Rondo Gets Two-Game Suspension

There’s a reason why many NBA executives hesitate when they’re asked if Rajon Rondo is the point guard they’d trust holding their franchise in his hands.

It’s not about his ability to slash, drive and get to the rim to finish. It’s not about those quick hands that can disrupt plays. It’s not even about his streaky jump shot.

It’s all about Rondo’s personality, his composure.

Everybody wants their front line players to battle and scrap. But no one needs them crossing a line and picking fights that could be costly in the standings.

Rondo already missed the second half of Wednesday’s loss to the Nets and now with the struggling Celtics a game over .500 (8-7), he’ll miss the next two games after getting suspended by the league for fighting with Brooklyn’s Kris Humphries.

The Nets’ Gerald Wallace was fined $35,000 and Boston’s Kevin Garnett $25,000 for escalating the fight.

Rondo will sit out Friday night when the Trail Blazers visit Boston and Saturday’s game in Milwaukee.

According to, Rondo did not seem to regret his action when he spoke to the media at Thursday’s practice, prior to the announcement of the suspension:

“I know I have to be out there for my teammates,” he said. “That’s the only thing about it. But I was sticking up for my teammates. I didn’t try to start a fight. I’m not trying to be a bully. I just didn’t think the play was fair that he made on Kevin, that’s all.”

Never mind the lame excuse that the snarling Garnett needs somebody to stand up for his honor. It’s not like this was the first time for Rondo. He was suspended for a game in the playoffs last season when he bumped a referee and was slapped with a two-game suspension for heaving the ball at an official in the 2010-11 season.

As long as he keeps piling up 10- and 20-assist games and triple-doubles, Rondo’s sheer talent will keep him in any conversation about the league’s best point guard.

But when it comes to being The Guy, temperament, composure, just plain cool in the heat of the battle matters.

It’s like the old saying about the lottery: You’ve got to play to win.


  1. Lakers-R-Us says:

    It was the heat of the moment. rondo was backing up his teammate.; who was pushed down by Humphries. It happens. Get over it!

  2. TAijutsu says:

    suspend rondo a whole season… thats the act that mr ron artest when he was in the indiana pacers… be fair wtf

    • dattebayo says:

      Rondo tried to push Humphries to the ground, but he kept clinging to Rondo and then everybody joined the party to make it a huge tug festival. Ron Artest ran into the stands to actually beat up a fan. Can’t you tell the difference?

  3. bigwes95 says:

    watching the play, it doesn’t even really seem like a hard foul by Humphries. if it was actuall that bad, you KG would have reacted the second he was hit if it was bad. Rondo needs to keep his emotions in check and learn that to help his team the most he needs to be able to play, not just have their back. i’m not blaming rondo for helping/standing up for his teammates, but he should have realized that KG would have reacted first if it was as bad as he thought it was.

  4. Hume says:

    I am sadden about what has happpened. As a true fan of the Celtics, especially Rondo, I truly feel bad that KG was fined and for Rondo’s punishment. Pushing and Shoving are often seen in sports games, and as long as no one gets hurt, it is not a big deal. The ejection ftom the game should be enough, and why Humphries was not suspended or fined? Rondo has paid a lot more than just being suspended–his 37-game streak–a huge accomplishment that has ended. He might have lost his cool, but I admire his talent and his loyalty for his teammates. In my mind, he is still the best point guard in NBA, and what he did actually earns many fans’ respect in some way.

  5. Walter says:

    How exciting 🙂 …

  6. Mister E says:

    Only 2 games suspension for Rondo? After starting a fight? Seriously?

  7. Rondo is my favorite PG because of his skills, BUT he does need to know how to keep his emotions in check. That foul on KG was just a hard foul and the fight was just a pushing match, so I’m not surprised that it’s 2 games.

