LeBron’s Strange Technical (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — After nearly a dozen viewings we’re still trying to figure out exactly what went on last night when LeBron James picked up a technical foul for, um … trampling over or getting fouled by Gerald Henderson?

Seriously, in one of the more peculiar calls of the preseason, James earned a technical foul for plowing over Henderson on his way to the basket. (Heat coach Erik Spoelstra earned one moments later for arguing on behalf of his star.) But the call came from the official who was behind the play.

What we haven’t been able to figure out here at the hideout is why James was called for the technical in the first place (unless you can get one these days for being a human freight train running over a mere mortal). You can hear the whistle before he  finishes running Henderson over, and long before he could complain to the official directly in front of the play. So it couldn’t have been for something he said.

Watch it for yourself and tell us what you see, because we’ve tried everything … BluBlockers, a telescope, X-ray vision, you name it. There is no easy explanation for this:


  1. HeatKingsofEast says:

    hey sekou! i know i’m just a fan on nba but can you update us nba fans on what happened to that ref? mario gogan i think his name as the commentator said, can you write an article about him after doing that ridiculous call on lebron? or you can e-mail me, just curious if he will still be an nba ref and what is his reason for making a dumbest call in the history of nba. thankfully it’s just a pre-season game

  2. HeatKingsofEast says:

    i think the ref called a T on lebron was a college ref. if it was a nba ref i bet he’ll be fired after the game. lol! how can a ref call a T for a player who didn’t do anything. and the flop argument is invalid since there is no violation called flop. and it is not on the refs to call flops it is on the league to fine and suspend player for flopping this up-coming season.

    that ref definitely a lebron hater. lol!

  3. Yave says:

    From what the commentators said I think the refs thought LeBron flopped when he threw his hands up in the air.Which I think is stupid because your little league coaches and AAU coaches always taught you to try to finish your shot to get a and1 or 2 free throws. I can tell that ref isn’t going to ref a playoff game with silly calls like that.

  4. wadecc23 says:

    There was nothing on that play that would deserve a tech. Its time for all the Lebron haters to grow up and move on. If that was Kobe or Durant your opinion would change fast. And as for the comment about this being basketball not football, basketball is a contact sport, if your big, strong and fast, you use it. You would if you could.

  5. Joker says:


  6. Michael says:

    I can’t believe people are actually debating on this call. There’s no way to justify the technical. Even if LeBron is going full force down the lane for a layup/dunk it can’t be on the referees to judge whether he wanted to hurt the player or not, it’s a basketball play, they can only determine if it’s a charge, blocking, or flagrant if unnecesarry or excessive. People drive hard to the rim ALL the time, if people were handed technicals on those plays, I think the whole league would be hit with it. It’s the referee’s job to make calls that aren’t basketball related when it comes to technicals, for instance if he drove to the lane and threw the ball at someone’s head, or drove the lane and decided to throw an extra elbow, or drove the lane and continued the motion to tackle the player, those are all valid. But LeBron simply drove the lane and collided with Henderson, makes no sense to call the technical.

  7. Hiker says:

    Looking at the play from the view of the referee that called the Technical, it looks like Lebron was trying to throw an elbow to Number “0” (whoever he is)…that is the only reason I see why it was called.

  8. HeatFan92 says:

    I bet iIt’s the same replacement ref from the NFL

    • K says:

      He did look familiar! Just kidding, that guy’s a decent referee he just over reacted from having a bad angle of the play!

  9. dsfasdf says:

    LeBron traveled though

  10. Aintnathan says:

    It is easy to explain. He ran over him and swung his arms. You cant swing your arms like that.

    • K says:

      Dwight Howard does it; Blake Griffin does it; Kevin Garnett does it! So is it only a technical when Lebron does it! As a player it comes a time where you get tried of players taking cheat shots at you just because your big! Play defense and if you can’t because you’re to little then move!

  11. showbaba7 says:

    stop it guys. NBA already removed the technical and the REF. already said sorry it was a mistake and more so the ref is a rookie ref and he said sorry. Common let this rest.

  12. showbaba7 says:


  13. K says:

    Dude there is NO RULE for flopping! The new penalty for flopping is not enforced during the course of the game! That penalty comes solely from the league office once the game is over and the league reviews the game videos! So would everyone stop mis-quoting the nature of this newly implemented penalty! If the referee called a technical for flopping then he was wrong! If he called the technical because he thought Lebron throw a forearm at the defender, then once again he was wrong and should have worked harder to get a better angle on the play! The first time for a flopping penalty is a warning from the league office. Each time after that will result in a $5000 fine to the player which increases $5000 with every incident following. After the six time the league will implement further disciplinary actions, (possibly a suspension). So stop making excuses for this call; it was a bad call whether it was on Lebron or any other player! If this was any other player (other then Lebron) all you haters would be crying for this referees job!

  14. Matt says:

    even if he didn’t get called for any kind of foul he still traveled lol its amazing how he manages to get all the way from behind the 3 point line to the rim and nobody notices that it takes him 3 steps….

  15. Marcus says:

    I see the video and the only thing i gotta say is it doesn’t look like LJ had the intention to the shoot the ball. It looks like he lowered his shoulders, Dont forget the guy use to play football so i sense he is pretty good at this. I also think maybe there should be some rule to charge taking and the way u drive the lane. Just for our players safety.

    • K says:

      Lebron attacks the rim just like the “Mailman” Karl Malone! You would have to search high and low to find some footage of someone taking a charge from Karl Malone. This doesn’t have anything to do with player safety! Either play defense or get out the way!

  16. kixmgc says:

    and this is why i wont be watching the 2012-2013 season

  17. kixmgc says:

    and this is why i wont be watching the 2012 – 2013 season

  18. mrcontrovercy says:

    I might have missed something with the new rules, but from the video at best that was an offensive foul!

    • K says:

      The new rule should not have had anything to do with this call! The new rule “flopping” can not be enforced by a game official! That decision can only be made by the league office after they review game video!

  19. Scrizzy says:

    I’m not hating or anything on Lebron, but as you guys know there’s a new flopping rule in the NBA right? If you look closely after Henderson tried to draw the foul, Lebron was JUST about to flop & that’s where I believe the technical came into play. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

    • K says:

      You’re wrong! The flopping rule is not a call that can be made by the game official! The league office makes the decision on what they believe is a flop! Then they warn the player the first time and then a fine ($5,000) is imposed for every flop after that, increasing $5,000 for each one up until the sixth one. After the sixth one the league can now impose other disciplinary actions (possibly a suspesion)!

