Hold Off On Crowning The Lakers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No matter how many times we see it in print or hear it from the pundits or even other players around the league, we’re having a hard time anointing the Los Angeles Lakers as the best the Western Conference has to offer before anyone reports for training camp.

Yes, those are blasphemous words in the Southland and sure to get us kicked out of line at Roscoe’s, but you know it’s the truth. As good as the Lakers look on paper with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard joining Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace, the problem is the paper.

We have no idea what this group will look like in the flesh, on the court trying to work out the kinks during training camp and trying to find a rhythm as a group with Nash, Bryant and Howard all used to being the centers of attention on their respective teams. And since none of us has seen Howard in uniform since April (due to back surgery and the rehab process that followed), it would be foolish to assume that there won’t be a transition period for him to adjust not only to his new teammates and surroundings but also to being back in the flow of live action.

There hasn’t been any time for this group to get together and bond during the offseason. Bryant and Gasol spent the bulk of the summer working with their respective national teams and competing in the Olympics. Nash, Howard and World Peace have all been busy tending to their affairs as well. So unless they’ve been getting together for pickup games or team-bonding trips to the beach, training camp will be the first time this crew assembles and embarks upon the process of becoming the contender we all assume they will be by the end of the regular season.

Mike Trudell mapped out the timetable for the arrival of the Lakers’ stars the other day on his Lakers.com BasketBlog, highlighting the very points made above:

Steve Nash is expected to be in Los Angeles in mid-September, and plans on working out at the team’s facility.

Dwight Howard is currently doing his therapy/rehabilitation from back surgery at a facility in the Westwood/Century City area of L.A. At some point, he will transition over to working with Lakers head athletic trainer Gary Vitti, the team’s head physical therapist Dr. Judy Seto and the rest of Vitti’s staff (a time has not yet been set). Lakers spokesman John Black said Howard will not be doing any basketball/weight workouts until he’s cleared medically, and that there is no target date for any of that at this point.

Pau Gasol is expected to return to Los Angeles at the end of September, while Kobe Bryant is more than trusted by the team to make his own work out arrangements for the offseason prior to training camp.

We’re assuming quite a bit about a team that has been escorted from the playoffs rather abruptly in each of the past two seasons.

The internal business that has to be handled by the players and Mike Brown and his staff is just one part of the equation, albeit the most important one. And there is a ton of trust that has to be placed in the hands of all of these individuals if we’re going to buy into the idea of these Lakers turning into championship contenders in such short order.

But there is also an external dynamic that comes in the form of both the defending Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder and the runner-up San Antonio Spurs, the team that finished with the best record in the regular season last year. And that’s not even factoring in the reigning world champion Miami Heat, who are sure to be lurking on the other side of the conference divide.

None of these other championship contenders will be rolling over for the Lakers, no matter how much praise they heap upon their rivals (Kevin Durant) during the offseason.

The same way the rest of the league placed that bullseye on the Miami Heat after LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joined forces, the Lakers will be targeted by everyone and especially the other league powers.

It’s not so much that we don’t believe these Lakers are capable, because on paper they are indeed the most formidable group in the entire league. We’ve been here before, though, convinced that a team that appeared to have all the right championship pieces in place is ready to handle the business only to watch them fall short of their ultimate goal.

All that said, if we were Lakers fans, we’d be giddy about the prospects of this upcoming season. It’s not every day you acquire Hall of Fame talents at point guard and center, to go along with two other future Hall of Famers.

But there was a similar buzz in the summer of 2003 when future Hall of Famers Karl Malone and Gary Payton were added to the mix with Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. On paper, there wasn’t another team that was supposed to come close to matching that group. You don’t win Larry O’Brien trophies on paper.


  1. l:oDl says:

    Put Lebron with Shaq in his prime = multiple championships.
    Lebron with Gasol & Bynum = definitely more than two championships.
    Put Kobe with Hughes, Isgauskas, Varejao, & on other Cleveland teams = first round exit from playoffs every year.
    Point is, Kobe is fortunate, Lebron not so fortunate. Don’t bother comparing them by championships.

  2. NBA2k13 says:

    lebron gets his team on the finals with himself against the spurs, can kobe do that? with the players like lebron had? ilgauskas, gooden, snow, hughes, gibson, jones, marshall, varejao..

  3. ryannzz says:

    will never know who’s team will win next season. we just hope that if what team is our bet hopefully will win.

  4. FTW says:

    Don’t underestimate the heart of a 1-time Champ ! Miami Heat all the way !!

  5. YuhMudda says:

    Lebron is the greatest player of all time.. better than kobe.. better than jordan.. better than your mere!

  6. Charles Cofer says:

    As a Spurs fan I think the Lakers will come together faster because they are a more veteran team. Dwight it the only young player in the starting 5. His back health and mental adjustment to La will be key in that. To discount OKC in the West is crazy to me. Ibaka is no Howard but he is healthy, Strong , and defensive too. Miami came together year one if they went to the Finals. Yes Lebron has one ring but unlike Lebron kobe came to the Lakers with Superstars. He has been on a playoff caliber team from day one he never had to struggle coming into the league.Plus Kobe had the greatest coach in NBA history. Lebron, Carmelo, and Wade came into sorry teams. So did KD. Lebron has finally reached the mental toughness Kobe has had for years. I think he has taken the reigns from Kobe but Kobe has 6 or 7 years more in the league and way more games on those legs. Lebron came out of high school more dominant than Kobe did outta high school and has always had the potential to be this good and even better. He did take a mediocore team to the Finals with no ther stars in the West which Kobe has never done. Skys the limit this year will be interesting.. but there are no guarantees for Laker fans with Howards bad back.

  7. DB says:

    What’s ridiculous is the fuss & carry on we all heard when the big 3 for the heat were formed. Lakers do the same thing & we have not heard a whisper. Amazing how buying a championship is suddenly not a problem for people now, most probably because there is now a team that can potentially beat Miami & make things interesting. The way James was treated over the past 2 years was a shameful display & a reflection of small minded people. There are players in the league who have committed crimes & not received the same reception James has, it’s heard behaviour at it’s worst,

    You have hit a new low in your life when you are writing things as narrow minded as this:=
    “Ok let’s get things straight LEBRON is not all that hes a garbage player he don’t have a 3 pt game all he’s good for is dunks and to sit there and say he’s better than everybody on the lakers is plain stupid he was garbage playing with the cavs and garbage playing with the heat when you have to cheat to win a ring that’s sad”

    James has done things you could only dream of, who cares who is better out of James & Bryant, they are are both good. My fav player was Magic Johnson, however I didn’t go around writing Isiah Thomas was a ‘garbage’ player just because I didn’t perceive him to be as good as Johnson. Please read what you are writing before posting & ask yourself is this really how I want to portray myself ?

  8. Tobzlerone says:

    I think it’s safe to crown the Lakers already.

  9. Lakers For the win says:

    LBJ ? he only need other wade to make play ….look at before when wades is injured what LBJ do???? nothing hahaha he cant even make his avrg high look back at KOBE he made 81points only his onwed play LBJ cant do like that haha

  10. @ rkooly says:

    the cavs lost that series

  11. Attention LeBron/Heat haters & Kobe/Laker lovers says:

    C’mon LeBron haters and Kobe fans, everyone who is rational knows that LeBron has been the best player in the world for the last few years and he will get better and will be the best player in the world for atleast the next 5 years. The things that were holding him back from winning championships in Cleveland and the first year in Miami was that he mainly needed more help and he didn’t have this focused mindset that he displayed all this past season and playoffs. Remember LeBron is only one Finals MVP from equaling Kobe but we really shouldn’t compare players solely on championships won because in terms of championships, Kobe was and still is much more fortunate than LeBron because Jerry West did every thing he could to get Kobe then goes out and gets Shaq soon after. LeBron didn’t have a GM in Cleveland and staff who were able to get other quality/star players to help LeBron win multiple championships. Also, very few quality/star players want to play in Cleveland. Carlos Boozer left Cleveland for Utah where he had his most productive years. Cleveland would’ve loved that production from Boozer to help LeBron. Jordan couldn’t have won 6 championships without Scottie Pippen. LeBron is more skilled allround than Jordan but Jordan made up for this will his superior desire and will to win at any cost. We need to simmer down on the comparisons between LeBron, Jordan and Kobe until they are all retired. Also, LeBron and Kobe are very different players. Kobe wants to score in any way he can by being a high volume shooter while LeBron is much more efficient and is the better team player because he makes the right play and makes his team mates better. Players also seem to like playing with LeBron more than Kobe because LeBron likes to get his team mates involved. It’s not all just about scoring as Kobe thinks this is the only way he can contribute to his team. Kobe used to contribute in more ways when he was younger at his peak. When LeBron retires, he will be known as atleast the greatest all-round player ever if not the greatest player ever if he can continue with the focused mindset throughout every season and playoffs from now onwards and channel the desire and will similar to Jordan and Kobe.

  12. King James says:

    Lakers forgot to include Chemistry as ingredient for winning Championship! Lakers lack chemistry bcoz there are lots of newcomers but the Heat will be ready to defend the title using their Championship Chemistry as their formidable weapon. Go Heat! Go Big 3! Go King James!

  13. jwalk1234 says:

    what the hell lbj is way better than kobe even with one ring. Kobe won thoses ring when he was in his 20’s the first 3 so his past dont make him the best , saying that is like saying cause bill russel have 11 rind he can beat dwight cause he have none now. KObe is ranked 5 best player now behine lbj,KD,D-wade,carmelo

  14. LA DYNASTY FU*! MIA says:

    Lets be real…. kobe is theeeee best player on the planet… Nash one of the best and smartest point gaurds… metta is a mothalovin beast waiting to be unleashed depite his age he will destroy anyone…. Gasol and howard starving ready to be fed…. and shoot dont forget about jamison duude has game.. Lakers play their way doesnt matter how fast the opponent is lakers know whats up…. the only team that might stand a chance is the thunder, im just being real and all of you should start waking up from your danm dream cuase yur nightmares about to start…. mia repeat? when hell freezes over…. get ready for the L.A show boyz hate it or love its how its gonna be and us laker fans know that. Nash, kobe, metta, gasol, haword at the 5 pluss some decency at the bench..shiiit………

  15. tambokperogwapo says:

    hahhaha..now if your telling me that lbj is 10x better than kobe bryant so then lbj is better than jordan? is that what you meant?..jordan said that kobe deserves comparison because he is the only one did it..IF LEBRON SCORE 62 POINTS IN JUST 3 QUARTERS OR IF LEBRON SCORES ATLEAST 81 POINTS THEN I WILL BE INDEED AGREE WITH YOU..

