Rockets Appear To Have Landed Asik

HANG TIME, Texas — Maybe it’s time the Rockets struck up a partnership with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. You know the motto: “We always get our man.”

The Rockets appear set to go 2-for-2 in their pursuit of free agents, reeling in center Omer Asik from the Bulls just a week after landing point guard Jeremy Lin from the Knicks.

Chicago has until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday to match the Houston offer sheet, which is a similar $25.1 million bookend to the deal they gave Lin. But it seems the Bulls have already made their decision, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:

And just as the Rockets spent that Saturday lockup up a replacement, the Bulls agreed Saturday with a player who could fill in for Asik.

“The Knicks signaled their intention to let Lin go when they reached a sign-and-trade agreement with Raymond Felton. The Bulls appear ready to sign center Nazr Mohammed to replace Asik, with Mohammed indicating via Twitter he is leaving the Thunder.

The Rockets had reached agreement with Asik in the first full day of free agency after meeting with him as soon as the free agency recruiting period began at midnight July 1. They tried to trade for Asik, a stellar defensive player off the Bulls’ bench, the past two seasons. He averaged 3.1 points and 5.4 rebounds in 14.7 minutes per game last season.

The pair of Lin and Asik gives Houston six 6 new faces to build around that are full of potential. Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terence Jones, first round picks in this year’s draft and Donatas Motiejunas, their top pick in 2011, all shined at the Las Vegas Summer League and could be the basis of youth movement.

However, none of the recent moves means the Rockets have taken themselves out of the running for Dwight Howard. The Rockets can still have salary cap room and general manager Daryl Morey is maintaining his full-court press on his Orlando counterpart Rob Hennigan. The Rockets are willing to either sending the Magic a package of players and draft picks for Howard — even for a short-term rental if he won’t sign a contract extention — or perhaps to facilitate a three-team with the Lakers that could land center Andrew Bynum in Houston.

It wasn’t too long ago when much of the NBA was puzzled as to what exactly Morey was doing by gutting his roster. Not anymore.

First Lin, now Asik. Already at 2-for-2 this summer, if the Rockets do go on to land their big man, the Mounties might have to surrender their motto.


  1. My point exactly. Rockets have the dumbest GM in all of pro sports. All that money for a back up center that scores 2 points a game. A point guard that you only brought back to the team because of the dominant Asian community, and their going to come spend that money. It’s obvious they don’t want to win, they just want to make money.

  2. Abdelhamed says:

    I am a rocket fan since 15 years, i think the rocket after making money and nheadlines rather than a championship. The last year team was good , could went to 2nd round playoff with some luck but nothing further. Asik i think he was picked by Hakim to be trained and we might seen good stuff out of him, lin will be selling t-shirt and making all star game ,for the rockes well , i know mory. Will ship them away soon he got a good offer , other than houston rocket, ithink the sun will be 5th or 6th seed in the westren con.

  3. Engin says:

    Asik may not be the best big guy on the offensive side but surely he can do better than what he did in Chicago. I’ve been following him since like 7-8 years, he has made a lot of offensive contribution both to Turkish national team and to FB (his former team in Turkey) All he needs to do is gain more confidence. In Chicago he always seemed to be afraid to do something wrong when he had the ball in offense. It is crystal clear that he is no good shooter and can’t shoot the ball if he is three meters away from the rim. But when you see him as an offensive option and build some pick and rolls (which was out of the question in Chicago), I am quite sure he would have more than a couple of dunks per game and average some 10 points in 25-30 minutes. (He averaged 9 points in like 20-23 minutes in the last two national team tournaments.) The biggest problem on his offense is his free throws. He could not be worse!!! If he begins to contribute on offense, his opponents would not hesitate to send him to the line.

  4. The Dream says:

    draft a new olajuwon

  5. Bobby says:

    Lowry was bad. TO can have him. Its Dragic they should have kept.

  6. C Nastrom says:

    The Rockets did about the stupidest thing they could do this season they traded there best point gaurd in kyell lowry and got to back up fill in’s
    I’m not even a fan of this team but you would have thought they could have made a bigger splash in the free agency market rather than aquiring a couple of dead beats.

