Brooklyn Big Four On The Horizon?


The Brooklyn Nets are going to have a news conference later this week. Sitting next to general manager Billy King at the podium will be Deron WilliamsJoe Johnson, and the Nets’ center.

Right now, we don’t know if that center will be Brook Lopez (re-signed like Williams and Gerald Wallace) or Dwight Howard (acquired via trade like Johnson). But things may be leaning toward the latter, according to a pair of reports that hit the interwebs on Sunday night.

Both ESPN and Yahoo! say that the Nets and Orlando Magic are making progress on a deal that would send Howard to Brooklyn to form a new Big Four with Williams, Johnson and Wallace.

Here’s Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!

The Magic are portraying patience in making a deal for Howard, but have a strong distaste for engaging in a prolonged process that drags into the summer. From new general manager Rob Hennigan through Orlando ownership, the Magic want to find the best possible deal for Howard soon and cut ties with him, sources said.

As Orlando sorts through the offers, Howard’s potential destination is increasingly looking like the Nets, sources said.

As much as Hennigan prefers to send Howard to a Western Conference team, the Magic keep coming back to the Nets as the best, safest package. Howard’s preferred trade partner – Brooklyn – has pushed into overdrive in offering up trade scenarios and options for the Magic, sources said. For now, Orlando prefers Nets restricted free-agent center Brook Lopez as a centerpiece player over having its pick of the Houston Rockets’ roster, sources said.

The Nets need some help to get the deal done, because the Magic aren’t interested in a signed-and-traded Kris Humphries. And though it seems unlikely that an Eastern Conference team would want to assist in the creation of a superteam in Brooklyn, ESPN reporters Chris Broussard and Brian Windhorst write that the Cleveland Cavaliers could be the third team involved in a Howard trade.

The Brooklyn Nets’ persistent efforts to recruit the Cleveland Cavaliers as a third team to help them hammer home a trade for Dwight Howard are starting to pay off, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told that the Nets and Magic are cautiously optimistic that the Cavaliers will help them facilitate a three-way trade that lands Howard in Brooklyn.

Free agent Kris Humphries would be one of the key pieces headed to Cleveland in the proposed deal. The Cavaliers, however, have enough cap space to sign Humphries outright, so they have requested additional assets from their two prospective trade partners.

A deal with the Nets would have to happen in the next couple of days. The free agency moratorium period ends at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday. And the Nets just can’t keep Lopez (a restricted free agent) hanging.

No matter who their center is next season, the Nets will be pretty good. But if they can finally land Howard (we’ve been talking about this scenario since they traded for Williams 17 months ago), they’ll be serious title contenders … and will be conducting one heck of a news conference later this week.


  1. glenn says:

    Although Dwight Howard is a name player, what if he flops. Brooklyn has a minimal bench and no draft picks. They have good young talent in Marshawn Brooks, Lopez Nets do not have to make this deal.

  2. KB24-of-Phil says:

    I;m also a Laker fanatic, but the thing is.. Lakers is almost complete and Howard is not needed.. A shooter like Ray Allen could have completed it.. What they need is a deeper bench.. A bench that can compete while the starters take their break.. I wish that PHIL is still the coach..

  3. Rajon Angelo says:

    Im a boston fan, so i suggest to DWIGHT HOWARD ( if he see this ) go to Boston Celtics to win a ring, atleast for this year only. then nxt year make more money. atleast you have a ring. hahahaha

  4. Ryan says:

    ugh everyone says d howard cant shoot free throws… neither could wilt or shaq…and they got titles…. and he still gets over 20 and 15 a game…come on…isn’t it saying something that while everyone bashes him about not having a post game or free throw shot… HE STILL GETS 20 AND 15….LET IT GO STOP NITPICKING!

  5. frank says:

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  6. Demetrios says:

    Looks like the Magic will be 2013 NBA Champions!!!


  7. c'z says:

    nets in the east finales?? that’s the funnist thing i’v heard all day. and that’s all that statement is gunna be a joke. it’s gunna be heat and celtics again in east. different out come this time if boston has everyone at the time simple as that no more discussion. the only reason i’m not talking about the bulls is you seen what happened to rose. he’s a great player don’t get me wrong.

  8. digitioli says:

    If the NBA calls the games the way they did in this year’s playoffs and finals, forget it – it’s already over.
    bron bron slapping away defenders, hop skip and jump travel moves along with never getting called for fouls – dwade clocking guys and no flagrants – just forget it.
    just don’t call it basketball.

