’85 percent’ Chance Kobe Plays Tonight


MIAMI — Only in Kobe Bryant‘s world would “85 percent” be a green light to shake off whatever lingering issues there are associated with his sore foot and hit the floor for the Los Angeles Lakers’ season opener against the Dallas Mavericks tonight at Staples Center.

After struggling the better part of the past week with soreness in a strained/bruised right foot, Bryant was in the middle of the action at the Lakers’ shootaround practice this morning. He told reporters that there was an “85 percent” chance (barring any setbacks) that he would suit up against the Mavericks, who will play without their superstar Dirk Nowitzki (recovering from knee surgery).

The idea of Bryant missing out on the season opener for this new era the Lakers are embarking upon, with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash in the fold, is a ridiculous one. One of the most competitive players the league has ever seen, Bryant surely used the seven straight days of practice inactivity to get up to the 85 percent he mentioned earlier today.

Bryant and the Lakers will close the show tonight on TNT as the second half of a season-opening doubleheader. The Heat will raise their 2012 championship banner and host the Boston Celtics in the opener at 8 p.m. ET.


  1. fandecoco says:

    when kobe said that he is 85 percent ready…. I know you can list it on the Losing column 1 lost 0 win…. hey its just their first game anyway….. Hope Lakers will improve as the season goes on…. if not Thunder might sweep them again in the playoffs if ever they meet…. and I hate to see that…

  2. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Have to agree with First Game here! I usually don”t blame coaches; and I like Mike brown! But you have to wonder why this team has been unable to gel at all! Are they really that bad???? I”ll reserve final judgement after I’ve seen a few regular season games! To me, the coaching is not looking too swift right now! If this princeton offense is that complicated; maybe they should try a more conventional approach! These guys are better than this!

  3. First Game says:

    If the Lakers are going to lose tonight, I hope they don’t lose by a large margin. I have the feeling the coaching staff is at fault. There is no way the Lakers would’ve lost 8 preseason games like that, especially being beaten by the Kings 3 times. A good coaching staff should be able to learn from the first lost and teach the team to defend their opponent the second time around. The Lakers bench are not good, but they’re sitll NBA players. 3 losts in a row gotta be bad coaching!

  4. LA_All_Day says:

    kobe never misses out an important game like this one, no matter what the case

  5. Karlo Garcia says:

    Only Kobe knows what percent his body is in shape.

  6. Rossi says:

    I`m not Lakers fun… but the way that Kobe says “It`s mine team” is so cool hahahaha 😀

  7. Soda Popinski says:

    Spherical horse in vacuum!!!

  8. ken says:

    85% for kobe means yes.. he will play for sure. Go LAKERS!