Lingering Issues For The Heat?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The championship after party for the Dallas Mavericks was extended by five months courtesy of the lockout, an extension that the Mavericks would never blame for their struggles last season but one that most honest observers would no doubt finger as a factor in their early season struggles.

The Miami Heat, on the other hand, will experience no such thing. In fact, they’ll have what longtime Heat beat writer and observer Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel coined the “shortest offseason in the Heat’s 25 seasons of existence.” And with that compressed offseason comes a few lingering issues that could impact the reigning champs, in more ways that one.

The first two he mentions are enough to cause a little bit of concern for even the most optimistic of Heat fans:

1. The two remaining roster spots.

The 13 players already under contract for 2012-13 are LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller,Norris Cole, Joel Anthony James Jones and Dexter Pittman.

Rounding out the regular-season roster could be as simple as bringing back two of the players who spent time with the team last season and currently are working out with the team, a pool that includes guard Terrel Harris, center Mickell Gladness and forward Juwan Howard.

The Heat also have attracted the interest of free-agent centers Chris Andersen and Darko Milicic, and could provide a landing spot for free-agent Andray Blatche, who is looking to revive his career.

As far as extra bodies for a training camp that apparently will include several rehabilitating players, center Justin Hamilton and forward Drew Viney, two of the team’s more productive players in summer league, already has committed to teams in Croatia and Poland, respectively. Former second-round picks Jarvis Varnado and Robert Dozier, a pair of complementary forwards, both had their moments during summer league and should return for camp.

2. The rehabilitation trail.

Among the more encouraging moments of the offseason was the recent Twitter post by Miller, which read, “Gr8week being back in the gym FINALLY Way 2long of a layoff slowlybutsurely feelN better Feels good getting ready 4 another year.”

Miller has been monitored this offseason for the need for possible back surgery, a procedure than likely would end his season and possibly his career.

In addition, Wade only now is returning to court work from the July arthroscopic procedure on his left knee and Allen is returning from ankle surgery that came in the wake of the Celtics’ Eastern Conference finals demise at the hands of the Heat.

Beyond that, Gladness is working back from a wrist injury sustained during summer league.

Having seen James work in person from The Finals and through the gold medal game at Olympics, it’s hard to imagine the Heat doing anything other than finishing the 2012-13 season in the same position they finished last season, and that’s with a chance to claim their second straight Larry O’Brien trophy.

LeBron separated himself from the pack in terms of his ability to control the action in any game without having to just score points to do so. Mike Krzyzewski, coach of the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team, presented it best when he talked about things going one of two ways after a player has the sort of year that LeBron did … “Now that LeBron has finally won a championship, I wonder if it will quell a fire or start a bon fire for more.”

Based on everything we saw out of him in the day and weeks after The Finals, plus what we already know about Wade and Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley, we’re going with the bon fire!


  1. SG says:

    I am a Lakers fan, and especially a Koby fan for many years. But since a few weeks before the last regular season and until they won the championship Lebron was just fantastic. If he continues like that the Heat is probably still the best team in the NBA and will win the championship.

  2. Sirrius says:

    For the LA Lakers to meet the Heat… Beat OKC First..

  3. markingjames says:

    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller,Norris Cole, Joel Anthony James Jones and Dexter Pittman

    13 DEEP.. nobody beat the HEAT

  4. Stu says:

    Can’t wait to see the Lakers vs Heat!!!

  5. miami will be set up maybe to win again or get to championship….thats all it is…set up….if rose and da bulls didn’t have so many haters and jinx….bulls would’ve won it this past year the right way and most real way….quit witch crafting the bullS!! ha

  6. miami fan says:

    miami is the best beacauses its not a big 3 no more its the whole team think about what kobe to 6’8 lebron whats nash to wade

  7. Shut YO MOUF says:

    Look, the Heat are winning the championship this year, end of discussion!

  8. i3lance says:

    For most of the comments lacking the fundamental point of importance…


    Lakers have a great chance, no doubt, but if they don’t gel they won’t win. It’s that simple. Look at Miami’s first season with the big 3. When the pressure came that lack of gelling on the court found them out to be short of a championship.

    If the Lakers do gel, this season will be very exciting, Lakers, OKC and Heat, man really exciting.

  9. Simon says:

    Is it just me or did no one watch the Olympics Gasol by himself kept Spain in the game against Dream Team (and I’m not even a Spanish fan). If Gasol can maintain that form and Howard comes back healthy (when ever it is) and Kobe and Nash learn to gel (could be a very long or very short time depends) hello championship and I don’t care who you are. mark my words it will be Miami vs LAL both teams are to much of a beast in there respective conferences.

  10. MIAMITeamtobeat says:

    We cannot deny the fact that lakers has the most promising lineup enhancement this off season however, chemistry might be the biggest challege.. Nash will be the orchestrator, Kobe will still be Kobe, Pau can create spaces in perimeter and down low, howard will still be wearing his cape and Metta world war is much more capable of throwing elbows and punches. Lakers has a favorable chance of winning the title in the west only if OKC will still be as immature as they were in the finals and the spurs will still flop. If you recall how Heat played game 4&5 in the finals, how will you stop chalmers, battier and miller throwing 3s? Ray Allen and Lewis? Lets forget of Lebron, wade and Bosh as they will surely execute excellent basketball. It will be as hell as it would be for any team to face miami in the finals.

  11. Big Boogie says:

    I love this. Everyone got their own scenario down to the very last details on how teams would match up. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  12. Mr.MVP says:

    Miami HEAT will win again. Heat-peat!

  13. rob for heat says:

    the heat is gonna win it again cause cant nobody stop wade,james, bosh, allen, or lewis 3s all day long but l.a good but not that good

  14. liam says:

    C’ant believe the lack of respect for boston. it’s almost as if everyone is trying to fool themselves. be honest with yourselves, look into your heart and you will realize the celtics r going to be a force this year, i know for a fact Miami is NOT sleeping on Boston, Lebron knows they were by faaaaar the hardest team for him to play. Dywywywywane knows for sure that they will be there again this year. Spoelstra knows ther C’s improved their lineup significantly this year. Why can’t the fans of other teams face reality. Brooklyn will be nothing this year, Indiana will probably be number 3 team in east.

  15. CrownTheKing says:

    First of Miami is the best team by far, think about it Lebron and Wade are the two best players at getting to the basket, and they always demand double team, you have ray Allen the greatest shooter in NBA history, with a 3pt threat in rashard Lewis, which means they extra loaded on the bench… and which the height issue that everyone talking bout the Lakers it wont be a factor to the heat, heat can adjust to anything with there speed and athleticism, for example the pacers series, Roy Hilbert 7’2 and David west 6’10 with the heat tallest big man is Joel Anthony 6’9 because of the absence of bosh, Don’t denial Lebron and Wade talent and how they can impact game,

  16. benjie says:

    I watched all the games in the 2012 nba finals and 3 pointers are a big factor specially when batteries and millers shots are falling and they annihilated the OKC.
    Same thing happen in Olympic finals almost everybody in team USA shoot 3 pointers except for davis. And they win by a margin with consistent 3 pointers.So lakers until you have a decent legitimate 3 point threat.Your just another Big time lakers like in 2004 which was beaten by the piston with billups ,prince and hamiltons 3 points .ok….

  17. Joe says:

    This was a pretty pointless article, there are no major “lingering issues” for the heat

  18. canadiantrip says:

    Two big guys are worthless if the opponent are raining threes on them. With Allen and Lewis in Miami’s roster, Gasol and Howard can only wish for Miami to start to miss.

  19. kenny says:

    everybody knows that the Thunder were cheated last year they even said it was the worst refering in finals history

  20. k. Digoupis says:

    If Milicic somehow makes the team, then the heat will have 4 of the top 5 draft picks from the Lebron draft year on their roster!

  21. hey wade….let lebron take over your team…its not yours no more…plus spoelstra and riley don’t get along with you

  22. Imtherealdealucantphaseme says:

    How can anyone say Kobe is getting old and that hes still a ballhog( yes I know he was one at one point of his career ). He’s led the lakers to back to back rings after Shaquille left and shown he can play team ball as good as any other superstar( ie this years London Olympics ). He’s much more of a leader now than in any of his past seasons and that has a lot to do with experience/maturity. He has 5 NBA rings and the glory of a winning organization that is the lakers right behind him. With that being said the lakers roster is much better this year on both ends of the floor and anyone doubting that is nothing more than a lakers/Kobe hater. Games will still have to be played and injuries will have to be delt with, but if you ask me, LAL 2013 NBA Champions!!!

