Doc, Celtics Focused On Heat

No one can accuse Doc Rivers of being anything other than a pragmatist.

It makes no sense for the coach of the Boston Celtics to worry himself with the Los Angeles Lakers and what goes on in the Western Conference when Rivers and his crew have to contend with the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat in their own conference.

Rivers said it himself when he uttered this line: “I have my eye squarely on Miami,” to Bob Ryan during an interview at the Action For Boston Community Development’s Hoop Dreams event (check video, above):

“Honestly, I don’t care about the Lakers … I have my eye squarely on Miami. I come up to my players during the year — they’re in the facility now — I bring up Miami every single day to them. I want them to hate them. I want them to beat them. That’s gotta be our focus.”

Rivers is right to keep his focus on the Heat and right to make sure his team does the same. The Celtics pushed the Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference finals, showing a bit more fight than many of us expected while sending a clear message to the crew in Miami — that they were not going to ride roughshod over Boston on their way to what could be several appearances in The Finals with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh at the controls.

(That has to be painful for Celtics, Bulls and Pacers fans to hear, but it’s the truth … we could be in the midst of a Heat championship era unless someone in the East rises up and stops them.)

Kevin Garnett is back and healthy. Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce have never met a challenge they couldn’t get up for. Jeff Green returns to action after observing all last season and Jason Terry, one of the league’s most competitive veterans and the owner of a championship ring won in the Mavericks’ 2011 Finals defeat of the Heat, replaces Ray Allen (now with the Heat) as the Celtics’ resident sharpshooter. And there’s a strong crop of reserves that includes Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee.

As was stated clearly over the weekend, the Lakers have chemistry issues of their own that must be resolved this season. It’s up to Lakers coach Mike Brown and his staff to figure out how to make the Kobe Bryant-Steve Nash-Dwight Howard-Pau Gasol dynamic work. And truth be told, the teams that need to be most concerned with the Lakers right now call Oklahoma City and San Antonio home.

The Celtics need to maintain a near-sighted focus on the one team that stands between them and a return trip to The Finals while there are still a few shreds of their vaunted Big 3 remaining.

That’s not say another Lakers-Celtics duel in The Finals wouldn’t be as entertaining as ever. They always produce some of the best drama when Larry O’Brien trophies are up for grabs. And if they get there, we’ll have our popcorn ready like always.

But before they get to that point, they both have hurdles within their respective conferences to consider. Boston plans to be one big hurdle for the Heat.


  1. wizflux says:

    The last team to win a ring a lockout-shortened season was the Spurs who went on to win several championships in the years that followed. Moreover this team is much better than that old rickety Lakers who will be no match for the young Heat. Lebron is 27, Wade is 30, Bosh is in his twenties. This team is rock start talent and they now have championship mettle. Howard and Gasol are relatively young but thats it!! I see Kobe forcing jumpers, Nash getting tired, and with their guards faltering who is going to feed Gasol and Howard? Kobe will be forced to guard Allen and/or Wade. HA. Nash is going to get bullied by Chalmers. Bosh is going to have just enough strength to contain Howard, and Lebron James and/or Battier is going to frustrate Gasol. The Celtics are done. They are not even worth talking about.

  2. TheRealRayRay says:

    Let’s go for banner number 18!!

  3. @LetsgoHornets says:

    Lets be real here, if Derrick Rose is fit, then the bulls are the best team in the east, they have proved that the past two years by having the best record.

  4. sanjay says:

    give it a rest man! it will heat vs okc or lakers!

    no body can stop lebron! And with wade in mood for 3rd, it is gonna be hard for others!
    lebron has to get 3 rings before he is 30! so he must win this year and next year period.
    And the cast is just about right, to get it done.

  5. esteve says:

    I wonder some in here still cannot accept the miami and lebron james win the NBA championship. Lets face it and give lebron what is due for him. He make mistakes leaving cleveland but he have the right to do it cause his already a free agent not like howard who still in contract and did not play good for the magic and decided not to finish his contract.
    another in here i see comments that miami win championship because of shorthen season which is i see benificial to younger teams compare to older ones but lets check it this way. which is more dangerous an old guy who rested 100 % or a young guy who rested 100 % also. I bet for Spurs but they fall to OKC because there old age show up in the 4th game and same with celtics. I know they are good team but i dont believe they can still hold on with OKC or Miami respectively. and remember also last year that heat played 82 games and have difficulty with chemistry with wade and bosh and james still they make it to the finals and defeated the bulls with a healthy rose.
    I bet my money for MIAMI, OKC and LAKERS.. sorry for the other team.

  6. NBALOVER123 says:

    Those of you saying Heat won because of a shorter season are idiots . You do realize its harder to win the championship then it is in the normal season you gotta play games back to back to back to back which they did. then playing games in the normal season which is a games every other day?

  7. Fire says:

    The defense of the Heat is RIDICULOUS! If we repeat that will be the main anchor! Fans seem to forget that.

  8. macbookproi5 says:

    The Celtics are just a one hit wonder.

  9. LA-shines says:

    no way the heat win it again, not a chance. the lakers did what needed to be done to beat miami and i think all of us (even laker haters) can agree they did in spades. they’re deep at EVERY position something only the spurs and okc can compare to. i’ll be honest i HATED lebron james, but i respect his talent and he even won some of my respect during the olympics, that being said miami still only has 4 better than average players, you think Mario Chalmers is going to develop into an all-star? nope. this season will show us that miami cant hang for the long haul. they will lose opening night to the celtics. and you will see that they simply just cant compete with the other teams that overhauled their rosters for the sole purpose of beating the heat.

    • LearnTheGAME says:

      you stated that they retooled their roster to (your words) “Beat the Heat” which means you are agreeing they are the team to beat. LA statically had the worse bench in the league. With 4 of their starters over 33 years old they need a bench and no way they win year one when their best player probably will miss the first quarter if not more of the season. You don’t know $h! T about basketball

    • dattebayo says:

      Hey, you don’t need to concern yourself with the Heat, after all your washed up Laker squad will not even reach the Finals. The Clippers, Spurs, OKC and Denver each have allstar caliber players at the point guard position, who are all younger than 30 and either athletic, explosive and/or quick as can be. All these teams have at least 1 great perimeter defender they can use on Kobe and each of those teams has a strong interior presence. Nash is a magician, but he will not perform at an allstar level and be able to compete with his opponent, Kobe can still score, but if he doesn’t score more efficiently, his many misses will open the transition game in every game and give their opponent easy points. Gasol can still ball and he is a strong presence on defense, but he isn’t the scorer he was, last 2 playoffs he faded and only scored 13ppg. That leaves Howard who is coming off of back surgery and will not get as many touches as he got in Orlando, which means he will not be as productive on offense. MWP is a hasbeen, no elevation, no outside shot and do you really think he can stay in front of Butler, Durant or James? Jamison is 36, he will give you some minutes but don’t expect too much. Meeks is a solid roleplayer off the bench, but he plays behind Kobe and he ain’t no PG or SF which will limit his minutes. That leaves Blake and Hill, scrubs who don’t step up consistently and a lot of rookies/sophomores/young players with little playingtime so far in their career. You think the Lakers have a solid/good bench? You might have looked at the Clippers bench, who is bursting with talent (Hill, Odom, Bledsoe, Crawford and Turiaf).

      Maybe the Lakers will get to the 2nd round and beat Memphis or Dallas, but they will struggle against the Clippers and Nuggets and I don’t see them beating a well coached Spurs team or a young and thirsty OKC team…

  10. bunbury says:

    i honestly dont think the lakers are better than the heat right now. kobe is far from his dominant days while lebron is now dominant. for the last 4 years, i have seen wade ouplaying kobe. nash is 38 everybody. wasnt age the reason the lakers acquired sessions for fisher. fisher coulnt guard all these young and fast point guards. nash is still good but nash at 38 and kobe at 34 will be a problem, especially vs the thunder.

