Derrick Rose Is On His Way Back

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — When the 2012 Playoffs began just 3 1/2 months ago, the Chicago Bulls were on the same level as the Miami Heat. Then, Derrick Rose tore his ACL and that was that.

Now, with Rose out for most of the season the season, the Bulls are in an entirely different place. They’ve said goodbye to four key members of their rotation (Omer AsikC.J. Watson, Kyle Korverand Ronnie Brewer) and are seemingly punting the 2012-13 season with the idea that Rose won’t be back at 100 percent until late in the season at the earliest.

The latest on Rose comes from Aggrey Sam of CSN Chicago

According to multiple sources, Rose’s recovery is going extremely well, but although an increasing number of athletes have made relatively more rapid comebacks from ACL surgery, the 23-year-old doesn’t intend to rush back into uniform. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the plan is for Rose to continue to rehab through at least the February All-Star break — something that jibes [with what Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said] during a radio interview on WMVP AM-1000 in Chicago, comparing the situation to an injury Michael Jordan suffered early in his Bulls career.

Rose recently joined twitter and posted a photo of himself on the court. He also spoke with Sam extensively about the injury…

“I remember it,” he recalled. “I remember everything. I remember jumping in the air and coming back down, and just that popping sound. I felt it actually tear when I laid all the way out and it just let go.

“I didn’t have that that much pain after that. In the beginning I did, but I didn’t want to yell or anything. When that happened, all I could think about was people just talking. You could hear the whole arena, people just whispering all around — one of the things, like ‘Not again. Come on, man. First game back. We had the win’ — and I was just hoping [it was] nothing serious,” Rose continued. “Then, we got to the hospital, got in the MRI machine, the whole time praying.

“Dr. [Brian] Cole, the Bulls doctor [who also performed the subsequent surgery], came up to me and told me it was torn. I couldn’t believe it. That’s the closest thing to death, the closest to death I’ve got to right there, where it just seemed like the wind and everything was taken out [of me].”

You may not be a Bulls fan and you may prefer your point guards to be of the pass-first variety. But it’s hard not to feel Rose’s pain, hope that he makes a full recovery and know that he’ll be missed over the first four months of the season

He won’t be completely off the radar, though, because Adidas is putting together a documentary series on Rose as he works his way back to the court. You can check out the trailer above or here.

Bulls fans will need to be patient, but the images of Rose riding the bike, lifting weights and working out with a basketball in his hands will certainly get the juices flowing.


  1. Eric says:

    Derrick Rose is doing his best to get better…when he comes back he might not be the fast and flashy player he once was but he’ll definitely be a wiser player and another note i think the bulls should try to get andre iguodala for the 2013-2014 season…he will compliment both the bulls offense and defense and give them a better chance at the championship

  2. the bulls should make a bs trade to get durant, griffin, paul, and wade. I am not even biased.

  3. Kareem Michael Abdul LeShawn Richardson III says:

    Boston Celtics are gonna win who cares if Ray left he wasn’t so clutch like he used to be.

  4. The Truth says:

    “DRose gonna come back and destroy the Heat and make LeBaby choke and carry the offensce past the Heat.”

    -Firstly, LeBron James is leagues ahead of Kevin Durant. The only aspect KD has on LBJ is scoring, and he averaged 1 more ppg on less efficiency. The 2012 Finals? It was these Finals that you saw the most one dimensional game seen from a top 5 player. His stats were excellent, but his points were meaningless and had no impact.

    -Secondly, Derrick Rose is not the best player in the league. His game was 95% athleticism, with very poor defense. His point guard skills were limited, and his attribute that deemed him ‘elite’ was scoring, for which he had no fundamentals and shot at Allen Iverson percentages.

    -Thirdly, no the Chicago Bulls will not be able to beat the Heat. Evidence? Look to the 2011 ECF. The Bulls were out in 5 games, and that was with a deeper/better Bulls bench, a peak healthy Rose, and inferior LeBron, and an inferior Heat cast. A crippled Rose against a greater LeBron with a dashed bench unit will overcome? Bad news.

