Lin Thrills Chinese Media, Snubs ‘Melo

Asked by Chinese media to choose from among Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and LeBron James the NBA’s best player, new Houston point guard Jeremy Lin didn’t hesitate Sunday during his visit to Taipei’s Xinyi District.

“LeBron James is the best player in the past five years,” Lin was quoted in the China Post, joking that if he were running a team, he would do everything necessary to acquire the Miami Heat superstar – including trading himself.

Lin conceded, too, that his selection might rankle Anthony, his former New York Knicks teammate. But then, neither James nor Durant ever termed Lin’s backloaded free-agent contract — the business end of things that all NBA players work for and generally respect with their peers — to be “ridiculous” the way Anthony had.

‘Melo also is the culprit largely fingered for having snuffed Linsanity in New York, getting his way both in the focus of the Knicks’ attack (iso’s for the high-scoring small forward) and the team’s preference in coaches (Mike Woodson over Mike D’Antoni). But while Anthony was in London raining buckets on Nigeria and Lithuania, Lin was over in his parents’ native Taiwan, where Linsanity was alive and well.

The Rockets’ newly acquired point guard grew up in California, graduated from Palo Alto High and attended Harvard. After apologizing for his shaky Mandarin, he spoke mostly in English and skirted any Taiwanese/Chinese questions about his family’s roots. Wearing a t-shirt and jeans, Lin credited the national media for their “man-to-man defense” in their coverage of his visit. And he offered no more of an explanation to reporters there for his sudden development and underdog appeal than he had once “Linsanity” took hold in the States.

So much for that Harvard economics degree.

According to Lin, he learned three main things while at Harvard. The first was basketball skills, which improved greatly because of the sports system at the school. The second was a different studying method. The third was how to play video games, which he spent two years mastering.

Lin also shared with Chinese media his desire to be a basketball inspiration to others there the way former Houston star Yao Ming was for him, and the vital information that he currently does not have a girlfriend. (‘Melo probably thinks that is ridiculous too.) Lin said he would consider visiting some of Taiwan’s famous hot springs, said to be therapeutic for injuries such as the torn meniscus in Lin’s left knee that ended his season on March 24.


  1. hankch says:

    What was not mentioned in the article is that Lin said Melo is the best scorer, right after he said that LeBron is the best player.

  2. fan says:

    oops, it’s steve. Love the article steve!

  3. fan says:

    love the article Sekou!

  4. Hoz says:

    MVP – Melo Vain Punk

  5. ACK says:

    This reporter is really trying to do create controversy by not reporting the whole picture. I am also pretty sure that Lin mentioned immediately that Melo is the best scorer right after. Even before Lin joined NYK, he said LBJ’s the best player and CP3’s the best point guard in his mind.

  6. me says:

    What kinda report is this? I mean why is this even news? SMFH. Carmelo is a VETERAN. Mr Lin, sorry to burst your bubble, but you are a NOBODY. Linsanity? more like INsanity

    • milesfan says:

      agree altough I like the kid, he is vastly overrated…I always thought guys have to prove themselves over more than 30 games to 30 million dollars

  7. stop hatin says:

    some of u stop hating on the china man well u…the man just being honest,just cause they use to b team mate does he have to choose melo? come on now Melo is a good player but there’s plenty out there that are better just face it..

  8. ayobrah says:

    hes crying cause melo hated on his contract LMAOOOO

  9. linfan says:

    seriosuly… the media is just trying to turn Lin against Melo and the Knicks. oh my goodness.. there is nothing wrong with saying Lebron is better than Melo….. HE IS. (shocker….!) Seriosuly why is the media trying to always create conflict between athletes.. any one notice it in the olympics???

    • stop hatin says:

      yup just like when he was gonna sign with houston n new york was waiting to match the offer,the media trying to make lin look bad by playing the worst games he’s got out of 15 or 17 ofcourse everyones got a bad game them self.come on media stop hatin this is america.please let it be…

  10. Drago says:

    Melo is not even in my top 10 list in the NBA to be honest he is a scorer but he is not a leader like Durant or Wade or Kobe he wont age well either.I truly hope Lin becomes a superstar because he plays European basketball in the NBA with the bodybuilders.