  9. Choker says:

    Its better to stay with your core team…. why trade lots of your players for this Howard…. yes you may have the best 5 but where is the bench? they need more money if they need bench players if not they’ll just be signing anyone on the streets for them to have bench players

  10. stan says:

    the nets have aqquired williams and johnson who can shoot the 3 ball very well, create their own shot, have sick handles, and have ice in their vanes. johnson is the best defender in the backcout they have. gerald wallace is a good 3, humphries can play offense and defense pretty well, and brook lopez is a top 10 center when healthy. lopez was playing well before he got hurt, and even after he came back, he put up a 30 point game in dallas. when lopez is fully healthy, he is really good. he has many more offensive moves than howard. only problem is his defense is terrible. humpries and wallace can pick up some of the slack though. the nets already have a top 5 team in the east. they could get dwight and risk having a not so good PF, with little depth at the 3, 4, and 5.

    lakers don’t need howard. lakers need to get a deeper bench, because thats a big reason they got kicked out the playoffs. with steve nash in the fold, the lakers need a back-up SG to have kobe rest a bit. lakers should consider getting jr smith to help out kobe, and ramon seesions or dolente west to back up nash. if the lakers got grant hill, that would mean the defensive combo of grant hill and ron artest would constantly bother every 3 and 4 in the league every single game for every single minute. ron artest is getting his 3 ball back and has a physical inside presence, with grant hills sweet shooting is going to be a nightmare for other teams. also resigning jordan hill who had a rebounding feast in the playoffs is a must, that kid has promise. this is what the lakers need, not dwight howard and an even thinner bench, plus the lakers wouldn’t be much better with dwight than they are with bynum anyways. lakers need to get a strong bench, i mean look at the lakers starting roster.

    PG: steve nash (top 5 point guard)
    SG: kobe bryant (#1 shooting guard)
    SF: ron artest (top 15 small forward)
    PF: pau gasol (top 10 power forward)
    C: andrew bynum (#2 center)

    do we really need dwight howard to win a championship with this starting lineup?

    • at last, someone who has a brain says:

      You’re dead right. D12 can go take a flying jump .. off a bridge. If anything, maybe he should go to the Nets. L.A. just need a PG / 2 guard that is a sharpshooter to complete their Summer trades.

      I also agree Lakers don’t want a guy who doesn’t want to be there long term – D12 is a fat head that would drag L.A down into oblivion the way he’s done to Orlando. He’s like a curse on any team he’s on (.. admittedly a curse that can block shots and dominate the paint like precious few other bigs).

  11. anab says:

    These NBA players cry more than the WNBa players……..LOL

  12. LoveMeDemLakers says:

    It should be interesting no matter where he goes, me being a LAL fan, I’d love it if he came here but I’d prefer to see us get more depth to our bench and the choice between Howard and Bynum is a toss up to me. Both have their personality quirks and both are great players. Bynums a bit more versatile but Dwight is just such a huge presence in the paint. Next season should be interesting to watch, can’t wait!

  13. Heatsukdck says:

    Heat fans are so annoying…

  14. Diddy Ho says:

    Orlando please trade dwight for jeremy lin and tyson chandlers.
    NYC needs a good center. They will give up the big market of Lin and get a bigger market dwight and win the champion.
    Orlando wins too cuz they get jeremy lin. Jeremy lin will not get improve under jason kidd and 3 all star players (especially melo). Jeremy is totally not matching with melo.

    So, please, trade dwight for jeremy lin and tyson!

  15. billy boy says:

    good luck with the trades.. Regular season is just a one simple game… what matter most is the Finals… and its already decided which team will be going to Finals.. Heat vs some-one-out-there-in-WEST

  16. AJV says:

    I’m not sure of the cap-space thing( cos I dunno who earns how much), but DH12 should go to the Bulls, who will/should give up Boozer and/or Korver and/or Noah… I’d love to see a frontcourt of Deng, Noah and Howard… they lose out on perimeter shooting, but that wont matter with the incredible defense on offer…
    Just saying 🙂

  17. MJ23KB24 says:

    If Howard had gone to the Lakers, it would all be over..their chances of winning a title would be essentially secured and their team would be as daunting as it was when they went on that sensational three-peat where they were basically invincible. I understand Kobe is aging, but he isn’t a liability. If anything, he will continue to produce as if his more hungry than ever to win another ring. If Howard goes to the Nets (which is a feasible scenario), I wouldn’t be 100% certain that their chances of winning a championship are sky-high.

  18. TTKIN says:

    I hope Brooklyn gets all the stars they want, overpays them, and then I hope all of them get injured to the point where they are all on and off the DL for years to come.

  19. sirsparhawk says:

    Yea idk about big 4, maybe big 3, maybe big 2 and 1/2. Gerald wallace is lol, joe johnson is good but I admit I havent watched him play. Yet any team with dwight is a better team.