  7. sam-in says:

    except Howard, Asik is better than any NBA center on 48 minutes. He is 2nd in 2010 World Champion with the turkey, he dominated the best NBA player and European. it takes time just to play … In 2012/2013: 30 minutes, 12 points, 12 ribaunds, 2.7 blocks, 1.1 steal, 54% FG, 55% FT

  8. markangelo says:

    its getting ugly for the bulls, D.rose out, asik and korver is gone, there no more challenge for the Heat in the eastern division, for all haters still whining about their last championship, keep crying guys, Lebron haters? keep on hating until you die

  9. mrtyork says:

    A lot of nonsense being said on here… I don’t blame most of you guys because you’ve probably only seen 3 full Rockets games over the last 2 seasons due to their lack of national exposure. One clown said Chandler Parsons isn’t any good… (really?) For those who may not know it, Kevin Martin won’t be a Rocket by preseason. Motiejunas will be the starting power forward by the All Star break, and a very nice compliment to Asik because of D-Moe’s offensive skill set. Lamb/Lin though a young backcourt wil be very exciting (though a veteran SG may be on the way). The comment about how many “white” players the Rockets start next year is pretty lame (I’m a black guy by the way) and means absolutely nothing. Sounds like a bunch of N.Y., L.A., CHI, and MIA fans talking about a team they know nothing about. And for the last time, NOBODY’S paying 50 mil for these guys! The Rockets made deals over a 3 year span that are heavy on the back end, so these players, (Lin & Asik) are not being over paid!!!!

  10. Ben H. says:

    I’m trying to figure out why Rob Hennigan hasn’t pulled the trigger on this deal yet. It’s a more than ideal trade for Dwight Howard, considering that’s exactly what Hennigan is looking for. It’s disappointing that the Magic won’t get back a center, but it’s great for rebuilding. Trading with the Lakers would be a bad idea because you would be stuck with another center who might sign elsewhere next season. OKC wouldn’t be a bad trade, but it seems like the Rockets trade is what Orlando is looking for.

  11. milomiguel says:

    bulls are a playoff team not a championship team, that’s it, for some vital reasons, rose is a one man team, they do not have enough physique and talent to be a caliber team to have a legitimate run on the championship. what they have on their roster are second rate talents that’s it…

  12. Cetin says:

    Omer Asik Rockets shut down opponents with a transfer is considered the bottom of the pot. Jeremy Lin also will rival the pot. Omer demonstrate the potential of the NBA yet. Because he played on the team, the Chicago Bulls did not have an attack. But to see the Turkish National team points leader after the team’s Hedo. Will be successful.

  13. A basketball commentator says:

    He is one of the best center in NBA. He is great defender , great rebounder , great shot-blocker.

  14. weaklegs08 says:

    Most of the people here are totally nonsense…
    Jeremy Lin is not a good player?
    Omar Asik is just a back-up center?
    Are you guys really watching NBA?
    Look here Jeremy Lin has something those talented individual doesn’t have & will never have… (Heart) He showed it & prove it in just a short span of time… He became the player who scored more point in his 5 starts beating non other than Allen Iverson… & you call him trash…??? I will not or never say that he is already a great player, But good… Of course… & the best thing about him is that there’s a lot of room for him to grow…

    As for Omar Asik… He is one reason why the Chicago Bulls didn’t suffer more loss than they can manage, He is a lot better defender than Noah. & even his coach admitted that he can start in any team…

    Well, a little suggestion… Maybe we should wait & see for what would be the result before we complain…

  15. lbj idiot fan says:

    Thats right! Lebron want to go to mommy… Heat are the best! Trade Juwan Howard to Dwight Howard straight! Juwan Howard is the best power forward in Nba.. he’s the 2nd best scorer.. 2nd to Abdul Jabbar!!!! wait.. I think I’m talking about Karl Malone… Why do I felt I’m e D.U.M.B heat fan… Go Alonzo Mourning!!! 😀

  16. boosssss says:


  17. boosssss says:


  18. Follow-Me-@G3RMAN_RAMOS says:

    The Rockets are up & coming and will contend for the 8th seed in the west,Lin is a legit superstar that can score 20+ at will,Asik will start at center and thier draft picks have been tearing it up in the summer league,i will be tuned in all year,nice work morey.

  19. Gurcan says:

    Come back to Turkiye Asik.

