It costs 250k to determine whether HEAT is really a powerful team. They even struggled get a W with SPURS’ line up whic is without their key players!! To be honest, what had happened is a blessing in disguise….lol

  380. Stern Down says:

    Have never been a Spurs fan. Nor Pop’s fan. But this is outrageous. What kind of organization is that… Let us stop watching NBA for a while. Just to show disrespect to the NBA leadership, the way they show disrespect to everyone else.

  381. eyeville says:

    it is not ok resting players. remember, these tickets are not cheap! you bought them not because you wanted to see the last man on the bench play. you bought them to see the stars. if you bought a ticket to a concert is it alright if the main artist did not show up and told you that the back up singers would be performing? the fine should be more including a fine to pops.

    • Stright up says:

      yes a concer tlets compare whole different think tickets say spurs vs heat not duncan vs lebron the fans cheered and enjoyed the matchup within 5 points it wasnt a blow out against a bad team heat almost lost proving there were stars on the court.

  382. me says:

    This blog shows that the NBA FANS THINK IT IS OK TO REST YOUR SUPERSTARS IF YOU WANT TO, so why apologize Mr. Stern? San Antonio Spurs did not do disservice to the NBA, you, Mr. David Stern did.

  383. butas ng pwet c stern says:

    Stern just justified that MONEY > PLAYERS’ WELL BEING. can’t wait for his retirement

  384. jamal says:

    look – those fans paid three hundred bucks to see two of the NBA’s best teams fight it out. instead they got Miami Heat playing scrubs. I’d be pretty ticked off if that was me.

  385. Lester says:

    The Fine is “fine” to me, that was just a disrespect for the fans who paid their tickets to see to powerhouse teams battle it out. Shame on you Spurs, I guess you are just afraid of the outcome that might happen if they play against the heat. I’m just not a fan of what pop do, I hope this will be the last dumbest move he will ever do.

  386. wowwee says:

    Do your job stern don’t interfere with what the coaches plan to do in the team’s best interest. After all they are the the ones who are paying the players.. Stop trying to control everything like the Olympics *Lol* Coach made the right move.

  387. Lakers says:

    Really how do you fine a team for resting there players?

  388. Chili NBA says:

    Gregg did the right thing. Bench players need to experience quality games for emergency purposes. If incase, their top players got injured or got suspended for a reason. They are ready to step up for the team. And also, the Spurs bench players gave Miami Heat a good game, didn’t they? 5 points loss is not bad. Better than other NBA team.

    NBA players are also human. Tim,Manu and Tony are not too young to play straight.

    David Stern.. $250,000 for the health of the players? Worth paying.

    I hope you spend the $250,000 to buy a heart with conscience.

    Go Gregg!!

  389. YD says:

    I don’t understand how some of you can agree with the fine really, citing reasons such as the fans deserve better entertainment etc.
    I don’t understand how “un-entertaining” was the match. The game was far from a blowout, with Ray Allen’s 3pointer making the crowd go wild proves that it was definitely a closely fought match.
    Also, if you’re a true fan, you would support the ENTIRE team and not only the 3 stars. So if they are rested I don’t see the reason why fans should be making so much noise about getting “less entertainment” because if they are true fans they would support the rest of the team as well.
    Definitely with Popovich on this one.

  390. JC says:

    This isnt about Stern and money everybody its about the fans who paid 200-1000 dollars per ticket to see one of the elite teams in the league. How would you feel if you took your wife and kids to a ball game for close to $1500 to see two elite teams play and one team was full of bench players

    • ballclubfan says:

      huh? so players who came back from injuries can sit down(meaning they are healed, but just not in game shape) but tired players cant?(since you can also considered that as not in game shape)

    • Kris says:

      Agreed. That’s what the Knick fans in a sold out Knicks-Celtics preseason game in Albany, NY ran into. Mike Woodson sat all 5 starters for the game and none of the 5 were even in the building. I can understand the need for rest but a lot of Knick fans paid lot of hard-earned money for a one-time game held in Albany for fans who can’t easily make the trip down to the Garden. Fans who were there were furious that all 5 starters never showed and they sent a slew of complaints to the league. The NBA league office acknowledged them and told the irate fans to direct their comments to the Knicks’ offices. I’m wondering if the Spurs’ incident had anything to do with what happened at the Albany game?

  391. The People says:

    The coach should be able to do whatever he wants with his team. If the spurs won, would they still of gotten the fine, what a joke. He should be able to play the team he wants, who the hell is the nba to say who should be on the court for a specific team. Stern…get a clue.

  392. Anti-Stern says:

    Stern is an idiot. He has ruined professional basketball. I don’t watch anymore. The Lottery is ridiculous, the refs are a joke, the catering to the large market teams is overwhelmingly biased. Its not set up to be fair anymore therefore I can’t watch even a single game all the way thru without getting ticked off and changing the channel. Its so sad that a great American game has been ruined by one man whose only vision for the league is more $ for the big market teams.

  393. Bill Wilson says:

    Stern is an idiot. What’s next, telling the Lakers to play Nash because he’s faking an injury?

  394. Verk says:

    Man will he be busy handing out fines on game 82 of the season when all the stars stay home. Teams have been doing this for ages and ages. Why now? Would the fine have been put in if Charlotte benched Kemba Walker, Byron Mullins and Ben Gordon in a game against the Washington Wizards?

  395. karkey says:

    This is what happens when ur in power to long, you become an imbecile. pop has been doing this since 2003, why all of a sudden there’s an outrage. i thought coaches were suppose to coach, what’s the point if there’s a idiot over you dictating seriously whats the point.

  396. Rae Chen says:

    Spurs’coach has the right to decide which player he wants to play in the game.

    NBA’s schedule is really unfair for some of teams.

  397. Jon says:

    I stopped watching NBA because of David Stern. I will watch NBA when he is gone. Stern apologized to the NBA fans and fine Spurs because of ‘disappointment’, but at the first place would he fine himself first?

  398. Sierra says:

    Hey David Stern, guess what? We all think your a douche bag. Sincerely all NBA fans.

  399. Larsson(Swe) says:

    Is this a joke or what?! This couldnt happen in Europe, in Europe the coach is the one making the decision, not the leauge..And what message does this send to the rest of the players? This is the style of USA, making decision the rest of the world just laugh at. Great work.

