Report: Allen decides to leave Celtics, joins Heat

The Big Four are no more. At least not in Boston.

Free agent guard Ray Allen agreed to sign Friday evening with the Miami Heat, ending his five-year run in Boston that was highlighted by two Finals trips for the Celtics, including the 2008 championship. Allen chose Miami over Boston, Memphis and Minnesota, giving the Heat a potentially lethal perimeter option to go along with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh next season.

The 37-year-old Allen visited Miami Thursday and left town Friday morning after being courted by the Heat organization. He was supposed to visit the Clippers on Friday, but that visit was cancelled after Los Angeles agreed to terms with free agent guard Jamal Crawford on Wednesday. Allen never met with the Grizzlies or Timberwolves.

The Celtics had been optimistic that they’d be able to re-sign Allen after agreeing to terms last week with Kevin Garnett on a three-year deal and reaching terms on Thursday with forward Brandon Bass.

Allen took less money to go to Miami. All the Heat had to offer was the taxpayer’s exception that starts at $3.09 million next season and can go out a maximum of three years and $9.5 million. Boston had offered a two-year, $12 million deal, and the Grizzlies were willing to give Allen their full non-taxpayer mid-level exception that starts at $5 million next season and can go out as long as four years.

Heat owner Micky Arison broke the news on his Twitter account Friday, writing, “Its 2:30am in London and I was just woken up with great news. Welcome to the family #20!!”

Allen came to Boston in 2007 in a Draft day deal that sent him and Glen Davis to Boston to the then-Seattle SuperSonics for the number five overall pick, guard Delonte West and forward Wally Szczerbiak. (That pick became forward Jeff Green, now a free agent expected to re-sign with Boston after missing all of last season with a heart ailment–though a source had indicated earlier Friday, before Allen’s decision was public, that Green was waiting before deciding to re-up in Boston, in part to see if Allen would stay with Boston.)

Garnett had initially balked at signing an extension with Boston when the Timberwolves and Celtics were discussing a trade, but after Allen’s arrival in Boston, Garnett quickly accepted the deal, and a new Celtics Era was born.

With Garnett and Paul Pierce (and, in recent years, guard Rajon Rondo), Allen made the Celtics a formidable veteran team that could grind playoff games out. He had several clutch postseason performances in Boston, including seven three-pointers in the Celtics’ series-clinching Game 6 rout of the Lakers in the 2008 Finals. He had played that series while his son, Walker, was hospitalized and nearly died after being diagnosed with diabetes.

This past season, however, Allen was slowed by ankle injuries. He lost his starting job to second-year guard Avery Bradley down the stretch in the regular season, and was never comfortable coming off the bench. Allen got the starting job back during the playoffs after Bradley suffered separations in both shoulders.

The likelihood of diminished playing time in Boston in future years–the Celtics agreed to terms this week with veteran Jason Terry on a three-year deal–along with occasional friction with Rondo always made a return to Boston an iffy proposition. Still, through most of this week, the Celtics were hopeful. Now, they’ll go on another path, while Walter Ray Allen, the NBA’s all-time leader in three-pointers made, takes his talents to South Beach.


  1. celtics4life says:

    Thank you, Ray Allen for everything you did in Boston. But, now you’re moving on to Miami, you’re spoiling your reputation. You could have retired in Boston, had #20 retired, and be known as a New England favorite. I hate to say this, but THE HEAT WILL REPEAT.

  2. BoogieBomb says:

    Chris Mullin, Tim Hardaway, Pete Maravich, Reggie Miller, among others…wanna know what these players have in common? They never reached their ultimate goal of winning a championship. And I don’t care what fans or players say, there’s nothing that will convince me that if making the decision to go to another team would help them reach that goal, they’d say no. This has always been my biggest issue with sports fans, players and journalists alike…this sickening level of immaturity. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be much objectivity in viewing any of this. On the one hand, if you don’t win they say, “He was such a great player, too bad he didn’t win” or it’s, “He’s a traitor” when they leave to give themselves a better chance to win. Steve Nash, who I love, wont get a ring in LA, “He is one of the best point guards ever, too bad he didn’t win” In life, people are always looking for their dreams to come true and we all will take the opportunities to get there as they come…are athletes any different? If so, please explain how.

  3. haha says:

    You all FORGOT Rashard Lewish lmao.

  4. yio22 says:

    Ray Allen isn’t going to start for the Heat, he’s going to be coming off the bench:

    This is the lineup:
    Pg- Chalmers
    Sg- Wade
    Sf- LeBron
    Pf- Haslem (or Battier)
    C – Bosh

  5. BuratNaMasarap says:

    Miami Heat Starting 5

    PG, LeBronJames
    SG. Ray Allen
    SF. Dwyane Wade
    PF. Udonis Haslem
    C. Chris Bosh

    Playoffs Starting 5

    PG, LeBronJames
    SG. Ray Allen
    SF. Dwyane Wade
    PF. Shane Battier
    C. Chris Bosh

  6. Blahbalh says:

    Oh yeah.. Heat is better than Celtics, better in cheating.

  7. Blahbalh says:

    Celtics gonna hobknock heat next season, allen gonna regret it.

  8. COMMENTATOR says:

    ray allen is not a big loss at all

    miami wins because of lebron

    its not winning just by 3 points

    ray allen is the big factor in miami? (i dont think so)

    withouth lebron miami is nothing

    i’d rather go with terry and sullinger is there
    who scored 16points in summer circuit

    you just all rely on 3points
    with lebron and wade

    rondo kg terry and the rest is enough

    that’s my opinion

    the season hasn’t not starter yet

    but i’m excited to see miami vs boston in the season


  9. COMMENTATOR says:

    I wish Boston had the right pieces to offer for Dwight w/o loosing Rondo, KG, and PP. But im not a delusional heat fan thinking you just trade a handful of scrubs that play the same position like Joel, Turiaf, Haslem, plus a few picks and think its gonna happen.


    would be a fun starting 5 to watch!

  10. relo from houston tx says:

    I am not surprise about Ray Allen leaving Boston, Rondo needs to grow up and be a better teammate. He needs to remeber where he comes from that is the westend of lousiville, ky and come back to earth. His head is bigger then has bite. If he will take time to work on his jump shot and foul shots he might be a better teammate.

  11. preme808 says:

    im a celtics fan but ray can do what ever he wants he did his time in boston and he can go where ever he wants if u dont like go buy 2k12 and play with ray in celtics let the man go it was time to leave boston since they chose to go for terry which is younger still ray allen is a beast put ur self in his place if u were used as trade bait how would u feel????btw boston started this big 3 thing miami just got younger players at the end of the day they dont care about neither of us cause once they retire we wont pay their bills and stuff like that hes already rich he could had played for 1$ and still be filthy rich let the man be sincerly a boston celtics fan ( dont hate ray allen appreciate all he did for us)

  12. jeanysanchez says:

    Awesome! I’m Glad that Allen joins the Heat and win another championship next season!

  13. Robbabobba says:

    Pulling a Shaq and trying to get a ring before he retires. What a turd.

  14. AwwPlease says:

    PS I’m not an Allen fan so I am not excited about him joining the Heat but it is what it is. I’m sure not going to fuss over it because it won’t change anything.

  15. AwwPlease says:

    LMBO is it REALLY THIS SERIOUS? Can we please stop it with the “loyalty” comments? The man’s contract was up and he decided to go else where. This is a game of basketball, not The Sopranos.

    I’m a Wade fan and if he ever did decide to leave the Heat (speaking hypothetically) I would support him because I like him as a player and in the end it’s his OWN PERSONAL decision.

    If any of you are true Allen fans, you would support him where ever he chooses to go and not ride with him only when he’s doing what you like or think he should do.

  16. CrownedMiles says:

    Ray being almost traded? So what! If the C’s thought they would get higher chance of winning without Ray, who knows. Ray being injury prone? Young or old, all those hardworking players experience injury as result of pushing their bodies to the limit. Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose, both young, are no exemptions. Ray that had “conflict” with Rondo? Regardless of the validity of that rumor, the point is that both had the similar vision of Celtics winning the whole thing. Only it didn’t work out. Ray being a traitor? The way I see it, Celtics fans are somehow divided on this one. Some understood, others are simply die-hard whatsoever. It’s funny that nobody ever asked on how Coach Spo could effectively inject Ray in the rotation to make back-to-back Heat championship come true. We’ll see.

  17. 4k330iatl says:

    Why Miami Heats!!! Just beat us in eastern conference….Love to see him stay with Celtics or other teams than Miami….As Celtics fan we will be back to the Final next year…Good luck Ray….Heats never repeat….Go Celtics…..From Atlanta but Boston on my mind!!!

  18. arjun says:

    next year will be very competetive all the teams that were good last season like lakers have added major pieces and if nets sign howard watch out

  19. jullen yathier says:

    my idol is ray and its so sad to me that he will leave now boston……and go to MIAMI!!!….HHHHHRRRRRRWWWWWW!!!!!

  20. jonesy says:

    ray allen is one of the top veterans in the league neXt to grant hill that is in top notCh shape and Can run with anybody. he has plenty of time to let his ankle heal, trust me the heat organization knows eXaCtly what there doing. they are well aware of his injuries.

  21. z3rOoOo says:

    Mike Miller had been injury prone all year long and has been shooting bricks but in the finals where evrything mattered most, he goes off making just 1 missed 3point shoot.. Battier has been brcking shoots and in the play offs, just sky rocketed.. DOnt under estimate the heart of veterans, especially a champion like Ray.. he may have bad games in the regular season but he will come around and am sure he will deliver come finals

  22. lebron james says:

    yeah heat r gonna get a repeat

  23. zed says:

    hope DH12 will go to chicago to backup Rose nice combination ………………………………………………………..

  24. MahabaAngTite says:

    Start with:
    PG – Chalmers
    SG – Wade
    SF – James
    PF – Haslem
    C – Bosh

    This is the standard starting 5 for me.

    Off the bench:
    PG – Cole
    SG – Allen/Jones
    SF – Battier/Miller
    PF – Anthony/Turiaf/Battier
    C – Anthony/Turiaf

    The 2nd unit is already loaded with compliments to James, Wade, and Bosh. Chalmers blends well with this too.

    End with:
    PG – Wade
    SG – Allen
    SF – Battier
    PF – James
    C – Bosh

    There’s offense and defense inside and out. They just need the TEAMWORK on both offense and defense.

    I’d say Miami and OKC will face int the Finals again in 2013. Lakers will do better, but I still think they won’t get past OKC.

    Miami Fans – Please memorize the Thunder Buddy song from Ted lol! ^^

  25. 1 says:

    Bye allen and wish you the worst in miami! I hope something horrible will happen in the Miami heat organization that prevents them from winning another championship. All miami is is a bunch of people that don’t care about anything except themselves. Even with terry as their potential starter, the floor will never be spaced out in boston like it was with Allen at sg. Now i don’t even think the celts are gonna get past the Brooklyn nets, let alone face the heat in the ec finals. I don’t even think the lakers (with nash)or the thunder have the talent to beat the heat. Now all free agents look up to their king, lebron, and join the heat for less money. I’m disgusted with the nba. Now it seems like the organization is consisted with 6 or 7 teams, not 30. Thank you Allen, thank you lebron, thank you bosh for turning your hopeful cities into shreds

  26. KidLBJ says:

    DAGGER trifectas! next season lbj’s stat prediction 29 10 10 swoosssh

  27. Miami Fan says:

    What r u guys talking about Ray Allen who became a rusty player that he can no longer be the shooter like he used to be? The fact is, he’s still the best 3 point shooter out there and always be a reliable teammate when it comes to shooting down the stretch. He only needs time to recover from his injury which cost him so much during the last play-offs.

    Also, this will add more threat for Heat opponents, spreading their defense because of the Big-3 which give Ray Allen a more clear look beyond the arc than he had in Boston or maybe in his entire career. It’s the same reason why Shane Battier and Mike Miller become so consistent all of a sudden in their 3-point shooting during the Finals.

    The chance of a “repeat” is higher than you could imagine. Just hope that they will stay healthy before they go to another Championship!

  28. Go Miami says:

    welcome to the family heat #20 and #03 FA…another championship will arrive 😀

  29. TheAnswer #3 says:

    Ray Allen is a great 3 point shooter!

  30. bostonDAMN says:

    allen signed wiht the heat for 3 years he doesnt want to be traded , its not always about the money.
    ray just like to have security.

