Rondo Starts Fight, Ends Streak

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Rajon Rondo‘s assist streak is over, not because his teammates couldn’t make shots, but because he couldn’t control his emotions.

Longest double-digit assist streaks, NBA history
Player Year(s) Games
Magic Johnson 1983-84 46
Rajon Rondo 2012 37
John Stockton 1989 37
John Stockton 1992 29

With the Brooklyn Nets leading the Boston Celtics 51-35 near the end of the first half in Boston on Wednesday night, the Nets’ Kris Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett and then hit Garnett in the face after the whistle.

Rondo took exception to the hit (and maybe to getting swatted by Humphries earlier in the game) and shoved Humphries under the basket. And he kept shoving Humphries into the crowd as other players tried to separate the two.

The result was ejections for both Rondo and Humphries, as well as technical fouls on both Garnett and the Nets’ Gerald Wallace. That was Wallace’ second T, so he was ejected also.

At the time, Rondo had just three assists, so his streak of 37 games with double-digit assists is over, nine games short of Magic Johnson‘s record.

And Rondo, who clearly was trying to pad his assist stats at times during the streak, can only blame himself for the streak’s demise.


  1. Boo Hoo says:

    what hard foul? that was just your everyday garden variety NBA foul. LOL at Rondo and Terry trying to act tough on the court, lets see them try that stunt on the MMA trained Humpries outside. LOL @ the Celtic nuthuggers trying to justify Rondo’s latest implosion. how I wish it was Rondo on the receiving end of that MWP elbow last year instead of Harden.

  2. Caramello Frog says:

    In my opinion, it is all Rondo’s fault for the whole accident. I know the Humphries foul on Garnett was a bit too aggressive, but there was no need for Rondo to throw a few punchs at Humphries. Humphries played the whole situation quite well. You could see in the footage that Humphries is on the ground, trying to get back up, but it is all Rondo’s fault. Basketball isn’t basketball with out fouls. Rondo has always been a stuck up basketballer who is aggressive. So I feel sorry for Humphries, he should have not gotten the second technical….

  3. Rooney says:

    Why did the nets get any suspensions?? rondo deserved his 2 game ban, celtics are such a bad team

  4. Rooney says:

    Rondo is a dirty player, almost as terrible as the whole OKC squad

  5. just look closer! says:

    i am realy suprised nobody talking about humphries holding on to rondo and pulling rondo all the time after the shove,which caused them to go so far backward, and thats why rondo loses his jersey!…well, rondo shouldn’t have pushed him but i think humpries did this on purpose to get rondo ejected! some people might know materazzi/zidane story…

  6. Tonny says:

    if i was jason terry i would of push rondo away

  7. Raptor11 says:

    Rondo stood up for Garnett. That’s ok. Rondo started a fight with humphries. That’s not ok. If Rondo can learn to control his emotions, he will be one of the best point gaurds in the leage.

  8. bu says:

    Shows that Rondo is still a bit immature (remember he got ejected last yr vs Hawks?) Grown men deals with this the smart way: Trigger the other guy off & act innocent. Or get him back discreetly by ramping over their team. Doc is rt, that’s not toughness. Toughness is in the mind & how you do this for the benefit of the team to win the game, not to undermine the team for emotional outbursts that losses the game. I’m sure KG would prefer Rondo to do it in a different way. You don’t see KG & Pierce go into outbursts like that, & they will get you back in other ways.

  9. LakersNation says:

    Does not even come CLOSE to the rumble in the Palace of Auburn Hills, God bless Ron Artest aka Metta Worldpeace.

  10. G. Henderson says:

    This game got out of control and it all starts with Rondo. What a little bully this guy is. This was going to be a physical game as proof just from watching the first half. Of course, emotions run high and players get antsy but Rondo has been known to be immature about it all. This isn’t the first time he retaliated at another player. I mean come on… wasn’t like Humphries punched Garnett. It was just a regular foul but just got Garnett a little bit on the high shoulder and face. His hands were wide open, not fisted. Come on, sheesh.

    Rondo needs anger management.

  11. MsKayeLove says:

    I am so glad someone else pointed out the fact the Rondo got his shot blocked by Humphries just a few plays prior. Humphries really did not hit KG that hard. I love KG but he is a physical player (that part of the reason why I like him), that bump by Humphries did not hurt him. Sorry Rondo this was random and stupid.

  12. Celtics4Life says:

    kim kardash new favorite player rajon rondo? lol

  13. buddy lee82 says:

    weak move by rondo, kg actually flopped on the foul to draw a call. Doc said it best after the game that the team is not tough at all and that the altercation was not a tough statement.

  14. Baller says:

    Rondo: See why you never make TEAM USA???

  15. Iván says:


  16. OneBadWood says:

    I am astonished that people think rondo is a beast in this video. The first push was super soft and he didnt get aggressive until he had back up. What a beast hahaha

  17. hooplover says:

    KG flopped, rondo acted like a girl……. nuff said!

  18. Bobcats > Lakers says:

    Celtics and Lakers finals this season…I think not.

  19. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Good for Humphries. Scumbag Rondo needs to get knocked out. Kris didn’t fouled Garnet hard. It was a soft foul that Garnett flopped on. Isn’t there a new rule for flopping lol? Rondo thinks he can just come up to anyone and nobody will do anything. Ha ha wrong!

  20. a real NBA fan says:

    I cannot even believe some of the comments I’m reading… first and foremost, the foul by humphries was a CLEAN, HARD NBA foul. The fact that garnett didn’t respond in the same manner (being that he is just as hot-headed) shows that it was simply a clean hard foul. Rajon Rondo was ENTIRELY in the wrong. His frustration that his team is losing games and down 16 points is no reason for him to start a fight. For those of you saying that he only pushed him once you’re nuts.

    Rondo should be suspended a game and there should be no further penalty for Garnett, Humphries, or Wallace.

    Also, I love how everyone hates on humphries because of a reality show that intentionally made him look bad. Its a reality show about the KARDASHIANS… so naturally when anyone else creates trouble, they’re gonna make him look bad. the number of idiots who comment on this is absurd.

    Do some research and understand basketball before you post arrogant, unwarranted comments.

    and by the way, I’m a diehard NETS fan.

