Marquis Teague Feeling Backup Pressure


LAS VEGAS – He is the just in case, at least the backup to the interim backup and possibly soon to be a notch lower than that, but it’s the Bulls and no one needs to remind them about  worst-case scenarios.

Derrick Rose is out after knee surgery – hello, worst-case scenario – Kirk Hinrich is in as the starter, and Marquis Teague is somewhere down the line from there. Maybe he’s No. 2 behind Hinrich, the ex-Bull who returned this month as a free agent, and facing immediate expectations as a first-round draft choice trying to help replace an injured former MVP. Or maybe Chicago makes a move to add another point guard, a possibility, and Teague goes to No. 3.

There will be a spotlight either way, because it’s the Bulls, a title contender at full strength now hoping to come close to filling the void, and because Teague is coming off an important role on Kentucky’s national-championship squad.

“That’s a lot of pressure, playing behind Derrick Rose, playing behind one of the best point guards in the game,” Teague said. “He leads his team deep in the playoffs every year. That’s tough to play behind.”

And that’s in addition to the built-in transition of going from one season in college to the NBA. Plus, there were doubts around the league heading into the draft whether Teague could be a dependable playmaker as opposed to a scoring small guard who has to play the point at 6 feet 2 and 180 pounds.

“I know I’ve got an opportunity if I come in and perform,” the brother of Hawks guard Jeff Teague said. “I’ve got to show them I can play.”


  1. Jayda says:

    What have u been smoking on? The Bulls have always been and will be title contenders. Just because they are making stupid decisions right now doesn’t mean that something good won’t come out of it. Obviously the Bulls have something up their sleeve because of their choices taken, but no one will know what actually happens for the Bulls until the season starts.

  2. Moobi says:

    if dwight even thiks about goin to the bulls they have a big chance of winning. but he aint even thinkin about it

  3. Mark says:

    I’ve noticed Marquis seems to have developed a little habit of pushing off with his off forearm quite often when handling the rock… He’s going to be under even more defensive pressure in the pros – I hope he gets called for it early on (only way he’ll change it)…

  4. W/E says:

    lol the bulls title contenters?!?!? lol this year they have no hope at all to be title contenders…

  5. Unknown says:

    It’s unrelated but Jeff Teague is a great PG in my opinion, I wonder why no one mentions his name when they are talking about top PG’s in the league?

  6. Amitpal says:

    He leads them deep into the playoffs each year. What’s Teague talking about rose only took them deep once. The rest were either first or second round losses. And if the bulls were able to have the best record in the NBA without rose for over half the season I’m pretty sure they can last 20 to 30 games fine with Teague and hinrick.

  7. rayjones5 says:

    He will be just fine. The best that could’ve happened did happen, they signed a veteran pg to help teach you the ropes. When dr comes back he can learn from the both of them on how to be a true professional, on and off the court.

    • Jeffx says:

      I agree! Some of the best basketball players were not drafted early, and proved how good they were by hard work and taking the opportunities that became available. I look forward to seeing Marquis on court learning his trade. He will be just fine and he has the best point guard in many many years to learn from.