  23. king already have a ring says:

    very good point MIKE

  24. mike says:

    The Lakers have a good starting five. thats bench, no chemistry will be there down fall. on the other hand, Miami still has the best player, the best shooting guard next to kobe, probably a 1a after kobe. Bosh is a great complimentary player for those two and the Heat as a team play great defense. no chemistry issues anymore. and oh by the way, they add the best 3 point shooter ever and another wing player that will spread defenses wide open. LA can’t matchup with miami. Once miami gets the rolling, LA will be too old and slow, with the exception of howard, to keep up. Howards defense will be pointless cause he will be guarding Bosh who will keep him out the paint. Miami is still the best team in the NBA. Lebron just figured out how to play dominant b-ball. the NBA saw it in the finals. they will see it for a cupel of more years. Miami will repeat

  25. Fynedzyne says:

    Kobe has NEVER played with a PG as blessed as Nash…a guy who has been controlling Suns’ offense for yrs. Hmmm, forget Howard, he’ll get his, but can Kobe retreat for the betterment of the team and allow Nash to do what he was brought there for? I’m not a Lakers fan, but they do have their weapons as OKC n MIA. Left to be seen whose team can execute n sacrifice their individual game to to help lift that trophy at the end of it all.
    I don’t think it’ll take that long for LAL teammates to gel (if no significant injuries to major players), they’ll be fine, but i think the problem will be Mumba trying to do what he does best…take difficult shots and throw their entire offensive scheme off…its abt damn time he trust all 4 of the others on the court with him. Better, more experienced and humbled HEAT wld win the title…doesn’t matter if its OKC or LAL…

  26. BFoulds says:

    Since everyone is making predictions I guess I’ll jump in on it.

    2012-2013 champions: Miami Heat

    Finals game: Heat vs Lakers

    Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs OKC (7 game series)

    Eastern Conference Finals: Heat vs Nets (5 game series)

    Miami is going to be stronger this season than they were last season.

    Lakers are a brand new team and will need time to gel.

  27. Celtics fan says:

    at the end of the day if we are healthy we have a shot to win an nba championship. think about we have never been healthy since 2008

    2009-KG injury
    2010-perkins injury in game 6 which caused us to lose game 7 vs the lakers beacuse lack of rebounding
    2011-Danny Ainge trades perkins and SHAQ gets hurt
    2012-alot of injuries through out the season. lose AB in the playoffs Ray allen ankle,paul pierce knee. and one quarter away from the finals.
    2013-we have a shot to win an NBA title if healthy to start and finish the playoffs

  28. Daniel says:

    Everyone talkin’ Lakers and Heat. But what about the best team in the NBA last season – Spurs. I know that they sugfered a collapse against OKC, and I can’t explain what happened to them, because I honestly don’t know. But look out for them to once again have a stellar regular season, and to be dangerous coming into the playoffs. The same thing should be said about the Celtics. Even if they lost Ray Allen they still have KG and Rondo, who I think will be even better next season. Look for him to put up ridiculous numbers on both ends of the floor.

  29. KUMFLYWITME says:

    ok…so all of a sudden, Pau Gasol is gonna play like a tough guy?? NO!! especially with Dwight…now he doesnt even have to touch the paint!! more reason for him to watch from 18 ft away…& wait on open jumpshots!! Nash is my fav…but OLD!! Westbrook is gonna b a matchup NIGHTMARE!! Kobe…CLEARLY…losing a step…or 2!! probably not ready to run behind Durant, Harden, Westbrook…Nor, Lebron, DWade, Ray Allen…not for an entire game/series!! is Dwight ready to dominate…uhhhhh…i just dont trust it!! Wold Peace…clearly we’re at war!! AGAIN…they wont beat OKC…young superstars…GETTING BETTER!! they laker players are past their prime…except for Dwight!! they wont win a ring…sorry Nash!!

  30. jmk says:

    What a purposeless, empty and stupidly-titled piece of written piece of nothingness.

  31. NBA FAN says:

    I wouldn’t say the Lakers are not contenders but seems that they have to suffer 1 season before they can win it again. In the paper Gasol, D12, Mr. Bryant and Nash looks good. But anyway let’s see it in the playoffs. I hope Mr. Bryant will be at his best, I like it when he is on top of his game.

    For me I’d like to see the Heat, Thunder, Lakers, Celtics, Clippers and Spurs in 2013 Playoffs.

    Most likely to go down in the first round is the Nets. /gg

  32. AJ says:

    Before lakers would think of the finals, they have to get rid of the western conference. The Nuggets push them to the limit and a year older plus the addition of iggy. The ageless Spurs with I think the same core who top the nba in regular season. And the Thunder. I think they are the antidote of the Laker in terms of personnel and one-on-one matchup. Perk’s D is a nightmare for D12. Ibaka will eat gasol on D. Thabo is younger and far more athletic than metta(and less headache). Westbrook will toy on the nasty one. And KD can beat copy in a scoring duo without a sweat (that means not pissing off his teammate for being a ballhog). The bench, they will be nobody can match the impact of the Beard. Coaching staff, brooks is far better than brown. Why are the lakers thinking already of the championship? nash ain’t gonna compliment kobe, they both need the ball and that mindset will not work in princeton offense. Lakers the best team in terms of big name but translated into a ring, sorry it’s unlikely. They great individually but who will lead now?and can others follow?

  33. SYDALE says:

    I know one thing for SURE… Celtics fans are some DIEHARD mofos… LOL

    If I were betting on a team to win it all this year… I’d bet on the Thunder… There’s 4 teams I think that are built the best to win the championship…

    In the East: Heat and Knicks… Before you SAY ANYTHING… Look at the Knicks’ roster…

    In the West: Thunder and Lakers…

  34. s27m says:

    lol LA fans wish you all the best but I am certain OKC will be to much for you and If you do beat them MIAMI will crush you because you will be tired. No one in the east will stop MIAMI they may lose 1 or 2 games in the playoffs until the finals.

    The finals will most likely be OKC v MIA ….. or……LA v MIA but it dont matter MIAMI will win Bron is on another level Wade back at 100% plus the 3 point line will be owned by MIAMI.

    Good Luck LA

  35. Owen says:

    No problems in South Beach. How could there? King James, The Flash, CB1, now ray ray? throw in solid support with anthony, battier, and co? Heat Laker finals….

  36. CARMEN says:

    and LBJ Fan, no LeBron doesn’t swing that way – find a real boyfriend!

  37. CARMEN says:

    Yesterday is was the “Lakers aren’t all that.”
    Today is the “Heat aren’t all that.”


    YOU aren’t all that!!!!

  38. Jerrid says:

    Ok, okay I hear people on here talking about the Lakers going to the finals yet because of Nash and addition of Dwight Howard, what I don’t hear is what happens when Nash Dwight Howard and Kobe sit down who can produce effectively coming off the bench? The Lakers bench would not be supportive enough to get them through an 82 games season, better yet to remain in certain positions in the NBA your bench has to be somewhat productive in order for the starters to get the proper amount of rest. I’m a fan of the sport first then team and player in my opinion the Lakers never she should have got rid of Andrew Bynum, he’s a more skilled player does not do a lot of fouling, Howard, IS more athletic and can block a few more shots. OKC had a shot blocker but Miami made him invisible, Bosh will drag D12 from around the rim and shot blocking no longer is a factor, he can’t just peaceable Bosh on an Island alone. Lewis will also be setup on t wing which will drag Gasol away from the rim, that leaves a clear path for LBJ and Wade, It’s simple basketball. Howard and Gasol are both comfortable around the rim not away from it .

    Boston only had the advantage when Bosh was not playing, KG would-be playing Free Safety when LBJ or Wade would post, leavit his man to double, when Bosh came back he tried the same the and was getting burned! People can say what they want to shot Bosh, bottom line YOU Can’t leave him open bscauy of the respecting of his jumper. Heat will repeat this year because chemistry is more important than talent. Lakers should know about that Payton, Malone, Shaq, Kobe… ring….Miami has it, running with it and may the best team catch them….

  39. wade should just another team now…already having problems with riley and spolstera…and wade doesn’t think lebron is near GOAT….move on and help another team win…

  40. RayGee says:

    You guys are all stupid, the Toronto raptors will win the 2013 NBA championship… LOL

  41. xtian says:

    all of you just watch nba this october and stop predicting look yah all the ball is round and anything can happen …..

  42. nbaplayer says:

    I know that the Lakers are getting stronger this year and even bigger. But we all know that the OKC, SAS, Celtics, DEN, HEAAAAT, and even the Clippers are also a contender this year. Let’s not argue and fight about this, let’s just wait for the next season and see what happens. Arayt? Peace!

  43. Renato says:

    I’m sorry Lakers but the best of LeBron it’s coming

  44. scbball34520 says:

    These posts are hilarious, the Celtics if healthy are the best team in the East and there is no argument….the C’s have Wades number and anybody who believes Bosh is better overall than Garnett should get a ct skan! Oh and the Boston bench may be the best in the game! Doc over Spoelstra! I could keep going…

    • s27m says:

      DENIAL…LBJ is better than all of Boston

    • Niko says:

      Please keep going…. All the way back to the nuthouse, where the walls are nice & soft so u can keep throwing yourself against them. Maybe if you hit your head hard enough you’ll wake up in a world where that is all true…

      • LearnTheGame says:

        Boston is not the deepest team in the league. Miami is. No other team has a legitimate 10 starters that all compliment their best player. All know down open shots. They are seriously making it too easy for LBJ with this team. LA need to worry about those old legs in an 82 game + playoffs season with only Jamison and Barbosa on that pine. Look at Miami bench at look at LA. Then evaluate the Stars. Not even a close Miami-LA final MIA in 6

      • kg5 says:

        enough with the nuthouse comments you moron why dont you argue all the so called ” stupid” arguments then???