  21. dj rgm9 says:

    Realy funny this Rondo dude,hahahaha!Rondo got lucky that isn’t a real streetfight,got blocked by his own shirt.In a real streetsituation Rondo would be kicked his own … big time with some groundfight tactics by Humpries any day!!!Not to mention Celtic’s dirty game tricks for many years,this time they got it’s own ‘dirty stuff”all over them selfs and more to come in the future.Pay back is a …. !!!
    I see the Celt’s again not going to the final’s with this kind of mentality,especialy with teammate Rondo’s proffesional acting on court!
    No wonder Ray Ray leaving the Celt’s for the heat.
    Grtz from a big Laker fan!!!

  22. KeCe says:

    Rondo needs to be suspended a few games, imo. What the F— was that about?!

  23. bunbury says:

    if the nba does not fine garnett for this flop, they should remove this new rule.

  24. Rondo9 says:

    how did boston lose wit humphries and wallace gone

  25. bunbury says:

    Rondo should be suspended for several games. teach him a lesson. Humphries foul wasnt even a hard one, garnett flopped. but the way Rondo went on humphries, he should’ve been punch right in the face so that he learns. he acts as if he is so tough. give me a break!!

  26. Eli Odell J. says:

    Hey look, both them comments I left’s been deleted, guess mr Schumann here don’t like my kind, good ole jboy from New York, lookin down his long nose
    Must’ve struck a nerve

  27. Andrew says:

    What a biased article
    John Schuhmann does not know how to write.
    Please try to write something a bit more useful?

  28. Celticslife says:

    Hey way to right an unbiased report. Of course Rondo is the bad guy. He stood up for his teammate and Humphrey’s deserves it. The nets think they are so tough cuz thay are in Brooklyn. The nets are a joke. Lets go C’s

  29. Rondo says:

    Rondo acted stupid enough to get ejected… way to go

  30. Franklin says:

    its all KG’s fault, humphries barely hit him in the face and KG acted like he got shot. humphries was simply playing d, Rondo overreacted but it shows that hes a good teammate, kinda stupid to start the fight but still, good teammate. its basketball, its a physical sport, people got hit all the time,

  31. jose machado says:

    k.humphries made a normal fault, “tondo” collapsed and garnett should be ejected too, in the end the best team won!

  32. ZULU says:

    The refs did the right thing. Unlike the officials at The Palace on the night of NBA Infamy.

  33. Rg15 says:

    Yes, Humphries fouls Garnett and what seems to be inadvertant contact after the play, he goes through a horrible relationship with whatsthatslut, he is a below average PF, we can all agree he is a looser, whatever he is, Rondo’s actions were out of control. No need for that on the court

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      Good for Humphries. Scumbag Rondo needs to get knocked out. Kris didn’t fouled Garnet hard. It was a soft foul that Garnett flopped on. Isn’t there a new rule for flopping lol? Rondo thinks he can just come up to anyone and nobody will do anything. Ha ha wrong!

  34. ImJusSayin says:

    about time things worked out, his streak was done few games back when he padded his stats in a loss. Stockton and Johnsons streaks are legit hard earned not handed by a numbers coach trying to keep it going.

  35. lIl says:

    Rondo got what he deserved. KG was half flopping.

    Kris should have gotten a T, Rondo, a Flag. 2 for starting the fight.

    KG and Wallace both T’s.

  36. Bulls2012 says:

    Humphries will knock out Rondo…Kris was worried about the ppl behind him and anyone can push some1 back when they are back peddling..DOES ANY1 NOTICE THAT RONDO GOES AFTER NON-BLACK PLAYERS…(KIRK HINRICH AND KRIS)..even tho kris is not white but still…….

    P.S. Rondo is still behind williams, CP3, and Drose in the best point guard! rondo is a dbag….Garnett is stil the dirtiest player in bball..

    Typical boston

  37. MJ says:

    Magic…Stockton…no comparison the difference is between the ears…records are meant to be broken..luckily not by knuckle draggers….Boo hoo Rondo all the skill in he world, high Ball IQ (supposedly), but no common sense and you are the leader of this team? See 1984 Finals video McHale’s foul on Rambis…now that was a dirty foul…The leprechauns can’t win without ihm…I guess that is too difficult for him to understand, a leader doesn’t lose his cool, put in a bench player to take care of that business…Not Rondo…you I D I O T I think the C’s were just a bit frustrated that they were getting beat by the New Jersey Nets, sorry Brroklyn…New World Order in the Atlantic perhaps, especially if Rondo continues to lose his cool

  38. Kris Kardashian Humphries says:

    Ummm no go look at the replay…anyone who says Kris intentionally hit KG are stoopid…first off, anyone knows if the foul was that bad then KG himself would have gotten into and all he did at the end of the play was point at Humphries like “damn ref he fouled me hard give em a tech!” and Rondo should have controlled himself. As far as Kris being wrong for fighting back, how many of you idiots are gonna let someone shove you without you doing anything?? Yeeaaa…idiots smh

  39. Jerry25 says:

    John, you got this one wrong.
    Hump never hit Garnet in the face, either during the foul or after.
    You must be listening to what Tommy Heinson said and believed it.

    And Hump was not ejected for the fight. He was given 2 technicals, which is an automatic ejection.
    However, Hump didn’t deserve any technicals and I suspect they were given just to quiet the crowd.
    I expect Billy King to request that the T’s be rescinded. Hump just committed an ordinary 2 shot foul.

    Hump is MMA trained and could have knocked out the scratching Rondo, if it wasn’t an NBA game.
    David Stern is not going to stand for this. Rondo will get at least a 5 game suspension and KG deserves a suspension too.

    • Thisguy says:

      Are u stupid what the hell did KG do?!?!? when wallace was shoving him continously he was still trying to help break it up ur stupid

  40. NBA fanatic says:

    rondo is just upset kris block him on that game

  41. Adri says:

    Humpries put Rondo’s head in his balls.Rondo, this malignant tumor should be removed from Celtics body; otherwise chances are to infect all NBA.

  42. Rondo, K G and the other guys need to find out what Joe Johnson was doing. Because he makes more money than all of the players on the floor and he knows how to keep it in his pocket.