  16. lakerfan2121 says:

    think about it like this tho. what if u put bryant back thn and jorden now like switched eras thn u would b sayin jorden is copying bryant cz bryant did it first even tho they are both equal.

    • what? haha kid jordan did it first….and kobe wouldn’t have been nobody without jordan….because he copies jordan…so in reality thanks to jordan kobe is kobe cuz of jordan….and kobe would’ve been nothing in eras…who would kobe copy then if jordan wasn’t around…? bird or magic?….nope he prolly only make rucker park rosters….or and1 tour

    • bulls eye says:

      not sounding stupid just handle the truth….kobe is trying to be like mike…MJ THE GOAT

  17. jcr says:

    lbj give us 81 points so that he can prove hes better than kb 24.. lol

  18. dguidry11 says:

    Really dont like Miami but they have better shooters than 2 years ago, those Lakers fans need look at their 12 man team no bench no depth and No Phil no chance.

  19. Knicks Fan says:

    I am surprised that people are overlooking the Thunder in this debate, Their young guns are only getting better and they don’t have to get chemistry like the Lakers.

  20. Isaac says:

    Lol how can people say the Nuggets are better than the Lakers. The nuggets did pick up Andre which is great but also lost 2 solid players that contributed big in Affalo and Al. They have the exact same team(except for Andre) as last year which the lakers beat.

  21. lakers are just hollywood….everything in paper and writing is bs…even money

  22. David says:

    Will Kobe continue to pad his stats regardless for having great all stars surrounding him in Howard,Nash, and Gasol?

  23. me says:

    everybody is so afraid of the LAKERS!!!

  24. lakers are done winning championships….

  25. SG says:

    This reporter is an idiot. If Malone had stayed healthy, they would have DOMINATED the playoffs.

    I’m not a Lakers fan, but they WILL win it all this year.

  26. notahaternotafanaswell says:

    WATCH OUT FOR THE TIMBERWOLVES! we all never know…

  27. caloyski says:

    With bratty Howard around, the Lakers will never realize their full potential–egos will colllide and the entire team will disintegrate–

  28. vern says:

    Lakers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Sure they look good on paper but on paper doesn’t always mean the same when they get on the floor. Also, Howard will most likely foul out of lots of games. Especially when they’re up against other power houses. Howard to me is just a Bynum with a lot of muscles.

  29. CHRIS SANCHEZ says:

    And i dont see okc this season gettin past the second round of the play offs ——————————–people gonna say im crazy but i stand firm on this stament……..dont get me wrong they have a great team BUT is not their time ..i see okc goin through what dallas went through………MANY yrs with NO RING….

  30. Bede says:

    The 2012 Lakers Team will be a better team than the 2003 Lakers since this team does not have Shaq and Malone… It still has Kobe which is the only reason why Shaq had rings.

  31. CHRIS SANCHEZ says:

    DONT FORGET ABOUT THE ********** spurs ***************** is all im sayin……………………………..the spurs are gonna be even better than last year………………….and pop knows how to deal with the lakerz even when shaq waz there…

  32. dorian says:

    i know for sure that the celtics will be the eastern conference champions. do you know why? they re signed kevin garnett, jeff green, and they got TERRY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the celtics will beat miami in the playoffs after loosing to them 2 yrs in a row. 2013 nba finals lakers vs celtics BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Lakeshow2013 says:

    LOL Heat is the team to beat coz its obvious their the champs! lol But Kobe and His team will play the underdog role common we know thats more challenging. wahaha I’m Just Excited to see KOBE vs LBJ NBA finals Finally if you want to be the Best LBJ you need to BEAT THE BEST KOBE!

  34. twenty-four says:

    LBJ 10x better than KB24???!! ARE YOU SERIOUS????? REALLY??? you stupid fool! know the game! dont be just a stupid heat fan! LET’S GO L.A.!!

  35. GSW says:

    Dwight is a bad investment!,,,,,I have seen it too often over the past few years he will have one mint game then he will be unproductive for the next few games! AND YEAH OVER RATED LAKERS ROSTER…!! funny how everyone is already ruling them nba champs! i dont see it working for lakers will be a lot less kobe…

  36. “HeyPeeps!” I’m a Lakers fan through and through, and I’m hearing a lot a good comments about the Lakers ability to “Gel” as you will and how good they look on paper etc…etc… But, what I am not hearing enough of, is about Mike Brown and how he plans on coaching this newly established Lakers team? I think how he coaches should be one of the questions if not the most important! Last season I detected alot of distrust and lack of confidence in Brown’s sets. I know it was a short season and he did not have alot of time to get the team united and on the same page. But it made a statement when Kobe took the liberty of ignoring Brown’s play call and did a different play for Bynum in that Denver series.I hope Mike Brown can step up his game this upcoming season. I’m not too concerned with our pieces and how they will play together. A coach that is not respected and can’t handle a team such as the one that has been formulated could turn disasterous!


  37. Ha silly LEBRON fans says:

    Ok let’s get things straight LEBRON is not all that hes a garbage player he don’t have a 3 pt game all he’s good for is dunks and to sit there and say he’s better than everybody on the lakers is plain stupid he was garbage playing with the cavs and garbage playing with the heat when you have to cheat to win a ring that’s sad they couldn’t cheat Dallas because everybody on the team was shooting Miami lights out and it’s a shame dirk been in the game longer than LEBRON and got a ring before him…and if you wanna get techincal Adam Morrison had a ring before lebron And Adam morrison is garbage at lebrons age Kobe had more rings than LEBRON if LEBRON is all that why he couldn’t stay with the cavs to win a ring but yet he had to go ride dwades jock and Chris bosh and that first year they still aint’t win the finals Until Kobe retires LEBRON will never get another ring..

  38. kirk says:


  39. champHEAT says:


  40. EDCATCH says:



  41. Nando says:

    If the Lakers bench steps it up, then its over!! Plus injuries during the season and playoffs will decide who wins it all period.. Now stop typeing $**t and go to sleep Heat fans.. “acting like sum scared beeotchs already!!

  42. ForALL says:

    ha ha ha… stop all this mess…. everyone….. let’s just wait till the season when all of this teams plays against each other… then there we can say how this match-ups are going with each other…

  43. sanjay says:

    allright, allright, i heard you folks and all that jazz! they will gel ok. And they be better ready!
    Bottom line, heat is the team to beat with lbj, as the immovable object in the middle!
    And watch out for those blistering 3’s from miami and okc!
    all hell is gonna break lose!

  44. Joseph B says:

    Miami’s problem is they can’t compete with the Lakers bigs. Nash will ensure they play well as a team.

  45. Celtics4Life says:

    Kobe is more MJ, than LBJ. LBJ for the past 5 years was considered a choke artist. He played good this past year, but honestly i dont think its gonna happen. The heat are only gonna win max2-3 championships

  46. specialfriedrice says:

    If the Lakers dont win this will team for ever be remembered as THE BIGGEST FLOP in NBA history…end of story…

  47. NY fan says:

    The Lakers have a good team and have even a higher chance of winning a championship.

    It all comes down to kobe Bryant. If kobe is healthy and also plays good they will win the championship but if kobe plays bad due to injury or even doesnt play due to injury not only will they lose in the first round but they will get killed by the thunder, Dallas, and the spurs

  48. Weight Watchers says:

    Author of this article is talking out of his turkey neck.

    Your brains are obviously saturated with gravy.

  49. Raptors95 says:

    For the people saying “Oh, Kobe is a much better player then LeBron. LeBron only has 1 ring, Kobe has 5.”, rings are a horrible measure of player skill. For starters, you have to account for the fact that Kobe’s been in the league 7 years longer then LeBron. And if rings determine how good a player is, then do you want to say Brian Scalabrine is better then Karl Malone? John Stockton? Patrick Ewing? Didn’t think so.

    Last year everyone was hating on LeBron just because he had no rings. Now he has one, and people are saying he only has one. This will keep on going on, and on. Once he wins his second, people will say he only has two, then three, etc. LeBron is by far the best player in the league, right now. People just can’t accept that. Think about it like this:

    When LeBron was on the Cavs, their best player (except for LBJ) was Mo Williams, and they had a few 60+ win seasons under their belt. Meanwhile, Kobe was balling with Bynum and Gasol. Now trade Kobe and Lebron. The Cavs are an average team at best, they’ll still probably make the playoffs, but nothing special. The Lakers, on the otherhand, with Lebron leading the charge, would have 4 rings by now, for sure. See the difference? LeBron takes teams to a whole ‘nother level. While Kobe is a legendary player, and a surefire first ballot HOFer, he isn’t on LeBron’s level. Nobody is right now. LeBron can be compared to MJ, as far as I’m concerned. He’s just an amazing player.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing, LBJ.

  50. andykor7 says:

    Every team has its strong point and weakness, it is all about team work, it goes down to not just the players but the coaches, trainers and management. Putting together a all superstar lineup is just a 1st step, whether they can find the chemistry is the next most important thing. Without depth for Lakers, staying healthy will be key as well. I am a Lakers fan since the 80s during the Magic, Kareem and James era but I will still say that this current Lakers team is full of uncertainties but will be scary if it worked out well.

    • GR3ddy says:

      Since they incorporated the Princeton Offense, it will change the minutes and attacking strategy quite a fair bit. The only threat that I can see would be from Miami, but other than that, Lakers should be able to dominate majority of the Teams in the west.

  51. joe says:

    I don’t like the heat because I think the way the formed their team diminishes the value of their championships wins. There was no team building- the most dominating players came together in an agreement, no building through the draft and trades. Its not like dirk, kobe, duncan, or guys who stick through it to win. It will never be: “Wow, the heat won a championship. What a great story of perseverance.” It will always be, “Duh, the Heat won a championship. The dreamteam came together to beat up on the rest of the nba.”