  20. WTF says:

    NBA should get new refs.

  21. carabamu says:

    the only reason i can see a technical being call is the ref trying to implement the floping rule somehow? otherwise this was just a tech for the sake of giving one oue

    • K says:

      So if indeed this was his attempt then he was wrong! Flopping is not a call that comes from the game official! That decision comes from the league office after they review game video!

  22. Marcellus says:

    They called it for how he moved his arms after he ran into the guy, they calling that offensive flopping now

    • K says:

      No such call during the game! Flopping penalties come from the league office and NOT from the game officials!

  23. Lincoln Railsplitter says:

    and cut it out talking about he walked he took two steps just because you are a midget and dont understand how someone can take 2 steps and get 20 feet. he is 6’8 its easy count the steps after he gains possesion from the last dribble its 2 steps (legal)

  24. SuperDave says:

    I was at that game (2nd row!) and just before that call, that same ref called a travel on Bron, which Bron didn’t like much. Bron was giving it to him for awhile after that, even back at the other end of the court. I’m betting that had something to do with this tech that happened only a few mins later.

  25. Lincoln Railsplitter says:

    What are we arguing about it was a terrible call did anyone here realized lebron took 2 free throws. they called a block (correct call) Henderson was not set he was just getting there. how can the player who you gave 2 free throws for being fouled get a tech. its just not right the league needs to train these refs on how to ref the superstars just because the actions they show us are not imaginable the refs cant make phantom calls because they are simply confused

  26. c.j.r 1872 says:

    i got it.
    it´s his 10.000 travelling that wasnt called and so he gets a technical for free!
    that must be it…

  27. Jay says:

    It is the correct call. He dipped his shoulder, and stuck out his elbow. That is a technical.

  28. qwerty says:

    OK!!! here it is, it was the right call PERIOD!!! the nba is cracking down on flops and charges and blocking this season wich means lebron, griffin, even howard at times are not going to be able charge to the rim with reckless abandon and run people over or go over the back for a dunk or a put back and not get called for it, its that simple and in this case lebron plowed into henderson and on top of that lebron “flopped” because he spun in a 360 and flailed his arms in the air making it seem worse than it was and thats a flop according to the nba

    • dattebayo says:

      Lebron didn’t flop in the play, you try running full speed into someone and try to stay straight on your feet without moving. And the league reviews games and calls out flops, the refs are not allowed to do that.

  29. jiggy says:

    that was indeed foul, but not a technical, should have been an offensive foul…

  30. Eric says:

    where are the replacement refs

  31. dattebayo says:

    What’s the big deal. Henderson was moving and in the restricted area and was correctly called for a block. James is bigger and stronger than most players so the collision looks worse than what it is. The T was probably called because the young official thought James shoved Henderson with his arms, but James only shielded himself. The league reviews all technical fouls and I am certain they will rescind the technical on James because there is nothing there.

  32. TheDream45 says:

    He got a tech not having a hairline…

  33. Alex M. says:

    im not a lebron fan but there is no technical foul there , someone check this refs bank account !

  34. Jon says:

    i think the ref was probably like, “that 4 step travel was so bad it deserves a technical.”

    • K says:

      That’s funny!!!! So all NBA players should open up their wallets this year because there’s going to be a lot of technical fouls called!

  35. Obzcura says:

    LBJ Haters agree with the call and LBJ fans doesn’t…. as usual….I don’t know when will the hating stop :/

  36. Rashon Jenson says:

    I am a heat fan…I believe they gave him a technical because it appears he gave henderson a little push also.

  37. Truth says:

    The truth is, If Lebron was a skinny fellow he would be so down now!!!!!!!!!!

  38. wooderson says:

    nah actually looking at it again i have no idea what the hell was going on. the NBA is fast becoming a joke

  39. wooderson says:

    i think it was called an offensive foul initially then changed and the tech was on coach erik not lebron thats why there was only one tech free throw.

  40. Look closely. says:

    I think the ref saw the elbow James threw up while he was going to the basket. Just a theory.

  41. Mons23 says:

    LeBron clearly makes 3 steps. The officials should’ve called a travelling violation on LeBron, because thats what he does. Travelling all the time. Call him LeWalk James!!!

  42. Dom HT says:

    Stupid calls all around: First of all he was travelling, secondly if it’s a T for going too hard surely it’s an offensive foul? Finally, Henderson is an FOOL for taking a steam-rolling from LeBron during pre’s, save that for the regular season!!

  43. wakaloooka says:

    Thats today’s league and they are comparing playrs to the old school ones F?!// The NBA

  44. BBall Fan says:

    Maybe not a tech, but an offensive foul for a bad attempt at a flop, he snaps his head back before any real contact to his upper body, I hope they do give techs out for flops this year on both ends of the floor. Plus the arm swing after the fact, some players need to stay with going for the O’Brien instead of the Emmy.

  45. danmacatuno says:

    The Lebron hates becomes global with the newly acquired members, the NBA referees!

  46. Sioti49 says:

    Will if you will observed LBJ after the contact he raise his left elbow up high. if you are standing at the angle of the official who called the T. it looks like he is giving henderson a blow to the head.

    That is why he got the call.

  47. Patrickmarc says:

    Rude offensive fault, may be travelling, that’s all for me.
    No technical at all.

  48. boris says:

    I see how it goes: 1) LeBron was dangerous in running over people at great force and 2) LeBron was obviously flopping and overselling the contact. Both are true in the delusional haters’ minds despite them being contradictory. But in either case, no tech was warranted.

  49. NameLess says:

    I just think that the “Anti-Flopping-Rule” is ridiculous. It’s just the preseason and YET, that certain rule is already messing up the minds of every player. And the referee who called the Technical was even behind the play. Are they serious, or what ??

  50. a damn says:

    Sekou, why didn’t you count down all ‘peculiar’ calls (and NONCALLS) LeBron got on last playoff run for the title?
    Wouldn’t that be much more interesting?

    • K says:

      Because he didn’t want to have to do the same thing for Durant, Westbrook, Paul Pierce, Rondo and every other star player in the play-off! Stop crying about the calls Lebron gets because if you break it done, all these other players get some of the same calls!

  51. lol says:


    • K says:

      2011 NBA CHAMPIONS! Who do you think is laughing the loudest? Be sure to watch the ring ceremony Tuesday, October 30th on TNT, HATER!!!!!!

  52. Tom says:

    LeBron travelled

    • AM says:

      all of you saying lebron travelled, yes, there is a lot of times he does, but not in this play! come on, you might have not played basketball in your life..