  31. miami fan says:

    my dreams ray go to miami, and the big 3 tandeem by allen…………

  32. markyboi says:

    what matters most here is winning a championship. you will win one if you build a TEAM. whoever joins with the must build a nice relationship with each other and create a nice teamwork. Now if teamwork will not work. Take a look of the history, Karl Malone and Gary Payton joining Lakers. They were beaten because of Pistons’ nice teamwork! Boom! 😀

  33. trueHEATfan says:

    On another note, I’m sick of these fans talking bad about how the Heat are doing this or the HEAT are doing that or the HEAT get the most help from refs; give me a break haters you obviously didnt see Heat’s playoff run as a whole sitting there observing every play and every call from the begining of playoffs. As far as the Finals go there were bad calls on both ends but overall good officiating it just so happens OKC got dominated.The refs were by far mostly routing and making calls against the HEAT, it wasnt until the Boston series where things started to balance out a bit. If it wasn’t for Wade and LeBron’s greatness kicking in during Indy series while Bosh was out, a different champion would have been crowned this year. Face it people Now that LeBron finally got a post game he will be the most unstoppable force in basketball since Karrem Abdul-Jabar was in the 70’s for years to come. People praised Boston in summer of ’07 when they were able to put 3 superstars together on same team. Yet people talk as if the Heat are the first to start this trend. Last time I checked Boston and L.A. have been building superteams for years and years. I am convinced that most of you hate the Heat only because you hate LeBron and you only hate LeBron because deep down you know he is better than your favorite player even if your faorite player happens to be M.J. , yeah I said it. At some point the greatest ever changes up folks, it has happened every era before this one . Back then it was Russel, Wilt, Big O, Kareem, Magic, M.J., now its Lebron. When you have players like Scotty Pippen and Hakeem the Dream flat out saying Lebron is the greatest they have ever seen step out on court then something must be up with this man. Being that he got his ring this year you have to say he is living up to the hype. BTW M.j. didn’t win first ring till 8th season and had been playing with Pippen 3 years before he got one. Oh yeah and dear Kobe got three playing as second and third option and riding on Shaq’s back , last time I checked Big Diesel was MVP of all 3 of those titles. So technically Kobe only has two as the man in L.A. Meanwhile LeBron was the man in Cleveland in ’07 and was the man on the Heat in ’12. Keep on hating haters it fuels my squad so your basically giving them life the more you hate.

    • FL NBA Fan says:

      bron have 1 ring and Wade have 2 rings. Kobe still have more rings than him even if you take off the shaq era. i’m a heat fan but NBA fan first and foremost. ’07 he lost to the spurs.

  34. Ryan says:

    its just like the old bulls 🙂 with pippen rodman steve kerr longley harper on it 🙂 nba is not a one man show 🙂 its teamwork

  35. he accept even the money is small cause he know that if miami repeats,he will gain MUCH MUCH money……..its MONEY WAR boy…

  36. blackguy says:

    lebron didnt start anything if you look at all the teams that have won it all in the past have at least 2 all-stars playing with them especially the greats like jordan and pippen and jerry west and wilt Chamberlain magic and kareem shaq and kobe

  37. jbandz says:

    THE HEAT IS ON :))
    5 starting players
    3 off the bench
    all can do big 3 pointers
    so who’s saying the BOSTON MADE THE RIGHT MOVE?! :))

  38. trueHEATfan says:

    First and foremost I would like to welcome Ray Allen to South Beach. Hopefully this will be your last stop in a great basketball career you have carved out for yourself. Winters here are…. oh wait there are no winters in Miami so that means no worrying about freezing wheather. Also, there are not many factories in the main city so the air smells much cleaner and face it, nothing beats waking up in the morning of a penthouse condo with the nice seabreeze blowing in ( Forget about what all these ungrateful Celtic fans have to say. They Don’t realize that you have been the subject of trade chat for the past 3 seasons and the Celtic Organization could not even give you a simple no-trade clause on contact ).Your wife and your mother will be estatic for making this choice. Miami Childrens hospital has some of the best child healthcare in the country. Lets not even think about if you end up retiring here, ask any athelete that has played for a Miami team and has retired down here, you will be treated like royalty forever. I’m sure you will be greatly missed in Boston but greatly appreciated in Miami, and your job just got alot easier playing along side 3 of the most prolific scorers in the league. Just hang out in the corner and LeBron will spoon feed them to you. No more running around all game on offense trying to get open for a shot. Can’t gaurantee a title ( last time we did that we lost in 6), but I for one can say the HEAT have got alot more fight in them and are currently the team to beat for the next 5 to 6 seasons at the very least.

  39. PLAY FOR RAY says:

    lets go heat

  40. Hey Jimmy remember game 7 of the 2008 semis when Paul Pierce dropped 41 and he topped Lebron’s 45 and the Celtics won when Lebron cried. Pierce is a team player winning comes before outplaying your INDIVIDUAL opponent. As of rite now they are 2-2 against each other, so there it’s even.

  41. ken says:

    how cares about ray allen. he’s too old and his injury will re occur because he is old!!!! period!!

  42. JORDAN says:

    Lets be honest everyone that has seen Allen over the last couple years knew something like this would happen, and after the lose to Heat and his strong friendship with Lebron have to be blind or an idiot not to see it! He’s openly said his only goal is to win another final and he see’s that won’t happen at Boston. I find it funny people where actually thinking he would go to Timberwolves or Grizzles, they are developing teams he doesn’t have the years left to build a team. I go for Thunder, so this does send chills down my spin, I say bring it on and haters are always going to hate! Will be a big season! big trades!

  43. Nick says:

    @ Preston how is lebron playing like a 37 year old?!?!? and if he is then hes playing like the best 37 year old ive ever seen in my life

  44. LBJallDAY says:

    The Celtics BIG 4 with Ray Allen was a EPIC fail. 5 years together, 3 future Hall Of Famers, and all they got was 2 finals appearance and 1 ring. Miami has had their Big 3 for 2 seasons and have already matched that. Its clear who the better team is which is why Jesus Shuttlesworth joined the squad.

  45. watever says:

    no. 4 is bad luck… why not get DH12 . The Big 5 sounds better.

  46. wad up says:

    ummm…allen to the heat….THATS FREAKN AWSOME!!!!!!!! Cant wait for next season, I love the NBA!

  47. Kelvin says:

    God cant believe Ray Allen Went to Miami But Whatever Jason Terry has Proven to be a elite player that can make 3 pointers when needed its a shame but now i know the Miami Heat Will Lose To Boston on the East Finals!! GO CELTICS

  48. Pete says:

    Sad to see him leave but smart move – Terry is far better 6th man. Now we just need a big (still)

  49. OhhhBLAH says:

    So Ray Allen went to the heat..Congrats!!!! Yay!! Ohh let’s throw a party in Miami wooooo!! (my sarcasm is on point today).. Big Damn Big 4 Deal!!! This is just the beginning most people said once Miami started this “let’s stack up business” everyone was gonna catch on. Now people are starting to see now!!! I’ma Bulls Fan (since 1991). These guys want to win. Do I like the fact that the Heat are building an effing super team.NOOOOOO!!! Am I upset?? Well, yes I’m a bit salty at the matter, but at the end of day they want to WIN! Did he have a good chance of winning in Boston? Maybe I don’t know. Who knows he probably would’ve have been trade to a least contending team before the season even started. There are still other good free agents out there. So, just hope your team grabs some of them. From what I see these other team are building too!!

  50. RAY ALLEN NO1 FAN says:

    Ray allen wat r u doing with the heat u cant leave the CELTICSSSS. CELTICSSSSS CAN WIN U ANOTHER RING OR 2 OR EVEN 3. CELTICSSSSSSS

  51. neil says:

    the reason why RAY ALLEN join miami heat and the big three because ALLEN wants more ring .. if i am ray allen i would do the same choice .. bacause miami heat is the most groupnize team in the NBA and the most strongest team so far .. is not about money but its about winning a championship before he (ray allen) leave the nba …

  52. Graham says:

    wow ray allen to the heat really? i really hope some other teams like lakers,nets,bulls and celtics make some more moves.
    Not only do the heat get the most help from the refs they need 3 all stars in their prime and the best shooter of all time to repeat?
    and out of all the free agents i never ever expected ray allen to go to the heat.
    Heat fans wonder why the heat are hated its last couple years seem they are the nbas baby and the nba will stop at nothing to make the heat elite. When the day comes when howard goes to the lakers or another mega team is made then it will be entertaining instead of seeing one team just stock pile talent

  53. NBALOVER says:

    Its funny how Boston fans call him a traitor but yet there same organization was trying to trade him.

  54. Michae says:

    Ive never seen so many retarded NBA fans in one page. LOL of course Ray Allen will help the Heat. He struggled in Games 1 n 2 cause of injury. Games 3-7 he was on fire. The guy just had a bad ankle that he will recover from in the offseason. The Heat will repeat. And BOSTON started this “big 3” stuff not the Heat. We just did it better 🙂

  55. Bulls2012 says:


  56. Tito says:

    Welcome to Miami! =)

  57. Competition says:

    There doesn’t seem to be much of a competitive drive in the NBA anymore. It’s more like chasing a stat line: the stat line of finishing with the most rings in history. Back in the day, players would stay with their original teams and work their hardest to bring a championship home. Now players are just jumping to the strongest teams so that they can win a piece of metal. The fans don’t deserve seeing their players walk away to join a better team (for an easier time) and throws off the balance in the NBA more than it used to be. All the great legends from before 2000 stayed in 1 place and fought hard to BRING a championship home, not FOLLOW a championship.

  58. yqwer says:

    the big 4 still exist:
    rondo, bradley, the truth(pierce), the big ticket(garnett

  59. LAofManila says:

    Congratulations LAKERS!! 2012-13 Champion..

  60. Waldo says:

    As good as Rondo is, he was always a hindrance to Ray Allen’s shooting because the other team were essentially guarding 4 players only which takes away a jump-shooter’s most important weapon: rhythm.

    I totally expect Ray Allen to get 300 3pters next season.

  61. heater :)) says:

    pg- dwane wade
    sg- ray allen
    SF – lebron james
    PF – shane battier
    C – chris bosh


  62. jayson says:

    i think Rondo was not selfish it’s just Ray Allen’s jealousy to Rondo. The way Allen left the C’s shows how selfish he is.

  63. jayson says:

    Allen, the number one public enemy of every Boston Celtics fan in the world. Heart breaking decision!

  64. verde says:

    big 3 noon

    ngayon big 4 na

  65. I'm a Celtic Palestinian says:

    to Dennis: you are so right that’s that should be said in a decay???!!!!!! that’s trash, oh dennis you forgot 2010performance:
    we crashed heat4-1(including Wade), swept Cavs(including Lebron), smashed Magic(including Howard), and were headed to the finals Vs Lakers playing a 7-game series evolving a finals record 8-three’s by allen, and gaining most of the top tens,
    In 2011 we swept Knicks 4-0, but in semis, injuries made us loos (as rondo lost his elbow), and in 2012 as u see there was a game seven in the ECF with pierce allen and bradly are injured severely, in this year consider allen not injured, then:
    4-three’s at least would be added to each game thussss wining the title doubtlessly. NOW WAS THAT A DECAY???!!!!
    remember: a 3-pt shooter never decays he recovers and becomes a sniper, so allen will help heat next year so so much trust me.

  66. NAB Fan says:

    So sick of people continuing to go to better teams or a better option for them through free agency as taking the easy way out.
    Free agency has always been a part of basketball and all professional sports for that matter. Just because in the past few years a few higher end players have gone to a better option through free agency does not make it the easy way out. Its whats basketabll has become even before Lebron and Bosh joined Wade in Miami. The league is competitive now a days, if your not on one of the top 8 teams you do not have a chance to win a championship. Eash championship team has to have tow or three all stars or allstar quality players, and a solid bench. Lebron didnt have the sold bench in Cleveland, hench why he never won. Ray Allen leaving Boston is not the easy way out, if Boston fans would think its smart for them. The eas is to powerufl for them to win and they need to rebuild. They have two good veterans now in Pierce and Garnett and some good young talent with Bradley and others. If they added Ray the third veteran they would never be able to rebuild their team. Its a process and you have to get rid of a few veterans to allow the youngsters to develop. Boston will be back eventually but its good that Ray is gone because in 3 or 4 years when the big 3 reitre or atleast Allen and Garnett, they would go from top 4 in the east to out of the playoffs. This situation allows them to rebuild with Garnett and Pierce still there and remain in the playoff mix while they rebuild. Which is all you can ask for.

  67. Welcome Ray Allen :) says:

    Welcome to the Miami Heat organization Mr.Allen…. we’re glad to have you on our side 🙂

  68. andie says:

    Thank You Ray for 5 great seasons with Boston. We will always be grateful for what you`ve done to the organization. Good Luck in Miami, but pls. dont hit those 3s when you`re playing against us.. Would have wanted you to retire a Celtic, but sadly it`s not going to happen. Thank You Ray!

  69. cesar says:


  70. kaydeelethal says:

    I deejay & in part of my experience in the game, I have come to learn that money does not really state who we are. in Jim Rohn’s words “It’s really not what you get that matters but what you become. Ive always loved Allen amid being a Laker fan. I think the move was wise with regards to your DREAM. All the best bro!

  71. LeJosh says:

    Omfg! Cant wait to see the heat play! Imagine defenders thinking they got james/wade covered… Jesus then sticks a three in their faces!

  72. NORRAINE says:

    …IM so disappointed with ray allen <of all the celtics member…MIAMI is so greedy ….any way BOSTON will make it eventhouh he will not exist they dont need stupid man like him/…….

  73. Mark Davis says:

    Great news for all Heat fans!

  74. We need Allen Iverson

  75. hariprasanth selva says:

    next also heat wil be the champion…..i am really proud to be miami fan…..

    • Bulls2012 says:


  76. nonysmll says:

    Hey there’s no blinded ones than the ones that don’t want to see, I know there’s a public relations on either team and in the NBA and they have to talk about the teams that are playing during the playoff not the ones who has been eliminated that’s why so many people hate Barkley because he said what he thinks but we the fans just have to say the truth. If the bulls won’t lose those two players via injury the celtics never faced the heats in C.F. and the heats could’t win the east and then the bulls were named the Nba champions via swept, and that’s the bottom line cause I said so

  77. HeatKingsofEast says:

    really? more than 700 comments? woaw! heat awesome

  78. HeatKingsofEast says:

    really? 700+ comments? woaw! heat awesome

  79. phil says:

    ray allen to get his 3’s down in boston he had to run off tonnes of screens or make them in transition……look at the looks mike miller and mario chalmers get off of lebron and their offense ray ray is getting old but if he dosent have to run off screens and get wide open looks its a wrap….plus some players don’t adjust to coming off the bench aswell as others, miami has a winning culture now even tho they are cheating the league u can’t doubt ray allens shooting ability and if he gets the looks chalmers and mike miller gets who knows how many games they will win next season….