  52. SurelyNotLA says:

    There is no doubt that LA fans can shout well. I wish that was enough. No matter how hard you cry – it will be the players who will decide the matches. LA has become a championship calibre team – thats all. They are by no means the best in NBA. Oklahoma, Miami and San antonio are as good if not better. So sit back and enjoy and don’t shout too much

  53. Maychael says:

    I agree Mr. Smith that no team will win a championship on paper but let me just comment on your comparison.first, Karl Malone and Gary payton when they were included as a Laker, they were almost about to shutdown. Its like to compare on Baron davis and Marcus Camby will join LA Lakers. Its different this time. Steve Nash may be aging but the guy can still play as to compare with Jason Kidd, Dfish or even Steve Blake. On the other Hand, Dwight may have his share of superstar tantrums or acting like brat.. But who cares as long as you deliver the Stats and let the coach do his job. If i were to feel skeptical about this team, is Mike Brown. If i can use your term as ” On Paper”, CLEVELAND then have a better roster when LBJ, Boozer, Gibson etc. are there, or should i say CLE have came up with a powerful roster “On Paper” but where did CLE ended ?? In Short, i’d rather look on the Coach rather than the Roster as POP,Doc Rivers and Gentry can attest or have proven that you dont need a power house roster if your game plan is much powerful.

  54. HeatKingsOfEast says:

    it’s not like howard and bynum abilities are far apart. howard slightly better than bynum. it’s not like nash can bring his A-game to lakers. let’s face the fact that kobe will still hold the ball mostly, overshadowing nash as the playmakers and kobe instead would play an isolation lol ahahahahhahah. okc will definitely beat this team. and miami surely onto the finals, no one can beat miami in the east

  55. L.A. ALL DAY says:

    Kobe 5th ALL-TIME on the nba’s scoring list…..and counting.
    Lebron will never catch him.
    And really people? Lebron will never catch Kobe in rings or finals mvp’s Kobe will win another 2 rings with this squad are u kidding me?!?! It’s not even funny what this Laker team is gonna do to the league including OKC and Heat. It’s not even a joke. We would have won wiith Bynum and the current squad, it would have been tougher but we would have won. Nash changes EVERYTHING. But with Howard instead? Fugedaboudit!!! Howard and Nash want a ring just like Lebron did last year. Dont even fool yourself people it isn’t even gonna be close. Props to my man Kuptchak. Brilliant work! He can now be considered in the shadows of the great one Mr. Jerry West in the management dept. Getting Nash and Howard especially (and keeping Gasol???? hahahahhaha) was a Jerry West kind of move.
    Lebron has so much more work to do, work to accomplish, and just a few more game winning or game tying shots to make before even being considered close to Kobe (Kobe has like at least 20-30 game winning or game tying shots in his career – Lebron has what? 2??). Lebron has talent but his IQ, desire, heart , will and skills don’t even mount to Kobe. Shouldn’t even be considered in the same sentence. Thanks to the Lakers this year it doesn’t look like Miami will win anytime soon. Trust me on this. I don’t care what Miami’s squad looks like or what OKC’s roster looks like. The Lakers will dominate. It’s just the way it is

    • Erick says:

      Hey, u forgot the celtics!!!! lol your rigth and i am a miami fan but lakers team looks way better than miamis. If only miami had a good point guard like derrom or chris paul and a center like bynum or garnet cause bosh isnt gonna do a thing.

  56. Rafael808 says:

    Here are the official ratings of the top five rated teams this year from the NBA.( Ratings are based from 1 to 100)

    Los Angeles Lakers: 85

    Miami Heat: 84

    Oklahoma City Thunder: 83

    San Antonio Spurs; 81

    Brooklyn Nets: 81

    Here are some other interesting teams ratings(not from this season).The highest rating for a team is the 1993 Mens Basketball Olympic team (Dream Team). Their team rating was a 98 (would have been 100 if they would have had Isiah Thomas instead of that college guy). The highest rated team in the history of the NBA is the 95-96 bulls with an amazing rating of 92. The 2011-2012 Championship Heat were rated at a 83. The 2010-2011 Championship Maviricks were rated at a 82. The repeating Championship Lakers were rated the same both championship years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 at a 84.
    Thanx for reading my comment. Spent a lot of time on the internet looking for the official ratings, but finnaly found them. Too bad i could not put the link of where i found them on here because i don’t know how. But if you want any other ratings reply on my comment and ask me and ill get them for you if they have them. Oh and yea. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. carter says:

    Nash may be old but given his style of play I don’t think his age is too much of a factor. He’s gonna run the offense, give Kobe so many scoring opportunities and openings that he’s never truly had before. Not to mention the fact that in the past the Lakers were all about Kobe. Now teams have to focus a lot of their defense on Dwight in the paint. Kobe is going to have a lot more space to do his thing, and I think Steve Nash is the best thing that could have happened for Dwight. Who doesn’t get better with a future HOF point guard like Nash feeding them the ball? And those who question the age of all the other Lakers starters, I would say the only real concern is MWP. Kobe is gonna ball no matter his age, he’s got the instinct. Gasol is gonna be freed up heaps with Dwight in the middle and will be able to use his mid-range game and handling skill which is better than most PF’s in the league. OKC is easily the biggest threat, and the Heat of course, but MWP can still defend pretty damn well, and Kobe isn;t gonna stand by and watch Lebron or Durant carve up the Lakers D. The most complete NBA team I’ve seen in a long time, so long as they make it work.

    • Essa Tawasha says:

      While the Lakers are in good standing to demoralize a lot of other teams around this league, they really don’t have much of a bench team right now. And anybody who knows basketball will tell you that if the bench can’t step up and play at a high level when needed, that team will not be crowned champions at the end of the postseason. Another important point that I think Sekou Smith pointed out is that it takes a while for any team to really start to click as a single unit. Now with Dwight coming back from back surgery, i wouldn’t say he will be at his full potential until the 2013-14 season. And I am sure the Lakers head Physical Therapist, Dr. Judy Seto, will tell you that same thing.
      Now for all you Miami Heat haters; while i do believe that it would be difficult for the Heat to pull a repeat with the high level of competition this league has to offer, I would still say they have a better chance than any other team in this League. You could hate and say that Lebron James only won one championship, lets see if he could do it again. The thing is, its not just about Lebron, it’s about the whole team. If you stopped hating you would know that Miami only got a deeper team during the off season and they are defnitely going to make it to the postseason whether you like it or not. I am a fan of basketball, and i will tell you right now, any man who is willing to put the team on his back and accomplish his dream is the definition of a fierce competitor. Now just because Lebron had Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, it doesn’t mean that every player on that team wouldn’t say Lebron led them to victory. Infact if you ask anyone around the league, they would tell you that James makes the game easier for everyone on the court. End of story.

  58. digitioli says:

    the Clippers on paper don’t even look better let alone in real life.
    one thing you can always count on & that’s the Lakers to win the battle of LA every year.

  59. VerbalDecuir33 says:

    I believe that the Lakers have an excellent chance of making it to the WCF. It will be interesting to see how they look on defense because Nash is a liabilty on that side of the ball. Now a lot of people would say that Howard will negate Nash’s lack of defense but it will also make Howard more foul prone. Especially when playing against guards like Westbrook, Paul, Parker, and other attacking guards. Lets face it people are going to try to run on the Lakers, outside of Howard that starting five is mid to upper 30’s. It will be interesting in the West because there are so many more quality teams competing. In the East after Miami and Boston, you have Philly (maybe), CHI (depends on Rose’s health), Knicks (maybe), Indiana ( no go to guy). There’s to many questions in the East. Lakers have to deal with a lot of contenders in the West.

  60. Pacman says:

    ‘the reigning world champion miami heat’? nothing annoys non americans more than this world champion tag. Granted the NBA has the best players from around the world playing within it, but without a world team championships (similar to the world club championship in soccer/ football), containing the best teams from around the world (along the lines of the old mcdonalds championships), the title of world champions is unwarranted. Non americans view this label as somewhat arrogant to say the least. Jamica clearly has the best sprinters in the world right now. Do they pronounce the winner of their national championships in the 100 & 200m as world champions?

  61. Just a dutch says:

    The battle of Los Angeles

    Clippers vs Lakers

    Paul vs Nash
    Crawford vs Bryant
    Butler vs MWP
    Griffin vs Gasol
    Jordan vs Howard

    Only Bryant and Howard are better on their position(if they are healty cause it´s gonna be a 82 games season again)
    So LAC 3 – LAL 2

    Bench LAC beats also bench LAL.
    Billups, Green, Bledsoe, Odom, Martin, Hill vs Duhan, Meeks, Blake, Jamison, Hill, Ebanks

  62. Raj Paul says:

    For those who are hating on Kobe……………this is the season…and of course the past 5 rings he is got…..Lebron is not gonna reach that level, at least not while kobe is around….if anything, durant will achieve more during his career..Not hating on Lebron…but com’n!!!!he is way overrated.

  63. SaeedMirza says:

    Sekou you are right “On Paper this team is SCARY”. However, I do believe they will probably start clicking sometimes after allstar break. This team has Kobe Bryant and his WILL alone is enough to take them to finals.

  64. AUSTIN says:

    Does this chump ever have anything good to say about the lakers?

  65. beastballer says:

    A big reason the heat won the title is because when okc ran the ball down the court the refs swallowed the whistle and then when miami ran their offense the refs spit the whistle out

  66. Laker Nation says:

    Welcome to the Lakers Dwight!

    Pg: Steve Nash

    Sg: Kobe Bryant

    Sf: Metta World Peace

    Pf: Pau Gasol

    C: Dwight Howard

    Bench: Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, Chris Duhon, and Jodie Meeks

    2012-2013 NBA CHAMPIONS #BeatTheHEAT

    HEAT fans are jealous because they didn’t get one of the best point guards ever in Steve Nash and the best center currently in the NBA Dwight Howard

    • Andrew Bydumb says:

      Lakers aren’t gonna beat the heat because they woulnd’t even make it to the finals. Kobe and Nash are on their last leg, Gasoft are on the decline and Dwight is the same as alonzo morning, THey need to make it past CP3 aND blAKE FIrst , which i see a clippers sweep….