  53. NBAfanatic says:

    Well, as far as i can see lebron deserves not a technical but an offensive foul but who knows,..the ref charges him with it..well maybe because of his action that he hurt somebody..and its not a blocking foul..it’s an offensive and intentional foul..

  54. Michel says:

    Maybe it is because he took three steps on his way to trampling another player.That third step, which no one ever talks about in the nba, in normal basketball would indicate hesitation or intent and perhaps the refs took it as intent to harrm.

    • K says:

      What! Who the hell calls a foul on intent? Nobody knows what Lebron was thinking at that moment! Why don’t you re-think your comment and try again! Are was it your intent to sound ridiculous?

  55. JJ The kid says:

    It was a mis-call. It will be reviewed and overturned. The ref anticipated the flop, it never came, but by then it was too late to retract. The rule book makes it impossible for the simple fact that it was called as a blocking foul in LBJ’s favor. Some of the comments on here are… silly. “Intent on hurtin other players”? “This isn’t the NFL”??
    Please. This isn’t badminton. Don’t bring your soccer fan logic, to the game that I love and attempt to penalise men with rules for wives and children. NBA= No boys allowed.

  56. Stealballz says:

    It def was NOT a T foul but this is more like a warning to the flop king lebron and the heats for the upcoming season. what can i say? bad credit you have mr. james.

    • K says:

      What can you say? Try saying 2011 NBA Champions! Lebron James league and finals MVP! If you’re at a lost for words, try saying those words!

  57. joe says:

    lebron haterz never miss an opportunity eh? OFFENSIVE foul yes.. TECHNICAL foul no.. 🙂

  58. mrslbj says:

    LaBron did nothin wrong so aT on him was unwarrented He would never try to hurt another player he’s not like that he’s not a dirty player so cm on guys why all the hate n He is the BEST PLAYER on the PLANET so give him his props give him sme LOVE hes earned it already

  59. Mike says:

    Yes!Yes!techs for flopping….finaly back to real basketball

    • K says:

      No! No! No technicals for flopping, only warnings, fines or suspensions! Flopping is not a call for the game officials to make! That decision comes solely from the league office after they review the game video!

  60. mrslbj says:

    Heat FAN 4. Life another ring on da way Go HEAT

  61. thesniper321 says:

    It’s pretty obvious the ref thought lebron pushed away anderson after the contact, even I needed the other angle to understand he reacted to the contact didn’t do that on purpose.

  62. arinium says:

    The official behind LeBron saw his swinging his arm and from that angle it looked like he tried to punch Henderson. That was my initial interpretation and it still is plausible.

  63. mavs fan says:

    i think it should be a tech for 100% good refs!!!! bad erik

  64. Lakers says:

    he did not deserve a technical. but they both did flop. lebron and the guy who fouled him they both overacted.

  65. Adam says:

    Some of the comments on here are just insane. I don’t get why there are Kobe fan boys on random clips of LeBron. People saying that he was trying to injure him are just out of touch. It’s comical really.

  66. LOL!! says:

    LOL you’ve got to be kidding me?! If you look at the clip when Lebron took off, the lane was wide open. The Bobcat defense was looking around and completely out of position and lebron was gonna take advantage. So you can’t say he was intentionally trying to hurt somebody when gerald henderson stepped in to take the charge. The lane was opened and lebron was just doing his job by attacking the basket. Also, THE FOUL WAS CALLED ON HENDERSON?! So how do you give lebron a tech for charging down the lane, when the personal foul was given to the defender. A rediculous technical foul. And i am definitely not a lebron fan. Lakers all the way so that is not why im postin this. Just think its a rediculous call

  67. jheartfred says:

    he was above the restricted area… and a bad place to be when the human train is at full speed.. bad call ref…

  68. Broderick says:

    LeBron traveled but didn’t deserve a tech

  69. Travel Violation says:

    They missed the call for traveling….

  70. Kika117 says:

    Totally ridiculous!!! But I think this is the new flopping rule – he is getting the tech for trying to sell Henderson’s foul by throwing his arms up and his head back. Still, totally ridiculous to call it on this play. He runs into the guy, so there has to be a physical impact which leads to his motion. Plus the call gets made so there isnt anything he would have to sell, since it is so obvious that there is contact. I would have called an offensive foul anyway!?

  71. dodie2g says:

    damn Replacement Refs, Pay the refs! oh wait this is NBA lol

  72. K.LoveWolf says:

    since when did the nba refs switch with the nfl replacement?

  73. Charles says:

    I don’t see how this is questionable or an incorrect call, if this was ANYONE other than Lebron (Ok, maybe Kobe), this would’ve been an automatic offensive foul and probably a flagrant at that.

    First look at the defender’s feet. He’s planted before Lebron gets there, only about half a second before, but before.

    The technical is correct because of Lebron’s flailing arms. He could have easily hit the guy in the face like that with the added momentum he had already built up.

    The other issue is intent. I don’t think he was targeting a defender, but I think he was making a statement that said “anyone who gets in my way is going down.” If he keeps slamming into people like that without even attempting to avoid it he is going to end up injuring someone. You don’t even see Howard smashing people down like that.

    The bottom line is he needs to recognize that he can’t just run people to the ground because they’re in his path to scoring. It might not even be against the rules, but it’s dangerous, reckless, and shows a lack of conscientiousness towards his fellow players.

  74. whome says:

    That’s one of the st*p*d*st calls I’ve ever seen.

    Why get a technical when LBJ had a clear path to the basket,
    with Henderson blocking the way at the last second?

    Lame call.

  75. dzam says:

    the james harding reggie miller rule, he was trying to sell a call with his acting and thats something new in the nba juames hardning getting hit by ghosts etc theres no way lebron gonna go backwards as fast as he was going and waving his hands like an indiot thats what i think was a tec foul good job i say put the acting away from the game

  76. Gman says:

    If you look closesly, Lebron travelled… 1, 2, 3 steps… that was the T

    • K says:

      Well if he took three steps then I guess he was doing what the majority of NBA players do when driving to the basket! Travelling is one of the most inconsistent calls made in the NBA.

  77. marlz says:

    lebron just charges straight into gerald henderson with his shoulder and doesn’t even to attempt a shot obvious offensive foul maybe a technical

    • K says:

      How can a common foul; be it, offensive or defensive be called a technical foul? If it was deemed to be excessive contact then it should have been a flagrant 1 or 2; which this was not! The referee that called the technical over reacted because he had a bad angle! I’m sure the technical will be rescended by the league office.

