Dr. Drew Talks Royce White (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When you have experts in a particular field it’s often beneficial to sit back, listen and learn a little bit before weighing with your own theories about certain topics.

The Game Time crew did exactly that when they dialed up Dr. Drew Pinsky for some insight into what Houston Rockets rookie Royce White is dealing with in regards to the anxiety disorder that has stirred up so much controversy:


  1. charles says:

    Eddie Griffin. That’s the only thing the Houston Rockets need to remember when dealing with Royce White. I’m not saying that Royce is Eddie. But that Mental health is serious business and must be treated with the appropriate care that it requires.

    For those that can’t remember, Houston trades a bunch of first round picks for Eddie Griffin because he was immensely talented. But he clearly had emotional and mental challenges and he self medicated with alcohol and drugs. In August 17, 2007 Eddie’s young life came at an end when he rammed his car against a moving train.

    Houston needs to stop whining and focus on giving Royce whatever tools he needs to succeed. Royce should be applauded for his efforts to make sure he gets the help he needs because it is a matter of life and DEATH.

  2. S.A.Tomal says:

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  3. dattebayo says:

    You gotta feel for McHale. There are only 3 veterans on that team, K Mart, Livingston and Deflino, the rest have 3 years experience or less. He is gonna get 10 years older this season seeing his rookies make mistakes after mistakes and at the end of the game he might even see White who happened to just make it to the game because his bus was blocked in a traffic jam for 3 hours 😀

  4. ddddd says:

    The only liability that White had at Iowa State was his free throw percentage. However, I remember one game I watched him a couple minutes after some missed free throws do a spin move on his defender and win the game for Iowa State. How the rockets incorporate White into the rotation will be interesting. Heck, even Lebron has over-thought and missed free throws in the crunch! The difference now is that the psychological stigma of missing that free throw does not stop Lebron anymore in the 4th like it used to. White has already dealt with that missed free throw in the 4th thing. Even though I realize that White is just a rookie, given how he has dealt with the past, I don’t think that the miss a free throw in the fourth is really going to effect him unless teams do a Hack a White on him like other teams have done on Shaq, Dwight, Reggie Evans, and Tiago Splitter. To do that to a rookie though is unheard of.
    Royce White will probably get typical off the bench rookie minutes to start off. There are too many people on the Rockets playing that 3-4 position. The rockets traded anyone they had that was considered good with the exception of Kevin Martin off to other teams. So right off the bat, I doubt that there is any need to worry about anxiety in the 4th at the free-throw line…. Besides, I think the bigger worries on the Rockets are Lin’s knees and Asik’s offense in total.

  5. lblock07 says:

    great interview.