  67. Just Saying says:

    Here’s the bottom line to all you people thinking it’s not going to work. Ask yourself would you like to have Dwight and Nash on your team? i don’t think there is one soul in this planet that would say no, right? What the Lakers have done is simply address the two biggest weakness they have which is the point guard position and their bench. They even upgraded the center position defensively with the addition of D12. On paper, they are one scary group but still needs to have great chemistry to become a special team that can win it all. One thing this team doesn’t need is motivation. We all know Steve and D12 is hungry to win a championship and that alone is a big difference. If Bynum was not traded for D12 I don’t know if Bynum will be motivated this up and coming season at all considering that he showed a lot of negative behavior towards his coach Mike Brown. What this off season acquisitions the Lakers have done only proves what their organization is all about. Now every single player on this team believes that they have a great chance to win it all and their confidence starts from the top which not to many players around the league feel about their organization. Haters are saying it’s not going to work, the team is old and slow, blah, blah, blah but deep inside you too are jealous why your team cannot do what we do!!!

  68. fernando says:

    Dear Readers,


  69. JConquest says:

    A lot of people posting here who don’t understand basketball AT ALL.

    Think about last year’s semifinals between LA and OKC. Go look at the box scores. LA controlled the pace of most of those games. 3 of the 4 games they lost were lost in the 4th quarter after holding a lead. That was with Bynum loafing around on the court, Gasol being forced to play the wrong kind of role, Blake and Sessions choking and basically no one reliable capable of spotting any minutes for Kobe leading to him being dog-tired from carrying the team by the end of the 4th quarter. Barnes was injured, Artest had missed the previous playoff series and had to play his way back into shape.And STILL they held OKC under 100 points most of those games. Now the team has added a PG who was top 5 in the league last year, a Center who is the number one center in the league and a multiple DPOY winner, and they significantly upgraded the bench. What did OKC do? Oh yeah, get TRASHED by the Heat with Lebron in the post. If Ibaka and Perkins couldn’t stop LBJ in the post—what do you think they’re going to do with Howard, especially with Nash feeding him the ball?

    It’s not just on paper. This Laker team, if it gels, will make mincemeat of OKC. They are constructed perfectly to do so. Nash is a million times the PG that Westbrook is. He may not be a particularly great defender, but he is a mastermind at orchestrating an offense, one of the very best to ever play the game. Take your blinders off, folks. The Spurs? Give me a break. The Lakers would have defeated them in the playoffs last year. This year it won’t be close.

  70. AK says:

    If we look at things closely, the Lakers swapped a 19ppg and 12rpg Center with a 21ppg and 15rpg Center. Sure Howard is a more dominant presence than Bynum. They also added a 38 year old Steve Nash. Let’s look at how they match up against OKC. Kobe vs Durant. Nash vs Westbrook. Howard vs Ibaka. Artest vs Harden. Gasol vs Perkins. On paper OKC’s talent will handle the Lakers. Coupled with the fact that OKC are younger, quicker, more energetic, and feeding off the confidence, experience, and momentum of making it to the Finals with such a young team. The Thunder have also been together longer as a team. I have no doubt that the Lakers will more than have their hands full with the Thunder. And the Thunder are smart enough to know that future free agency does not guarantee they will be together forever. So they will play with a “win now” attitude, so don’t write them off from repeating as the western conf champs for a second straight year.

  71. futbollisti says:

    As a C’s hardcore fan i hate to say this and even it hurts to think about it but if you put the hate away and look at LAL this year… they are dangerous!!! if they could win against the C’s (although much had to do with C’s health issues) with no Nash and no D12, how much more dangerous are they now? Bottom line is they are the best team in the West now, and if no health issues will appear, with all respect for OKC, there is no team that can stop them.
    I think the east will be more open, and I just do not buy the Heat can win it. We put them to 7 games with half of the team injured… I just do not see the Heat having a chance against the C’s.
    Look for BEAT LA! chants in June! 🙂 write it down…

  72. kevin says:

    You know I’m really getting tired of people referring that being a Lakers fan is like a disease or something! So, let me start by saying I’ve been a fan since Jamaal Wilkes and have never called myself a fan of any other team since! And Sekou u surprised me a little w/ the comparison of a washed up Malone and Payton to Dwight Howard Steve Nash, who completely carried their teams just last year! But that’s OK. Let’s get to it. You said “None of these other championship contenders will be rolling over for the Lakers”. Well, which championship did Kobe win that he taught teams were going to roll over or did they go out there take it? What playoff game did u see Nash play in where he didn’t give his all physically and emotionally in the game? So, your saying a 40 year old Malone is as good 26yr old Howard? is Bosh? is Perkins? is Duncan? Yeah, Gasol is soft, but I’ll take him over Bosh, over Ibaka and even oven a 36/37 old Duncan! I’m not even going to mention Jamison & Meeks! But I understand, people like cheering for the under dog! No one cheers for Microsoft! Besides a lot of u were hoping it would be Durant’s year, sorry but that’s not going to happen!! But ur right, this will not be decided on paper and the Lakers nor Lakers Fans ask for it to be! We want Howard to get Healthy and the rest to stay healthy and lets see what happen when the season starts! And, there are a lot of reporters that should dare not report down the line that “Yeah, the Lakers are everything we taught they would be!”

  73. TheKid says:

    To all the clown heat fans… Don’t be so happy about your half a season ring! This years championship should barely even count as an official title. The season didn’t start until almost the new year… No preseason, no practice, 60 Games???? Yeah right the Heat should get a half a Ring. Lebron & the rest of u dreamers should stop patting urself on the back…. Every Single one of Kobe Beans rings came in a Full 82 Game Season… A real Season(s) Kid…the Heat will always have an Asterisk over their title in the Record Books. Make Way for the New Look Lakers..Nobody is even gonna come close!!!

  74. SomeGuy says:

    The Blazers will win the finals in a sweep against the Bobcats.

  75. digitioli says:

    As others have said, this team fits together with established roles that aren’t conflicting, and the Lakers have really improved their bench. Brown is a huge factor in this, but Kobe holds the keys to make this work.
    He’s smart enough to understand this, although I’m not sure he can actually put his ego far enough aside to execute it.
    We shall soon see.

  76. lbj says:

    Sources are saying that Kobe, gasol, Nash, and Howard want buyout from lakers. They will not suit up if still on lakers.
    Reason is simple only people win rings with the king.


    Good bench- battier, bosh, gasol. Possibilities are endless

    • W/E says:

      nice team

    • theking says:

      nice team…on paper
      team chemistry is a problem
      money is a problem
      kobe being willing to leave LA is a problem
      battier is a problem
      salary cap is a problem
      nash’s age is a problem
      lakers management never doing this is a problem
      the heat is a problem
      but other than that, yeah, great plan…if you don’t have a brain

  77. JAy says:

    Oh yeah, like Jamison is gonna help the Lakers in the playoffs… anyone remember his horrible playoff run with the Cavaliers?
    And he was 4 years younger back then…

  78. TheWayILookAtIt says:

    Nash > Chalmers
    Wade/Allen > Kobe
    Battier > Metta
    LeBron > Gasol
    Howard(if healthy) > Bosh

    On “paper” its still 3-2 Heat..

  79. JAy says:

    Come playoff time, the OLD Lakers will start to fall apart like Boston did with a bunch of nagging injuries. And the FACTS from last playoffs are, Kobe cannot close games out anymore. Facts are facts, he was struggling. Lakers WILL not come out of the west mostly due to small injuries leading to declined productivity and efficiency. And Mike Brown is an average coach at best, he’s no P. Jackson.

  80. G-ZUS947 says:

    This is great. The Laker/ Kobe haters have alot to say but they don’t make much sense. You cannot put LBJ over Kobe until both of there careers are over… than we will see who was better. As far as this season… I might get divorsed because I will not be missing a game… GO LAKERS!!!

  81. kb24 says:

    i am a knicks fan, but also a lakers. be scared from the lakers. kobe bryant is a best better than LBJ. This starting five rules and will beat the reigning champs heat

    • kb24 says:

      wait i meant beast go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Kobe Fan says:

    Thanks Sekou, we need things like this. Lakers need to stay grounded, work hard and gain their ground

  83. SomewhatReasonable says:

    The Lakers starting five is certainly one of the best, if not the best in the league. What doesn’t seem to be there is the bench. The Lakers bench is subpar at best. I think the struggles the Lakers will have will not be when the starting five is on the court, but when they are sitting on the bench. The Celtics had the same problem last season. The starting five of the Celtics could hang with any starting five, but then when they went to the bench leads started to be blown and points were really hard to come by. I think that crowning anybody champs before the season starts is dumb, just ask the Heat. Nobody predicted the Mavericks to win in 2011, everybody crowned the Heat winners. No matter the team, winning isn’t easy in the NBA. Any team will need to fight extremely hard to get that Larry O Brian trophy, and nothing is guaranteed. Lakers have a great team, but don’t get it twisted, they can be beaten.

  84. cdubbb24 says:





  85. Big Boogie says:

    Funny how people change their stance so easily. Pre D12: “If Lakers land Dwight Howard, they’re the team to beat this coming season.” Post D12: “Lakers are good on paper, but are still behind MIA and OKC.”

    Remember the Finals game 1 that went to OKC? “OKC is unstoppable, They’re too young and too deep. MIA cannot win.”
    Then every other game aftwards,: “OKC has no answer for LBJ and the Heat, OKC cannot win.”

    Choose your stance and stick with it. I’ve always felt that LAL had a great shot at the title now with Nash, D12, and an ok bench. But I think they’re gonna have to go through a pilot season like MIA did. However, if they gel quicker than expected, then doesn’t matter how good Lebron is.

    • Wow, well thought out…except for the fact that there will be no next year for all of the “main” HOF except Dwight. Pre D12, Lakers to Playoffs as far as I thought…Post D12, Lakers to the playoffs…and thats about it…C’mon Boogie you honestly think this team has a chance against the Spurs, OKC, and then after the defending Champs, which is pretty much what will happen again this season. By the time they reach the WF if they do, they will have nothing left

  86. Basketball Coach says:

    I understand that Nash and Howard are huge to this team. I am worried about Nash’s age, but everyone saw what he did last year and what Jason Kidd still is able to do at his age.