  20. I think the Houston should stop chasing after D Howard. They got a young talented roster already. It’s just a matter of time before they bloom and bring back the Larry O’Brien Trophy to Houston. Shout out to the Celtics Fans out there! 😉

  21. A-Holes says:

    Stupid comments.. the Miami won their championship fair and square.. just wait and watch the 2012-2013 NBA season.. still there will be player movements. no one will know the outcome of the upcoming season.. and NEVER compare Lebron, Wade or Bosh or other players to any other great players who already embark their names in the BASKETBALL HISTORY.. the players work hard to make their own name in the basketball history

  22. PrimeTime says:

    First of all, the previous season was a condensed season. Everyone’s dealing with injuries. So don’t give that s*** that DRose was injured, if he was healthy, they would’ve been the champs. DEAL WITH IT. I dont see Kobe nor DWade, complained about it? The Miami Heat deserved that championship, fair and square. No one bought anything. Nobody wins alone. Big 3’s had been around for decade. Lastly, as of right now, NO ONE IS BETTER THAN THE HEAT IN THE EAST. name one. yup, thought so. LBJ is just getting started.

  23. Alhan says:

    It’s a pity that some people can’t appreciate Asik’s talent.

    True, he is a terrible free throw shooter, true he will not be a 20 ppg shooter.

    But he can contribute in so many ways as a big defender. He can ribaund, block and most important of all he has so much energy and right attitude towards the game of basketball.

    Let me project his probable 30 minute per game stats for the next season;

    30 minutes, 9 points, 11 ribaunds, 2,7 blocks, 1,1 steal, %56 FG, %48 FT

  24. Bob says:

    Rockets fans seem in heaven after they landed Asik and Lin… i guess they forgot that they let go Dragic, Lowry and Scola for those 2 average players. They aren’t a contender this year and prolly the next year either. West conference is really tough, they aint going anywhere with those players. Clippers, Spurs, OKC, Lakers, Memphis, Mavs, Nuggets are all so far ahead. And for the 8th place i see better the Hornets ,T’ Wolves, Jazz or even the Suns than the Rockets. Houston doesn’t have a chance at all in the West conference.

    • JHouston says:

      LOL, geez what part of rebuilding dont you people undrstand, they are rebuilding not trying to be a contender, you people are thick headed,lol.

    • Rick says:

      It’s all about chemestry man. Don’t under estimate that word…

  25. ShaZu says:

    common bulls. get DeJuan Blair. This is it. We need that kind of guy.

  26. Adam says:

    Omer Asik is the rookie years of Marcin Gortat. But Gortat flourished after he played away from Howard. So if Rockets want to get the full out of Asik they better not get Howard.

  27. heat hater says:

    hey BullsFAN how about Lins 38 on kobe and lakers,not to mention the knicks wouldnt have made the playoffs without him,stop pretending you know basketball and just admit the kids got potential

  28. texas turd says:

    I like turtles!

  29. Bobby says:

    Trading for Howard would be a horrible move. Houston has so much potential talent in their young players (maybe patrick patterson will actually get decent playing time) and I like the idea of watching houston grow up as a team like OKC did. Lets not forget Jeremy Lin is only 23. I just really hope Morey doesnt throw a curve ball and trade away any of the 4 rookies hes aquired.

    • Rick says:

      I hope we don’t lose any of these young players either. I think Royce White is going to be a beast! So excited to see him in a Rockets uni..

  30. #BULLS says:

    I hate to see him go, but we couldn’t afford to keep him. We lost some key-players, but we’ll still make the playoffs. We have Capt. Kirk, Rip Hamilton, Luol Deng (Says he probably wont even need surgeory by next year) Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah. The starting 5 alone can get us into the playoffs. Taj is only getting better and Jimmy Butler was a monster in the summer league. And we have a few other players coming in still as well. You cant just say we wont make the playoffs… D-Rose will be back in January- and thats exactly half of the season (41 GAMES!!!) Teams get into the playoffs with less than that sometimes. What makes you think we cant win 50 games? Without Rose we’ll win 25-30 of our first 41 GAMES. And with him, we’ll win 90% of those GAMES. The #BULLS will beat the teams they’re supposed to beat and maybe a few they shouldnt… They arent “CONTENDERS” though, but only if everything goes right, and rose steps back in good-to-go, then we’ll be a contender.

  31. Alberto Levy says:

    Biggest Bulls fan living in Miami. This comment is for (Real), Miami Heat fans not true fans,they are following the Bandwagon. Years back when the HEAT were struggling their fans would leave the stadium in the Middle of the Third Quarter.

  32. Alberto Levy says:

    This coment is for “REAL” A man Lefron James went crying to Wade and Bosh because he cant do it by himself. Even if they win 10 championships it wont mean a thing. Biggest Bulls fan living here in Miami. Dont compare Michael Jordan the one and only with that crying scrub.