  400. whatever man says:

    Last year on February 21 2011 I paid for my family of five to go to the Portland TrailBlazers Vs. San Antonio Spurs in Portland,OR. Popavich sat Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli for that game and Portland was up 45 at one time and they killed the short handed Spurs. I paid to see a good game but what I got was starting players playing against third string players. I understand that the match-up wasn’t as a high demand game as Heat and the Spurs but if Stern is going to fine them for the Miami game then he should have done for the Blazers game. It just shows you how much of an EGOTISTICAL MORON Stern is. What’s next he’s gonna fine every team that wants to rest their players before the playoffs? Will they get fined a quarter of a million dollars if it’s a high demand game on a major television station? I am so glad that Stern will be gone sooner than later.

  401. darrell popovish says:

    if the spurs win the championship, pop can laugh in stern’s face

  402. uoykcuf says:

    Will they be giving fines for teams resting their starters at April before playoffs?

  403. Mike says:

    David Stern should retire now & not wait till 2014…what a LOSER he is !

  404. Nicolas Lockhart says:

    What I saw last night was a great game and a true testament to the greatness of Pop and the Spurs’ organization as a whole. Players that all too often get little to no playing time when they’re being paid to play professional basketball got a chance to play a full game against a very formidable opponent and managed to hold their own. Great coaching and strategy were on display, nothing disgraceful about it. David Stern is the disgrace. He’s like a cancer and he needs to go.

  405. chingchangjon says:

    David Stern should be the coach for the San Antonio Spurs

  406. Edwin says:

    i totally agree with Stern. Everyone wants to watch a game specially when two of the top teams are facing. Pop does not have to be scare just becuase it’s the Heat. if you want to win the championship, first you must beat the best. Did Phil, Eric Spolstrada, or doc river ever sit their best player? not even once. stop crying and play…

  407. Boyet Salazar says:

    Just perfectly right penalty.

  408. Stern is a lunatic. There is a personal issue going on here between him and the Spurs, namely, money. Spurs = Bad ratings = Less money. Spurs making it the championship with guarantee this equation. Therefore, Stern makes Spurs play 4 games in 5 nights, which if anyone noticed, they’ve been getting a lot these past few years. Stern WANTS to hinder the Spurs in any manner he can. I bet the refs will work all further games just to get them out of contention. Just you guys watch. 🙂

  409. Jim Pitman says:

    This has got to be one of the worst decisions Stern has made. I am not a Spurs fan, but I am now even less an NBA fan, as Stern seems to unilaterally make these kind of decisions. Get him out of there and let the teams play to win. Spurs put an extremely competitive team on the floor, were beating Miami until the very end and Stern seems to think he is the coach and gets to decide who the team puts on the floor???? What an idiot!
    I hope the Spurs refuse to pay and take this to a court of arbritration.

  410. Tolits says:

    It is ok to rest a superstar but resting 4 of your best players? I think that is way too much. That is cheating fans who parted with their money to watch a caliber team like the Spurs and their talented stars. Why not ask the fans who watched the
    game and you will hear their sentiments? This is not the first time the Spurs did this. They did it a number of times last year and the fans were very angry.

  411. Forbidden Engineer says:

    Stern is stupid.He just want the money.What a stupid move.Pop is a great coach.The move he made is for the good of the team.You stupid stern.You are a dictator.You are the worst commissioner ever.

  412. stan says:

    thank god this stupid commissioner will be retired soon. by why right does he get a call in who plays and who doesn’t ? stick to your job greedy fat old man

  413. Jacques Durceille says:

    This is an atrocity. Stern is a menace to the league. So how about fining all the other teams for resting starters near the end of the season and at other times throughout the year? Popovich is doing what is best for his players and by extension his organization. Why can’t an organization watch out for its own interest? The spurs although part of the nba needs to make sure they have a future. They have no future if they let the bodies of their players deteriorate and hence minimize their chances for success in the long run. Who is stern to say what is best for the spurs? This is not about the integrity of the game as that mantra has been touted loudly throughout the forums. Its about him and his thugs I mean friends trying to maximize profit at all costs.

    Just count the damn resting as a sick day. Everyone who works in the U.S knows what a sick day is. Last time i was pretty sure you were allowed to take them with no one having to provide documentation from a doctor or hospital. This is the best option, just count the resting as a sick day, because these guys are trying to stay healthy.

    What happens when these stars are incapacitated? Integrity my buttocks to all the vile supporters of this new out of the blew mantra.

  414. Noctivagante says:

    Shame on you, Mr. Commissioner! Shame on you!
    Stern is trying to charge the Spurs the reprimand that he received from the broadcasting companies???

  415. ghosttrunks says:

    The big question is where does the $250,000 go? Stern’s pocket? NBA league? WHERE does it go?

  416. Mental1981 says:

    What else do you expect from a man who would rob all the teams that do things right to pay the cheap teams that refuse to spend a penny for their talent. Coach Pop, the Cavs, Wizards and Bobcats thank you for your donation.

  417. Kevin says:

    The Spurs do this kind of thing. They think they’re better than everyone else so they just do whatever the hell they want.

  418. This is a poor decision by David Stern. Coaches have to do what is right for their teams, the health of their players, and the organization. Inconsistent, bad decision, poor leadership, disappointing senior management.

  419. txema says:

    It’s just funny how San Antonio never got anybodys eye inspite of winning championships, and now everybody is on them.

  420. Spurs got what they deserved….. Countless fans and including myself waited days for this match up and I was actually super excited to see to NBA ellite teams going head to head with each other then only to findout that the spur felt the heat n sent their girls home…lmfaooo… for once good job D.Stern- A job well done..

  421. Delly says:

    250k! that is trash money! They should have charged the spurs $2 million and Gregg Popovich $500k and suspend him for 3 games! We watch the games for great competition, great teams and great stars! Resting those players is ridiculous and is a real disrespect to the fans and to MIA.

    A star earning all those millions should played in all games no matter what, except if sick or injured. I truly don’t understand how certain people can agree with such a disrespectful and ignorant decision. I’m so vexed right ow.

    • umustplay says:

      Disrespect came from the league (schedule); if the league wanted a great televised game the schedule should not have been approved. 6 road games within 9 days and the last 4 games were back to back with 1 day off between each set is ridiculous, while the heat had plenty of rest. The coach was looking out for his stakeholders (owners/management, players, community/fans) and that is why his decision is justified. The Spurs have always been about the system (brand) which the league needs. Stern must fallow thru and fine all the teams that rest their player at the end of the year or he will be the biggest hypocrite.

  422. Nathan says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Should have been no fine at all. David Stern is getting ridiculous with trying to control individual teams. He needs to retire

  423. Karlo Garcia says:

    I guess there is a rule maybe about playing east teams vs west teams cause west teams only play east teams once compared 2 west tesms play each other four times. It’s just my point of view.