  45. Alan says:

    i like how everyone always hypes a newy formed team to win it all in one year, not even the heat could take it in one year, and they are jut saying that LA is going to get through OKC and San Antonio, and then theres denver and the clippers and t-wolves, and thats just the west, out east you have Miami, New York, Indiana, Philly, Boston, Brooklyn(another hyped team), just wait until you see them play to make your judjments

  46. LearnTheGame says:

    Oh and lets not forget when you don’t have a bench 82 games is a long season. Good luck with that LA because that bench is not championship caliber. Miami got 2 starting 5’s. Their biggest problem wont be LA it will the same as it was the first two years. Coach SPO! They will have trouble getting players rhythm because they are all shooters except the big three and they need touches. A Lot of All Star players and only 1 ball. We will see how they work that out. This is the closest year we will ever see to a player averaging a triple double in our life time.

  47. LBJ Fan says:

    The heat should trade Joel Anthony and Juwan howard for dwight howard and the heat should also match the thunder’s offer for james harden and lineup will be like this
    PG=Dwayne Wade
    SG=Ray Allen
    SF=Lebron James
    PF=Chris Bosh
    C=Dwight Howard
    6th man=James Harden
    Bench=Mike Miller,Mario Chalmers,Shane Battier,Rashard lewis and etc

    • Niko says:

      Your a Knob. Destroy your computer & never post again. I’ve wasted several minutes of my life reading your various idiotic posts & I’ll never get that back. Stop following the NBA!. Do us all a favor & go away!.

      P.S. I’m a Heat Fan

  48. LearnTheGame says:

    You folks need to really learn the game. There is no Offensive dominant centers in this league which makes Chris B and decent defender at the 5. Keep in mind he 6’11 he just need to jump strait up. LA will be there but they will lose for one simple reason. Miami’s TEAM(takes a team to win a championship) is built better around their star player than LA’s. And Miami star happen to be the best player on the planet. You can’t double LBJ or Wade and that’s ugly. They’re not sacrificing any Defense with the new additions either. In the crunch Dwight is a liability where as no player on the Heat team 1-11 are all good in the crunch with what they do. There is two ends to the court folks and LA is way outmatched on both ends.

  49. lakerskb says:

    lakers going all lot. winning championship. heat boo

  50. B. Wade says:

    I’m a huge Lakers fan, but is everybody forgetting that Jaimison is on the team as well, he’s gonna be coming off the bench, and he put up almost 20 pts a game last year. Anyways as far as Kobe not getting along with all the egos on the team, I’m sick of people saying that. Kobe is 34, has 5 rings, has broken so many records and is done proving that he is the best! Now he’s out to get 2 more rings. With Nash running the offense Kobe will get 5-7 wide open looks a game, still average about 25 a game, but half of those ponits he won’t even have to work hard for-because there’s no way anyone will be able to double team him. You honestly think he’s gonna have a problem with that? AND AS FAR AS THEM NOT HAVING CHEMISTRY, can’t bring up the Miami Heat year one with Lebron and company, and try to compare them. Miami had a whole new team, with young players. Only Wade had a ring on that team. Lebron was still young, and most of the team. Lakers have Kobe, 5 RINGS, (talk about experience) Gasol 2 RINGS, Metta 1 RING. Lakers didn’t rebuild……..they reloaded!!!

  51. Lakers Now Have I Think The Best Defense In The League, If Not Second. Cuzz Kobe Still Has Many First Team Defense Awards To Go . MWP Well Is The Most Physical Player In The Game . Pau Is A Solid Shot Blocker . N Dwight Has 3 Defensive Player Awards. This Squad Us Laker Nation Got Is Like My Fantasy Team ! They Match Up To Any Team Now . #NEW LAKERS

  52. Choker says:

    As I was reading the comments, most were debating the Lakers are going to beat the Heat and Lakers being old. The Spurs and the Celtics were great in the playoffs however I cant say the Lakers are going to win it all…. best team on paper, I agree with what Durant and Bosh said. The Lakers can contend but its still the chemistry that counts and the health of the team. Heat and Thunder are great. Btw the Celtics almost beat the Heat because of the games where Bosh was absent but eventually he would come back, Heat would have been able to defeat the Pacers in 5 or even 4 games and defeat the Celtics maybe in 5 or 6.

  53. Laker nation says:

    I read a few unbiased views but the majority play on the negatives of the team they are rooting against. Heres my take on things (UNBIASED):

    defensively nash is a liability, but offensively is a flat out floor general. Nash will distribute the ball wherever points can be scored…..the black mamba still is playing at a high level it showed in the olympics and has shown in the olympics that he is a team player…..meets won’t give much offense but defensively he’ll be effective…..gasol needs to get aggressive in the post esp. In the post season, his play and howards back are important to our success…..then bench its an upgrade from last season adding jamison and meeks solid defenders with fairly consistent jump shooting…..age is there but its there with the spurs, and esp there with ray allen coming off an ankle injury, and wade body is old due to the allen iverson, fall down seven times stand up eight, play of his earlier years okc is okc and still the team to beat in the west hands down….the heat, IF HEALTHY, and if ray is healthy, and if rashard plays like he did in seattle, and if wade stays healthy the heat will cruise to the finals….chance says that at least one of those doesn’t happen I still think they make it to the finals but they will be challenged along the way……and remember that the durantula is in kill mode now so I expect big things from him and okc this coming year

  54. Alex says:

    lakers have enough talent to win a championship but i just don’t see it happening. Kobe, as much of a great player he is won’t be too happy with Nash running the offense even though everyone knows that’d be the most effective way to utilize each player. Howard and Kobe are both great players but they have 2 of the biggest egos in the NBA so chemistry may well be an issue. As much as pretty much every NBA fan apart from heat fans (which makes up roughly 50% of NBA fans now tbf), I think the heat are gonna repeat

  55. JIMMYBEAR says:

    MIAMI REPEAT!!! they lost nobody, gained two gun shooters and floor spacers Allen & Lewis, i think they’ll turn back the clock like at the Sonics, big year for Lewis especially and if they get Blatche and Darko/Birdman they’ll be even more of a bonus, i reckon Blatche could have a huge year. In the west OKC are much better than the Lakers all over the court.

  56. Isaac says:

    the heat still has a chance to win the champ. again, since lakers are now under mike brown which means different offense besides in the lakers the team hasn’t gotten the chemistry to win the championship even if they already have dwight and nash, so what if you have star players, YOU NEED CHEMISTRY TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP! during the first year wade bosh and lebron were together in the heat wade + bosh+james= the big 3 the 3 big superstars, but they didn’t have chemistry together yet, they lost to the chemistry of dallas. and usually the effects of having a championship is having a deeper bench, lakers have jamison, barnes, and blake. miami has battier, miller, rashard, and cole so who do u think will win?

  57. Spliftout says:

    Ok so Lakers ride D12 and Pau for 3 quarters… start hack a Howarding in the 4th until your team is in the penalty and then its Kobe and Nash time… sorry folks next yr is a wrap… Lakers will sweep through every series and then beat the Heat in 5…

  58. Jack says:

    fortune tellers LAKERS FAKERS are all over this page as usual,…lol well you all said that before to miami and where and what they did accomplished????…O’Brien thropy…say everything u want fakers,..ur lakers cant compete with OKC and thats for sure,…(mine saying a fortune teller…lol)…

  59. Pgulinp says:

    Hmm i’m fan of Denver and i know one thing, West is hard place to be cose of lot of good teams. IN east you have Heat – no 1 contender, and who can attack them? Maybe Bulls, Philly and Boston, and that’s it.
    Now about match ups. As long as Howard is in starting line up against OKC they can’t drive and they need to shout from range, Durant is a killing shooter but Westbrook not, compared to Nash he is too wild and shoot way too much for one point guard and he is ball hog. I don’t know how can people say that Gasol is soft, wtf, he is not, he is not power player but he is still one of the best PF in the game. so against OKC howard can’t be stopped, Ibaka is very bad rebounder ( 5 rebounds in nba final average ) so as long LAL control rebounds in offence and defence lakers will be better. KObe now can be spot up shooter and don’t be stupid, he still is one of the best players in a game, he still is a Black Mamba , guy who is clutch as one playe can be and of best shooters ever.
    about a Heat and lakers, just lie okc, heat can’t control rebounds cose if you put Bosh on howard he will pick up 6 fouls in a 6 plays cose he just can’t slow down that Howard power, and once again, don’t be stupid lebron can’t guard howard ,that’s stupidest thing i ever read, if you don’t know Lebron stats agains orlando with Howard shows that he can’t guard him and can’t drive so much. .. nash is better then any pg that heat have, kobe and wade hm, it will be key metch up, so far kobe was better, but we will see. season 12-13 will be great, i think one of underdogs will rise again, i belive that boston can have one last championship run with new roster, put it that way ,last season they lose cose of refs against Miami with 7 players roster, now they have deep bench and in this stage of carrer Terry is better player then Allen. Sullinger , Melo, Green , Wilcox … they have good bench Rondo is , for me best point guard in nba cose he is not selfish and he makes his team better. Maybe 76ers will rise again, they have really good starting 5, good bench, and great coach.
    Nets, Denver, Dallas and ofc San Antonio will be really good. can’t wait for start of new season

  60. li says:

    the lakers can reach finals but cant win a title because they are old.. like nba finals 2004 the lakers was defeated by piston..