  11. not hating anyone says:

    As far as article goes: good job, a lot of views and a lot of comments …

  12. not hating anyone says:

    i would pick melo or durant over lebron, because i much more apreciate abilility to shoot or shoot fadeaway from mid range or beyond the arc and hit gamewinners and contested shots. i am not saying that they are better than lebron (i think lebron is the best player last two years, but i think his potential is now almost fully reached) or that lebron cant shoot but KD and melo do that much better. melo wasnt in a team that feeded him correct way and i think he is capable of much more than he showed so far especially draining buckets like he did vs nigeria in 14 min …
    i think melo is most talented among all three (durant is still young ….) . For me lebron is just a fizical player and his skills didnt convinced me enough, also im bothered by his three steps and ref calls on him… why he doesnt do that in the olympics? (i know the answer…). as far as lin goes: i think is disrespectful to mention him among those three players because he is just an average pointguard in nba, and he is just interesting via marketing…
    They are all great players and i am happy to watch each of them (im not mentioning lin in this sentence).
    Greetings from Slovenia (from those who know where it is, if any)

  13. Ryan Lee says:

    To be honest, with all the people questioning whether Jeremy can handle an 82-game season, I just want to bring up another point. From my opinion, I think it is more demanding last season for professional players. With the shortened and compact schedule last year, players were playing three games back to back sometimes. That is VERY demanding. To everyone who has ever had a rigorous work out before, I think you would understand that with a days or two of rest, you are perfectly ready for the next rigorous work out.

    But you will never go through a rigorous work out and be ready with 20 hours of rest. So Sparknotes:

    – 82 Game season is less rigorous than a small compacted season.
    – Days in between games will be crucial to Lin’s health as a player.

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  15. mickey chen says:

    i’ve watched the whole press conference. Lin didn’t mention a word about melo. i don’t know why there r someone always trying to drive a wedge between them….the only thing Lin mentions about melo is a generous big brother.

  16. Thomas Rinaldi says:

    Who cares what Lin thinks anyway? The guy had a great run of 25 games on a team that was in total turmoil at the time and the opportunity was there for someone to step up and change things. He’s going to find out real soon that 25 games does not a superstar make. If this were the 1960’s we wouldn’t even be asking him what he thinks. He is a product of the ever sensationalizing media blowing things way out of proportion. This is the same media that said LeBron was the next Micheal Jordan and anybody that beleives that should have their head examined. LeBron is great, no doubt, but he had to stack the deck to win a championship whereas MJ could have won with him and 4 of Jerry’s Kids. Case closed!

  17. Tom says:

    Big Shock here? My Grandmother knows Lebron is better. Common Sense, Why is this news?

  18. WTF?? says:

    Who TF is Lin to worry about what he said?? Couple of good games so far and that’s it. Linsanity must stop!!!

  19. John says:

    Lebron > Durant > Carmelo. That’s fact, not opinion. The fact that Lin picked Lebron isn’t newsworthy. If anybody picked someone besides Lebron, especially Carmelo, it would mean he’s an idiot and that would be slightly more newsworthy.

  20. cool,YES,(No is not a/an Option.)Lebron has been the best player since the last 5 seasons/year’s…

  21. esther says:

    I found this video on youtube…the original interview…..! he just answered the questions

  22. wole says:

    why is this a story, would any member of the new york knicks pick melo over lebron,

  23. okc says:

    Hey guys, am I the only KD fan here?! Anybody? Hello?

    Lin was asked between James, Durant, and Anthony. He chose James. Anybody who knows the game would pick James. I am a KD fan and I’m not even affected with Lin’s opinion. We shouldn’t. James is better than anybody in the league right now.

  24. rtoledo says:

    jeremy lin has got no talent..i mean zero talent..

  25. The BeaR says:

    Aschburner is a jerk!

  26. Kevin says:

    This article is stupid. There’s no controversy, because LeBron James is statisically better than Carmelo Anthony in every possible way. Also, LeBron James has a championship. How many times has Carmelo made it out of the FIRST ROUND??? I doubt even Carmelo Anthony would have the cajones to name himself #1 in the league. Give me a break, Knicks fans!

    • DR says:

      Yeah because stats and having a better team make you a better player. And just for the record, Melo had a sure fire ring in 08 before Kobe took him out in the western conference finals. That was also one of the only years Melo had any help. Not saying he’s better than Lebron (he is skill wise) but the reasons given were flimsy at best.

  27. Danny says:

    People are putting too much pressure on this kid, and he doesn’t deserve it. Yes, he’s only started more than twenty games in the NBA. Yes, he didn’t play in any of the Knicks’ five playoff games. As a Knicks Fan For Life, I appreciated what Lin did. Let him prove all the people who didn’t believe what he can do wrong again. He’s not perfect, but he will get better, and who knows, maybe the Knicks made a terrible mistake by not bringing him back. But there is one thing that I can say for sure: to all you haters who keep hating, you are wrong in every respect; not only did he save our season when we lost both of our superstars, but he brought that spark with him that was infectious every time he was out there. THAT CANNOT BE TAUGHT PEOPLE, SO LET HIM PLAY.