  78. Nbafan says:

    James shouldnt get a technical at all, he was trying to explain to the ref about the play.

  79. jourdan says:

    a technical foul on what? im a lebron hater… but this call was baloney. i cant even see why there was a technical. maybe the referee thought lebron threw an elbow or a misconduct by throwing his arms. its a different view down there where the referee called the T but yeah.. i dont know

  80. Jordan says:

    There is a new rule this year that punishes people for intentionally flopping. That is why he got the T. He threw his arms in the air for no reason to try to get the call in his favor. Its a new rule

    • K says:

      Please know the rules before you start trying to use them for your comments! The new “flopping” rule is not enforced on the court! The penalty for a “flop” comes SOLELY from the NBA league office! IT’S not a call for the game officail to make!

  81. Stop the Flop! says:

    Lebron throws his hands in the air as soon as there is impact and seems to throw the ball rather than get stripped by Biyombo. So I think the ref thought he’d give Lebron a tech for flopping but then realised that’s the league office’s job. At least someone on the court is trying to stop the flop that’s ruining the game…

    • K says:

      So if your comment is correct (which it is) in regards to who is suppose to enforce the “flopping” penalty, then this was a bad technical and the referee over reacted!

  82. jagmanuel says:

    1. If he ran into the guy, call an offensive foul
    2. If he ran into the guy like they do in football, call a technical
    3. If he ran into the guy with elbows flying and a karate kick, eject him from the game

  83. joe says:

    lbj should have been called for an offensive foul. i dont think there is a T for lbj, but if there was it was for the complaining to the ref. He might have said something that we cant tell.

  84. francis says:

    this is the Anti Flopping rule

    • K says:

      Go to the NBA rules website and read up on when the “flopping” rule is enforced and then try your comment again! “Flopping” is NOT enforced during the course of the game! That penalty comes from the league office after they have reviewed all game video!

  85. deadmann1992 says:

    It’s so funny how many people on here are hating on the Lebron for no reason. This is not a technical foul. Some of you need to watch basketball before you start talking about something you don’t know. This isn’t even a offensive foul. They guy was moving anyways

  86. euro says:

    Its all Lebrons fault. Lebron made it look like that jj hickson could be an amare. He also made it look like that Mo Williams is an all star material.

  87. DMins says:

    Wow everyone stop the Lebron hatin yall just hatin because he is a beast NBA basketball is a contact sport lebron got fouled and tried to finish the play and henderson stood infront of him and tried to flop simple as that ……CAVS 4 LIFE

  88. Kenny P says:

    LBJ was called for a techinque for the contact after the whistle. The foul was call by the lead official prior to the block/charge play. It seems that the slot official believed that the contact by LBJ was clearly after the whistle (which is a tech foul). This is a tough play for the slot with players in front of him.

  89. Me says:

    Look at Ray Allen tryna provide support to his new teammate ain’t that cute?….Watch, it’s only a matter of time b4 he starts hating on LBJ cos LBJ is gonna do him like he does Chalmers…..

  90. David says:

    lebron travelled on this play 🙂

  91. majdi says:

    he traveled anyways lmao

  92. ivnulul says:

    when lebron extended his arm for an attempt to shoot the ball the referee thought it was a push. i didn’t see a flop and there is no way that this is a flagrant 1. im not a lebbron fan. im a fan of the game. im a big kobe fan though. hehehe.

  93. clubbi says:

    It wasn’t obvious as first but it is now after reviewing it 100 times:

    LeBron gets a Tec immediately after he sort of “waves” his arm at the baseline ref, and backside ref calls it that way, as if it was a “no-respect for the ref” Tec.

    I’m not sure though if the backside ref is allowed to call one, since that should be the job of the baseline ref.

    It was nothing to do with Hendersons personal foul (who is late and leans in on LeBron. LeBron does the right thing: there is a gap in the lane, he goes for it full speed, Henderson comes in, you can’t stop the train when it rolls, so you bump into him, that’s perfectly fine.

  94. Ibrazaza says:

    I think it’s because LBJ threw his arms and shoved the defender! I guess!

  95. Doesn't matter. says:

    How about the fact that Henderson did get a defensive foul? Then how in the world can LeBron get a technical? btw no I’m not a LeBron fan, not even close to that.

  96. rantrave says:

    one of the strangest calls ive seen haha!

  97. jay says:

    Why is this blog surprising? It’s Sekou smith posting it.

  98. Tor Runo Haga says:

    Lbj took 3 steps before hiting Henderson.

  99. Eric says:

    When did we get replacement refs?

  100. Canuck2132 says:

    Its for throwing his arms into G…and whats with him flipping out at the Ref? Is he untouchable from them? Does he get a whistle to make his own calls? LeBron needs to show some respect and take a breath, he ran over a player threw his arms out and yelled at a ref, what more do you need for a tech? If someone tossed their arms into him, they would be out for 2-3 games.

  101. aaron houston says:

    look i dont even like the heat but that was the wrong call

  102. Josh Ovenden says:

    I see nothing just the blocking foul from Biyombo but what I think the referees saw as the T was Lebron’s follow through of his shot at which time he no lounger had the ball and so they presumed he was trying to hit the other player. Please tell me if I’m wrong in any way.

    • K says:

      Josh I agree with your comment 100%! The referee had a very poor angle of the play and for the most part over reacted! This is where a referee must demonstrate discipline in calling in his area! The slot official has to trust the initial official and give him that whole play. Good officials work hard so they can see through a play and they call what they actually see! This official couldn’t have possibly seen what he through he saw and in that case he should have swallowed his whistle!

  103. Gpayne says:

    It was a free lane looked like the bobcats relaxed on D lebron saw the free lane and went for it Henderson jumped in his way . Lebron already started going to basket Henderson wasnt there when he started, no one was there when he started. That doesnt deserve a T. If Henderson was there before he started #1 it would have been an offensive foul because he would have been outside the restricted area , #2 It might been a flagrant if he intentionally tried to hurt him, not a T. But the foul was on Henderson obviously, maybe the ref doesnt like Lebron thats all I could think of. Getting him back for hanging on the rim earlier in the game.

  104. Tdot says:

    I don’t understand this flopping rule its part of the game how does the refs no that’s not a players natural reaction??? … This rule can change outcome of a game. The only thing I have to say what they should do about this flopping is for the refs use there judgements if it really is a foul or what not and just continue the play not giving technicals -_-

  105. AK says:

    Was a travel in the first place…

  106. Chris says:

    I think Lebron got the technical for flopping, even though I dont think his exaggeration was worth getting one.