    To me the most underrated part of this team that is not getting enough coverage is their bench! Think about it. They go from consistently having a well below average bench to the 2012-2013 bench that is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade. Jamison, Meeks, Duhon, all while keeping Hill, Blake, and Ebanks… This team should be able to actually play good basketball for 48 minutes; that is a big deal.

    And,.. any team that has Kobe Bryant, IS DANGEROUS.

    • Big Boogie says:

      Agreed. Their biggest downfall for the past 2 seasons (except Odom) was contribution from the bench. It’s unbelievable how much Mike Brown and even Phil Jackson overwork the starters.

  87. HEATFAN says:

    AND OKC got better BENCH i know Lakers got JAmison but there bench is very weak :O i

  88. lfsdkjsd says:

    Ofcourse all the writers have to say “don’t crown the Lakers yet” because otherwise there won’t be excitement over the season

  89. HEATFAN says:

    I agree with alot of the guys here, i think the Lakers are a better fit then miami were.

    Its all about Balance and the lakers Look really good! but if OKC gets homecourt i dont know if the lakers can beat them then.


    KOBE -> TABO .S

    KD -> Metta



    • Johnny says:

      In seemingly 50/50 cases like this always bet on the center piece. As good as Perkins is defending Howard, Howard is 10x the defender Perkins is.
      I think people REALLY underestimate the influence Howard has. The gap between him and Bynum is bigger than between Bynum and #3 center. DH does NOT need the ball to completely dominate the game. Once you understand that you’ll see how powerful Lakers team can be.
      I bet Heat NOT to win first season with the big three but winning the second season.

      This one I’m all in with Lakers taking it all the way, given a debilitating injury free season.

    • Rich says:

      You cannot put Perkin’s name next to Dwight like that. You will need to put two names beside Howard to make it competetive.

  90. JoeeeyLopez says:

    There Is so many things I would love to say to you idiots who leave stupid comments about how the lakers are declining because they have a 38 year old pg now and kobe isnt good anymore and nash cant defend and MWP is garbage and They wont click right away and blah blah blah. You’re all idiots. There’s too much for me to have to type on here to get my point across and just shoot down every argument you guys have against the Lakers. Because there is a clear answer and counter argument for everything you guys say…. GO AHEAD, SAY ANYTHING TO ME DIRECTLY ABOUT THE LAKERS AND I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG WITH A VALID STATEMENT. Laker Haters. . . smh YOU JUST MAD LAKERS ARE THE BEST AGAIN.

    • Big Boogie says:

      There’s too much for you to type and prove your points, so instead you waste time typing about how other people are idiots? You must have been the MVP on your debate team.

    • Rich says:

      The sad thing is they have to have the best players to be the best team; while other teams just have to play as a team to be the best, hyuk. hyuk. hyuk…

  91. Robert says:

    I’m very much excited for the Clips VS Lakers game. Nov 2! Save the Date!

  92. Lakers4Life says:

    The Lakers Will Win The WCF and Kobe will get an ankle injury going into the finals. The Celtics and Miami are going to game seven in the ECF. It will be a close game seven, maybe even going into overtime… but the celtics will upset miami by one point to face the lakers in the finals. Steve Nash will make Dwight Howard play like the greatest big man ever and he will step up big time in the finals, maybe even winning finals MVP After the Lakers beat the celtics and win their 17th NBA Championship. That’s my prediction. lol

  93. Wayne says:

    I have three letters for everyone thinking the Lakers are automatically the front runner on the west. OKC!!! There is absolutely NO one on the lakers that can slow down durant and westbrook PERIOD. The Lakers are going to be a great team and make a lot of noise but I don’t see them getting past OKC. I don’t believe in Mike Brown as a head coach honestly. You got Nash, World Peace and Kobe on the downside of their careers while OKC is approaching prime status. Just think about the playoffs last season, nobody on the lakers could do anything with them now you add a non definsive player in nash and everyone else a year older. smh.

    • Big Boogie says:

      You have a good point, but you’re comparing last year’s Lakers to this year. New additions: D12, Nash, Jamison, Meeks, (and Orlando pieces not worth mentioning, lol). This is almost a completely different team. In the end, I think the WCF may come down to who controls momentum. I can see either team coming out with the W bc they each have their own advantages.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      If i remember correctly, Durant did not have an exceptional series against Lakers. Artest kept him in check and I can openly say that he had an average series against them.

      The one person who dominated Lakers was Westbrook. This was because of Bynum not stepping out as he is too slow to recover against WB. If you watch the playoff games, you will see that WB just kept pulling up for elbow jumper after elbow jumper in Bynum’s face. Now with D12, WB cant just pull up for a jumper because D12 will step up and is quick/athletic enough to keep up with WB and alter/block his shot.

      Everyone knows the Playoff games slow down and become more of a 1/2 court game. With an upgrade at the centre position, I like to see OKC attack the rim as much as they did against Bynum.

  94. Gil says:

    Lakers – 2013 NBA Champions!
    100% sure

    Yea, they bought the title, but so did the Heat

    • Big Boogie says:

      How did either team buy the title? L.A. essentially traded 6th man of the year Odom for Nash, and were able to get vital bench pieces in Meeks and Jamison for a steal.

      Likewise, MIA brought in Bosh and Lebron, with both taking a paycut, and this year got Ray Allen for a steal as well.

      It’s not like either team were handing out retarded contracts like the Knicks have always done.

      • Lol says:

        Uhm, the lakers gave up talent to get talent. L.O. was traded to the mavs for a trade exception and that trade exception was used to get Nash. The lakers gave up Bynum to get Howard. Unlike the heat whose players had secret meeting so that they could team up and form a “super” team. All the heat did was to get players with expiring contracts no matter how bad those players were. Cmon dude lol

  95. rvzab says:

    L.A. Lakers might get championship, but not this upcoming season. Maybe the next two.

  96. Lizzy says:

    Miami Heat vs La Lakers NBA Finals 2012 dream match up. Their is no need to play a season this year just skip to the nba finals we all know no one will stop the heat or the lakers.

  97. aj says:

    if u think Gasol is on the downside you clearly didn’t watch the Olympics. He was a 1 man team against the US. They just pushed him out of the offense last season to make way for Bynum. this isnt an issue with Howard because you dont have to run sets for him; he’ll just putback dunk and pick and roll with nash all day. And when you have Kobe, Nash, and Gasol you dont need Artest to score. Just to play defense and get under peoples skin. If he can trade techs with Durrant or James, thats a win for the Lakers every time. The 1 time the Lakers beat the Thunder last year was when Artest and Harden left the game (not the best way to do it but if Artest can put you off your game or even make u less effecient he’s done what he’s paid for)

  98. Max says:

    I am a Lakers fan since 2003, I think the gain in the face Hovord and Nash is significant, because it is easier to open pikenrolam, and at the same time will give the opportunity to play Pau is better than last year, ostaetsya question the coach who must calculate the correct combination IGRAC , no matter how good bl Mike Brown Phil is always the best, if he led the Lakers in the finals this year for them. Relatively Nash believe this increase in three point shots, stable Trejo is super. And like the bench looks better than last year.

  99. kobi says:

    los la bust team

  100. jp says:

    everybody is talking about their offense…how about their defense??? nash is not a defender, two slow bigs, aging bryant and mwp…i dont think they can keep up with OKC or MIA…

  101. kobi says:

    bust team

  102. Boyan says:

    OKC and Nuggets are clearly better than Lakers, on paper and in reality

  103. OriginalHeatFan says:

    You guys can talk all you want the bottom line is Kobe cant do it by himself he has always had help throughout his career. Kobe honestly is just a very good player probably top 10. Without the pieces hes had throughout the years he might win 1 championship or 2 max. Now I know Faker fans and kobe fans will deny this truth but think about it for awhile. Shaq Pau Bynum Artest(when he was better) Fisher and PHIL JACKSON. Now he has Nash DWIGHT and Pau i mean come on man how can you say Kobe compares to MJ or LBJ when he has had more help then both of those men combined. To put it into simple terms Kobe is like a student who always gets extra tutoring and help from the prof and still finishes third behind LBJ and MJ who never study. I Speak the Truth.

    • Rob says:

      What are you talking about? I remember this guy by the name of Scottie Pippen who was on the Bulls each of the 6 seasons that MJ won a title. I still believe MJ is on another level, but come on… Lebron? Are you flippin serious? They tried to build a team around him in Cleveland, but he had to move to Dwayne Wade’s team along with Chris Bosh in order to get his ONLY title. Did you somehow forget this? He couldn’t get it done in Cleveland, even though he had a solid team and finished first place in the East during his last two seasons with the Cavs. Until “LBJ” gets at least 3 rings, you can’t even compare him to Kobe… What you speak is a bunch of BS.

    • T says:

      Dude you have no clue what you are talking about saying MJ and LBJ did it by themselves!
      MJ: Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Horace Grant, John Paxson, Ron Harper, Toni Kukoc, and Phill Jackson
      LBJ: Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Ronny Turiaf, Udonis Haslem, Jwuan Howard and if you want to add player from Cleveland when he won the best record in the NBA years in a row then hear ya go, Delonte West, Ben Wallace, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Anderson Varejao, Drew Gooden so dont even start saying that there is one player out there that has won by themselves every one has help thats why there is no “I” in TEAM! Get a grip man!

      • Lori says:

        Everybody always forgets that LBJ played with Shaq, oh and guess what he didn’t win it all that year! HAHAHA little bit o’ sarcasm! Anyhow goodness LBJ must be the GOAT come on he just won ONE title! Hahaha you really make me laugh! Saying Shaq won it all is such a joke, Shaq couldn’t win by himself, that’s why he left Orlando, fact is they needed each other, Shaq wasn’t good enough by himself and Kobe was a young kid priming himself, oh and bytheway they are the greatest DUO to ever play the game-Together. Then Shaq left, the team fell apart and Kobe by himself, avging 30+ points a season took his team of bench brothers to the playoffs, most of those players aren’t even in the league anymore and it’s not because of age! Then Kobe became a man and won 2 more titles, that’s 5 troll! Comparing MJ to Kobe is just fun, Kobe’s not quite there yet, still needs a few more titles to rule that world, just give him some time this conversation will be very fun in two or three years!