  11. LearnTheGAME says:

    OK here it is simple and plain. I’m not an LBJ fan, never have been but to be perfectly honest he is the best player in the world. In basketball there is no parody, this aint football. There is never a surprise winner. NEVER! It will take the lakers at least a year to get a ring no different than the same time it took Miami. They won’t win this year! They may make it to the finals but WON’T WIN! usually when the best player on the planet has the best team, they win. And don’t kind yourself Miami is the best team top to bottom. And the real kicker is whomever team is best built around their star will win. Miami is better built to support LBJ’s game vs Dwight. LBJ’s team compliments him way more than Dwight’s. DW need’s shooters and lacks them. He only has two players that really compliments him NASH and GASOL. LBJ got, Chalmers, Shane, Miller, Ray, Reshard, CB, JJ, and UD. They all compliment his game. DW needs shooters for him to really be effective on Offense. There is no one on the floor that will keep you from just doubling him. Gasol maybe Nash. And they have no bench. LA to the Finals and lose in 6

  12. leaveittothetruth34 says:

    I think its funny how you people are saying heat can EASILY beat the celtics, why didnt they do it last year? that didnt look to easy to me. and dont even start using the excuse we didnt have bosh because we didnt have bradley if you recall. heat are a goood team and i do respect what theyve done. but boston has one of if not the deepest bench in the nba . yes i understand heat have rashard and ray-ray but they can only get you so far. And the shortened season remark, im disgraced your a celtics fan and even said that… because it wouldve made it harder for the heat to win not easier…

  13. Anonymous says:

    LMAO @ “I talk about Heat everyday…I want them to hate them…”. Doc talks too much, man I hope his mouth doesn’t get him trouble someday. Y’all needa keep that ish on the downlow cos guess what? now going into battle overconfident, they gonna be FOCUSED on y’all.

  14. Name says:

    Hey news flash, Brooklyn Net’s will be at the Finals. D-Will, J-Johnson, G-Wallace, K-Humpries, Lopez

  15. kobetyme says:

    I think doc rivers logic of hating a team is the right mindset , however he needs to understand lebron , wade and even bosh to a certain extent have had the hate built up for years , they knocked lebron out of the playoffs twice , wade once , and when jermaine o’neal was traded to the raptors everyone was trying to say raptors had a big three but boston showed them dah was not the case in a home game so i mean lebron especially has hate built up for years becuz of the what the celtics did to him , u can call it his revenge time , paul pierce owned him in the playoffs at one point now it will be the other way round forever , and people need 2 understand this boston miami aint a rivals one team has beaten the other every time. And now people need to understand being friends with the enemy is stupid kevin durant needs to end this friendship now it aint funny lebron is the reason u did not win a ring mayn fair enuff for the olympics u swallow your pride and win gold for your country but den your bffs off the court come on now . However kevin durant wont need to worry kobe will show him how to beat lebron , u geh under his skin psychologically that is 50% of the battle , den if u perform as well u will win the game 9/10 unless wade has something to say about it , dwight howard and steve nash , make lakers the only team dah can beat the heat because they are better then the heat in 3 positions , wade and kobe r 2 close ryte now younger its kobe and it aint even close , if lakers can exploit the heats weaknesses and use there bigs , and if kobe can hit them key shots , lakers will have a great chance to beat the heat , right now miami heat are the best team in basketball however , the new look lakers still have 2 jel and by all star break i will say they will become the best team in the new season

  16. 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot buch

  17. YouGottaWonder says:

    NBA Finals 2013

    Los Angeles LIKERS vs. Miami HATE

    I Love This Game!

  18. Me says:

    i think most of you have forgotten that bosh was injured mostly all of the series vs indy and celtics and wade struggled quite a bit. lebron basically carried miami to the finals on his back. one of the most impressive championship runs i have seen. dont downplay it with a shortened season as if miami didnt have injuries as well.

  19. nuttapingGranett says:

    all you celtics fan, nut tapping is my key defense so dont worry, ill nut tap kobe, howard, nash, gasol. it’ll be a nut tapping party! keep believing! Garnet sign off mwaa want me to tap yor nut?:)

  20. mark says:

    Stop boasting your Kobe, Nash, Gasol, Howard.. Remember the time of Kobe,Shaq,Payton,Malone. Lost to detroit pistons..
    TEAMWORK rules! and Miami has it. 1ets 6o h3at!

  21. In the Heat says:

    Lakers wont make it past OKC. OKC-HEAT finals again. Oh how will I gloat at you Lakers fans come finals.

  22. Jenna0306 says:

    Keep hating haters!! Short season or not, the Heat are still the champs!! Always trying to come up with garbage; we won because we are the best!! Too many people busy hating on the Heat and LBJ when they need to worry about their own team losing. GO MIAMI HEAT!!

  23. I DON'T CARE says:

    Its gonna be Kings vs Bobcats for the worst team in the nba

  24. Veteran Team says:

    Sorry but I will always choose a veteran team vs. a young team.. OKC may be a good team but with a ball hoarder like Westbrook I don’t think they will win.. With Wade not 100%, I don’t think they will win this year. I’m really excited with the game opener between Boston in Miami. Go Celtics! Lakers! and Spurs!!!! 😀

  25. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    the boston celtics is the only team that can beat the miami heat in the east…say all you want to say but the “C” are ready to take back what is theres…looks to me the boston celtics is a real team to beat in the east..the heat is relax after winning a championship and the desire to win again is not there, the pacers are the up and coming team they need more time, the bulls are down because d.rose is hurt and the magic has lost their powers….i’m a mavs fan but i say the celtics is my bet for the east, and that kind of rosters the celtics have right now they’re not good, not better they’re great….with new faces, rookies, jason terry is your sixth man, rondo at point, kg as the anchor of the defense and paul pierce is the guy…

  26. JustaFan says:

    It’s pretty confusing
    Some say Miami has an old team others say Miami is a young team. LOL

  27. lebron says:

    POOR CELTICS AND LAKERS…celtics need to focus on unbeatable heat…and lakers need to focus on thunders…too bad if both these teams cant make it to the finals because of the Heat and Thunders finals part 2! celtics, lakers and spurs are old team! they cant match the HEAT and the THUNDER!

  28. I think the celtics have a shot at the Heat if and only if Lebron gets complacent.. If they’re as hungry as they were last year they’ll beat the C’s in about 5 or 6 with a healthy team.. And if i remember correctly Jordan never had a great offensive big man and they killed it in the 90’s.. Not that Lebron is Jordan, jus saying it can and was done against much better big men(Mourning, Kemp, Hakeem, Shaq, Malone, Robinson, etc.) than are out today

  29. DHAM says:


  30. manu says:

    haha idiots….nash needs the ball in his hands 24/7 and so does kobe…nash will not succeed as a spot up shooter and neither will kobe…gasol isn’t gonna try hard if he’s not touching the ball…and howard is a big baby

    miami is clearly the best team by far and adding ray allen will bring another title

    • bunbury says:

      to mamu:

      if allen would’ve gone to the lakers, you would be saying that he is old and a cry baby (that’s why he left boston).

  31. Avengerman says:

    Lebron says to Kobe ” I have an Army!”
    and Kobe says “We have a Howard.”

  32. kato says:

    I wonder how receptive Rivers’ team is/will be, to all of the “Hate the Heat” rhetoric, after he spent the summer slurping LeBron during the Olympic games, at every possible opportunity. Comes across as hypocritical, that he wants to now foster a mindset of hate with the NBA season approaching. Since he fawned over LeBron so much, why not just convince the Celtics to respect that particular opponent and encourage them to compete hard and never take him/them lightly? That approach would make more sense. But, I guess that’s Doc Rivers for you… talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  33. hjs says:

    did you remember your team in 2004 with Payton, Bryant, Malone, O’Neal that didn’ t win a ring? It’ s the same for this 2013. Concerning Celtics, it will be better this year added by Terry, Lee, Green(who can stop your James) and Bradley (great matchup against Wade). It’ s all about 18. Good Luck.

    • YouGottaWonder says:

      Not many people realize how good the CELTICS roster have become. Who cares about Ray Allen gone, they got great additions this season with all positions covered. Melo and Sullinger surely will learn under Garnet and Pierce.