    My lord, are we still doing this? The Chicago Bulls championship hopes are dashed for at least the next seven years. The strength of the current powerhouses are far too much. Rose will never return to his old form. His game was pure athleticism/leaping ability, and now he will be playing the rest of his career crippled/on one leg.

    Get real Bulls fans, accept and move on.

  5. Fredrick Wells says:

    Let us say this: If Derrick Rose fully recovers by Mid-October, he will be in the Starting Line-Up on Opening Night and will be an NBA All-Star in February. The Bulls by then will be at the top of the League battling for the top spot in the Central with Indiana (at worst, the Bulls will land the #5 or 6 spot and at best the #2 or 3 spot).

    If Derrick Rose comes back in January, February or March, this is a Push for the Playoffs as the Bulls are simply a Hard-Nosed team and they will be battling for the #3, 4, 5 and 6 spot in the East.

    Either way, I say the Bulls advance in the Playoffs (Bulls over Heat in 6) to where they are known as Legitimate Contenders (perhaps knocked off in the Eastern Conference Finals), and they will amnesty Carlos Boozer for better teammates.

  6. Manu says:

    ‘The closest thing to death’? I like you D-Rose, and it’s a very painful injury, but that statement sounds at best melodramatic and at worst disrespectful to people who risk actual death.

  7. fan says:

    my sources say d-rose might be back after the all-star break. that along time

  8. Sherwin says:

    The most important thing here is,that D-Rose believes in himself & he’ll do whatever it takes to get back on the court with his teammates.I believe in him!Not because he’s an excellent player,but more so he’s a good and humble person.How can you root against a guy like Derrick?
    Take your time Derrick.Even if it takes a whole season.

  9. Kobeng-Burat says:

    -We don’t need your good guy wanna be……. Rose is all yours…. 2009 DWADE alone destroyed the BULLS…. search for the videos in YT….. Bulls losing their bench core with replacements like who???? kirk??? nate??? Nazr???? giving up watson asik korver…. wow real smart…. the bull can win championship after the HEAT’s big 3 retires…. like you can wash our plates after we’re done eating…. and the laker???? Funny… they won’t get past 1st or 2nd round of the plaoffs or maybe they won’t make make it to the playoffs…..

    good players want to play with other great players because they know they have a purpose and definitely not for the money…. not brushing aside because they are old…. Ray Allen done it already… shane, miller,haslem, lewis… also the HEAT BIG 3…. Can d12 sign for a smaller amount of money just to win championships… NO….. because he’s biggest and greatest drama queen center in NBA…. Not even close to the real SUPERMAN during his (SHAQ) rookie year.

  10. D ROSE FAN says:

    Go Bulls! With Rose at 100%, Lakers, Miami,OKC and Spurs or Celtics won’t be able to win against them. So get lost you Heat fans! Stop dreaming about Heat getting another championship and get back to reality! LBJ is weak and can’t even lead a team without Wade and Bosh! So shut up cuz Rose isn’t going on your stupid Heat!

  11. W/E says:

    D.rose and the bulls have NO CHANCE for a championship ring,OKC and Miami heat will own the NBA for the next couple years,lakers have a good chance in the nash kobe hoawrd era also but the bulls really have no chance,at least for the next 3-4 years the bulls need to rebuild….Noah,Deng,Boozer?!? get real…

  12. phil says:

    Yes lakers have Dwight and nash now but what has been their problem recently….speed…..and nash is lightning right lol nash kobe world idiot and gasol almost the oldest and slowest lot of 4 player so called best combo and everyone is raving cos they are big names….yes dwight is better than bynam but he cant guard the whole team yo its funny how much everyone rides the lakers…..

  13. laker 4 life says:

    Dwight will be 100% by January, and Nash can run the pick and roll with Howard. He can lob it to Howard. Now WE have a lob city!!

