Grizzlies Put A Lock On Memphis

HANG TIME, Texas — Let’s get back to talking about whether the Grizzlies should have let O.J. Mayo get away. Or talk about blowing that 27-point lead to the Clippers in the playoffs. Or Z-Bo’s post game or Lionel Hollins’ trademark grumpiness or anything else that happens on the court at the FedEx Forum.

As our good buddy and wonderful Commercial-Appeal columnist Geoff Calkins says, the one thing we shouldn’t have to do anymore is talk about the Grizzlies leaving Memphis:

Never again will you have to listen to those who would tell you the team will be out of here in five years or ten. Never again will you have to wonder if a particularly thin Tuesday crowd is the beginning of the end.

Robert Pera is not moving the Grizzlies. Nobody is moving the Grizzlies.

“The team is not going anywhere,” said Staley Cates. “That’s the whole point.”

Cates is one of a group of Memphians — others include Pitt Hyde, Duncan Williams, Ed Dobbs and Billy Orgel — who have reached a deal with Pera to buy between 30-35 percent of the team.

As part of the deal, Pera agreed to three provisions that will make it nearly impossible for the Grizzlies to move for at least 15 years:

If the Grizzlies were to leave Memphis, Pera would have to pay a $100 million penalty.

If Pera were to sell the team to someone who wanted to move it, the local owners would have the right to match the deal and buy the team themselves.

3) If Pera were to try and move the team himself, the local owners would have the right to buy the team at the current price.

All three provisions are in affect for the next 15 years. In other words: The Grizzlies ain’t moving. Can we please never talk about that subject again? And can we please disregard the lunacy of any who would try and tell you that local owners haven’t “stepped up?”

Let’s get back to talking about the ribs at the Rendezvous or the shrimp and grits at Pearl’s Oyster Bar or the Jungle Room at Graceland. The subject of the Grizzlies leaving town is now closed.


  1. Alexus says:

    To crazy there moves are just a like

  2. VanMac says:

    Grizzlies are not staying. They are going back to Vancouver BC.

  3. Memphis All Day says:

    I am getting so sick of Vancouver’s finest polluting the MEMPHIS Grizzlies message boards. The Grizzlies are staying in Memphis long term and that’s final.They left Vancouver for a reason. Maybe because it is Canada. No city loves basketball better than Memphis. Now that the fans have no reason to believe that the team is leaving, the Grizzlies will receive even more love and support from the city of Memphis. Vancouver fans need to be more realistic and try the Kings or something.

    • leggomymelo says:

      @Memphis All Day: Thank you. I think it’s great that Vancouver has loyalty amongst their fans, but they have to come to grips with the fact that it just didn’t work. Players don’t like having to live in Canada and go through the culture change every season, especially when most players live primarily in the States. I believe several former Raptor’s players have said this. Memphis loves the Grizzlies, and the Grizzlies love Memphis. They arent going anywhere, just like the article says.

    • #1grizzfan4life says:

      You got that right! 100%! I’m there at least 10 games a season and cannot wait til October! GRIT AND GRIND!! MEMPHIS 4 LIFE!!! To the Vancouver fans, try to talk M.J. into moving the God awful Bobcats up there. I don’t think that franchise will ever turn the corner in Charlotte.

  4. BIG CAT says:

    bring em back to vancouver , lol we only had the team for wat like 5 seasons , ahh the good ol’ days of a young mike bibby and shareef abdur rahim, steve ‘the baby’ francis not wanting to play for us after we drafted him second overall ( where is he now ??? ) , and who could forget the big fella big country bryant reeves , vancouver never screwed this team, stu jackson and his mishandling of the team did

  5. gl says:

    Vancouver was the right city for the Grizzles. When the Grizzlies were in Vancouver attendance was way better than when they were/are in Memphis. The problem was that the Vancouver owners of the Grizzlies got overextended and had to sell. They ended up selling to Mr Heisley who promised he’d keep the team in Vancouver, but moved them out as fast as he could. He did what he did best in his business career: buy ailing companies or organization and selling off the parts. He bought the Grizzlies for less than what a expansion franchise licence would have cost and doubled the value of the franchise by moving them to the US. Now he got more than all his money back by selling off minority partnerships. Good business, I guess but not good for the fans that supported the team well only to see them leave.

  6. Sed.J says:

    The Grizz are straight here in Memphis! Vancouver obviously wasnt the right city for the team. And far as OJ leaving yeah we’ll be sad because he started here but we’re loaded with new role players and our chemistry should be on point this year! GO GRIZZ! GRIZZ NATION !!

  7. Raj says:

    Totally agree! Van City needs the Grizzlies back!

  8. van city says:

    Boooo, give BC its Grizzlies back, the fans are better here and stern knows it

    • Robmiller says:

      Violent crime, education, obesity, and humidity might be better in Vancouver, but you had your chance with the Grizz and the experiment was a failure and the only reason Memphis was able to get a (big 4) pro sports team. We love our Grizz and have a solid core of players that will bring success for the next few years.

  9. Da Baws says:

    If there’s a sleeper in the West, its the Grizz.

  10. Cord says:

    I love OJ Mayo but they have great depth at PG now with an emerging Josh Selby and Tony Wroten, they need to get better defensively if they want to knock off OKC

  11. eddy bristol says:

    Again the press askin question about whats goin to happen in 5 years or 10 years!…why we dont focus on the present…be like the yankess the get a player who is in his prime and that means the focusin the present not what will be goin on in 5 or 10 years lol yes its on talk about it once but just listen to the guy who is answer the question..he is like THATS THE WHOLE POINT WE AINT GO NOWHERE just so you people can get it lol