    • idiot says:

      who wins it all by himself?

  104. ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    This team is all about the health of Nash. If he’s healthy and his body can hold up until the Western Confernce Fianl he will ‘General’ this team to a championship NO PROBLEM. I will HATE to see the Lakeshow win it again, but it all boils down to Nash. If Kobe goes down (everyone still healthy), they can still win. If Howard goes down, they can still win. If Nash goes down…its OKC vs. Miami part 2!!!

  105. malik says:

    Sekou you are forgetting that the 03 Lakers had the internal problems with Kobe and Shaq, They had just won the 3-peat and had no chip on their shoulders and were not “hungry” as the 2012 squad. The 2012 squad consists of Gasol who has a chip on his shoulder after all the trade talk and playoff under average performances two years in a row. Nash wants his first title and so does Howard after all the trade insanity he has (put himself) through. Last but not least KILLAKOBE aka forever Poiseness Mamba who is in the 4th quarter of his carrier wants to get his 6th ring and show people that he is still the alphadog in the league. Yes they need to get their chemistry going and will take some time, but this is nowehere near the same situation as the 2003 Lakers.

  106. dl says:

    Howard and Nash in particular both want rings + kobe wants at least 1 more to equal jordan this team has all the motivation it needs to come together not to mention Gasol’s numbers will spike just from being in the same area code as Nash. Gon to be a weird team in terms of “whos the man”…they almost don’t need it cuz yes kobe will be taking most of the last shots but nash will be running the offense and spreading it out all game going to be DEADLY in pic an rolls with either big man and on top of this nash and kobe two of the best shooters in the game will be wide open for threes cuz of the doubles that have to come to howard in the post/all the movement created by nash’s playmaking. this team gon to be scary good i only see the heat and thunder competing with them and baring injury i still pick them to win THIS YEAR….not a laker fan either.

  107. CP3toStayinLA says:

    Go Clippers!!!

  108. Carl Bennett says:

    Sekou’s right, you don’t win Larry O’Brien trophies on paper. But you CAN get marketability on paper, which will get you Stern’s support-which will get you a Larry O’Brien.

    • BBKnowledge says:

      Yes they got D12 and yes they got steve nash, but now you have two different with the same back issues and Kobe who has a knee that is slowly taking its toll. MWP hasn’t done anything to prove why he even belongs on the Lakers. While Gasol is exactly what 6 foot Chris Paul said to him…soft!! Once the expectations get high enough D12 will try to get away as fast as he can and the Lakers will have lost Bynum for nothing.

      • Lol says:

        MWP hasn’t done anything? If not for his put back in game 7 of the 2010 west finals agaisnt the suns, then kobe would only have four rings. And MWP was the one who guarded the celtics second best, if not, the best player, paul pierce. Cmon dude lol

      • ricard says:

        Yes, soft enought to almost win the gold medal to the whole of USA TEAM ( and it’s not the first time, Beijing 2008), he ate Chandler and Love in that game, unstoppable (see the match coldless). Definitvely, If Gasol was black an a US citizen, it’s so clear to bea HOF ( even without his atonishing national team career). Remember…the Lakers was for years nothing (almos no 1ºround playoffs) and the he arrived…AND SURPRISE and MAGIC: one final-and two championship in a row. Bryan was the whole key but it is a FACT for history. See his stats also and compare it with a lot of past HOFs.

  109. Max77 says:

    its funny how this team gets hall of famers together and NO BODY is getting on their case like they did with Miami….lmaof

    • DShip says:

      That’s a good point……Miami got dogged, but nobody said anything about the Celtics, The Blazers, The Rockets, and now the Lakers……That is a harsh bias!

    • CP403 says:

      I think part of it is because how the two teams were constructed. One was done through free agency and three players planning this for years.
      The Lakers signed Nash in a sign and trade and acquired Howard via trade. so not exactly the same thing.
      Also for the most part the Lakers are adding people that are in the later part of their careers, not their prime.

      I get what you are saying though. For me it wasnt that the HEAT got together like they did but more so how Lebron treated his former team. Bosh was going nowhere in TO so you cant blame him for bolting, but the Cavs had the best record in th league that year.

    • Nate says:

      Yeah, I guess I missed the dance party that Kobe, Dwight, Pau, and Steve held where they proclaimed they would win, “Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7…” championships. I wouldn’t imagine that had anything to do with the resentment directed towards Miami in 2010-2011.

    • Rob says:

      NOBODY, huh? I seem to recall the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers be rescinded by David Stern last year… Hhhmmm???

    • below the rim says:

      Because these other teams did not put on a cheesy introduction show like the heat’s big 3 did.

  110. J says:

    history will repeat itself for the lakers.. all star starting line-up going deep into the playoffs, maybe all the way to the finals, but not making it..

  111. CML says:

    I guess the best thing the Lakers can do is a mix of the pick and roll and the deadly one-two punch combo. Combine the playing style of Gasol and Dwight and you have an Amare-like player, so you cannot really go wrong with the addition of Nash because he knows how to turn the pick an roll to the aggressive inside offense with Dwight and the European big man playing style with Gasol. Now, the one-two punch combo is what is going to make the Lakers dangerous. Kobe used to play with Shaq and the one-two punch they did carried the Lakers to 3 championships and 4 Finals appearances. The Lakers can revive that game-changing play with Kobe and Dwight. They now have 2 options on offense and a third one with the Princeton Offense that can make them more lethal than they appear in paper. I am a big fan of the Lakers and I know Mike Brown can whip something up to make the most of this super 5 and win a championship as soon as possible. If they can balance the use of the pick-and-roll and the one-two punch, they are good to go for the season and even the playoffs.

  112. eddie says:

    Kobe understands that he cant play like he used to. hes been saying it for months, its even on paper with one of his lowest shooting % since his second season. Hes getting tired, and im sure all hes worried about right now is winning a championship, not being “the man” of the team , He even went as far to say that once hes done with basketball the team will still have howard to take over. For the next 2 years i believe this group of guys will show howard the winning side of things ( i.e championship) and once kobe is done Howard will dominate, just like Lebron will after a taste of championship gold

    • DeBrosh says:

      Howard has repeatedly shown that he is challended in the “learning” department; how are you guys gonna fix that.

      • Rob says:

        Howard took his team to the Finals. He’s hungry for his first championship. He will do what it takes…

  113. Sunny says:

    Im tired of people comparing it to 2004. If we had Tim Duncan and Gary Payton in 2004 (Im sure Lakers would have won the championship!) than you could compare it to Howard and Nash. Because you have 1 prime and 1 past prime super star in each of those situations. In 2004 we had 2 past prime players added to the team.

  114. Smurf says:

    As A Laker Fan, I am excited by what our teams looks like, and feel that our biggest push will come with the new additions to our bench. Antwan Jamison is no longer an “All-Star” but still capable of providing quality minutes of the bench. odie Meeks will back up Kobe, very nicely. Chris Duhan has always been a quality back-up point guard. Devin Ebanks is learning, Steve Blake is decent, Matt Barnes is lazy, Jordan Hill is……….well, it can’t all be perfect. In the end, like most Championship teams, the starters can only do so much. Having a quality bench is very important, and I think getting Grant Hill would have been perfect for us, but he chose that other L.A. team, Lord knows why. All In All, I feel very confident about the Lakers making it to the NBA Finals.

    • Nate says:

      I agree that our bench has improved, but just wanted to note that Jordan Hill will be great as our third big man. He plays an energy role, which is something we have sorely lacked in the past few years…probably since we had Turiaf. I thought he played exceptional in the Denver series last year. Also, Barnes is no longer with the team, and has yet to be picked up by anybody.

    • Bruce says:

      Barnes lazy? Not sure what games you’re watching but he puts in a lot of effort. He just doesn’t have the talent. He gets an A for effort but a C- in talent. Anyone Laker fan who watched Jordan Hill during the 2012 playoffs would agree that he is one of the better bench players on the Lakers…

  115. caloyski says:

    Lakers will land playoff but will not last the rigors of of a 4 seven-game series–they have a very weak bench

    • CP403 says:

      Jamison, Meeks, Blake, Hill. Lakers will have a 9 man rotation of very solid players. Lakers will not have a weak bench this year

      • Caliking says:

        I am a lakers fan but dont ever mention steve blake as being a solid bench player for the lakers.

    • Mytownla says:

      Ewwww….. loos like CP403 jus shut you down bruh… I mean how could someone not after you make a rediculous comment on the lakers bench.. you must be another one of those Heats fans who try and read Laker articles to keep up with what we are doing because you are completely afraid for next season.

    • Lol says:

      Jamison, Meeks, Barnes, Hill and Duhon. If that’s a weak bench then you must don’t know anything about basketball. Just beacuse there’s no sixth man of the year candidate in the lakers bench, it doesn’t mean it’s not good enough.

  116. Roy says:

    Steve Nash should be a great fit, he has absolutely no ego on the court and will do his best to blend in and get the offence going. What I am worried about is Dwight and Kobe. They both seem like they’re going to be battling within the team for dominance but I have a feeling Dwight will step down to Kobe as he did want to switch teams to be on a contender and sacrifice his role as the “man”.

    • basketball jones says:

      Nah I think Kobe will step down or at least he should if he wants to get another ring. Dwight is in the prime of his career and Kobe is nearing the twilight of his, so if kobe just swallows his ego and lets Dwight be the man I think it would be much more beneficial for all the parties involved. Remember when a budding Dwyane Wade was allowed to be the team’s star while Shaq graciously stepped down in order to get himself his fourth ring, a great example for Kobe to follow.

  117. Spliftout says:

    You don’t really believe that this team won’t mesh do you? I guess Im just another arrogant laker fan that thinks the team that should’ve beat OKC last year just added D12 , Nash , Jamison and Meeks and IS the favorite to win next yr PERIOD.