  14. Kobeng-Burat says:


    did howard play last season???? “dwight is going to truck over your team. I don’t care what people say how he handles his business off the court, on the court he’s no joke and can score 48pts easily on a team with a big man problem…”

    That’s what they say during the finals…. did perkins or ibaka make a difference on HEAT??? oopsss no center…. Is dwight 100% healed??? given that dwight is 100% does the lakers got bench???? jamison????? Blake/??? really???? can old kobe or old nash or even unhealthy howard can play for 48 mins.??? i don’t think so, maybe kobe co’z he just wait for the ball to end up in his hands then threw carelessly…..

    lakers now aren’t proven winners…. Nash is good but ain’t a real winner…. kobe is a whiner, howard is a whiner… lakers will become a whiner now…. uLOLs…….

  15. Nbafan says:

    Word! Rise is the stuff

  16. Bane says:

    I think D-Rose should go to New York Knicks. Playing alongside Melo, Amare and Chandler would be good.

  17. Tyler says:

    Ok this is alot less trolly than ESPN, but there always has to be few Heatnuthuggers. Always, anything related to Bulls, you scum have to come here and prove you’re better, just stop. And who’s this writer? Punt the season? Hey moron, best record in the NBA past 2 season
    w/ or w/o Rose!

  18. Asian says:

    OMG really? what is lebron james or the miami heat or the lakers or that unrealistic rosters DOING here?. Please people! think before you act on public. Especially to lbj ( fake lebron james name ), there will be no team or no way there is enough of salary cap to operate your chosen rosters.

    Can you just wish that Derrick Rose will recover from his serious long-term injury !! With all the respect to lebron james or heat or what ever teams, this topic is about giving support and love to our great NBA star (DRose)

  19. Huge ROSE fan, even he plays for the Bobcats, but for MIAMI no man in dont like him anymore. says:

    August 16, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    I think derrick rose should go to miami since there is no way in the hell they will get a championship as long as the big 3 in miami is playing. Since he already suffered from acl injury he can be traded to norris cole and future round picks

    PG: Wade (Rose back up if he can play 15-20 mins)
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard
    If you mean Juan Howard, sorry but than you are just a crazy idiot. Look if they get DRose (that never gonna happen) Why shoud he play the 6th man of the team??? He can be a starter and Juan Howard will be the last guy that a smart coach puts befor the most explosive scoring and sometimes rebounding point guar in the league. Are you f*cking kidding me with your idea???? THAT NEVER WILL HAPPEN. But if it happens than needs to be the starting five this.


    bench: lewis, haslem,chalmers…………..Juan Howard
    But can James play the PF position? NO he can’t. If he’s so good, why e cant play a PF???

    But for me is Rose just the best and if MIAMI really likes to get him, they need to give up DWade and some good bench player. Than can the starting five be normal. BUT CHICAGO WILL NEVER TRADE ROSE TO MIAMI, AND EATGER ROSE WON’T GO TO MIAMI!!!! So please stop your crazy posts.

    And yeah, you say Cole and draaftpicks (sure from 28-30). Man for that Chicago won’t give you neather Scalabrine. Derrick will stay in Chicago for his full career and get 6, watch this 6 or more RINGS!


  20. Ian says:

    DRose is the best Player in NBA ok? so shut up haters 🙂 I don’t care about your feelings..

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    a|x and LDurako are dead right! It’s about time someone said something SMART!

  23. Crystal says:

    PLAYERS THAT NEED TO HEAL COMPLETELY — Andrew Bogut, Eric Gordon, Steph Curry, iman shumpert, derrick rose, blake griffin, kyrie irving, chauncey billups, and anyone else who is injured.. before the injury, derrick rose was the MVP of the league, and a top 5 player in the league.. i dont think he’ll return a top 5 player, but definitely in the top 20 or 15.. he is a beast and he wont settle for mediocrity.. Kid is a fighter.. Get well soon

  24. trap doe d.rose says:

    listen d.rose is going to get healthy in he is going to be better then ever yall is crazy i think lakers will win the ship in miami sixx games but the bulls will be there they still have the same team if not better they will be the thrid best team in the east without rose i think every one on the bulls team will show up in show out in when the playoffs start d.rose will be healthy enough to get down hes working very hard so he will be there if i was him i wouldent play untill the playoffs

  25. LDurako says:

    DRose-miami, LMAO stay off the pcp and especially being back up to wade lol DRose is a leader a captain and no follower, and hella better than wade in his best days………….lebron only won a championship with so needed help cause if he was such a leader and a great he would have done it several times in cleveland, cold facts……….