  424. Karlo Garcia says:

    I thought coach pop resting players was 2 early in the season.

  425. aknightrider says:

    I don’t agree with the League on this one. I don’t think that the NBA League should get involved with teams resting their players as long as they put a competitive product on the floor. A 5 point loss on the road by San Antonio is very competitive!!!I saw the highlights……it was very entertaining and the fans did not look disappointed at all.

    I think where the league is missing their mark is when they sanction owners to putting together mediocre teams to save money!!!! This is where the real dis-service is to the NBA fans!!!!

    Teams like the 3-13 Toronto Raptors, which on any given night they can loose by 20-30 points and they play their so-called “starters”. These are the type of teams that should be fined!! This would encourage them to put a better product on the floor

  426. Karl Malone says:

    I can’t wait for the dictator “Stern” to retire. NBA will be a 100x better place. Resting the old players to avoid exhaustion is a strategic move it should never be Sterns personal right to fine anyone a quarter million dollars. This is outright robbery. I’m sick of this guy.

  427. BasketballFan says:

    Look at Stern making up rules on the fly. Can’t wait until he’s gone.

  428. Brandon Burk says:

    Totally unbelievable! This is a franchise that is a poster child for the NBA. There example is the way an NBA team should be run, and that continues in this situation. The spurs decided to rest key players in a attempt to give rest to ageing vets. Point in fact. This league is about the long haul, something no team has demonstrated better then the spurs. I look forward to seeing the spurs deep on the playoffs… Again. Not in Miami in a meaningless game. David I’m a fan, but you are wrong in this case!

  429. system says:

    This is why ill never watch nba again. Its all about the business and none about the sport. Way to go! And btw, the game was pretty close, competitive and really fun, what else do you want?

  430. David says:

    Bad decision by Stern! If anything this will make their bench even better, and next time they meet Miami they’ll pound them on all stats! Glad that Stern is retiring soon, hopefully this doesn’t happen again

  431. Juan Tamad says:

    too early to rest the stars.. if the fans were disappointed, there’s something that’s not right.The NBA have a duty to fulfill to the paying public.

  432. A guy who used to watch the NBA says:

    This is exactly why I do not watch the NBA. They are all style and celebrity and NOT about hardwork and brains. A commissioner telling a coach/team which players they have to play is absolutely ridiculous.

    Listen, this is a lesson is what really seperates many people from success. OPPORTUNITY!! Finally, the highly talented players on the bench got to play for something REAL instead of garbage time.

  433. J says:

    Now all they have to do is cook up some round-about way that the Spurs violated a rule. This is so blatantly obvious it’s about the NBA being concerned about TV ratings.

  434. Choker says:

    Fining the team for managing its players? Its 4 games in 5 days…. they need rest especially for an old team like the Spurs

  435. Bruno Anastacio says:

    “NBA: when the sport ends and the bussiness begins”

  436. FunkyPiston says:

    This is stupid. What would the commissioner do in the last 2 regular season games when playoff bound teams rest their players ?

  437. steve says:

    Nice fine moron. And you wonder why the NFL is thriving…

  438. David says:

    I would fine Miami $250K for not being able to beat those player by more than 5 points!!!

    COME ON!!!!

    • dattebayo says:

      I have to agree, the Heat played so lackadaisical and the best shot they could create in the first quarter was a contested 15 ft jumpshot. If Lebron wasn’t as good or if Allen just doesn’t make those crucial threes, they would be at 7-7 instead of 11-3. I really enjoyed watching the Heat play last year, especially in the playoffs, but yesterday they were a disgrace to the league. Good game from the Spurs, it just shows that they are the best organization in the league.

    • karkey says:

      lol i agree

  439. Kobe says:

    That is nonsense the Organization has the rights whether they want to use their player or not. Stern its good that you retire now!!!

  440. That is a very good decision by the commissioner. The Spurs did it a number of times last season and got away with it. They owe the fans to show their player’s talents. This should be a warning to other teams to take into consideration not only their team but also the paying public. Without these fans they are NOTHING

    • uoykcuf says:

      You got a point. They do own it to the fans BUT playing in the league’s goal is to win a ring. Will you agree stern start fining teams resting their starter before playoffs?
      And the game was close! It doesn’t matter who’s on the court. As long as they played hard and gave us a good show it’s all good for me.

    • stupid says:

      Hey retard, if u have 2, 35+ year old players they tend to get tired after playing so many back to back to back to back games….They are not gods, they need to rest too…Its a team game. I mean, if u feel so strongly about this, why dont we just make the NBA a 5 player roster… How bout that,. now when the players are dead at the end of the season and playoffs wont even be fun cause they all are walking, then I feel u will be happy… am i right retard?????stupid comments just make me mad…

  441. screw u guys im going home says:

    David stern is now God apparently

  442. Rae Chen says:

    Spurs’ coach should have the right to decided which player he wants to play in game. NBA’s schedule is really unfair for those lower rank team.

  443. WoW says:

    Stern said Chris Paul couldn’t go to the Lakers and how Pop manages his team on the floor. I guess Las Vegas called up the commissioner and made their point matter.

  444. Josh says:

    David Stern is the worst commissioner in all of professional sports.

  445. Kenjames says:

    The spurs can rest their players at the bench…they are just trying to baby their players and can be precedent to the others teams other starting five and would say “hey why can’t we go home and rest…since we’ve been on the road for sh$t days!”

  446. clipps89 says:

    this is ridiculous!!..it is up to the Coach if he wants to rest his players!!..

  447. JOE says:

    NBA is rigged!!!!!!!!!!!!

  448. Loki21 says:

    I am highly disappointed in the NBA what rubbish

  449. me says:

    this is just stupid when you but a ticket i sure it dont say wade vs duncan it says heat vs spurs what a joke and i thought the nfl was getting bad the nba fines for nothing A JOKE

  450. Doul says:

    Common Stern ! Is there any rule forbidding a coach to rest his players?

  451. Kingk says:

    I believe there shouldn’t been a fine, but it was just weird for them to have them go home so early in the season.

    • Kris says:

      I agree. The season’s just starting! They shouldn’t need that much rest at this point. For SA Pop should have just had each of the 4 guys sit out one game. Would it have been so difficult for them to sit with the team? There are plenty of players on NBA teams who are rehabbing from major injuries with no definite return date who continue to travel and sit on the bench with their teams. Sitting 4 at once wasn’t very smart of Pop.

  452. SeanPwnery says:

    What this basically does is tell all coaches in the league that regardless of your starting players age, the number of games they’ve had to play in the past 5 days, or your interest in the player’s wellbeing, the “Coaches Decision” is no longer valid as long as it conflicts with the clearly blind commissioner. Why wait til next season? Leave now and stop ruining the game and the league.