  43. AD says:

    From a neutral fan, seems clear to me that Humphries and Rondo are both in the wrong here, but Humphries moreso. Blatant, intentional strike to Garnett’s face by Humphries, the whistle had gone long before that happened. Rondo shoved Humphries completely unnecessarily and for no real reason, it’s not as if KG needs Rondo to step in and fight his battles for him is it?
    Then Humphries reacted by pulling Rondo into the crowd for some unfathomable reason, yes the article states that Rondo pushed Humphries into the crowd but if you watch the video its’ clearly the other way around hence why it was Rondo’s shirt that got pulled off his back
    And clearly Garnett was fighting with Wallace at one stage so he should have been ejected as well

  44. FelixFitzgerald says:

    Maybe not the smartest move by Rondo but still an good one..

  45. Billy says:

    KG deserved every bit of that hit t the SHOULDER, he commits harder NON CALL fouls everygame….RONDO and NBA REFS are all a bunch of PUNKS…..

  46. RondoTheDramaQueen says:

    I had to do what I had to do. End of story.

  47. Freida says:

    Rondo was just upset that they were losing. Look at them now. They are not playing well. Rondo had no right to start a fight. He has no control over his emotions. I have seen worse fouls than that but other basketball players don’t start a big fight like Rondo. When will he grow up. He needs to take anger management courses. He created a problem with Ray Allen so Ray Allen left. I am a HEAT fan so good for Miami and a loss to the Celtics. rondo is a problem. Why was it last year rumors were going around that they wanted to trade Rondo? He is an amazing PG but it appears he can’t get along with other people. He is 26, not a teenager anymore, so grow up!!!!!!!

  48. skipper says:

    Strange that Kris Humphries is still in the NBA considering he clearly did not wear the pants in his last relationship, the WNBA awaits Kris, and so do many other starlets whos iq falls below 60. Do us all a favour and retire

  49. lol says:

    lolk at the haters rondo ftw

  50. Kimeron (@screamcrimson) says:

    Rondo put those paws on him..hahaha CelticsNation we fight and die as a family/brotherhood..If u mad about that then go hang urself hahahah

  51. Schuhmann Haters says:

    All of you hat’in on schuhmann should shut up, he gets paid to write and you don’t he probably doesn’t even read these comments idiot.

  52. The Truth says:

    Humphries got muscled by lil rondo…..the celtics season is at a slow start but they’ll turnout ok come playoff time

  53. robin says:

    You ALL celticss HATERS, You want only Rondo to become your player, coz we have a GREAT POINT GUARD IN THE LEAGUE….YOU JEALOUS!!! GO GO GO CELTICS

  54. Kevin says:

    Besides the Boston fans who think their players are never in the wrong, how can anyone say that was a hard foul? I honestly watched it 15 times to see if I missed something and it was a normal foul. You can also tell by Garnett’s initial reaction. He didn’t jump up immediately like everyone does when they think its a hard, dirty foul. He only reacted when he saw the fight start. I’m seriously confused to how it’s viewed as a hard foul

  55. DL00KV says:

    I am no fan of either team but, this is basketball, not a gang war. No matter what the reason, you don’t start a physical fight. If you don’t like your opponents, “beat” them on the court and not literally. And you don’t show brotherhood by picking fights and getting ejected, you show it by winning the game together.

  56. MWP says:

    Ron Artest should punch Rondo straight in the face! Id pay big bucks to se that!

  57. John says:

    Is KG not supposed to be the leagues tough guy lmfao. He cried like a little baby because Humphries barely touched his face. Rondo the midget needs to act properly, he saying Heat are a bunch of cry babies, well dont know what the Celtics are then.

    Boston is going no where this year thats for sure!

  58. edg2t says:

    go rondo! Rondo is still young so many opportunities to make another run at it!

  59. james says:

    Finally! rondo got a T! He’s so boastful!

    • james says:

      i hope everybody watched the whole game! a minute before the brawl rondo get’s blocked to humphries. That made him upset! Poor celtics i can’t imagine them winning another championship for their dirty plays!

  60. Jon says:

    We may never see a point guard as talented and as dumb as Rondo again…

  61. Andy says:

    Rondo didnt even start the fight

  62. Rob says:

    It wasn’t that bad , sure kris fouled but nothing special about it.
    Rondo started pushing Kris2-3 times, then Kris fell, and grabbed rondo and pulled rondo with him into the crowd adn got his shirt off.

    Both deserv to get a T but not ejected

  63. Luis says:

    Seems like Rondo was looking for what he got – troubles. He can not control himself and the results always are terrible. We got millions kids watching NBA and no one desires this kind example for our kids. Even for Brooklyn players too.

  64. Ehhhhh says:

    I think it was intentional. But I don’t get everyone saying “way to stick up for your teammate”…..Really? Kevin Garnett is not capable of sticking up for himself? Here is what should have happened were it as horrible and dirty as most seem to think. Garnett stands up and gets in humphries face, things go as they go and they get into a fight. Rondo steps in and sticks up for his teammate. NOT Garnett doesn’t get up and get heated because it’s really NOT that big a deal and he’s done much worse throughout his career (as have many other NBA players.) and Rondo comes flying in to defend….who? Garnett certainly doesn’t need Rondo to defend him. The Celtics team in general doesn’t. Actually, what they need is Rondo on the court (as their loss evidenced). I love Rondo’s game. And I don’t like Humphries even a little. But I think it is ignorant to applaud this kind of behavior. He was so close to making history. Not that he still cannot. But losing his streak, losing the game, and facing possible suspension/fines for this just doesn’t seem worth it. NOT . . that anyone cares what I think. 🙂 haha

  65. Ace says:

    BKALLDAY, Humphries was ejected for what happened after the foul, not the foul itself.

    NUFF SAID, exactly that, enough said. You’re a clueless clown so just stop talking. The Celtics are no angels but you have one of the league’s dirtiest players in Wade in Miami so just shut up.

    As for my fellow Celtics fans, just accept that Rondo screwed up on this. The ref’s called the foul for what it was, a foul that players give up deliberately throughout a game to prevent an opponent from scoring. Garnett wasn’t even retaliating much so there can’t have been much in it. Rondo’s involvement in it all was unnecessary and excessive. I’m not saying I agree with three players being ejected as a result of it, but Rondo started it all and he should have been smarter about it. 37 was an impressive streak but it’s over, so let’s move on and worry more about winning games. Shouldn’t be losing to teams like the Nets, referees and incidents are no excuse.

  66. Peter from Slovakia says:

    Never made a comment here and probably never will in future. But Schuhmann got something against the C’s. If someone can’t hold his distance and can’t be objective/disinterested he shouldn’t be writing for a official side like NBA, which should publish only disinterested news. Someone up there should thing about it.

