Bogut May Be Sidelined Months

The series of delays as Andrew Bogut continues his recovery from ankle surgery turned into the possibility Wednesday that he could be out of the Warriors lineup until around the All-Star break, a jarring statement even in a situation that has been surrounded in bad news.

At a press conference to address the comeback that has already dragged on months longer than expected, Bogut said he expected to play again this season. But, as quoted by Carl Steward of the Bay Area New Group, the former All-Star center added it could take “one, two or three months.”

That could be Bogut worn down by the endless stream of questions about his return and taking a new approach of making the answer very open-ended. This way, the comeback is a medical miracle if he plays in January. Unless he suddenly received a dramatically different medical update then before, when the Warriors were suggesting he could play as soon as Saturday against the Pacers, there is no other reason to toss out the possibility of three months.

Either way, Bogut has gone from being acquired from the Bucks on March 13 to missing the rest of the season, as had mostly been expected while recovering from a fractured ankle suffered Jan. 25, to a series of false starts in 2012-13. The Warriors and Bogut said he would be ready for the start of training camp, and he wasn’t. They said he would get in some exhibition games, and he didn’t. They said he would be ready for opening night, and Bogut finally did play.

He lasted four games, logging between 17 and 19 minutes each time, before going out again. It was hoped he could re-join the lineup at the end of this week. Now, it’s impossible to know whether he will by the end of the calendar year.

“It was probably my mistake early on,” Bogut said at the press conference. “The team was very supportive, but I wanted to play the first game of the season. If I hadn’t played a game yet, I’d be asking myself, ‘Could I have played?’ Now I know that I shouldn’t have tried.”

The entire situation is muddled. Only this week was it disclosed that he underwent microfracture surgery in April, not simply the minor arthroscopic procedure that had been previously announced.

“On any injury that occurs, I don’t think there’s any attempt at deception or omission,” general manager Bob Myers said at the press conference in Oakland. “We convey it how we think is appropriate as long as we’re on the same page with the athlete. I like to think that we are transparent and that we always will be and try to do a good job informing the media.”


  1. MJ says:

    Oh no the bigger they are the harder they fall…I hate to think this could be another Yao Ming ending…but it may be looking that way

  2. Who's worse, Bynum or Bogut? says:

    These two are disappointing fans and franchises.

    It reminds me of the time Raja Bell played for the Warriors. We all knew that he didn’t want to be there. Sure he was a good cheerleader. He clapped, high fived, and waived towels on highlight plays. But by the time he recovered, he made sure that played for a different team…. yeah… this smells like Raja Bell.

  3. watcher says:

    He’s done imo.