Phil Jackson Says His Peace (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If Phil Jackson is at all bitter about being passed over for Mike D’Antoni for the Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching job, he’s doing a good job of hiding it.

Jackson looked relaxed and pretty upbeat when a TMZ camera caught up with him over the weekend and quizzed him about his thoughts on the entire affair, though he did refer to D’Antoni’s hiring as a “midnight coup” by the Lakers:


  1. Barry says:

    People that say Phil Jackson is not a great coach because he had Micheal Jordan then Kobe are stupid. Jordan greatest player ever never won a ring before Phil Jackson. Kobe & Shaq never won a ring before Phil came along and when Shaq left the Lakers with a Phil Jackson less Lakers Kobe did not win another ring until Phil Jackson came back. Say what you say but he pretty darn good at coaching his players up. Besides you have a chance to coach greatness why in the hell would you turn that down to coach the Raptors. Decisions like that would get coaches fired after two years because the teams can not play. ” Phil Jackson had Jordan then he had Kobe thats why he wins” you people sound STUPID!!!

  2. Al says:

    Man.. Im I the only person that remembers these teams before Phil did his thing?? Granted MJ was already the scoring machine which people said would never win because he tried to do it by himself.. But you guys either weren’t around or refuse to reminder S Pippen not playing in playoff games because of “migraines” during those Piston series… Scottie wasn’t Scottie, Horace wasn’t Horace when Phil took over the team from Dough Collins… And due you you remember the hiring of the different coaches fir the Lakers with a in Prime Shaq and young Kobe??? They were horrible before P Jackson!! You guys who believe this guy isn’t the greatest don’t know basketball.. I’m done…”mic drops” LOL

  3. Philfan says:

    That was an ultimate disrespect what the lakers did to Phil. They were nothing since magic Johnson and this man made them. He should be the king of both LA and Chicago. Obama go ahead and put him in a position. This man is smart

  4. NUFF SAID says:

    They finished 1st in their division (Southeast) and 2nd in Conference (EAST)… But they struggle early… But not like LAKERDASHIAN’s aweful record 7-8…. Can’t you even read right???

  5. NUFF SAID says:

    @@ don’t you ever click my name
    I Guess You Should tel that to yourself STUPID…. Yes the HEAT are 2010-2011 EAST CHAMPS… They struggle early of the season… But they didn’t finish 3rd in the EAST as you speak… How Old Are You??? You don’t remember??? I guess you LAKERDASHIAN Fan won’t cheer this coming playoffs… HAHAHAHAHAAH Give us again your sarcastic LAUGH… Tell something funny…. L.A. 7-8 contender??? And one more thing You should finish your school 1st…. Who’s stupid???? you can’t even spell LEAGUE correctly… uLOLs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAhahahahahahhahahaha

  6. @ don't you ever click my name says:

    Heat.? Really .? They finished 3rd overall on the leuge, and to the finals not even remember to record a 7-8 . ? Record? Wahahaha stupid

  7. NUFF SAID says:

    Laker fan always got something for an excuse…. NASH???? I know nash is a great guy… And I want him to win a ring… But that ain’t possible with his current team now… To refresh your brain… Nash Aint D-ROSE… That could make a difference on teams…. Not with his age… DRose is much faster, More athletic than Nash… But even D-Rose couldn’t make an instant impact on his team right now… maybe next season but now… simply useless…. He might just take his time to rehab his injury…. Even with Nash on the lakers now…. Lakers won’t win anything….. And Yeah the HEAT takes time to GEL but didn’t take that long… you can’t compare HEAT(2010 much younger) to your lakers… as of today… Because HEAT represent EAST on the FINALS that year…. your lakers might miss playoffs… An that’s a FACT….. uLOLs……….