      Jason Terry, 6-2
      Avery Bradley, 6-2
      Courtney Lee, 6-5
      Jeff Green, 6-9
      Fab Melo, 7-0
      Jared Sullinger, 6-9

  34. steve305 says:

    People are so damn stupid saying the Heat won because of a shortened season that has nothing to do with it because once you ge4t to the playoffs everything is the same game schedules are not shortened or n=anything jus hop off of the Heat they won fare and square

  35. Eduardo Chavez says:

    Look shortened season for the Heat was the best thing that happen to them due to the fact that they actually ran scrimmage games between the heats big 3 here at F.I.U and U.M University and attended other special events in south florida i personally went to da F.I.U game to see the game…Also short season affected veteran teams due to the fact that they had no training camp,games were more consecutive due to short season and that benefits younger teams why u think so many players were injured last season?on top of that the heat had a walk in the park to the finals with a knicks team that had no point guard due to injury,a young team like the indiana i knew wasnt a match and a beat up boston team with ray allen playing hurt rondo got hurt in the conference finals and pierce just wasnt getting da proper lifting to get his shot off due to injury green was out and avery bradley shoulder issues still took it to game 7?now theres training camp 82 games less games throughout the week and more time to rest and have a normal season something that dont benefit the heat due to veteran teams…So please stop it with the heat they not who u think they are we will see this season when when its a normal season….

  36. Celtics4Life says:

    Its ok all these heat fans will shut their mouth whe they lose their home opener

    • bunbury says:

      good one celtics4Life. i remember in 2006 the hear got embarrased on their season opener. you could see zo mourning’s embarrasement during the game, after he made his speech.

  37. Celtics_Diva says:

    LMAO @ all of the die hard miami fans going HARD! Guys, the season has not even started yet, nobody knows what team can contend with whom. All it takes is for one thing to go worng with one perosn on the team and your whole season is screwed, just ask derrick rose.All I’m saying is let’s atleast get to march before we start making predictions.

  38. Planet "HEAT"!!! says:

    Im a 10000000000000000000000000000000% HEAT fan, but any team can be the champion this year…all is on who get the best record & get hot at the end of the season, we all know that, remember there is a Nuggest team to beat also, there is a NETS to beat, the all time playoff SPURS, dont forget them… Minnesota getting much much better this new season, adding some experience & good talent…LA Clippers, getting more experience on old players + youngest player, that a team that LA Lakers need to handle, & is not going to be easy, we know about the OKC, the same situation as Miami a year ago, when to the finals and loose…same scenario that the HEAT show to the Mavs, but, there is always a but, Lakers can make a trip to the finals, yeah for sure, on paper they are awesome, same like SPURS or maybe better…now lets look at the EAST: Experienced Celtics, looking to beat a team that they are scare to dont be able to beat, saying that “My eyes are in the HEAT, i dont care about the LAL”, are you been serious???, c’mon, they cannot beat the Pacers, a team that is hungry to be again in the playoffs, they prove that can compete, beat & loose also…the Bulls, waiting for Rose to finish crying & stop saying his injure every time they have a big game again the HEAT or the Celtics…New York, not happy with Melo & Amare way to drive the game, but they have a good team(between the season)at the end of the season, always, always something happen when they have a really big game or team to beat…there is not more Jeremy Lee to create BOOM!!!of fans to give support, but they can win…we cannot mention the Hornets bcuz they dont have experience to beat those big dogs outside, but can recover the record & maybe, I say MAYBE get close to the playoffs…NO. NO, NO more Hawks, they are going down every year, loose some big players, Im sorry is not going to happen…HEAT, defending champs, MVP, NBA 36 points leader, super hero(FLASH(WADE), a dinosaur(Bosh), a lot, a lot a lot of 3 points shooters from the corners, looking to get something on the Center position, that can be mix w/ Bosh, Anthony & the most 3 Center player re-sign….well u tell me who’s going to be the next NBA champ, but dont say anymore that bcuz a short season or anything like that..what happen if the winner was your favorite team,,,is the same thing….but is not, they are the 2012 NBA CHAMPS MIAMI HEAT…they need respect, & the other teams, need to prove that they can beat them, not on paper in the real game…NBA Champs in the next 3 years are: 2013-Miami Heat, 2014- OKC, 2015-(your opinion please)..thanks for read

  39. arnold ray says:

    Let’s stop having visions of multiple championships and get thru this SEASON It took LEBRON 9 SEASONS TO rightfully earn the title of KING stop having inagurations for WANT TA BE CHAMPS CELTICS ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT GO CELTICS !!!!!!

  40. Mr HoLLa says:

    Who really cares what the Celtics think? The only reason they played the Heat so close is because they were missing Chris Bosh. The games definitely changed Bosh came back and gave them some inside/outside presence for the Celtics bigs. Besides that, the Knicks and Nets are much approved, and will give a great effort in the East this upcoming season. KG and Paul Pierce are only getting older, JT is too busy talking and getting stupid tattoos, and Rondo still can’t shoot. He’s going to need that jumper to fall more than ever if they want to win.

  41. jayson says:

    Last season is last season!

  42. Mr HoLLa says:

    All of the Miami Heat hate is ridiculous. You are still looking for some way to known down their championship. A shortened season? What’s your point? Somebody has to win the title right? Had OKC won it nobody would make excuses for them. A shortened season should have been beneficial to the entire league. Let’s also keep in mind that once the playoffs starts, the regular season doesn’t matter anymore; records are 0-0. You haters should stop jocking LeBron. The man already proved everyone wrong last season and he now has his title. Have fun looking for something else to bash him about.

  43. Those who say Miami and OKC reached the finals because they were the youngest teams are very wrong. First off, Miami has one of the oldest average ages as a team of anyone. Secondly, people forget how the Spurs were on a 20 game win streak going into the playoffs, not to mention the Celtics making a push in the ECF. However, the ECF would have been a 5-game series has Chris Bosh not been injured, because he spreads the Celtics defense, allowing for LeBron and Wade to drive with ease. The Lakers simply do not have the weapons to overpower the youth of Oklahoma City. Lets look at it from a matchup POV: Westbrook dominates Steve Nash everywhere, Harden’s speed and quickness and shooting touch equate to Kobe’s skills at his old age, Kevin Durant absolutely demolishes MWP, Ibaka will shut down Gasol like he did in the playoffs last year, however Dwight Howard has the advantage over Perkins, but Perkins is a good low post defender so Dwight will not dominate. With that said, I predict a Heat vs Thunder rematch in the 2013 Finals, with Miami once again winning. I myself am a Celtics fan, but I am aware that they have little to no chance of stopping the Heat this year. There is no denying LeBron’s greatness, and those rooting against him are like those who rooted against Michael Jordan; they are stuck on the wrong side of history.

  44. Michael B says:

    Every Comment I have read is BS.

    Houston is going to kill everyone this year. Didn’t you hear, that we cloned Hakeem, Clyde, and Sir Charles, and that we are bringing them back this season?

    The ONLY prediction I will make for this season, is that it is a good chance that Jeremy Lin will be the starting PG in this years A/S game. It’s the Yao Ming effect.

    We got our big three. Lin/Parsons/Asik. They will dominate everyone!!!!!!!! (lol.)

    Actually, I just wanted to break up the stupid talk between Boston, Miami, and LA fans.

  45. Mert Kagan says:

    Even though I am a huge fan of Doc Rivers and the Celtics Dynasty, I really want OKC to be the last team standing cause I respect KD too much and believe that he deserves that ring more than Lebron if the Heat is going to be the Eastern Conference Champions. However, with the latest addition of LA and movements that have been going around in the NBA this summer I am pretty sure it is going to be one hell of a season for every team no matter how talented they are. So, it’s gonna be a great year for the fans but a very challenging year for the teams. Can’t wait for the season to begin!!

  46. TooCool says:

    IMO a big threat to the Heat were the Bulls, but I don’t see many if not any comments about that. They always fair pretty good against the Heat and they had home court advantage. Last year that didn’t play much effect but hey last year the Mavs beat the Heat and were nowhere near a Championship this year, Heat impressed and LBJ did get better imo but the Bulls had to have a good chance, Somethng about them having the best record without D-Rose had to be a good sign until he went down. Celts will be beast this year adding more talent.. So will Heat though and Clips. OKC kept most of their talent if not all. Even Knicks and Nets can surprise small chance for them to be Champs but exciting none the less. And now young teams like Hornets gonna be exciting as well as Warriors.DIe Hard Lakers fan and excited about them getting new talent but I even know that they won’t be coasting by, Can’t wait to see NBA though thats for sure.

  47. Danny says:

    What kind of coach is this?

    Develop hate?

    No problem. Will be fun watching Heat destroying the Celtics all the time.