  8. Vader says:

    For all the comments defending Rondo’s actions… Really. Rondo was frustrated with his play this game and it didn’t help that the Nets opened up a can of whip ash on the Celtics. Garnett got fouled by Humphries. Garnett didn’t jump up in anger towards Humphries, so why does Rondo? Frustration, plain and simple. Now it cost you 2 games. Rondo needs to grow up. Maybe there is some truth to what Ray Allen has said. PS… Paul Pierce is still looking for his contact lens after Joe Johnson tricked him…

  9. Trevor says:

    It doesnt mean anything. RONDO is far the best Pg in the leauge.

  10. Dagibbon says:

    Watched this a few times now and that wasn’t a hard foul at all, just a regular foul where the contact was on the head and his shoulder. Rondo reacted like a puppy had just been kicked, and rushes to defend KG, of all people. Looked like the fans behind the basket took more of a hit than KG did on the play with Humphries. And the comments saying it’s actually Humphries fault for reacting to Rondo’s push, cos if he didn’t Rondo wouldn’t have had to throw the punches?….Serious face??


    hey yo michael pushing whattttttttttttttt?? that is part of the game or play if dont want to touch u then dnt play basketball. i recommend u, kg and rondo play chess so that u cannt touch by ur opponent.

  12. Go Rondo says:

    Yes, indeed the NBA had to put a fine on Humphries too, oh but wait, they blame Rondo and only him. And why the fines on Garnett and Wallace?

    This was not fair, HUmphries should have gotten some too. He reacted to Rondo and it all began. If he had done nothing then none of this wpuld have happended.

  13. Mattmo says:

    Rondo was just getting back at Humphries for blocking his shot earlier. Boston players are bullies you can see it in their eyes they want to hurt you.

  14. AJ says:

    and…nothing for Humphries who ACTUALLY started the whole situation. Come on Stern..

  15. Joe says:

    Im a diehard celtics fan but come on Rondo. You know whats going to happen if you push the guy so talk some smack and get back to the game. Ur da man Rondo but you gotta get ur attitude under control cause it kills us every time. And please practice shooting 3s so the other team can’t crowd the paint anymore.

  16. Bstarr says:

    David slashed Goliath in Boston and got suspended…….not a fair fight ….not a fair decision……but I’m looking forward to the next game between these 2 teams. Go C’s !!!

  17. Kiddo says:

    bad boy. so, I getting more believe about the rumors that ray allen leaving boston celtics because of this bad boy’s manners.

  18. Michael says:

    The nets fault they started because they pushed garnett rajon rondo is just being tempered of hurting there teammates

  19. NUFF SAID says:

    celtic fans didn’t you watch the slowmo on replay??? To see is to believe… don’t cheat on yourselves believing that Rondo is innocent… Clearly Rondo Pushes Humphries and Khris just grab rondo’s arms… But rondo suddenly throw punches… Khris didn’t do anything…. He just commit a FOUL… Not flagrant foul… He simply raise his arms up trying to deflect the ball out of garnetts hand… He didn’t touch garnett that hard… KG was outbalanced when he falls…. There’s no race issue on that too…. Rondo deserves that suspension not because he is black but he really guilty on something… Using race as an excuse is like a brain of a THUG….

  20. Zakarias says:

    I can’t deal with it . Humperies started to fight . Rondo has just pushed him because of his hard fould then Humpries thought that he is the prince who can do anything he wants ..

  21. AK says:

    I think Rondo should be suspended more games, Humphries did not do anything but a hard foul, what Rondo did was just plain stupid, guy needs to cool down.

  22. BW says:

    MWP damn near took JHardens head off and only got 10, this was nothing but handbags no suspension needed

  23. maliek Kennedy says:


  24. Schemer21 says:

    I’m a Knicks fan cut i really like the Celtics and Rondo, but what a total overreaction by Rondo. Stupidity. Garnett was shooting an off balance fadeaway out of bounds and Humphries fouled him and Garnett fell over. Garnett looked to the refs for the foul. We all know what Garnett is like, if he felt like there was anything dirty about the foul he would have reacted but he didn’t. Humphries isn’t even a dirty player! Rondo let his teammates down but completely overreacting. Come on Rondo, you’re better than that…

  25. neonposter says:

    They need to remove the fine on Wallace. He seemed like he was trying to break up the fight and only struggled to free himself of Kevin’s hostile hands. So how in the world can he get slapped with 35k when Kevin gets 25? The video evidence is right here for us to examine. Just so unfair. Good game by the Nets though.