  80. Jamma123 says:


  81. LoL guys! says:

    what’s wrong with you guys? what if KG leaves Celtics? is he already a traitor? don’t be so judgmental i really like Boston specially when ray ray team up with KG, Paul and Rondo they were unstoppable. But dont take that opportunity to become a champion before he leaves NBA. i pity you guys!

  82. charlie G says:

    Thank You!!! RAJON RONDO for being so selfish & stupid
    The deterioration of Ray Allen’s relationship with Rajon Rondo played a significant factor in his leaving for Miami, several sources tell Y!
    According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Allen didn’t just choose Miami for the sun and the opportunity to win another ring. He also did it to get away from Rajon Rondo.

  83. charlie G says:

    i used to hate RAJON RONDO.. now i thank him for Ray Allen, now i love Rondo for being so selfish & stupid by pushing Allen out of celtics.

  84. charlie G says:

    in behalf of MIAMI HEAT organization we would like to thank,
    for making this possible,
    the FA Ray Allen signing the HEAT,
    if not for his selfishness, stupid & childish antics this will not push thru.

  85. Justin says:

    If only KEVIN GARNETT has the same age as LeBron James.. I can easily say that they have nothing to say when the Celtics and KG beat them. Celtics were old but they still manage to push the MIAMI HEAT in a deciding GAME 7. Enough said.

  86. hitman says:

    welcome #20.. can’t wait.. lets go heat

  87. lebron james says:

    yesss miami heat win again 😀

  88. John Arroyo says:


  89. andcob says:


  90. Ahmed says:

    Lol at people who are hating on Ray Allen. If the guy wants to go to a different team let him. Miami Heat is the best team in NBA right now with or without Ray. Ray is a great add though.

  91. NBALOVER says:

    Sellout?? Its been selling out even without Ray.

  92. Trigga says:

    Heat need a true center badly, they got lucky this time but if they play the lakers there bigs will eat them alive. Stop wasting you’re money on ppl like ray ray because you DONT need him.


  94. trade1 says:

    talk about the tv contract and team value going thru the roof… nice move Heat Organization…
    I’m watching every game this year that the heat play in or record it.. fireworks galore, especially if miller and allen and jones are with the heat… which is feasible, but i would need jones or miller to take a buyout to get a center of any significance.. but either way, with or without a center, the only teams that matter are the lakers who are huge but slow… so they don’t need a center to win it, but if they do, then repeat is on its way unless injury occurs… which nobody has talked about, playing in the olympics and then playing nba schedule has been bad in the past for a lot of players.. they are injury prone the following year.. i’m very happy the big 2 of 3 aren’t playing.. i wish lebron wouldn’t either…

  95. ray allen fan#1 says:

    noooo Ray Allen is going to heat!! Ray is my faovrita basketball player and a hate miami heat, what a nightmare, well go Miami i guess

  96. Joseph03 says:

    What is wrong with trying to win it all? Ray wants another ring, he can definitely still contribute and not just be a bench filler. Boston can not win even if they bring back the same lineup. Further, Boston is slowly moving away from using Allen and giving time to the younger Bradley. Why would he stay when the team doesn’t really see you as valuable anymore, go where you will be appreciated.

    • trade1 says:

      +1, amerika, is so funny, what happened to those that try to win within the rules, should be applauded… this is hilarious, free agent means free agent… if an owner wants to spend money and pay luxury tax, so be it, if he doesn’t so be it, but as a player, what team i play for might be determined by what the management is doing…

      If you don’t want to win, then what are you playing for?? this shout goes out to the owners of 22 franchises, the others, Heat, Lakers, Celts,now clippers,mavericks, both ny teams, doesn’t include you

  97. TonAstorga says:

    TRAITOR?? how come! so when MJ play for WASH he’s not a TRAITOR? when GARNET plays to BOSTON ?_? are you really watching NBA? as a Basketball lover for me its not about money it’s all about winning, I think you dont even play this game so STFU!!!!!!!!!! sorry for my english..

  98. He’s just jealous with Rondo. It’s all over the news. All he wants is revenge to Boston. And he thinks the easiest way is to join a team with full of stars that can get him another championship ring.

  99. Good Move says:

    Ray Allen is actually one of the fittest guys in the nba. Yeah he’s old and has some injuries but he can help give the heat some championships. The Heat needs a guy who can consistently make 3-pointers here and there. Feel sorry for them celts fans though. This is a new era where people only judge by the number of rings they have so Allen made a good move to set himself up for some more rings so he can be remembered as one of the NBA Greats in years to come.

  100. bart says:

    Sad, another cheap way to get a championship. He gained some respect by taking less money; but even if he become an NBA champion, it does not mean much, similarly with LeBron. He deserved and earned the MVP this year; but gain no respect as he started the lead other to go the cheap way to ear championship. The Heat can earn (probably will) two more champioship, but it would be not much of an accomplishment. Boring NBA in the future if this does not change.

    • trade1 says:

      comments like these crack me up.. they play the games for a reason, you never know when somebody gets hurts, ask chicago about that… just because you have a team on paper doesn’t mean you win a championship cause on paper the lakers should of won a championship in the last couple of years also… chitown can’t win, they have boozer contract, rose contract and won’t be able to sign deng or Gibson, the spurs/duncan are getting to old, okc is about to make the cap mistake of a small market team when harden signs his extension and no reason for ibaka to stay after he becomes a free agent.. if he signs, then they are done cause they will have to pay ibaka 9-12 mil/yr, sooo that leaves the heat/celtics with viable shots at winning.. even including howard to nets, which won’t mean much.. dwill,johnson isn’t much better than nelson/jrich, plus dhoward still doesn’t have a full game.. i’ll say it again.. i’d foul him everytime instead of double, close up the lanes and let him shoot 50% at free throw line

    • fint says:

      are you sure?

  101. celtics fan says:


  102. If Ray Allen has all the open looks Battier, Chalmers, and Mike Miller had he is going to lead the league in shooting easily.

  103. jeanysanchez says:

    AWESOME! Allen joins the Heat and win the third championship next season Let’s go Heat!

  104. jeanysanchez says:

    I think that Allen joins the heat and win the third ring! Awesome!

  105. Rayster says:

    Really have you seen who the Celtics drafted? They can lose Ray hes to old and injury prone now. Heels spurs remember Larry and his spurs Ray may not even make it all of next season. If Rose can stay healthy they have a great shot. To many teams that are great out there. The Heat struggled against an aging and hurt Celtics team. Avery Bradly out really hurt them and not having a Center now they have one and Avery back. Watch them this year and dont think OKC is over. Dont know what happened but they will be back again. Enjoy the season and Rock on Celtics…………….

  106. Go Heat says:

    Go Heat! Welcome aboard Ray Allen. Put all the naysayers to rest and past the test. One love!

  107. David says:

    I don’t get what Ray Allen is thinking… he’s not going to win more money, he’s delusional if he thinks he’s going to be a starter and I honestly don’t believe he’ll win another ring. As a Celtics fans, I respect him immensely, but anyone who saw him play last season knows he just can’t compete with the starting shooting guard of basically every other NBA team. Retirement would be the best move for him, seriously… This is a great deal for Boston, who are getting another solid and hard-working veteran in Jason Terry, who is in much better shape, physically and mentally.

    • trade1 says:

      you must not understand whats going on in miami, obviously the discussion is about coming off the bench, he’s not starting, nor should he want to at 37, he needs limited minutes to be effective on both ends of the court.. allen recognizes what he can do and doesn’t have to work hard to get a shot like in boston running under,thru,around picks, he can just spot up without expending all that energy… if you were in his shoes, its not hard to figure out what you would do…
      1. he hears about getting traded for last 2 years
      2. ainge signs terry, who is only 1 year younger and must learn the c’s defensive schemes, doesn’t shoot better
      3. asking him to sacrafice again with regard to money.. if you are going to sacrafice, then pick which team a 3 pointer should go to.. i think that would be HEAT.. think about it.. if you made over 100 mil already in your career the money doesn’t matter as much, respect matters more..

  108. Oz says:

    There is no loyalty in the NBA these days, well for quite a long time now.

    Gone are the days where players stayed with their team through good times and bad, trying to build their team to be a contender and win it all.

    The players of today just take the easy way out and have to join other star players to win it all or are money hungry and just go where the money is.

  109. Lol most Heat fans are the immature teenagers who act like they are 5. All you have to do is cheer for a team that basically cheated their way to a championship. Basketball is a sport, not a business. Even the Charlotte Bobcats could be the NBA’s best team if Kobe, Dwight, D-Rose,D-Will, and Carmelo signed with them! Luckily for you Miami got Lebum, D.W. and Christina Bosh but that doesn’t mean you are good. Do any of you Heat fans play basketball any way? I would probably dominate you! You have no life and sit around cheering for the most fake team to ever play the game!

    • Jimmy says:

      LOL this coming from a Paul Pierce Fan?
      The way Miami plays is the most entertaining thing in the NBA, why else you think they sells the most tickets and their home game tickets have the most value compare to all the other team in the league…So you arguement is invalid…Cus you also said that the 2012 champs isn’t any good…Which is hysterical…LOL @ paul pierce fans…Paul pierce on his best day cant do what LBJ does in an average day…So there keep hating….

    • BoskeTaytayTonggo says:

      wow!!! you sounded like an immature teenagers who act like 5..
      and i don’t get sorry for my english… lol

    • Sick says:

      Poor Paul Pierce fan…hahaha

  110. P ENEMY 1 says:

    Heat will add Marcus camby in the coming days for much needed interior help…. Off to the races….

  111. danny says:

    I am a celtics fan and honetly my fav player was ray allen, but he had that smooth jump shot with that cool relaxing feelin when he made it, he was never a show boat, and was a calm and humble person. You guys probably are heat haters and hatin on ray because he is going there. Please separate the two, ray is a 10 time all star, 2718 threes, I cant even count how many clutch shots he made, over the years makes me soo sad to see him go? any body rem the jumpshot he did on the bobcats that made the improbable win? or the series in 09 with the bulls and derick rose and he went off for 51 points. Its his last few years and he felt he was wayy so much more because of the things he accomplished. almost 23,000 points top 25 or 20 in NBA history, down as the greatest shooter as all time. He’s goin to the heat and i didnt want him to go there but it is what it is, danny ainge didnt make him a priority, like the heat did at the top of their list. Allen wanted a 3 yr deal 27 million , and instead they sign terry, and have bradley without his consent. and the issues he had with Rondo ultimately made his decision. If your a true Ray Allen fan you would support him not hate him cause of the team hes going to period..

  112. Jermaine says:

    Some people don’t know their basketball history. Does anyone know how many great players got with Jordan?? That’s what happens when you”re the best player in the league(LBJ.) Great players without rings whose career is about to end go to the best team with the greatest chance of winning. In this case, the best team has the best player in the game. Ray Ray got taken out by LBJ 2 years in a row. Boston was at full strength during 2010-2011 conferance finals and yours truly (LBJ) put them away, might I add with a poor supporting cast. This year Boston had the Heat on the ropes and could not close. Haters will call it how they see it becuase that’s all they can do. Cry like big babys. Boston made it’s bed now they must lie in it. Boston fans you guys are twisted. You want your cake n eat it too. All yall can do is hope KG finds the fountain of youth again, which may not be enough. If yall want to be mad at someone, be mad at the GM and Rondo”s pre-madona atittude.

    • steagle says:

      Actually, Boston lost in the semifinals to Miami in 2010-2011, and they were not really at full strength either considering they had just traded Kendrick Perkins to OKC. I hardly think that Semih Erden was the player they needed to compete for another title 😉

      As for Rondo. he was understandably pissed this year when there were rumors of him being traded, just like what happened with Ray. He proved all year that he is one of the league’s premier point guards, if not THE premier point guard, especially when it really counts (playoffs). He played his heart out to show that management was insane for even considering trading him. Ray, on the othe hand, was no so fortunate with his health and had been on a statistical decline for the last couple of years. His defensive ability against premier guards like Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant came into question and after the ankle injuries where he couldn’t hit the kind of shots he had his whole career, the clock just started ticking for him. It’s nothing personal and no one should be angry at Danny Ainge. He offered Ray the highest salary amount possible, and Ray declined. It’s not like Ainge didn’t try – he did genuinely want him back.

    • preme808 says:

      ray allen got a ring already gues u jumped the heat bandwagon in 10 lol get ur facts straight buddy

  113. Big Dog says:

    Wats up Lol… There are some silly silly people out there. D.Howard will go 2 the Nets if he doesn’t stay wit the Magic and the Lakers will b right at home just like this year. Even with Nash they don’t have enough to take OKC or the Spurs and the Clippers looking nice as well. I am a LBJ fan all da way. And if the Heat stay healthy; there is no way they won’t repeat. As for the bulls lets hope D.Rose can make it through the season without getting hurt because if he goes down the bulls r done and even if him they can’t beat the Heat in 7…

  114. JOEY BAEZ says:


  115. kay says:

    i like to see him wearing green

  116. sanjay says:

    Dwight Howard wont go to lakers man! That is a preposterous suggestion! what wrong andrew bynum has done? He is still entering his peak and is a beast himself! The problem lakers have is, there is no way they can match blistering speed of OKC! kobe can match durant, nash cannot compete with westbrook, and neither laker nor spurs have defense anywhere close to east coast! On the contrary OKC have better defense than lakers and spurs in ibaka and safa!
    This particular speed and defense problem is not addressed by neither lakers nor spurs on the west coast!
    So okc with such young legs can still send lakers and spurs packing!!!