  118. Myers14 says:

    It is Gasol. If he doesn’t get in for the NBA he will certainly make it in for international play since he is one of the best foreign born players ever (after a current teammate, Dirk and maybe 1 or 2 others).

  119. FromAcrossThePond says:

    So… four Hall of Famers in next season Lakers starting lineup: Kobe – one, Dwight – two and Nash – three. So far, easy pickings. But who’s the fourth? I guess the decision rests upon Gasol or MWP. Honestly, even though I really respect and like my buddy Pau (MWP is so so in my personal standings right now), I don’t think any of them is Hall of Fame material. Neither where particularly close to a MVP selection in their career and their All Star appearances are easily overshadowed by any of their remaining colleagues. Even so, I am curious about whom Sekou thinks to deserve such a honor.

    • Bizzman23 says:

      Gasol isn’t a HOF, but he’s one of the best international players ever.

      • uhh yeah says:

        you’re kidding yourself if you think Pau Gasol isn’t going to be HoF.The basketball hall of fame isn’t just for NBA accolade thinks Arvydas Sabonis. International basketball is taken into consideration. not first ballot but definitely will be a hofer eventually.

      • leo says:


    • CP403 says:

      Antwon Jamison is the other HOF. When all is said and done there will be 5 going in from this Lakers team

    • DeBrosh says:

      there are 2 Hall of famers on the lakers – Kobe and Nash. (maybe Pau gets in based on international consederations) Why are people calling DH a “hall of famer”? Stats only show a small bit of things. what about the level of competition? Sorry to say but DH is simply the best of a poor crop of centers.

      • Mytownla says:

        Maybe because Dwight is the Magics all time scoring leader.. Maybe because of his pure dominance… My two year old has a better basketball i.q than you do. what an idiot smh

      • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

        BAHAHAHAHAHA Dwight Howard not a HoF player? You have got to be kidding me. Seriously though, what more do you want. The guy single handedly took his team to the NBA Finals.

    • Caliking says:

      2nd pick in the draft took memphis to all their postseason trips while he was there as their best player. was the 2nd best player in 3 str8 trips to the finals one which the lakers did not have 2 of their starters in bynum and ariza. All-Star appearances are fan based and even the coaches get it wrong too. steve nash last year dirk last year. seriously its by favoritism not actual skill. He will have his jersey retired with the lakers and the lakers dont have any retired jersey numbers that arent in the hall of fame. even chick hearn is in the hall of fame and he was the annoucer.

      • FromAcrossThePond says:

        Well, I guess one needs to look at the criteria that the Hall of Fame panel uses to select its entries. Although I believe that is fairly subjective. For the Spanish, Gasol was the spearhead of a whole wave of great basketball players and one of the world’s best national selections. He wasn’t the first spanish born player in the NBA but it was certainly one of the best. For me, between him and MWP for the Hall of Fame spot, there is no doubt that Pau is the best and more reliable from those two. And technically, while in Mephis, he was their franchise player, well, sort of. Yeah, I guess Pau deserves the spot, but mostly because of its influence and contribution to the development of basketball particularly in Europe but also throughout the world, than for its ability and game alone. There are a lot more kids playing and watching basketball in Europe right now thanks to Pau.

  120. steppx says:

    i dont see them as number one even on paper…..why do people say this? A 38 year old point guard…..artest is shot…..and Gasol is clearly declining. Ive no idea how much longer Kobe can play. IF you compare LA to denver…..position by position and add in the bench….I dont see LA as better. You have to somehow believe Howard is that much better than everyone and he has never demonstrated that at all.

    • Bizzman23 says:

      You don’t know basketball the nuggets are better than this LA team????????? Only team that will compete with them in the west is OKC(which is gonna be an awesome western conference final). The east is going to be the interesting side of bball this year with the Nets and Sixers improving, seeing how the bulls will shape up with Rose out for more than half of the year, the Knicks are probably going to be a much better team, and let’s not forget the C’s. Howard is easily the best C in the NBA, don’t feed into the media hype about Bynum being better, and this is coming from a Sixers fan, Howard rebounds betters, scores in a more dominate wearing defense down type of way bynum has a better polished offensive game can’t lie about that, and is a shot blocker. Howard will dominate on LA with running the pick and roll with Nash and or Bryant alongside of Gasol, this is an extremely scary team and is going to be too easy for Nash.

      • The only team that could compete is OKC??????? Wow I actually thought for a second, you knew about basketball. OKC will destroy the “new” Lakers…And this is comming from a TRUE Heat fan, not a wagon jumper…The Spurs will be the team to actually “compete”…The Lakers are now one of the slowest teams in the NBA. Dwight, fresh off of back surgery is no threat, and I’d be surprised if he could even run down the court. He need to watch out for Ron, cuase he like to throw elbows, and might elbow him in the back…LOL! James Harden could “Artest” to that.. wow I’m on a role!And even when he heals, we all know he is NOT Superman…More like a clone that is following the actual Superman’s footsteps, Miami you’re next…HA! Nash is without a doubt one of the best PGs in the NBA, but is running with a slow team, based on a slow half court coaching style – this just isn’t a right fit for his style…Gasol, I hope we’re talking about Mark becasue I don’t even consider Pau as a legitimate NBA Center of forward or whatever position he thinks he plays – just a waste of space…Ron Artest (oops) Metta World Peace is a liability on and off the court, if he’s NOT beating up players, he’s beating up fans – he doesn’t count…Kobe doesn’t deserve to be added to this conversation, too much respect for his game…but still NOT fast enough to keep up with Nash’s style of play…Basically, the Lakers are like a counterfit $100 dollar bill… they look great on paper and on the floor, and were illegally created without the thought of the dire consequences, and being laughed at when trying to “buy” a Champinship…By the way Bynum sux too! I smell a repeat…Go Miami!

      • bjohn says:

        Totally agree man. LA is the most fearsome team in the league now. The critics will have thier say but at the end of the day they will have to respect this superstar team.

      • Rich says:

        AND HAHAHA ! FOR A WHILE THERE I thought the next guys posting knows more and more about the NBA – Lakers and OKS looks very strong in paper but you can’t overlook the improved Clips, Mavs, Nuggets and even Hornets and the ever reliable Spurs and Grizz. Either the Lakers or OKC would make it to the conference finals but I won’t be surprised if neither one wins it.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        Why do ppl keep bringing up the age factor with Nash. YES, Age Does Matter. HOWEVER, If i remember correctly Nash was running up & down the court with relative ease and still pushing the ball with instead of 7 secs or les (SSOL) with Coach D’Antoni to about 12 secs or less (TSOL) with Coach Gentry. Still fast paced. He still runs pick n roll effectively. Nash has never been athletically superior. He has always been quick and deceptive with his dribbling and play making.

        Dwight has said he is on track for his back rehab, but will wait to get medical clearance before playing (he is my only concern). Metta has lost weight to ensure he can stay light on his feet. Kobe is Kobe. Pau was dominating in the Olympics (He is a low post player and has exceptional playmaking skills for a big man).

        Anyone that thinks OKC will just ‘run’ past Lakers (both literally and figuratively) are delusional. Just like anyone who thinks Lakers will dominate the NBA (being a laker fan i hope they do). LA Fans demand C’Ships. The motto has always been C’Ship or Bust. I expect C’ship for Lakers this yr, just like every yr.

    • ChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

      What? Really? At the end of the day, talent is only part of the equation. The other half, (which puts the lake show at #1) is motivation. Kobe wants 6, Nash and Howard want one, Mike Brown’s entire legacy hinges on this season (he won’t get another season if they don’t win), and Buss doesn’t want to lose his LA basketball Monopoly to the up and coming Clippers…There is no other team in the NBA more motivated to win this year…furthermore…OKC is still young and may need to take some more lumps before they run the League for their back-to-back-to-back!!

      • chalice says:

        I would agree that the Lakers are motivated as Nash definitely wants a ring before he retires, however I think you are underestimating OKC. OKC wants to win now as James Harden’s future as a thunder is up in the air and I do think LBJ wants to win back to back. On paper the Lakers are in the elite however they are old (minus Howard) and Nash’s defence is not the greatest. Also, never forget the Spurs (also old) as I had to eat my words last year because at the begining of the season I doubted they would be in the top 4 in the West. All in all I can’t wait for the season to start but I wouldn’t map the parade route for the Lakers just yet.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      i hope you’re just being sarcastic

    • Rob says:

      “You have to somehow believe Howard is that much better than everyone and he has never demonstrated that at all.”

      You must have been hiding under a rock during the 2008-2009 season when HOWARD took Orlando to the Finals. Please do not comment if you don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about. MORON!

  121. newyorksteelo says:

    As a Knick fan, I have to admit I am scared of this teams starting five. Yes the Miami Heat took 2 years to come together, but they did not have a solid point guard like Steve Nash, and the fact that the Heat came together reaching success 2 years later is indication that this can be done, making it easier for other teams like the Lakers to believe it, and believe in themselves. All it takes is some professionalism, dedication, and leadership from Kobe and Nash, along with some good coaching from Mike Brown. I suspect this team will come together a lot quicker than Miami did.

    • lolol says:

      LBJ is about 10x better than anyone on the Lakers, that is why it worked in Miami.. If Kobe went to the Heat, they wouldn’t have made it to the finals. The problem with the Lakers is that they don’t have LBJ.. and if you don’t have LBJ right now, you aren’t winning anytime soon.

      • Jason says:

        Are you on glue. LBJ has won 1 championship PERIOD that is all, that is it. How you can come up with that statement is udderly rediclious!!! Congrads on one chip maybe after 4 years he may be able to catch up with that other guy you were talking about. you know the guy with 5, you 5 chips lol

      • wow lol says:

        Howard will stop leborn and if u dont think thats true look at last season. magic went 3-1 agianst miami with just howard. The would play some sort of zone or even a little man and howard kept lebron under or around the low 20 ppg. i sense thate ure just a lebron bandwagon fan

      • Chandler says:

        Something tells me you’re a scared Heats fan..

      • DeBrosh says:

        oh come on now! LBJ is better than Kobe at this point but not 10X better! get a grip man!