  28. BimboBanger says:

    I don`t see any ring on melos finger, just because hes in the national team doesnt mean anything. The knick have a great team but they lack of sportsmenship….Lebron learned his lesson and Miami finally got the title as a team….. Championchips are earned by Teams not by individual players.

    About, Lin, we will see if he can keep up to the hype , the difference is bring it every night you go out and play not just one or two weeks . That is the difference between playes like him and TOP Players delivering for years.

  29. anonymous says:


    • Claire Young says:

      It’s not Lin’s fault, Why don’t u complain to nba.It’s very clear that this columnist trying to deliberately creating divisive issues, n u has been stirred up.

  30. heroes del silencio says:

    I don’t see how he “snub” anthony if he was given three choices and obviously he just chose the current nba finals mvp. this writers bent their story in order for people to read their article… chicken…. this is like choosing between gold, silver, or copper… come on I guess one more writer on the list of “don’t read over exaggerated article” list.

  31. Obviously says:

    Le Bron is obviously a much much better player then Carmelo.

    He didn’t say anything about Carmelo, it’s just the obvious truth that Le bron is better.

    If you were a team manager, who would you rather have on your team? It’s not even a ‘thing’.

    I do not rate Carmelo. He kills teams offences. Sure he will score a lot during a game. But to get his 40 he will have to take 40 shots while everyone stands around and watches. I guarantee, no team in which he is involved will ever win a championship. New York just became completely uninteresting in him throwing the bath water out and ensuring that Lin wouldn’t return. New York were a more effective, more compelling team when Carmelo Anthony was on the bench.

  32. sglcarlos says:

    KNICKS FANS ARE SPOILED AS HELL!! Lol @ all of you if you are thinking the Knicks will win the NBA Championship! :)) Melo best player?! He can just shoot and rebound! but he can’t carry the knicks to the playoffs thank God for Lin Knicks fans! for he saved your poor knicks last season

  33. markangelo says:

    Asians dont lie. lol any nba player with the same question would still have the same answer, Lebron is way better than the one dimensional scoring small forward melo,shut ip haters, that’s the fact! 🙂

  34. Joe says:

    “There Ain’t No I in Team Unless Your Name Be Carmelo Anthony”

  35. k0bEx says:

    The question of chinese media is so disrespectful because they didn’t include ”KOBE BRYANT” in their choices and so Jeremy Lin for saying “Lebron James is the best NBA player for the past five years”. Hey Mr. Lin, didn’t you remember the “Black Mamba” winning back to back championships and back to back finals’ MVP 3 years ago? I can’t wait to see Kobe takes his signature fadeaway jumpers in your face Mr. Lin.

  36. specialfriedrice says:

    well said bu.

  37. NBEATZ says:

    Lin will be a beast. 22+ PPG, 8+ APG 1.5+ SPG…………………. 6+ TPG. Other then the last stat, lin will be one of the best point gaurds in the leaque next year………….. WHY? Because there is really no other membwer on that team that will demand the ball other then Kevin Martin………………………………THe Question is wheather people will say that he is good because there is no one eles on the team to do much, or will people take his skills as a real player??????????? Lebron, Durant over Melo ANY DAY. Hell Lebron, Durant, Wade, Paul, Griffen, Love, Aldridge, Bosh, Howard, Bynum, Williams, EVEN Westbrook over Melo………….. Now I’m not saying melo is not great, but his style pf play takes so much away from the game…….. The NBA is a team game and melo needs the ball in his hands at all times, no defense…… Houston will be fun, but awfull to watch next year….. DONE DEAL

  38. Yave says:

    Ha!It took him 2 years to learn how to play video games.

  39. Dew12 says:

    I would have to take Kevin Durant myself. I think about the ”Miami Floppers” on youtube and immediately can not think to pick James to be on my team. Just put that title of the video in an asterisk next to Lebrons MVP trophy and their championship. James is an Oscar winner (while Bosh and Battier get best supporting flops), not an MVP. Durant should, at this pace of winning 3 scoring titles, and robbed of this last seasons MVP honors, win an NBA title well before his 9th season as well as take home a few MVP honors. Sure, James has done some great individual feats in his defense (such as a ring, 3 mvps, etc), however due to his bad boy image which is much worse than even the Detroit Pistons as well as his subpar clutch play, I will take Durant any day of the week. Will not take a ”Decision” saga, 9 seasons later, and countless flops to win a ring himself. I would hope not anyhow. Do not know what Lin is thinking here.