  453. David Cabello says:

    Screw Stern and his puppets. He’s trying to go out on a high note

  454. Evan says:

    How is stern able to dictate what players can rest on a given night? I understand the nbas point of view and why the league office is pissed but the decision ultimately should belong to the team and its management. Stern has far too much power. The only thing that will change is players will get the “flu” or have “muscle strains” instead. If pop was more concerned with ratings than his team or his players the nba would have a much bigger problem. Shameful display of authority David!

  455. John from Oz says:

    So, if they flew with the team to Miami, dressed and DNP they’d have no case to answer? Or they can rest players but have to advise the opposing team and commission in a more timely fashion? Teams should start looking at their fixture prior to commencement of the season and advising all parties months in advance of their non availability, without knowing what their W/L record will be like at the time? C’mon David, get your ego in check and go out with some dignity instead of the uncompromising tyrant you’ve always been.

  456. thesniper321 says:

    is this a joke? Stern I’m glad you’re out in 2014

  457. dattebayo says:

    I agree with one thing only. The Spurs had the schedule for months and Pop knew he wouldn’t play his starters in this game, yet he chose not to mention this fact until it became known shortly before the game. Last season Pop did the same, he had marked the middle games of a back-to-back-to-back as games, in which he would sit his starters. He determined those games before the season had started and he still never told anyone about his intentions. Utah took the win, I think it helped them to make the playoffs in a tight race with Phoenix.

    I think it’d be only fair to everyone (fans foremost) if teams issued statements before the beginning of the season, that they will not play their best players on certain games. Fining the Spurs for this kind of action now is a cheap shot to me, the Spurs have done it for years and most teams do it at the end of the season.

  458. Joe says:

    Spurs made headlines the wrong way…. courtesy of David Stern!

  459. molecool says:

    theyve got to be kidding me….. . NBA will now punish team for not playing they best paid players ???? i think they should punish GSW too for not staring their 9m bierdrins…. or maybe Stern should send before each game a memo to teams, mentioning which players should play, how many minutes each, and that they should fullfill Sterns desired outcome and boxscore…..welcome to sternocracy. I really think they should take this to court.

  460. McKinley says:

    I honestly hate David Stern. To veto the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers was unethical and to an extent ruined the integrity of the game. That being said I am forced to agree with him this time. No team should be resting there starters this time a year. It’s basically throwing a game. Also ruining the integrity of the league. Hard working people spend good money to watch these so called stars.

  461. R U Kidding Me?? says:

    How ridiculous is Stern?? The Heat should pay the fine for the Spurs, since they got handled by the Spurs’ 2nd & 3rd line players. NBA Champs?? More like NBA Chumps this year…

  462. 2e says:

    The arrogancy of Popovich exceeds all expectations of a coach like him. People came to the game to see San Antonio’s top three stars, and paid top dollar for that, only to find out that that they will be watching the game between their team and the San Antonio D-League. The fine imposed by the NBA is very small in comparison with the damage that was created by the coach. San Antonio should also give a rebate of 70% of the face value of every attendee’s ticket for the Miami/San Antonio game, because the league weasn’t hurt as much as the fans were.

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      Considering the Heat almost lost, you shouldn’t call the San Antonio bench a D-League, it makes the Heat look worse.

  463. Debra says:

    People can argue that NBA basketball is not entertainment but athletic competition for a championship, but no one believes people are going to watch the Cavaliers, the Wizards, the Hornets or other mediocre teams because they could win the championship. They watch because it is a beautiful and entertaining sport and we love to watch. But people want to watch the best.

  464. Janis says:

    Completely ridiculous, so coaches now can’t coach, have to inform opposing teams of their game plans? What about teams tanking? What would have he done if spurs won, fine Miami for not winning against bench players?

    And ironically, just 7 months ago, Adam Silver, the Deputy Comissioner of the league, had this to say on the topic of teams resting their star player. “The strategic resting of particular players on particular nights is within the discretion of the teams. And Gregg Popovich in particular is probably the last coach that I would second-guess.”

    The hypocricacy is sickening, but sadly in the end it’s all about the money, instead of having a competitive league, there are far worse things in NBA than Pop resting his players…

  465. horsewhip says:

    Everything in Texas is bigger and so are the fines.

  466. horsewhip says:

    Everything in Texas is bigger and the same goes with the fines.

  467. Big Al says:

    I do agree that this move was a disservice, much to the fact that the other parties concerned were not informed in a timely manner. Most Spurs fans were supportive of Popovich in deciding to rest all those players in the interest of the team’s future, but there are certainly better ways of going around that. Tim, Tony, Manu and Danny could play fewer minutes, or be rested one-by-one per game. Had at least two of them played against the Heat, they would have easily won. Miami barely snatched victory at home and with all key players available, so a five-point margin against SA’s second unit says a lot. Why risk losing a game when they had more than enough to ensure a different result?

    Pop defends his decision saying there isn’t any rule against what he did. Well, so was flopping. Before the NBA issued fines against guilty players, people liberally fake their falls to trick referees into calling fouls against their opponents. Just because there’s no legality against something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

    As for the harshness of the fine, I think there should have been a penalty other than money. Since the Spurs didn’t seem to care about winning that game, then the league could help them achieve that by suspending the coach. I would have said suspend players as well but it’s not for them to decide whether to be in the game or not. The consequence should be more against the team’s standing and not their financial situation.

    • spursalltheway says:

      How can you say the Spurs didn’t want the win? The sent out their second string and lead most of the game. Pop has a good system going. He puts people in that he knows will work 110% of the time, and if not.. they sit. Don’t you remember when Tim wanted to talk about his contract a few years ago and Pop had nothing to do with it.. he sat Tim for a couple games. It doesn’t take the superstars to win games all the time, the Spurs have something a lot of NBA teams don’t, heart…

  468. gatez says:

    Next time Pop should just play his players the first 2 minutes and call a timeout and sub in the bench.

  469. Troof says:

    The NBA seems to love the Miami Heat.

  470. Nathan Bialkowski says:

    I will never watch another NBA game until this mess is rectified. A coach should be allowed tp manage his players and commissioners involvement is completely unacceptable. Stern is riding a power trip and he just lost thist fan.

  471. TrueNBAFan says:

    Gotta love how Stern apologizes to the fans, then does something the clear majority didn’t want. I haven’t met anybody who actually wanted the Spurs to be punished. Just another reason fans will be counting the days till February of 2014.

