Blogtable: Pick A Point, Rondo Or CP3?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 4: What do you do with Pau? | T-Wolves a playoff team? | Pick one: Rondo or CP3?

Pick a point guard: Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul?

Steve Aschburner: One lesson I learned as a kid was, when divvying up something between two people, one person slices, the other chooses. That way, the one with the knife cuts as evenly as possible. That’s where I see us with this question — hard to go wrong either way. To answer, I’ll go culinary again: I may be Mr. Bland as far as not liking spicy food but I do like spicy point guards. Rondo is feistier overall (unless it’s Pau Gasol cupping Paul’s head) and, for me, his defensive game makes up for any alleged edge Paul has as a shooter (check out their career FG marks, though, and be surprised). I trust his durability more, too, just based on their personal histories. Give me Rondo, then. But, really though, I’d be happy with either slice.

Fran Blinebury: Rondo has the goods in terms of physical skills, but there remains a question around the league about his quirky personality and ability to lead. Would he be all that without Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce at his back? We have seen Chris Paul lift the Hornets into the playoffs and take the Clippers to a level they have not been before. And he’s still got the best handle in the game. Give me CP3.

Jeff Caplan: Man, this is tough. My gut  instinct immediately says CP3 all the way, best all-around PG going. Yet, you just can’t ignore what Rondo continues to do. The guy won of a championship and nearly got two. What if Dwyane Wade doesn’t dislocate Rondo’s elbow in 2011? He averaged a double-double in last year’s playoffs and nearly got the Celtics past the Heat and into the Finals. Paul’s still trying to get out of the second round, granted with weaker teams than Rondo’s. Maybe this is the year. Right now Paul isn’t even hitting his 3s at a much better rate than Rondo. Ah heck, give me: Rondo.

Scott Howard-Cooper: I’m taking Chris Paul. I’m not anti-Rondo, but Paul is the complete player: assist man, dependable shooter with range, defense, attitude. The only drawback is size — 6-foot, 175 pounds — compared to the wave of bigger point guards with star talent (Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook), but Paul seems to have managed to get by.

John Schuhmann: I’ll take Chris Paul with no hesitation. Rondo is a brilliant player at times, but I think Paul just does so much more for his team’s offense. As great as Rondo has been and as many assists as he’s dished out, the Celtics have been a pretty mediocre offensive team over the last few years. Paul is much more of a threat to beat you three different ways (with the shot, pass or dribble) offensively and he also does a better job of taking care of the ball. I don’t think there’s too much of a difference defensively, but I’d also take Paul on that end of the floor. And when it comes to leadership and attitude, the answer is obvious.

Sekou Smith: This is the age-old dilemma, do you take the Mercedes or the BMW? You’re driving off the lot with a luxury car either way, right? This is more about preference than it is a right or wrong answer. Both of these guys have shown that they are capable of leading a team to elite status. And both of them rank high in all of the leadership categories you’d want in a floor general. So again, this is more about what type of point guard you prefer, what type of style you like, rather than which of these two guys is the better point guard. So much of this depends on the context, basically who would I surround either Rondo or Paul with. But if I have an established team already and the point guard I choose is the final piece to the puzzle, I’m going with Paul. He has everything Rondo has and his offensive arsenal is far more advanced at this stage of their careers.


  1. lebron says:

    i think kevan Durant is better

  2. JuWell says:

    CP3 over Rondo aka Ronda, I dislike his attitude, and he just stupid why would you pick a fight with everyone really, just a bad attitude all the way around, and he’s hard to work with unless you have a evil bad attitude like him.

  3. mARIO says:

    I take rondo anydat over Chri Paul I belive Rondo has a heart of a champion and the only thing I thiink CP does better is scoring but heck that can be improved upon whicm a good coach and dediacation Rondo can sort out his shooting. besides people feel to realise that Garnett and Pierce are not the players they used to be 8- 10 years ago and actually slow down Rondo . Now close you eyes and imagine who will be mote dengerous playing with Lebron, Wade and Bosh .. Paul or Rondo…?

  4. Deon says:

    Why isn’t Tony Parker or D-will on that list?

  5. golome1998 says:

    I’ll chose this way. Flip a coin, if I win I pick first, If you win you pick second. I won’t lose either way.

  6. Jayinko says:

    He said Paul has everything Rondo has but that’s false Rondo is a walking tripple double Paul can’t rebound as good as Rondo… But I’ll take Rose anyday Chiraq

  7. Garrett says:

    Rondo all the way

  8. Joshua says:

    Who made and started the United States Olympic team this summer? -Chris Paul. Nuff said

  9. squaremonkey says:

    @Akuhano ??? Blake Griffin, Billups, Butler. Crawford???