  40. bu says:

    Guys & Gals, Steve, Sekou & others are paid to stir things up no matter how trivial or irrelevant it is. Look at the Howard coverage!!

    Anyway, I think if Anthony is the owner of a team & asked to pick someone to be the anchor of a franchise, the choice is unanimously LBJ. Com’on, how often do you see a complete package in both ends of the floor, not to mention his MVPs? If you’re to put your money to build a team to win championships, LBJ is close to the level of a Kobe, Jordan, Magic & Bird. He made his team better.

    Melo? Not even close. KD, getting better & has the will to change, unlike Melo. There maybe some Melo fans who don’t want to hear this but that’s the fact. He’s like an Iverson kinda offense only superstar.

    Look at the +/- & impact if player gets fewer touches. I see LBJ, Kobe, Bird, Magic & the main guys in Celtics still contributing & making a dif. Try ask Melo to do that!!!

    If you talk about money, look at what Melo did in coming from Denver to NY. He could’ve gone for a non-max contract without NY sending so many key role players away. At the end, is money now for Melo & who cares about Championships?

    Lin is a potential $ making machine so pressure on him to keep his performance up to a certain standard. Tough times for him as teams will go after him as Houston don’t really hv anyone scary to draw attention away from him.

  41. heat6 says:

    melo is nothing compared to lbj,even the nuggets were thankful getting rid of him.The knicks will not have a championship under melo’s leadership!

  42. Leif says:

    Paul is hilarious… on his nice little planet.

  43. Matt says:

    Agree with Tim. Trying to create controversy where it doesn’t exist. That’s like asking Melo if he’d rather base a team around Lin or LeBron and of course he’d say LeBron. I’m sure THAT wouldn’t stur up controversy. so why does this now?

  44. Choker says:

    Of course, I believe almost everyone would build a team around Lebron and not Melo. Melo only scores and his jump shot isnt even that great.

  45. KingJames says:

    Lebron James is the best player in the league regular season mvp,playoff mvp and champion in 2012. Its stupid to say otherwise. Lebron James has always been the best player in the league at least over the last 3 seasons. As for Carmelo Anthony being the best scorer thats a joke Durant and Bryant are better. Carmelo Anthony is a star player yeah but hes a top #10 player not top #5.

  46. edwin says:

    Melo over lebron anyday…

    • johnason lin says:

      As much as i dislike LBJ i still would pick him over Melo, due to the fact Melo does not have much defense in him.

  47. dcguy says:

    Lin is a decent person, I don’t believe showing disrespect or dissing Melo is his priority. He said in the interview Melo was The best scorer. To see the spinning in this article is just regrettable and sad.

  48. BBR says:

    What!!! they’re forgtten about all Kobe. he is better than lebron. he is the skillfull bball player in the planet.
    There is no disrespect about bball. it is come and go. i dont hate Lebron but he is just all about him being the champ. well he got it. so what. … they remember him as deceiver…..

  49. Raiders says:

    Lebrons by far the best player in the league right now

  50. Ivy says:

    It is not true, Jeremy Lin has also stated ” that Melo is the best scorer” afrer his comments on LBJ. Obviously, this reporter misled readers with the incorrect information!

  51. Taiwanese lin fan says:

    Dear sir,
    There were two qusetions, not one.
    At first, lin was asked if he were the manager of Rockets, who would he pick to improve this team.
    And then, he was asked who did he think is the best plaer between lbj, kd and melo.
    Both answers are lbj.
    Lbj at least is the best player of this year, I think most of the players will have the same answer.
    Lin then said melo is a great scorer.
    He did not say anything disrespectful to melo.
    Why are you media people twist any player’s comment so badly?

    • Taiwanese lin fan says:

      Lin did not say”I would not build a team with melo”.

      • johnason lin says:

        Bunch of stupid reporters asking stupid quesstions, ask something more realistic ! or you ran out of questions ….
        And I don’t think anyone would pick Carmelo Anthony over Lebron James right in the first place… retarded questions!

  52. Lin will never live up to “Linsanity”. He will be done once he plays this full season out and the Rockets see they spent all that money on trash.

    • Claire Young says:

      I respect everyone of the NBA players except few of them have bad habits or bad private morality. it’s uneasy to play in NBA. LBJ is no doubt a good player,Melo is a best scorer, I like KD,I like Kevin Love as well,though his team didn’t make the playoff,…..But so what? They’re just doing their best for the team with pleasure. No one is guilty.