    • DreamTime says:

      First of all I’m a long time Houston Rockets fan, that being said, I think everyone that hates on Lebron James is completely deluded, why you may ask, well its simple in America and most of the western world we all have a habit of building up superstars only to see how far they eventually fall!!!! The only bad decision he ever made was to go on national television and forget to thank the cavs and they’re fans before leaving to go to Miami. Aside from that, would you begrudge a man for leaving a franchise that was relying on him to carry it, without giving him a sniff of hope due to the useless players they were surrounding him with? Well last time I checked Michael Jordan never won a ring without Scotty Pippen and last time I checked he had a pretty good supporting cast around him during all 6 championships!!!! I’m not saying Lebron is MJ, but he’s the best player in the league today and he has a chance to be one of the greatest of all-time….. So all you haters out their need to wake up smell the roses and come to terms with the FACT, Lebron James is the greatest basketballer of his generation and you haven’t seen the last or best of him yet!!!!

    • Haha funny you say all that but dont look at the facts By jordan’s 5th year Pippen started to play great then THE TEAM ACQUIRED Denis Rodman and Tony Kukoc so he waited and his 6th year he got a real team around him Lebron was with the caveliers 8 YEARS and his team was garabage he made the best career move he could if he would’ve stayed he would not have a ring but i do no think he is better than jordan yet still that is a dumb statements

      • SmoothMM says:

        Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, Big Z were garbage? Mo Williams, J.J. Hickson, Antawn Jamison and Varejao were garbage? No: they just got beat by better teams (great beats good) like the Heat by Mavs in 2011. Those players don’t make the entire team and they’re likely not Hall Famers as Pippen and Rodman (Jamison HoF worthy?), but come on. That’s not a bad core: they were good players. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have went #1 in the league twice in regular season, even with LeBron.

  33. daconverse says:

    3 second violation!

  34. Calvin B says:

    go Rockets….

  35. Ted says:

    Seriously there are a lot of bitter NY and Bulls fans in here. Suddenly Lin and Asik wasn’t good? Oh c’mon. Lin has the potential. It’s not like he is already 30 years old. He can still develop. And if you think Asik is useless then you surely didn’t watch enough Bulls basketball games.

    • DJones says:

      Bitter…not at all…that guy left it all on the floor when he played…i would rather have a guy like Osik who wasnt as productive on the offense side of the ball….but he did gave great energy and great defense…he never quit and thats the worst thing to see when these guys make crazy dough….and it paid off for the Osik…too bad the Bulls couldnt afford him…wish we could have kept him

  36. Mwj31 says:

    that is the dumbest comment i’ve read on here. you just said the rockets are the 3rd or 4th best team in the west right now? they have nothing! i like the moves they’ve made to create cap space, and they aren’t done….but to say they are in the top 4 in the west RIGHT NOW is completely idiotic.

  37. STL Ray says:

    The Rockets are the 3rd or 4th best team in the western conference right now. With their free agent additions and draft picks they are a legitimate contender. All of their drafts picks will contribute and Jeremy Lamb will be an all-star player.

  38. Morey is doing a great job and probably isn’t done.

    He’s built a solid young club that will contend in a couple of years if Lin develops into a top 8 point guard. Love Chandler Parsons — Scottie Pippen 2.0? Asik is a great defender who may be a 10 and 10 player w/great defense if he can handle 30 minutes a game. Kevin Martin, if he remains on team this year, is solid (not that bad a defender) and give Lamb a year to develop. Power Forward is a questions mark. Patterson was awful last year, possibly because he didn’t have enough time to recover from injury. But Donce and White looked great in Summer League play, so hopefully someone will emerge as a decent starting Power Foward. Lamb needs a few more years to fill out.

    This will be an exciting and fun club to watch. Parsons and Lin will be especially entertaining. Rockets have a club that will compete for 8th seed and if all goes well, compete for top seed in 2 years.

  39. Parker Lewis says:

    Lets not forget what Kevin Mchale does for big men. he has a knack for turning potential into talent. (Garnett, K Love, Al Jefferson, etc….

  40. Jah1 says:

    I’m a Rockets fan and to my fellow Rockets fans that think our starting 5 will consist of 4 White players —– please! We’re going nowhere with Chandler Parsons as the lead scorer. That’s a joke, straight up.

    Asik is meant to be a back-up center with significant minutes behind Howard (if we can get him). A starting 5 to open the season will be something like this:

    Howard – Center
    Motiejunas – P.F.
    T.Jones – SF
    J.Lamb – SG
    J.Lin. – PG

    C.Parsons will most likely be dealt to the Magic with K.Martin and one or two of our last year and prior year, before last year, draftees along with draft picks and cap relief.