  67. kman says:

    I’m in no way, shape or form a Boston or Nets, Rondo/KG or Humphris fan but why would Kris hit KG in the face when they were leading Boston by 21pts? It was stupid of him to challenge the shot like that in the first place, but maybe the guy didn’t hit KG in the face intentionally. It is so ugly how veterans and the so called great basketball players of today act in such situations nowadays. Leave your damn emotions in the locker room if you’re one of those veteran or great basketball players and keep your damn cool in front of your fans. Basketball is a physical sport. These things happen. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes just by damn accident. It’s a shame seeing how such players act in such ways in these situations.

  68. jay says:

    its a game..rondo just got off his emotion.

  69. nordiatravel says:

    so blind that I couldn’t see our love was changing underneath our very noses” by Jessica Sharp.|”The feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the wise judge it, the ski

  70. NUFF SAID says:

    Nope…. That was their last resort… They can’t play against today’s contenders… More brawls to come especially to the celtics side… That’s why they call themselves a dangerous team( CELTICS)…. too bad they can’t really win on a clean game… Last season they tried that kind on intimidation against the HEAT During ECF… And that didn’t work either…….
    What’s happening to the LEAGUE right now???? BOSTON BRAWLERS vs. Los Angeles LAKERdashians…. That would be more EPIC… uLOLS………..

  71. BKALLDAY says:

    Love how most of the comments on here are praising Rondo when Kris Humphries didn’t do anything to deserve getting ejected. He just puts his hand up and didn’t even jump to contest the shot, then Garnett hits the floor because he was off balance….I think most of you people are mad that the Nets are better than the Celtics again.

  72. PD says:

    All Kris did was hit KG on the shoulder. Kris did nothing wrong but defend himself. It’s understandable that rondo wanted to back up KG, but that led to his ejection. So I don’t know why people are complaining about rondo getting ejected.

  73. Luke says:

    Rondo, you are an idiot. KG, you are a flopper. All you Celtic fans need to learn something about basketball. Rondo is a great player but he also has no character. He’s been involved in so many dirty plays that I can’t stand to see his smug face anymore. If the officiating is bad, you can’t let that frustrate you. This guy is out of control and I hope gets suspended for at least five games. Fighting is never OK.

    • chris says:

      no character? interesting comment. i cannot agree.

      • Celtics4Life says:

        so many dirty plays eh? maybe 5 in his whole career? give me a break, yes he overrated and lost his cool. ive noticed he can lose his cool like once, maybe twice a season. this has been blown way out of proportion

  74. to all the celtics fans says:

    i like how the celtics fans are standing up for rondo when yall know he was wrong for that. the foul wasnt even that hard. garnett over-exaggerated on the call causing rondo to flip out. he needs to calm down cause being ejected out the game is not helping your team out. he’s a good player, but his personality will get him in trouble.

  75. Kyle says:

    Are you joking me? Rondos streak doesnt end here. WOW he GOT EJECTED. Playing only half the game. How does that even count.?!?!

  76. Akinbobola says:

    I cant stand Humphries but really. Rondo needs to get knocked out. hes probably one of the biggest douche bags in the game right now. Hope he misses a few games to think about hes all around poor sportsmen ship.

  77. Lebron James says:

    Gerald Wallace: “What the —-?” hahaha

  78. ion57 says:

    KG flopped under a blatant foul that’s it. Rondo probably was aggravated by Kris much earlier and decided to extract his frustration at that moment. EOD.

  79. dattebayo says:

    As much as I like that Rondo steps in for KG, he should never do what he did there. He can give Humphries a push and get in his face for a T, but he went hard after him and then kept going. Clearly there was something on his mind and he had forgotten all about the ballgame. I think Rondo is the best point guard in the game, but he showed no leadership here. I have to agree though, the refs didn’t help themselves, they riled the players up with bad and inconsistent refereeing up to that point. What was the T on Doc all about?

  80. Rocketlinfan says:

    I will stand by rondo for this one!!! Rondo is the man! the guy deserve it! the video clearly shows it he just smash in garnet’s face! I don’t think that’s a right thing to do isn’t?

    • Rocketlinfan says:

      some of you say it’s unintentional, will look at the video, i ll say it’s reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy intentional. really.

      • Kevin says:

        How about you don’t be biased and actually look at again. What was intentional, the SOFT hit to the SHOULDER? You can’t be serious man

  81. Rolan says:

    Not the right way to lose a streak.

  82. MC says:

    Broooook-lynnnnnnn!!!! Rondo was mad because his shot got blasted away by hump. The Xmas game just got a lot more interesting.

  83. ed says:

    RONDO needs a psychiatrist!!!

    • KIMBERLY says:


    • jose says:

      Rondo is simply doing what Doc Rivers ask his team to do :: Hate …hate!!!! Specially the HEAT
      I was dissapointed since my two children were watching the game , and they were expossed to such kind of Stupid and violent of Rondo’s

  84. Darrell Darellson says:

    Rondo didnt do the right thing by starting a shoving match during an NBA game, spin it all you want, I like Rondo too, but there is still no reason for this behavior.

  85. shenanigans says:

    I can’t believe the die hard Celtic fans commenting here. Are you seriously backing up Rondo for what he did? He freakin’ started a fight! Humphries fouled Garnett initially and deserved a technical for shoving Garnett in the chest afterward. But that’s part of the game, he is just trying to make sure that Garnett didn’t have a chance to make the shot. I’m sure we’ve all seen much much worse second motion in the past. Then in comes Rondo, retaliating as if his buddy Garnett got bludgeoned in the face with a sledgehammer. Rondo’s skill as a player was never in question, it’s his attitude that needs some adjusting. And i just remembered, he also clotheslined Wade on opening day. What a punk.

  86. Serge says:

    Rondo is stupid. Well at least was stupid in that moment. Garnett flopped and Rondo started a fight. C’mon now. Nice win by the Nets though.

  87. joe alcaraz says:

    Rondo…… You should have just kept your cool and let the referee handle the situation. You have not matured Mr. Rondo. Be professional and remember your team needs you.

  88. princess says:

    rondo is not a good sport ever since he got this problem of getting into a fight he deserves a disciplinary action he should play somewhere else where he could do whatever he wants! nba doesn’t deserve him.