  53. ReformedByTruth says:

    The article title is misleading and the article is a waste of time. Dude just simply answer the question everyone knows the answer to. Lebron James, as much as I dislike him, is the best player in the NBA and if you had to choose between the three, there’s no question anyone would choose him to build a team. Stop trying to create beef where there’s none. Shame on you Mr. Smith.

  54. Doug McDermott says:

    Wait till I get in the league. I will shut Melo down. He’s too over rated. Jeremy Lin is a baller, but will not be a star, but he’s doing a great job with the attention. If you guys want to see a show, watch a Creighton game this year. I will not let Creighton nation down when I win that National Player of the Year!

  55. Well said Lin! The guy is a Harvard graduate, so it is a fact that he is smarter than most of you posting negative comments about him. He has very high basketball IQ! The fact is that LeBron has been the best player in the league for some time now. He just hasn’t been on the best team like Kobe was. Stop hating on Lin!

    If I were Lin, I would practice my a** off this summer and come in next year on fire and prove all of the naysayers wrong.

    Good Luck Lin and never be afraid to speak the truth.

  56. i respect lin but he cant go against top performing players or teams as like melo with knicks, lebron and d wade with heat, kevin durant and westbrook in thunder is just a fact. when he beat the lakers not even kobe knew who he was asked in the pre-game conference asked who was that he responded who the hell is that. is a fact

  57. Deion says:

    Lin is right lebron is the best player now every1 would say that. Melo is a great scorer but not the best, more of a top ten guy. Durant right now is the #2 guy. As for lins contract were just gonna have 2 wait & see if he is worth the money.

  58. Josh Stein says:

    I would take Durant, honestly.

  59. jlu says:

    come on kids in the video is from China not Taiwan…..

  60. david says:

    All these mello haters and media need to shut up already all they type is BS melo already proved hes a great player and he knows that thats why hes usa’s number one scorer and that haters hate that lin is on a no name team now who care’s for all with know that lin fame could be gone and over with being on a team like the rockets with on player whos good kevin martin

    • The Fox says:

      Dude, last I checked Melo was 6TH in league in scoring for 2011-12 season @ 22.6 pts/gm. NO WHERE NEAR 1st place Kevin Durant @ 28.0 pts/gm or 2nd place Kobe Byant @ 27.9 or 3rd place Lebron James @ 27.1 pts/gm. Even Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook outscored Melo. Get ur facts straight son.

    • Common Sense says:

      you are a very angry man david:) Melo is good, no one disagrees with you. Calm down. Have a beer. Lebron is better, don’t get mad. Just because people like Lebron better doesn’t mean they hate Melo. Not everyone is full of hate. Lin never has said that he is the best in the NBa or even in that conversation. He also never even said he was worth the money houston put up, but he knows that he worked his butt of in NY and he knows he earned the respect of the world that he’s not a D league player. With that said he took the biggest contract offered, everybody in his situation would. Everybody. He’s young, you go with big contracts first, then championship teams next. Lin good, Melo better, Lebron better than that:)

  61. Josh Stein says:

    Um, who WOULDN’T take LeBron over anybody?

  62. KobeBoy says:

    WOW. he said lebron is the best player past 5 years, I remember KOBE BRYANT winning 2 championships and had the award of best player of the generation.

    Not Hatin, lebron is the best starting 2012 when he finally won a ring. IDIOT LINJURY, you forgot nowitski at 2011

  63. Cindy says:

    Jeremy Lin said that Melo is the best scorer after he said that LBJ is the best player, but why and how this article cut off Jeremy Lin’s speaking deliberately???

  64. Psuriana says:

    This is a stupid article. This writer is trying to create controversy by titling this article “Lin snubs Melo”. The exact question the reporter asked Lin was “if you were a gm trying to start a team, would u pick Lebron, Durant, or Melo?”. Every objective person would have picked Lebron. And Lin followed up by saying “Melo is the best scorer in the league, if u need 2 or 3 points, u give the ball to Melo”. That’s not exactly a snub, but like so many other writers, this one just tried to create something out of thin air. It’s irresponsible and annoying.

  65. pglive21 says:

    Aschburner you are such a hack. You’re creating hyperbole just for the sake of it, without any actual substance. Nobody, and I mean nobody, who has actually paid attention to the NBA over the past 3 years would actually choose Melo as a better player than either Lebron or Durant. Lin didn’t snub anyone, he just answered honestly and accurately. Every other NBA owner and GM would agree. Seriously, go back to journalism school. It’s members of the “media” like you that try to generate controversy where none actually exists.