  48. peter says:

    lol who, you mean the most overrated “superstar” in the entire league, and the guy who only won an MVP because he was the best player on the team with the best record?

    The player who’s never one anything outside of the regular season?

    Ohh that guy…

  49. miami boy says:

    focus all u want on miami but miami isnt the only team in the east

  50. Screweges says:

    Shortened season is harder to play idiots! They have more games to play in a week than the regular season a more risk for injury just go ahead and ask Derrick rose!

  51. bulls says:

    the championship of lebron james is thanks to one man namely derrick rose. for takinng an arrow to the knee.

  52. renz_garnett says:

    i still believe that celtics can beat the heat in 7 game series.. but i don’t know if they can beat oklahoma city thunder because they were too young,, too athletic and too huge for the celtics.. as well as the lakers..

  53. dattebayo says:

    Well, Doc can sure talk, but the players gotta play and his studs are really experienced (or old, depending on how they play). None the less I expect the Celtics to be the Division Champion and meet Miami in the Semis and boy do I look forward to that. I don’t care who wins it, but it will be fun to watch and that is all I am asking for.

  54. jsking says:

    2013 west final OKC vs east final MIA and then… let the king talk check the price and pay attention heats REPEAT!! sorry haters!! hahahahaha

  55. heat are 7 time champion says:

    Heat are winning because they got the best Lebron guarding lebron pierce and LA mwp nothing close to lebron wade jason terry old LA kobe thats a good match pg nash is old and i think that chalmers is gonna be betther than nash bosh athletic PF Garnett 2 years more retirement LA pau gasol is soft center howard thats ho can beat center celtics they have no good centers bench miami ray lewis back to seattle miller haslem cole celtics bench is good enough almost than the heat LA BENH IS ORRIBLE so heat are repeting okc i give him 6 yeras and they win

  56. warrentingson says:

    Boston dreaming knocking the HEAT out of the picture and meet the Lakers in the Finals again? are they nuts? they need to test and past first the Knicks team before the Heat to prove it. and they don’t forget the BULLS too.

  57. MIkel Peloton says:

    That should be the mindset of every team – to be the best team in the NBA and/or to beat the defending champs MIAMI HEAT. I stand by my standards that no team should play in the NBA if that team cannot beat the defending champs. Otherwise there is no reason to play in the NBA.

    The LAKERS don’t have PHIL JACKSON to take them all the way to promise land. With due respect to coach MIKE BROWN. I don’t think he is in the same status as PHIL JACKSON. I am not convinced that he is up for the job.

  58. warrentingson says:

    Boston thinking of knocking the HEAT out of the picture and meet the Lakers in the finals? are they nuts? how can you say that when there are other good team like NewYork they need to test and past that team first if they meet in the playoffs before the Heat. they must not forget that team too. Bulls can beat them too they have a long road to journey

  59. tyrone says:

    This era will probably have no dynasty like the 70’s. I’m pretty sure we’re going to see various teams win DAL, Miami, OKC, Chicago possibly, and many other teams. We’lll be seeing one of the most compeititive seasons since 08 (Except that was the west, not east) But many teams are on the rise so I would not be suprise if a team like 08 warriors with a 47 win record doesn’t make it to the playoffs or seeing the 8th seed being only 7 gms back from 1st spot.

  60. Boss says:

    I believe that the celtics have a chance at winning the finals. They have good veteran starters who almost always show up in the clutch. The Miami Heat is going to be a tough team to beat though. I think that, if they do play, Heat fans are going to be surprised at how well the Celtics play against them. They might be old, but that experience can take you far. Now for the Lakers, they probably will make it to the finals as long as the stars stay injury free. Kobe will probably start being more of a catch and shooter and the pick & roll game with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard should be killer!! But its not going to be easy for any of these teams to get through the playoffs. Teams like the Knicks, Nuggets, Pacers, Clippers, and others are not going to be easy to beat! You can’t sleep on these teams.

  61. LALgoin17thtitle says:

    LA who? ha,ha their at eastern conference obviously doc rivers should focus on MIAMI, Celtics know they’ll just end up losing to LA.

    • LALgoin17thtitle says:

      Eastern conference finals champ is their only target for now, only if they can beat the HEAT.. The raging Lebron wont let Celtics win.

  62. Les79 says:

    Doc Rivers can beat himself. HAHA. Miami and LA. The rest won’t exist.

  63. JrBAdz says:

    Celtics all day baby… no matter what happen theres nothing like a celtic fan…

  64. LA-2013-Champion says:

    Another batch of fans that’s treating LA like a ghost… Why???? Because they are sooooooo nerrrrvvouuuuussss and afraiddddddddd to LA… Go get that 17th Championshipssss..

  65. thecommoncold says:

    Lebron is the best all around player since michael jordan. kobe is next. but no matter who you put lebron up against he is beating them in at least 3 different statistics. dwyane wade is a playoff performer carrying the 2006 championship team, even with shaq on his team. and dont forget about how dwyane is one of the most clutch players alive.and you can say what you want about big 2 no big 3 but chris bosh disserves to be part of the BIG 3 because the team without him, as shown in the playoffs, struggles. as far as the celtics go i do believe that they are a contender, but , people are over looking the denver nuggets, the okc thunder, the chicago bulls, and even with the lakers fab 5 they are being overlooked.

  66. aso says:

    Funny some stupid people said la is already champion of 2012 2013 when they are not playing yet in a single game

  67. DVG says:

    People seem to forget the Miami-Bos series, during games 6 and 7 how Bosh came in and changed the Boston D.
    Who was Garnett guarding before Bosh came back? Who ever he was he didn’t matter offensively, and Garnett was able to play lose on him. When Bosh came back things changed. He didn’t put many points on the board. BUT he made Garnett respect his presents. Bosh isn’t the greatest force of Miami, but he definitely a strong tailwind.
    All things consider, Miami will win on paper. But play-offs are a different ball game.

  68. Go Celtics says:

    Beat the heat

  69. Mike Rocks says:

    Still stinging to see KG wearing green 😦 – – die hard Twolves fan

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      C’mon man. U still have to be happy for him to win a ring. He gave all his Prime years to T’Wolves. He only asked for a trade to a contender after his prime.

  70. Eiji says:

    shortened season or longer season still 16 wins in playoffs so you can be a champ 🙂

  71. NBAIQ says:

    Is everyone ready……Lakers vs. Celtics for the NBA finals this coming season!!

  72. tgmetsfan says:

    celtics arent young enough to win anything of importance in an 82 game schedule. I have them 4th in the east, but they will tire out in the postseason, they’ll push the envelope at the end of the second round, but fall in 6

  73. DHAM says:

    Doc needs to stop havin that haterade in his blood about the heat and focus on the whole season, they might not make it out the conference semis. With the knicks, indy, philly gettin bynum. Notice lebron and the troops are not talkin, they do it on the court!!!. Along with ray allen and rashard lewis knockin down three’s, you better look out for the forward/center Jarvis Varnardo, he’ll be a sleeper but you’ll find out about him he played at miss state and he’s the all-time leading ncaa shot-blocker and he crashes the boards. Another weapon for lebron, another ring for the king!!!.

  74. anthony says:

    The heat will probably win again…but just last year they will need the refs help

  75. Harvin says:

    That’s what i like about Doc Rivers. His attitude to hate the Heat.Because when you hate them your focus is to beat them.And that’s what i want the Celtics roster to do.Beat the Heat.