  89. Ryan says:

    Bad form for the players and worse form for the Celtics fans here. I love KG cuz he used to play in MN but that was not even close to intentional. Rondo messed up and I think everyone involved in the altercation should be fined because they decided to have a fight on top of the fans.

  90. alex says:

    what is with everyone saying rondo shouldnt of gotten ejected hes one of my favourite players too but cmon
    yes the humphries foul was bad, real bad but standing up for a team mate is different than putting someone in the stands

  91. 888 says:

    I’m no promoting fighting in the NBA or basketball for that matter because that’s not what this sport is about. But it’s about damn time we saw another fight like this in the NBA. Makes it feel more like the mid 80’s and 90’s where there was more patience about fights between players.

  92. zZmoSs says:

    Rondo and the celtics are little girls… I guess Rondo doesnt remember slapping Brad Miller???

  93. princess says:

    hello guys!!! is this a site for all celts unbelievable! rondo as always can’t control his temper it is all his fault why would he get into kris? he is such a loser that’s why he cant be compared to great point guards. he so immature bynum and rondo is just the same! i hate rondo for life!

  94. Bostonbabies says:

    Seriously? KG clearly flopped, he was on his way down before he even got hit. But of course, leave it up to KG to talk smack from the usual position of being on his back. Rondo is an amazing player and I love his game but when someone pushes you, you defend yourself. Humphries shouldn’t have even gotten ejected. Rondo was probably still mad that Humphries stuffed his shot from earlier.

  95. Chris says:

    Rondo over reacted! Humprhies should not have been ejected coz he was just defending himself and Wallace was just stopping KG. KG should have been ejected as well for pushing Wallace. BAd calls…Celts still lost anyway!

  96. Nation says:

    Why Did Garnett Do But Only Take A Hit And Try To Stop Rondo From Being a OG.

  97. Buse Basaran says:

    humpries did wrong. amına kodumun zencisi rondo atılmalıydı ii oldu onda ne yarak vardır…

  98. Darth Rondo says:

    We all know Rondo’s a hothead; but he’s a hothead that is as loyal as can be to a teammate. Humphries hit, intentionally or not, still was a hit, that probably should’ve been avoided. Rondo reacted in the heat of the moment, a shove. Had Humphries simply accepted the shove, the whole situation would’ve been avoided. Rondo would’ve received a deserved technical, and Humphries likely a flagrant 1. But Humphries also acted out of instinct and grabbed Rondo, thus they were ejected.

  99. marko says:

    playing dirty – garnett and rondo got a dose of their own medicine! hahaha

  100. ArunThomasVarughese says:

    Wow! I understand the NBA have to uphold an image, but come on… Don’t throw salt on the wound.

  101. KingLBjBoy says:

    Rondo is a Jerk lmao

  102. Aaron says:

    I think the refs made good calls….. and good job stickin up for your teammate Rondo!!!!

  103. michael says:

    Magic payed Rondo nuff said

  104. heir says:

    Seriously; what Kris did was just saving a 2point foul ball or rather spoiling momentum for Celtics because they only got to the free throw thrice. Rondo over reacted because is emotion blew a gasket,. As for Wallace during the reply, he wasn’t starting anything; Everyone knows Garnet to be unfriendly during game play(DNA). Garnet actually grabbed him and he tried to shove off. Anyway the call should have been on Rondo because Kris tried knock Garnet RIGHT SHOULDER if you watching the replay on a Sam**** Smart tv (winks) and the eyes never lies “meaning” their was a follow through with his eyes. check all hard fouls there is NEVER a follow through to the ball and basket !

  105. heir says:

    Seriously; what Kris did was just saving a 2point foul ball or rather spoiling momentum for Celtics because they only got to the free throw thrice. Rondo over reacted because is emotion blew a gasket,. As for Wallace during the reply, he wasn’t starting anything; Everyone knows Garnet to be unfriendly during game play(DNA). Garnet actually grabbed him and he tried to shove off. Anyway the call should have been on Rondo because Kris tried knock Garnet RIGHT SHOULDER if you watching the replay on a Sam**** Smart tv (winks) and the eyes never lies “meaning” their was a follow through with his eyes. check all hard fouls there is NEVER a follow through to the ball and basket !

  106. niceflopKG says:

    nice flop KG, worked so well it caused your teammate to overreact and start a fight!

  107. jepro says:

    i dont blame rondo for this one.. well yeah the streak ended so what? rondo’s still young and he can do still go at it again..

  108. Michael says:

    violence is never the answer, kg is a flopper and rondo is a punk.

  109. teyobsz says:

    Rondo is always acting like that.. Unprofessional!!!! The ref already called the foul and the incident happen in the front face of the ref.. NO NEED TO SHOVE Humphries if Rondo is an INTELLIGENT point guard/player. by the way he’s not… just wait for the final call of the ref. waiting for Rondo’s several game suspension……

  110. Review the Stats says:

    Well, at least it was entertaining and made the headlines!

  111. NBA_profesional says:

    Rondo got frustrated after kris humphries blocked him in an earlier play. , Stat padding, now this! unprofessional! Even his coach dropped on him on the conference after the game saying he shouldnt have done whay he did, not only that he blamed the celtics team, his own team! of being soft and that is their fault

  112. Lakerforlife says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Rondo is done. Thank you Kris!

  113. Simdawg says:

    Can’t understand the defence for Rondo.

    Foul wasn’t that bad and Rondo went way over the top, got no one but himself to blame, they were obviously getting beaten in all aspects of the game and were frustrated.

    He has a history of stuff and this ‘defending his boy’ stuff is ludacris, contact like that happens every game and doesnt deserve that kind of childish reaction.

  114. Ernesto Rousseaux Savon says:


  115. Claudia says:

    Garnett , should have also been rejected, rondo seriously needs to go to anger management!

  116. Dave says:

    Rondo did the right thing by standing up for a team mate. The Nets were flailing their arms at players, especially near their heads on layups. The officiating in this league continues to be an ongoing joke along with Davey Stern’s lack of true leadership.

  117. Drew says:

    Rondo is a bad person…

  118. george says:

    Rondo is the biggest baby in the NBA. That was not a hard foul I have seen much worse than that. Oh but we wre taliking about the Celtics the biggest babys in the NBA. Cmon Man! Grow a pair.

