A Head Start On 2012-13

HANG TIME, Texas — It’s the middle of summer when the temperature is already hot. But nothing gets the blood boiling in anticipation of hoops like the unveiling of next season’s schedule.

Back in his playing days, Magic Johnson used to say the first thing he did was search for the dates when his Lakers would face Larry Bird and the Celtics and then he’d circle them on his calendar.

Nothing’s changed over the years. When will the champion Heat and the Thunder square off for the first time since meeting in The Finals? When will Ray Allen go up against his former Celtics teammates for the first time? When will Steve Nash make his debut in Phoenix wearing the uniform of the hated rival Lakers?

NBA TV’s NBA 2012-13 Schedule Release Special will exclusively announce the 2012-13 NBA regular season schedule on Thursday at 7 p.m. ET.  The one-hour show will highlight the season’s most-anticipated games including those scheduled for Kia NBA Tip-Off ’12 (the opening week of the season), Christmas Day and Martin Luther King Day. Those matchups and many other marquee games and top story lines for the upcoming season.


  1. jImmy papadopoulos says:

    i think its great see ray allen play with lebron james this year he has over 4000 threes in his resum to be super hot with the heat lebron needs to trust the heat n allen could we get the gold if shaq was still playing for the heat it would be huge ffor us to win the champion chip five times in a row lets go heat lebron i love u i think you picked a great shhoting gard to match the celtic in playoffs n season

  2. TP says:

    Oct 30-Celtics vs Heat (opening night)

    Nov. 1- Knicks vs Nets

    December 25- Thunder vs Heat

    Feb. 14- Heat vs Thunder

  3. King James 6 says:

    My bad, I actually ment to space it out like this

    Opening Night:
    Celtics at Heat (TNT)
    Thunder at Lakers (TNT)

    Christmas Day:
    Nets at Knicks 12:00 (ESPN)
    Thunder at Heat 2:30 (ABC) (Actually will take place)
    Clippers at Lakers 5:00 (ABC)
    Mavericks at Spurs 8:00 (ESPN)
    Celtics at Warriors 10:30 (ESPN)

    MLK Day:
    Pacers at Grizzlies 1:00 (ESPN)
    Heat at Thunder 8:00 (ESPN) (Probably won’t happen)
    Celtics at Lakers 10:30 (ESPN)
    Other games not nationally televised (ESPN, TNT, ABC)

  4. haters at work says:

    i cant believe no one said knicks-rockets at MSG, return of Jeremy Lin

  5. wayfour says:

    Hey Menace
    If you followed you Heat team for the past few years you would have know Eastern conference plays the Western over the holidays!
    Ray Allen” will always be a Celtic “!

  6. Kyrie Sw-Irving says:

    Heat @ Cavs (January 17th, 2013)
    Heat @ Celtics (November 27th, 2012)
    Thunder @ Lakers (March 2, 2013)
    Lakers @ Magic (December 12, 2012)
    Lakers @Suns (November 17th, 2012)

  7. Kyrie Sw-Irving says:

    Opening Night: Knicks @ Heat; Grizzlies @ Lakers
    Second Night: Mavs @ Spurs, Thunder @ Celtics, Jazz @ Heat, Nets @ Magic, Cavs @ Sixers, Pacers @ Bulls, Lakers @ Clippers
    Christmas Day: Knicks @ Celtics (Noon ET), Heat @ Thunder (3:30 ET), Spurs @ Rockets (7 ET), Wolves @ Warriors (10 ET)
    Easter: Mavs @ Heat, Spurs @ Thunder, Lakers @ Celtics, Knicks @ Nets

  8. Nathan says:

    For some reason I expect the Celtics @ Heat and Lakers @ Thunder to take Opening Night on TNT.
    Then the next day is Heat @ Knicks and Clippers @ Lakers on ESPN.