    • Rick says:

      I remember a Boston team with mostly White players WIN!! Not saying we are that team but I’m not listening to a race card. Any color can win! Most has to do with ability and desire. Howard should have won a long time ago. In my opinion he whines to much instead of putting his mind to it to WIN like Jordon did.

  41. John says:

    It sounds like they overpaid for Asik.

  42. Henry says:

    For all of you who think that the rockets will pay that 3rd year of 15 million dollars each for lin and asik, are misinformed. Lin and Asik only will cost the rockets 8million per year for 3 years not 5,5,15 towards the salary cap…. The bidding team is allowed to do this.. not the original teams these free agents are on.. .That is all.

  43. alex. T says:

    Yes they are rebuilding the team, because they already waisted 3 years. Mr Alexander wants to taste champagne and he increased stakes. Well it is a risky move but still it has shape of a decent team but not playoff caliber team yet.
    Lin is good but with so much turnovers he is average PG at this stage
    Martin is a scorer with bad D and he went down the hill last season
    Parsons has very good potential. I really hope he will improve next year
    Montejunas, and the rest kids are really good but they will need at least two seasons to realize how to play efficiently without errors or turnovers in NBA.
    Asik??? Well it does not rings any bells. Maybe they are after Turkish market or something but he is just decent backup C.
    Even with star player i do not think they will make playoffs next year. But Houston will be strong soon, very strong

  44. ballinallday says:

    hey Fran,ever hear of SPELLCHECK!

  45. Bulls1 says:

    Some of you guys don’t get the point, but Houston is actually doing a great job. They were stuck in mediocre lane for a couple of years, and it was no use for them to have those older players fighting for the best record team not to make the playoffs. The Rockets are rebuilding now with young guys that have good potential, and regardless of where Dwight Howard lands, they have managed to take a step into a brighter future.

  46. fetosibnesi says:

    asik turkiyenin en iyi uzunu ama fetosibinesi ulkene don amucuk seni go asik go rockets

  47. aljo says:

    suddenly.. everyone is a basketball expert. smh

  48. Nope says:

    Apparently people are not getting what the Rockets’ management is doing. They’re rebuilding you idiots. If it wasn’t apparent already you’re just plain stupid.

  49. Celticsrck says:

    Lin is good not great.he is a starting caliber point guard,which immediately makes him a top-30 point guard,maybe top 20 or even 15

  50. Rockets713 says:

    Rockets know what they are doing, they probably arent done with anything. Rockets had Lin before so they know what he is capable of, Omer Asik idk where he came from but, the rockets staff and coaches can mold any player, Why do u think we are trying to get Bynum in our lineup? We arent going to win any championships right now but they will be a contender in a couple seasons, depends.

  51. Gia says:

    Marco Bellinelli is coming 2 the Bulls! Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!
    Stay tuned……

  52. Ben H. says:

    Can’t wait to see Houston play next season. If anything the moves that have been made make them an interesting team, if no a good one lol. Great young talent though.

  53. Spiderman says:

    Donatas Motiejunas was not the Rocket’s top pick in 2011. It was Marcus Morris.

  54. StillAKnicksFan says:

    Houston are not going to have a good season, they got rid of good players for Dwight Howard when he knows this is not a team who is not ready for a champion. They got Lin who is turnover prone and Asik who is a terrible free throw shooter and only average 3.7 points a game, Why the Rockets get rid of Scola, Dragic and trade Lowry and Camby. I am not saying that Rockets are bad but they are not going to the playoffs. Good JOB GM,

    • Billy Bo says:

      You can say it, they are bad. What’s the chance that any of the rookies will be better than Scola, Camby, Lowry, Dragic and Lee, who have all played for a few years? If you are Orlando and give up Howard, you are going to deplete the Rocket team further.

  55. linfan says:

    I like the lineup as is also – forget Howard. The last thing Lin needs around him is a another whiny primadonna (ie another Melo type). Lin plays best as a team leader, it’s why he played so much better during the stretch w/out Melo, and in Houston with a core that’s even younger, less experienced than him, what can happen can be awesome – like he took a bunch of scrubs (Novak at the end of the bench, Fields, Jeffries) and made them unbeatable, he can do the same with a bunch of excited, ego-free, talented younguns…. SHOWTIME

    • SmoothMM says:

      Fields, Jeffries and Novak weren’t scrubs before Lin. Fields beasted his rookie year before Lin came to NY. Jeffries was considered a good defensive guy. Novak has been knocking down 3s since bouncing from HOU to LAC to SAS to NYK: he just got more time to showcase his 3s this season. These guys got more playing when Shumpert, Melo and Stat were injured earlier in the season and took advantage. However, I like Lin on the Rockets.