    Here is what the ref probably saw as a flop:
    after Lebron ran right into Henderson, he is not only throwing his head back (which alone is no flop), but he throws his arms around in a circular manor and turns his body. I think he’s done that to protest for being fouled. BUT for the ref who makes the call, this must have looked a so called “helicopter-flop” of Lebron and thats why he gave the technical.
    A “helicopter-flop” is a flop in which the fouled player exaggerates the opponents impact by throwing both his arms around uncontrolled like a helicopter. Under those new rules, you get a technical for doing so.

    So I think, the ref believes to have seen Lebron performing a flop, but in reality Lebron was simply complaining for not getting the call right away.

    What you think?

    • Chris says:

      To be clear:
      I dont think Lebron gets the technical for throwing his head back. After all the ref is not calling the technical the moment Lebron does that.
      Instead, the refs are calling Hendersons foul at first. Then lebron throws his arms around. Then he turns his body clockwise. Then his right arm swings up in the air towards the ref on the baseline while the other ref is running towards Lebron.
      It was only then that the ref is calling the technical, so it must be Lebron throwing his right arm up.

      You can see that exactly 4 seconds into the video.

  107. Jay says:

    Ha Flopper got Flopped.

  108. PapisMami says:

    Aye nobodys sayn how dude pushed bron all up in the neck, bron reaction being pushin the dude off wit his elbow & bron gets calld for it! Thats straight garbag! Shoulda been a defensive foul on Henderson ole’ scary self for pushn bron if he couldnt guard him he should move outta the trains way!

  109. Aaron says:

    i THINK the reforee was going to call ither a charge or a blocking foul to begin w/ and thats y he was so quick on the whistle , but if u watch lebronn tosses the ball off to the left, which MAY have caused the reff to THINK lebron had no intention of trying to score , he was going after the defender for some reason causing him to call a T before he actually realised what happoned. and lets face it, what reff is gona say “T lol never mind my bad jk”

  110. Ref says:

    You can see properly that 1 ref blowed for a regular foul, but the one coming from the side saw The King waving his hands and only then decided to make it a T

  111. TRAVELLLL!!! says:


  112. expert says:

    Does it really matter? Who cares why he got a tech. He did and that’s that. I don’t think there was anything before the whistle to get a tech, but then again we don’t know if Lebron said anything that the ref thought was too much. With that being said, I think the way Lebron acted after the call was enough for a tech, so I guess if you look at it in a weired way it was a good call. Seriously Lebron, your teammates had to hold you back. If you wanna be the best ever you have to let go of calls (especially bad ones) and just play the game

  113. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for bringing this to the light
    That ref needs to be fired.

  114. TSed says:

    So, a lot of people here think that if youre a 6′ 8″ 260 or something freak of nature, you cant drive hard to the hole??? okay just put a speed limit in the paint just to guys like Lebron, so the player whos guarding him can keep his panties on. Come on people your saying is illegal to go to the hole like a freight train? if so, go watch golf.

  115. Raezha says:

    come on…. can’t you see? It’s pretty clear for me that lebron try to swung his left arm to try to hurt gerrald henderson. As a basketball player myself, move like that is pretty obvious.

  116. Dionte Christmas says:

    He wasn’t even trying to shoot because he was expecting to have some nice, gift-wrapped foul shots coming. It’s clear from the way he stops short, flails his arms and flings the ball, despite the fact that he had ALL the momentum and was charging down Henderson like a freight train. I see this as a fair technical because he’s not playing the game of basketball, he’s barreling in, flopping, and attempting to manipulate the system.

  117. otis says:

    I think the ref made a mistake and was afraid to reverse his call

  118. Kiyan says:

    wtf ahha flagerent maybe hahabut na

  119. The French Durantula says:

    Those refs must have been trained in Charlotte…

  120. LBJ fans says:

    LBJ = alot of Blow J o l3 btw. Well like other people say they are just trying to slow down lebron cuz he is too well known as a flopper. i think i see him swinging his arm after he had contacts it is very arguable. This means the officials are going to pay extra attention on Lebron this season. AKA Lebron your second ring will be hard…as hard as you know what.

  121. TuanNeverLies says:

    It is obviously alot of people who comment this is very bias and have never play ball provisionally in their life or even play ball for that matters. When you go in at that full speed your legs is firmly going in while it seem Lebron was not firmly with holding the ball there so when the force hit his arm he just let the motion travel through his body..Go outside and try to run in that speed into a a guy who has weight above or a bit below your weight… Official can mess up the game really bad sometimes…this is one of them

    • shelley says:

      Thank You TuanNeverLies you are absolutely right, those who have never played have no clue when someone is running full speed there is going to be a collision. Just look at some of the old players in the day, for instance look at when Michael Cooper goes and slams on Kurt Rambis check that play out.

  122. ImJusSayin says:

    If you don’t understand put yourself in that refs shoes. From HIS angle (Not the cameras) he sees Lebrons arms go flying up and forward and the defender go flying its easy to see that it was from the body contact from the cameras angle but the ref is at an angle that would make it appear the defender was pushed down. I hope this is the way charges (Not the T) are called this year and not just a superstar call because the charges being called last year included defenders setting their feet after the opponent left the ground.

  123. Karlo Garcia says:

    It’s just a foul 2 me,NOT A TECHNICAL FOUL.

  124. yiggiri says:

    3 step, it was a TRAVELING VIOLATION

  125. Rayster says:

    There should be a new name for this kind of foul: the Labron James Freight Train foul – advance to the nearest railroad station.

  126. shelley says:

    Its obvious some of the people who comment have no clue about basketball. Lebron goes to the basketball just like Sean Kemp, Dominque Wilkins, Michael Jordan and Dr. J. Most players try to take a charge or just gets dunked on. So unless you dont want to be in a poster, then move out the way. But there was a team the Bad Boys Pistons who fouled anyone who came to the lane, so whats the difference. Traveling is when you move with the ball without dribbling. Once you pick up your dribble you are allowed a jump stop or two steps once you pick up your dribble like when you are going in for a layup. There was no reason for the technical foul and yes the referee realized he was wrong for the technical foul. Lebron is 6’8 275 all muscle who moves like a gazelle, so either move out the way or get ran over. As a matter of fact remember Daryl Dawkins.

  127. rockrider says:

    The point of this video is to show another huge travel : 3 steps no one talked about it

  128. W/E says:

    That was a wrong call.Everyone makes mistakes and so do referees.

