Bynum Hurt By Bowling? Spare Us!

In the annals of dumb sports injuries, the competition for true Hall of Shame status is stiff. Among the most boneheaded:

  • Gus Frerotte, a Washington Redskins quarterback, sent himself to the hospital by exuberantly headbutting a wall after a touchdown.
  • Joel Zumaya, a hot Detroit pitching prospect, inflamed his arm and wrist to the point of missed games by playing too much Guitar Hero.
  • Braves pitcher John Smoltz burned his chest while ironing a shirt he was wearing, or so goes the urban legend.
  • Hockey’s Jaromir Jagr, with the Rangers in 2006, hurt his left arm in a playoff opener by taking a gratuitious poke at New Jersey’s Scott Gomez but failing to connect. The air punch essentially sidelined Jagr and New York got swept.
  • Hitting machine and HOFer Wade Boggs hurt his ribs and missed time because, when he was removing his cowboy boots in a Toronto hotel room, he toppled backwards and slammed into the arm of a couch.

The NBA is not without its silly injuries, either. Just from recent memory, there was:

  • Monta Ellis, then with Golden State, wracking himself up in a low-speed moped accident.
  • New York’s Amar’e Stoudemire cutting open his hand by hitting a fire-extinguisher case in Miami.
  • Kevin Love, just last month, missing a Timberwolves preseason game because he slept wrong on his elbow. (This was before Love broke two bones in his right hand doing “knuckles push-ups.”)

But none of those has anything on Andrew Bynum’s self-nomination to the Hall – if true. The Philadelphia 76ers center, who has yet to play a game since being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, may have suffered a setback in his return from a right knee injury by hurting his left. While bowling.

That’s what was reporting early Sunday morning:

Multiple sources told ESPN on Saturday that Bynum suffered an unspecified injury this month while bowling. On Friday, Bynum revealed that – on top of the issues with his right knee that could keep him sidelined until January – he also had suffered a “setback” with his left knee.

“I had a little bit of a setback, and we’re just working through some issues with the right knee,” Bynum said before the Sixers beat the Utah Jazz on Friday night. “I kind of have a mirror thing going on with my left knee. I don’t know what’s going on, but the doctors are saying pretty much that it’s a weakened cartilage state.”

There are several activities that are prohibited in standard NBA player contracts, but bowling is not one of them. Bynum is known to enjoy bowling.

Bynum might enjoy Dairy Queen “Blizzards” and romantic walks at sunset, too, but if brain freeze or blisters sidelined him from his day job with the 76ers, he’d have some ‘splainin’ to do.

A lot of NBA players – a surprising number, actually – enjoy bowling. But if you’re the cornerstone for your franchise in a massive offseason deal that cost All-Star and Olympian Andre Iguodala, if you have a history of missing games for purely basketball-related injuries and if you flexed your passport in September to get much-ballyhooed Orthokine knee therapy injections but still haven’t played in 2012-13, you shouldn’t be doing anything that carries the slightest bit of physical risk.

Let’s put it another way: Until you’re back hurting opponents with the pebble-grain, inflatable ball that weighs nothing, you’re not allowed to mess around with the shiny composite, swirly-colored balls that weight 16 pounds.

Fans in Philadelphia, notoriously tough on their sports stars, will cut you slack for that haircut. They’ll look the other way, maybe, if Bogarting a handicap parking space gets you back on the court more quickly for coach Doug Collins & Co.

But show up limping on the sidelines in one of those garish shirts with your nickname on the chest, Drew, and you’re toast in that town.


  1. David says:

    after lakers got rid of bynum my thoughts were Bynum now has a chance to prove to the Lakers “YOUR GOING TO MISS ME” but right now im not impressed. In fact i’ll come out say this straight up BYNUM IS AN IDIOT. im sorry but its true to be honest when others looked down on you i was one of the few people who said that you are The best pure C in the league but now with your injury and you re-injuring your knee through a event like Bowling “its just DUMB”

    If there was an island for Idiots Bynum would be the president. Honestly I thought you matured…. but bowling???? REALLY????? how dumb can you get.