  20. W/E says:

    LOL BIG FOUR!?!?!?!? joe johnson and gerald wallace are nowhere near superstar quality,even if they land D12 i would say they r two and a half men…i would even trade those 2 guys for chris bosh and keep marshon brooks at SG…

  21. Lakers says:

    Dwight to the Lakers Hollywood wants him remember shaq to la 3 in a rol..l back to back Im calling it..superman.mamba.nash .gasol oh yea..sorrynets he wants is not a issue for the Lakers

  22. Mu says:

    ummm, where is the commissioner who stopped LA Lakers last year from acquiring little man on the clippers. send david stern you a hypocrite, if you gonna stop something. stop howard from brooklyn, send him to the clippers, so the Lakers can whoop on him all day everyday…

    • lakernc says:

      I am a laker fan myself but at least i understand the situation. You should really know the facts before you open your mouth. Stern and the nba didn’t let that trade happen because the hornets were owned by the nba, they cant step in on other teams trades.

    • MJ23KB24 says:

      Stern stopped that trade b/c the NBA owned the Hornets at the time..remember?

  23. What??? says:

    Nets vs. Heat??? With D.Rose healthy I think the Bulls can sweep the Nets. And Miami will have a problem with the Celtics.. hehe

  24. dwynn says:

    Your right men trade him to the Bobcats lets see if he can get them a spot in the playoffs!!If he is really that good!!!demanding this and that to orlando!!!F!@#$ D12!!Your not Kobe or LBJ!!

  25. KnickerBocker says:

    the nets need a big man like chris kaman if he didnt sign with any body that will be the best lineup in b-ball with the heat and l.a they are only a 3-6 seed though not a complete contender yet

  26. Max says:

    sources also say cavs wil get marshon brooks cuz the nets arent interested were probably gonna have to give up a 1st and alonzo gee or something CAVS win in this trade 🙂

  27. dwynn says:

    Just trade that DAMN Drama Queen Howard!!!!Its getting older and sickening the trade issues already!!!

  28. DWADE says:

    send howard to the bobcats so he’ll be a one man team and be the mvp by scoring 30 and 20 rebounds every night

  29. celts_fan822 says:

    Watching Orlando suffer through all the Dwight drama is painful and I’d love to see him traded for their sake. But Brooklyn doesn’t need Dwight! DWill Johnson Wallace Humphries Lopez is already a stacked line-up. If they use any extra money to get some more strong players for the bench, I don’t think they’d be far from a championship.

    People keep bringing up the Knicks as an example, and I agree. They essentially threw away their whole roster when they brought in Melo, and with it they threw away their team chemistry. And that’s why Denver did so well that year — they had a handful of players from NY that were already comfortable playing with each other, while NY had some pieces that were forced together.

    The Nets would be in the same situation if they got D12, as they’d have to rely on free agency to create a bench. So, they’ll have a bunch of players that have never played with each other before and are unfamiliar with the organization. If I were the GM, I wouldn’t get caught up in the Dwight hype and I’d leave the starting line-up as is.

  30. The Nets have to give at least one of their Superstars and another average player for Orlando to trade Howard

  31. Petersen says:

    I dont see why people are still talking about Howard because he will never be the same player he used to be after that surgery. keep brook lopez as the center then add few bench players to make the rotation more flexible. No one knows what to expect from Josh next season and the probaility of big huge number every single night can be a bad dream for nets Managment. I hope OKC keep their team together so they can prove many of those guys wrong.

  32. JerseyCatt says:

    I wish people will stop using the term Big 3, Big 4, etc…Its played out and sounds stupid now. Aside from that, I hope things work out for Brooklyn.

  33. Rj says:

    If people think that the nets can somehow land howard… Let me just say YOUR DILLUSIONAL… The nets are already over the salary cap.when they signed wallace for a max contract.of.40 mil and aquaired Joe johnson. Not to mention williams signing back with the nets which clearly sealed the deal for the nets possibility to even get howard. The mahic arent gonna give their used to be superstar center for a mediocer player like brook lopez. The nets practically gave their bench to get joe johnson. Theres no way that the magic front office will accept any mediocer offers from brooklyn.

  34. BIG4LOL says:

    Big 4?? Try decent 4 – Not sure how Joe Johnson and Wallace became superstars so that people could say big 4 but come on? The only thing big about these 4 is D12 – What about the Lakers Big 5? Artest ooops World Peace is just as good as Wallace so the Lakers should thus be the big 5 right?

  35. I think the LAKERS should get HOWARD not the nets. the nets are offering brook lopez who is not an allstar, two role players which one of them is going to be traded straight away, and 1st round picks that are all in the 20-30 range. if howard goes to the lakers the magic will get bynum who is the 2nd best center in the league. i would rather have the second best center than no center. and i heard last week that the nets did not have enough money for howard because of joe johnson, and now they do? what the hell? I THINK HE WILL GO TO THE LAKERS! GO LAKERS GO!

    • lakernc says:

      As a fellow lakers fan i hope we don’t get howard, we already have the best center in the league. bynum is still growing….howard is peaking and won’t get any better, its all down hill from here. Howard is a better defensive player but not by much, but bynum is a much better scoring threat.