  129. Tim1902 says:

    I think it’s for the arm swinging after he ran over Gerald Henderson. The ref misjudged the call, so what

  130. Ben says:

    simple flopping call… watch the unnecessary flailing of lebron’s arms after the contact. He does that to get attention from the refs every game. And that’s what flopping is, an intention fake motion with arms, legs, or body to get the foul called on the opposing player. Lebron is one of the biggest floppers in the league when going to the rim.

    • DDD says:

      sorry but that is impossible since the refs are not permitted to call a flop.only the league office can call a flop according to the new rules on flopping.they will then impose the penalties they see fit

  131. bizzman23 says:

    There shouldn’t have been a T foul, but that’s not nothing new. This is news because it is Lebron who got T’d up for like the 2nd time in his career, only thing I can see is that the ref must have thought Lebron was lowering his shoulder (I don’t think he did). I’ve seen a few fans above say that was a flop by Henderson, players in the NBA flop all time, but I don’t believe that any any player flops against Lebron, do they not know how big, fast, and strong this dude is. He’s like a runaway train.

  132. Game Time says:

    Wow I can’t believe how quickly people came to comment/hate on this article. Since there’s no more Lechoke or ringless jokes to make they are loving this huh?

    • AJ Mills says:

      During the playoffs, there was a blog post about a video of a kid throwing a tantrum because his team was losing. Lighten up, folks–these blogs aren’t always super-serious, and a mystifying technical seems a good a topic as any. If this were about almost any other player in the exact same situation, no one would complain.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Hello, there’s always lehairline, lecrab, leflop and le(insert insult here)
      All in all, bad call. worst they can do is a charging and how many times you see kobe dips his shoulder to initiate contact!

  133. EV says:

    Not sure what the tech was for but the simple fact is that Lebron and Wade are the two biggest floppers in the NBA. its horrible really. Maybe the ref got tired of him acting as if he was being hugged and called the foul because of the extreme exageration.

  134. BigBoy says:

    The technical foul was called on LeBron for flailing his arms around and acting as though he’d been shot. It’s part of the new league wide crack down on offensive players flopping. If it’s not, it should be.

    • K says:

      Dude it’s not a rule that is suppose to be enforced during the course of the game! The new flopping penalty comes from the league office after they reviewed all game video! There is NO enforcement of this new PENALTY during the course of the game! The referee over reacted to a situation because he had a bad angle and he knows that, I’m sure! The technical foul will more then likely be rescended by the league office as soon as they review the video.

      • BigBoy says:

        I was only joking, my friend. I was already aware of the way the league will enforce the rule, but thank you for pointing it out to others that may not. I’ve read somewhere the refs have been told to take a harder line on the so- called “Spirit of the Game” rule in which, a player over-reacting to a call is given a tech. Is it possible LeBron was given this tech for flailing around as if he’d been shot or is that in the “Spirit of the Game”? Either way, like him or not (and I don’t), LeBron is the best player in the game – by far.

  135. Anonymous1221 says:

    A flop, maybe? That’s what I see. Other than a flop, I don’t see any technical fouls you can call on that one.

  136. Maori says:

    Well the commentators are stupid because that could never be a flop as Henderson got smashed. Also the Sekou is wrong the whistle doesnt blow until right after the contact NOT BEFORE they were just very quick. I think this deserved an offensive foul on Lebron, but I can see how they called a Technical, you can’t just charge in with no shot attempt trying to bowl over the guy.

    • K says:

      You must have no ideal about the rules of basketball? A common foul which this was, be it offensive or defensive can not be deemed a technical foul. The referee knows he botched the call and I’m sure he’ll hear from the league office about it! The technical will more then likely be rescended by the league office and the referee I’m sure will work to get a better angle next time!

  137. Melo Wade says:

    Do you guys know if the league officials are gonna make a statement and explain that call to the heat, and every single person who watched the game, and just as we didnt, didnt understand the call? Or are we just gonna stay in the dark, and believe that this official making the call is just hatin’?

  138. jfabian says:

    Was that a Travelling?

  139. JDL says:

    The only things I can possibly think of is 1) He was called for exaggeration after the contact… or 2) The ref was just at a bad angle that made it look worse than it was.
    Lebron does have a tendency to sell the foul sometimes. Remember last season with his Head Snap… he made it look like his neck had broke.

    • K says:

      This isn’t just a Lebron thing with the exaggeration after contact; the majority of players in the NBA have started doing this cramp that’s why the NBA impose the new flopping penalty, which by the way is not called during the course of the game! The penalty comes from the league office after they’ve reviewed the game video! So for whatever reason the technical foul was called I’m sure it will be rescended after the league reviews the video! Now they may give Lebron a warning for his exaggerated motion after the contact but that’s all that can be done for the first offense.

  140. john says:

    lebron haterrrrrrrrrrrrs got no lifeeee that is just a cheap call tooo bad because lebron is a tank no one gurd it 😉

  141. John Doe says:

    What’s wrong with the calls? Blocking foul on Henderson, he wasn’t set. Technical foul on LeBron for acting to much. He acted just the same as screaming at ref that this was a foul. Argueing with the ref gets you a T. Just as Amare and Howard got Ts for throwing their arms around. Body language is language as well. I don’t know what Spoelstra said, but he didn’t look very polite – so an obvious T there.

  142. ejik lumbres says:

    im pretty sure it was a TRAVELING VIOLATION.

  143. Lawrence says:

    good call ref… that is charging and flooping

  144. aaron says:

    well it was a stupid call…but look Lebron gets the benefit of the doubt 99% on any call whether its a ticky-tack foul, traveling or missed calls like fouling KD at the end of game 2 of the Finals…and now all of a sudden its an outrage than he got a technical in the pre-season…why is there even an article about this? just because its LeBron? gimme a break, how much attention do you want to give this guy…if this happened to another player, i guarantee you there is no article looking at the play but cuz its Lebron its a big deal cmon

  145. CelticsBanner18 says:

    Wow really? when lebron picks up 1 damn technical foul they immediately write an article about t but when rondo gets raped and punched in the face in te playoffs that obviously made the celtics lose no1 gives a s**t about it? thats ridiculous f**k ur queen james

  146. jacob says:

    there should be no call on james here, henderson leaned in with the shoulder

  147. ghostman91 says:

    even though james is a freak, do you people even stop to think that he is in fact human and does actually feel contact, so everyone else can react but him….. just stupid

    • uoykcuf says:

      Happens all the time, think of all the hard fouls shaq recieved from his career. If you put one of those fouls on Nash, you’ll definitely get ejected.