    Im still a fan of his game but seriously he needs to get his head back into shape otherwise he will become an overpaid player like Eddy Curry!!!!!!

  2. baller1991 says:

    Feeling real bad for philly fans right now.. Shuda kept Iggy he fit so well into the team, I remember he had 2-3 triple double games in a week! Anyways, if Bynum can be healthy and more importantly MOTIVATED, he can put up last years all star numbers. We’ll see.

  3. Pto says:

    Howard is 2-3 levels above Bynum. There should be no comparison. Bynum is one of the most inconsistent, overrated and lazy players I ever seen. As a Lakers fan Im’ glad they dumped him. Very smart move, perfect timing.

  4. Gamerfan says:

    What I want to know is why he wasn’t using the special rack for kids and using the kiddie lane with an oversized, underweight Sponge Bob themed bowling ball. That plus the hair and the injury would make for a great Shaqtin’ a fool special.

  5. Matt Yeow says:

    Great article but where’s the spellcheck??

  6. Ben says:

    Steve – surely Jay Williams deserves a mention in the silly injury? Or is he in the stupid category?

  7. Eric says:

    Don’t forget Boozer who tripped on his gym bag and hurt his hand.

  8. MJ from OKC says:

    Its disappointing to see a trade work out like this. I am very thankful we got Kevin Martin and some draft picks out of the James Harden trade. Im glad to see James doing new things and that hes happy.

    Iggy was a great player for Philly, Philly put him on the map for me as an NBA fan. Why get rid of him?

    The production Philly is getting out of Bynum is not good. I doubt he will see playing time until after the all star break.

    Basketball players are just like normal people. They get muscular, they get out of shape, they get fat. At the end of Shaqs career I remember they would say “We dont really know how much Shaq weighs” I bet he was damn near 400 lbs.

  9. 16going417 says:

    At first I was not for the trade, but seeing how Bynum continues to be immature and do dumb things I’m glad the Lakers got rid of him. Better he is Philadelphia’s problem. I hope they do not give him a max deal and he ends up being some second rate player with a washed up career. Maybe then he will realize how good he “had” it.

  10. jose machado says:

    long time ago an athlete I admired for his talent said, people can not want for me what I do not want to me.
    a great saying: God gives the nuts to who have no teeth, happens often, in relation to bynum, he has to decide what he wants to do in the NBA, now, with the right spirit, healthy, and focus he´s the BEST!

  11. GCast says:

    …and Jim Buss love this guy!

  12. AIemjayAI says:


  13. Pgulinp1 says:

    a fact that made me most angry about Bynum’s lying him and his coach about his fitness and weight, it is clear that there is no chance to weigh 285 lb, has a minimum of 320, and the weight of his knees can not withstand …… 285 lb haha shure … When I saw him at the presentation in Philadelphia looked like he spent the pre season in McDonald’s…. FAT FAT FAT

  14. lincon says:

    i remember rose injured himself while cutting an apple in his bed..

  15. smh says:

    gosh. u LA fans are so rude. im a huge LA fan too but dont have to call him a stupid selfishidiot . yes, hes immature and it was a smart move for LA but goodness gracious. calm down. i have sympathy for philly.
    on the bright side, GO LAKERS <33

  16. uoykcuf says:

    And who can forget Derrick Rose, cut himself in bed while slicing an apple? Worst excuse IMO.

  17. dunk says:

    hahaha…….stupid injury LOL

  18. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    bynum is a professional basketball players WTF! why is he playing bowling?

  19. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    childish act…

  20. tyrone says:

    Bynum, nice way of getting yourself injured. And how ironic, you injured yourself by bowling. Sir, u need to rest your knees more and try to avoid doing any physical activities or sports.