  61. clips58 says:

    Best team for 2012-2013: LAC, LAL, MIA, OKC, NYK… Who else? whatch these teams in the Finals

  62. niko808 says:

    The Lakers a scary, dont get me wrong, but your all acting like you’ve seen this roster play a game. They have to gel first, i’m not saying they wont, but it takes time.

    What i do know is when the Big 3 came together in Miami they took that team to the Finals first go & got beat yt a better Mavs.
    Heat made some roster tweaks, got better & got it done in 2012.
    Now they added 2 much better player &, have the championship experience. Allen & Lewis were former team mates at Seattle so i dont see there being any major chemistry issues.
    So that has a Miami team with its best roster since the Big 3 got together plus they have the Championship swagger.
    I cant see anyone other than the Lakers challenging them for the Ring this season & i think OKC will have something to say about that.
    2013 Miami Heat Back to Back Champions!.

    P.S. to all the Boston fans, i find it funny how you all go on about the injuries u had in the Conf Finals but forget the Heat had plenty with no Bosh for most of it, Wade was limping & Miller was a broken man all season until game 5 of the Finals. You guys lost, stop making excuses & face the fact you got beat by Lebron & a injured Wade.

    • Rayray says:

      If miami lost. you would say the same thing. Y’all were injured. so shut up.

      • Niko says:

        You know what I would say do u Raygay?.
        Did I mention Haslem or Miller being injured in the Finals against the Mavs?. I said we got beat by the better team & I can’t stand the Mavs
        I don’t make excuses, you either win or you lose & the better team usually comes out on top. There’s no use crying about it.
        I like Boston, but the fact is they won’t beat the Heat in the playoffs while Lebron & Wade are still playing there.
        Remember this post when we knock you guys out for the 3rd straight yr… Have a moment of silence & think “This is Niko telling me to shut up”.

  63. coalslaugh777 says:

    Heat can’t stop Pau and Dwight? HOW ABOUT STOPPING THE BIG 3? OOPS BIG 3 + Allen + Lewis + Miller + Battier + Chalmers +….??? Unless Lake Placid Kobe will play a team game, Lakers has no chance with Heat!

    • ALBEEZY says:

      How would the heat dream of beating the lakers without a big man.come on ray allen he shoots well but he is always injuried and hasnt shown up in the playoffs for awhile. rashard lewis hasnt been himself in a minutes. Mike miller is always injuried battier is decent.. I actually like chalmbers. There are only five players on the court at a time and if im not mistaken. miller, dwade and ray all play the 2guard so good luck splitting minutes.. How does lewis expect to play with lebron playing 40 minutes. chalmbers will get his at the pg position but the heat have too many back court players and not enough front court.

  64. Different Lebron says:

    I have a Question ?

    Can Lakers Play all 82 games without hurting their Old SuperStars

    and avoid injuries when old guys like Kobe Pau Nash will get injured they are very hard get back on track!!!!!!BOOM

    If they avoid and go to Playoffs healhty they chance to the championship

    Their Two issue about the Lakers to solve get healhty

  65. muharrem from turkey says:

    kobe is not gonna stop before he gets the 6 ring. and he has a team thats better than ever.only kobe’s will is enough to bring back a campionship to la.kobe’s will is gonna be contagious and the team play on an other level. sorry okc and heat fans with this team you have to wait until kobe retires.
    sorry for the bad eng.

  66. blajh says:

    I’m a Celtics fan, and i belive they can still win a title.. THey’ll have Jeff Green this year, hopefully Avery Bradley won’t be injured.. Then again they added Jason Terry, KG and Pierce are still very good and the best PG in Rondo (in my opinion)
    East finals Chicago vs. Celtics, west OKC vs. LAL

  67. crisraq says:

    CHEMISTRY must be on the team..i dont see LAKERS can do it now! just like the heat last season..whos gonna put some scores on LA?every body wants to have points ..nash can be a scorer whose the Leader of the team and whos below on it..

  68. benjie says:

    Simple big man like lakers tires quickly then no sub because they don’t have bench player.
    Complicated -no 3 point shooters no team in nba reach the finals without 3 point shooters ,if you bring back robert horry
    you may still have a chance.
    Seriously no time to gel yet.It will take time ……

  69. Bob says:

    The finals east spot is pretty much taken, i don’t see any teams threating the Heats. While for the west, it’s gonna be a Lakers OKC thing with SAS, Clippers and Nuggets trying to interfere. Anyway i don’t think Lakers can’t beat OKC but at the same time i’m sure Lakers is the only team that got a solid chance to win against Miami in the finals. LA will be the anti-Heats this year, they will butcher Miami inside the paint, Howard and Gasol are way too much for Bosh and company to handle. Nash can’t stop Rose or Westbrook but surely can contain Mr Clutch and MWP will get nasty and aggressive in defense. The western conference looks so exciting this year, so many good teams… i’m really curious to see if Nuggets will turn into the new OKC in the next couple years and if SAS can do another amazing season…. anyway it’s going to be a fun season.

  70. Kev says:

    LAKERS DO NOT HAVE JAMISON, he was traded to Phily

  71. RIP says:

    Miami will repeat. LAL will not enter the NBA Finals because of lack of chemistry. PERIOD!!!

  72. sanjay says:

    lakers are good but difficult to see them beat miami or okc for that matter!
    no body can stop james, bosh will clean up the boards, they have 3 point freaks now( ray,battier,miller,lewis,noel,chalmers what the hell?). it will be difficult to stop the big 3, who are in their prime now! It is also possible that big men of miami need to earn their salaries. you might see them more in the early season to try few new moves. The defense of miami is exceptional only matched by the celtics and they are poised to get better! love to see kobe get his 6 th title( love nash) but also love to see james get back to back!
    He has to make up for those 2 final losses!
    wade will also be better as he has had better rest than the cramped last season! A 30 minutes from wade is good enough to send everybody packing!

    okc will play ridiculously fast basketball, they will be handful to the whole west( did you guys see ibaka in the paint in olympics?). Only miami/celtics have the wherewithal to beat them( miamis younger men are getting better, so they have better chance with okc ).

    it is james time and he has better cast now!

  73. Phil Jackson says:

    Let’s not talk about a Heat-Laker finals like it’s a sure lock, after all, no matter how good they are on-paper, games will still have to be played, and it’s not like that the other teams are just gonna step-aside or roll over to these two, there will still competition, heck a lot stiffer at that too!

  74. @realkingomar15 says:

    raptors fans whad up holla yo boy @realkingomar15

  75. @realkingomar says:

    what about them raptors…. they did get better thou

  76. Zulu-GRO says:

    All of you are wrong: the Knicks will beat the Heat, the Lakers and the Celtics as well. 🙂 NY has last season’s defensive player of the year (Tyson Chandler) and the best 3 point shooter (Steve Novak). Besides them the Knicks have Amar’e who is way better than Bosh or Gasol, and also have Melo who is on the same level as LeBron. 😉 We also have the routine after adding J-Kidd and a good point guard in Ray Felton. Oh, and don’t forget about J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert! So you’d better prepare for the Knicks winning the 2012-13 season. 😉

    • No Comment . That Was Just Stupid .

      • Zulu-GRO says:

        Arguments please. 🙂

      • ALBEEZY says:

        Yea I argee that was just stupid. Its like this if the knicks played in the west they would barely leave the first round and wouldnt get out of the second. Since the knicks play in the east they arent getting out of the second round if they see boston or miami or even indiana for that matter. I would like to argue this because I enjoy a good arguement but this is just plain stupid. Knicks got rid of Lin added old jason kid and we are suppose to believe the exactly same team that got dropped in the first round 4-1 to the heat (which really should have been a sweep but the heat were nice enough to give the knicks a game) and has melo who doesnt play D and holds the ball a good 12 seconds before he shoots and has amare who also isnt known to play D and with tyson chandler who plays D but doesnt know what offense looks like is suppose to win a title. o i forgot philly got bynum so with that being said knicks out in the first round again for sure QUOTE ME ON THAT.