  26. Tianna says:

    I am a HUGE Rondo fan, but this play was definitely uncalled for. There have been harder fouls given to Garnett, and overreacting to this one was silly. the NBA creates rules that doesn’t allow players to play tougher, but get over it. He really wanted to fight, they could have settled it after the game like MEN! Bad decision making by Rondo!

  27. Dave says:

    where is the flopping penalty for Garnett? That was total garbage, Garnett exaggerated, Rondo thought it was a hard foul and reacted.

    • chris says:

      really? he got hit in the face deliberately. he’s allowed to go down for that, especially as he was off balance anyway.

  28. Bartosh says:

    No punishment for Humphries? Innocent lady in trouble or what? He always seemed lame to me

  29. Kingk says:

    Rondo picked the wrong time to do what he did the other night, and the celtics need all the help they can get. They would be winning more games if they had ray allen.

  30. Glenn says:

    come on RAJON you are better than that.

  31. Denoizer says:

    I really liked it. He showed care for his teammates. Maybe a little to much, but if someone hard fouls my friends/teammates, I would retaliate, too.

    BTW, I would eject anyone, who hard fouls others, followed by a suspension. A hard foul is not better than a fight. It shows the intention of the one commiting it to hurt and harm his opponent. Something to think of…

  32. Phillip says:

    What is it about the name Ron that makes the player want to fight? Will Rondo be changing his name to Metta Moon Peace, lol.

  33. the real deal says:

    C’mon Fran,what did you say?a lame excuse for Rondo to stand up over Garnett?did you ever played basketball in your life?maybe not,because you don’t know what being a teammate is all about and the bond that each and everyone have created all through the years of playing together.he did not start the fight but instead he just reacted to the situation after a stupid hard foul over KG.if i am a coach,i would be happy of how Rondo!We need a personality like that of Rondo!!the NBA is getting boring.and what a stupid article,Fran!!

  34. NBAFAN says:

    In my opinion…..Humphries held on to Rondo cause he was being pushed back so hard! And to the lee guy that said they always suspend the black guy…..Dont make this a race issuse. THAT is carrying it too far. And you just sound so stupid

    • bigwes95 says:

      and the nba is over 90% black, so it’s really impossible to make it racist and why it might look like it’s always the black people(most of the players) getting blamed, which isn’t at all true. the nba is just way to soft and doesn’t allow any contact that is remotely bad. watching someone like Bird,Thomas, Lambeer, and others i can’t really think of off the top of my mind, in the 80’s will make you realize how soft the league has gotten

  35. AnnoYouLater says:

    omg this writer is so biased…its not like rondo is doing it every night and without reason…these guys spend almost the whole day together everyday,they are family,so this is a very understandable reaction from rondo…he is not like ron artest wacking up Fans…

  36. Melo Wade says:

    Honestly, I think Rondo was wrong to push humfries. That’s true. But why does humfries had to grab him like that? Rondo just replied to this by pushing him away, then it started to fire up, but I mean, why does humfries not taking anything? he is more to blame than rondo for me!

  37. basketcase says:

    Boston may suffer in the short term , but it will help their team chemistry, since they know their fellow players will stick up for them. It screwed up Rondos shot for the record so he’s probably feeling that more than anything.

  38. lee says:

    this is so stupid criss should get suspended too the nba allways suspends the black guy only whats isthat all about

  39. Sponz says:

    I don’t buy Rondo’s comment. KG has never had a problem defending himself so why start now? Besides….you can’t push somebody just for fouling. What if Dwight Howard did that with all the players that hack him? Maybe i’d feel differently if KG didn’t get the foul.