  119. Steve says:

    Any of you who defend Rondo here or think Humphries intentionally hit KG in the face ad out of your minds. It was a run of the mill foul, KG flopped (as usual) and Rondo is a punk. Hope KG get hit with a flop fine and Rondo gets a suspension seeing as he’s a repeat offender.

  120. Iceman says:

    Not the best post I’ve ever read (it was the worst I’ve ever laid eyes on). Perhaps you should start writing some sci-fi novels, you’re clearly out of touch with reality.

  121. SAM says:

    trolololol these celtic fans man…

  122. John says:

    Rondo did the right thing by standing up for his teammate. The referees were terrible the whole night and especially terrible at calling these techs and ejects. Rondo should have just gotten a tech because he did nothing but shoved Kris and all the other players who were trying to break it up were actually just pushing Rondo inadvertently making it look like he was continuously shoving Kris. Rondo is still the best PG regardless of the streak or not. Westbrook, Williams, CP3,’Rose, or Parker will never EVER in their careers come close to Rondo’s record. Just saying.

  123. steven says:

    did wallace say what the frick/F?

  124. Kobe Bryant says:

    at least metta dont seem so bad now

    • DJ3 says:

      You know what the BEST cage fighting matchup of all time would be? Metta World War vs Rajon Punk-O. I would watch my first and last fighting show if that happened.

  125. NBAMr.Guy says:

    Ill be honest . comments here are completely biased in which sided Rondo. He DESERVES the T and ALSO DOES Humpries and Wallace. Cmon NBA can you post unbiased comments? Its so even clear that all the T’s that was given to them are right. If you can’t control your emotion , you lost your game. Also he was block by Humphries below 4mins .

  126. Unbiased View says:

    Understanding frustrations there is no room in the NBA for Rondo’s reaction. Humphries gets the bad rap because of the whole Kardashian thing so poeple go and say he deserves it and he is douche when you don’t even know the damn guy. But seriously there was no intent in that foul he was attempting to swat a ball and missed it and found KG’s face. KG didn’t react as if the foul was hard enough to merit confrontation and he would be the first to do so KG just wanted the call. Rondo has always had a short temper and attitude problem which has been widely discussed through the league entirely to the point trade rumors surfaced because of that attitude. He is a great player and without question one of the best point guards in the league but he needs anger management and some serious attitude coaching because although Boston’s fiesty fans will enjoy the brawl this is a professional sport and there is no need to take a swing on someone when kids are watching their favorite players their idols. He is no role model and deserves a good suspension with some added consequence towards getting him help with that.

  127. Jackie Fhan says:

    There’s still a chance! We’re only 15 games in, 67 more games to go!!

  128. SPURS THE BEST in 2012-2013 says:

    SPURS vs. MIAMI = Finals 2013

    • DJ3 says:

      YES!!! DREAM MATCHUP!!! Forget Kobe, LeBron vs Leonard, Wade vs Ginobili, Chalmers vs Parker (Parker wins every time.) AND Bosh vs Duncan!! The Finals of all Finals.

  129. Banner 18 says:

    Whenever he comes back from suspension (which he’ll get) he’ll just start over.

  130. Dre says:

    How come that thug pierce didn’t get at least a tech. Celtics bunch of ignorant thugs.

  131. Macubexx says:

    rondo is a punk… just ask wade and the heat

    • DJ3 says:

      Well, to be fair Paul Peirce looks silly all the time. I can’t even look at him without laughing. So nothing new. :/

  132. the truth says:

    Seems like there a lot of celtic homers who actually listen to their announcers. Rondo was mad because Humphreys roofed him minutes before. Celtics have been bullying lesser teams for years and now that one of those teams get better and actually arent intimidated, they react like this. Garnett flopped, Rondo reacted and now he’ll pay by sitting out games. Good way to show leadership, especially when your 15 points down.

  133. keithmon says:

    Next Celtic chant: No sleep till Brooklyn

  134. Daniel Colon says:


  135. BBwall says:

    The streak is over. Never mention Rondo’s name again when talking about Magic Johnson or John Stockton.

  136. Jimmy J says:

    rondo showed lack of self control but brotherhood is brotherhood

    lol this made me laugh. where was PJ carlisimo he shoulda jumped in there for the humpster…

  137. Pete says:

    To the writer of this artivcle

    It proves he wasnt caring about his stats abecause if he was he wouldnt have one what he did


  138. Jeeven says:

    schuhmann disgusts me. all these nba writers are biased, bottom-feeding worms. it’s pathetic.

  139. Chris57 says:

    Schumann you’re a dbag. We know you hate the celts.

  140. Tjong says:

    Anyway, Rondo is the best PG in the league for me. Humphries deserved it and never leave your teammate! Great job Rondo! Go Celtics

  141. SPURS THE BEST in 2012-2013 says:

    I love my SPURS.

    None of this unprofessional, childish, immature, thuggish behavior that is born of ego and frustration.


    • dattebayo says:

      I just have to 2nd that. Spurs fans are really spoiled with Duncan, Ginobili and Pop. The players compete, listen to the coach, play for less money, less minutes and even come off the bench. And Pop gets on everybody just the same, TP9 often gets the worst of it.

      The refs made a lot of bad calls though, Rondo was frustrated for a reason.

    • ZAC says:

      Go Spurs Go!!!!

    • DJ3 says:

      The Spurs are the first, and the best superteam. I mean they had the first big 3 with Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan. The only reason why nobody counts them is because Pop is such a good coach he knows how to hide their talents while letting them do what they do. I am a Heat fan, always have been and always will be, but…. SAS is better than MIA. They just are. Not only do they have arguably the best big 3, they have arguably the best bench also. They will get 50+ wins until they all 3 are gone. Spurs will always be a force in the west. Now if they can just get a guy LIKE (just someone with his attitude) Garnett who will teach some of these immature guys a lesson. Then, Spurs = CHAMPIONS!

      But Miami can still beat them. 😛

  142. Brookyln - Wallace says:

    Rondo deserved to be ejected. Humphries did foul on Garnett but he is obviously unintentionally (as it can be seen from replays). Hump just make sure that the ball is not going in. But Rondo is always a drama King. Exaggerating the contact and cannot control his emtional. This is the act of low EQ. This is why the streak ends in his own hand. No one to be blamed but Rondo himself.