  8. tombrayo says:

    wait until nash comes back before you write off the lakers. look what he did in phoenix with a far less talented team. sure he doesnt play the best D but howard will make up for that and he brings his good shooting to the table something the lakers are missing. it takes time to gel ask the heat.




    stupidity comments brown is already out u knoe… u conpairing the two diffrent people,,, u knoe what expect that ur laker will be out at playoffs as u can see how they play now alright..,,, stop stupid comments and a nonsense anyway they will not make it to conference finals..

  11. NUFF SAID says:

    Even with Phil Around…. your lakers won’t make it to playoffs uLOLs…. hahahhahahahahaha trade kobe for someone who’s more useful….. rather than shoot and shoot then whine and blame his team mates….. how about trade your current line up for….

    Lakers line up…
    C Kwame Brown
    PF Brian” White Mamba” Scalabrine
    SF Metta World War
    SG Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant
    PG Steve Blake

    Same results but much CHEAPER……… uLOLs!!!!!!!!

    2012-2013 Award Winning Drama Team

  12. Ben Ibrahim says:

    Phil, I beg you, please come back to the LAKERS. I know you dont want to Coach but you can set up Phil Jackson Pty LTD and work as their Consultant and advisor to them and I will work for you for free.

    They cant win with Mike D’Antoni, he does not know the first thing about defense and you can recruit the shooters that the LAKERS need, Please ZEN MASTER, answer all Lakers fans prayers.

    Best Wishes,


  13. jah.martins says:

    Overrated coach. no offense. he is a good coach. but by far not the best one.

  14. Mett says:

    The Lakers need to quit this celebrity high-profile coach nonsense and get back to Xs and Os.

    Based on the record, Bernie Bickerstaff – the no-nonsense non celebrity – has the BEST RECORD (4-1) with the Lakers and seems to have a knack for getting the team to play more loosely, naturally, and in rhythm to take full advantage of the tremendous talent on this team.

    Brown and D’Antoni are more “systems guys”, which is NOT working out very well for the Lakers. If Buss only gave Mike Brown 5 games, it is probably about time to show D’Antoni the door with his sub-500 start, and bring the coach with the best record back – BERNIE BICKERSTAFF – to coach the Lakers.

  15. Dixie Eli - TN says:

    out with the old, in with the new
    he was a great coach, now he’s retired, NOW HE’S RETIRED!
    understand? he’s done, whats he wanna get all desperate to win #12? a 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11, thats enough, he’s #1 whats he need to keep goin for?
    he’s retired, y’all need to start respectin his wishes

  16. bball fan says:

    The Lakers lost Chris Paul and Lamar Odom to the Clippers and if you add Phil Jackson to that list then it would be awesome to see the Clippers beat the Lakers in the conference finals. If Phil Jackson coached the Clippers they would immediately go to another level. Which is exactly what happened to the Bulls and Lakers.

  17. Danilo B. says:

    I would love to see phil coaching THE CHARLOTTE BOBCATS of MJ 😀

  18. phil jackstone says:

    well, d’antoni is much better than mike brown, thats the biggest mistake move of the lakers they hire brown remember that coach depends on the talent of lbj bck in the clevelnd days…now they(lakers) fired him(brown) and hire d antoni..and yet still having trouble.

  19. bkb2626 says:

    Although I would love to see him coach again, and the Clippers would be a great fit with their talent, I don’t think that he would do it merely because of his girlfriend Jeeanie Buss… That would be a huge slap in the face of Jim Buss which I’m sure we would all like, but at the end of the day, the woman gets the last word. Jeannie wouldn’t like it, and Phil NEEDS his lady “companion”

  20. Brian says:

    I think Phil deserves to keep retired… I don’t understand why so many people insist that he comes back… The MJ era is over and the next era after him is over too. Now is Lebron and Durant era and it’s time to focus on new candidates to develop as future hall of famers, players and coaches. I really like how these new teams like thunder, clippers, grizzlies, pacers are showing their potential and also demonstrate true candidates to this present or future title contenders. Let’s move on and give Phil an ovation for what he is done since the 1990’s with Michael Jordan. Let him enjoy his retirement.