  10. stats says:

    look at their career stats. CP3 beats Rondo in almost every single category.

  11. Jo1 says:

    I’d rather go for the one that will take a punch for me as a team mate. LOYALTY… Rajon Rondo!

  12. athens29 says:

    Oh c’mon men that was an accident. Wade didn’t do it purposely. What bias opinion BBall.
    Rose is the better PG compare to them. But if I’ll chose from CP3 and Rondo, I’ll pick CP3 for he shoot way far better than Rondo. Rondo is good but then again he was never tested to be that good alone (without super friends garnett, pierce, allen).

  13. NUFF SAID says:

    @ Kamote
    What else he can do??? Uhm… I Know getting into BRAWLS if their team get smashed…. Last Resort… Thinking/hoping that Scorers on the other team might be drag into it…. then get penalized so they might get thrown too… I like that…. That’s RONDO for sure…. CP3 gets mad too… but not like what Rondo have done lately…. Best overall PG CP3… Floor general,leader… But if you’re looking for a go to gut and there’s no one else on your team… I might go with rondo….

  14. john says:

    john schuhmann really hates the celtics. thats what ive been observing. i’m not a celtic fan but im not a fan of this kind of writers either.

  15. Marcus Chan says:

    CP3? Rondo? nah. gimme mario chalmers!!!

  16. Kamote says:

    Rondo still has a high ceiling to improve vastly on as compared to Paul who is almost at his peak. There’s no argument that Paul has always been the better leader. But if ever I have the right pieces and a great coach, I’d choose Rondo, just because there are still things to find out on what he can do.

  17. CelticsPride says:

    I never thought I’d say this but… It sounds a lot like Kobe vs Lebron, The Clutch shooter, amazing scorer vs The Statistical Beast, all around game. CP3 vs Rondo

  18. Thinktank says:

    Rondo is in the top 3 with Oscar Robinson/wilt chamberlain & John Stockton/magic Johnson. No other PG retired/active can take that away.

  19. hardensblocked6times!!!!!!!!! says:

    Both good players but neither match up against WESTBROOK!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch the games when they play against him. Nobody can guard RUSS. Westbrook is the most underated player ever!!!!!!! He should be on the MVP ladder.

  20. KingLBjBoy says:

    No Contest CP3 Win …. Rondo who???? Cp3,Williams,Westbrook are Monster Point Guard Rondo is average

  21. bball fan says:

    The article should’ve also included derrick rose, russell westbrook, & derron williams.

  22. NBAfan says:

    In a good team, Rondo can do much more for the team overall. In a bad team, CP3 can be your go-to-guy.

    No matter how you look at it, PGs need a good team to truly shine (Magic Johnson), or at least a very dependable partner (Stockton to Malone).

    I think the Clippers are as good a team around a PG as you can get….and I don’t see CP3 doing crazy things like Rondo is doing…

    • Mdubb says:

      cp3 does not as good a team around him as Rondo Blake is nothing but a highlight reel. Jordan just learned how to play offense and has no post game. Who would you rather have PP or Butler (and I love Butler) I give the edge to Billups in backcourt mates. That’s all.

  23. dezmon says:

    cp3 or rondo really good topic to talk about but the truth is nba nation cp3 is better all around he has been in the buisness longer has more experience and to me overall better than rondo sorry is the truth

  24. stanley says:




  26. razor13 says:

    Over a season I’d take Chris Paul he’s just way more consistently great. In one game though and in the postseason I’d take Rondo. He is a threat in big games to be the best player on the floor every game (even with lebron anybody watch the celtics/heat last year?). I think the key difference is while Rondo puts up jaw-dropping numbers some games he disappears in others. Rondo is making progress though as seen this year. Paul has it all figured out.

  27. Big Euro says:

    To me, it all depends on who you surround either of those guys with. If you have a team full of All-Star level shooters, then Rondo is your guy because he feeds guys in their spots better than anyone else.

    However if you are looking for a PG to lead a team and be the Go2Guy in the clutch, CP3 is the very best in this league. Dude can put it on a dime like Nash, dribble like Iverson, force steals like Payton, and make big shots like Chauncey.