  66. hooplover says:

    melo dis’d lin, there was bound to be backlash! take it like a man melo! lol

  67. LanC says:

    Lin said LBJ is the best player, and he added that Melo is the best scorer. How did this article ignore his comment on Melo? This is the really “ridiculous” thing.

  68. noyb says:

    Melo is a ball-hogging bum with no defensive ability. I wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of him.

    • david says:

      that makes you the biggest idiot on earth along with a dumb user name stop hating on melo this guy is one of the nba’s best so stop talking stupid and be smart for once moron

    • Yave says:

      You stupid idiot.How could you say something like that?You wanna see a ballhog then watch a Lakers game.

      • Common Sense says:

        He is a ball hog, but for good reason. You and david are very angry people. You both need to calm down. And david, that’s three very one sided overreactive comments. Lin did a lot of good for Melo’s team. But it will always be Melo’s team. But Melo knows he saved his butt. If Lin hadn’t stepped up, WHEN NOONE THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE, Melo wouldn’t have been able to play in this years playoffs keeping his streak alive. Let’s be honest, Melo owes Lin a lot of credit, whether he hates the truth or not

  69. charles says:

    Is there ANYONE who would pick Melo over Lebron? Not one reasonable basketball mind would do that. I think that is also true for Durant. no one would pick Melo over Durant. It is a simple fact.

    • Milz says:

      Ill give u the Lebron comment but that KD over Melo 1 is debatable. KD is more efficent and best PERIMETER shooter out of the 2 but they both don’t really defend too well and they both dont dish LIKE THAT…also, Melo is the better OVERALL SCORER (inside, post, outside) than KD but like i said KD is the better PERIMETER and EFFICENT SCORER. Melo rebounds the ball wayy better than KD too

  70. joe says:

    wot a stupid comment by lin, only this yr did lerbon become the best last the 4 years before that has been all kobe, are u kiddin me, 09 &10 champion shot 08 mvp and finals appearence, wots lin smokin? lol

    • kenny says:

      Kobe had a beeter supporting cast that is why he won the championships. Based on individual play Lebron has been the best the last 4-5 years. He won like 3 MVPs, which are given to the best player. I can understand you are a fanboy of Kobe, but at least make sense with your comments.

      • DR says:

        The MVP is NOT given to th ebest player, just whoever sports writers choose. If they were Nash nor Dirk would have one. Neither would Rose. Just sying. And Kobe didn’t have as much of a supporting cast as he was just good enough to make it work. He took a virtually unknown Pau Gasol and won with him. Twice. He won with no other superstars or Hall of Famers on his team. And I’m not a Kobe fan btw.

    • Basketball Fan says:

      LeBron has been the best player since around 07′ point blank period, he took a team to the finals by himself of course they got swept by the superior Spurs team, but LEBRON is a COMPLETE PLAYER, KOBE is an OFFENSIVE PLAYER = NOT COMPLETE

    • Claire Young says:

      Say it again,media hype again trying to create controversy again. On the court,Melo,LBJ,Lin are good players. Off the court, Melo n Lin are always brothers, Why u angry with the air?

  71. lolol says:

    Lin > Melo, any day of the week.

  72. David says:

    Media hype again trying to create controversy again, the NBA is great at promotion and creating interest. They ask him an obvious question and he answered it, I don’t see Lin having any ill will towards Anthony or Anthony towards Lin. You ask 100 people who is the best player in the league and I guarantee 100% of the expert will not say Anthony.

  73. Chris Austen says:

    Stop creating false antagonism between Lin and Melo. If you watched the press conference and being honest, then you should have seen that Lin praised Melo as the best scorer right after he said LeBron is the best player.

  74. awarde says:

    The article conventially forgot to mention that Lin said Lebrons was best overall player and Melo was the best scorer in the league……See how the press will twist things around to grab headlines…..LOL

  75. Tim says:

    This is a poor article Steve, it seems like you’re trying to create controversy where it doesn’t exist. Of course Lin chose LaBron over KD and Melo, he has multiple MVP awards, scoring titles and a championship – this isn’t even slightly controversial – it’s certinally not a snug on Carmelo, it’s just plain common sense and you’d be pushed to find someone who disagrees with him. And Carmelo was right – Lin’s contract offer was ridiculous, for a player who’s basically a rookie, played only a handful of games, and has averages which might put him in the top 20 PG’s in the league, to get a contract worthy of a top 5 PG is crazy. But Houston have international business interests which they are suring up, they won’t be paying any luxury tax (unlike NY) so good luck to them. But landing such a good contract is pretty ridiculous.