  21. Brandon says:

    The camera man had one of the greatest coaches of all time answering his questions, and he sticks to drama-laden questions? Phil was just starting to spill some knowledge and wisdom! And all the camera guy was focusing on was stupid questions. What a shame.

  22. Phil Jackson says:

    I’m not upset the least bit about not getting the Laker job. At the end of the day I have enough rings for every finger and an extra for my big toe. I don’t need to do much talking I let my millions talk for me

  23. Floridian says:

    He was being so nice not to say LA has not much chance. LA is a slow team that is why they can not compete with athletic teams that is why they need someone who has speed and ability to shoot threes.

  24. Matt says:

    it would’ve been great if he let the guy talk! damn!

  25. Phil is so arrogant he wouldnt give the dude more than a walking chit-chat.

    • dattebayo says:

      Phil is a retired coaching legend. In the middle of his day he gets interrupted by a nosy reporter asking him all sorts of weird questions. Basically all he wants is a big headline and to stir up trouble. The reporter never introduced himself, he didn’t call ahead to let Phil know he was gonna be there and of course he didn’t bother to make an appointment to make a serious interview. Phil just walked around the corner and boom, he had a camera in his face. Phil could have walked straight past this fellow without uttering a word and we wouldn’t read this article now. But Phil actually stopped and chatted a little and even gave some answers. How is this a reflection of arrogance?

    • Dixie Eli - TN says:

      is you kiddin me?
      wow, and you call him arrogant, hell, that was probly the best handled ambush reportin i’ve ever seen, he didnt have to say nothin, but he did, even though his buddy obviously wanted to get movin, i think you the arrogant one pierre

  26. Yoyo says:

    How come Lakers have no good 3 points shooter since Fisher is gone.

  27. Craig says:

    He’s humble, polite, it was nice of him to do that.

  28. Taylor says:

    They tried to get him to come back, but he put up ridiculous terms (huge salary, having the option to not go to away games) so that they wouldn’t actually get him again. He’s got more rings than he does fingers, I don’t think he feels at all unaccomplished.

  29. W/E says:

    Phil looks old,coaching is demanding and his physique looks bad,even if he comes back he wont be the same man as he was 15 years ago, hes done enough hes a legend and he retired, younger coaches gotta step up, Phil retired for good ppl it makes no sense to come back at his age.

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      He wont be the same man he was 15 years ago?

      Give this guy a medal. Now show me, man or woman, who is the same 15 years later.

      A 15 and 30 yo?

      A 30 and 45 yo?

      A 45 and 60 yo?

      Exactly. Stupid comment. Coaching is the mind.

  30. paqnojo says:

    Tam, I would love that….

  31. Phil4Clips says:

    I would love that… And after that… LAClips crushing LALakers… That would be epic…

  32. The Whining Lakerland Fans says:

    The “whining” lakerland fans are still crying and upset. Some whining fans feel like they are the 16th man on the team. “WE WON. WE WON.” Well, whining lakerland fans, you’re didn’t. Be a fan and root for the team, thats what fans do. Imagine if the whining fans were running the basketball operations/player management, players would be traded and coaches fired after every bad lost. EVERY BAD LOST, even if its just one game. “Trade Pau for Bargnani, because he shoots better.” No offense to Bargnani. REALLY. Pau is still one of the top 10 PF today. Not all time but still a good PF playing today. Stop whining and enjoy the season. The coaches and players on the lakers now is what it is, support the team, so stop crying.

  33. dain0191 says:

    We miss u PHIL

  34. Tam says:

    That would be funny if the Clippers fired Del Negro and hired Phil Jackson as their head coach

    • KB fan says:

      I would love to see Phil coach again.