  36. Bob says:

    D12, D Will, Wallace, and Joe Johnson doesn’t sound like the greatest combination. They are near or over the cap now. If they do mesh, they won’t be the Heat. These guys are not as talented and haven’t had the playoff experience. That experience is huge. The Knicks vs Nets series will be fun again.
    I want the Nets to do well. They have been pathetic for years. They should bring back Vinsanity haha. Bring D12 to Brooklyn and have some fun, but stop all this championship now talk.

  37. Ben H. says:

    So, I’m confused as to why the Magic aren’t interested in Kris Humphries. Minus the Kardashian stuff, he put up very solid numbers last year, and along with Lopez they would be a solid tandem in Orlando. I guess it’s because of Richardson and Turkoglu’s contracts?

  38. This is so much Schumann B$ says:

    I can just imagine that conversation between the Orlando and Net’s Owners.

    Orlando: “So what’ve you got for us?”

    Net’s: “Well … we talked it over, and we’re gonna go with Lopez (the lamest duck big in living memory) and maybe a couple of our bench guys. With a couple of Gatorade’s each they can really get heated at times.”

    Orlando: “WOW! That’s amazing! We get one of the weakest bigs in recent memory and some no-namers? Really? Why, Thank You. Just for that we’re gonna give you Dwight, the keys to the City of Orlando and Season tickets to our sparkling new stadium. That way you can drop in any old time and watch the Net’s, the Wizards and even a few WNBA teams come in a put a world of hurt on our Magic. Oh, and by the way, here’s the keys to my new Porsche and Condo’.”

    Net’s: “I dunno … we feel like your holding out on us. ”

    Any of you delusional idiots that actually buy this hogwash from Schumann are as high on dope as he was when he posted this trashy excuse for news.

  39. Brian says:

    They should do a 3 way trade with the lakers, nets and magic, sending howard and turk to LA, Lopez and Pau to Orlando and Nets get Bynum and keep humphries

    • lakernc says:

      yeah the lakers are going to give up bynum and gasol….LOL not happening when orlando would just take bynum if the lakers would take hedo’s contract.

      Lakers are better off without howard and no team will trade for him if he does not sign an extension. too many day dreamers posting comments on here. its not NBA 2K video game.

  40. JDish says:

    I say YES, Right ON! Ship Dwight Out any way possible. Orlando doesn’t need another summer of one of the worst NBA-soap operas in recent years. But it would be fantastic if the Magic can get some good pieces to start building up a great squad. Anything for Orlando to become a better team again, and hopefully a championship contender one day soon.

    However, it would be hilarious if out of the blue the deal involved shipping Dwight to Cleveland instead of the Nets LOL, funny sending him to a mediocre team for acting like a little kid.

  41. Peter Konidis says:

    Maybe after they get howard they can package wallace and williams for bargnani ed david calderon and derozen…. worls for both teams especially nets

  42. rasetsuyagami says:

    If they trade Joe Johnson and some role players to Orlando for SuperDwight, maybe that will even out the trade based on salary cap issues. as for talent… that’s another thing….

    but with Avery Johnson at the helm, I think he can make this work. he was good with his time with Dallas. I think he’ll do well with Brooklyn.

  43. NETS VS HEAT says:

    For all of the people complaining about the Nets bench, there’s a thing called free-agency or un-restricted free agents. I’m sure they will be able to find sufficient (not great) players to fill the void for this season. The Heat did it and so can the Nets.
    Mouth watering thought – Heat vs Nets in the ECF!
    I’ve never really been a big fan of Joe Johnson. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good player but he is seriously overpaid! I watched a few Hawks games and I rarely saw him truly take over a game.

  44. KeCe.. says:

    I hope he goes for Hollywood.The lakers already made him a very nice move with aqquiring Steve Nash. Also the Orlando will be happy with Pau Gasol and/or Andrew Bynum.

  45. Matt says:

    I’ve been a Nets fan all my life, watched this team go from great to good to terrible. It’s going to be sad to watch all the people switch from their “favorite” teams like Miami and L.A. All the front runners is going to be ridiculous. When Billy King traded for D-Will, I thought he was the dumbest man alive. I thought that D-Will was just going to be around for that 16 month span. That he was just aiding to the Nets’ downfall.
    This man became like my idol when he pulled off resigning D-Will and getting Joe Johnson. Without Howard, this team is an EASY 4 Spot in the East. They’ll probably make it to the Eastern Semi-Finals this year, but lose. That’s tipicole for a team that gets good too fast. They (Deron Williams, Joe Johnson) need to learn how to work together. PRACTICE, is what it will take.
    If the Nets can get Howard, they’ll be an easy 2 or 3 seed. They will kill the Heat. But, again, I believe that they will only make it to the Semi-Finals, maybe they will get lucky and make it to the Conference Finals, but I don’t think they’ll make it to the NBA Finals.