    • Goodzy says:

      Lebron had to lead miami to get his championship, he is a leader. do you think MJ did it all on his own? or Kobe? they are great players but if they didnt have support they might not have won any or as many championships.

  26. a|x says:

    lol why would ppl want all the good players on one team? it is not the spirit of this sport, its basically like watching the usa basketball team, not enough competition. ppl want to watch rivalries, competitive games, like magic lakers vs bird celtics

  27. heat fans rose isnt even getting traded for lebron , so how in the world we would take norris cole and draft picks for him, where yall thinking cap says:

    this isnt even a trade rumer so mami stop prosing trades that will never happen not even for leebron ,,,,, this is rose coming back from injury so an we get back to topic about the injury and stop talking trades when this artical is not even about trades

  28. heat fans rose isnt even getting traded for lebron , so how in the world we would take norris cole and draft picks for him, where yall thinking cap says:

    idk whats wrong with these heat fans saying trade norris cole and draft picks and norrise cole for rose , R U SERIOUS????? the bulls wouldnt even trade rose for lebron ,,, some heat fans gots some low iq

  29. Aamer says:

    yo its not even funny how rose is better then lebron and durant ,derrick rose takes over games him self and hes carries that offensce night in and night out , lebron couldnt do that with clevland and he cant still carry a offensce , sometimes he needs lerbon needs wade or bosh help to help, and theres no way durant can carry a offensce by himself hes not the best shot creator but he is good at creating shots , but doesnt carry the offensce like rose , give rose westbrook and james harden i bet u they beat a healthy mami , or give rose wade and bosh, imagine that squade ,and he single handldy took the game over this year aganst mami but lost , imagine rose with a superstar

    • At aamre says:

      Wow first off you’re spelling is horrible….and second he took over in the playoffs and im guessing you didnt watch the olympics. I understand your a bulls fan but don’t be dumb you know as well as I do that your comment is not even close to correct. I still hope he gets better though because i want all the people that say he would beat the heat in the playoffs to see that its not gonna happen without many injuries to the heat. I predict the bulls without rose as the 8 seed if not out of the playoffs because they lost a lot of good players. GL though

  30. iownuwfs says:

    Miami Wins East they have to many weapons – Wade is healthy, Allen is healthy and getting better as his years go on LJ well no need for any thing else there To big , to quick, to Smart for all 3 positions from g – sf and bosh is alot stronger and better from playing centre so a centre that can stretch the floor plus lewis at PF he can stretch the floor as well.
    Plus there bench is deep as they all have playoff championship experience so will be better off this year Miami heat abroad wins

  31. iownuwfs says:

    LA is good but they really havnt gained much they got an older Nash and a new centre in Dwight- Dwight and Bynum are 2 in the same bynum is bigger and longer so they lost length and gained an athelete. Bynum is more fundamentaly sound so all in all they didnt really gain much but a centre with more status – abroad OKC wins the west – Ibaka will own gasol KD will own meta-world peace and kobe whoever lakers decide to put on him. and no way is nash gaurd a more mature westbrook – OKC will be a year older and more matured they had 4 guys on there team play in the olympics which made them better players. They are younger and more atheletic and now more smarter OKC for west champs.

  32. NMV says:

    all of u has going crazy said very dumb things

  33. Pat says:

    I’m a Laker fan, but I wish a good comeback for DRose, he’s one excellent point guard. I love to watch his games.

  34. Derrick Rose says:

    I will be taking a pay cut and going to Miami. This is a move I must do for my career.