  77. Are people forgetting something? says:

    One thing that people always tend to forget is that team-play and chemistry is needed. No matter how good the roster, it’s a team game. I remember the same posts when LBJ and Bosh joined the Heat: “They’re unstoppable”. Think we proved that wrong that season.

    All I know is that we should have an interesting season.

    • ALBEEZY says:

      This lakers team can’t be compared to the heat’s “superfriends” I don’t really think many people thought they were unstoppable I mean d-wade and lebron together is dangerous but we all know they both need the ball to suceed, chris bosh is what makes the roster go he creates a good balance but it isnt like anybody was saying omg the heat got chris bosh he is a beast, people were more like o chris bosh is a good pick-up. You add Nash and Dwight to a lakers team with pau and kobe I mean come on thats such a deadly combonation because nash will make everything work sure they wont have chemistry at first but thats what a 82 game season will do, build chemistry. You are right on one thing this is going to be one very interesting season

  78. claude says:

    Lingering issues for the reigning champions!!!! OMG, did they trade Lebron back to Cleveland??…No, apparently the issues are that Ray Allen (who didnt play for them last season), Juwan Howard (avg 2 pts and 2 rebs pg), Mike Miller (less than 9 mins per game vs OKC) and Gladness (…..uh-huh, sure) oh and Wade’s clean up surgery where he did the best for the team by skippingthe olympics and whose rehab is already a week ahead of schedule……wait a minute, what was this piece about again, oh that’s right, lingering issues for the Heat. Well yes, Oh boy, the Heat sound like they are in big trouble, maybe its not too late for them to start rebuilding like Orlando….

  79. duhhh says:

    weell kobe said hed be effective in 4th quarter because hed give the first 3 quarters for the rest.. thats what he said in an interview… LA ALL DAY

  80. MARKed says:

    miami doesn’t have a good center and a true point guard, i dont think chalmers is good enough in facilitating.. it doent matter much whether the Lakers are old, so long as they play well w/o injuries they definitely will do good…miami’s constant defense and offnse runs only through james and wade..there’s a reaaon why artest and dwight are named NBA defensive players, nash and kobe are NBA MVP, Gasol is an all star Power Forward. another ring for LAL!!!

  81. 17,6 says:

    the lakers won’t be able 2 get past the nuggets…r u kiddin me???…so ur saying that a team that couldn’t beat them last yr when they had sessions, bryant, artest, gasol, bynum, hill, blake and barnes as their main rotation is gonna beat them this yr? thats ridiculous…yes they took them to 7 games i’ll give u that and they added iggy but please i must remind u guys who is on the lakers roster this yr: 2-Time MVP Nash The Black Mamba Mr. Malice at the Palace the Big Spaniard and SuperMan in the starting line-up…former 6th Man of the yr Jamison, starting 2-Guard for Philly last couple yrs Jodie Meeks(the lil mamba G-Lock in case he is not gettin the job done), steve blake (duhon in case he is not gettin the job done), and jordan hill (earl clark if he is not gettin the job done)…i’m not saying they r unstoppable but the nuggets??? they can’t touch them…the only team 2 fear in the west is okc…westbrook will get past nash every play, sefolosha does a hell of a job on Kobe and harden will not stop Kobe but he will do the opposite and make Kobe guard him (in addition Kobe can’t guard westbrook like in 2010 cuz he doesn’t have fisher who would switch 2 guarding the 2-guard anymore now its non-defensive-minded nash so he has 2 stick 2 the 2-guard, artest shut done durant in 2010 but we’re talking about an older artest and a better durant now, gasol is r only clear advantage…ibaka can block shots but gasol will just pump fake him outta the way…they can both hit the mid-range jump shot but gasol is far far far superior in the post…perkins did a pretty decent job on howard one on one when they were with the celtics and magic respectively but perkins will not be playin in the 4th quarter and howard will unless they start hack a howarding him…should be interesting…other than that i don’t see any other teams gettin past them…clippers only advantage is cp3, howard will body up griffin in the post and gasol can just switch out 2 jordan or odom and be fine…the spurs only advantage is parker but parker is no cp3…i never underestimate them though but still don’t believe they could beat the lakers…stop hating…in the East the heat will cruise 2 the finals…i just hope Rose returns 2 his MVP form but even if he does the bulls lost their bench sure they replaced them with more offensive talented players in bellineli radmanovic and krypto nate but cj watson brewer and asik were better defensively…other than that MAYBE the celtics can give them a run at their money by adding the jet and a jeff green trying 2 redeem himself…and maybe but doubtful the 2 NY teams can come 2gether…indiana is good but not championship material…feel free 2 disagree

    • dattebayo says:

      Laker Fans are just way too excited and expect too much. As soon as you speak up and against them winning it all it seems like they let hell loose upon you. I think the Lakers improved, but should an injury occur to any starter they do not have the depth to compensate, because Pau, Kobe, Howard and Nash will be too vital for their success. The argument that they are not too old because the Celtics played well against Miami is also not valid to me. There is only one KG and one Rondo and neither Nash, Jamison, Artest, Kobe or Pau play with such ferocity and intensity on defense. Also their age makes them slow and Howard alone cannot always protect the rim in transition unless he wants to sit on the bench in foul trouble every game.

      I think Denver, Minnesota, New York, Brooklyn and the Clippers really improved with their signings and trades and I expect all of them in the playoffs, Denver and Clippers should be among the top 4 in the West. Denver and the T-Wolves will really improve, last year they both had just too many injuries to sustain their level of play consistently. I doubt Philly will be as good as everyone thinks with Bynum. I don’t think with all the knee issues, the immaturity issues and his day-to-day effort in games, he is that good a player.

      And lastly, I think Denver matches up really well against the Lakers. Miller, Lawson, Iguodala, Fournier, Brewer, Chandler, Galinari and Hamilton is a lot of depth at 1-3 and then they have 3 solid Centers in McGee, Koufus and Mozgov. Faried had a lot of great moments as a rookie, he won’t stop hustling and be better next year for sure. I ain’t sure what Quincy Miller can do and Anthony Randolph will have to work hard to get minutes but all in all, I like the Nuggets. I don’t think the Lakers will beat SAS, DEN or OKC easily and I think all these teams can beat the Lakers in the playoffs. But I guess we can agree to disagree, time will tell and prove us right or wrong. I’m excited and can’t wait for the end of October. I’ll need to find time then to watch all the great games coming up 😀

  82. Albeezy says:

    Idk mr. Heatles the heats roster is ok I mean its decent they are the champs so they get their respect but thats about it. They will be a flash in the pan. Ray Allen was an ok pick up except for the fact he is always injuried and when it comes playoff time you neve know (flashback 2010 finals). Rashard lewis is ok I think at this point he is better then Ray but they have no answer for the Lakers in the middle and d-wade won’t think about going to the rim with howard in the middle. They have until June to be happy about that title because the celtics are on their heels and I hate the celtics but they got some decent draft picks and Jason terry is an upgrade from ray (flash back 2011 finals).

    • erik says:

      4 future HOFers and theyre just decent, really now

      • Albeezy says:

        Who is your forth hall of famer? Bosh? Lets not forget we all pretty much forgot Bosh was still in the league before he joined the heat he has been on the NBA second team once, he is ight no Hall of Famer. Ray Allen is a Hall of Famer but he has been declining and I’m not talking about the regular season Ray Allen I’m talking about the playoffs what can he really do in the playoffs. Lebron and Wade are going to have to go stupid again if they want a shot at that eastern conference crowd. But there is no way that they touch the lakers if the lakers can make it through the west you and I both know that.

    • basketballstudies says:

      lmao @dwade wont go to the rim with howard done there. Have you not watched dwade play. He will try to dunk on anyone under that rim and it doesnt matter how tall. That guy plays with so much heart its crazy. He still going to the hole w/ dhoward down there or not. He did it when howard was in orlando why would he stop bc howard wearing purple and yellow…

    • Adrian says:

      Wade doesn’t care if Howard is there or not. Just go look on youtube at the March 18 game vs Orlando. He still got in the paint and scored often. He scored over Howard and while he was in the vicinity a lot. The point that everyone is missing is that Howard won’t be able to sit back guarding the rim vs the Heat. He will have to go out and pick Bosh up. Bosh consistently makes those long jumpers. Howard will be out of position to help out nearly every time. If he helps late he will just get into foul trouble. If you google that game pay attention to where Howard is when he is guarding Bosh. He is always far away from the rim.

      It would be a great series. But, in the end it will come down to how well Lebron is playing and whether the Heat’s 3 point shooters make shots when he kicks the ball out to them. Oh and the Heat have taken out the Celtics 2 years in a row. It would be a huge surprise if it doesn’t happen a third time.