  148. Mr C says:

    Bad call by the ref! Obviously he was behind the play so his call must be on the other ref not LBron!

  149. incrediblex says:

    That should not be called as a technical, but as something else. I’m affraid to say the word because King James Almighty does NO wrong. What reason did James have to throw is head and arms all around after the contact?

    • Rob says:

      Oh really? What reason did he have? Have you ever run into a guy with some decent speed and have him put his arms up and you take elbows to the upper chest, almost the neck area? Are you even watching the same replay as us?

  150. Sam says:

    What a ref. Wonder why NBA does nothing for these while players get penalized all the time.

    • Lakers in 2013??? I think YES! says:

      so you know the leagues review policy on refs do you sam? You know for a fact that the “league does nothing” to better train and educate its officials? The NBA has some of the best referees in sports. Think about how fast the game is today, and then think about if YOU could make the calls these guys make day in and day out. Do they get it right all the time? No, they are human, so of course not. But are they accountable if they repeatedly and consistently make bad calls? Yes! Just like any other form of employment.

  151. jacelo says:

    thats very clear they need to school that ref…theres a ref in the zone..he call a regular foul..and then here comes superman
    running from the back where its very clear that he had no vision on the play because his been covered by the player …lebron is going to the basket and miyombo foul him already theres no xtra motion there…anderson is the one who flops xpecting the force…but lebron slow down already…so how you will call a tech when theres no excessive contacts…

  152. Jori says:

    October 24, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    id say from his angle ref was on looks to him like lebron threw his arms around like he was pushing the dude after the whistle was blown stupid call yes

    Yeah i think ref had a bad angle on the play and thought that Lebron shoved Henderson after the collision..

  153. Orin says:

    To all the previous posters who clearly didn’t see the game, it was a defensive foul and Lebron shot two free throws as a result of that play. Thank you for being ignorant.

  154. zip says:

    You can debate on whether it was a offensive or defensive foul all you want, but, either way, there was no technical foul.

  155. larry oconnor says:

    Un-Necessary talent foul on James!!!

  156. BobcatsFan says:

    If the writer was worth much, he would have researched and looked into the fact that the referee admitted that he made a mistake at halftime. The ref said he misread the play. It seems like the author used BluBlockers, a telescope, and X-ray vision but failed to actually look into the matter past the video clip. Nothing to see here.

  157. Beverly says:

    Very strange. All I can say is LeBron and all the Heat players should look out for this official for the rest of the season. He obviously has issues with the Heat and LeBron. If he continues to make strange calls like this throughtout the season
    then that official should be “REMOVED” from officiating any games for the Heat!

    Gooo Heat! And a warm loving welcome to Ray Allen! Hugs and Kisses to your Mom, Wife, Kids and family Ray Allen. May God bless you and your family and be with you!

    Bev Black

    • aaaaaa says:

      Yeah, God forbid someone actually make a call against the Heat (note the sarcasm). But I will say that this call is just stupid.

      • Beverly says:

        Goooo Heat!!
        Also, I think the Bobcats will do much better this year. Charlotte, Monroe, and many surrounding areas are
        HAPPY a NBA team is here so we can attend live NBA games. Thanks Mike.

    • Lakers in 2013??? I think YES! says:

      get off the Heat’s knob Beverly! So you are saying coz the ref made one bad call against your precious heat, he must have something against miami, and is using his position to abuse the miami players??? Refs make mistakes. Get over it.

  158. CharB says:

    This was not an offensive foul and I have no idea why a tech was called. On the flip side, the bullish play has got to stop – there is no talent in being built like a bull and just running into people to force the ref to call a foul the way James and Wade do.

    • Olli#8 says:

      Hi, after all the arguing, i better step in and clear things up 😉

      Henderson gets called for the foul, but directly after the initial contact, LeBron uses his momentum to brush/shove Henderson away..

      you can call it this way, foul on Henderson for not being in the right position to take the charge, T-foul on James, T on Spo for whatever he said afterwards..

      no big deal after all..

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        @Olli#8 Atleast this guy knows whats up.

        I was more of the lines of James’ arms flailing is the reason why ref called tech. Lebron goes in and draws the foul, but he flails his arms in his attempt to say ‘Im shooting the ball’. The ref from behind, who prolly shouldnt be making the call, thinks the arms swinging is too dangerous and calls the tech. Spo gets tech for talking smack to the ref.

        Bobcats get Tech Free Throws, Lebron goes to the line.

        Obviously Hangtime bloggers didnt try everything, because they obvioulsy didnt try to think like the ref and what they might have seen. Before u start attacking me like ‘how do u know what the ref is thinking’ tell me why techs are generally called when two players collide and it looked dangerous.

      • uoykcuf says:

        So many laketards salty because of their promise rosters lead to a winless preseason.

  159. Jbone says:

    id say from his angle ref was on looks to him like lebron threw his arms around like he was pushing the dude after the whistle was blown stupid call yes

  160. vince76ers says:

    if henderson was waiting there as lebron bulldosed his way through i think this would be the right call…but the 1st refs call was right, lebron took his free throws cuz henderson didnt get there in time. he jumped infront of the freight train, thats not lebrons fault

  161. In another topic about the Heat this year are new faces in the roster that factor could be an enemy for the Heat because when you have too many players in a roster you have to choose among many talent players and none of them want to be in day off.

    • aaaaaa says:

      The heat don’t even have that many talented players. They have last years starting 5, Ray and Rashard (both can be debated). No one else is that good.

      • psh says:

        Obviously you don’t understand what 3 MVP’s mean, LeBron is one of the best players in the league, Dwayne has gotten top scorer of the year, Bosh is one of the best 3 point shooting centers in the league. The Miami Heat are stacked, I can also say the same about Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron is better than Kobe, If Kobe was in his prime Kobe would be better, but he isn’t. Celtics have lost quite a bit, but gained. Jerrod is going to be a great PF, and a great add on to KG while he’s still here. Thank you for reading.

  162. mikeydangerous says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that the NBA is starting to crack down on being a human wrecking ball with no intention of putting up a shot. LeBron was just going for the foul there, and had no interest in pretending to shoot. That kind of play has always annoyed me. Out-of-control shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • AM says:

      yeah, sure, lebron was just running to go out of bounds with no intention to make a play, are you kidding?

      • mikeydangerous says:

        If Henderson wasn’t there, LeBron would have made a move at the basket, sure. But, Henderson was there, and LeBron didn’t even leave the ground.