    On the eastern front any of these teams ( celts,chicago, heat ) can send OKC packing, due to steller defense and equally aggressive youths( leb/bosh/chal/noel on heat, and similar players in chicago! celts have incredible zone defense, so they can check brook and durant just like heat did!).
    Heat are some kind of unique team with superb defense, lighting transition when noel/chalm/wade/james on the run!
    with bosh/james pounding the paint, and now with deadly 3 point shooters waiting on the permiters they provide mismatch to all the teams with big men in the center!

    There is no chance for big men to control bosh/james in the paint and wade controlling the 10 to 15 foot region with 2 d eadly 3 point shooters open, who can just knock it down and run back quickly!
    And now with lebron and bosh improving post games and allen in the mix. Other teams have more headache to address!

    OkC PRESENTS mismatch headache to lakers and spurs!
    Heat is the team to beat( In my book a healthy chicago can pose problem but with lebron going berskerk with them they stand no chance). It is as though michael jordans ghost wakes him up against them!
    Last year playoffs he hammered them and in regular season too they were finished! Otherwise it is an excellent team which can send any west coast team packing( they have boozer at the center and superb players with speed and muscle). But they have no answer to lebron the beast!!!!

    Looks like another heat vs OKC final to me!!!!

  117. Rainingdown says:

    i often ask . is winning everything? you don’t mind who you are with as long you win? Lebron , wade , kobe .. all . when they play bbal. they often forget one thing. the most important thing. the thing that get them so far, even to nba. is because they love basketball.

  118. 6nba5 says:

    Im back with another comment, ray Allen can still kiss a$$ and his ankles can go break for all I care, we need somebody to stretch the floor and fill in the void, I want to go with but we already have enough old heads and his de is no better then rays, so o.j mayo is still a free agent and j.r smith is also my fellow Boston fans let me know what y’all think

  119. Marcelo says:

    I am a loyal Celtics fan. However, I think that Allen was mistreated by the Celtics. I hate to see him leave the Celtics, but he is a phenomenal basketball player and needs to be respected and valued by his team. He needs to do what he feels is best for him and his family.

    I will miss seeing you play in Boston, but my best wishes and respect to you. I hope that your family will enjoy the sunshine in Florida, and I know that all the latinos will love and welcome you, your family and your sweet Mom with open arms to Miami.

  120. HeatfaninNY says:

    Lebron just ruined a lot of superstars dream to get a ring. This Heat roster is DEADLY!!! and Lebron will be counting his rings soon.

  121. Jay says:

    O c’mon
    This league is turning into a joke.
    How satisfying is winning a ring when you are doing it by just stacking your team? Miami has turned into the “come here for an easy ring” team. Hey, Jameer Nelson is free why don’t you sign him too? And then maybe trade Chalmers and Haslem for Al Jefferson.

    Forget the Haters its all about rings

  122. HeatfaninNY says:

    Guys, its set in the east!!!! whos gonna play to lose to the Heat in the Finals??

  123. HeatfaninNY says:

    Now whats the point of a regular season in the east? Now LEBRON will start counting… Not 1……Not 2…….. LOL

  124. Celticsman says:

    Why Allen? Why? You should of stayed with the celtics and retire as one not as some heat player. Well say hello to being a back-up for the rest of your NBA career

    • Jimmy says:

      He’s is behind JT and Bradley in Boston anyway what the different…I rather be behind wade then those 2 clowns….

  125. celts_fan says:

    what a traitor……..i hope the worst for him and the heat

  126. lukas says:

    I M from Croatia!!My name is Lukas and i love MIAMI HEAT…GO MIAMI-GO LEBRON ❤

  127. BullsFan says:

    I can’t stand HEAT Fans! I hope you realize the bulls healthy roster is EASILY capable of beating the Heats roster and so can many other teams. (OKC,LAL,SAN,BOS,LAC,MEM,etc.) Oh and another thing annoying about Heat fans is that they think the team is theirs.(WE are gonna win, WE are unbeatable). I hope you realize you are not part of that team.

  128. HeatAllTheWay says:

    No place for loyalty in the world of basketball , money and rings.

    Are the players only people that are expected to be loyal ? Doesn’t that term apply to the management at all ?
    If boston gets rid of allen = trade , Allen gets rid of boston = No loyalty & picking the easy way

  129. Ray…you Made King JaMes Proud..LOL

  130. heat will unstopable next season…well done Ray

  131. Yeahhh says:

    perfect fit for the heat, they are lucky , ray allen is a smart player, perfect choise

  132. Nomena says:


    Ray is good acquisition for the Heat. They will be again the team to beat in the Est. But Boston get Terry too.
    New York need to strenghthen their roster. The West will be represented by OC again. They are in the rise.

    Dwight Howard should join the Lakers or the Knick if he hope to get his first ring soon.

    One last thing, the US should send their best players in the olympic in the future. American athletes do less international competition than the rest of the world.

  133. StandingUp says:

    If Ray stayed in boston he would compete against Bradley and Terry for his spot. Now hes going to be the heats 6th man to play when wade is sitting.

  134. Patty says:




    • BBall Fan says:


      did you woke up on the wrong side of your bed? LOL, or did Ray just ask your wife out on a date???? LOL

    • trade1 says:

      you sound like Gilbert the owner of the Cavs… for his skill set at his age, perfect fit.. 15-20 min a game, raining down 3’s, makes sense to me.. doubling off anybody will mess up your rotation and he makes you pay 40+ percent of the time from 3 and nearly 90% from free throw.. i expect ray to be able to play defense decently enough, its TEAM defense, not 1 on 1, only a few team have 3 scorers, so allens defense may or may not be needed, but he can play team defense, just like the celtics.

  135. Atrane says:

    he probably got tired of hearing about Ainge trying to trade him every year

  136. piusco says:

    Good job Heat Org.

  137. Toxic Green says:

    I kinda like what the Celtics have done shaping up their roster … Rondo seems to be the only guy on the roster as well as Avery Bradley with a contract up to 4 years and everyone else has 3. With Pierce and KG on their way out the door hopefully next time contracts are up and all that money free’d up for some retooling around Rondo. I’m not certain but pretty sure Doc Rivers contract will be up by then as well and it would seem fit that we’d bring in another coach with a more run and gun type style with players to run the floor along with Rondo’s push

  138. Foro says:

    Im a heat fan and honestly I think that ray Allen is a great replacement for mike miller but at the same time, I think that he is not the same anymore and in the long run he is going to be a liability to this team. Anyways I will be looking forward to a great season, a great post season, and a great finals for this heat team. We got it all baby!!! LET’S GO HEATTTT!!!!!!

  139. don says:

    Living in a Celtics, Heat, OKC, Lakers NBA world.

  140. bigstuff says:

    The Heat very good team. I have learned over years that there will be teams that will dominate and Miami Heat is one of them. The Bulls,Lakers ,Celtics and Pistons.We know have the Heat. Stop making excuses you who hate them just appreciate what you about to see.

  141. realcool says:

    weird that the article suggests Allen is not comfortable coming off the bench in celtics, isn’t he definitely not starting in miami as well??

  142. JustOMatic! says:

    I’m glad for Ray… Smart move on his part especially since Celts weren’t really trying to keep him.. Ray will fit right in with the Heat, the man has a lovely jumper and itll be pretty easy for him to get off playing with James and Wade.. At least he’ll be able to go out on top with a ring or two extra.. Celts are done. Garnett may wanna reconsider going back to Boston…For they will just be spinning their wheels over in bean town..Smart move Ray! Wait ’til he burns his old team during reg. season….

  143. wew says:

    lbj and the heat cant win with only one superstar in their side.. they need not only 3 but 4.. wtf!!

  144. namrata says:

    m a big heat fan and I just think that this season will be easier than it was last year. this team will win 3 straight titles in a row.The whole Celtics organization WILL regret the disrespect they’ve shown Ray Allen which enticed him to join the Heat..

  145. J. Pla says:

    Wake up guys you think is a coicidence that all those stars are ending to Miami,Yea right!, A lot of money running under the table.That s the only reason..You think that they can not afford to get Dwight Howard even they go over the limit and have to pay the tax fines? wrong againg, they don’t do it because it will be seen to clear, and a big investigation will take place. I hope moderation are honest.

  146. Edvin says:

    Ray Allen is my favourite player of all time because of his 3 point skills and cause I liked the Celtics. Not that he is not gonna do bad in Heat but for some reason him being in black and red and white seems like he joined the dark side, but I know Miami are not evil it’s just this weird feeling. I guess I’m gonna cheer for Miami now. Hopefully he can win his second one. Though I have to say this, if Lebron wins the next one it certainly won’t be because of him. Think about it, would you consider Miami Heat as a championship contender with just Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, Miller, and Allen? I would. Whatever I’m not against Lebron anymore, he won and that ends the discussion.

  147. kim says:

    Heats gonna repeat pffffffft ray allen to heat is gonna be like malone and peyton to la RINGLESS. Ive always had mad respect for allen as a player but as a celtic you should bleed green i never though he bought into the greatness of the celtics or the honor it should be to play for such a team quite like garnett did. I wish him the best in south beach but if this guy butted heads w rondo good luck w lebron and wade 😉

  148. steagle says:

    To add my voice to the fray, I think this is actually a good move for Boston, for several reason:

    1 – Now they can really focus on molding Avery Bradley into their star 2 guard. He showed he was more than capable of handling the role when Ray got injured last year, and is now considered one of the best backcourt defenders in the league.

    2- Jason Terry is undoubtedly a better all around player than Ray is at this stage in his career. He brings better versatility and better statistics in almost every category, except percentages. But the bottom line is Boston has needed more offense for a long time now, which they got with Terry.

    3 – The 12 million they don’t have to pay Ray now can be invested in another mid-level player like Jeff Green, who really needs to come back to Boston and gel with Doc Rivers.

    As a lifelong Celtic fan I am sad to see Ray Allen go but this is a business, he valued himself higher than what he felt Boston valued him, and he made a choice. He’s probably going to get booed in the Garden, and his jersey will probably not be raised to the rafters, which to me is the sad part of this – had he decided to stay and retire a Celtic, he would have been considered one of the all-time great Cetlics players. But obviously that wasn’t as important to him as some thought. This kind of event reminds us that sports is just a business, and with a few rare exceptions (Pierce and Kobe spring to mind), there really is no loyalty you can depend on. Good luck Ray and I for one am looking forward to seeing the new talent on our team!

  149. John says:

    A future hall of famer with an NBA ring trampling on his legacy for thirty pieces of silver and some limelight in the bubble gum and lollipop world of Lebron James and the the Miami Heat. ….Ray, you’re so much better than that.

  150. Nbaguy says:

    What a sellout. Jumps on the bandwagon because they lost to them. Sellout. I’m so glad I ordered a Garnett jersey not his. Lost all respect. SELLOUT THIS IS LIKE LEBRON ALL OVR AGAIN!!!

  151. sanjay says:

    how about get allen iverson? he wants a ring too! he can come…!

  152. Knicks Fan says:

    With the addition of Allen, this partly makes Shane Battier expendable. I thought Shane would have been a good defensive fit for the Knicks whan the Rockets traded him. He can also move the ball on offense and shoot the three.

  153. NBALOVER says:

    And for those who think Ray Allen is a quote on quote a”Traitor” hes smarter then most players. He knows he only got about
    1 or 2 year left in him so why stay in Boston and try to win.

    I said it once gonna say it again

    Heat 2013 champions!!!

  154. sanjay says:

    heat vs okc( 5 or 7!)

  155. sanjay says:

    simple truth,
    eastern conference heat vs (bulls or celtics again)
    west ( okc vs lakers/spurs)
    finals heat vs lakers( heat win in 6)
    heat vs spurs( heat win in 6)
    heat vs okc( heat win in 5)
    chicago vs lakers( either of them in 6)
    chicago vs spurs( either of them in 6)
    chicago vs okc( either of htem in 7)
    celtics vs lakers(lakers in 6)
    celtics vs spurus( cel in 6)
    celtics vs okc( okc in 6)
    dig it?

  156. only if pierce would have played better they would have won game 6 but even the brightest stars aren’t perfect you know

    • BoskeTaytayTonggo says:

      but stars should be perfect at the right moment on which pierce last playoffs against miami didn’t..

    • trade1 says:

      its called getting older, pierce can’t play at both ends of the court anymore.. ultimately this will be the c’s problem unless they are playing the 76’ers or other teams that have limited offensive firepower.. the heat actually have limited firepower, but not anymore if ray is his normal shooting self..

  157. me says:

    By reading some of these comments I realize that Celtic fans are pissed at this move and I don’t really understand why. Y’all know what kind of team the C’s are? Maybe this is the kind of fuel that they need, knowing that one of “theirs” sold out to be with their rival. Maybe if Ray was still a Celtic, they still would be comfortable and shyt; with each one of the “Big 3” relying on the other two. Now they know they HAVE TO WIN against Heat. This is great news if y’ou ask me. I mean luck could turn their way this time. Take the injuries last season for example, that shyt looked bad for them and they still managed to get to the Semi’s. I have a strong feeling that this would go in their favor.