      • Eyeball Tickler says:

        Man am I the only that is sick of Phil Jackson. Shut up and go to hell. 11 rings but lets see Kobe Bryant, Shaq (both in their prime). Then Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom (while he was sane), Andrew Bynum and of course still Kobe. Before that Michael and Pippen. Did I miss any absolute legends (while Odom & Bynum may have been great and it made L.A. hard to handle). Oh, ya Dennis Rodman, it’s so hard to keep track. That’s 8 legends in their prime, even if you don’t count Kobe twice. Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, John Paxton, Steve Kerr and Ron Harper ain’t half bad either. Win a ring with a ‘normal’ team not these all-stars he takes credit for their talent. He is completely overrated, Popovich is better, same about Jerry Sloan, ditto Chuch Daly.

    • Kb24 says:

      Funny but not possible

      • The kid says:

        Why do people blame Phil for winning with good teams and great players? Here’s a newflash, only great teams and great players win championships. And these players are mostly legends after they win championships, and Phil has a lot to do with that. Would we be talking about any other players apart from rodman pippen and jordan from the bulls if they didn’t win? Phil make the entire team run like a well oiled machine with defined roles. Stars will be stars, but a championship team needs a coach that can manage personalities and motivate an entire team…He’s a great leader. If it was so easy to coach good teams to championships, why pay millions for him, why wouldn’t teams just hire joe schmo from the ymca to coach?

    • mj says:

      that would never happy, do you see how old phil is? more importantly coaching the clippers? come on

    • johnson says:

      that would be great..

    • Floridian says:

      I do not think Phil will coach a team which is not a title contender. Phil Jackson is an amazing coach.
      When fans compare LJ with MJ they ignored the fact that MJ was so lucky to have a coach like Phil Jackson on his side unlike LJ having a coach like Spo. Kobe was so luck too, we all saw LA without Phil Jackson.

      • jah.martins says:

        Wrong way around kid. Phil was lucky to have coached the Bulls back then. there would not be a P.Jax now if it was not for Jordan and that 90’s Bulls.

        If you were around in the 90’s a lot of the game time decisions came down to Michael, by the time Jackson came to the bulls in 89′, MJ was already becoming the beast that he was, and the 90’s Jordan was as much of an ingame coach than anyone in the league.

        I am not saaying Jax did not do anything, he too deserves credit, but to be telling the public that MJ was lucky to have Phil?
        from a coachin stand point, (the coach) would not have mattered, in a emotional and mental (locker room) standpoint, then i would agree.

    • Man am I the only that is sick of Phil Jackson. Shut up and go to hell. 11 rings but lets see Kobe Bryant, Shaq (both in their prime). Then Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom (while he was sane), Andrew Bynum and of course still Kobe. Before that Michael and Pippen. Did I miss any absolute legends (while Odom & Bynum may have been great and it made L.A. hard to handle). Oh, ya Dennis Rodman, it’s so hard to keep track. That’s 8 legends in their prime, even if you don’t count Kobe twice. Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, John Paxton, Steve Kerr and Ron Harper ain’t half bad either. Win a ring with a ‘normal’ team not these all-stars he takes credit for their talent. He is completely overrated, Popovich is better, same about Jerry Sloan, ditto Chuch Daly.

      • eljei says:

        the Bulls couldn’t get past the Pistons before Phil came.. when did Jordan or Kobe came to the Finals without Jackson again? oh right, there aren’t any

        do some research, they were lucky to have each other

      • MC says:

        That is true BUT NONE of those guys won ANYTHING before Phil got there. I don’t mean Rodman on Pistons. It was mike and pippen on same team since 85 and didn’t win until Phil came and the same with kobe and shaq. he may not be the BEST coach but he knew how to get talent to play as a team.

      • TheBlackOne says:

        I agree with Eyeball Phil is overrated and to correct Martins Pippen was not drafted till 87 in which he did not start. Doug Collins was actually doing a great job bringing those guys along i mean conference finals each year the pistons won it. Phil gets way to much credit when coaching hall of famers. I mean if he was that great of a coach how do you not win with the mail man, gary payton and that group of Lakers. The only way phil comes back is if the team has a minimum 2 HOF players other than that Greg Popovich is the greatest coach of my era. Honestly I am a kicks fan and I would prefer Jeff Van Gundy over phil.