  83. Albeezy says:

    How can you compare the heat to the lakers. OKC matches up better with the lakers than the heat do. The heat have to choose either let bosh try to guard howard and get smashed on by howard while gasol cleans the boards or guard gasol and let dwight kill everything that moves. Plus nash can run the pick and roll with whoever he chooses. Kobe, gasol dwight or he can keep it and score himself. With all that firepower world peace wont be guarded. You say the lakers have a bad bench yes they did have a bad bench but with jamison, duhon jodie meeks, jordan hill and steve blake they will be able to figure out something. plus in the playoffs its only like a seven or eight man rotation. so that hill and jamison at the 4 and 5 and blake and meeks at the guards and it isnt like they will be by themselves howard or gasol will be running with them and kobe plays as many minsutes as he wants. if anything lakers got better on the defensive end you can count on howard night in and night out kobe can play more aggressive with howard behind him, so im pretty sure they will be just fine.

    • miami boy says:

      but do rember the heat have one of the best defense in the legue the only advantage is that the lakers have dwight howard whos coming of back surgery. lebron james can defend pau galso any day and chris bosh has been know for shutting down dwight howard (NOT ALL THE TIME MIND U).

      • ALBEEZY says:

        I like your response Miami Boy because it was very honest and to the point the Heat have one of the best defenses in the league and from that comes a nice transition game where they can get 15 or 20 points from fast breaks and turnovers. Howard is comming off of back surgery but he has an entire season to recovey they playoff arent until april of 2013 thats a full calendar year after his surgery. Lebron can try and defend gasol but we have to face facts that if lebron is on Gasol then Kobe will have a field day a visa verca. Bosh could try and guard Howard but we know he cant. D. wade isn’t going to want to attack the basket with dwight down low. Lebron will get a few different defenders on him but he will get his buckets like always. IDK this starting five of nash, kobe, metta, and dwight is going to be the best lakers starting five since the show time lakers. The bench will have to come up big thats the main concern. It’s just without size in the middle I don’t see how the heat could match up with the lakers.

  84. HEATLES says:

    Lakers fans are in a dreamland right now, Bosh is right lakers roster only looks good on paper but they have not accomplished anything yet it takes time to build chemistry and kobe,nash, and gasol don’t have much time to wait while the HEAT have the momentum for three feat and beyond, they have proven that they can win a championship without a center in the middle for them a big man is like an insurance policy it is an overkill so guys next season watch out for the scorching MIAMI HEAT!

  85. 11 says:

    u can say many things about lakers, but THE 2012-2013 NBA CHAMPION IS GONNA BE MIAMI AGAIN !!!!! LETSGOHEAT#

  86. jjjj says:

    People seem to forget that a severely injured Celtics team took the Heat to game 7… Now they have even more talent then they did last year. Even with the Heat’s additions they will not be able to handle the Celtics, not to mention the Lakers or Thunder. I’m predicting a Celtics-Lakers Finals

    • niko808 says:

      People seem to forget the Heat were injured that series, Bosh was out most of it & Wade was playing through his injury, Boston basically got beat by Lebron. The Heat have improved their roster substantially & arent done yet. With a Championship under their belt & now the best 3pt shooter in history on the team, if they even meet up they Heat will handle the Celtics in 5 on the way to a Heat v OKC/Lakers Finals.

      • Rayray says:

        Bradley’s back,so is wilcox,then put lee and terry on the mix. I’d say Boston will take it this time. Allen’s now a liability

      • dattebayo says:

        Let’s hope they will meet again and this time everybody is healthy. No ankle/knee/conditioning/.. issues whatever and just a hard fought series, that’s all you could ask for as a fan and that is what I am looking forward to.

        If that happens you all know, Rondo, Garnett and Lebron will be at the top of their game. A healthy Wade and Bosh will change a lot though, compared to 2012. The Heat will have another great wing defender besides Lebron and Battier. Bosh is an underrated shot blocker and defender. He will never shut KG down, but KG will have to work and that’s what it’s all about. Pierce and Terry will have to come through big for the Celtics to win, because the Heat will kill them from deep with all their drive and kicks. But let’s see how the season goes, what impact the rookies will have in Boston and whether Spoelstra can come up with some good lineups/rotations to counter size, shooting, … . Also, as good as the team looks on paper, I am curious to see who will play and how Miller, Allen and Lewis can contribute, as they are all coming off of injuries…

  87. Me says:

    God will stop Dwight Howard and Pau Gasul from playing basketball

  88. The Lakers are so stacked that anyone in their right mind would not bet against them. Lebron plays every position, guards everyone, and then scores the most points…how long do you think he can keep that up before burning out?

  89. fan says:

    wait and see.thats all..Go Lakers.

  90. Ben says:

    I don’t see the lakers getting past the thunder. Who’s gonna stop KD?

    • dattebayo says:

      Opposing fans might be inclined to say Westbrook 😛

      No I am just kidding, I think Westbrook played great throughout the year and especially in the postseason. Magic must be mad to call him the worst point guard ever, that’s just not true. If you take a look at the finals in the last few years (Nelson, Bibby, Fisher, whoever James had in 2007, …) there are more guys I’d rather not see instead of Russell.
      If Durant needed more shots/touches/whatever, he should demand the ball and run himself free of screens and the coach should run some plays to hit Durant in his spots. Durant demanding the ball under pressure outside the 3 point line is not a great play to give KD the ball. I didn’t see James or Wade have as much problems with getting the ball during the Finals…

      • theking says:

        westbrook plays like he’s on the street.
        that’s great, but he’s in the nba. gotta have more dribbling skills than that. otherwise, the turnovers will just pile up.

  91. Al Johnson says:

    The Heat won’t reach the Finals. Boston will beat them.

  92. Beast says:

    I don’t think the lakers need gasol The should trade gasol for a good 3 point shooting pf and a much better sf I think the lakers should trade gasol for Ryan anderson I know it sounds stupid but Ryan is young n has potential especially playin with Dwight again that would be epic

    • Jet says:

      Trading Pau for Ryan Anderson? Look how Gasol played at the olympics, the bottom line is that Gasol needs some touches and its possible because of Steve Nash. And tell me who the hell is Ryan Anderson?

  93. Warren says:

    imagine if they get chris anderson

  94. NBAfan says:

    MIA will use their athleticism and their two superstar engines

    LAL will use their height and play smart and rely on kobe for the key baskets

    OKC will just be OKc…hopefully hungrier

    SAS…call me a doubter…but I think this coming year is when you finally see a decline in their play overall as a team because Duncan can’t go on forever and Ginobili is on the decline…

  95. usbuck says:

    LeBron is like The Wolfman when he said, “I’m gonna kill all of you!” The guy is just a beast!

  96. Angelo Garcia (Philippines) says:

    Bosh kept on yawning. HAHAHA

  97. JamesDanger says:

    OK huge heat fan, not saying for a fact that heat wont repeat, but lets looks at heat disadvantages; size, wades age, no true point, not much else. Thats an easily exploitable table for other teams, however LA lakers will have 4 superstars handeling a ball only 100 possessions a game. 40 at least to kobe 25 to gasol 35 to dwight, where is the scoring really gonna come from? Best bet Kobe becomes a 3 / jump shooter, gasol and dwight play opposite, (bench gasol) and Nash runs the whole show. Still heat will be very tough to stop… if Serge Ibaka can find a post offensive game shows over 😉

  98. tyrone says:

    I agree with jumpman 23, Any team can use the Hack-a-Howard strategy on Dwight cause he can’t shoot free throws, Nash is a liability in man-to-man defense, he needs to use double teams in order to cover that up. Gasol is too soft and kind. He isn’t agressive enough, KB’s a ball hogger and no one likes ball-hogs (Including Brian Scalabrine!). Metta World Peace is no longer the all-star caliber player he once was. Miami’s lineup is fairly youthful Lebron is 27-28, Wade just hit his thirties, Bosh is still young. Mario still has some potential to develop into a good PG. Battier is a smart guy who plays good D against anyone (Unless that guy was Melo who obliterated him in the quarter finals but no one cares) He can hit open threes. Allen is the worls’s best three-point shooter, Lewis is a good three point killer (If he can get back to being consistent like he was in Seattle). If the Lakers manage to get third seed or higher I’d be suprise, Miami would probably face Duncan’s Spurs and Lebron would attempt payback from 07. Encountering OKC would be no suprise, Denver is a possibility.

  99. James says:

    I agree, the heat have much more momentum after going through a tough loss a couple years ago and learning from their mistakes and capitalizing last year. The Lakers have new players – hardcore superstars – but they’re also undertaking a new offense under Mike Brown and that takes time to develop championship chemistry especially when some of those players’ egos get involved. They’ll definitely be in contention but it’s questionable to see how far they can really go. At this point, all you need is Lebron to be his dominant self so the Heat can coast towards a respectable playoff position so that everyone off of surgery can get into playoff form.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Even as a heat fan, i believe that the Lakers have a better chance of winning a title this upcoming season. D12 will always be a problem for any team and Steve Nash can actually run pick and roll with an athletic bigman again. Also, with the addition of the slashing Antawn Jamison, i think they can even try the triangle offense again. On the other hand, if they do run into a team who has a deep bench(such as San Antonio) then they may have some problems. And if Miami somehow gets an actual center then they could give L.A a problem

  101. Jumpman23 says:

    If you think the lakers have a 90% chance of winning the title just bec of their aging starting five you don’t know basketball. For one they can’t play the whole game and their bench is one of the worst in the league…. I don’t see them making it out of the west to be honest with you..