      • james says:

        your a idiot lebron has how many rings? sit down somewhere.. you obviously know nothing about the game of basketball

      • basketball jones says:

        Wow.. Your way too much into Lebron, although admittedly he is the greatest player in the world at the moment, I still wouldn’t rule out the lakers because just as the knicks fan pointed out they have steve nash, who is arugably one of the best playmakers in the history of the NBA. And when the heat started out they lacked an efficient center, and the lakers have that with Howard and they also lacked a substantial point guard in which the lakers have in steve nash, so unlike the heat, who had glaring holes in their overall “team” I find this new laker team to be the most complete team in the NBA at the moment but of course it remains to be seen if they’ll gel together perfectly to take the championship the first year because the Thunder, Spurs, Heat and maybe even the nets are phenomenal opponents that represent great challenges.

      • Aravind Kumar says:

        Thats not true man…Kobe has won 5 championships and he knows how to play with a group of guys who are not in the caliber of dwight & steve….Now its going to be easy to figure out man….not like LBJ took 2 season….its going to be 2 exhibition matches tats it….kobe is 100x man…its going to happen

      • Tom says:

        wow get off lebron’s nuts.

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        @lol I had to put my face to the screen to make sure what i was reading was correct. And all i could do is LOL!!!!! Lebron better than anyone on the Lakers?!!!! This is whats wrong with you heat fans, the PCP has got to your brains not to mention you no nothing about basketball. Again, LOL!!!!!!!!!

      • Big Boogie says:

        tell that to the Cavs.

      • Mytownla says:

        No u did not jus say that Lebron james is 10x better than KOBE BRYANT??? I stopped reading your rediculous comment after that 1st sentence.. you should shoot yourself… now!!! You just made it obvious to the world that your basketball i.q is well below a negative… smh

      • 10x better at joining 2 olympians just to win a ring. Kobe go out and play with whoever. LBJ out there having secret meetings with two other guys who was drafted in the top 5 the year he was drafted. Who does that? If he was 10x better, he wouldn’t have had to go to a Game 7 with a old, injured Celtics team. Oh you thought we forgot about that? Now the East has gotten harder. Heat fans, no need to worry about my Lakers. Celtics, Knicks, Nets, Pacers and Sixers all got better and will make it harder for Miami.

      • rkooly says:

        why do people still think dwight howard can stop lebron? does every single laker fan have amnesia? 2009 playoffs: cavaliers against magic. gm 1: lebron has 49. gm 2: lebron gets 35. gm 3: lebron gets 41. gm 4: lebron gets 44. gm 5: lebron gets 37 gm 6: lebron gets 25. lebron can and did average 40 pts over a playoff series against dwight howard.

      • amitpal says:

        Lbj is the reason they didn’t win it last year. How many point did he average last gear in finals that right 17. Hoe many in the fourth that’s right about 1. Who chocked all last year that’s right lbj. Quite thinking he’s god, cuz hes not.

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        Lebron joins a team with superstars to win a championship.

        Superstars join a team with Kobe to win a championship.

      • Lol says:

        @rkooly yeah lebron averaged 40+ per game that series but did they win? The series would have been over in game 2 if lebron missed that game winning three at the buzzer. And based on lebron’s reaction, he didn’t expect the shot to go in lol

      • ULOL says:

        dont be over confident what you said. LBJ has only one ring but kobe have 5 rings already.
        dont be so exagerated. dont ever underestimate the heart of the champ. lol

      • Jones17 says:

        hey lololol, i laugh at YOU! The only thing apart from injury that can stop the Lakers is their lack of shooting. If Meeks and Jamison can come in and have the impact Battier/Miller had last year, then it will take 4 perfect games by someone else to beat the Lakers.

      • burat says:

        RJames, tats te last champioship ring. that it. no more/never again

      • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

        Totally agree!..kobe and nash are to washed up..did you see kobe in the olympics? he had 1 good game he looked washed up like a jordan on the wizards…lebron is the best player in the league and the best playmaker hands down..bron haters cant admitt it. i didnt see kobe this yr put up 45 8 n 8 when his team was in need to win… lebron could carry any team weve yet to see the best of him scary…..

      • lebronheatREPEAT! says:

        @ L.A. ALL DAY who plays in hollywood?????? if kobe played for the cavs kobe would’ve left and nobody wouldve went to him..besides if kobe was on the cavs kobe wouldnt be anything..to me honestly hes just a ball hog and not a team player like lebron..all kobe’s rings were with other stars on his team named shaquille oneal and a mid aged pau who is soft now. MIA ALL DAY!!! HHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHA:)

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        @LebronHeatRepeat lol ok sir whatever you say. Lebron won this past season because why??? He chased a title with who???? 2 other superstars. You just proved my point. Lebron doesn’t win without help which is why he left his former team to chase a title with superstars. Shaq and the Lakers don’t win 3 in a row without Kobe on that team and Gasol and Bynum don’t win 2 without kOBE. come on now brody. thought u had somethin on me TRICK. you just another LBJ guzzler. Hey man. Good luck this year in winning back to back titles. You know you have alot at stake by joining the ’04 Pistons as a 1 and done team which is very likely to happen, since your heat look helpless in comparison to this years Laker squad. And once you get off riding LBJ’s weed whacker, try watching some NBA games. Lebron doesn’t have anything on Kobe but I can see why you are so butt hurt. He never will. Now stfu and get off my nuts cracker.

      • L.A. ALL DAY says:

        Oh and I can’t wait to see what you have to say when Lebron plays at the age of 35. Thats IF he’s still in the league. Lebron is 10 years younger or so than Kobe. He will never catch up to the stature of the great one Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant. But your an LBJ guzzler, I wouldn’t expect you to admit to it. But talk to me in 10 years we will see what kind of numbers LBJ is putting up and if he’s still even in the discussion of greatness. I am a Laker fan not just KB24 fan. Lakers 16 titles going on 17. Miami……..2 LMAOF

      • taeka says:

        The Heat won’t be in the Finals this year 🙂

    • DC says:

      Yeah another reason why i feel that i wont take that long for the lakers to gel is because of the fact that the pieces that they have all fit seamlessly. the players play differently. nash doesnt care to score, just really wants to set up his teammates. kobe just wants to score. pau likes being on the elbow and play finess. dwight just wants to dunk, rebound and play defense. they fit perfectly

      • tyrone says:

        The Laker’s only weakness is the 3 cause Artest is getting old he ain’t that defensive player of the year he once was. Lebron would dominate the three if any team can take advantage of the laker’s small forward weakness then the Lakers still have a minor weakness and what about D12’s back will he be the same again. Look at Brand, ever since that achilles tendon injury he had, he was no longer an all-star he once was.

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:


        When Magic vs Cavs in 2009. They had Turkoglu guarding Lebron and still won the series. If you honestly think Artest is a worse defender than Turkoglu, then maybe you shouldnt talk about basketball. They always say, you cant STOP great players, but you can make them WORK for their pts. I know Artest is old(er) now, but I think he will still play better D than what Turkoglu played against Lebron in 2009. No knock to Turkoglu, but Artest loves playin D against great players.

    • Phil says:

      As a knicks fan you should be scared of any teams starting 5…

    • Jon says:

      YOu guys are acting like rings are everything. Kobe didnt win those first 3 rings shaq did. If it wasnt for shaq Kobe would have just 2 rings. Likewise lebron didnt do it by himself he had Wade and Bosh. RIngs are a team accomplishment not an individual accomplishment. If you want individual put lebron on the bobcats for a year and then kobe.

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Difference is Shaq and Kobe joined forces because of Lakers management. Unlike Lebron, who didnt have the heart or the game Kobe has, thats why he was unable to bring at least 1 ring to Cleveland. Lebron is not on the same page as Kobe, get that out of your mind. Kobe is on another planet compared to Lebron.

      • LOL says:

        Huh?!? So you mean to say Shaq can win those ring without the help from Kobe??? Ask every NBA team who won championships about who’s on their roster… I bet they have 2-3 basketball stars on their team.

      • DMarc24 says:

        @ Jon: I’m a die hard Lakers fan, but also a basketball realest. For u to say Shaq won those rings, u really don’t know basketball. Shaq wouldn’t have won any rings without Kobe. They both won those rings. in 2000, they had help from Glen Rice. In 01′ and 02′ they had great team chemistry and Fisher and Horry to help Kobe out in the clutch. C’mon man! (in my Chris Carter voice)

      • LALAKERS says:

        All I gotta say is that your comparing 3 in a row and it took 2 guys from Lakers that didnt talk to join forces and GM brought them in to 3 guys from the heat and top 5 draft picks and they won in a season that is not even a full season what is that called a o yeah a * (asterisk) and Kobe won 2 more with a Gasol that people are saying hes soft then LBJ is a great player but no match against Kobe. If the Heat don’t win this year then he can’t do anything that Kobe did or MJ and if the Heat wins again lets see if they can get a 3peat then we’ll see. O and if Heat does 3 peat well it didn’t take Kobe 2 more other superstars in top 5 picks to win it plus it would be 2 and a asterisk good luck to you Heat and remember this comment will bite you in the a**

    • First of all it took 5 years or Miami Heat to build this team. Riley planned this in 2006. Miami Heat just waited for LJ, and Bosh and get ready for them.
      Second, do not worry about LA, Why? DH is not better than Bynum. Bynum is a better on point production, better FT shooter, younger, healthier(after DH back surgery) DH is a slightly better rebounder.
      The game becoming faster every year. Look who played the finals last years..The fastest two teams in NBA. If you have an elite coach who can keep the game full court then having athletic players is a bigger advantage than having slow big bodies. LA is a slow team. If they had Phil Jackson, I would agree with you on LA being scary. Miami Heat’s biggest weakness is its coaching, and size to match with the opponent in half court games.

    • LA....No Way says:

      i know that people are so mad that LBJ and the Heat ruined their teams season. But LeBron (MVP) and the Heat (champs) are obviously going to repeat. There is now way the Lakers will even have a chance to get by the Thunder and KD. So b4 you start saying that the Lakers are going to win the finals, they dont have a good chance of even getting out of the West. So all you La bandwagoners, start getting a bit more realistic