    This will be an exciting year, I just hope the front runners don’t make me angry.

  46. eivoc27 says:

    Big 4? I’m not quite sure about that brand! Most of these guys are overrated!

  47. Sean Sealy says:

    I think Dwight Howard should be traded to either the Lakers or the Clippers to team up with either Kobe and Nash or Blake and CP3 because both of those teams are just one dominant big man away from being a championship contender and they both have better talent than the Nets do now and even though Brooklyn resigned D-Will, Wallace, and traded for Joe Johnson, they’re still not good enough to compete with Miami, Chicago, Boston, or OKC for the next several years and if they do make the playoffs, they’ll probably be a 7th or 8th seed in the east and get swept by Miami or Chicago in the 1st round and if Dwight does get traded to one team, that team will most likely be the Lakers to form the big 3 of Kobe, Nash, and D12 so that way they’ll dethrone OKC out west and get back to the finals.

  48. litesout says:

    they nets clearly has one of the best front office sol i know they will find role players, but its funny how tim duncan is a free agent and hasn’t with a team yet; if you know what i’m saying

  49. robert zimmerman says:


    • Nope says:

      Yeah, he’s overrated, but he’s the best center in the league. It’s sad really. Bynum’s the only bigman who Dwight could be compared to, and they’re really not all that great. The league lacks bigman these days, how many legendary centers have there been the past decade? Shaq, and that’s about it. I’m not saying Bynum and Howard are bad players, but they’re not as good as the centers of the 90’s, 80’s, etc.

  50. BadLuck Bryan says:

    Yes I’m the first!!!!!

    -what first?

  51. Red&Yellow95 says:

    Another super-team. Killing the league with this garbage, but I guess Stern doesn’t mind as long as its in New York, Los Angeles, or Florida.

    Anyway, if I was a Magic fan, I would be outraged. What could the Nets possibly offer? Draft picks? They’re going to be in the 20-30 range so the chances of finding a diamond in the rough will be extremely low. Brook Lopez? Hah! He’s a terrible rebounder for his size, as well as a sorry defender and coming off of an injury. MarShon Brooks? Solid but that’s all I think he’ll be. Kris Kardashian? I actually like him as a player, but he’d most likely be asking for big money.

    The Magic get shafted in any deal with the Nets. I understand maybe they’re trying to be nice Howard, but the man has been taking a dump on the franchise for the past year. Screw that. At least “The Decision” was over quick; “The Indecision” has been painfully drawn out, and I am sorry for the Magic fans who have to deal with it.

    I don’t understand why the Magic don’t pursue a trade with the Rockets or the Lakers (Yes, yes, I know.) They could either get a bunch of young players brimming with potential and better draft picks then the Nets have from the Rockets OR you could essentially swap Bynum and Howard, and have a center to build around, though Bynum made it clear he would not resign. Hell, do a 3 way trade between the three teams,

    I just can’t comprehend how a Magic fan would be happy with this outcome. If you’re going to rebuild, you want draft picks, whether they be players from this year’s draft or future picks that will be near or in lottery range.

    • rocketboi says:

      Your wrong about Brooke Lopez, you need to check his career stats and not last years…only knock on him is that he has the same injury as Yao Ming

  52. Roy says:

    Kris Humphries is a good player better than Brook Lopez. Agree?

  53. kraiden04 says:

    i want see this super team maybe they work maybe not but is true dont have bench support need get some bench support too but i want see Howard in Brookyn uniform

  54. DMan says:

    Humphries, Brooks, 1st rounder to Cavs
    Alonzo Gee, 1st rounder from Cavs, 1st rounder from Nets, Lopez to Orl
    Nets get Howard, Turk

  55. JaMeS PauL says:

    He shouLd go to yhe lakers.. Because if they trade him to Brooklyn..They will not receive an all-star..If to the lakers the magic will get an all-star in Andrew Bynum..

  56. Westbrook says:

    Boooooooo!!!!! Nets will still be Nets!! Losers!

  57. pls dont says:

    I wish the lakers would not end up sending Bynum for Howard crybaby

  58. ohyeah says:

    Nets trade foe Howard would never happen and if happened, Gudluck to the Nets without a decent bench

  59. stormsurfer21 says:

    The Nets can’t win a championship without good role players! Even if they land Howard they fell short against teams like Miami and Boston.

    • The French Durantula says:

      they are only trading marshon, lopez, and humphries. On their bench they Jordan Farmar, Gerald Green, Anthony Morrow, Damion James, they might Ersan Ilyasova, and they might get 1 or 2 players from the Cavs. So their bench not bad

      • Just another voice says:

        Farmar, Morrow, and i think james (and Petro) were traded to Hawks for Joe Johnson

      • AN says:

        They already traded anthony morrow and jordan farmar to the hawks for Joe Johnson, and Ilyasova has been reported to sign back with the Bucks, so they will almost no bench players.