  56. Whomp Whomp Whomp says:

    Bulls fan all the way….sad to see Asik go….ONLY because he hustled even when he had nothing in the tank…but overall it wont help or hinder the Bulls…good luck “A-Seek and Destroy” with your NBA future

    • DJones says:

      Thanks for being objective…in this era of athletes his energy lever dont show on stats…and all bulls fan will miss that

      • Bersem says:

        Yep alot of energy and a real defensive anchor in the paint…Just try to find another big man in the league able to grab 5-6 boards / block 1-2 shots in less than 15 minutes a game… Wish him good luck in Houston.

        Take a look a Jeremy’s stats while playing for the Warriors : in less than 10′ he could score almost 5ppg an steal more than a ball a game

        Good deal for the Rockets and for both players… maybe too much paid ok but maybe they will show they really earn it !

        Sorry for my English 😉

        Greetings from Belgium

  57. theking0522 says:

    hahahaha. One less 7-footer Miami has to worry about. I hated the fact that the Bulls had so much size compared to Miami. Now, they only have Noah. Asik always made it difficult for Lebron and Wade to score in the paint. I love the Rockets!!!!!! They just made Chicago easier to beat.

    • DRose for Mayor says:

      Last I Saw Nazr Mohammed was a seven footer. He can be just as productive in Coach Thibs system.

    • BullsFAN says:

      laugh all you want. in 2 or 3 years we’ll be better than you.

    • Wilt #13 says:

      You sound like you are afraid of the Chicago Bulls.
      Miami will have no problem beating them with or without Omer Asik.
      And dont compare everyteam to Miami,Yes they are a great but a great team last season and going to be a beast this season.
      But…If you really are a Heat Fan you should belive that Miami can beat Chicago with or without Asik… That I think he is not a diffrents maker like Noah and Dross.

  58. Sunny says:

    Daryl Morey will definitely get fired after the Rockets have one of the worst records in the West. Very bad acquisitions: Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. Both relatively unproven and your paying 50 million to those two. They are neither leaders, have championship skills or have even played significant minutes for a full season.They think they can milk Lin for marketing in China but he has to perform at a high level like Yao Ming to warrant that attention. You let your proven commodities go. Lowry, Dragic and Scola were such good players. Horrible off season only bright spot is draft picks are promising.

  59. Rockets Fan says:

    right now lineup looks like:

    Lin PG
    Martin SG
    Chandler Parsons SF
    Montiejunas PF
    Asik C

    Lamb coming off the bench as the 6th man.

    Young as hell but I like it. I don’t mind waiting for them to develop. even if they can’t (and i hope they don’t) get Howard, we will have crazy cap space at the deadline and after the season.

    • Rocket33 says:

      I agree with your lineup apart from at the PF. I’d have Terrence Jones starting there. I watched a lot of him at Kentucky and I think he’s gonna be great for the Rockets. If I was the GM I’d have kept Courtney Lee and moved Kevin Martin to bring in a good SF. Lamb as the scoring option off the bench sounds like a plan to me too.

      I think the money for Asik is too much, but I think that about most of the big guys in the league. See JaVale McGee and DeAndre Jordan. Jeremy Lin deserves his chance and at $5M a year that is a sound investment. If he doesn’t live up to the hype then at least his expiring contract in the final year should be easy to move or hang on to to create cap space then.

      Will be watching the Rockets closely this year and hope they have success.

      • SmoothMM says:

        Terrence Jones or Patrick Patterson at PF… Maybe even play Patterson at the 5 and have Asik back him up.

  60. W/E says:

    and the bulls wont even make the playoffs this year…they got a weak roster and no D.rose….its sad

    • xianvalencia says:

      I love the idea the Bulls will become a lottery team next season. If it will happen, they might get an rookie next draft who can help Rose in scoring. Take note: Bulls’ will yet to play Mirotic (Nowitzki-like) and holds a draft pick from Bobcats. So next season maybe tough, but Bulls ain’t going anywhere.

  61. Clyde the Glide says:

    Finally a bit of positivity around what the Rockets have been doing all offseason.