  472. Geroy says:

    The people have spoken!
    David Stern you’re a joke. I cant wait till the day you retire. You remind me of joey crawford, the way you make this stuff personal.

    I reaaaaally hope Greg Popovich sits his stars again, and gives them bogus injury labels that you can’t dispute.

  473. henriquepgomide says:

    There’s no logical argument to punish Spurs Team. To me, there were two main reasons that justity his decision:

    1) Spurs stars injury prevention. There are injuried players already, and the Memphis game seems to be more important.
    2) Raise Spurs bench experience against a championship contender. In the last Playoffs, the bad performance by Spurs bench players was an important factor do conference final loss.

    If NBA wishes to see stars players always on court, the league has to change it’s schedule rather than punishing a team in a non rationale fashion.

    • DeeBee007 says:

      I agree with you i think if danny green played he woulda hit a clutch 3 & you know that $250,000 went straight to Stern bank account

    • Sharma says:

      Reply to your points:
      1)You can always prevent injury by playing players less. NBA’s a business, and in business u care more about what actually is and can earn u money now rather than what could be.

      2)Again the same point as the first one, you can always play starters less to allow the bench more experience.

      Conclusion: G.Pop. is a great coach, everyone says so, but he is not above the fact that the NBA is a business and in fact no team benefiting strategy is…this the truth, and what gets everyone paid in the end; do you think G.Pop would still couch if he had to do it for free? I do agree that in some way team strategy increases the profit of the NBA but profit comes first then team strategy, not the other way around.

  474. BFoulds says:

    Anyone who is arguing that this fine is a legitimate fine against the Spurs is just as ridiculous as Stern. How can you fine a team for resting players when there is no rule in place that says they can’t do so?

    This is a disservice to the credibility of the league and its rules!

    Stern. It is YOUR fault. YOU are the one that allowed 4 road games out of 5 days to be played by the Spurs, which ended in MIAMI. I wonder what you were trying to do there Stern. No I don’t. I KNOW what you were trying to do. You wanted Miami to put on a show for it’s home crowd against a tired aging Spurs team coming off of 4 games in the last 5 days to a fully rested CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM that you CRADLE.

    You are not as transparent as you think you are, Stern.

  475. Al says:

    Cant wait till this fat pig has nothing to do with the league.
    All you have given us is a leage full of Prima Donna punks that can do really sweet dunks
    Go choke on a phallic object

  476. chris says:

    This is beyond ludicrous and just plain pathetic. I have always believed that Stern did not have a handle on the league, this confirms it. This is Bron bron and Kobe’s league….If the Spurs/POP would have done this against the WIZ, nothing would have come against them. Pop has a track record of doing this, This is a normal 82 game season, there shouldn’t be situations of 4 games in 5 nights. Pop is too intelligent for you Stern, cause now he WILL start the big three, then immeditely commit a foul and pull them…..then what Stern??? You going to dictate the amount of minutes players should play??? BS!!!

  477. Matt Daddy says:

    Yeah, fine them if you must, but that money should be distributed to the fans who bought tickets and want their money back.

  478. Kevin says:

    Seriously stern? pop did it for the best interest FOR HIS TEAM. He understands that it disappointed NBA fans, but to fine the spurs 250000?! is unethical.

    • Kevin says:

      Plus THEY ALMOST WON. IT WAS STILL A GOOD GAME WITHOUT the spurs STARTERS. The heats would’ve lost if the starters were in the game. the point is that NBA FANS STILL WATCHED A GOOD GAME. STOP CRYING.

  479. NBAFAN says:

    Stern you never did like the Spurs did you?……2014 Cant come fast enough for me to see you off the throne.

  480. Wiltavian says:

    I’m going to be in Florida in April, Bucks play the Heat too in Miami. If Miami Heat rests players and LeBron and Wade and Bosh don’t play I expect a full refund and them to be fined $250,000 for not fulfilling my NBA experience because they have already clinched their playoff berth. Who cares if teams bench players now or then, it’s the coaches choice to rest them or don’t all 82 games matter and only the final 5?

  481. holy says:

    Watch DRLgaming on youtube

  482. jasone says:

    I am a 25 year fan of the NBA and the San Antonio Spurs. Living in western NY causes me to spend a lot of time, effort and money to follow my favorite team. I have gone to Phoenix, Toronto, Boston, New Jersey, New Orleans, and San Antonio to see my Spurs. I will never ever pay money to go anywhere other than S.A. ever again. How dare you tell and fine the team, them for doing whats best for the Spurs team and the Spurs fans. No longer will i shop at the NBA store, and will tell my family to never buy me anything to make the NBA money! The Spurs have been the model franchise in all of sports for 20 yrs! If you can not market team play, defense and all around good guys then you have issues with your strategies. You say the Spurs did a disservice to the fans? The Spurs fans support coach Pop, and to be honest have grown fond of watching the bench players get full runs. Every player on every team roster is a skilled pro right? I know the Spurs organization thinks like that. I cannot believe you would disrespect every man that ever put on a NBA uniform, because he wasn’t a “superstar” caliber player? Not only did Pop give rest the the older players he was able to give the rest of team a chance to showcase their talents and earn valuable experience versus championship caliber players. YOU, dropped the ball on this one, and have lost a fans trust. Thank you for your time.

  483. JA says:

    I think so many things are wrong with this decision. Im just going to name 4:
    1) what a slap in the face to any NBA player who is not a superstar. In the commisioners eyes you are not worthy of TV time. The commish made up his mind before the game even started.
    2) to the heat fans present at the Arena. Was it not a great game? It was awesome. But if you still think u should get a refund then please email David Stern and good luch with him even considering your request.
    3) so what was solved in reference to the unfair schedule the Spurs endured? This what prompted Pops decision. And to the guys who played in the 70’s under harsher conditions. Sorry, we aint in the 70’s anymore.
    4) any player, coach and true fan should feel this is just unfair. No need to elaborate. The casual fan sees it differently.

    Pop. Next time win the game. Just for the satisfaction of rubbing it in …… You get the picture.

  484. BKN says:

    Lets fine the spurs for resting their players to keep them healthy for the post season which will in the end generate more revenue than a regular season game. Lets also fine them for having their bench play one hell of a game and come close to beating the defending champs at their home court.

    That is what I call David Stern logic.

  485. Lucas says:

    Yes let’s punish for looking out for the players

  486. Clint says:

    Mr. Stern’s behavior and pompous attitude is why I have lost interest in the NBA. I have been a season ticket holder in two different cities (never San Antonio, however) and used to love the NBA. Mr. Stern is petty and vindictive. The Spurs have every right to rest players to try to get a Championship. I would much rather them do it openly and transparently than have them suit up, give little effort, then sit.