  60. NBA says:

    I don’t know why, but I have a terrible feeling this is gonna end up like the KNICKS situation. Lots of talent, no chemistry.

  61. Sam says:

    *Brain explodes!!!!

  62. markangelo says:

    WOW! imagine that heat versus nets for eastern conference supremacy! that would be great for the league

  63. fastbreak2me says:


    PF- Lebron
    SF- Battier
    SG- Allen
    PG – Wade



    C- Howard
    PF – Lopez or Wallace
    SF – Jeff Green
    SG – Joe Johnson
    PG- Deron Williams

    That would be an All-Star Match-up.
    Thank you LeBron for making a trend of teaming up with other superstars and giving other stars an idea how to do it and make it more exciting. Haha.

    • mrj says:

      Get your facts straight lol…

      ” Nets:
      PG: DWill
      SG: Joe Johnson
      SF: Jeff Green
      PF: Lopez or Wallace
      C: Dwight ”

      You do realize that Jeff Green signed with the Celtics right?
      Lopez is being sent to Orlando for Dwight and Wallace is undersized (6″7) to play the powerfoward…

      Should look something like this

      PG: Dwill
      SG: Joe Johnson
      SF: Wallace
      PF: ??
      C: Dwight
      (If they get Dwight)

      From a Knicks fan perspective… Knock yourself out with Dwight lol.. Can’t shoot a freethrow… He got shut out by Tyson Chandler offensively vs. the Knicks…

      DWill got burned by Lin in his breakout game (even though the Nets did beat the Knicks a couple games after)


      • Bball fan says:

        to MRJ

        I felt the same way, Dwight Howard is overrated. the guy don’t have midrange shot nor shoot a hook shot, no post up games what so ever. in the post season if you take away his dunks, you get maybe 10+ boards and 2-3 block shots. i think tyson chandler, kg or even serge ibaka is a better producer comes into post season.

    • Mack says:

      Jeff Green? I think u meant Gerald Green

      • Go Brooklyn! says:

        Yeah he prolly meant Gerald Green, I think he’s a better player now, he’s a spark that can fire up a team. I honestly don’t think they need howard, don’t be foolish you already have a good team, just have to play like one! and that won’t be easy with superman, not only he flies, he’s ego as well which is not good while having other stars in the same team. I think a starting unit of D-Will, Johnson, Wallace, Humphries, Lopez is already great. Why get one player when it will leave a hole in your roster? What they need are good subs for Hump and Brook, they already got 1-3 covered with Taylor, Brooks, and Green. Leave howard alone and start practicing!!!

    • rocketboi says:

      You cant have both Lopez and Howard…if the Nets get Howard, Lopez is going to Orlando

  64. Nets Fan says:


    PF- Lebron
    SF- Battier
    SG- Allen
    PG – Wade



    C- Howard
    PF – Lopez or Wallace
    SF – Jeff Green
    SG – Joe Johnson
    PG- Deron Williams

    That would be an All-Star Match-up.
    Thank you LeBron for making a trend of teaming up with other superstars and giving other stars an idea how to do it and make it more exciting. Haha.

    • @ d*mb Nets Fan says:

      Teaming up is not a concept since 2010-2011, Boston did it in 2008, the Lakers and Rockets did it in 1996. Furthermore the Nets will never have enough cap space for Howard and Lopez and Jeff Green already signed with the Celtics.

      Enjoy the coming season, but this team will struggle just like the Knicks did. Avery Johnson is not that good a coach and Johnson and Howard won’t be solid on offense unlike D-Will…

    • RealNetsFan says:

      Ummmm Jeff Green is not on our team. He’s a Celtic. R u talking about Gerald Green. And if we get Howard we would lose Lopez and Hump. And Ray Allen is coming off the bench. Please get your fact straight.

  65. LAofManila says:

    Go Nets!!! Miami needs some competition..

  66. biggunz says:

    Thats the best option IMO.

  67. howard could land in brooklyn if they can afford the salary of D12 but the Brooklyn nets already sign big deal for williams and wallace and joe johnson. if brooklyn sign D12 there’s no bench left. bcoz d cam space.

  68. raffy says:

    just trade him already!

  69. trueHEATfan says:

    Quit procrastinating Orlando, send Dwight to Brooklyn , its where he wants to be and you should respect his wishes, bottom line he gave you guys plenty of time to try and build a successful team around him. You were almost there in ’09 but bottom line is alot of bad trades and players that were not worth the money you paid them ala Rashard Lewis and Hedo. Yeah this free agency with Howard has not been pretty but you guys had it coming, just can’t seem to make good trade decisions. He is a great Center in his prime and not getting any younger. Let someone else deal with this drama queen. Oh wait Brooklyn is a great place to send him to being that Deron Williams is another drama queen. They would get along over there. I’m excited to finally have some competition in the east. If Dwight lands in Brooklyn they will be good but it takes teamwork to be great.