  28. Ernesto says:

    You stated it was a matter of preferences Sekou, and I respect that. However, I think that the weapons that both CP3 and RR fully count on are far more developed on Rondo’s side. Plus (correct me if I’m wrong) Rondo has like a 6’8″ wingspan, which gives him an inreplaceable advantage on the defensive end.

  29. Jeeven says:

    god these nba writers are just awful.

  30. Impanecrid says:

    I love Rajon Rondo

  31. jamal says:

    derrick rose. game set match.

  32. CHRIS TORRES says:


  33. cavalier29 says:

    I would take CP3 any day. The only thing Rondo does better is rebound, but that’s because of his size, and plus, I don’t think rebounding really matters when comparing point guards.

    One thing that people tend to overlook is that Rondo has flashes of brilliance, while CP3 does that stuff all year. Remember, the Celtics’ offense is really sporadic. People look at the good games they have offensively and forget that the Clippers are typically good offensively every game. I also look back at that 24-point comeback the Clippers had last year and that entire comeback was orchestrated by CP3’s playmaking ability. I wouldn’t hesitate in the least bit to say Rondo would not have been able to pull that comeback off.

  34. From Washington D.C says:

    Rondo All Day!!!

  35. Ruben says:

    By far Rondo, the problem is that he does not have all the attention that CP3 has. Ok CP3 has better offense (shoot) and he is a great player but by far if we talk about court vision and timing Rondo is way better he is not trying to make some shoots he is creating the game for his team and that is what a men on his position most do in my opinion

  36. paqnojo says:

    CP3 ALL DAY!!!!

  37. I am taking CP3. He can do pretty much everything Rondo can do outside of offensive rebounding, and he is capable of delivering a bucket when you need one. He also shoots a much higher pct from 3pr land and the charity stripe for his career. And as Skip Bayless would say, he has a “bigger clutch gene!”

    • Clutch says:

      I’m so glad someone finally mentioned “the clutch gene”. 4th quarter with a game on the line, get the f* out of CP3’s way!

      • fordman says:

        How far has CP3 gotten in the playoffs? Does he have any rings? How many triple doubles does he have?

      • Akuhano says:

        @fordman: Then tell me, how good are the players surrounded by CP3, as compared to Rondo?

      • Hm says:

        Comparing the “Big 3” Celtics to the “Big 1 (Paul)” Hornets is retarded.

        Roles seem to be reversed now. CP3 seems to have landed a contender team in his second year with the Clippers while Rondo and the Celtics defence can’t seem to keep Boston from becoming a joke. I hope his streak finally ending (plus a possible suspension) will wake that guy up again. And as for CP3, considering he is the better PG (in his “prime” since rookie year), landing a contender is serious business.

  38. KC says:

    @Steve Aschburner: It’s true, Rondo has a higher regular season FG% average AND a higher playoff FG% average. But one thing that (I feel) a PG really needs is an outside shot. CP3 simply strokes the 3 better than Rondo does, plain and simple. It’s not a small difference, it’s not even close. Now, Paul’s 3 point shooting is not stellar by any means; his % from outside the arc is a workmanlike 36% regular season and 33% come playoff time. But Rondo’s numbers are 24% and 26% respectively. Even though he’s made a few key treys, Rondo simply doesn’t provide that same level of threat outside. Finally, Rondo’s free throw shooting is simply unacceptable for a guard. How does Rondo thread the needle so many times to hit a moving target, and yet can’t shoot better than mid 60’s from the charity stripe? The answer is simple: Rondo lacks confidence in his own shot. He doesn’t believe he can make them, so he doesn’t.

  39. FelixFitzgerald says:


  40. Floridian says:

    How silly remark from Jeff Caplan saying “What if Dwyane Wade doesn’t dislocate Rondo’s elbow in 2011?”
    Blaming Wade for it like some cheap fanatics..

  41. Floridian says:

    CP can shoot, defend, lead his team. As Blinebury said we know how stable CP can play with different team mates but Rondo. I would like to also include we know how well CP can play with different coaches.

  42. Sea Pea says:

    Paul. I think he can fit in any system with any players. Rondo I’m not sure if he could.

  43. ko0kie says:

    CP3 anyday!

  44. Worst Triple Double Ever says:

    Jeff Caplan I can’t believe your argument is “what if Wade didn’t dislocate Rondo’s eblow”. Just shows that you’re giving us a bias opinion

  45. Worse Triple Double Ever says:

    Jeff Caplan I can’t believe your argument is “what if Wade didn’t dislocate Rondo’s eblow”. Just shows that you’re giving us a bias opinion.