  158. Rondo, Pierce, and Garnett will destroy Miami next season. Just when you think you have us beat for good Jason Terry will come in and bury a killer three right in your eye just like he did in the 2011 NBA Finals! Remember that Miami fans? You lost to Dallas and Jason Terry was a big reason. He’s on our side now. Do the math Celtics in 6 next year! (should have been C’s in 6 this year!

  159. JIM77 says:

    Two years ago u criticized Lebron for his decision.Now are u happy for him?He gets the title,the trophy,the ringand they call him “the king””.HEY Celtics’ Fans and others respect the decision of the COACH{GOOD or BAD).Please I ask u to respect the decision of ALLEN.U don’t know or suffer he is,before he make this move.

  160. Lolcopter says:

    Magbinisaya diay?

  161. heat4life says:

    Ray Allen did the right thing for himself. He could have stayed with celtics but he wanted another ring and a chance to be able to contribute for a team. He only saw minutes when a lead was mostly short so he can shoot a 3 pt. Now he will just add a look to our 3 pt game. At least all of the heat shooters doesn’t have to defend ray’s threes. He will more likely be a vocal leader off the bench unless D Wade or Charlmers is will to start on the bench. He can even be the Heat’s best 6th man. Now the heat has a big 4 like the Lakers.

  162. BIGGEST BEN says:


  163. epic says:

    the celtics got younger
    Ray Allen – 37
    Jason Terry- 36

  164. Rod Maruca says:

    Party in the city where the HEAT is on…. The more haters the better!
    Miami against the World!!!
    We are the bad guys…ohhh yeah we are!!!!
    The Heat era is ON babyyyyy!!!!!

  165. BIG FOUR? says:

    Still the big two and half
    Bosh was never a superstar, he even slowed down into a borderline all-star.
    Ray Allen was role player last year which makes him a role player at best. He is a has-been right now not a superstar.

    The only superstars that Miami have is D-Wade and Lebron the rest are garbage that thinks they are good because they just won a championship.

    • Jimmy says:

      Lebron make them look good, hence the reason 80% of the NBA players want to play with him….YES 80%

  166. t.hardaway says:

    you’re right. C fans know nothing. the management really doest value rey. 1st they tried to shop him last year. 2nd they offer him 50% less than what KG was offered!

    • Jimmy says:

      And they try to buries him on the bench behind terry and bradley!!!! But year Ray Ray is a traitors lol….Silly celtics fans!!!!

  167. android 10000000 says:

    lets see what will happens next,the next step for the heat to secure another larry o brien trophy come june is to add a big time center to anchor the middle,well howard is available,if he make up his mind,and take less money fo the chance to have ring number 1

  168. 6nba5 says:

    i just want to say that ray allen is a trader, it will be him who regret leaving the celtics, avery bradly will be all over his monkey a$$ like he do in practice thats why he lost his starting role anyway, how u going to tell david west to swallow his pride and take a back role and u urself can’t take a back seat, but its all good we will see u in the eastern conference finales. hope them ankles spurs act up again and force u into early retirement and u can sit down with ur fade having momma and ur monkey autism child

  169. Zay says:

    Lewis is next..

  170. back2backchamp says:

    I want all haters of Miami Heat and LeBron james haters is more hate bcoz Miami Heat is a Back2Back

  171. 6&3>35&0 says:

    2013 Finals: Lakers/Heat

  172. Ham says:

    Take him. Knees and ankles are shot and his D is suspect. Im not going to shed any tears over a 38 year old one dimensional player.

    • Jimmy says:

      He wont be ask to do much just be there when LBJ draws 4 defender and get ready to shoot that trey…

  173. andy says:

    heat will win it all again, this time much easier that’s all

  174. ray20 allen fan says:

    ray allen is one of the greatest. boston is my favorite team and ray is my favorite player. if you look at it he did the right thing because his minutes wouldve hit a major decrease. remember yall talk about money he already made 157million in his life. he wants respect which boston didnt give him last year. they tried to trade him and it might have happened this year if he wouldve stayed. plus no doubt he’s getting another ring. dont be surprised if he starts. i see the line up like this 1.)chalmers 2.) allen/wade 3.)wade/allen 4.)james 5.)bosh…….face it lebron played power in the playoffs and produced more so moving the positions down one to slide allen in wont phase anything. just know the team is really a threat now especially if miller comes back too… the team is an all pro three-point squad also….you cant hate ray because he’s living his life

  175. lacolem1 says:

    So, let me get this straight: Ray Allen is a bum because he took the “easy way” out, yet the Celtics will be fine without him and will kick Miami’s butt? If Boston is better than Miami, wouldn’t him staying with the Celts have been the “easy way”.

    Fan logic, especially that of Boston fans, is an awesome thing to behold.

    And I love that Boston fans believe they’re owed more loyalty than the Celtics owed Ray by repeatedly trying to trade him, taking his starting job, and pretty much backing Rondo in their private disputes. Neither Ray or the Celtics organization owed anything to the other or to the fans.

    Ray, you’re going to love it in Miami getting open 3s 3 or 4 times a game and making the NBA’s best team even better. Boston, you resigned KG, picked up an offensive sparkplug in Terry, and hedged your bets with Avery Bradley. Let’s see who’s standing in the end.

    No whining, Boston fans. Stop complaining about refs, when you’ve benefited from the swallowing of whistles than any other team the past 5 years. No taking shots at “bandwagon” fans in Miami when few fans in Boston gave a damn about basketball before KG’s and RA’s arrival. Enough. Show some dignity.

  176. Dota 2 says:

    It’s too bad Orlando has become a non factor in the East.

  177. Braidis Evergreen Slator says:

    All the fans that think it’s going to be easy winning a title now is wrong. THere not going to win three or four there not going to win next year.

  178. dan says:

    ray slowed the cs. they dont need him. terry is better than allen right now in my opinion. i feel the cs could make a serious run at mayo and then take out the heat in 5 games next season.

    nice knowin ya ray good riddance

  179. CARLYOUNG says:

    no way for ray and battier in the starting line up


    ray or maybe battier will replace anthony in the playoffs. for their small line up who can make great defense and offense at the same time.

    btw, welcome to the club, claim your 2nd ring in the next 11 months.

    LBJ 3ple MVP this time.

  180. Braidis Evergreen Slator says:

    Tommy this is what you said “RAY ALLEN TO THE HEAT MEANS HEAT WILL REPEAT. enough said.” that’s not true at all there not going to win again.

  181. keith grillo says:

    Ray is coming off surgery-just like when he came from Seattle to Boston in 2007-08. I remember he wasn’t his old self until late in the playoffs. It’s the same situation now, will be interesting if he can get along with Chalmers and remember the sport still uses one ball. Boston can now use that money on someone who can make LBJ work harder on defense and renew the dynasty.

  182. tas says:

    all bitter boston fans crying about loyality should really think before you talk… you can’t be mad at Ray, but you should be mad about your GM/Organisation.

    Ray Allen noticed he wasn’t welcome anymore.. what else can you say after avery bradley get the starting position and they sign jason terry? Where will his minutes come from? he wants to win and he wants to play.. be valuable to some team. boston seems like they cannot offer him that anymore.

  183. KJ Heat says:

    Another RING for the SOUT BEACH….ah yeah!!

  184. Alessio says:

    Hahahaha you bandwagon Heat fans you can forget about repeating when Dwight & possible J-Smoove come to L.A!!

    Hate haters as you like and beter enjoy your championship now ‘ cause next year you won’t repeat hahaha.

  185. NBALOVER says:

    How does pat riley do it?

  186. KingJames says:

    Miami Heat will Repeat,Back to back. Babe Baby! !! Not just that,calling a Three 3Peat right NOW!! Okay we all know LeBron owns KB,now also officially on the All Time Scale…well,he will win more and more and more,and go down as the GOAT.
    Love ray ray,now lets get dirk some good supporting cast,sad what happens there.

  187. Derrick Keaton says:

    why are everyone…hating on he HEAT,,,,,,,,hateraid drinkers ……whatever we just play and the haters just hate…..grow-up
    and stop SHAQ….Vangandy..Brarkley….and the rest of the hater nation..2 championships now going 4 # 3…baby…….hate…hate…hate…..

  188. MIA03 says:

    why is it everybody thinks Miami is stacked?

    -OKC still has Durant, Westbrook and Harden.. You can put in Ibaka
    -Lakers have Pau, Bynum, Kobe and now Nash. And even if Ron Artest is not a scorer he is still an all star and actually does not have to score much with Kobe and now Nash around — THAT IS A SUPER STACKED TEAM!!!
    -Spurs have Ginobli, Duncan and Parker.. and they have a loaded bench – STACKED TEAM!!
    -NY Knicks will slowly become a “stacked team” especially now that they have a legitimate PG in Kidd
    -If the Nets will get DH they will become a stacked team too.. Joe Johnson, DWill and DH..
    -Bulls still have Noah, DRose, Deng plus that awesome bench
    -Celtics are still the big 3 plus Terry

    If you are a non-heat fan you would say Miami is stacked. But a Miami heat fan like myself would also think we need more in our roster to compete with those teams mentioned above.. especially if everyone is saying we have no one in the bench

    I think the only fans that can complain are the Washington Wizards, Bobcats, Raptors, Cleveland, Detroit and Kings.. so far the only teams w/o a superstar I can think of

  189. NBALOVER says:

    Didn’t I tell you ray once another ring?

    Hes not getting younger.

    Heat 2013 champions

  190. brian says:

    Ray Allen is a turncoat in my estimation. I hope he does poorly with the arrogant trio in Miami. I’m not so sure they will repeat next year. Give me some odds I’m a betting man.

  191. baber the beast says:

    wow all these lame heat fans tryna disrespect every other team how pathetic!!

  192. JHNDZCPA says:

    Starting with the right foot next season!!!!!

  193. baber the beast says:

    WOW, So david stern can stop the chris paul to lakers trade but he wont stop this?!?!?! THAT’S WACK! And i’ve lost all my respect for ray allen. i would hate to be a celtics fan right now smh.

    • Jimmy says:

      Stern basically owns the NOH, since they are a team owned by the NBA, Sterns doesnt own the Heat or Boston…so there!!!!

  194. Dwayne Wade says:

    Heat wili win another title yehey

  195. Im a big heat fan and I just think that this season will be easier than it was last year. this team will win 3 straight titles in a row

  196. HEATing UP says:

    The whole Celtics organization WILL regret the disrespect they’ve shown Ray Allen which enticed him to join the Heat..
    And please, delusional Laker-fans, your team is STILL irrelevant. Until you win anything, then you CAN talk.
    This is how you have treated the Heat after you won in 2010.
    Don’t count your PREVIOUS rings now.. lol

    • steagle says:

      Well what would you do if you were managing a team, and one of your starters had an injury that basically hobbled him for the rest of the season, he was already the oldest player on the team, you had an up and coming talent who you could transition to easily, and this was the last year of that player’s contract? You would HAVE to consider letting that player go. Now that’s not even what happened. Ainge offered Allen the full 12 million 2-year contract. Allen refused it. It’s not like Boston didn’t try. Allen just saw the writing on the wall with Avery Bradley being resigned (forget Terry – he probably won’t be a starter anyway). As soon as that happened, Ray flew down to Miami to meet with Pat Riley. Coincidence? Nah, Allen was just putting himself first and showed Boston that he deserved to be a starter, and if not, he was going to join the arch rivals. I think it was kind of a b!tch move honestly, but that’s the life of a pro sports player. Can’t ever be too loyal to a geographical location, you’ve got to put yourself first despite what everyone else thinks you should do.

  197. Kristian Mark says:

    who’s next??coming to heat??is it Dwight or Bynum??lolz////this season ,,,heat will be an all star team…

    • dattebayo says:

      Well, Boston had a 4 Allstar Team for 3-4 years now. It was about time that changed, right?

  198. nomasabuso says:

    MORE saving, MORE doing, IT’s THE power of MIAMI HEAT’s brain ((((((god bless PAT Riley))))))))))))

  199. KnickerBocker says:

    Allenisn’t going to effect miami like mike miller did. BUt Jason Terry is better at the moment he is better at everything so the celtics improved and they are gonna go to the finals with GReen, and wilcox healthy

    • tas says:

      allen is still and will ever be at any moment in time the better 3-point shooter than Jason Terry.. and that’s 80% of what miami needs from him

    • duh im right says:

      huh? you for get the heat are already better than the c’s smh but i guess you can dream lol Jason Terry,Avery Bradley < Wade Allen you r crazy heat all the way

    • steagle says:

      Finally, a voice of reason – as much as I love and respect Ray Allen, at this stage in their careers, Jason Terry is the better all around player and will bring more versatility to Boston. I still think Avery Bradley is a better starting SG than Ray was anyways. He brings immediate defensive tenacity, ability to score, and cuts to the basket just as good as Ray did. That’s more Doc Rivers coaching than anything else, but Bradley has the legs to keep up with anyone in the NBA and that’s really where Ray was letting the C’s down for the last couple of years. Not his fault, he is in excellent shape, it’s just the amount of miles on his legs.

      Anyways, C’s lost a great player but gained others, so I’m not too worried. The next Boston-Miami game will be interesting to say the least.

  200. PHILIPPINES13 says:

    Nice Move RAY ALLEN …


    LeBron James
    Dwayne Wade
    Chris Bosh
    Ray Allen …

    2013 CHAMPION ??.. haha

  201. Swala says:

    I love when people talk about Ray Allen not having any loyalty for Boston. Guys he only played 5 years with Boston. He would have the same amount of loyalty towards Seattle (played 5 years there) and then should have the most amount of loyalty towards the Bucks (7 years). Its not like he was drafted by Boston as a rookie. He moved there to win a title, which he did, now he is moving to Miami to do the same thing. Its business.

