Bynum May Be Anti-Dwight Of Drama


Feels good. Will be ready for camp. Isn’t inclined to open a vein and bleed all over the national media about his contract situation.

If you follow the Philadelphia 76ers and take new general manager Tony DiLeo at his word, Andrew Bynum’s first season with the Sixers won’t have much in common with Dwight Howard’s last season in Orlando.

DiLeo, at his introductory news conference Monday, told reporters that the newly acquired 7-foot center was back in the U.S. and feeling the benefits of a plasma-therapy treatment he received recently in Germany, a la former Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant. Bynum, DiLeo said, would be ready for training camp next week at Saint Joseph’s University.

And, no, the Sixers and the big man haven’t talked yet about a contract extension, Tom Moore wrote for Which, if they stick to that strategy all season, would be both logical and smart.

“His agent said he wants to come to the surroundings and see the team, see the atmosphere,” DiLeo said. “He’s been very, very happy. His agent said he hasn’t seen him this happy in a long time.

“I think everything will work out. I think we’ll like Andrew and Andrew will like it here. At the appropriate time, we’ll do the negotiations.”

That’s logical because Bynum, under the NBA’s new rules on extensions, would be limited to a three-year deal worth about $60 million if he signs during this season (after reaching his six-month requirement with Philadelphia on Feb. 10). If he enters free agency and re-ups with the Sixers, he could get five years worth upwards of $100 million.

That’s smart, too, because putting one’s business out in the street, the way Howard, the Magic and assorted reps on both sides did last season made for a hellish 2011-12. Not just for them but for the league overall and folks who got drawn into following the melodramatics.

So as antsy as Sixers fans might be to lock in Bynum as their center of the future, they’ll be better off this season, with a future that could stretch two years longer, if they all are patient and quiet till July.


  1. roman jordan says:

    if bynum stay healthy sixers may get even further then they did last season..wonderin’ about a sixers-pacers eastern conference final, wouldn’t it be nice, with james, rose, wade and pierce watchin’ it from their sofas ?

  2. bunbury says:

    I am afraid that Bynum will go crazy with philly. 26-27 ppg and 13-14 rpg. and howard will go to 18 ppg 10 rpg.

    • burn baby says:

      I dont know why you bother what D12 stats will be. He wasnt hired to put up big numbers. He was hired to help them win. It may be on D or O. But either way, ’12-’13 season will be extremely competitive and fun to watch. I cant wait!

  3. Joey says:

    Everyone is forgetting that Howard is injured and wont be playing for a while. the lakers arent going to have a true big man unless if pau stops being soft. So as the season starts Bynum is the best center until dwight comes back better than ever i hope because he’s going to have to make up ground

  4. ayil says:

    I am so excited about this 2012-2013 NBA season think. Andrew will shine in phili,but still not enough to win a championship.his moves is limited not so keen on him.he is tall…but not strong enough to dominate the shaded lane….DH will make lakers unbeatable….

  5. Dev says:

    Bynum has some maturity issues we all know that, I feel him being in a new environment he will show up to play every game and not when he wants to. Also he’s the main offense on that team he will get so many touches and the East will have their hands full. If he can stay healthy he can do great things with that Philly team and I easily see him averaging 22 or more points. He has a great coach in Doug Collins. Defensively he’s not on D-12 level and he’s not as agile either so that’s why the trade was made. Bynum is a better offensive player but D-12 is no scrub either when you shoot over 55% from the field that means you can score and also he didn’t have a top 5 point guard on his team either so Go Lakers but wish nothing but the best for Andrew Bynum

  6. AJ says:

    I am a lifelong Lakers fan (40+) years who is sorry to see Andrew go. Is he a better player than Dwight Howard, at present, no. Will he be better in the next 3-5 years? Who knows? What I have enjoyed is watching the development of a young man on whom the Lakers took a chance into an all-star player. Did he always make the best decisions, no but what 22 year old in the glare of publicity does. In my opinion, allowing Kobe Bryant to take as many shots as Bynum and Gasol combined was the root of the on-court problems the Lakers had. Since no one in management enforced any kind of accountability with Kobe’s ridiculous 43 pct shot selection, this contributed to a lack of accountability in other areas. I wish Andrew good luck and hope he goes on to have a great career, realizing the fullest extent of his potential. And remember it was impossible to say what that potential would be when he was drafted. Au revoir Andrew.

    • dattebayo says:

      That’s what I was thinking every time I checked the boxscore when the Lakers lost against a team they should have beaten last season. They lost against the Jazz on March 18 when Pau and Bynum went 20-26 and Kobe went 3-20. They lost in Washington with Pau and Bynum shooting 12-19 and Kobe going 9-31. Kobe missed more shots than Bynum and Pau, the Lakers 2nd and 3rd option on offense, attempted. He had 30, but only because he made 9 freethrows.

      I really doubt he would have played like that under Phil, he took 2 more shots per game compared to last season.

  7. BynumTheBeast says:

    Yeah, he finally made it out of basketball prison (otherwise known as the Kobe Bryant Lakers). Of course a newly freed man is happier than he ever was. Boy is going to shine now in Philly.

    In the meantime, the Lakers better get ready for the ego wars: Kobe led the league for the second straight season in USG% with 35.7. Gasol had 22.1, while DH had 26.1 with the Magic and Nash had 19.6 with Phoenix. And let’s not forget that even MWP had 15.6 last season.

    And also coming soon: Nash and Kobe’s retirement. I hope Kobe doesn’t wait till he’s down to .400 eFG% and I hope Nash doesn’t wait till he’s at 40.0 TOV%. I wonder who will retire first!

  8. Sixers Fan says:

    I can’t wait for this season to start!

    We’ll finally see the true potential of Jrue and ET, without Iguodala and Williams taking away touches.