  21. sixersAD says:

    I’d still make the trade, even now. People act like Iggy is a bona fide superstar in this league. He is a very good role player at best. The only exceptional aspect of his game is his defense, but he’s not even the best perimeter defender in the league. His offense is below average for the small forward position, and the sixers were not going anywhere building around him. At least with Bynum, even though he’s a moron, if and when he gets back on the court for an extended period the sixers we’ll have a legitimate shot of making a deep playoff run. If he never gets back on the court I would still have made the trade because a chance at something is better than mediocrity.

  22. Araujo says:

    Andrew Bynum is a funny guy

  23. Ted says:

    Haha. What is his knees made of? Paper? Next time we know, we hurt his knee while sleeping.

  24. Pear says:

    What about Carlos boozer answering his doorbell then tripping on his bag and breaking his arm ?

  25. jay says:

    im so glad that lakers traded him

  26. Stan says:

    Bynum can and will dominate when he comes back. I guess he lost some motivation when the Lakers traded him, but his contract is up this year and he had a chance to sign a huge deal if he played anything like last year. I guess when you have over 50 million in the bank another 100 million more is not much incentive.

  27. John says:

    Future of the franchise? Poor Philly.

  28. Afro says:

    I heard that it was his Afro weighing him down that caused his knee to buckle.

  29. Injured Idiots says:

    I want to know how he was allowed to be traded with such a serious injury.
    Obviously quite a bit of money went into someones pocket.

  30. Belizeboy says:

    Poor Sixers, gave up Iggy for a dummy.

    • armaansinghcheema says:

      Andrew Bynum is really stupid for going bowling. He should not be bowling he shoyld be trying to play basketball.

  31. Roca says:

    Bynum plainly put is a punk. If I had has size and talent, I would appreciate the enormous opportunity given me for the ability to play a sport to earn a living. He is not worth a dime, In my book. He is ungrateful and an immature, overgrown PUNK!,,
    I’m glad the Lakers got rid if him. It’s too bad because Doug Collins is a good coach will now have to put up with his unprofessionalism.

  32. Pencil says:

    Over seven feet and just dumb, 76ers management dumb. When he was in LA he was out with am injured knee and had a playboy girl on his shoulders.

  33. MVP says:

    Andrew Bynum 2012-2013 playoff MVP .. Bynum to DH – ” YOU CANT GUARD ME “

  34. RGL says:

    As a Laker fan I can tell you that when healthy and when he wants to play, Bynum can be the best center in the league. He’s a much better shooter than DH, has way better post moves, and when he wants to play defense he can really control the paint.
    That said, I couldn’t wait for the Lakers to trade him. The guys got a terrible attitude and we all knew that he was just one injury away from being worthless as far as trade value. It wasn’t a matter of IF his knees fail again but WHEN.

  35. Statistically Proven says:

    Don’t trade for a player from L.A

  36. Migui says:

    Glad he is gone from Los Angeles… Does not take anything seriously

  37. Bran says:

    What about Plaxico Burress? I think that was the worst injury.

  38. W/E says:

    He should retire for the good of the NBA…

  39. sg says:

    and to ‘spyros’. what does doug collins have anything to do with the trade . . .

  40. sg says:

    at the end of the day everyones just reacting moreso to the fact that he hasnt played yet as much as theyre talking hair and bowling injury. Obviously a stupid mistake but these things happen. When bynum (and hopefully there is a when) returns, he will dominate the east. I hope that he stays healthy. hes under 24 and already has 2 championships. All he has to do now is gain individual accolades and make a few deep playoff pushes to solidify himself in history.

  41. Leo23 says:

    Maybe he should go fishing instead

  42. dpark1 says:

    so stupid!!!
    so sorrry for the 76ers..

    the Lakers must be really happy to get rid of this stupid, selfish, and annoying guy and see DH every day.

  43. Lol says:

    Plaxico Burress shooting himself at the club and then going to jail for shooting urself in the leg! How could this not be on the list!