  487. Ben says:

    Commissioner Stern is very lucky the Spurs didn’t win (as they nearly did) or it would have made a complete mockery of his pre-game statement.

  488. daviedave59 says:

    We hate you David Stern. You are the most crooked commissioner in sports. YOU have done a disservice to the sport of basketball.

  489. jd says:

    david stern is so dumb man is killing the leaude like ur not running the spurs smh

  490. JK says:

    I thought it would be 100k. Geezlouis.
    Stern, I ain’t mad at you.

  491. SNSD says:

    really nba?

  492. googergieger says:

    More people disagree with Stern than voted for Obama. Stern pissed off more people than Romney did with his 47% remark.


    Seriously though, this shows Stern doesn’t care about the fans. He clearly only cares about four teams. Everything about the NBA shows this to be true.

  493. Wow i made this for this says:

    Wow, now i will watch less NBA NOW.. i hope me and friends cost the nba 250,000

  494. dave78pdx says:

    Why wait until the end of the season? David Stern should retire NOW! GET OUT OF OUR LEAGUE!

  495. Louie says:

    That is so ridiculous! i am really starting to dislike basketball with this type of behavior by the league. It sickens me

    • Al says:

      Thats ok, Stern doesnt care about you.
      All he cares about id the 15 year old kid willing to buy jersey of james, durant and kirby.
      Im guessing he is getting back at the spurs for winning those 4 low rating championships.

      How dare you win rings without sweet dunks

  496. Mike says:

    This is a disgrace, the spurs should be allowed to play whoever they want, their main goal is to get to the finals and win, and if they feel that means resting key players at certain times, so be it. It just proves how much confidence they have that they are going to be one of the top seeds despite not playing the best guys every night.

  497. sterntime to go says:

    Stern needs to go, all he cares about is making money and money and money. Basketball went from mens sport to sissy sport, where a single contact leads to foul. This fine is stupid, honestly Pop is the coach and its up to him on when to play his players or not.

  498. TheReality says:

    Pop took a stand against this obvious bias against the Spurs. Heat had 4 days rest to prepare for the Spurs and only played one game in over a week and a half. While the Spurs had the worse schedule in the NBA. 11 road games in 17 games. 4 games in 5 nights. He finds it fair to give the Spurs this cruel schedule and then have them face the Heat in Miami after they had practically a week off but to rest his old players (Duncan and Manu are 34 and 36) before having to play yet another game on Saturday against the #1 Grizzlies is somehow punishable?!? Let the best coach in basketball coach his team and you worry about dictating the NBA. Pop hasn’t missed playoffs in 15 years and won 50+ each of the last 13 seasons with 4 rings and 2 coach of the year awards. And to make Stern looks even more foolish the Spurs actually led the entire game and almost won without SIX (6) of their top players. Stern your time as commish is over. Go away and shut your mouth.

    • Al says:

      Thats the whole point, Stern wants them out of the playoffs.

      How dare a team built on character and quality, year in year out, with no new draft choices, that dont
      have big shoe deals, and contracts,

      They arent making him enough money. If the spurs fell out of the 8, maybe a team with more star and money power could get in.

      How dare the spurs get in the wat of the lakers, clippers and thunder.

  499. Puwit says:

    There wasn’t even a rule regarding this fine… Now the commission should also fine every organization for ever game the past decade where key players didn’t play because the coach wanted to rest them. SMH. Sent the wrong message stern.

  500. Stern's An Idiot says:

    I’m sorry but this is insane…….Stern needs to retire now and not in a year from now. He’s turning into a dictator!

    • Al says:

      He has been a dictator the whole time.
      He wants Star Power, and he wants it now. If some unfortunate slave
      blows out his knee and cant play again, there are plenty more coming through the chain.

      I pesonally do not consider the lakers a real team, because of their history of buying the best players.
      They havnt done 1 respectfull thing as a basketball franchise ever.

      So when Saddam Stern says that his dream finals matchup is Lakers Vs Lakers, speaks for it self

      • Mytownla says:

        Lakers arent a real franchise? They have never done not one respectful thing as a franchise ever? Lmao really its ok to hate on a team but hate on a team with facts… There are hundreds os NBA GREATS who would disagree with your ignorant comment backed up by facts… smh you haters are the worst sometimes seriously

    • Sathish says:

      Ohh really. Tomorrow Grizzlies are sitting their star players against Spurs. So be happy!! You guys have no idea of the game plan.

  501. Harley says:

    Ridiculous! Shame on you NBA.

  502. Tom says:

    Such a ridiculous fine. If Stern has a problem with the rules, either change them, set a better road schedule or warn teams against this behaviour. The “totality of the facts” is that the Spurs did not breach a specific rule. Stern is just going off his own interpretation of the vague ‘disservice’ clause when Pop simply did what every secure playoff team does at the end of the season. Pop just did it earlier than usual because he felt it was best for his team. He could even argue he’d be doing the league a disservice by running his older players into the ground in a meaningless road game instead of resting them so they can be put on show later in the year when the games actually count.

  503. White Beard says:

    The fine should equal the Spurs portion of the TV money from that game. Nothing more & nothing less. I do believe that a team shold be allowed to rest it’s players, but with some advance notice to the league and the home team of the of the game.

  504. Thomas says:

    So in these days where we see a lot of players injured among those great players like D. Rose, D. Nowitzki, K. Love, R. Rubio, S. Nash, K. Irving, J. Wall etc. the league fines a team who see it best intrest not to push the bodies of their players in order for them to last the entire season and esp. be ready for playoffs and of course also minimize chance of them getting injured.
    So what if people missed out on seing these players for 1 game. I hope that the NBA and D. Stern agrees it is in everyones intrest to have the best chance of having players not injured when it matters most which is in playoffs. Handing fines like this and thus forcing team to play its players no matter what is just wrong.

  505. Robbo says:


  506. Me says:

    fans pay way too much money to be short changed on any night

  507. Robbo says:

    So now D.Stern decides who plays and who doesn’t, what has this league come to???

  508. FreeDrop says:

    Stern needs to start dictating starting line-ups, minutes played and substitutions, too.

  509. MSC says:

    So coaches are no longer in power to decide who they gon play?
    maybe players will be next to be fined if they miss some shots?
    heading to wwe 2.0, just sayin.

    • MikeG says:


      WWE wonders why a lot of people lost interest in it? Well, it is fake, pre-determined and has dumbed itself down for kids. The sad part about the NBA? This is a professional sports league, with real athletes. David Stern, when you retire, all of us will be so much happier. At least Adam Silver has a brain with what he is doing! You wonder why Stern gets booed during any of his public appearances and Silver gets a roaring crowd. NBA arenas should start chanting, WE WANT SILVER!!!!