    Plus, we’ll see Bynum become a beast in the paint.

    It’s gonna be a great year.

  9. Swizzy says:

    hmmmm………….let’s think: a 7-footer with offensive skills and the ability to dominate games paired with a young, already above average point guard, who is already better then all the pg’s bynum played in his carerc……..hmmmm…….surrounded with outside shooting (richardson, wright, n.young) , size (hawes, k.brown), athletic ability (t.young, l.allen, rookie arnett moultrie) & an allrounder (e.turner) and a good choach! hmmmmmm………..sounds good to me! 🙂
    Lets see if couch collins get the sixers once again in the top 5 of the defensive teams in the league. i’m very ecxited for the upcoming season and hope for a good, competitiv season.

  10. Henrik Jensen says:

    i see Bynum putting up; 23P, 12R and 2B a game
    Holiday will step up with 16.5P, 9A and 4R a game
    Turner; 15P, 5R, 5A a game
    while thaddeus young will improve a lot now that Igoudala is gone, probably around; 12-14P, 5-7R and 2-3A a game.
    Thats how i see it, so yes Bynum is the star, but he has a lot of talent around him (young talent = Great Future)

  11. Sadee says:

    People who are saying Bynum going to do better since he is nt playing with Kobe doesnt make sense at all. even when he was a laker he would always gets his touches and he was a main part on Lakers offense. but unfortunately for the lakers and bynum he wasnt healthy through out the seasons. And another thing was Bynum acted so immature, so it wasnt kobe or the Lakers that stopped him being a star it was him self.

  12. RememberThisDay says:

    This will either prove if Kobe was a bad team mate by not giving Bynum more touches? or if Kobe truly is the king of L.A & didnt need Bynum or Shaq too win 5 championships? … Lakers vs Sixers should bring some NASTY!

    • Belizeboy says:

      Wait how will this prove anything? Lakers replaced Bynum with Howard, and also have Nash. If Lakers win a championship this proves more than anything that Kobe needs a star-studded cast to win.

    • Kamote says:

      hmmm… there was a Kobe-led-post-Shaq team that didnt make the playoffs… then the year after that, Kobe screwed his team by not playing well though they were leading the series against Phoenix… then after that, Kobe started whining to be traded if he don’t get Superstar team mates… yup, kinda proved Kobe being the King of LA LOL

  13. lakersfan4ever says:

    Am a Lakers fan and I wish Bynum nothing but the best, He did a excellent job in L.A. and I think he will shine more this season and show his tallent.

  14. W/E says:

    it would be hilarious if Bynum gets to have better numbers than D12 this season, his defence will be horrible as usual i bet but offensively he has the potential to go for 20+ppg

    • Matt says:

      Theres a very good chance Bynum will score more than D12 this season, but he wont get more boards or blocks…Thats the only reason the Lakers made that trade, for DEFENSE…plus D12 is much more agile on D than Bynum and thats what LA needed for its championship pedagree

      • W/E says:

        well i dont think the bad back will let D12 play defence on that intensity,a bad back is like the worst thing for a center who has to play physical all game,i do believe that D12 numbers will be lower this season

  15. amitpal says:

    As long as bBynum can stay healthy he’ll do great. How good the Sixers will do all depends on the developement of evan turner ans jrue holiday. Both were seen as all star and both have shown signs of possible all stars but neither has lived up to expectation. I hope with Williams and iguadala gone that these two can shine otherwise Philly needs to look at other players. Plus who’s the leader on this team. Certainly not Bynum.

  16. Lakersssss says:

    Bynum will do great. He doesnt have Kobe anymore so now he will get more touches.

  17. DHAM says:


    • ran says:

      SMH, Bynum & Kobe won rings together this years offense & coach changed made it different for everyone from Gasol to Kobe to Bynum also the lost of Odom played a part as there was no replacement for a 6’10” G/F it was a good move for both teams as Bynum needed a change to make his game excel further little to do with Kobe’s shot selection

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        Lakers coach & offense didnt change when we got swept in the playoffs to Mavs seasons ago.

        They should have relied on Bynum during the series against Mavs. Bynum vs Chandler = huge adv to bynum (more strength and skill in low post). Cept I think God Coach PJ fell in love with Gasol’s low post game (which is great) but he was spending alot of his energy guarding Nowitzki and wasnt very effective.
        Lakers could have gone to the finals that year for 3peat in my opinion.

  18. Realist Laker's Fan says:

    I am looking forward to watching the 76ers. I reckon bynum will Beast in the East. Also now, he gets the lions share of shots/touches.

  19. E-Dubbz says:

    I can see Bynum averaging 26 & 13 a game and being an Allstar for the east. Let’s see what his teammates bring to the table..

  20. dattebayo says:

    It’s nice for the league when there are certain issues that the media can pick up and inform about, but all the hype that is built when a franchise players or a player of allstar caliber is on the last year of his contract just needs to stop. It’s destructive to the team who has to deal with it and the last few times I think everyone was annoyed every time it came up. Certain teams dealt better with the situation than others, but overall it’s just a lot of hype about nothing, because until there is a signature or a trade, there really is nothing to talk about.
    I think Stern should put in a rule, that players are only allowed to talk about their contracts, expiring contracts and other issues like that once or twice during the season (around the trade deadline and the end of the season) and once after they signed a contract. I think that rule would really help the players out, because they can refuse to answer all these stupid questions.

    Does someone know whether this is possible or not? I just really don’t wanna hear about another Dwightmare or Melodrama in the future…

  21. bballjunkie1 says:

    He is a monster that is about to be unleashed. Excited for him, too bad Phil left and he wasen’t utilized enough on offense. Brought many laker moments with his double doubles. Hope he’s ready he will get his touches now !!