    • lakernc says:

      How are they procrastinating? Its been a week and they are looking for the best deal. They are actually hoping to get andrew bynum but the lakers are not going to take on the salary of hedo. Bottom line they are going to wait and get the best deal out of the trade and there could be better options after the 11th.

  70. sdf says:

    They should really lower the salary cap to even out these teams, huh

  71. jericho says:

    i think the nets will be serious about being a championship contender in the east… if the coach will be mike d’antonie run howard run..

  72. waldow says:

    its always a never ending rumor yet a blockbuster event if made possible.

  73. Steffen says:

    I will goto bed tonight and pray a little for The Nets – Magic deal to fall through and Dwight is an suprising deal is dealt to the Bobcats or Rockets who basically sends anyone with any talent on the roster to Magic..

  74. Jerbaxx says:

    while waiting for another request, maybe the magic should actually try and keep howard by keeping him happy by getting what he wants . by trading most of the starting 5 . perhaps most of the team, if they wanna keep dwight. im a magic fan and i want dwight to stay till he retires, hope the magic organization reads this .

    • wadefan says:

      ya.. the magic organization probably wont even bother reading the article.. let alone your comment.. lol

  75. sid says:

    i like to see howard in a nets uniform!!

  76. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Yes I hope that he lands in Brooklyn, if ever he is going to go to a contender’s team. My Nets would have a great team with the Big 4 in place, Teletovic, Evans, Tyshawn Taylor, Brooks, James etc…!

  77. LeBronster says:

    I wish he’ll head WEST…

  78. TonAstorga says:

    if the nets get howard they will not have any bench support but if they signed Lopez they still can get veterans players that can help them to win a ring! sorry for my englsih

  79. NBA FAN says:

    As a UK fan, I appreciate that all other teams wouldn’t want Howard in Brooklyn, but come on, how exiciting would it be to watch the “BIG 4” next season.

  80. joel eustaquio says:

    Go Go Go Maimi Heat!!! Maimi Heat will be champion for several years I think they can beat the NY Knicks and the B Nets no matter what Go L James

    • LBJ4MVP says:

      this man knows wat he’s talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • lakernc says:

        3 point shooting is what won it for the heat this year, battier and miller won’t be as lucky this year, it was a fluke. Miami will always have trash players after the big 3 because of the cap space they have.

        Now they signed ray allen in hopes he can provide the same spark, but we saw how valuable he was this past year in the playoffs. they are desperate for other players!

        They may get another ring in the next few years but i bet lebron will retire with no more than 2 rings in his career.

  81. tony says:

    Last week I read that it was unlikely that the nets can acquire Dwight because they were already moving on with the Joe trade (over-rated player) and now this.

    Who will be the Center? Duh. Of course it’s going to be Howard. Brook Lopez? Bitch please. Between the two of them, it’s going to be Howard any day. IMO

  82. indecision says:

    Just make this trade happen., Howard is the anti-heat, and with this much help, there will be atleast 4 teams competing in the East (MIA, BOS, CHI, BLN), can be 6 if the MIL and NYK can figure it out.., ATL is rebuilding, IND is done without Hibbert, PHI doesn’t have Brand and Lou

  83. FL NBA Fan says:

    Everyone saw the success of the heat and want to try to make their own. i wonder what would people say now there’s another team with multiple allstars on the same team (nets won’t get as much hate as the heat i know). all i really care about is i hope they hurry trade howard out of orlando so i can get to go to a game and be happy my money is not going towards him and orlando can move on with their life. on the side note, why don’t they trade him to atlanta? they have some good players to trade with for howard… magic management different people same results (the cycle continues)

    • lakernc says:

      People gave them so much hell because it was james and wade…arguably two of the best players in the leauge. It would haave been like michael jordan calling up magic johnson and forming a team with larry bird. Michael would have never done that as he wanted to beat the best, not team up with the best so he could fabricate a ring. You obviously don’t understand that sentiment as you are bias but it is what it is, if you cant beat them join them.

      • Bball fan says:

        Obviously Dwade isn’t the same guy we saw in 2006. Lebron took a short cut no doubt, but the way he carried the Heat this year and postseason (especially in the Final), he deserves the ring and final MVP. As a basketball fan, you can hate lebron for what he did to Cavs fans, but you have to respect what he did to win the title this year

  84. Lord Domini says:

    lakers gonna get dwight howard im sure of it

  85. Ryan says:

    If the Nets land D Howard…they are instantly the 2nd best team in the East and could topple Miami THIS YEAR…although I think that will happen more than likely in Year 2 of D Howard and the Nets. They are simply strongest where Miami is weakest- the 1 and 5. It literally might come down to the OTHERS as Shaq says…and of course this year the OTHERS goes to Miami with Ray Allen leading the way… (Maybe Kyle Korver as well and let Mike Miller retire???)

