The Flagrant Foul Mix (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is not a celebration, we repeat, NOT a celebration of flagrant fouls. We abhor them and believe they are an absolutely unnecessary evil that the powers that be must find a way to get rid of … somehow.

But as students of the game and keen observers of all things basketball, we couldn’t stop watching this mashup of flagrant fouls (courtesy of DOPESIKCEO on YouTube) from over the years.

Notice the startling consistency in how they are perpetrated (from Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer from a yesteryear to Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum these days) and how often they involve someone assuming that they can sneak a cheap shot in despite the thousands of folks watching in the arena (guys in striped shirts with whistles included), not to mention the millions viewing from home:


  1. 416 says:

    Old 76ers team like a boss! Look at dr. J landing those jabs on bird! With( Barkley?) holding his neck!

  2. Victor Manoel says:

    People are hunting Blake Griffin, huh? Shameful.

  3. celtic533 says:

    i think the glen davis one’s mostly that he’s so fat he can’t contrl himself.and that paul pierce one where he punches the ref was an it up on youtube.but robert parish just rampaged on that pistons guy.notice how many heat,pistons,andrew bynum one’s there are?blake griffen got trucked so many times.i feel sorry for him.people don’t wanna get dunked on so they just throw him to the floor.

  4. rekemania says:

    Look how often Dwayne Wade is in there throwing people around and trying to be subtle and appear innocent.

    • dattebayo says:

      Dwyane had 4 appearances and for some reason they showed him shoving Hamilton in a Bulls Jersey twice, which was absolutely nothing to get worked up about, it was a technical foul. The foul on Kobe during the All Star Game wasn’t even a flagrant foul and that hit was nothing compared to what other players in this video did. You wanna call him dirty, you will have to call half the league dirty including everyone who flops…

      The worst, to me, are Artest and Bynum with their elbows to the head and people in the air, which were all instantly called flagrant 2 fouls. But there will probably be some people saying all of fouls in the video were just hard fouls, that weren’t even worthy of a flagrant foul call in the 80s and 90s …

      • Hellnah says:

        Nah the foul by Wade was worse than most of the others because it was done in an exhibition game. Not to mention that Kobe ended up having to wear a mask for several games because of that hit.

        Who racks a guy in the face in an exhibition game, unless they have badblood between each other?

        Wade for some reason or another has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder and seems to dislike Kobe for some reason.

        Wade is lucky that Kobe didn’t end up getting a serious concussion.