    • NBAfan says:

      they don’t play the whole 48 minutes together but who says they have to play together only…give Nash a rest and the team is still good….give Pau a rest, and the team is still good…give dwight a rest and the team is still good….give kobe a rest and the team is still good…

      IN FACT, give 2 of their starting 5 a rest and the team is still good….if anything MIKE BROWN can give any opposing teams DIFFERENT LOOKS….

      take Kobe and pau out..than it’s Nash and Dwight….still a darn good team no? Take Nash and Dwight out, then it’s just the laker team of the last few years…which again wasn’t bad….take Nash and Pau out, then it’s Kobe and Dwight…kinda like kobe and shaq…take Kobe and Dwight out, it’s like the phoenix team with Nash and Pau…

      Pau and Dwight in foul trouble..they got Hill and Jamison to score down low and Nash and Kobe can do their thing….
      Nash and Kobe in foul trouble…Meeks and session are both young and athletic and Dwight and pau will dominate…

      bench? weak bench? sure…nobody in their bench will win 6th man of the year…but artest and barnes are good SF; Jamison and Hill can start for most other teams….and meeks and sessions can also start…

    • Jason says:

      You may want to take a look at the teams bench again before you make such a stupid cooment like that.

  102. Bev says:

    Miami Heat all the way!!!!!!!

    • Moshe says:

      to all you Miami fans and others too
      after game one in the finals if i say if Miami will play against the lakers after game one Eric spoelstra will throw in the white towel and surrender the rest of the games
      and if not they will loose four nothing

  103. this people above me are ridiculous…if you know something about basketball…you will know that the lakers have about 90% chance of winning the title if their starting 5 is healthy

    • dattebayo says:

      Howard still can’t make freethrows, Kobe still hogs the ball, Pau is still soft and Nash is still a liability on defense. Their starting 5 are the oldest in the league by far at 32, 34, 25, 38 and 33/36. You have Meeks, Jamison/Artest, Barnes and Blake on the bench, the rest are scrubs or rookies. I think the Lakers can contend, but I’d be surprised if they will be better than the 3rd seed and I doubt they will get to the Conference Finals, if they meet SAS, OKC or DEN…

      • Duh says:

        If I were a betting man, I would put my money with the Lakers. “Old” really isn’t an argument. Boston almost took out Miami this year and they are “old”. “Don’t click my name” is right the Gasol-Howard tandem will be too much for the “center-less ” Miami team. ..Coming from a Lakers hater!

      • bjohn says:

        Man you crazy, 3rd??? Lakers are now the most experienced and most talented team in the NBA this season they are even more stronger defensively. And you say they finish 3rd…. lets try and be logical here ok!

      • Jason says:

        You just mentioned 5 good players off the bench, I challenge you to find another team with more or even the same amount of quality parts off the bench. I wonder sometimes if people actualy think about what their saying before they write it on here lol.

      • uwa says:

        you just said, denver can win against lakers team on a playoff series. maybe if you here what you said from another person you can understand how redicilous it sounds.

        plus mavs were the oldest team and they have won and they played with miami and they did have the second best post defender not the best and the rest of the team was a defensive liability. LA has much better roster than the 11 Mavs. I think they are probably gonna win it this year.

      • brutl says:

        Seems like everyone always forgets that the center-less Miami Heat beat 2 teams with good bigs in Indiana and OKC. Indiana was mostly without Bosh, too..their best big.
        Howard is going to feel awfully out of place on the wing trying to make sure Bosh doesn’t start draining 3s
        And Gasol is going to be way too slow to check Lebron on the way to the hoop with nobody behind him
        Not to mention foul trouble
        So yeah, Dwight and Pau are going to be a tough match up, but Miami gives teams fits when they go small.

      • Big Boogie says:

        I agree that the Lakers have their issues and quirks to work out, but putting them behind SAS and DEN?….DEN??? That’s just overexaggeration or pure stupidity. The only team in the west to beat is OKC.

    • DanDaMan says:

      Well in some way i agree with u… but then come to think of it. I’ll just put Chris Bosh or J Anthony or Battier to defend low post.. just dont let D Howard or P Gasol entering inside freethrow. And Heat have Wade and James or Allen and Coles can play defend ouside perimeter. for LA to shoot… chances is lower than Heat. Of cos if u can encounter Kobe shotsssssss. Thats why Mike Brown wanna give it to Nash full control. So Nash gotta stay healthy all season long. The only advantages for LA is defend inside post with Gasol and Howard. Blocks and reboundsssss. But then Heat will encounter on mid range shot and 3 points more against on LA. Very competitives. And is also depend their shooting moods too if it HOT enough. Well if heat can grab similar rebouding as LA then Heat is chances higher.

    • DanDaMan says:

      But with addition of A Jamison and Barosa… yeh LA have good chances though… hmmm and forgot metta and barnes.. well yeh… LA still a powerhuse… well is all depending until after febuary! who know what supprising trade comes to hey… who know what BULLS or OKL will brings in… or .. cough Denver and Brooklyn. I feel sorry for Knick though… cos i dont feel any hope in them even they got those talents… but i still think sixer and Net can take down knick.

    • johny boy says:

      if you know any about basketball you would know that chemistry is the most important part not just talent just like most sports

      • Easy... says:

        True, true… and while you are bringing that up, you can’t deny the fact that the Heat has added only role-players who can easily be benched when they have a negative effect on the chemistry in the team! The Lakers on the other hand, have added some key players who won’t necessarily be a natural fit. Kobe needs to allow Nash to lead the way and Howard has to give Gasol some space to play, otherwise they will just be limiting eachothers effectiveness.

        And then the Heat still have LeBron, @ this moment the most unguardable player in the league. The Lakers will have to constantly double-team him to slow him down (shutting down simply will cost them 3-4 players on the defensive end) and that will create space for Wade, Allan, Lewis or Bosh.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Based on what facts? You can make up conditional statements for any team and say they have about a 90% chance if certain things happen.

    • puruntong says:


    • NBA Fan says:

      Nash is too old, Chalmers can prolly walk around him with his renewed self-confidence after Game 4 in Finals… Bosh > Pau errday bro… Wade will have an interesting match up with Kobe… LBJ will piss off MWP and prove to everyone, once and for all, that he does not deserve his name by making him repeat the Harden “accident”, then LBJ will go to 5 and make a fool of Dwight.

      • uwa says:

        you got the wrong name bro, it should be Heat fan

      • repeat heat says:

        the heat won a ring with a injured wade bosh mike miller . the heat will beat anyone if ray allen do what he has done his whole career how do you think you can stop the heat do you fools for get about shane the heart and sole of the team. he manage to hit clutch 3s which opened up everything. you double on the heat you lose. laker are better but who will nash guard kobe cant guard lebron neither can silly azz ron artest. who will guard ray. and like someone else said howard will be in foul trouble every game and he’s a terrible free throw shooter slightly better than shaq

      • theking says:

        yeah..but the heat’s bench isn’t that great. pau has more experience. and in the finals, it’s about experience. the heat won. they had more experience than okc. the lakers have kobe and pau and nash and howard, with MWP, blake, and jamison. that’s a lot of experience compared to the heat.

    • scott the magician says:

      And thats the treuff children!!!

    • king already have a ring says:

      hey I know the LEBRON HATERS still have head aches, heart attacks. well be healthy coz it will come back when the KING get his 4th Kia motors trophy,2nd Bill Russel trophy. And 2nd Larry O’brien trohpy. Hale KING JAMES!!!!

  104. Chris says:

    Next year the heat will repeat for sure.

    With the addition of sharpshooters Allen and Lewis. How can you be able to guard the deadly WADEBRON tandem, they will just kick out and Boom! Your team is destroyed with 3 point bombs, or posterized by dunks!

    Most of all….
    D-Wade will be back Stronger after healing from surgery.