    Personally I hope they dont get Howard. Let him sit for a season in Orlando drying his eyes.

    Houston will be better off without him, even if the next season is tough. They have, now, an extremely young but promising nucleus of players.

    Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lamb, Asik, Patrick Patterson, Chandler Parson, Terence Jones, Royce White, Montiejunas.

    As far as I’m concerned the only thing missing from the line up is a stand out leader. Which will either come, in time from development of this crop, or be bought using the cap space, in this year or the next of free agency.

    In short well done Mr. Morey

    • Tommy says:

      I see where your coming from but you they won’t even have cap space to get a leader, they paid $50 million for a backup center and non efficient, probably backup PG.

      • Ed Thompson says:

        Houston will have tons of cap space. The 50 million for two free agents is spread over 3 years per cap space rules. So uses only 16.7 million or so. The rest of the roster is probably not over 20 million. So maybe 37 million annually. And the cap is like 77 million $. They traded away all their high dollar contracts. And it seems have found rookies with huge potential. In say 3 years, they will lose some of the rookies, because they will not be able to pay them all big salaries. But cross those bridges when they get here. So it would be easy to pick up a super star at $100 million over five years. Maybe even two of them.

      • Lewis says:

        They have the cap space to get a star and maybe even squeeze in another contract like Lin and Asik, Houston isn’t a low market team. Many people seem to forget that its one of the largest cities in America and do have some large revenue. The Rockets never tank so I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing.

      • SmoothMM says:

        Ah, Tommy, we meet again. Don’t have enough cap space? 1) It’s not like they’re paying these guys “$50 million” a year. 2) Contracts can be moved so if the Rockets don’t like what they see: trade time. 3) Non-efficient? He hasn’t play a full season to truly determine that. In the short time Lin played, he played well. 4) Asik has the skill to be a starter: a bigger Kendrick Perkins type player who can defend and rebound.

      • Bryan says:

        Kevin Martin is (well he should) the leader of the team for right now. He just needs to step up to the plate.

    • Billy Bo says:

      The team you just listed might not even contend for an NCAA championship. Will Asik ever be better than Camby? Will Patterson ever be better than Luis Scola? Is Jeremy Lin better than Kyle Lowry or Goran Dragic? The new look Rockets will be cellar dwellers. If they get Howard they will have to trade their better players and be even worse. No, maybe that’s not possible.

      • SmoothMM says:

        This Rocket team would dominate the NCAA tournament and championship game. Asik, Patterson and Lin are good players and can be on par with Camby, Scola, Lowry/Dragic. “Better” comes over time. It’s not a question of being better individually though, but as a team. I’m interested to see how they mesh over time, should they all remain a Rocket.

      • Rick says:

        Wow …YOU my friend do not have a clue! i am very excited to be a Rockets fan right now. Are we going to win next year? NO! The Rockets are setting themseleves up for 3 years from now. Watch…

    • Rocketman says:

      Amen I was always thought the Rockets should go with youth!Yes they still need a 2 or 3 that create and one big man inside the paint that can dominate!This however should have been done last year because 2012 was a great draft.Howard and Bynum overrated!I being a big Hakeem fan haven’t seen a center like that and those 2 will never be like the great one! By the way he didn’t need a dream team to win back to back championship.He was a man that could dominate a game UNBEATABLE!

  62. Tommy says:

    Us bull’s fan don’t care. Hey Houston have fun with a 7 footer who can’t catch the ball in the paint and averages 3 points a game. You just paid 25 million for a back-up center, and a PG who played 15 good NBA games.

    • pakyaw says:

      BULLS is always a frontrunner team, they’re not contender(pretender)…and please dont give a D. ROSE excuse.. Miami trash them last year 2011 in ECF game 5..,and thats only the 1st year of big 3 Miami(chemistry not there yet) but stil….

      • Alberto Levy says:

        Biggest Bulls fan living in Miami. Miami bought the title. Because Lefront cant win by himself so he ran in the shoulders of Wade and Bosh.

      • Sean says:

        Dallas did an excellent job and so did the Clippers. Just think in the last two years they acquired: Cris Paul, Nick Young, Reggie Evans, Kenyon Martin, Caron Butler, and Chauncey Billups and this year they resign Billups, and Blake Griffin, and add Grant Hill, Lamar Odom, and Jamal Crawford.