      I hope the Spurs give a finger to Stern when they play the Heat next time by starting all of their best players and then immediately fouling and subbing in the bench. 😛

  510. Lavan says:

    Every coach has a right to govern his team as he pleases. Pop’s move was completely understandable; winning the Championship is the ultimate goal and it supersedes a single win (while risking injury playing 4 games in 5 nights). If anything it’s a fault in scheduling; Stern should fine himself. What a CLOWN!

  511. fonzy says:

    what if pop decided to play the 4 guys and all of them got injured that night? resting players is not bad at all.

  512. sean says:

    Dictatorship. Period.

  513. Andrew says:

    Like this was going to be a fair matchup? The heat had 4 days off, and the spurs were on the end of 4 games in 5 nights.

    If the league wanted to showcase these 2 teams via the TV contract with TNT, then they should have planned this game TONS better. Equal rest… etc.

    POP is known for this kind of thing anyways. Whats to complain about?

  514. Lisandro says:

    I don’t like this fine one bit.
    San Antonio played that game and, hell, was close to win it! Whatever they do or not do with their players, as long as they are safe, shouldn’t be against the rules.
    4 games in 5 nights is against the players’ best interest and, for extension, against the NBA best interest.

    Without healthy players, there is no money. And we all know “best interest” is cash.

    • LG says:

      That game was highly anticipated by many fans and was on national TV against the NBA Champions. Coach Pops knew the schedule and he knew that out of the 4 games in 5 nights this game was going to have the most hype (and viewers). I agree the players should get rest every now and then, but you have to prioritize. The NBA is an entertainment business and depends on the fans for all salaries. No fans, no revenue. I’m sure many fans turned the channel when they saw none of the Spurs big 3 was playing. He should have planned ahead and maybe rested them the game before.

    • Sathish says:

      You know what you have no idea of coaching. Erik & Heat might have planned their game plan based on Spurs star presence. All off a sudden before the game start if you say they are not playing it is not a fair game. In fact Heat are sloppy because their entire plan might be based on Tim/Parker/Manu. But they adjusted and WON the game!! Win is a Win!!!

  515. siz says:

    David stern is wrong for what he did pop is trying to build a championship team and trying to rest is aging team. bad call

    • Chalice says:

      David Stern is exactly right. We all work hard for a living. Look how much the players get paid and compare that to the average worker who shows up to work tired because their kid was sick the night before. You tell me who has a better excuse to miss work. Teach them how hard life REALLY is. 250,000 to them is not the same as to regular people.

      • asif says:

        r u serious
        ur boss should fine u for calling out if ur son is sick then.
        the coach is there for the best interest of the team and players. whats next?Is stern going to tell popovich what plays to call?

      • TheReality says:

        Pop took a stand against this obvious bias against the Spurs. Heat had 4 days rest to prepare for the Spurs and only played one game in over a week and a half. While the Spurs had the worse schedule in the NBA. 11 road games in 17 games. 4 games in 5 nights. He finds it fair to give the Spurs this cruel schedule and then have them face the Heat in Miami after they had practically a week off but to rest his old players (Duncan and Manu are 34 and 36) before having to play yet another game on Saturday against the #1 Grizzlies is somehow punishable?!? Let the best coach in basketball coach his team and you worry about dictating the NBA. Pop hasn’t missed playoffs in 15 years and won 50+ each of the last 13 seasons with 4 rings and 2 coach of the year awards. And to make Stern looks even more foolish the Spurs actually led the entire game and almost won without SIX (6) of their top players. Stern your time as commish is over. Go away and shut your mouth.

      • xepherius says:

        It is called strategy, resting their players for future matchup. besides, spurs only lost by 5 points. If Stern fines Spurs, then he should fine maimi, because they are not trying their best. Last year’s champion play against Spur’s second unit team, and only won by 5 points, must be slacking, that is disrespectful to the fans, to the nba.

      • jah.martins says:

        Chalice It is very Ironic how you claim that we all work hard, yet when the coach is doing HIS job you have a problem?

      • Paulo Mendes says:

        This is not a 9 to 5 job, and these are not ordinary people, whether you like it or not. It’s a different ball game all together and the one that at the end of the day wins on the field and on the revenue side is the one that manages his team better.

      • PopHater says:

        It;s sickening how many people base their live outlook on the fact that someone else has more money than they do. If you really think that the players make too much money, YOU should send the message and quit watching. If you read closely, Stern left himself a loophole with the bit about sitting players in a manner “detrimental to the league”. That’s not a rule, that’s Stern’s opinion. So someone else could do the same thing and get by with it.

      • Chalice says:

        The spurs only come to Miami once a year (unless the NBA finals). How would the Spurs fans like it if James, Wade and Bosh sit out for the only time Miami visits San Antonio? Also, @ asif. First, calling people names like dummy in any argument lessons your own credibility. Second, bosses DO punish workers for not coming into work whether or not their children were sick the night before. This is getting slightly off topic but I think asif needs to start learning more about life and less about basketball.

      • ReallyNow says:

        Will the fans be refunded? NO
        Where would the 200K go then? For discounted tickets next time Spurs visit? NO

        How are the fans compensated on the disservice? WHO KNOWS

        A warning would have been more appropriate.

      • Gman says:

        This is not broadway show, this is a professional team that needs to win, so why the hell is commish getting involved. Next time play them 2 mins each.

    • Noo says:

      No he did what was necessary b/c fans go to games to see superstars play not bench players.

      • T.O. says:

        I can see both sides on this one. People pay alot of money to see these games. They want to see the big name players. It might be the only game that one person gets to see in the year. On that side a fine is deserved. On the other hand, Stern should eat some of that fine for allowing a schedule like that to happen. He also needs to keep the players best intrest at hand. Not only for the players themselves but for the fans who pay to see them. If a player gets hurt because of a schedule like this and can’t play, does the fan get his money back for not seeing the idol he payed big bucks to see only to be dissapointed becuase he is hurt…No! Pop is looking after his players but people pay to see players play. This one is a hard one.

      • ummm no... says:

        They saw Lebron James. Isn’t he a superstar? The Finals games with the Spurs were some of the lowest rating games EVER. Nobody cares about the spurs.