    • Ryan says:

      Check that…maybe Kyle Korver next year in Miami not this yr (unless a trade opens up)

    • dattebayo says:

      Miami, Chicago, Boston and Indiana are the best 4 teams in the East as long as everybody on their rosters is healthy to play. I don’t think the Nets can pull off what Miami did and just bring in 3 Allstars and 2 roleplayers and go to the Finals in the first season.

      As good as Howard is, he will be the third wheel and of course he will still have his freethrow struggles. Without some good or great shooters (at least 4 should be the Nets roster), Howard won’t be as effective in the post because of his lack of offensive moves and his 50% from the line (Mark Price didn’t help in any way last season, huh). Defensively he is huge, so it’ll be interesting to see, if he will contribute consistently there. Joe Johnson is overpaid for what he does on the court. If the Nets won’t get it done soon, he will be amnestied because of cap issues. He will also have to improve his game, he can’t do what he did in Atlanta with mainly scoring out of isolation plays. Lastly D-Will is a great PG and he will have to set the tone on offense and regularly get people involved and basically play like he did back in Utah.

      As far as competition goes, Miami, Chicago, Indiana and Boston can all guard D-Will (James, Rose/Hamilton/Kirk , Collison/Hill, Rondo/Bradley), Joe Johnson (Wade, Hamilton/Rose/Kirk, Jones/Collison , Bradley/Rondo) and Howard (Bosh, Noah/Gibson, Hibbert, Garnett) well enough without having to double and it will fall to D-Will to make solid plays against defenses. I’d be surprised to see the Nets with Homecourt advantage in the playoffs, even though talentwise you’d expect them to.

      • lakernc says:

        long post but none of the players you mentioned can one on one guard Howard, Johnson or D-Will…if they do, they will light them up. Howard gets doubled all the time and it don’t work either…It is what it is, I am a laker fan and glad he isn’t coming to LA because of his attitude but he is a great player and nobody can guard that monster.

    • SmoothMM says:

      Nets “instantly the 2nd best team in the East” with Howard? Are you sleeping on the Celtics? They’re already better than last year just by players returning from injury (Green’s back and Bradley may be good later in the season). They re-signed KG, added Jason Terry and got 2 quality draft picks in Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo (I’m not sure about Kris Joseph) plus that chemistry is still there with Doc, Rondo, Pierce and KG leading the pack. If they can retain some of their bench (i.e. Dooling, Daniels), it will be tough for the Nets to beat the Cs with/without Howard.

  86. saccl says:

    let’s GO! make it happen. so sick and tired of the Dwight Howard issues. Miami will still be the team to beat in the east though.

    • LBJ4MVP says:

      to beat in the east?
      Miami is taking it alll again this year!

  87. asdlkasld says:

    He should go to the lakers

  88. saulius says:

    Great news for the magic, also i would prefer howard was traded to lal, but this is not the worst deal.. but who will be the other 7-8 players in the deal?? still magic could let go turk or j-rich..

  89. Bry says:


  90. NET4EVER says:

    It is our time now. Lets go NETS!!!!!!

  91. coolitdude says:

    im the first!!!!! WELL, Howard’s trade news always ended up in Disappointment…. hope the NETS can finally bring him in!!… if that really happens… there will be more bodyguards surrounding Dwight when they visit Orlando than James visited Cavs previously =)

    • Johnny says:

      DHoward is a crybaby but he is not doing Orlando dirty like LeBron did. At least half Orlando fans want DHoward gone just so they can’t move on.

  92. Trem says:

    Dwight is great but they may be able to build a better team without him, If they get him theyll have zero bench and youre not winning a championship with d-league players coming off your bench

    • LBJ4MVP says:

      Miami won a championship with a dirt/d-league bench!!!!

      • Yousaf says:

        Mike miller and cole are their bench player. they did not have a dleague bench.

      • Rich says:

        Both teams in the finals have dirt/D-league benches ! haha !

      • dee says:

        your bugging

      • David says:

        Yeah but they don’t have James and Wade

      • KOBRICK24 says:

        OKC is trading Ibaka Perkins and Harden for D Howard! but D Howard wont commit!

      • lakernc says:

        miami won becasue of their bench, obviously you didn’t see what battier and miller did off the bench. chalmers wasn’t bad either….without those players they would not have won as the 3 point shooting is what catapulted them into a championship.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Yes you can, lakers used to do it when they had 5 allstar starters on their team, and kobe won 4 rings with that team. Bench really just needs to hold out until starters are rested. They could always do something like what OKC did and put wallace on the bench so then you have your big 3 and then wallace coming off the bench.