    • heat fans rose isnt even getting traded for lebron , so how in the world we would take norris cole and draft picks for him, where yall thinking cap says:

      r u serious rose leaving the town he grew up in??????? be sart man

  35. Drose is the best says:

    you cant compare LeBron James to Derrick Rose. they play completely different positions. Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the league and LeBron James is almost as good as Kevin Durant. But comparing D-Rose to LBJ is like comparing Kobe to Yao Ming you just cant do that.

    • Nick says:

      Ha, LeBron almost as good as Kevin Durant that’s funny.

    • LEBRON JAMES says:

      What in the world is wrong with you man! “Lebron is almost as good as Durant” Man are you out of ur mind. Lebron is the best player in the world!!!!!!!!!!

    • CY71 says:

      James almost as good as Durant ????? WTF ? Did you watch any of the Olympics at all ? James is on another planet right now and advancing his case for being the greatest of all time !

      • DR says:

        Um… Durant actually did much better in the Olympics with Melo looking the most impressive. LeBron wasn’t close to how good he is even in the league. Plus Durant being better than LeBron isn’t a bad statement as he does shoot better and score better.

  36. KB24 says:

    I swear you leave the dumbest comments for nba stuff… you dont know how basketball works
    1) miami would never be able to afford him unless they play 5 guys 48 minutes with no bench
    2) he isnt a free agent, he would have to be traded..and i can tell you chicago would NEVER trade a healthy Rose
    3) he may not have book smarts but he’s not stupid, he knows what would happen to his reputation and legacy if he left chicago for miami
    4) stop talking basketball, because its not something youre good at

  37. With the Lord’s blessings, D-Rose will make a full recovery from this injury. This used to be a career ending injury, but due to the advances of sports medicine, one can come back even stronger.
    But the bottom line is that even with Derrick Rose at 100%, there is Juggernaut approaching ferociously. If you know the game, I don’t even have to inform you…The L.A. Lakers. They are going to be a problem for all that they play. There will be match- up problems that you have never seen. The playoffs will have an unprecedented excitement, and the on- court smile will be gone from Dwight Howards’ face.

  38. baller!! says:

    Man i just broke my ACL 3 months ago and its only now i know Rose has the exact same thing!! Do you think ill get hes skills like in Like mike ore Tunder struck!?

  39. LegendaryFan says:

    Because of the Bulls great defensive strategy they will land 3rd or 4th seed next season and maybe even higher, just saying.

  40. Joseph_03 says:

    Just hope Rose can recover and get back to old form. I also hope that he tries to evolve his game a little away from his kamikaze style of play. It’s just scary, the human body can only take so much punishment and one can only be so lucky.

    The problem with the super teams now, Lakers, OKC and Miami is that if Rose is at full strength and if his Bulls can play that suffocating defense that their coach has designed they have a legit chance of upsetting any of the super teams. However, the loss of key rotation players will definitely hurt their chances this year. Hope they can reload next off season.

  41. Pieces says:

    D.Rose AKA Gilbert Arenas never gonna be the same again

  42. SUN says:

    doesnt lbj have anything better to do? needs to learn the game and the players rose is from chicago why would he ever want to leave(especially to the heat) and why wud they ever let him go?

  43. lbj says:

    Correct go to miami

  44. lbj says:

    Miami will win

  45. lbj says:

    Derrick rose shame of you

  46. They should release Rose. He will never be good again.

  47. Brian Neal says:

    Really? The Bulls expect to “punt” away the season? That team was very competitive without Rose for half of the year, they should go at the very least, .500 without him. And when he comes back (hopefully early March) he’ll have a couple of months to get his legs back under him, then in the playoffs, who knows? If he recovers and is around 90-95% by the playoffs of what he was pre-injury, what has changed? The Bulls can be just as good as they were before in a best case scenario, and in fact, this team could be a bit better. Sure, we lost Asik, Brewer, Watson, and Korver. But we swapped Korver for Marco Bellinelli (who I think is a more all-around player with just as good of a jump-shot), Jimmy Butler will have a bigger role and he has the potential to be much more of an impact than Brewer, we replaced Watson with Hinrich and Nate Robinson (Hinrich for sure is an upgrade who can also play the two when Rose is back), and we replaced Asik with Nazr Mohammed–that one isn’t better, obviously. But that is the only change that doesn’t bring a real upgrade at the position, and it only means that there will be more of a 3-man rotation between Noah, Boozer, and Gibson which isn’t a bad thing. This team should land anywhere between the 6-8 seed spot, and when the playoffs start, they should be one of the most dangerous teams in the league being led by DRose.