      • xepherius says:

        well we pay to see maimi to slacking, cant even take a huge lead against second unit team

      • Umm,yes... says:

        @Ummm,no…, Maybe someone can live in Miami and not be a Heat fan, or a LeBron fan. Maybe you went to see Duncan or Parker or Ginobili. In the end it doesn’t matter. Pop did what was necessary to rest his team for the long haul, not for a television event. That is a pretty defining example illustrating the way Pop runs the team and what he expects from his players. They aren’t looking for highlight reel time like many other individual players in the league. I understand Stern’s position, and all of his arguments for the fine. However, this really seems to be a mess he created. Stern is the man in charge at the office that does the scheduling, and, although he should understandably be upset, he should also own up to the league’s part in this mess. If I were a Heat fan, I would be upset (although they did get to see their team win which doesn’t seem like a sure thing if the starters had been there). But Pop, and the Spurs, are playing to be in the finals.

        Why do the Spurs have such low ratings? Because of the league. If you aren’t one of the league’s pretty boy teams full of highlight reels, they don’t focus on you. The Lakers, even in a losing season and out of the playoffs, get more attention than any other team. The league, and every media outlet in the country want/need ratings, and they use highlight reels and flashy plays to get it. That is completely understandable. On the other hand, hard work and effort won’t get you anything except maybe a mark in the win column, but not national media attention. The league wants, the league needs, the playoffs to be the Lakers vs the Heat, or the Celtics, because they don’t spread the wealth of their national media attention and in the end lose ratings when other teams make it to the finals. The league would have fits if two small markets they have ignored all year went to the finals. This is another problem that should be laid at the feet of the league office and Stern.

        Some of the commentators here should check their facts and NBA records and stats when knocking Pop’s decision. Try for the win in Miami, or go for the one in your own division against the team with the best record in the league? If the choice is about strategy and positioning for the finals then it is an easy call. Stern should fine the people in his office doing the scheduling, and call it a draw.

      • Travis says:

        Umm yes… if i could like your post i would.. A well articulated arguement

    • LG says:

      This is not high school basketball. It is professional sports. And as such, you have to get revenue for your team and the league. Fans bring in revenue by paying for tickets or watching on TV (advertisement dollars). If fans get these type of disappointments, they start losing interest. Uninterested fans stop watching and going to games. See the point here. That’s why Stern had to be so, um, stern and send a message.

      • Vegas702 says:

        I do see your point on fans being disappointed, and that they are the ones bringing in revenue. BUT, you are talking about a game that was against the Heat. A maority of the fans that tuned in to the game were more the likely watching for Lebron and D Wade. And probably 99 % of the people that showed up to the game were cheering for the Heat. I am not a fan of either team, but I was most disappointed in how the Heat played the 1st 3 quarters.

      • LG says:

        I agree that the Heat have more fans, but competitive matchups attracts more fans, even casual fans. The way the Heat played the first 3 quarters was just the kind of effort I expected them to put into a game against lesser competition. When faced with an easier opponent, good teams will not put their best effort. They will normally coast through the game, keeping it close and turn it on at the end. That’s why I wasn’t paying much attention to the game until the last 6 or 7 minutes. I felt like the Heat were toying with them. I imagine some of the more casual fans did not even stick around long enough to see LeBron and Ray Allen close out the game. The TV ratings for that game must have suffered because of that.

      • Wat? says:

        LG, the heat are actually know for blowing out lesser opponents so get ur facts straight, the reason the game was close was because spurs have a lot of depth and the best coach in the NBA

    • jay says:

      thats mess up no matter how you look at it. how do you fine a person before a rule is made? its like you driving down the road 55mph and the speed limit is 55. you get pulled over for going 55 and than two weeks later they change the speed limit to 45.

      • Travis says:

        Stern released the message saying they will face substantial sanctions and he is sorry for what he presumed to be a bad game… waaaay before the game is played
        Poor form David Stern

    • TheReality says:

      Pop took a stand against this obvious bias against the Spurs. Heat had 4 days rest to prepare for the Spurs and only played one game in over a week and a half. While the Spurs had the worse schedule in the NBA. 11 road games in 17 games. 4 games in 5 nights. He finds it fair to give the Spurs this cruel schedule and then have them face the Heat in Miami after they had practically a week off but to rest his old players (Duncan and Manu are 34 and 36) before having to play yet another game on Saturday against the #1 Grizzlies is somehow punishable?!? Let the best coach in basketball coach his team and you worry about dictating the NBA. Pop hasn’t missed playoffs in 15 years and won 50+ each of the last 13 seasons with 4 rings and 2 coach of the year awards. And to make Stern looks even more foolish the Spurs actually led the entire game and almost won without SIX (6) of their top players. Stern your time as commish is over. Go away and shut your mouth.

    • Sathish says:

      You guys are so funny!! Tomorrow if Grizzlies pull their star player’s plug for the spurs game you all will praise Hollins is becoming a best coach in the league is it? Stern did excellent decision to punish Spurs to set great example to save the NBA league. Though it is regular season it is a game. Every one should pay more attention.

    • Sathish says:

      Who ever saying Spurs second bench gave good game better think again. Are you saying Spur’s star would not have brought excellent game or possibly win over Heat!!! What if Hollins decides to bench their star players tomorrow against Spurs? Pop decision will look like fool. That is what exactly Stern stopped. You do not want star players sit down against each other till they reach play off. What if Heat sits star players when they visit Spurs? Will you be happy. May be you do. coz you have no idea.

    • Stright up says:

      Straight foward the set up for the schedule comes back on nba. Heat rested and spurs comin in on 4 games to 5th in a row on road, is just asking for injuries and when they get injured how much lost revenue will there be, then when spurs head to LA or OKC after they are hurt. Blame goes to schedules being how they are. You may not be a spurs but if kobe and howard get hurt on a 3 of 5 games in a row and miss half a season Lakers revenue will drop or worse they miss playoffs keeping fans tuned in is important and to give star players a rest so they can continue to show up for more games rather then be injured and put on better shows is more important. POP did what he had to. No reason for fine instead talk to coach and next year implement a beter schedule.

      • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

        Coaches and Players need to play no matter what unless they are hurt or somebody died. They get paid the big bucks to put on a fight for the best record. It was irresponsible for Pop to send the players home. Pretty of the charts wrong. Two big teams coming together, customers paying 15.00 to 1000.00 or more, TV and cable adjusting commercials for that day. And for what? half a Spurs team against full Miami team. I am not suprised that 80 percent of the people leaving comments don’t understand that, As a business owner myself its clear the financial aspect of it and coaches views too. What Popovich in my opinion shoulda done was shorten playing time on the the stars he is worried about during that six game trip. Fans are paying his paychecks. I think 250K is right when you consider how much these two teams make a game. Lakers make 2 mil a game. I just looked it up.