  76. Koupilias says:

    LA finals ? REALLY ??? Now that’s Blasphemy as Stephen A. Smith likes to say…. No No No… It’s just a desperate attempt to get Kobe some help to try to get another RIng… But first things first… Now everybody keeps talking about players… But be reminded here… No1 af ant team is the Coach… Even Miami.. Spoelstra has a lot to do with how the Heat played and won the Championship…. So if you agrre with this then you’ll have to take a look at Coach Larry Brown… No disrespect but he ain’t NO Phil Jackson, he ain’t NO Doc Rivers and he certainly ain’t no Tim Thibedau… Now look at the Bulls. They had Del Negro and they really did good… But oh what a difference Thibedau has been. They will win a lot a games even without D.Rose… Now lets take a closer look at LA … Nash (one of my personal favourites) is gonna have to do something he hasn’t done in a whole lot – ADJUST HIS GAME… Same goes for Kobe , Dwight. Gasol is gonna be benefited surely by these moves but you know YOU GOT NO BENCH … So how the hell are all these “young” lads gonna play throughout an 82-game season and win 73-9 games as Metta WP said ??? THese Lakers really make me sad… What pace will ya play ??? What Defence CAN ya play ??? I mean it’s great to have Dwight in the Paint but that is NOT enough…. Gasol is soft, Kobe and Nash don’t care about defence and Metta World PEace should go be a bouncer at club somewhere the guy cant tuuuurn anymore… All the good PG in this league are gonna have Party-time with these Lakers… Cause they should have kept R. Sessions for that reason and send homeboy Blake away… That;s all … There IS NO plan for the Lakers …. Just a bunch of Shiny Names… Welcome To Hollywood

    • Hunter says:

      Solid points, there are holes in the team, on paper they’re scary but lets also not forget that Mike Brown isn’t all that legendary either.

  77. 17,6 says:

    well obviously u gotta get 2 the finals 1st so y would he be worried about the lakers??? obviously u gotta get past the defendin champions 1st…this article is obvious…that said whts with this lbj dude…come on man who cares about off-the-court stuff…u should be on allball instead of hangtime…u don’t hear anybody talkin about delonte west bein lebrons daddy hahahaha

  78. TellIT92 says:

    You know why the “The Heat don’t have a Big Man ” is B.S .. Because since Lebron, Wade, and Bosh planned to join a team together in free agency leaving little room to sign anybody except players who are banwagon that take pay cuts to stand there and hit open 3 pointers.. They should have made sure they had a center with them ! This new Heat team was player (s) made not.. the franchise .. the players.. Lebron, Wade and Bosh

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      This is something alot of Miami fans dont get and then start talking how no one complained about Boston’s 3 and now the Lakers team. Well the fact of the matter is, these players chose to play with each other via Free Agency (which is within their right) and werent placed together by the Team’s Front Office.

      If D12, Pau & Nash all decided to Join Lakers with Kobe via Free Agency, then every team in the NBA and their fans will go cry and demand David Stern stop this. But, these players were brought in by the Front Office. The teams that these players played on previously agreed to the deals with the Lakers.

  79. amigo says:

    boston will be the eastern champion this year!!

  80. julian says:

    i dont know why every one thinks that LA is going to be in the finals .these are the facts yes dwight is a good defender but his offensive skills are limited and he def can’t make free throws to save his life.even in orlando when he was the main option on offense his offense numbers wernt even over the top for a guy whos the “go to guy”.nash is a good player yes but even everyone knows his days are numbered hes always on the bench injury prone and cant play defense any better then sessions when kobe has the ball all the time in the 4th qtr how can other players be effective ?if anythiing id say the clippers and okc will be in the WCF.they lost barnes world peace is horrible blake cant play D westbrook will own them like he did last year.

  81. julian says:

    just testing

  82. kenny says:

    I got the thunder they got screwed last year and dwightmare will mess the lakers up and the leage gave James his titial now maybe they will let the best team win this year

  83. Celtics Fan says:

    I love Doc but dont agree with the fact that hes a pragmatist. There are 13 other teams in the easter conference besides the Celtics & Heat. The Celtics need to focus on winning their division and then focus on Miami like they did last season; whitch proved to be good. And about L.A? I bet all the money in the world that will fall apart before it even comes togeather, The type of team that L.A has just tried to put togeather is worse then putting the heat togeather. I would be shcked if they even made it past the second round this year.

    • Hunter says:

      I agree with the your LA theory, they have to fall apart first before it gets improved. I think Gasol, Blake, MWP, Kobe and even Nash to some degree with age and other overriding factors wont be as cohesive as it would be ideally. KB should have quit after the 2010 season. They’re are definitley holes and I don’t think Mike Brown might be able to handle it all the way to a championship.

  84. CManley says:

    I’m glad they shrunk the league to one team. Its about time we all focus, talk, gush and pay attention to that one team from Florida somewhere. No team has repeated a championship (other than the Lakers twice) since ’99. Don’t you think that there might be a couple other teams, maybe, that might be a little hungry/salty/jealous whatever you want to call it, that might make things competitive and no clear red carpet for the next 15 championships to be won by LeBron himself? This article is a poignant example of pissed off teams, and if one really good coach is already telling the media this, there are more out there that don’t tell their mantras or what goes on in the locker room.

    Hold on a bit…

  85. Laker Fan says:

    Well since the heat are in the east this does not surprise me. ????… Dumb topic once again…

  86. inb4 Heat haters says:

    Oh wait! Nevermind too late!

  87. Peter says:

    Also the shortened season did favour younger teams like OKC and Miami.

    With all the closely spaced games and the back-to-backs the teams with the younger players on the court had a clear advantage. Anyone who watched Boston could see they were hurting by the third game of those sequences, and by the end of game 7 against Miami they just ran out of steam.

    iami and OKC were predicted by most to win the east and west for exactly those reasons. Young legs – after several consecutive games they were still relatively fresh, while older teams needed to rest their stars and make greater use of less skilled role players.

    I still give Miami credit though. Boston played them HARD and even when they were down they didn’t stop fighting – much as I dislike the Heat, I respect that attitude. I’m sure it will be a Boston MIA matchup in the ECF and I can’t wait to see it!

    • aaaaaa says:

      Plus, the Celtics showed that they are willing to sacrifice regular season wins in order to rest Paul and Kevin. And on that note, people say the Celtics are old, which doesn’t make sense to me because their only old players are like Pierce, KG, Jason Terry Keyon Dooling, and Chris Wilcox. But anyway back to the point, a healthy Celtics team is better a better overall team than the Heat. I also see somewhat of a chemistry issue showing up on the Heat. I get that they need 3pt shooters because Wade, LeBron, and Bosh do just about everything else. But they kinda went overboard. Ray got mad at Rondo for “not getting him enough shots” and for the most part Ray was the main 3pt option for the Celtics, and now on the Heat they have so many other options as well.

      • Tenki says:

        I beg to disagree on the case about Miami having too many options on court. In fact, I think Miami brought in key players that would complement their brand of game. Wade and James operated more at the post, and Bosh plays as a center who can shoot from mid to long range. That’s why they need players like Battier, Allen, Chalmers, Jones, and Miller (Lewis is kinda questionable for me) who can deliver the goods from long range. Battier is a proven spot-up shooter for a long time in the league. Allen can shoot from transition. The way Miami plays defense means more possessions for them, especially at transition. Allen will get his looks, and having a guy like him to shoot 3’s instead of James Jones or Norris Cole would be better for Miami. Oh, I forgot to mention that Allen will play off the bench.

  88. OriginalHeatFan says:

    A short season should have gone to the Celtics advantage, longer season is more games more tiring and more chances of old players like KG getting injured. Heat haters still talking but after this season they will shut up.

  89. Joseph_03 says:

    I would love to see the Celtics knock the heat right out of the picture, which could mean that the Lakers or OKC will eventually win it.

  90. Tenki says:

    Doc would really love to hate a team that copied their winning formula and ironically, don’t know anything to stop them from being successful. It’s very obvious that Miami’s Big Three is basically a carbon copy of Boston’s Big Three (prior to Allen’s departure), yet there are subtle differences. LBJ and Wade are playing like brothers on court, Bosh knows his role very well, and having veteran players fill up the void. Some guys won’t admit it, but if you throw Ray Allen of even Mike Miller into cellar-dwelling teams (i.e. Cavs, Bobcats, etc.), they can play as starters. And to top it all off, they almost had their roster virtually intact.

    As for the Lakers, if (and only IF) they can find chemistry, they would prove to be a force around the league, whether or not MWP is a nutcase when he declared a 73-9 season for them (as if Dwight Howard would miss just a game or two). Keep dreaming, L.A., and good luck against OKC, SA, Memphis, Dallas, and the like.

  91. Peter says:

    E LOL Miami aren’t scared of Boston? I urge you to go back and listen to some of the post game press conferences from last season’s playoffs. Even when Miami won, the look on Spolestra’s face said “thank god that’s over”.

    There is no team in the NBA that Miami fears more than Boston – there was not a single healthy team (not NY, not Indiana, not OKC) that came closer to eliminating Miami than Boston did with half their roster injured.