  40. KB says:

    Someone just stupidly posted Rondo’s foul was the equivalent or more than what Bynum did in the playoffs a while back. If memory serves correctly, Bynum elbowed a flying J.J. in a lay up attempt. He’s a full 12 inches taller him compared to Rondo, the shorter one, only shoved the taller Kris Humphries in the stands (didn’t care to look up the height difference). That’s not deserving of 5-7 game suspension. Just stupid….

  41. John says:

    This article said what I was just saying to my coworker. Rondo is an immense talent but he is still immature and for that reason can’t ever be on the Olympic team or be in the ranks of Chris Paul in my opinion.

    And keep in mind Rondo’s suspension comes largely for two reasons – he pushed a player INTO THE STANDS. That can’t happen. IAnd two, he has a history of getting suspensions, and that factors in to the league’s decision.

    Fair decision and good blog post from a good writer.

    • ademtchas says:

      1st of all Rondo is and will always be better than Paul, well maybe except for the composure. and 2nd, Rondo didnt push that guy into the stands. if anything, that guy PULLED RONDO INTO THE STANDS when he wants to fight back. I m just surprised he didnt get any suspension.

  42. slider821 says:

    lol these nba scribes who’ve never played a basketball game in their life crack me up. the NBA is softer than AAU ball now and bloggers like Fran make the game sound like it’s meant to teach 3rd graders how to be nice to eachother.

  43. cibotevez says:

    This is ridiculous. Why isn’t Humphries suspended too? He was the one who responded more agressively. Rondo is not an angel but he don’t seems to be a bad guy. Put a two game suspention only to him when there were a lot of players pushing each other makes no sense. But i guess “someone” likes to create some “easy” targets. And note that i’m a Laker fan from Portugal, but i found this suspension unfair to a really outstanding players, arguably the best PG in the league.

  44. BIASFLAN says:

    Yeah! BIAS writer hahahaha a typical BROOKLYN FAN

  45. zen garden says:

    lame …he barely pushed hump barely pushed him..big deal ..the nba is too needed this

  46. Olego says:

    That’s a kind of a franchise player You would love to have!

    Teammates matter everything!

  47. Malik says:

    I don’t think any of this was necessary, Rajon blew his streak completely.

  48. Troy says:

    i’m outraged. he should’ve gotten atleast 5-7 games. now he’ll sit out games the Celts should and will win anyway

    • Nas says:

      Have you been watching the Celtics? The Blazers and Bucks in Miluwakee are hardly guaranteed wins. Being a Celtic fan makes you bipolar, you just never know what kind of effort they’re going to give.

  49. NBA was better befpre says:

    The NBA needs stuff like that from time to time. It keeps players on edge and sharp to competitiveness, awakes rivalries and brings toughness to the game that is really lacking nowadays in this joke of a league where swinging your harms after a foul call gets you a tech. No one wants to see Netball, we want to see hard, skilled, tough, intense played games. So stop overreacting to these small scuffles, no punches were thrown, just some lil’ pushing and shoving. Come on now!!

  50. Joe Kuhn says:

    Don’t they realize there is an NHL lockout?

  51. BigRedPeppers says:

    Bynum had a 5 game suspension for shoving!!! Rondo gets only 2 for fighting? WTF???

    • BP says:

      Rondo should get more suspension, at least 5-7 games.

      • Anthony Hurley says:

        My boy Rodo dont care and I would do the samething for a teamate. And if you knew about basketball the fight really wasnt that bad compared to most other fights, so thats why he only got a 2 game suspension.

      • aaaaaa says:

        I disagree I think 2 is enough. I also think Humphries should have been suspended for a game or 2 also. If you go back and watch it, Rondo shoves him initially then isn’t going to do anything else, and Humphries pulls him in which is when the fight began.

    • chubbena says:

      Wallace and Garnett no suspension? Interesting