In Loss To Mavs, Wittman Dismayed By Refs’ Lack Of ‘Respect’ For Wizards

DALLAS — After another tough loss, a fourth by six points or less on their way to 0-7, Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman had a parting shot for the officiating crew that sent the Dallas Mavericks to the free throw line 22 more times than his young Wizards.

“For whatever reason, this team doesn’t get any respect,” Wittman said following Dallas’ 107-101 win, a game his team trailed by as many as 22 points, but had a chance to tie with less than a minute to play in the fourth quarter. “We go to the rim and had 11 free throws. These young guys just have to make a name for themselves, and it’s just baffling some of the things that are said to me by the refs for why they don’t call it.”

The Wizards, who were without penetrating point guard John Wall and big man Nene, went 10-for-11 on free throws. Dallas, which ended a three-game skid, was 26-for-33. The Mavs took just five more shots in the paint than the Wizards (36-31) and three more shots via fastbreak (9-6), yet came away with the substantial advantage at the line. One of Dallas’ attempts came on a technical foul Wizards guard Jordan Crawford.

Entering the game, Dallas had taken 59 fewer free throws than its opponents, a number skewed by the fact that Dirk Nowitzki, by far the team’s free-throw leader for years, has yet to play this season.

In this one, the Mavs’ guard tandem of Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo combined to shoot three more free throws than the entire Wizards team. At the end of the first half, Dallas had taken 16 free throws to Washington’s one. In the second quarter, when Dallas blew open a 23-19 first-quarter lead to 63-45 at the half, the Mavs went 10-for-12 at the free throw line. Washington was 1-for-1.

Wittman was visibly upset late in the game as Washington, which spent much of the fourth quarter launching 3-pointers to get back into the game, was rewarded with no free throws in the final period. Dallas was 6-for-9 and iced the game with five free throws in the final 34.4 seconds.

“So, maybe we just have to send the game film everyday to the league,” Wittman said.

It’s a tactic Mavs owner Mark Cuban is certainly familiar. Cuban, fined heftily by the league throughout his tenure for ripping the referees, is a chronic sender of game film to the league office for review.

Last March, during a game at Oklahoma City, Dallas lost 95-91 and shot 10 free throws to the Thunder’s 33. Afterward, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle was in disbelief over the discrepancy: “Thirty-three to 10? Thirty-three free throws to 10 — can I explain that? They get to the free throw line a lot, but I don’t want to be accusatory to the officials. But, I thought our guys were aggressive enough to deserve a few more chances.”

So did Wittman, who has seen opponents shoot 177 free throws this season to the Wizards’ 116. If he does send game tape to the league office, he’ll likely choose a dunk attempt by rookie Bradley Beal late in the first half when the guard went high against Mavs center Chris Kaman. Beal didn’t get a call he thought he deserved as Kaman got credit for the block.

“I can’t say anything about that or I’ll be fined,” said the 19-year-old Beal. “That’s part of basketball, nothing I can do about it.”

Beal saved himself a fine. His coach might be another story.


  1. googergieger says:

    Denver had more than double the paint points and attempts tonight and what happened? Lawson deserves a lot of the blame for this loss as does George Karl, but refs made sure Miami was going to win this one. This was one of the most blatant screw jobs I’ve ever seen. The league needs to do something about this. Either just have your four team league, or start calling the games fair. Because if you are a fan of a team like Denver, you are given no reason to watch this “sport”

    • dattebayo says:

      You can’t compare points in the paint as a criteria for a possible lopsided free throw differential. Denver’s points in the point are mostly fastbreak points, last year they had a game with 96 points in the paint. Also, you don’t have to be a “celebrity” to get foul calls, you just have to be aggressive on offense and put pressure on the defense. Lamar Crawford and James Harden for example are no allstars and they still manage to get foul calls because of how they play. Denver is a great effort and hustle team, but they don’t have scorers that can efficiently create and knock down shots. Galinari is a good spot up shooter, AI is a great driver, Lawson is a paintscorer and Miller is a playmaker. Too bad they couldn’t resign Rudy, he was a great fit for this team.

  2. googergieger says:

    Denver has been shafted a lot as well. Bad enough they have their ridiculous schedule to start out with, but when a team is getting majority of their points from the paint and is still getting shafted at the line…

    Well guess we know what is meant that they won’t get far until they get a “superstar”. Though really that word is interchangeable with the word celebrity. Which is what the NBA is all about. Not sport. Celebrity.

    Hell Faried was almost concussed in that Phoenix game and Phoenix still got the benefit of the whistle.

    What are the odds Miami doesn’t get to the line more often tonight despite Denver having double the paint points like they did in their first meeting?

  3. Gman says:

    So what else is new…. Same stuff happened to the Raps VS Utah. They practically gave the game to Utah.

    • D Man says:

      I don’t like that stuff, not cool at all. This Wizards team isn’t good enough to overcome lopsided refeering but it appears they should’ve been given a chance. Send the tape to the refs. The refs should be reprimanded if they did a bad job, coach shouldn’t be fined. Everybody’s got to do their job right.