    Steve, stop trying to drum up some sort of conflict between these two where it doesn’t exist.

    • Nate says:

      Lin’s contract isn’t ridiculous. If you’re just going to base his contract off talent and credentials, then yes it is. But his contract is more about his ability to Market, and that contract is worth every penny that Houston is giving to Lin cause they’re going to make more then what they put in. Would you not give a 40 million contract to a player knowing that you’ll probably get in the hundreds of millions back in Marketing and Sales? Remember that the NBA like any other entertainment business out there is about the Money. A ridiculous contract is what Joe Johnson, Hedo Turkoglu, & Rashard Lewis got.

      • Gamble says:

        The marketability of a player only goes with his health and performance, if he stays healthy for 3 years and plays well just like his first 25 games of then the contract is good in a marketing stand point. If he injures himself and gets outplayed most of the time as most teams has scouted him already then i’m sure Houston will regret it. That is because every hype ends, that is just how it is. As for Lin, he just needs to prove that he is worth as much as the contract that he signed for. This blogger loves to create controversy with the players, better be careful of what you write as it may come and bite you in the a$$ someday.

      • Milz says:

        It really doesn’t even matter what kind of money they get back internationally from Lin overseas….all that revenue doesnt just go back to HOU…that same revenue is split among all the 29 other teams as well…so yeah…that contract wasn’t even worth it in the long haul and they better hope that he even lives up to that contract.

      • Nate says:

        Of course health and performance is always the main goal for ANY player not just Lin. If you gave LBJ a 120 mil contract and he can’t stay healthy and perform then he’s not worth his contract too. Look at Greg Oden, he’s not even worth the millions of dollars that Portland has given him to play just how many games sine he’s been in the NBA? All I’m saying is that Houston paid that contract mainly for his marketing attraction, and anything else they get from Lin is a plus. Whether Lin is a bust or a gold mine, that’s still to be determined, but that’s the chance that Houston is taking.

  76. Paul Reynaldo says:

    “LINJURY” Checked by Cructhes yeah cructhes will be the check sign

  77. Paul Reynaldo says:

    Lin is also “MADE IN CHINA” remember the old brittle Yao?
    history will repeat itself. Lin will be good for 2-3 years after that oucchhhhhhhh I’ll retire TSK…
    Good thng Amar’e won that ROY over Yao.
    watch out for LINJURY!!!!!

    • zhi says:

      Let’s hope you are right just like all the SCOUTS ….. FH

    • Huh..? says:

      Is Lin 7’6 as well? No, history has shown that big men have been more prone to injury, especially men of Yao’s height. There should be a stupidity meter for every post, so people can realize how idiotic their comments are and maybe they’ll learn to think before they get diarrhea at the mouth.. or fingers.

    • johnason lin says:

      Grandparents from China = Parents are Taiwanese = Jeremy Lin = USA born

      Technically speaking he is not purely Chinese so thats not history repeating , get your facts straight !!!

    • Greg says:

      right, because Lin is a 7’6” center with a ton of weight on his ankles. you are absolutely right.

      idiots. lin is american. he is what we call an ABC (American born chinese). and what does being chinese have to do with how “brittle” someone is?

  78. Taiwaner says:

    NOT ‘Chinese’ media, they are Taiwanese media.

    • johnason lin says:

      Grandparents from China = Parents are Taiwanese = Jeremy Lin = USA born

      • RR9 says:

        Taiwan is actually part of China, even if locals deny it. It’s Chinese soil.

      • william says:

        @RR9: Sure. North Korea and South Korea are the same, USA actually is part of Great Britain even though the 300+ million locals deny it, and Canadians are in fact all French.

        You, sir, are what we call an Ignorant.

  79. Travis says:

    I can’t wait to see if Lin’s body can handle an 82 game NBA season. I honestly don’t think it can I don’t think Lin has a good motor! Melo’s career up to this point hasn’t been nothing compared to LeBron James. People we’re saying put Durrant in Melos place in the Olympics. Melo is a great scorer but those Mark Jackson days in the NBA are being replaced with ball movement. Iverson another one great individual player not the best team player the give me the ball while the team stands and waits only works when you’re Micheal Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Lin has a great motor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise he would have quit after getting no scholarship offers (despite being California’s Mr. Basketball), going undrafted, and getting cut by 2 teams. It’s not really a question of having a good motor, it’s about his strength and contonditioning.