    • steagle says:

      He didn’t move to Boston to win a title. He was legitimately traded, he had no say in the matter. This time he did. He chose Miami over any other team as an unrestricted free agent. Huge difference. This was basically a b!tch move – Ray realized he didn’t have much of a chance being a starter, so he snubbed Boston and went to their arch rivals (in the east, at least). It was a move that said “Don’t value me? OK, I’m going to Miami.” I doubt Ray seriously ever considered going to that team until trade rumors and what happened in the EC Finals this year. It was a b!tch move, plain and simple.

  202. trueballer4life says:

    at the end of the day its all business folks ..

  203. trueballer4life says:

    nice pick up miami now get some biggs..

  204. TheSentinel84 says:

    I was not a Heat haters but now i am lol. I don’t like team who trying to buy championship …. better exemple is the Yankees. Always fun to see a team spending a lot of money being knock out of playoffs. Me too i was thinking Ray Allen had more integrity then that, it’s not like Boston had not a competitive team

    • dattebayo says:

      So you must hate the Knicks, Lakers and Celtics too. I mean those teams bought Stoudemire, Anthony, Chandler, Kidd, Shaq, Gasol, Malone, Payton, Nash, Garnett, Allen and Terry…

    • duh im right says:

      but they kept tryn to trade him and how they buy anything they got thier players from free agency they just happen to be good and if you just became a hater because of this one move your twice as dumb before this they were only idk THE FINALS CHAMPS plus he took less money so they didnt buy anythin they r just smart unlike you

    • Toxic Green says:

      The Celtics were competitive till the NBA let the refs know that their ( the NBA ) future was hanging from Lebron’s shorts with all the teeny boppers out sportiing his Jersey’s and shoes. They had to let him win … Did you watch the eastern confrence finals ?? The Big 3 in Miami was Lebron, DWade and any official on the floor. Same happend in the finals … the Thunder were limited to getting out of the way, out of the paint and let them go to the hoop and try to block the shot. Just ridiculous, NBA could have saved face by just calling the season off and awarding the trophy and championship to the Heat.

      • trade1 says:

        to jimmy’s point.. little do people know, there are about 10 teams who have a higher salary cap than the Heat… MOSTLY LOSERS… atl,orl,lakers,bucks, but things have changed as some of these teams got rid of their 20mil a year man..

    • Jimmy says:

      Nets, NYK, Lakers, Boston proly spend more money on their team then the Heats FYI….Delusional fans…..

  205. sam says:

    this makes the heat so much dangerous from downtown. but im not gonna say that the heat will repeat. allen is coming back from injury and wade is gonna be older. james had one helluva playoffs and i’m certain he will need more help next year. cause there are teams that have become more dangerous than they were before. but hopefully this signing doesn’t mean anything and kobe gets his 6th

    • tas says:

      lol.. even with Steve Nash.. LA is gonna get swept by OKC.. or they lose against denver (which they almost did last playoffs, and denver is CERTAINLY gonna be better), SA, Memphis, the Clippers.. all those teams have far more potential than the lakers..

  206. James Heat says:

    Celtic Fans Stop Crying Whats Done Is Done
    Miami Heat Just Need A Center
    And They Will Be Fine

    Quit Hating On Ray He Was A Free Agent

    Miami Heat Are Gonna Win Again

  207. W/E says:

    AWWW MAN now the heat will be even better,no competition in the east

  208. Oh Really? says:

    Nice, Ray Allen joins team flop. Used to think the guy had some integrity. But now he’ll have all summer to practice his flop face.

  209. Robert says:

    Yes, We will be unbeatable next season, sorry Celtics and haters, Heat Champs

  210. lakers says:

    heat were lucky they didn’t vs lakers in the finals. cause the lakers would have killed them. the heat doesnt have any size. and if dwight does sign with lakers for bynum, all you heat fans will cry cause you will never win any more championships and all that money spent will be a waste. a team of nash, kobe, metta, pau and dwight would kill any team the heat would put on the floor.

    • jordanbyfar says:

      Hey, you have to win some playoffs games first. Lakers are not winning a championship any time soon. OKC vs Heat round two. Yeah baby!!!

    • tas says:

      dream on.. the lakers are way too slow for the heat.. and the heat were undersized throughout the playoffs and still won in a impressive fashion.

    • CC says:

      Lakers did I miss something? Smoothe you have to get through OKC first.

    • Sick says:

      poor laker fan…. LOL

  211. Pam says:

    I’m a huge Celtics fan largely because of Ray Allen. I think that this is a good move for him and for Miami.

  212. 23nedim23 says:

    Good luck to the best shooter in NBA history. I think that Boston made a good deal if they sign Terry. Ray had a lot of problems with injuries. Boston needs a center!!

  213. MH Fan says:

    happy to have u here ray.. good place to finish ur career.. go out fighting like the champ u are

  214. Robert Harris says:

    Thanks for everything Ray. It’s been a nice run. Best of luck despite my hatred for your new team.

    Robert Harris

  215. Grievous56 says:

    I love RayRay but I’ve lost part of my respect for the man now. Sad to see him leace the C’s. :[[[

  216. HEAT FAN says:


    MILLER(if he comes back)

    it will rain 3s everywhere in miami

  217. duvatch says:

    hey devlish you talk smart right now the celtics org didn’t have no respect for the big player like ray allen they tried to turn him doing like a kid they disrespect him ,

  218. The Real Deal says:

    hey I’m a big boston fan…yeah it was sad news ray’s leaving..all I can say is. THANK YOU RAY FOR A WONDERFUL RUN! its been a pleasure seeing your exploits in Beantown. You will forever be part of the C’s family…hope they will retire your number here.

  219. Raptors Fan says:

    Well he is unrestricted free agent so he can choose to where he wants to play. He wants to get more rings then go to the Heats.

    Celtics has good core but not best core to win the championship

    Of course I will root for Miami Heats all season long. I don’t know why people hate Lebron, D-Wade and Bosh cause they are mega stars on the same time and they did not play for your team LOL

    Go Heats Go.

    Next season Heats vs Lakers in the final. However if Lakers get DWight Howard then they are unbeatable team

  220. LOL says:

    To me it was inevitable that Ray’s signing with the heat, he was in the trading block for like 2 yrs. since 2010, if i’m not mistaken????? Money ain’t a matter for a superstar if he doesn’t win championships… Anyways, the Celts org. wasn’t that loyal to him…any player that would be in a trading block for 2 straight years will sure sign on a different team when he becomes a free agent.
    *=Not Sure
    Top Teams of the WEST right now In Order:
    OKC Thunder
    L.A. Lakers
    L.A. Clippers
    S.A. Spurs
    MEM Grizzles
    MIN Timberwolves
    DAL Mavericks*
    DEN Nuggets*/PHX Suns*
    Top Teams of the EAST right now In Order:
    MIA Heat
    BOS Celtics
    CHI Bulls
    IND Pacers
    NYK Knicks
    BKN Nets – Lol… scoring threat in JJ, D Will Combo backcourt… G Wallace….*
    PHI 76ers
    ATL Hawks*/MIL Bucks*/TOR Raptors*

    Of Course the Heat/Celts/Bulls can be on the top of the EAST, with neither KG, PP nor DRose injured…
    The West, well its going to be wild!!! But right now, it’s either L.A. or OKC!!!

    • tas says:

      are you kidding me? you put boston above chicago?! you do realize that boston would have gone fishing in the semis, if drose would have been healthy.. don’t count out the bulls.

      lakers at two in the west? did you watch any playoff game in the previous two seasons?! they did get swept by the mavs last season, almost lost against denver this year and almost got swept by OKC.. soo?!

    • trade1 says:

      as TAS mentioned, no way lakers #2.. they will have no bench.. idiots go over the luxury cap and can’t pay a bench unless they trade somebody without getting super star back.. i give kupchak credit for getting nash, but signing him to 9 mil a year was waaaay to much.. needed him at 5 mil/year so you can get at least a 6th or 7th young gun off the bench..

  221. ismael says:

    qui veut que allen de partis de bostons moi je suis daccore

  222. 6&3>35&0 says:

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

  223. orlychio says:

    if bulls records is 72-10…the heat will get 79-3 with ray allen donning heat jersey

  224. Boston Fan, Go Celtics! says:

    Ray Allen has worked hard with his fellow team mates at boston, and as a 37 year old, theres only so much that he can expect when it comes to starting games. I think that he should know this and realize this, and that playing with his REAL teamates should be more important than going off to play with a team full of hot-heads

  225. HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  226. HeatFan says:

    Yeah Baby, Dwight would you like to join Miami? hahaha..

  227. Gav says:

    Smart signing by Miami, depth was the Heats weakness last season and they still took the championship. A repeat does seem likely

  228. tony short says:

    Just let them play. let the good times roll.

  229. theking0522 says:

    Man, I am sooo excited. We are getting a wonderful shooter. Ray Allen can drive the ball to the rim and finish also (which Mike Miller, Battier or Jones can’t do). This guy can shoot from all the angles and he can put the ball on the floor also and he knows how to handle the ball. Remember that he used to have the ball a lot with Seattle until he went to Boston. His ankle are going to be fine when the season starts. Dwane Wade is getting his knee fix in Germany and he will also be ready to play. Miami is going to be good….SCARY good!!!

  230. jason says:

    no more big three… fantastic four is up 🙂

  231. HotHeat says:

    As a Heat fan, you can’t ask for better, let’s sign Marcus and we will be in good shape !!!

  232. Nacodemo says:

    He’s been trade bait for a while now. Loyalty was Boston’s issue, not Allen’s. Unfortunately nobody stepped in before his interest took him to Miami where he will hurt the entire league. Fortunately for the rest of the NBA, Miami still has no Center and a point guard who is shotty. If Dwight goes to LA… it will be another ring for LA. That is the only chance at this point for anyone to beat the Heat.

    • trade1 says:

      man, if you think Chalmers is shoddy, you don’t know basketball.. when he’s on the floor, its better for the whole team, the big 3 don’t need to be bringing the ball up the floor, which was their mistake last year and part of this year… get into your sweet spots on the floor, and let chalmers bring it up.. NOTE: BRON was in areas he could operate best, closest to the basket during this years playoffs.. this is why when the game tightens up, they revert back to dwade or bron bringing it up and the flow goes stagnant.. he needs to be more involved and after this years playoffs, chalmers deserves more say and run… they will be much better, he’s making great decisions.. without him and battier the heat wouldn’t of won..

  233. mms says:

    I’m not surprised, did you really think that it wasn’t going to happen! To expect Lebron James to win a championship on his own
    is crazy!! He will always be known as the star player that took his talent to south beach because he couldn’t place a team around him and cary them to the biig show and win. Good job Lebron way to set the marks high for the future nba players.
    You will always go down as a so so superstar.

    • trade1 says:

      some people just don’t get it… stats tell a tale… almost every championship team since the late 60’s has had 3 hall of famers on the squad… do you really think gilbert was going to pay for 2 more star players in their prime? PLEASE shut up already… even after Gilbert opened his mouth about winning one before lebron, i didn’t see him putting together a winning team or even try.. such bs

      I used to shake my head how cleveland won all those regular season games AND even made it to the finals with lebron and nobodies… if you can’t appreciate a great player when you see one, then you deserve to feel jaded.. lebron, allen, nash, dwill, amare, melo, at least they are trying to get rings even if their previous owners weren’t…

  234. paul says:

    Hi, Heat fan here lol 1st off.. Dont try say any team is better than the HEAT right now.. Did your team just win a chip? nope. Give credit where it is due. 2nd Welcome ray allen. you celts fans need some common sense in your life.. would you stay on a team where you dont get along with 1 of your main guys? where your coming off the bench when you know you could be as productive as the next? where they sign terry for 3years (15mil)? now your gonna be 3rd in rotation. they not paying him 15mil for nothing. Your hungry for another ring but know your not gonna get 1 staying put. LOYALTY? Allen played for bucks sonics and celts? you guys just mad he went to south beach! What man would sit on a bench and take money to do nothing and feel proud of it? (plenty in nba, but obviously ray isn’t 1 of them) WHY EVERYONE HATING ON THE HEAT? Because there able to bring in guys to get the job done? What about kobe? he hasnt asked for a better team? he might not always tell the public but im sure the GM hears it? forgive me if im wrong but didnt he want out of lakers? melo and amare to knicks? so they went because they wanted to win a few games. NO they thought they could win a chip. d-will n howard being bitc*** the last year or 2? or has no1 noticed cause there too busy hating on the heat? As a heat fan ofcourse im going to say we the best! we proved it! but im not gonna say next season gonna be easy, teams are now getting stacked! Good Luck to everyone!!! LETS GO HEAT!!!!

  235. DarkKnight says:

    Three FRANCHISE Players at their prime??? Wade(Miami), James(Cleveland), Bosh(Toronto), still desperately need a Ray Allen for a ring? Is this how champions are? tsk tsk.. Nowadays, everybody wants to win not on a 50-50 percent challenge but 80-20 percent, Where’s the thrill? Then brand themselves as The Greatest?! If you still need players, call Howard, Rose, or Kobe to just come over and let’s not play the game, let’s just give the ring and party!!!! No Thrill anymore. G!