    This year Boston are dramatically improved and everyone in Miami knows it. Trust me, the Celtics are the last team anyone in Miami wants to see in the ECF…

    • Danger says:

      Exactly right bro. This year the Celtics are much more dangerous and if they are healthy a best of 7 against the Heat could easily go either way.
      Can’t wait for the season to start, GO C’S!

  92. dude says:

    Bring it on celtics, the heat will be waiting…….

  93. HeatKingsofEast says:

    all people who said that the short season favored the miami heat is all dumb idiot. miami doesn’t have a good bench. a short season will favor a team that has many good players. that’s why san antonio and chicago led the conference in standing. smh!

  94. mrsister says:

    The Celtics were up 3-2 in the conference finals. They can beat the Heat. That was a very shallow Celtics team due to injuries, and who knows what would’ve happened if they’d called that foul to Rondo. It’s very likely they will still have some injuries, but the team now is deeper. With the additions of Terry and Lee and the return of Green, Bradley, and Wilcox, the Celtics are stronger, even though they’re older. I loved Ray Allen, but I think Terry is a little more versatile off the bench. He can create his own shot, so if Rondo is resting, the offense is still there. Sullinger and Christmas could also make an impact. Melo and Collins add size if they need to spell KG for awhile. I also have a feeling they won’t stumble out of the gate like they did last year and will get a higher seed. It probably won’t be higher than Miami, but it should make the early rounds a little easier.

  95. Paul says:

    They better ask somebody, the Lakers win the title 50 percent of the time Due for 2 more these next years coming maybe 3.

  96. TTKIN says:

    Boston and LA in the Finals would be amazing. So would Miami and LA. But I’d rather it be Boston so we can tie their record for rings.

  97. Rich says:

    Shhh… it’s going to be Knicks – Mavs in the finals…, nuff said.

  98. NBA Fan says:

    Rivers is a great coach and Celtics are a great team the way they play, I agree to Doc’s mesages to his team, but they go to accept to the fact that whatever they do it is hard to beat the HEAT. Celtics has become a veteran team and in this era of basketball, you need young & fresh legs to go all the way to win it all. It is a playoff team for sure but not a title contender, it is a team to rebuild with some young cream and it is a work in progress.

    • aaaaaa says:

      “Not a title contender…” Even being as injured as they were last year, they took MIAMI (of all teams) to 7 games. Then you take off the “rusty” Ray Allen, and at Jason Terry’s consistency, then you add Courtney Lee’s defense, 3pt shooting, and slashing, Jeff Green’s versatility, yet another veteran prescence in Jason Collins, Avery Bradley will be back, and the rookie additions of Sullinger, Christmas, and Melo (who all need work, but are learning from some of the best). If they meet in the playoffs again this year, it will be an amazing series. The Celtics have one of the best all-around backcourts in basketball, and they are THE BEST defensive backcourt, they can guard Miami’s 3pt shooters (most of the time). The you factor in LeBron, who Paul Pierce matches up well with (most of the time), and Wade, who will be significantly slowed down due to the likes of Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee, and Bosh, who has to deal with KG. They match up very well, I can’t wait until opening day, let alone the playoffs…

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      Wats your definition of ‘young’. The average team age for championship teams I think is around 28-30 mark. I believe the Heat fit into that category. I think ppl forget that LBJ is the youngest of Miami’s trio at age 27, both Wade & Bosh are 30+.

      • dattebayo says:

        Miami ain’t young and especially their bench is really experienced/old however you wanna call it. But James is 27 and Bosh is 28, Wade just got 30 years old and when they are healthy, their conditioning and athleticism is at the top of the league. The Heat currently have 16 players on their roster with an average age of 29.3.

        I’d worry about your Laker squad with 38 year old Nash, 36 year old Jamison, 34 year old Artest and Kobe and 32 year old Pau and Blake….

      • Go La FAkers! says:

        come back to earth bosh is 27……pray that your old laker team survive the season before yall talk championship, YOU delusional La FAker Fans

      • Go La FAkers! says:

        come back to earth bosh is 28……pray that your old laker team survive the season before yall talk championship, YOU delusional La FAker Fans

  99. alltheway says:

    Rondo needs to get a similar (or even better) 2012 playoff numbers, in order to give Heat a fight

  100. LA_All_Day says:

    if it’s not the lakers, it’s okc. if it’s not okc, it’s boston. the heat aren’t repeating as champions unless they get a REAL and NORMAL SIZE center ex: roy hibbert, al jefferson, andrew bynum, etc.

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      they said that right before we won also

      • TTKIN says:

        Every season is different. Just cuz u pulled it off last year against a team with no offensive weapon in the middle doesnt mean you will this year. Not saying it cant happen though.

        What im really trying to convey is that this season is going to be fun to watch no matter what and I think every NBA can agree with that (except Orlando fans).

      • Bizzman23 says:

        If the Pacers decided to use Hibbert more, the heat wouldn’t even have made it to eastern conference finals. The Pacers went away from the only shot they actually had of beating the heat and that was with Hibbert, and it didn’t that the refs made sure Hibbert spent a lof time on the bench same as Durant in OKC. The finals were horrible to watch with the league scoring champ having to sit on the bench for a large portion of the game because of phantom fouls. Also, they always made sure to get Durant on the bench right when OKC would make their runs in the middle of the 3rd quarter, after game 1 Durant never got any 3rd quarter action.

      • Belizeboy says:

        @Bizzman, excuses excuses. Miami fans can make up a bunch of the same to say why we didn’t win last year.

      • theurbansage says:

        You don’t need size to win. You need to control the paint to win. That’s how they beat the Thunder in the Finals and Boston the round before. You control the paint with inside scoring and rebounding. OKC lost in the finals because they stopped making 50% of their jump shots. They didn’t beat the Lakers or the Spurs inside. They won on mid range jump shots.

        i will say this: Should Miami and the Lakers meet in the finals this coming season, the Lakers will win it in a maximum six games.

    • HEAT says:

      Oh you mean like L.A. won last year with Bynum? Or how Orlando won with howard? Indiana with Hibbert OKC with Perkins, Utah with Jefferson? Get a grip man LeBron can play center better then most He is easily in the top 5 for every position in the NBA. Most Versatile Player.

      • swagflu says:

        every single one of those centers you just with the exception of perkins who has very limited offensive abilities at best would destroy lbj in the post. I agree that bron bron is extremely versatile, but saying that he would be a great center is quite a bit of a stretch

      • Realist Lakers Fan says:

        LOL. I know LBJ is the greatest baller right now (this coming from a Laker Fan), but to say he could do better than Bynum, Hibbert and even Jefferson in the low post as a centre is hilarious. Get off your knees and wipe the white stuff off your face. Lets be realistic.

    • vinheat says:

      Correction…..not okc.not boston,LAKERS? a BIG no,they will not be in the playoff…..
      Its Maimi dude……!!!!!

  101. Belizeboy says:

    I think it’s good to get your team fired up but to the point of hate is kind of extreme.

    • celtic533 says:

      uh… not basketball team coach uses that strategy to make us hungry for the title cause we lost the championship game by two points to a school called Universal.I think it should work pretty good.

  102. Celtics fan says:

    if we believe we can beat the heat but its never an easy task to do so we shall see what happens

  103. lol says:

    the celtics are just butt hurt,,,and as far as them hating miami,,,,,,unless you’ve been in a whole the last two years you would know they already do,,,so nice try rivers,,, and as far as miami not having a big neither does boston,,,,and the only reason series went seven games was because bosh was OUT not injured but OUT of the first 2 or 3 games,,,when he came back he owned garnett,,,,as a miami fan a dont see anyone but injuries getting in our way

  104. Big_nasty says:

    Who cares if the celtic can beat the lakers or not. If they cant beat the heat they want even see the lakers if the lakers make it to the finals

  105. bballjunkie1 says:

    Doc, don’t worry about the Heat because if you don’t pull the reigns in on Rondo it won’t be you playing them for the confernce. I think you gave him too much before his IQ had developed. Celtics are not the same rythm playing team, that won the title. Rondo comes down and try and be a DRose, hosting up 3pters that Allen or Truth should take. Their best ball last season was playoff game he was suspended, and Truth was back again playing point. Sorry but Indiana, and unpredictable Knicks may surprise you. Rooting for ya and Celtic tradition.