    As for Christmas, These are the matchups which we may or may not see:
    Nets @ Knicks
    Thunder @ Heat
    Lakers @ Clippers
    Bulls @ Celtics
    Timberwolves @ Warriors

    I’m pretty antsy when it comes to predicting NBA matchups on basic cable. Like, I can already imagine Celtics @ Hornets, Lakers @ Suns, Thunder @ Spurs, Lakers @ Bulls, Clippers @ Heat, Knicks @ Warriors, Heat @ Kings, Thunder @ Clippers, Nets @ Bulls, Magic @ Lakers, Celtics @ Warriors, Spurs @ Jazz, Bulls @ Nuggets, Lakers @ Jazz, Spurs @ Celtics, and Heat @ Timberwolves as potential TNT showcase matchups 🙂

  9. King James 6 says:

    Opening Night Christmas Day

    Celtics at Heat (TNT) Nets at Knicks 12:00 (ESPN)
    Thunder at Lakers (TNT) Thunder at Heat(actually will take place) 2:30 (ABC)
    Clippers at Lakers 5:00 (ABC)
    Mavericks at Spurs 8:00 (ESPN)
    MLK Day Celtics at Warriors 10:30 (ESPN)
    Pacers at Grizzlies 1:00 (ESPN)
    Heat at Thunder 8:00 (TNT) Probably wont happen
    Celtics at Lakers 10:30 (TNT)
    Other games not nationally televised (ESPN, TNT, ABC)

  10. Celtic fan says:

    This is the 6th straight season the celtics are playing opening night

    I espect the celtics to win in miami Oct 30 2012

  11. Hoop22 says:

    Yeah , Portland against everybody> As usuall I won’t miss their game

  12. NBA says:

    The best game would actually be Lakers vs. heat. NBA Finals Preview. #Lakernation

  13. merryhairyfish says:

    Too bad there can’t be a West team vs West Team or East team vs East team.
    Celtics vs Heat!

  14. Miami loses to Charlotte on opening night is my prediction.

  15. tarantae says:

    Portland vs everybody

  16. OKCFaN says:

    OKC vs HEat in the finals again…. bring it..

  17. mwade says:


  18. Choker says:

    Heat vs Thunder
    Thunder vs Lakers
    Heat vs Lakers
    Heat vs Celtics
    Lakers vs Phoenix
    Heat vs Knicks

    would love to see these great games

  19. another random NBA fan says:

    Why was the 4OT game not on the top 10 games of the year?????

  20. Wow The 2012-13 NBA Season Will have some compelling games. But it will be here in 3 months I’m looking forward to watching the 2012-13 NBA Schedule Release show. Tomorrow Night After KSN News 3 At 6. As It All Begins On Tuesday October 30, 2012 With Boston At Miami As Ray Allen Faces His former team. That game will be fun to watch that will be 8 Weeks After Cowboys Vs Giants In the 2012 NFL Kickoff Game On NBC There Will Be some christmas day Matchups On Tuesday December 25, 2012. That is 5 Days Before The Final Sunday Night NFL Football Game on NBC. Then On Monday January 21, 2013 MLK Day There will be some great matchups. That Will be 6 Days Before The 2013 Pro Bowl On NBC but CBS Decided To Withdraw From It And Will Not To Air The Game At All. NBA All Star Weekend Begins On Friday February 15, 2012 then On Sunday February 17, 2013 The NBA All Star Game will take place in Houston Texas. On Saturday April 20, 2013 The 2013 NBA Playoffs begin. ESPN Will air the Western Conference Finals While TNT Will air the Eastern Conference Finals. In early june 2013. The 2013 NBA Finals will air on ABC. Then later on June 27, 2013 The 2013 NBA Draft Will air on ESPN. So Get your pen and paper ready and write down the 2012-13 NBA Schedule and enjoy the 2012-13 NBA season.

  21. Jack says:



  22. Zack says:

    Who cares about hornets celtics? The celtics will stomp em

  23. Lakers says:

    Lakers vs heat christmas day

  24. Lakers4Life says:

    Waiting 4 rematch Lakers&OKC

  25. Hotwheels999 says:

    And Austin Rivers vs. his dad Doc Rivers, Hornets and Celtics.

  26. go heat!! says:

    heat will have the first blood go heat!!!

  27. Menace says:

    Celtics @ Heat October 30…..should’ve happened on Christmas Day but o well. Let’s go #HeatNation!!!!!!!

  28. two says:

    Why was the Laker-Thunder double overtime game not a candidate for game of the year?

    • dattebayo says:

      Because MWP elbowing Harden and the refs letting the Lakers win is not a game of the year candidate. Just under 2 min in regulation, Sefolosha got the steal from Kobe and the sideline ref called him for stepping out of bounds even though neither the ball nor either of his feet touched the line…