Rudy Gay From The Dotted Line (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The sound of whistles and the bounce of a ball at training camp serves as the true start of the season for some people.

Around here, it’s the return of things like this nasty dunk from Grizzlies swingman Rudy Gay (taking off from deep and splitting two defenders for the Dunk of the Night) that remind us that basketball season is upon us:


  1. Polamalu says:

    They could contend for a titile. Conley- Top 3 in steals. Tony Allen all 1st team defense. Rudy Gay top 5 SFs. Z-bo and Gasol matchup with any front line in the game. Arthur coming back a true back up point in bayless speights still here and sharp shooter ellington. Not to mention what could come out ofselby or wroten, that would just be a bonus.

  2. beastballer says:

    should be an all star

  3. Karlo Garcia says:

    Could b an All Star.

  4. jeremy says:

    they held hands..what great teamwork

  5. Joe Garibay says:

    high five bro. look at the opposing team giving each other high fives in the air for Gay’s amazing sledge hammer dunk.

  6. Krishawn-MIA says:

    always loved him wish he can contend for the scoring title this season

  7. Belizeboy says:

    You know…if Sekou had posted a video of Griffin dunkingfrom yesterday critics would be all over this blog talking trash.

  8. Rudy gay is gonna be an all star someday…and the grizzlies could contend for the championship

    • Mytownla says:

      Your 1st setence i had to nod my head and agree… your 2nd… i began to question your i.q level smh

      • Fo Real says:

        Grizz got some bite man. I dont know about winning the west but they’ll put up a fight against any team.

  9. H5 says:

    Love it how the High5 each other