  106. inb4heat&laker fanboys says:

    Oh nvm… too late.

  107. Heat fan says:

    HEAT ALL THE WAY LIVE. RAY AND LEWIS who can gaurd wade or james or bosh? Not Kobe not Howard not Nash not gasol. Who can gaurd a open 3 point line not Kobe not Nash not gasol and def not Howard. OKC going to be a big hurdle for LA.

    • aaaaaa says:

      Everything you said, the Celtics have proven they can counter. Pierce can match up with LeBron fairly well most nights, he’s probably the best in the league at going up against LeBron. Also, the severly injured Celtics team was 2nd in defense last year to only the Bulls. When you throw in Courtney Lee’s spectacular defense and Jeff Green’s versatility, and we match up against the Heat extremely well.

      • HEAT says:

        Okay sure pierce guards LeBron as he drives into the paint with terry guarding wade trailing. Meanwhile Kevin garnett plays help defense on LeBron and that leaves no Good defender left to guard Ray at the 3. It’s pick your poson, your gonna lose either way

      • Belizeboy says:

        How have they proven they can counter when they’ve been beat two years in a row by Miami?

      • Bruce says:

        Lakers beat OKC two years in a row too. But that didn’t stop them from beating the Lakers this past playoffs. Nothing is clear cut. If Boston is focusing an refining, and perfecting their game against a single team, you know that it’s going to be tough for Miami. Miami may have beat Boston 2 times in the prior seasons but each time was no walk in the park.

      • atatna says:

        accept it already celtics can’t match up with the heat this season. it will e always a close game but by the end of the day HEAT will win OK. be realistic

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      Wow…another ridiculously dumb comment by an emotionally challenged Celtics fan. Their habit of making irrational arguments are so dumbfounding that they further support the notion that most people are truly no smarter than a 5th grader. Miami could take the Celtics out in 4 games every year if they wanted…no matter what slightly talented, semi-starts Boston tries to add to their aging roster. The only player on that team that warrants any pre-game strategy is Rajon Rondo (ET). But luckily for the rest of the league, he’s a 5 year old child stuck in a 15 year old’s body!

  108. MpoloT says:

    The Heats are still lacking of Big men; Their only big man is James that’s it.

    • tyrone says:

      Bosh is a big men and LBJ so it’s true, they should pursue Blatche to fix their weakness. PG is solved cause Chalmers can step up during big games such as Game 4 in the finals where he scored playoff high numbers.

    • LBJ_FAN says:

      The way the heat are playing offensively and defensively, they don’t need a true big man. LBJ, Bosh and Battier in their front court already established themselves as a good defensive unit together. Offensively, no doubt ofcourse.

  109. Jayjoe14 says:

    They have to hate Ray Allen

  110. neek says:

    Good to hear, can’t wait till playoffs, and the season hasn’t even started yet!

  111. LAL says:

    He is not worried about the Lakers because, he understands that he won’t even get to the finals. 😀

  112. EZap says:

    They’d better focus well. When playing against the likes of Lebron and Wade, you have to also deal with their sixth man, the referees. Truth.

    • thekingo522 says:

      whiner!!! cry me a river!!!

    • MIAMIWHO says:

      LOL thats a good one and the truth!

    • Realist Lakers Fan says:

      Well Refs should call it if they believe it is a foul.

      Rememeber Offensive foul on KG for the illegal screen at the end of regulation against 76ers in the playoffs, and they lost that game. All the Boston players and even Coach River (who I respect a great deal) were like ‘Refs usually just let the players play it out at the end of games’ .
      Well they shouldnt. If he was doing an illegal screen then call the foul (which the ref did). I remember LBJ fore-arming Durant when Durant went for that one handed floater/jumper for the win (or tie?) after he faked LBJ out and the refs swollowed their whistle. pathetic.

      Whether it is at the start of the game or 1 sec left on the clock at the end of the game with the game tied. If the player fouls, then call the foul. This ensure not only do players have to put in extra work on every posession, but also makes sure refs call the game as per the rules. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  113. H3AT says:

    It will be a good series BOS v MIA ….. but MIA will take it.
    Until Rose is back healthy with a good Bulls team I just don’t see anybody beating the Heat in the East.

    Lebron Just evolved into his prime and will be a Force for the next 3 Years. It’s his time and there is no Player better right now.
    The Heat have chemistry now and the play like a unit, Wade will be 100% and will be much more dominant this season.
    Bosh has shown his value and can make big plays when needed, Ray will make 3s plus a great bench which has a lot of 3 pt shooters.

    Cole will be more matured and seasoned to play, Chalmers keeps improving.

    As a heat fan I only see two threats, OKC and LA ….Thats it, Boston will be tough but they dont have what it takes thats my opinion Because the Heat are not scared of BOS. But BOS is worried about the Heat.

  114. Bob M says:

    I like the Celts veteran leadership and ability to grind out victories and make big shots at big times. Jeff Green should be a big help (once he gets his legs). However, the Heat team that played the Thunder in the Finals is going to be tough to beat. LeBron wasn’t hanging out in the fourth and they had, at least, one role player step up and deliver in a big way. Add Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis to the mix, and that is more potent.
    Good luck, Celts, Bulls, Sixers, and Pacers, You are going to have to be in the zone X12.

  115. amitpal says:

    This year finals should be really interesting. No matter whose in it. People r clearly putting the Lakers and Miami on top when I think both teams r clearly beatable. It’s a matter of whose healthy and who comes in hot.

    • kg5 says:

      agreed amitpal…everyone is comparing the heat and lakers and saying they are going to be in the finals…everyone forgets about the other “old” teams and up and coming teams. this is going to be the best season in years as far as the NBA goes with all this mix ups in rosters this past offseason…and dont get me wrong i HATE the lakers and heat but remember 07 season when everyone said boston wouldnt gel and be good the first year together? im pretty sure they won the championship. Dwight was unhappy in orlando cause he tried to get role players in there to help him but orlando didnt. Expect a happy dwight howard this season and one you’ve never seen before granted he stays healthy.

  116. Reblogged this on edwardgenesis and commented:
    The Celtics better focus on the Heat. Miami Heat for me is still the team to beat in the NBA regardless of the super team that the LA Lakers have built. By the way, have IO mentioned that they’re the defending champs? 🙂

    • Yeah right…defending champs of a shortened season, nothing impressive, almost beaten by indiana and an old & injured boston….yeah dont focus on LA cuz after you beat the heat, the Lakers will beat you in the finals…and will become kings again

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Glad someone understood that last season was a short one and the fact that miami won should not have suprised anyone. OKC and Miami were the teams that should have went to the finals last season. They were two of the yongest teams in the league if not the youngest. But with a full 82 game season best believe even the older teams ie Lakers and Celtics will be right back in the mix to win a championship. Barring any injuries that is.

      • no chance says:

        wow stop trying to downplay their success. you say “nothing impressive” as if a ring with help from tim donaghy is any better. its actually a bigger accomplishment to win in a shortened season because of how little time you have to practice and develop team chemistry. back to back to backs? miami swept it. and what makes you think the lakers can get past the thunder? nash cant stop westbrook and i know that durant can score on dwight howard at will.

      • no chance says:

        btw, you must of not watched the spurs or celtics play all season, MIAMIWHO. because those old teams could of easily been in the finals as well

      • lbj says:

        close games winning with pacers and boston makes them more mature and deadly when it comes to c lutch and crucial plays now fool! you don’t see that it gives them a lot of experience and they were far better now. Lakers are rapist and kobe is the leader. The team should be LA Rapist not LA Lakers

      • artifex says:

        “But with a full 82 game season best believe even the older teams ie Lakers and Celtics will be right back”
        I wonder how you get to this, since 13 years earlier it was exactly the veteran’s team Spurs who won it all, because they didn’t change much and had the experience (and less time to get worn off).
        However, I think despite being 2 of the most talented teams both Heat and OKC didn’t change much last year either, so to their advantage.
        Anyway, excited to follow another NBA season, and despite favorites I see several teams with potential deep runs…

      • Laker Nation says:

        Welcome to the Lakers Steve and Dwight!