        By comparison my team the Chicago Bulls never seems to get it right. For a team that was so close in 2011, to have the nerve to think that all they needed to do was sign Richard Hamilton was absurd. So for this year they repeat the insanity by getting one player Kirk Hinrich. A nice peice that won’t hurt your team, but at the same time does not add any different dimension or threat to the offense. Nor, can he get easy shots for his teammates.

        Cris Kaman could have been a big help on a team with no low post game. Instead they will over pay for Asik. Mayo and Aaron Brooks would have been just what this offense needed. To make matters worse they get rid of Brewer Watson and Kolver.This is the same team that kept worthless Brian Salabrine on the roster and sent Norris Cole to their biggest competitor the Miami Heat. You might say it does not make sense. The Bulls don’t care about making sense they care about saving cents. Nazi and Rodmanovich were almost close to being decent players 15 years ago.

        The real contending teams will open the season with a full 15 man roster. The Bulls who already have their built in (Chicago) excuse of Derrick Rose’s injury will be cheap as usual and open with 13 men. They are right there how could they throw this opportunity away, you might ask. The answer this is what they do. Just ask Micheal, Scottie, and Phil.

      • Real says:

        How did Lebron buy a ring? So, did the Celtics buy a ring? He left Cacs for a better opportunity, judt like Garnett, Nash, Allen, Shaq, Barkely Pippen, Rodman, Malone, Payton, ect. I could go on and on. Your argument doenst hold water!

      • pakyaw says:

        @Alberto Levy , your’re right LBJ cant win by himself thats why he left…,thats gonna be same outcome to D ROSE (LBJ 2.0) if Bulls organization dont do anything to give this guy some decent help…(Rip Hamilton? come on now)..ohh wait J.Noah(Anderson Varejao 2.0)..hehehe

      • Don A says:

        WOOOO Hold up. A Healthy Miami team beat a sore and injury ridden Bulls team. Don’t get it twisted, the Bulls only fall short cause they keep getting hit with the injury bug. Check the facts before you dis the team with the best record in the East, wait and in the whole league. And D Rose is not an excuse cause we claimed the best record with him out most of the season.

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Pakyaw, EVERYONE saw how the heat flopped their way past the bulls. giving winks and stuff(lebron caught on camera winking at his bench) on a phantom hit(steal by rose). Only problem is, they faced a veteran mavs team who shot their eyes out when refs gave miami the paint.

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Real, you’re REAL stupid lmfao. They cheated, look it up dipf*^% they got caught conspiring to be on the same team and how to fit and what budgets they could take. Ummm, that’s HIGHLY ILLEGAL..cHEATers 24/7 on AND off the court. Iswear if the NBA fined players for flopping(which they’re considering MAINLY because of the heat as david stern hinted 😉 ) the NBA will BANK IN on the heat. That I’m sure of, so don’t compare celtics getting their big 3 that way. Yes, I was mad but in all honesty…it was fair and square. So know your facts before you look like another southbeach hobo…

    • BullsFAN says:

      someone who knows basketball, finally. jeremy lin is NOT a good basketball player…he had 5 or 6 to when he was starting every game and only scored 20+ on bad teams when melo was out. houston, good luck spending almost 30 mil on a terrible player and 25 mil on omer asik. dont get me wrong asik is good, really good, as a backup.

      • SmoothMM says:

        It’s worth it. Lin not good? Ha. This is like the 1000th person who’s said that. He was only in his 2nd season… Asik can’t catch in the paint? Ha. He’s more of a defensive center anyway who goes after the ball. I know he can score 3 feet from the basket and that’s good enough for me. Plus, the Rockets have so much flexibility it’s ridiculous, thanks to their bizarre offseason trades of veterans for draft picks and lower salary players.

      • shhh says:

        if you look at the total, it is bad.

        if you look at the details of the contract, not really. Lin will get around 5M each yr for the next 2 yrs., the bulk of the contract will be on the 3rd yr. if he underperforms they could easily trade him to teams needing cap space. If Asik’s is the same, then Rockets are only spending 10M for both each year.

    • Miami Guy says:

      Asik was the one of a few centers limited Wade and James on their attacks. You James hater, James did not have a luxury to play with a decent center and a decent coach. Wade was 50% this year.
      When you compare James, with Kobe and MJ you have to take consideration of coaching and having decent centers,
      You better check how bad LA, and Kobe without Phil Jackson.

      • FLY-GUY says:

        I could describe Chicago’s problem in 2 words, LMAO…….CARLOS BOOZER!!! (all that money they’re paying him)

    • Miami Guy says:

      2011/12 – 5.3 rebounds in 14.7min.