  44. GORAPTORS1957 says:

    Good thing he is out of LA what a loser/……

  45. GORAPTORS1957 says:

    good thing he is out oh LA

  46. Luis says:

    I loved Bynum when he was at the Lakers bought his jersey and everything, But he’s being an idiot, just because you can’t play basketball dos’nt mean you should go out playing other while you’re meant to be recovering…

  47. Pgulinp1 says:

    nice trade philly… now trade Holiday and sing Tmac and Kenyon Martin so we can change name in – hospital

  48. spyros1966 says:

    All I know and I’m concerned about as a Philly fan is that Philly literally gave away Iggy for this guy. This is a disaster! The Weber nightmare returned and this time is worse. Doug Collins has done great things for this team but this time he made a gigantic mistake. Iggy is definitely missing from this team and they still don’t have a dominant center.

  49. Chris says:

    Lakers dodged a bullet

  50. FakirWise says:

    practice – games = fan
    LIFE – practice – games = loves the game

    Things happen people, how many of you expect your own lives to become 100% surrounded by work

  51. beavis says:

    this is certainly why the Lakers traded him.

    Suprised Philly took the risk on him though.

  52. Roy says:

    No wonder L.A. traded the guy. He is a liability both on AND off the court.

  53. Nigel says:

    I can’t believe they had the audacity to call this guy one of the best centers in the NBA

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Hes better than dwight Howard ever will be, and thats a fact.

      Howad cant shoot, makes bad plays all day, can’t score at will like a quality centre can, and is always looking for refs to bail him out. I really dont like his style of play.. sure, the dunks are cool and highlight jumping ability is cool.. but Green has this and he can actually ball.. If DH12 was 6’6 he would literally be useless.

      • Greg says:

        at least howrad doesnt shoot threes.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Bynum is definitely better offensively, but I have never seen a big man move or play defense the way Dwight does. It is seriously a work of art.

      • ummm no... says:

        Andrew “No Effort” Bynum isn’t in Howard’s league. Dwight can switch on pick and rolls and is the best roller in the league. Bymum will NEVER be defensive player of the year. You can talk about Bymums offensive touch all you want but the fact remains Dwight is playing ball right now and Bynum isn’t. You gotta be on the floor to be considered great.

  54. 24 says:

    He is an idiot glad Lakers got rid of him!

  55. Ali Malik says:

    As a laker fan, I am kinda feeling guilty for what we did for the 76ers.

    I hope to see Bynum in action soon and dominate the EAST like he’s supposed to! I’d love to see Philly as a dominant force in the playoffs…

    • tracytraky says:

      ye right not going to happen. Who cares about Philly you a Lakers fan anyway..Lakers fans care about the Lakers only..Great trade by the LAL..bynum is one of the most overrated players..couldn’t believe my ears when he was being praised the last couple of season..He’s weak for a big guy..big softy overrated useless player..obviously since he doesnt even play.

      • LBJ says:

        WEAK????? Yeah right this guy is one of the toughest guys in terms of strength in the nba, just look at him is buffer than dwight

      • ummm no... says:

        I’m also a Laker fan and wish the Sixers the best and feel a bit guilty as well. Maybe some of us Laker fans are actually ok human beings and see more to life than sports. I never cared for Bynums attitude, but the Sixers deserve better for taking a chance on this kid.

        I so hope he plays with his hair like that!

      • tracytraky says:

        since when does buffer mean stronger, LBJ? Bynum can’t even dunk on most occasions when he’s under the basket. He doesn’t have that explosiveness, because explosiveness requires strength. No one said Dwight is super strong..He moves like a tree although he doesn’t get blocked when he’s dunking on people unlike Bynum…what a wussie Bynum is…

  56. Oliver Miller says:

    bowling? come on man. If your knees not good enough to play bball dont go bowling. it too puts pressure on knees. He could be violation of his contract for not using common sense

  57. newyorksteelo says:


  58. --yongqin says:

    He’s a big joke. -.-

    • Shaquille O'Neal says:

      Shaqtin’ a fool for sure! haha

    • jimbo says:

      I’m no genius but I sure feel like one right now. All you Philly fans praising the trade of Iggy, I was just laughing. LA got away with theft! Might as well sign on Brandon Roy and Greg Oden now, if your lucky one of them won’t be injured.