        Big 5

        Pg: Steve Nash

        Sg: Kobe Bryant

        Sf: Metta World Peace

        Pf: Pau Gasol

        C: Dwight Howard

        Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, Jodie Meeks, Devin Ebanks, and Earl Clark

        2012-2014 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT #BeatOKC

        The Lakers have this one. There was a shortened so the Heat won it because of that. The Lakers have all the keys and skills.

        The Heat don’t have a strong Point Guard or Center. The Lakers have a great starter for every position.

      • Laker Nation says:

        And just something to think who was that team that barely got past the old Celtics and Pacers, Never mind ohh yeah it was MIAMI WHO

      • KING says:

        o man, You seem like just anohter hater of Miami Heat and LeBron James

        You guys dont understand how hard it is to win in a shorter season, no time to rest, playing with injuries plus much more.

        and about the new Lakers Team, THEY WILL NOT WIN THIS YEAR, Impossible. beacause it will take time for chemistry to set up so you need to start hating and get ready for Miami to repeat the title run.
        Only team that will trouble Miami Heat will be Boston Celtics and OKC

      • Mack says:

        If anything, the shortened season made it harder for everyone in the playoffs. Everyone had to play a large amount of games in a short period of time. In an 82 game season, the players have more to rest in between games. At the end of the day, the Heat beat the Thunder in convincing fashion. Also, take note that the Spurs were the most dominant team in the NBA last season despite their ages, and despite Pop resting his players. Do not hide behind the BS excuse of old players needing more rest, these are veteran professionals who know their limits and how to push them.

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Heat young???? Lewis is 33, wade is 30 bout to be 31 in january, miller is 32 turning 33, anthony is 30, battier is 34, allen is 36 turning 37, haslem is 32. Not to mention bosh is 28 and will be 29 later in the season, with lberon also bout to be 28 in december. Your youth comes from chalmers and cole…like, heat are NOT young players. I tried to tell you that they’re not going to be getting championships for the next fiver years…sorry, not gonna happen. The YOUNG teams are thunder, grizzlies, bulls, pacers, 76r’s, hornets, etc. Thunder are practically kids with mountains of talent, heat won’t be able to keep up with this youth of talent for the coming years. Think about it, they’re hitting a young prime, while heat are hitting that 30-mid 30 marks.

      • King Flash! says:

        Dude, you’re a joke. If you think that the Lakers will storm through to the finals, look again. Dwight is virtually Bynum w/ added defence, but they have Nash at the top who has no D & Kobe is not where he used to be in order to guard Lebron, Wade.

        The way the Heat play, Howard will be in foul trouble, as the floor is constantly stretched & Howard will have to move his feet on D as opposed to being the rock in the middle. Pau is no defensive tyrant, in fact if he has to guard Bosh or Lebron, the mismatch is ridiculous.

        Lakers fell back to the two towers method. But they lack bench to back them up. Howard has a bad back which he had surgery on, and don’t lie to yourself saying he’s 100%. Thats like Derrick Rose saying he’s going to be healthier than ever after surgery.

        Jamison brings no D & World Peace needs to wake up & stop trying to be a star. I like the competition brewing out west, but I don’t think the Lakers can beat the Heat… Not with that bench & with a team full of Lone Rangers…

      • Big 5?? says:

        Great starter at every position?? There is nothing great about Metta World Peace. Durant will destroy him & if you doubt it, look back at the western semis vs okc again. World Peace is in LA by default, they’d have somebody else at small forward if they could. World Peace is nothing more than an average defender, every member of the team will have a look of horror every time World Peace takes a shot. Gasol is a good player, I wouldn’t call him great & Nash is only great on offense, he’s a major defensive liability. Westbrook & Parker will feast on Nash’s defensive inabilities

      • LBJ_FAN says:

        LOL! if winning in a shortened season is not impressive, then what about losing? hahaha.. Think of your team(Whichever it is) and realyze that they lost when Miami won. BTW, ‘ALMOST BEATEN’ doesn’t mean anything. They’re the Champs. Wake up and accept it.

      • Abdul says:

        winning in a shortened season is much more difficult because of BACK-to-BACK-to-BACK games idiot! less time to practice, less time to sort things out.. You just hate MIAMI, im pretty sure of it..

      • atatna says:

        shorten season was at their advantage ( celtics, lakers, spurs team) because they have older players, This coming season will be a different story for those teams 82 games and the playoffs? I bet it will be a difficult season for the…. miami had some injuries issues as well remember bosh, miller and wade? if they were healthy I doubt if it will reach game 7 against celtics.

      • Planet "HEAT"!!! says:

        I’m a 10000000000000000000000000000000% HEAT fan, but any team can be the champion this year…all is on who get the best record & get hot at the end of the season, we all know that, remember there is a Nuggest team to beat also, there is a NETS to beat, the all time playoff SPURS, dont forget them… Minnesota getting much much better this new season, adding some experience & good talent…LA Clippers, getting more experience on old players + youngest player, that a team that LA Lakers need to handle, & is not going to be easy, we know about the OKC, the same situation as Miami a year ago, went to the finals and loose…same scenario that the HEAT show to the Mavs, but, there is always a but, Lakers can make a trip to the finals, yeah for sure, on paper they are awesome, same like SPURS or maybe better…now lets look at the EAST: Experienced Celtics, looking to beat a team that they are scare to dont be able to beat, saying that “My eyes are in the HEAT, i dont care about the LAL”, are you been serious???, c’mon, they cannot beat the Pacers, a team that is hungry to be again in the playoffs, they prove that can compete, beat & loose also…the Bulls, waiting for Rose to finish crying & stop saying his injure every time they have a big game again the HEAT or the Celtics…New York, not happy with Melo & Amare way to drive the game, but they have a good team(between the season)at the end of the season, always, always something happen when they have a really big game or team to beat…there is not more Jeremy Lee to create BOOM!!!of fans to give support, but they can win…we cannot mention the Hornets bcuz they dont have experience to beat those big dogs outside, but can recover the record & maybe, I say MAYBE get close to the playoffs…NO. NO, NO more Hawks, they are going down every year, loose some big players, Im sorry is not going to happen…HEAT, defending champs, MVP, NBA 3 points leader ever, super hero(FLASH(WADE), a dinosaur(Bosh), a point guard not at the top level but can shoot & make steals..a lot, a lot a lot of 3 points shooters from the corners, looking to get something on the Center position, that can be mix w/ Bosh, Anthony & the most 3 Center player re-sign….well u tell me who’s going to be the next NBA champ, but dont say anymore that bcuz a short season or anything like that..what happen if the winner was your favorite team,,,is the same thing….but is not, they are the 2012 NBA CHAMPS MIAMI HEAT…they need respect, & the other teams, need to prove that they can beat them, not on paper in the real game…NBA Champs in the next 3 years are: 2013-Miami Heat, 2014- OKC, 2015-(your opinion please)..thanks for read

      • Tenki says:

        Wow. At least winning a championship on a shortened season is WAY BETTER than taking an early vacation in an already shortened season. Keep dreaming L.A., get past OKC first and talk about a championship stint later.

      • king already have a ring says:

        they almost beat by indiana and boston w/o chris. you got to know about that. and it doesnt mean they almost beaten. they were beaten. right?bottom line they’re champs!

      • Gabriel says:

        Nothing impressive? If it was so easy then why didn’t the other teams win? By that logic the Spurs’ championship 1999 was also nothing surprising. Everyone predicted that Lebron will die without a ring. Now that he has one, they all say it was nothing special.

      • Ariel says:

        Yeah let’s say its a short season and almost beaten by other teams… But the the point is they won against those struggles it means they have the heart of a true champion! so shut up!

      • ThisIsMe2435 says:

        First of all, the season was shortened, not the post-season. Seeing as how the Heat finished with the same seeding in the ECF as they did last year, I don’t think a shortened season affected them. Second of all, did you forget the Heat did not have Chris Bosh (a major part of the team) for 9 games – 5 against the Pacers and 4 against the Celtics?

      • Chuck Norris Cole says:

        shortened season eh??
        even though it’s shortened, it is tough for every team to play 66 games with back to back to back games a week… so don’t make this as an excuse for the heat as a shortened season champs.

    • bunbury says:

      i think it’s meaningless to say who is the team to beat. every team’s situation is different. i honestly dont think the lakers should be focusing entirely on miami, they have to beat the thunder first. and we all know that we havent even seen the best out of the thunder. san antonio is also a threat. and maybe the clippers.