  48. MIAMI says:


    • TTKIN says:

      Dont knock all the other Eastern Conference teams, I think Philly has a really good chance at getting by Miami. What happens when Miami’s shooters arent hitting their shots and the refs are no longer giving Wade and James 15 free throws a game each? Philly can run, they have the inside advantage on MIA now, and their coach is lightyears ahead of Miami’s. It is definitely possible.

      But I will say this, Im hoping for my lakers and your heat to face each other. I think I speak for both os uf when I say we have waited far too long to see Kobe and James in the Finals against each other haha. Let’s hope man!

      • Wow... says:

        I agree TTKIN. People are forgetting about Philly Brooklyn and Boston. My Preditcion is
        Lakers beat Celtics in Finals. The celtics took the heat to 7 games last year without Bradely, Jeff Green, a hurt Ray Allan, and they have now added Terry, Sullinger, and Fab Melo. If the refs aren’t on Miami’s team they will not get lucky enough to win again with out a decent center.
        Who knoiws maybe the Bulls can win lol Go Bulls!

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Absolutely not, your comment is a repetitive miami fan statement. LAST YEAR I predicted thunder vs. heat/bulls and I got it right. This year, I don’t even see the heat going sorry heat fans. Their weaknesses have been exposed and their still big man hungry with energetic, young, and talented teams in the east now. You have a knicks team who got better, 76r’s are stronger and have bynum who could pick on the weakness all day, along with pacers and hibbert who now have more confidence and experience at exposing the hole in big man. Now, let’s get to the teams who I haven’t seen anyone mention much and in MY opinion are east conference championship worthy. There is still the bulls with derrick rose, they’re a defensive team and haven’t changed much as for salary and could upgrade dramatically next year also(they will be a strong team for years to come). The nets, who have gotten the right pieces and are a very underestimated all-star squad with a nice looking bench. The strongest team though in the east, I have to say…is the celtics(and I hate the celtics before you say anything). But they have a squad, you’ll see the results with a team who is complete on the starters, young bench/future starters, and veteran bench squad. This team is absolutely dangerous coming back with all their healthy members who caused them not to go to the championship AND upgraded insanely. Watchout east, the celtics will be going this year in my opinion with a confidence and monstrosity that won’t put fear in only the west. As for the west, I think only the clippers, spurs, grizzlies, and thunder have chacnes of beating the lakers. But honestly, dallas is the 2nd best team in the west now. Clippers should not have let kaman go, dumb move because they have a monster squad. But without a big man, dwight is going to truck over your team. I don’t care what people say how he handles his business off the court, on the court he’s no joke and can score 48pts easily on a team with a big man problem…

    • HEAT2013 says:

      well it all goes down who will perform better in the playoffs you cant just view a team because of its roster, a dream match will be a HEAT vs LAKERS finals… i think its gonna be a good and exciting season.. d rose get well soon.. not bulls fan.. just hate when those injuries happen.. kinda scary sometimes when you think it’s going to happen to you

  49. zgillet says:

    Even WITH Rose, how can they expect to beat Miami, OKC, LAL, or even the Spurs?

    • TTKIN says:

      Miami will live and die by the 3 this season. 2 straight years their glaring weakness was an inside game…they “solved” that by going out and getting a guard and a forward.

      They can beat the Spurs simply cuz both teams play using a lot of energy.

      OKC would be difficult, but given Coach Thibs’ reputation with defense, I dont think it’s a stretch to say they couldnt win, and of all the teams listed here, Chicago is proly the 1 team that can give LAL headaches. They have size and no way Nash can guard Rose.