      • DJ3 says:

        A good motor has nothing to do with confidence. He could be like Yao Ming, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, etc.

      • david says:

        im glad lin is gone i was sick of all the drama he gave the knicks and he has fame for 25 games and don’t forget this is the same guy who has yet to play in the playoffs and hes famous wow what is this world coming to really

    • Damien says:

      Well said man !

    • johnason lin says:

      Sick of people saying this ” Jeremy lin can not survive in full season ” what are you guys fortune tellers ?

      He was a bench player for 2 straight years literally and once he gets use to full season he can run on all cylinders !

  80. Michelle says:

    He just telling the truth. No hard feeling Melo?

    • david says:

      truth? what truth only a fool would call that tha t truth so many idiots like you disrespect melo and try to act like hes not one of the nba’s best

      • rich says:

        The question he was asked warrants a single player answer. He chose Lebron. So what’s the deal if he’s just being honest with this opinion that Lebron is better than Durant or Anthony. You are the idiot for jumping to conclusion that choosing Lebron over Anthony is being disrespectful. And by the way, I am not even a Lin fan.

      • Huh..? says:


        How is choosing LeBron over Melo disrespectful? It’s a matter of choice and preference, in fact it’s just an opinion and everyone is entitled to one. Besides it’s the RIGHT choice, LeBron has better defense and can drive to the lane like no other forward in the game, so yeah I’d choose LBJ over Melo (and no I’m not an LBJ or Melo fan).

        And by the way, if I chose Jordan over Bird, am I disrespecting Bird? No, you’re just an idiot that doesn’t have the least bit of clue.

      • JJnm says:

        On what planet does melo be a better player than lebron? How’s that disrespectful? The media gave him three choices and on the basis of mvp rankings last year lebron is the mvp and durant is the runner up but melo is not even in the list

        It is kinda odd the media to include melo on the choices. On my opinion the media just wants to spark an issue on melo commenting on lin’s contract as rediculous and lin choosing lebron as the best nba player over melo.

        I am not a big fan of either of lebron, melo, and lin.

      • Schemer21 says:

        Man the question was who was the best – singular, and he gave a single answer, Lebron. Nobody would argue thar Melo isn’t 1 of the best players in the league, but, and i’m a Knicks and a Melo fan, he never factors in the ‘Best player in the league’ arguement. That arguement always comes down to Lebron, Durant and Kobe.

        The question was clearly aimed at getting this reaction, otherwise they would have included Kobe instead of Melo. Anyway Melo was right in what he said, and he did clarify what he meant, the contract was ridiculous. As Melo said, there was no element of disrespect to what he said, he was just pointing out that whilst Lin had a good stretch, he is relatively unproven in the league and at this stage doesn’t warrant the money Houston offered. By the way, Lin agreed with Melo, said he knew exactly where Melo was coming from and there’s no hard feelings, so why are people trying to create hard feelings between them with articles like this?

      • s27m says:

        You actually think Melo is better than Bron… Than you smoking the bomb my friend. Melo isn’t even close to the player Lebron is nor will he ever be! He puts the ball in the basket and thats it.

        MELO=1DIMENSIONAL no other game but chucking up prayers and hoping for the best. He gets less respect because he hasn’t earned more yet. Lets win a playoff series or 2. Man one injury and u got your New Tracy McGrady… Remember him he was better than melo when healthy but also 1dimensional! His talents ….or i mean talent of scoring is not enough to be considered great. Melo dont deserve being mentioned in the same breath as LeBron or Durant..Why do you think Bron trained with Durant last summer and not Melo… fool!

      • Rocketman says:

        I’m sorry but Melo is (overrated) defense is weak not in the same league with Durrant or LeBron!If he was that great he would have been in the NBA Finals instead of Miami! Also he is in the East where they just aren’t as good as the West. He wasn’t man enough to play night in and night out in the Western Conference!

      • Bball fan says:

        i dont see melo holding MVP and Final MVP trophy

    • johnason lin says:

      I really wanna know who the reporter is ? first the dream team question now this question ??
      Its the offseason everyone is bored … lol

  81. newyorksteelo says:

    Oh oh, those are fighting words lol. Melo and the Knicks will now want to destroy Houston every time they play each other. I can foresee it. And Lin, he better live up to his hype if he ever wants to see the light of day where he will team up with Lebron, which is highly unlikely given the money Lin seeks for his talents lol.

    • NBAfan says:

      Lin didn’t SEEK anything. Houston offered him the money….he’d be stupid to not accept.