      • AM says:

        Lebron didn’t leave the ground because he was already stopped by biyombo! Oh my god, haters see what they want. Try to see the play with an objective view please..

    • Colton says:

      Really? You honestly think that if the ball wasn’t stripped that he still wouldn’t put up a shot for a chance at two points? Of course he is always going to try to score but Gerald Henderson obviously gets a hand on the ball and thats why the shot wasn’t attempted. Come on man.

      • mikeydangerous says:

        LeBron went straight into Henderson with his shoulder. He was going full steam, and was just outside the charge circle, but he hadn’t even left the ground. Even if he had jumped at that point going that fast, he would have gone right by the basket. That’s not an attempt at a shot, that’s simply running a guy over.

      • mikeydangerous says:

        And, frankly, even if the original call was dubious, LeBron deserved a Tech for arguing the call under the “Respect the Game” rules.

      • MikeyDangerousIsATool says:

        @mikeydangerous You’re a fool…its called drawing a foul. All smart basketball players knows that. You’re a dimwit.

      • Lakers in 2013??? I think YES! says:

        @mikeydangerous – Look at the play! LeBron would have elevated for the dunk, except that Henderson jumped in his way and the contact occured before he could make the play. With that much contact, why would ANY player risk injury by getting into the air??? And LeBron did not get the technical for arguing the call, as the call he was arguing WAS the technical! Stupid fans are stupid…

    • you are clueless says:

      hahahaha, you know nothing about basketball.. at akk.

      • wow says:

        haha LeBon totally went straight into Henderson with his shoulder and would never of shot it… your’re clueless

    • miamiboy says:

      hes going for a layup or dunk u fool

  163. KJ says:

    not even technical foul cause he was trying to go to basket and the defender jumped into front of james which is blocking foul but i dont see technical foul for any reason so refree made a very stupid call

  164. thas was not offensive foul, you should see two feet in the floor in defense.
    It seem Ray Allen with Celtics jersey past years traying to calm down his old team mates in Boston 😉
    That was too quick and wird.
    In the repeat Lebron could have poster Gerald Henderson with a Carter dunk ( jump over the head of him)

  165. DocktorK says:

    Preseason, offensive, elbowish, ref, from behind, want to slowdown Lebron play to the basket dominance flop foul, LOL

  166. Harold says:

    probably a human mistake?I know…that doesn´t happen!

    • lakersfan says:

      I don’t like James But I don’t think he should been called for a T foul.

    • WHAT?! says:

      There is no mistake here! Lebron charges up to run over anyone who tries to stop him. It didn’t seem like he was planning on going around the player, which is what NBA player should do. They are not football players so they’re not allowed to run people over.

      • uoykcuf says:

        I think that’s what charging foul is about. But you don’t give out techs for a charge.
        Maybe the ref saw what we didn’t see. Still, from our point of view, charging yes, technical, hell no.

      • miamiboy says:

        henderson was stupid enough to get in his way stupid refs

      • Lakers in 2013??? I think YES! says:

        @WHAT – did you actually watch the play? LeBron drives hard, the defender slides over to try and take a charge, what exactly is LeBron meant to do? I’m not a LeBrom or Heat fan but there was nothing wrong with what LeBron did on this play…

      • Your Joking says:

        If that was the case… all of the charges in history would be technicals.
        If you donjt know about basketballl, sit down.
        The object is to get to the ring.
        The ref admitted he made the wrong cvall, so whats all the bickering for? Nothing.
        There was no technical, it was a blocking foul on Henderrson and thats all there is to it.

  167. hahahaha says:

    actually, it is a right call,that only means you can’t be a raging train on basketball to show that your unstoppable, just like how griffin on his dunks,he always have his arm arm protecting the ball,

    • Sam says:

      Kobe Fan up here

      • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

        thats what u think heat hater you have no proof he cant after the record breaking season he had last yr better than kobe ever had..hes never won a finals mvp and a regular season mvp all in the same yr

    • Colton says:

      Dude the debate is over the technical foul, not the personal. What did he do to deserve a T? Just look at the video and there is absolutely nothing.

      • WHAT?! says:

        There is EVERYTHING wrong about this play. Lebron charged up and started taking off as fast as he could knowing that he will hurt somebody if they try to stop him. That’s a technical for intentionally hurting other player. This is NBA, not NFL. You cannot run people over. You have to be able to get from point A to point B without hurting people, otherwise it is an offensive foul! Lebron thinks he can scare those who try to stop him by sending them a message that they can get hurt. But injury can be serious and can end one’s career!

      • EEeeee? says:

        Lebron taking off as fast as he could and intentionally trying to injure other player? Are you sure you watched the clip? That idiot jumped infront of LBJ as he was already in motion. THAT is a blocking foul. More like him trying to injure himself. No tech should be called, that is absurd. and more importantly its a PREseason game.. -.-

      • wow says:

        I think WHAT?! is a Heat fan

      • HOUSTON!! says:

        I didn’t see anything wrong with the play. He was driving to the hoop for a play and got fouled. He had no way to stop and the Bobcat’s player was holding his ground, probably waiting to take a charging foul. There was no evidence that James’ intent was to injure.

    • Ronald says:

      This is the reason why players flop!! because referees are calling a lot of garbage. Further to the Blake Griffin comment, it is perfectly legal to protect the basketball with your off hand except where you are purposely or blatantly shoving away the opponent.

    • TWizz says:

      So many bs technical fouls go on allllllllllllllll year. But Lebron gets one, in a preseason game, where it doesn’t matter, and there is a blog about it on NBA.com? Typical.

    • Steveezy says:

      That’s ridiculous. The whole point of not being to run over a defender [if the defender has proper position] is that little concept called an OFFENSIVE FOUL. How do they call a technical on LeBron AND a personal foul on Henderson.

      • miamiboy says:

        exactly james should ve been called for charging u can even say henderson could be called for blocking

    • KOBE-beef says:

      At the start of the third quater the anouncers said they asked the ref about the call during half time, and they admitted it was a mistake.

    • kenny says:

      So Blake shouldn’t protect his ball, he should jut give it away eh. Are you seriously that stupid?

    • JORDAN4EVER!!! says:

      People have no idea… This is not an offensive foul and certainly not a Technical foul… I am not a LBJ fan but this guy is unstoppable and to say he should be punished for driving to the basket “hard” is terrible… If your stupid enough to leave a big gap in the defense you have already lost!!! Just get out of the way… Anyone who said this on here i am going to make a prediction you havent played any higher than Z grade at your local gym…