      Dont get me wrong, I think the Lakers are the best team now (and im a laker fan), but WITH Rose, I think Chicago has a chance against all the top teams thanks to their relentless energy and their unbelievably infuriating defense haha.

      • WuT says:

        Naw they won’t be winning on the boards anymore against L.A. Howard takes away Rose’s strongest point his driving in the lane and finishing. Too many big bodies. Howard will clean up the boards leaving their defense less effective as the game goes along its mentally exhausting playing good D then they miss and still get points/DUNKED ON after rebounding.

  50. my idol derrick rose please came back early in NBA season …we want to see you and the court my idol…pls…i begging you… and we love you here in the philippines…

  51. Aurora Ray says:

    I don’t know why people are saying that the bulls will punt this upcoming season away. I expect them to be VERY competitive and to continue winning ways. I’m not crazy I know they won’t be the same team with Rose out but I don’t think they will be as awful as people think. I expect them to be a 5th or 6th seed going into the playoffs and hopefully with Rose back in the fold at time who knows what might happen.Who knows what injuries other teams will suffer? Who knows??? I know the bulls will be good but not as great as they would be with D-Rose!!

    • Amen to that! But I would say that the Bulls will be the 6th or 7th seed in the East. (Miami, Boston, Indiana, Philly, Brooklyn, New York, Bulls, Milwaukee/Washington) The Bulls will have a hard time going to the 2nd round, with Boston, or Indiana in the first round!!

  52. Jerry says:

    Get well soon d.rose

  53. Bullsfanforlife says:

    Get well soon D-Rose. Your the NBA’s real MVP. The Bulls will hold down the fort until you come back. If you can make it back for the playoffs then you can take the team to the finals. No matter what 2014 is the Bulls year. Get well sonn Derrick, we know you will be back better then ever.

    • HonestGuy says:

      “You’re the NBA’s real MVP”? Have you watched any basketball at all? Not only is LeBron leagues ahead of DRose, but Kevin Durant is also way better. DRose is a good player, may even be great sometime, but right now? So far behind LeBron it isn’t even funny.

      • Average Joe says:

        He’s a Bulls fan. What can you expect?

      • Bullsfanforlife says:

        D-Rose is a better player right NOW then LaBoring will EVER be! Sure it is difficlult to gaurd LaBaby when ever time you breathe by him the refes call a foul. By without the special treatment LaBourn is NOTHING! Derrick is greater then LaBoring anyday of the week. If you disagree come down to 46th Street in Chicago and we can settle this like men.

      • MHM 35 says:

        that’s funny cuz last time i checked neither lebron or rose can shoot the 3 ball very well… they both perform well in the paint… they both have high basketball iq…. lebron can play the point which is rose’s position… i think they have a bit more in common then you realize Heat fans.

  54. rich says:

    I remember my first ACL injury, was taking off for a layup, heard an internal click in my right knee (back and a litlle bit on the side) , was so painful that for a minute there the slightest touch anywhere on my body, especially the knee, feels like hell . It’s like all nerve endings got activated !
    I have same feeling as Rose, but mine was more literal. If I have a gun at that time I would probably shoot myself to stop the most painful feeling I ever felt in my entire life !
    I know…. WHO CARES ???!!! lol.. sorry can’t help but remember it..

    • Edub says:

      First? You didn’t have a second one did you?

      • rich says:

        I reinjured 2 more times before I had it fixed. Never the same. But I am no athlete. Speaking thru experience, DRose would be lucky to be 90% back of what he used to be !

  55. Nice!! Cant wait to see him play again…hopefully winning another MVP title…but wont win a championship for a while as long as the “Laker Super Power” of Howard,Gasol,Artest,Bryant and Nash are around lol

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      All the fans on this site seem to go for 5 different teams? Do you want Rose to win MVP or the Lakers to win? Cant be both bud..