  143. heat says:

    i hate the celtics.they are the most arrogant team in the league.chris didnt deserve nun as most of yall are saying..its a ball game and you have to ball hard and i believe thats what chris was doing even tho it didnt look right as an unintentional foul.rondo needs to caalm the hell down.he almost started the same thing when they played the him as player but please take some chill pill sometimes.

  144. danny-h says:

    are u all blind?kris didnt do anything.

  145. MIKE28LIVE says:


  146. Big Euro says:

    Celtics just look frustrated. Must be hard knowing they’re living on borrowed time.

  147. whoa wut says:

    I bet that Rondo will be fined and suspended as well.

  148. MIKE28LIVE says:


  149. Tamz says:

    rondo is the man. #celticnation the title is so stupid. ejections could have been avoided if HUMPHRIES did grab rondo and actually start the fight. rondo was just standing up for his team. anyone would.

  150. BC says:

    Humphries is either flopping or getting manhandled by a guy half his size.
    Either way, doesn’t look good for him.

  151. EK says:

    Terrible article. Rondo gave only one shove, then Humphries grabbed his shooting sleeve and dragged him.

  152. Slothy Fitzpatrick says:

    Lol. Look at all these Celtics fans crying over this article. The initial foul looked pretty innocuous IMO. So innocuous in fact, it made Rondo’s reaction look utterly ridiculous and it probably cost the Celtics a chance at winning the game. As to whether it was deliberate or not, it doesn’t really matter. Rondo made a fool of himself. There was no good reason for that to happen.



  154. GoBlazers says:

    Rondo is stupid, his team needs him and he got himself kicked out of the game

  155. james says:

    dam rondo should of snuffed him in the face

  156. Gomez says:

    Really how can Chris and Wallace get ejected? The foul was not intentionally to Kevin really? What the heck did Wallace even do? Wow oh well and Celtics lose anyways screw it.

  157. Aussie NBA fan says:

    Good to see EVERYONE commenting on the story and the writer are all biased one way or another. Humphries just doing his best to prevent the and one, it was a love tap, and accidental for the that matter. Rondo is an idiot for carrying on like, well an idiot. Wallace is an idiot for charging in, and Humphries is an idiot for having a go back. Let Rondo carry on like a child and get himself ejected, no need to retaliate and get ejected as well. Sure everyone is fired up and just wanting to defend their mates, but surely someone on the court is older than 10…

    Now cue for common-sense lacking comments having a go at what i said.

  158. Chase says:

    I feel like the majority of the people who will comment on this article are too biased. For those saying Humphries got what he deserved, and that Rondo shouldn’t have been ejected, you’re somewhat of a moron. This is just another example of Rondo’s hot headed behavior, mirroring his immaturity and lack of development as a player. Whether it be this, his bumping a ref last year, fighting Kirk Hinrich a few years ago in the playoffs, or any other offensive instance, Rondo is clearly a cry-baby and far too immature to lead the Boston Celtics in the years to come.

  159. RondotheMan says:

    Nice Job Rondo sticking up for your team-mate !!! Its all about brotherhood and family !!!

  160. celtics foreva says:

    besides, rondo has a whole career ahead of him

  161. NBAfan says:

    This is not journalism

  162. Serioisly..... says:

    man im kinda a Rondo fan but dat was jus stupid…I mean really…its not lk he got fouled plus hes a pretty important player

  163. celtics foreva says:

    Wow… Kris, thanks for canceling rondo’s streak.. Kris you are officially a douche. Good job Rondo for hurting him for me!

    • DJ3 says:

      Wow… Kris. THANK YOU for cancelling rondo’s streak. Rondo you are officially a douche. Good job Humphries for hurting him for me!

  164. Gio says:

    I blame the Referee for not calling a tech. on the push by Humphries, BUT IF LEBRON WERE TO EVER GET PUSHED, THE ENTIRE NET’S TEAM WOULD’VE BEEN EJECTED! (i hate how people like the Net owners and Pat Riley could pay the Referees)

  165. flamar says:

    very dissapointing, rondo was so close. hopefully he’ll get hold of the record.

  166. Emil says:

    rondo has a history of being a hothead, anyone who thinks that rondo is innocent in this is in serious denial or a die hard celts fan. kg flopped after humphries hit his face and then rondo did something stupid and got himself ejected. thats how it happened, dont argue it.

    • W Tager says:

      BS. humphries brought the arm down onto KG’s chin/shoulder after the whistle and brought it down hard. you can’t flop when you’re in midair.

    • Aaron says:

      Doesn’t matter if he’s a hot head, that’s what it means to be a Celtic, just look at Larry Bird when he was held up for Dr J, Celtic blood runs deep. I’m guessing you’re a fair weather fan of another team, so enjoy your time with that team while it lasts till you move to the next.

    • Louis Phrasany says:

      true true and all true, ur point is?

    • Arrow says:

      What Rondo did was right, you cannot allow a opposing player do that … Forget about the streak, he will go and do better than 37.

      • Jorn says:

        The celtics won’t even make the playoffs.

      • chris says:

        jorn the celtics will finish top four in the east.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Personally I’d rather break a record. Plus it wasn’t like Rondo went over to have words with him 1st. He straight up attacked him lika a temperamental little leprechaun.

      • DJ3 says:

        LOL. No way they are top 4. This is how it will play out:

        1. Miami
        2. New York
        3. Brooklyn
        4. Atlanta
        5. Philadelphia
        6. Milwaukee
        7. Indiana/Chicago
        8. Charlotte/Boston

        They will be lucky to get 8th.

    • Louis Phrasany says:

      true true and true, now ur point is

    • iesha says:

      no matter what way you put what happened humphries was completely in the for rondo ,what he did could have been uncalled for in the point of view of others but lets be realistic any teammate would have done the same?

      • DJ3 says:

        No. Any teammate would have just pushed him. Not grabbed onto him like Humprhies owed him money or something. Way to be non-biased.

    • Lisa says:

      Will he be able to play against Portland on Friday? I’m going to that game!!

    • Moneysauce says:

      I agree with you, it was just a foul by Humphries, the whistle was blown so he followed up on defense to make sure it wasn’t an and-1 opportunity. The tap of the face be it accidental or intentional was just that, a tap. If anyone were to take an exception to that, it should’ve been KG but he was too busy selling the flop. It was a stupid overreaction by Rondo and he paid for it with an ejection. I think he should actually be suspended for that, you can see him throwing some punches in the middle of all that. All I saw from Wallace was some grappling with KG

  167. ragingrondo says:

    think John Schuhmann has something against the Celts?