    • trade1 says:

      stop it, the nba created this free agent nonsense that you couldn’t do back in the day, salary cap, rookie contracts, max contracts have allowed players to be free agents twice in their career unless they do something stupid and sign an extension like westbrook and durant… players have control over the owners on where they play after their contract expires(soooo just like a loyal employee, the owner has to be loyal and vice versa – you don’t threaten to trade stars and expect them to like it), unless owners are willing to spend money.. paging Mr. Gilbert, The Malouf Family in Sac, SPEND MONEY to build a winner on free agents.. really drafting 18-21 yr olds is going to make your team a winner? before you talk about okc, keep in mind, they pulled the san antonio bs from years ago.. SA had David Robinson, but he got hurt that year, so they only win like 20 games and get #1 pick which is duncan, so duncan/robinson, yeah, i can see a ring happening.. then okc gets 3 lottery picks in 3 years.. durant, westbrook, harden.. apparently the young okc thunder didn’t have enough with just westbrook/harden, so when harden disappeared in the finals.. back to square 1…

  236. bimbadabim says:

    Good luck for a new championship

  237. Doto says:

    Ray has been the most unappreciated one of the big 3 since he joined the team by management. I am so glad he will be getting the respect he has earned over his career. Having the threat of being traded being held over his head several times while in Boston would make any married man with 4 children nervous and feeling unappreciated. Paul Pierce has suffered thru that with Ainge and his psycological moves on his all star players. A lousy way to run an organization. Ray has risen above it! Hope Paul follows suite.

  238. bogart says:

    now,. rashard lewis., would be thinking of getting a ring too…. in MIAMI 😀

  239. Greg says:

    ugh.. so many stupid and retarded comments as if they already know the outcome of the nba next season

  240. Saahil says:

    Why did we get him if he was just going to MIami.

  241. rajonrondo123 says:

    i understand y ray felt he needed to leave Boston bc he felt he was being disrespected, but of all teams Miami? C’mon man!

    • BBall Fan says:

      why not???

      how come i don’t see people complianing about Steve Nash joining the “Fakers”???

      you people should get a life and live them alone. this is thier JOB, they have the right to choose who to work for….

  242. Alex says:

    I guess he won’t start in miami, and he is used to start and is that kind of player who seems to need to start for an adequate rhythm in his shots (eventhough he was also bothered by his ankle late in the season). So I am not sure whether he can really improve their chances to win again, he might not be more valuable than Mike Miller, or even less, cause he was used to come off the bench. For Boston, the signing of Jason Terry is very good and this is not a big loss right now. Additionally, Terry is a Heat-Killer.

  243. smith says:

    wahahaha sorry celtics your own player knows whos team is better :> w0w 3M compare to 12M and still pick miami

    ENOUGH said:>

  244. marvz says:

    he already anticipated the lower minutes he will get in boston with the arrival of jason terry. Anyway he’s a liability in defense already. Celtics are better team without Allen next year. They can use the money to acquire another good young player.

  245. Levan says:

    ah !!!

    I feel Allen betrayed Celtics, I thought He would Retire as Celtic

  246. PP__34 says:

    Im huge Boston fan, Id just like to say thank you Mr. Walker Ray Allen for all the great years. It will be tough watching you in the Heat uniform. But if we get Jeff Green back youll have no chance what so ever…No. 18 coming

  247. truetrue says:

    so hes leaving friends and taking less money for a ring ??? traitor …
    + if the heat repeat nobody will say it was because of ray since they won last year without him…. stupid decision

  248. JUuig says:

    I got a question for all of u heat fans, how many of u were heat fans before lbj wade bosh. I say 20 percent max

  249. jenerstar says:

    no more big three in south beach, it’s now fantastic 4 lets go heat

  250. Loyalty is for weak! says:

    Miami Heat ERA!!!!!

  251. skullz says:

    lol It’s funny how people use to like Steve Nash … Now that’s he has joined the La Lakers those very same people who liked Nash are hating him for “not joining their team” even though he wasn’t even in there team to begin with ….

    do you see the Irony in that ??? it’s the same situation with Ray Allen

    People (including me) like Allen, but because he choose to go after a crown rather then money people start hating on them …

    A true player goes for champion ships “not” money … I give my absolute respect to any player who goes after a champion ship rather then money … That there is a true player.

    “winiing first, money 2nd” that’s the way is should be

  252. Tore says:

    Its gonna burn Allen when Celtics crushes Heat next season. I am gonna lick his tears of my tv while Rondo, Terry, Pierce and Garnett shows him what valor and courage is all about.

  253. harleymagsino says:

    Move on guys. Next stop, Rashard Lewis! #HeatNation

  254. [R]ay-[R]ay says:

    The irritating thing about the whole is that it has this aspect: Ray Allen tried it with the Celtics, whose core remains intact next year, but now he sees a stronger team, the new champions (which defeated them in the Conf. Finals), and leaves his old team, sending a message that they aren’t worth it, they can’t win. So, no effort, go to the stronger team and get some wins. And all of this after Allen’s playoff performance (please put aside those carreer statistics), when he was by far the weakest link on the starting lineup.
    Anyway, he should have gone to San Antonio, since he carries already those bone Spurs.

  255. EL HEAT! says:


  256. jayjay says:

    as you said your a celtics fan that’s why you don’t feel like it was right for allen to go to the heat…..but for us heat fan it looks perfect on him…..:))))))

  257. IC says:

    Allen done. Next marcus camby to south beach

  258. KC says:

    I hope Ray reads all the comments everyone is making and just stop……… and think of how many fans he’s lost and what kind of horrible choice he has made, to be honest I’m a Celt’s fan and I think it’s good he left BOSTON but going to miami with how it went to game 5 in 2010-2011 then game 7 2011-2012 thats like switch sides from JAPAN to USA in WW2 1st of all with how well the Celtics were improving they’re more than likely to beat MIAMI in next years playoffs but know they’re back in the years of building wait till I come along secondly he should try go to somewhere like LA Lakers and then really show everyone what the Miami Heat’s limit is they would be ice cold on every game they had against LAL

    …….. Really Ray?……… REALLY?

    • trade1 says:

      dude lakers are nice on paper, but just like okc, miami is a matchup problem on the defensive end, gasol and bynum have to play away from the basket on defense, so when you have a blow by on nash, nobody will be around the basket to do anything that often… AND the lakers still won’t have a bench cause they just paid nash 9 mil/yr.. so do the math, kobe – 27 mil, gasol/bynum 15 mil each and nash 9mil, over salary cap and metta gets about 9 mil, so they have the problem miami has, any free agent can only sign for peanuts and there aren’t any left that can contribute that much.. once any of the starters go to the bench they will be in trouble, heaven forbid if 2 or 3 starters need rest at the same time…. momentum shifts are killers in the playoffs, no so much in regular season..

  259. Rodrigo says:

    How is the starting lineup going to be now ?

    Dwyane Wade
    Ray Allen
    Lebron James
    Chris Bosh
    Udonis Haslem ???

  260. 8thmillionlakerfan says:

    Paging Dan Gilbert and David Stern!!

  261. killuabest says:

    allen to miami………………………… blame stern for this scenario haha….

  262. am i the only one who thinks this is a positve for the celtics? ray allen slowed the C’s playoff run and now have more cap space to have a go at oj mayo i think ray leaving can only be seen as a positive

    • trade1 says:

      you c fans seriously trying to blame allen for a 7th game loss?? you guys got to a 7 game which shouldn’t even had happened in the 1st place and somehow allen held you guys down from beating miami.. give credit where credit is due.. garnett was playing out of his mind in the center position which threw every team off, he hasn’t played like this in 2 years.. rondo is easily the superstar on the c’s and can get his own shot and involve others.. if garnett repeats the way he played this year in the playoffs, the c’s will be hard to beat.. but i seriously doubt that.. he caught lightening in a bottle.. ray on the other hand won’t even have to run around, he can spot up after doubles on the big 3 and quite frankly, everytime I see allen wide open, i think to myself, who leaves this man wide open, forget the double.. he’s bound to hit a better percentage from 3 than the person who is shooting the 2 pointer you double off of… so to keep things straight.. i think an aging veteran who is a knock down shooter works for Miami

  263. gregg thomas says:

    allen’s decision is good option for both C and him because the can’t give him the time he always does…boston needs a young SG like thabo or oj mayo

  264. ThisIsBallGame says:

    Shooting threat done, now we need a big man who can rebound and defend to make this team unbeatable…Gooooooooooooo heeeeeeeeaaaaaaattttttt

  265. #1celticfan says:

    tbh i would take j.terry ova allen anyday bcuz allen is in a slump n terry can score the ova any1 like l.james 2 years ago also lil younger n not injured as of now

  266. Luca says:

    there you go! i love this move. every player who accepts this less money has the only goal to WIN! Look at the HEAT team. DWade took less, same as UD, Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Ray Allen.
    Thats just great. Love to see his first game in TD Garden 😀 Welcome to the family Ray 🙂

    • trade1 says:

      luca actually everybody on their team has taken less money, the big 3 DID NOT sign max contracts, they each could of commanded 5 mil more per year if on different teams, but they took less now with an increase each year…

  267. KG21 says:

    Celtics will be fine. Allen was the obvious weak spot last playoff against the Heat. He simply cannot depend. Focus on moving forward, looking into some players which can defend. Offense will fall if you start with a good defense.

  268. Lakerfan says:

    I don’t think Allen will play as good as he was with the Celtics.

  269. World Champs HEAT says:

    RIGHT ON D.A.!

    You Boston fans can blame your GM for this! They could have signed RAY RAY first and talk him into signing TERRY as his backup! I mean why would he sign with the C’s if they got TERRY to replace him!?

    “The likelihood of diminished playing time in Boston in future years–the Celtics agreed to terms this week with veteran Jason Terry on a three-year deal”

  270. LeBronster says:

    3 more rings for the big three of MIAMI! at least 3 for now.., equivalent to their remaining years of contract to MIAMI… ALL the WAY to THE 2nd.., 3rd.., 4th championship!!! GO HEAT!!!

  271. YHER says:

    “Same feathers flocks together”…..At least no more bad eggs in C’s locker room…..No doubt, he’s guilty…..He really deserved as bench warmer reserve…..Hhahhahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  272. Oliver says:

    I think Ray Allen is good enough to be in the staring line-up, Mario Chalmers can be a role player like he normally plays.But they have to think about moving Wade to point guard though.

  273. DERRECK says:

    team heat baby welcome to south beach, smart move now lets get these rings. ray i’m soo glad you decided to join the miami heat we welcome you with open arms and hearts…

  274. Martin from Austria says:

    A dream come true for Heat fans 🙂

  275. Ken says:

    Nash can join LA. Why can’t Allen join another “potential” champ team?
    Im Heat fan and Im glad that Allen can join the Heat.
    However, I concern more the frontcourt rather than the backcourt. Heat sld add a decent center FIRST!

  276. matt says:

    As so often before: C´s will be fine without that guy!

  277. rondo9 says:

    i think i have never been more dissapointed by a person in my hole life

  278. LeKing says:

    I would be glad if they can back up Rondo with more fresh legs rather than sticking with same old set. Of course who does not want a good match up rather than the rivalry of the Heat vs Celtics in the playoffs.

    I just love Rondo, I don’t want to see him off the playoffs. :/

    But still Heat will win next year 😛

  279. jake says:

    Just further proves how LeBron can’t win without his dream team backing him up. He’s already got 2 guys that could easily be the #1 option on most teams and now he gets one of the best shooters of all time to help him piggy back his way to another title. I don’t respect the way the Heat did it at all. At the very least, OKC drafted all their talent for the most part. They didn’t have to have their “stars” band together in some large market to star clusterf their way to a title. LeBron’s a good player but the fact that he has to have so much talent around him to get it done just proves to me he’s not as good as everybody makes him out to be. I’m sure everybodys gonna sit here and say every star needs talent around them to win, well..LeBron needs considerably more to get it done.

  280. LBJeveryday says:

    fantastic four

  281. JohnPaul says:

    Now Jesus is on board…nothing can beat us

  282. J.c. T says:

    lakers and okc fans sorry to say,
    James will have his second championship ring next season

  283. LBJ is a PoS. says:

    Another move by the heat to buy a every superstar refuses to build a team and instead wants to just go free agent and join a superteam. Miami is ruining the nba. How many more all stars are they gonna get for cheap just to win championships? And to all you LBJ lovers… This guy never deserved a ring. He started the whole leave your team to make a superteam. Mr were gonna win 6,7,8, championships. Mr “Decision”, Mr I need more superstars on my team like ray Allen to have any hope of winning next year. This guy is pathetic. None of his championships will ever mean anythig because he didn’t earn them he bought them. Miami disgustes me. And all you pathetic heat bandwagoners. Get over your “king” guys worthless.

    • trade1 says:

      things change because of the CBA.. in the 2000’s they started salary cap/rookie salary cap/max contracts, which means players start with 2 or 3 year contracts, then can sign max contracts for 4 yrs, which means a great player could be a free agent twice now in their prime, so you will have players joining forces instead of trying to win it by themselves.. if you look at almost every championship team.. starting with the C’s in the 60’s you will see THREE HALL OF FAMERS.. right now the Heat have 2, bosch isn’t hall of famer.. boston had 4, I’m including rondo and could only win 1 in 4 years.. so stop with this bs… rings started getting important when the bulls and phil started their own private collection.. nobody remembers losers unless they are great.. but everyone remembers teams that win championships no matter who was on the team….