    • lbj says:

      I think derrick rose should go to miami since there is no way in the hell they will get a championship as long as the big 3 in miami is playing. Since he already suffered from acl injury he can be traded to norris cole and future round picks

      PG: Wade (Rose back up if he can play 15-20 mins)
      SG: Allen
      SF: James
      PF: Bosh
      C: Howard

      • Tyrone Lu says:

        They can’t afford Rose unless he is willing to take a small amount of money

      • james says:

        youre crazy… lay off the coke

      • you gotta lay off the drugs, drose to the heat ! he aint a 2 face like lbj , once rose heals watch how he demolishes the heat in the playoffs n hes gonna win the mvp again , so u should stop with ur retarded dream line up that has dwight howard n drose as a back up really? wow i need to get the same drugs as u

      • King Chaos says:

        1 Howard is a laker,
        2 D -Rose would demand starts minutes,
        and 3 The heat are already one of the greatest teams ever,

        No way he’ll be a member of the heat for a while ( if ever!!!)

      • Keats says:

        I actually love this man.

      • phillip says:

        gold again, i love this guy

      • Steve says:

        Guys, he is actually talking about JUWAN Howard. lol

      • @phillip says:

        One word – troll. This guys posts on any blog and says whoever it is discussing should join Lebron and the Heat or something equally as ridiculous. Kinda funny watching everyone’s response.

      • Clint80 says:

        I don’t even read the articles anymore, I just go to straight to lbj’s comments. So entertaining!!! Why not try to get Phil Jackson to coach this amazing line-up while you’re wheeling and dealing? And maybe push for Josh Smith to come off the bench – and Andrew Bynum given that he is coming up to free agency??? I’m sure all these guys would love to take their talents to South Beach… Or maybe you should seriously sober up…

      • sam says:

        yesss… every time i read an article, i was always looking for lbj’s comment… wow, it made my day complete especially when others taking it seriously… #lol

      • #ihatedumcommentslol says:

        your remedial seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JDish says:

        LOL Every time this dude put out his ” -D12/DRose/CP3/Melo/KD/Russ…etc – should go to the Heat with LBJ, Wade & Bosh to form an instant Championship team …” everyone else shoots back there comment of how that idea is so ridiculous and impossible, & ask what this guy is smoking, drinking, inhal… etc. For starters I don’t see how David Stern would EVER let that happen anytime soon. The DHoward trade to LA went through, but in a couple of seasons the Lakers are gonna be feeling some serious pain in their purse for getting D12 because of the new salary cap agreement mumbo-jumbo.
        So, to begin with, Stern (and the other Franchise owners) would not let the move of another superstar to an already star stacked team to happen. Secondly, NBA teams will start to get hit pretty hard with the new salary cap/luxury tax layout.
        So we can probably expect (Big Market) NBA teams trying to getting a big 3 superstar squad together every season to continue their dominance.

      • MHM 35 says:

        you do realize lbj not only are you wasting your time coming on this website just to post your asanine comments but the Heat’s lineup does not have Ray Allen in the starting lineup. It’s like you’re not even a wishful ignorant Heat fan at this point you’re just a moron, because you don’t even know your own team doesn’t intend to ever put Wade at point for one (LeBron has been the obvious choice for point if a true PG isn’t in) and Ray Allen is supposed to come off the bench for another. So stop wasting your life making a fool out of yourself man.

      • WuT says:

        Naw man get CP3 instead..We need someone to make Clutch Jumpers

      • @lbj says:

        I think Manny Pacquiao should go to miami since there is no way in the hell they will get a championship as long as the big 3 in miami is playing. Since he already suffered from a loss to Tim Bradley he and Freddie Roach can switch places with norris cole and Spoelstra.

        PG: Wade (Manny Pacquiao for backup just in case Metta World Peace starts to swing his elbows.)
        SG: Allen
        SF: James
        PF: Bosh
        C: Howard (I think he means Ron)

        lbj you’re just stupid as ever. wake up.

      • smoothsuave says:

        man u gotta be on something rose is going to make a full recovery hes only 23 and hes a hard worker best belief hes gonna be on top again and as for him going to the heat not gonna happen hes from chicago hes going to stay in chicago