  168. celtic533 says:

    Its ok Rondo!We still love you.Way to stand up for your teammate!

  169. Random fan ful of opinions says:

    Well i can deal with a tie for second place with Stockton. Proud of Rondo for what he did. Seriously, who likes Humphries anyways? He got what was coming to him.

    • DJ3 says:

      Who likes Rondo anyways? He almost got what was coming to him. The refs should have waited a little longer to stop it so that Humphries could have knocked him out. Then it would have been a fair fight.

  170. lol says:

    Rondo should be suspended for a couple of games

  171. Gabriel says:

    Go Rondo, Humphries deserved everything coming to him

  172. Franz says:

    Humphrie’s hit didn’t even look remotely deliberate. Rondo is just a drama queen and Garnett has dished out his fair share of dirty (not that you’d call Humphrie’s play dirty) plays.

  173. Lroy23 says:

    It is a bit of a shame that his streak has ended in such a wasteful manner.

    Not a big fan of the way the article was written though. A whole lot of editorial on what probably should’ve been “just the news.”

  174. LeggoHEAT says:

    Rondo should control his emotions.

  175. NoName says:

    Kris was clearly making a play on the ball. If you watch the replay you can see that Garnett still went up for his shot and Humphries was just trying to make sure it wouldn’t go in. From my view he acutally tipped the ball a little before he hit his face.

  176. james says:


  177. W Tager says:

    John Schuhmann, did you get in a fight with Rondo too? Why so biased? Notice how Humphries fights back (Rondo had his jersey ripped off) and Wallace jumps in from the 3 point line to throw a few punches too.

    • DJ3 says:

      LOL. You clearly were not watching. Gerald Wallace didn’t throw any punches. He couldn’t get to Rondo and therefor couldn’t throw any. If I was playing there, I would’ve jumped in from the start to get to Rondo. He does stuff like this all the time and needs to get some punches to the head to straighten him out.

    • TruBaller says:

      There were NO PUNCHES THROWN. Just a bunch of pushing, shoving, and grabbing. The foul on K.G. was soft, mild at its worst. Rondo was just salty becuase they wre getting smashed and Humphries blocked his shot earlier. Rondo started it, scratching like a girl (see Humphries face, neck and arm) while Humphries defended himself and pulled the jersey to hold himself up (check the replay) and i’m not a fan of either (even though rondo can ball) Point is every oone on boston wants to adopt K.G.s fake tough guy act. Perkins was first, now Rondo. A scowl and some words dont make you tough, neither does scratching a man lol.

  178. Rick says:

    Pure flop by KG. It was an inadvertent baby tap foul by Humphreys .

  179. Suter says:

    Rondooooooo wutta beaast

  180. alfred says:

    if only he can stop being a punk.

  181. artravus says:

    How can you say that the Kris Humphries hit to KG’s face was unintentional? There is all manner of things that Kris Humphries could have done to make what Rondo did justified. You cast Rondo in a bad light throughout the whole article. All Rondo was doing was having his teammate’s back like all players should.

  182. bazz says:

    Maybe you should tell what everyone can see, he shoved and then humphries pulled him. About the “non intentional” hit to the face, well that’s your opinion.

    As to the rest of the game that was the first shooting foul called for the Celtics. With 30 seconds to go in the half. Just saying.

    • Avh11 says:

      Humphries was trying to hold himself up, natural reaction. At the end of the day Rondo always has issues with his attitude, I was just talking to someone about this today, in regards to the CP3 v Rondo debate. The ref’s were average for the entire half, on both ends.
      Rondo was playing average anyway

  183. Joe Blow says:

    rondo’s always had a hard time of controlling his emotions on the court.. not surprising. now Magic on the other hand, much different- and that’s why he’s got the record

    • miler95 says:

      Joe, you blow.. Magic Johnson would have done the same thing for a teammate, there just weren’t huge D-bags back then. Instead of playing hard, people play dirty. There is even an article on how Blake Griffin won’t ever get to be as good as rookie season because people will intentionally undercut now

  184. rondoisstrong says:

    never knew rondo was so strong

  185. fanofafan says:

    kris got what he deserved
    rondo showed lack of self control but brotherhood is brotherhood
    still proud of my point guard!!!

  186. Chris says:

    Way to write a non-biased article. The hit to the face was blatantly after the whistle had been blown (whistle blows, KG goes up for the shot and was on his way back down before he took the hit. I’d be angry, too. Try writing more than two sentences without taking a dig at a player next time you write an article. Real journalism reads a lot better than this petty article.

  187. Well, stuff happens :p … u never know when

  188. Andrew Ha says:

    To be honest, Rondo should’ve just gotten a T too. And I’m just so happy that Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace got ejected. Hope Rondo comes in next game if possible

    • KunJayMaster says: are not biased or anything good to see you are being honest. How can the guy that started the fight not be ejected? Watch the foul carefully it wasn’t even a hard foul, Garnett just landed awkwardly. And Gerald Wallace deserved to be ejected as much as Terry clearly he was pushing Humphries as well.

  189. LEGo says:

    refs made the right call for the fight. as for the rest of the game they need to be fired. just awful on both sides

  190. BrooklynB1tches says:

    Kris Humphries, could you be any more of a douche?

  191. CWebb says:


    • EZap says:

      Schuhmann is a big hater. Hate away pal.

      • Hm says:

        Guy writes article that isn’t 100% positive about Rondo’s streak (like padding stats late in blowout losses). In come the Rondotards to defend Rondo. Thread below for evidence.
        I’m happy his streak is dead. Maybe he can get back to playing basketball now. Celtics should be winning some games soon.

      • JG says:

        Rondo is just a little punk kid with big friends. Show off got what he deserved.

      • Rocket33 says:

        I agree. I am completely neutral on the teams and players involved, but I can see this article is very poorly written. A journalist’s job is to state the facts not express his opinion on a certain player he doesn’t like.

        As for the play. Humphries did what players are taught to do. If you commit a foul don’t let them get a shot off for an and one. But his second hit on KG to prevent the basket was pretty bad and made contact around the neck/shoulder area. Rondo then did what players should do which is back up their teammate. He may have gone a bit far with the pushing though. He could have just gone for some heated words in Humphrie’s face. Something like “Your mother’s got two a-holes and you’re one of them!” Then get on with the game.