  105. CML says:

    I am a big fan of the Lakers but I have to admit that the Heat are better now more than ever. If Allen can stay healthy and Lewis can come back to near his all-star form, they Heat are the most dangerous team in the East. Of course being a Laker fan, I have to say just in the East because God knows what will happen when the two powerhouses meet on the court. Oh, plus OKC. This is going to be a very exciting season for the NBA. On paper, there are three sure powerhouses: OKC, LAL and MIA. Teams that are continuously rising and are going to be tough challenges for the three powerhouses and the whole league: New York, Indiana, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Denver, Memphis, Minnesota, Los Angeles. There are rookies making their debut after being part of probably one of the deepest drafts in recent years: A. Davis, MKG, Beal, etc. Teams that shook their lineups a lot in the offseason: Suns, Rockets, Hawks, Mavs and how they will impact the game. And of course, the aging teams that are out to prove that they are still powerhouses in their respective conferences: San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics. HERE’S TO ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING SEASONS IN THE NBA. It’s good to be an NBA fan…

    • Interesting says:

      I like how you put it…. POWERHOUSES

    • you’re crazy….the Heat won’t win a title as long as Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard are on the same team…(not to mention kobe and nash is there too) but the two of them alone are unstoppable in the entire league…who do you think is gonna stop them? Chris Bosh? Joel Anthony? hell, lebron even played center in the playoffs just because their big men arent skilled enough to play both defense and offense…now tell me who is gonna stop gasol and howard? their skills just compliment each other’s so well

      • angelo says:

        very good point but for the lakers to win this year they going to be healthy cause howard is coming of surgery as im sure u know, steve nash is no longer 30 years old running around making amazing plays……and as far as the gasol and howard combo howard will be in to much foul trouble to in a series with okc or the heat , statisticly he is way better then bynum on defense but bynum was never a fouling machine lol ………..i really like the lakers roster this year but they got too much against them…….howard cries if he does not get the ball, nash needs the ball to be effective,kobe as im sure u know gives the ball physical therapy everytime he touches it lol, that leaves out gasol the one man that will decide if lakers win it all this year his play will determine how far the lakers get this year

      • Chris says:

        I’m not so sure the Lakers are in trouble… Can you even be in trouble, when Pau Gasol is your FOURTH best player???

      • puruntong says:

        What are talking about!! Are you some kind of A FORTUNETELLER..Just remember THE BALL IS ROUND!!

      • ja ja says:

        How about OKC.that team was built to beat bigs like that.Howard is not even that great of an offensive player.Miami will not have to deal with LA but with OKC.Perkins is a great post defender and Ibaka’s defensive skills are well documented.On top of that OKC added more bigs this summer.
        Dwight and Pau actually mean that the team lost in offensive abiltiy in comparison to last season with Bynum.And sure LA got a lot better with their front court D but as impossible to do as it might sound they got even weaker with their perimeter D

      • MinneLakers says:

        Good point angelo… “don’t ever click my……” I too think the Lakers can win it all this season but that depends on how healthy they are in the coming post season… The east isn’t that competitive anymore because most of it’s great players are either on the same team or migrated to another one… The Miami Heat will have an easier route to the finals than LAL… If you look at it the west has OKC, SAS, MIN, LAC, SUNS (yeah they will be great this year), MEM, DAL, NOH.. to put it simply, almost all the the teams in the west are solid, young teams with the exception of DAL and SAS… That will put a lot of stress to Kobe, Gasol and Nash’s knees… I don’t know how they would hold out this year… If they can successfully get to the finals with all the key players healthy, they will surely win it all….

      • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

        wow that obviously doesent matter does it? The heat won it all…so you sayin the heat will have trouble against the lakers…what happend in the finals the heat beat perkins and ibaka im not comparing ibaka to gasol or perkins to howard but still they were able to get through ibaka who can block shots like howard… and dont forget the heat outlasted the knicks who had tyson chandler and amare stoudemare. Lastly they beat the pacers who had 7’2 roy hibbert so size doesent matter with heat.

      • NBA Fan says:

        Before spending too much energy on Heat – LA finals debate… about waiting for the LA-OKC series to be over ?

        I am not saying OKC gonna beat LA……but atleast give them an opportunity to play a series against LA 🙂

      • heat fan says:

        before the lakers face the heat. it would probably in the finals. The lakers must beat the powerhouse teams in the west. OKC Spurs. Mavs and there are Grizlies, TImberwolves.

      • king already have a ring says:

        hey, chris can defend gasol,hes only unstopable in the international league.howard is not 100percent.lebron can stop older kobe. and wade can stop oldest nash. now whos gonna stop lebron wade and allen. can you imagine it?

      • memfas says:

        “I’m not so sure the Lakers are in trouble… Can you even be in trouble, when Pau Gasol is your FOURTH best player???”

        Pau Gasol is WEAK and will defer so much to Howard that he’ll rarely see a double double and will likely be their 5th best player.. Kobe and Howard will clash. Kobe and Nash are not compatable on the court – Kobe needs the ball in his hands as does Nash. Lakers MIGHT gel and dominate, but they have as many questions as last year even with the talent upgrades. It’s a team game and they won’t be a team right away, if ever. Miami will win the east and repeat, but the West is as likely to go to OKC, LAC, or even Memphis, as it is to LAL.

      • the iceman says:

        Lebron James, one ring, how cute.In a short season where everyone was hurt. barely beat the Celtics. Kobe Bryant. 5 rings. Beat ligitimite teams, not a bunch of losers in the East. Keep dreaming. The Lakers have 16 tittles.Kobe got the help he needed. GAME OVER. LA LAKERS WILL WIN THE TITTLE.

    • RR9 says:

      everyone forgets about the celtics, they were one quarter away from going to the NBA finals. They took Miami to 7 games, the most of any playoff team. OKC took miami 5 games and Miami, and they were never REALLY REALLY pushed hard by OKC. The Celtics pushed miami to thier limit an beyond. They were up 3-2 just couldnt finish.

      Celtics OOORAH

      • manny says:

        well said ANGELO. Before lakers start planing a finals with miami they should think of how they will advance to the finals…. The team looks good and its a dream to see Nash and howard on the same team

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        True that! Laker fan from the cradle to the grave. Mark my words foolios…Miami will not make it to the finals this year. As much as i HATE THE CELTICS AND THE HEAT, my respect is far more for the green team. The Celtics will beat the sorry azz lucky asterick winning championship season Heat. It will be Lakers and Celtics in the Finals, Lakers win 4-1 (if not sweep) and tie the Celtics for the most banners. Come on idiots…you really think Miami or OKC stand a chance against this Laker squad……Denial is a disease…..go get fixed!!!

      • NBA Fan says:

        “Finish” that is what the C’s were unable to do because LBJ learned how to do it just in time… Cant wait for this season.. I hope NFL will help time fly for at least 2 months

      • s27m says:

        celtics will be swept first round!

      • atatna says:

        I don’t think the celtics will advance to the finals this season sorry ANGELO.

      • Truecelticsfan says:

        what are you guys talking about first of all the celtics will for sure make it out of the first round because not only do we now have depth but we also have an established backcourt too didnt you guys learn from last season yall better not take these celtics for granted. my prediction: celtics and lakers and celtics win in seven or six games

      • memfas says:

        Celtics last OOORAH was game 5.

      • kg5 says:

        I agree with RR9…im a celtic fan and i have to agree miami has to get past boston AGAIN first. You have to see the young raw talent that boston picked up in the draft, sullinger and melo??? Allen was done he left his best on boston the ankle injury and surgery did him in. rondo is the best PG in the game then you add avery bradley in there on defense and always THE TRUTH… then KG at the 5 spot and throw sullinger or melo in at the 4??? thats gonna be tough for miami let alone any team in the east to compete with. Chalmers & Rondo=Rondo….Wade & Bradley= Bradley wins with DEFENSE…LeBron & Pierce= LeBron….Bosh & Sullinger/Melo= Sullinger & Melo…Miamis center & KG= Not even a question if KG stays healthy and thats pushing it…But other than LeBron where does miami have an advantage???

    • lbj says:

      what are you all talking about. this is all about heat! if they want to to get a ring kobe,howard,nash and pau they need to play with the king “LeBron”

      back to back championship this season!

      • theking says:

        trade bosh, wade, allen, lewis, battier, miller, and everyone else for kobe pau nash and howard.
        or just trade lebron to los angeles.
        i wish…but neither team has the money to do that.
        reality check, idiot

    • Soraya Garcia says:

      Lakers vs Heat!! WOW, I will be in Basketball Heaven. Yo soy Florida chica,

    • 1078Lee says:

      The Heat barely got by Boston last year,whats makes you think there better because they picked up Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. You say you a Laker Fan. Sounds Like a fare weather fan to me. Look for the Lakers to get to the finals against Boston. People act like Ray Allen did not lose his stating position last year and act like Jason Terry is a slouch. Ask Dwayne Wade what did Terry do them when dallas won the title. I”m not a heat fan nor am i a fare weather fan.

      • You’re just stupid. The only reason the Celtics went up 3-2 on their series against Miami is because Chris Bosh wasn’t playing. WHen he came back in game 6 and 7, the Heat won. No way Boston is going to win against Miami this season.

    • Big Boogie says:

      I wanna put OKC as the favorite here, because I really think that they are more talented than the Heat, but on the flipside they are too young and inexperienced. They should have won last season, but they were not as hungry as Lebron and the Heat were. They came in looking like kids—which is exactly what they are. IDK if they can actually grow up that much in one season either.

    • Pete says:

      You forgot to mention the best team in basketball in the San Antonio Spurs…all that and you just forget the team that finished with the best record last year…and the year before…but thats just fine, we will continue to be ignored and then finish first again, make a deep playoff or title run, then be forgotten again next year..such is the way

    • SG says:

      Indeed, this may be the most interesting and exciting seasons ever !
      I believe the Heat and Lakers will be in the finals.