Blazers Swing For The Fences In Coaching Search

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Portland Trail Blazers need a head coach. And apparently, their search starts at the top.

Chris B. Haynes of reports that new Blazers GM Neil Olshey has been swinging for the fences in his search for a new coach.

The Portland Trail Blazers attempted to snag former Utah Jazz coach, Jerry Sloan, out of retirement this week by formally offering him their head coach position in Salt Lake City.

Sloan later turned down the offer, but that wasn’t the Trail Blazers first big swing.

For the last few months, the Trail Blazers have been in back-and-forth discussions with Phil Jackson in an attempt to persuade him to take their head coaching vacancy, a close source said.

Hey, there’s no harm in asking, right? The worst thing that can happen is they say “No.” And it’s not like other coaching candidates are going to be offended that you went after a pair of Hall of Famers first.

The Oregonian reports that Olshey will now conduct interviews with several candidates at the Las Vegas Summer League. Kaleb Canales, who took over for the fired Nate McMillan in March, is still a candidate to be given the job full-time.



  1. robert fay says:

    felton is worthless as a player hire him as a coach

  2. kb24 says:

    P.jackson should go to lakers

  3. Viktor Knox says:

    Join the Miami Trend… Get a Rookie Fil-Am or pure blooded Filipino Coach…

  4. Dave says:

    I think they should hire shaq as their coach. It would be entertaining at least

  5. Dave Gross says:

    I do not want Phil Jackson. I am pretty sure Phil Jackson does not want to coach the Blazers. Jackson has always been blessed with teams with great talent. Some of the teams he had most coaches could have won with. Jackson is a good coach but due the the fact that he has been lucky with star studded teams he is vastly overrated.

    • Lex from ATX says:

      “most” coaches don’t run the triangle offense and “most” coaches didn’t/don’t have as many of the personalities that come with coaching superstars to deal with as phil has had. you say he’s been “blessed” with great talent – so tell me, why do you think his previous teams even hired him? why bless a mediocre coach with a loaded roster? let me give you a hint: it’s not because he’s vastly overrated. you’re just a butt hurt blazers fan who can’t get over the 2000 WCF and it’s painfully obvious by your post.

      you are right about one thing, however – phil jackson doesn’t and would never coach a perpetually garbage team like the portland trailblazers.

      • josh says:

        I agree other coaches also coached thoes teams before phil . Dell Harris coached the same Lakers as phil and did not win The Zar and Doug collins both coached Micheal and Pippen and they did not win either and all of them a pretty good coach’s

  6. D Lion says:

    Well, it was worth a try…

  7. Herr says:

    I’m loving our new GM. Glad to see he’s taking the risks. However, Phil Jackson? I respect Phil Jackson, and I’m not like other Blazer fans and would welcome him with open arms, but a lot of people in this city would rather miss out on championships than have someone they do not like on this team. I can’t blame them, I would never be able to cheer for Kobe, CP3, Westbrook, Harden, Griffin, or Nowitzki on this team.

    However, I pray it’s a joke that they might give Kaleb the full time position. He’s won one game that was impressive, and that was his first game against the Bulls. Other than that, the only thing he did right was lose when we needed to lose. That’s easy. He has zero experience. We need a guy like Sloan or Jackson that can get this team further than the first round. The previous 3 seasons in which we hit the playoffs our coach was the main reason why we lost in the first round and now he’s got no job.