  284. aron says:

    the heat has now a big 4

  285. MEGA HEAT FAN... says:

    lets see what will happen with heat after the season,,, no one can predict that…

  286. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Neither the Heat nor the Celtics will win the 2012 trophy. Nor the Lakers… It’ll be OKC, SAS or another surprise (Nets?)

  287. LakersAllTheWay says:

    its not about loyalty.,its about respect.,boston shows allen less respect when they put ray in trade talks and then they change his role as off the bench player.,they became ray a substitute to a second year guy name avery bradley?who the hell is he?now blame ray….

  288. BIG Heat fan says:

    HEAT will REPEAT! Let’s Go HEAT! 🙂

  289. BIG Heat fan says:

    What a BIG Decision for #20 Ray Allen to join our team, MIAMI HEAT! I expect a BIG season coming for Ray Allen and the HEAT, I mean the defending CHAMPIONS!!! I hope there will be coming a BIG season and a BIG Championship run to MIAMI this NBA 2012-2013 season.

  290. BIG Heat fan says:

    What a BIG Decision for #20 Ray Allen to join our team, MIAMI HEAT! I expect a BIG season coming for Ray Allen and the HEAT, I mean the defending CHAMPIONS!!! I hope there will be coming a BIG season and a BIG Championship run will come to MIAMI this NBA 2012-2013 season.

  291. jay-ar says:

    big 4 hahaha.

  292. dexter says:


  293. dexter says:


    • trade1 says:

      unfortunately they can’t sign marcus camby, it would be so much easier if Miller and jones received buyouts.. then they can get camby outright.. otherwise, they have to give up a piece and it would more than likely be another big.. they don’t need to upset the chemistry.. they can almost win it as is, but they need 1 more center, no matter how you slice it…

  294. chris says:

    Well i am a big Lebron James fan….I am surprised that Allen would really go to Heat….He should be thankful Bosston got him out of trenches to win a title coming from Seattle….Feel bad for Boston and I do hope Miami splits up soon b/c it is not fair to other team….4 allstars.

  295. jax says:

    LOL @ all the Celtics fans complaining about Allan being a Traitor. U didn’t think about all the Sonics and T Wolves(Garnett) fans when those guys signed with the Celtics. Ray did his job at Boston helped u guys get a championship – u should be saluting him out the door!

  296. Kyle says:

    It is a great move to help spread the floor, the miami heat started all the superstars wanting to play together but look at the nba all together now, knicks-melo,amare,kidd lakers-kobe,bynum,gasol, and now nash Nets-johnson,williams, and maybe dwight. its becoming a superstars playing together league ive been a lebron fan since st vincent st mary, i was mad at first with the decision, but he went to play with his friend and where he thought he had the best chance to win, which isnt that the whole reason people play the sport….. to win rings, thats why there are all the superstar teams now, good luck in miami ray

  297. metta world fish says:

    pathetic celts fans, allen just did the right thing, considering his ending career,he wants to end it nicely.. i mean with a ring..

  298. Frans says:

    I am a big Ray Allen fan and a Celtic fan too, and still I think this is a wise move for both Ray as the C’s. Eventhough he really shot the lights out in percentage this year, you could see him getting less comfortable in the team. He kind of lost the thrive or ability to win games for the celtics. It was either Rondo, KG, Pierce and sometimes a benchplayer that made it work when it counted most. I wish Ray well in Miami, where he has to play a lot of minutes, since I expect next season will be injury bound for Wade.
    And I am happy with the addition of Terry, who is a bit more explosive than Ray. Hope that Jeff Green resigns and that Wilcox will do the same. If healthy he’s a reliable PF or C. With the rookies as well Celtics are playoff bound as well and probably wil be in the semis again.

  299. IVAN says:


  300. Danilo B. says:


  301. Steve says:

    I understand why Ray Allen move, as much as I hate Miami, I still have to say good luck to Ray, and good luck to Miami.

  302. Albert says:

    Guys, i will explain in details why ray allen comes to Miami.

    The boston celtics and the organization shows no respect for a franchise player that has won a ring for them with all the efforts trying to trade him last season, and the trade didn’t happen because there wasn’t any better value of other player in return for ray. If there are players that can match his greatness out there to be traded for ray, boston would have dealt him out knowing that he has the ankle injury that bothered him all season long. That is not the way you show respect for a player that has been doing everything night in and night out for the team.

    Continuation of the above, just because he is getting older and decline alittle because of his age, and with the bothering ankle problem, the celtcs not only try to trade him, but they make him come off the bench with much less minutes of playing. IF you ask me, i would have felt very depreciated at that point, so the combination of trade rumors all season long, and make him come off the bench every game, that just hurts alot. I know it is all business and stuff, but hey, this guy got you where u want to be before. He deserves better than that…. so the combination of those problems are what make him WANT OUT of BOSTON.

    Yeah, boston wants him back and with offer him a good amount of money for it. But then, Boston resign avery bradley, which to my understanding is still fine. But, when they add Jason Terry, then that makes Ray start thinking again. You have Rondo at PG, Pierce at SG, Bradley at SF, and then you have Jason Terry that can play at both PG and SG, so that left Ray with the position at SF which he will be battling minutes with. I don’t see how Ray can play with 20 mins or less maybe and can get comfortable with those minutes. And again, that is the 3rd reason why he wants OUT of BOSTON again. Less role in boston, and with that kinda line up, if u ask me again, Not strong enough to beat MIAMI or to contend for the east.

    Why choosing Miami??
    Simple, their system are proven to work which ends up winning the CHAMPIONSHIP last season. And with their core players lebron, wade and bosh, three of them are primarily inside the box scoring type player, the role of Ray really fits for the team where we all see guys like battier, james jones, and mike miller spotting up from beyond the arc.
    and everybody wants a ring or more rings in their carrier. So Congrats to RAY ALLEN, you did make a good choice to fit yourself into a team, and a great possibility of winning another RING.

  303. Dawn lipscomb says:

    Welcome Ray Allen.

  304. KING JAMES says:

    You all are delusional, the KING is a different player now than he was in the past 8 yrs. I think the heat should get another 2 big players and with the right strategy from the tactic master SPO, they will win it again. Welcome ray allen and hope you can get another 1-2 rings with the heat. GO HEAT. PS: i Don’t think NASH joining lakers is a big deal, OKC will still be able to beat them 4-0 pr 4-1 in the playoff.

  305. abstrakt says:

    you disappoint me Ray…..

  306. Allen says:

    Yeah, Lakers and Heat in the Finals!

  307. J says:

    fritcion w/ the team. not comfterble coming off the bench for doc? this guy has no clue what hes saying. get a clue b4 u wright about the Cs

  308. Mike says:

    Allen is a champion. He is a scorer and 3 point shooter thats it. The Heat need him because Miami has only proven with this team they can win in a shortened season, let’s see how they go in the 82 game season with him ailing. And who wouldn’t go to a team with Bosh, James and Wade where he can fit in perfectly. Celtics will be fine next season.

  309. Musicislife910 says:

    You can’t be mad at Ray Allen at all. Danny Ainge BEEN tried to trade him. They clearly made plans to go in another direction. They already have Avery Bradley, and signed Jason Terry, clearly making Ray seem and feel even more unvaluable on that team than he already was. THEY werent loyal TO HIM. So, he left..

    • t.hardaway says:

      you’re right. C fans know nothing. the management really doest value rey. 1st they tried to shop him last year. 2nd they offer him 50% less than what KG was offered!

    • Fan says:

      Absolutely, most likely a problem with playing time. After signing JET and with a healthy BRADLEY, it really means less playing time for RAY RAY. Boston fans should give him RESPECT and just let it go! The man gave you 5 good years and a championship, he is almost 40. He asked for a no-trade in a new deal, it didn’t went down so he sign up with the champs. You ppl gotta give this Miami thing a rest! It’s not like the C’s were a one man team in the past! Boston fans should have no rights to complain, because you had your big 3! Just give it a rest this is the NBA in 2013, every team looks to stack up! Every star player wants to be a part of stacked team!

  310. Devlish says:

    Celtics fans can be upset – we have a right to be just like any other fans would be.

    No one knows why Ray did what he did except him. We can say we feel it was a bad move, smart move or whatever. I don’t think that makes us crybabies. We as fans are not the ones make decisions behind the box – I think the demise of the team started when they traded Perkins….they could have won that year. I don’t agree with the bigwigs on some of thier decisions.

    When you are a true fan of a team you feel like it’s personal when you invest time into a team to have someone who you deemed as “loyal” go to another team. Especially a rival team like Miami.

    I personally don’t think it was a smart move because I still don’t think he is going to get the playing time he wants but, on the other hand Ray is no idiot so he knew what he was doing. I just feel like he won’t be as happy in Miami.

    Only time will tell. But I will stay a Celtic fan through whatever because that’s what fans do. Ray doesnt look right in a Miami uniform though.

  311. Danny says:

    I don’t think this addition makes the Heat a favorite because I think that would be the case with or without Ray Allen. He dies, however make a very string addition to this team because of his 3-point shooting ability. Good luck guarding the Heat next season.

  312. Celtics Fan says:

    Why Ray Allen the Celtics are ur home the heat are ur enemy u are ending the Big 3 Era u should head back to boston they miss u

  313. ice says:

    get rid of that royalty nonsense, team can trade, then player can leave, no right or wrong~
    go allen

  314. KingMac479 says:

    Heat fans, It just got real..And they aren’t done yet.. Ray Allen did what was best for his career.. HE knew his time in Boston was coming up short with Doc Rivers saying Avery Bradley was going to be the starting 2 guard. Talk about Loyalty right? You tell the greatest 3 point shooter in the History of the game that he’s good enough to start, yank him when he gets injured, start Bradley, he gets injured, start Allen and then tell him you can play behind Bradley? GMAFB. Oh yeah they go out and sign Jason Terry at the same position you play? that’s loyalty.. Welcome to MIAMI ( in my will smith voice)

  315. Gui says:

    He didn’t have a great season as he was used to, but as a Celtics fan, I’d like him to stay. He had great years in Boston that will always be remembered. To bad he decided to go and the team didn’t really made much of an effort to keep him. Best of luck to him.

  316. boombooroomboomboom says:


  317. OKC2013ChampBaby says:

    OKC 2013 Champion Baby! ENOUGH SAID

  318. C's says:

    oh great… now its over…
    i understand ray’s choice.. thanks for the nº17 man…

    the heat has the best team in the NBA right now.. and now they got the best shooter on the league.. great…
    Dwade be prepared to get the n3…
    LeBron .. 6 more to go..

  319. YeahBOy says:

    If cant beatem, Join em..

  320. Heatletown says:

    No more the Big Three. From now on The FANTASTIC FOUR.

    One championship down seven more to go.

    • c'z says:

      seven more?? hahaha now that’s funny. fantastic four who else did the heat pick up besides ray allen?? ray’s gunna be lucky to score a point with all them shots bron bron and dwade jack up..

  321. Go Miami Heat. says:

    Geez..will you people just move on already. That’s Ray Allen’s choice, not yours. So stop the hate comments. And i also think that Miami heat is one of the team in NBA who might win the championship next season.

  322. CelticsFan1 says:

    I am a celtics fan but I know that the heat will win cause when they step on the court it is their starting five and the refs against the other team

  323. serious says:

    Please let that be the starting 5 Jesus!

  324. GoBulls says:

    Is the league still worth watching anymore? Players have no loyalty and will sign with the team with three all-stars. Franchises treat their players like pieces of meat, constantly flirting with trade rumors. Looks like Allen is the next Lebron and Cleveland is being played by Boston in this sad retelling of the Lebron-Cleveland divorce

  325. oneceltic says:

    that’s ok.. ray allen leaving boston and joining lebron in south beach. what can you say??? TRAITORS UNITED!

  326. MagiCxHoward says:

    Is everyone forgeting about nets. If they get howard they will be the 2013 NBA champions

  327. Rob says:

    It’s a sad day for basketball…

  328. MagiCxHoward says:

    OK even though i hate the heat. i love allen for doing this because its bostons own fault for this. they wanted him gone and he will come back to bite. their is no way terry is better allen was just injuryed. cant wait till heat and boston face.

  329. MAM says:

    To be honest i’m more disappointed with whom he signed, not the fact that he signed with another team.. i dont care he cheated on us i care who he is cheating with…. i still wish him the best, but if he really did leave because of diminished time i dont understand your an aging player, yes you are still one of the top SG in the league but while the celtics are thinking now bradley as if this moment is their future.. as it seems, so of course your role will be diminished, again why the Heat!

  330. Nothing but respect for Ray, he made agood choice in joining the Champs, after all Boston disrespected him. So stop whinning Boston fans and all of you Heat haters. If the other teams in the league had the means they would be doing the same and you would not be crying. Also, I haven’t heard Sir Charles talking a lot lately, oh yea, he’s got his mouth full of crow!

  331. pestopinan says:

    Guess I should start getting my pots and pans ready for next year’s Championship Celebration down Biscayne Boulevard.

  332. gerald29 says:

    ray allen joins lebron in public enemies in nba. welcome to south beach

  333. skullz says:

    NBA Finals Prediction 2013

    Lakers VS HEAT

    C: Andrew Bynum or Howard? C: Chris Bosh
    PF: Pau Gasol PF: Jebron James
    SF: World Peace SF: Shane Battier
    SG: Kobe Bryant SG: Ray Allen
    PG: Steve Nash PG: Dwayne Wade

    Forget Big 3 … Forget Big 4 … Say Hello tooo The Big 5

    This is year is going to be one fun year too watch

    Lakers going to win it all this coming year 🙂

  334. Syndi says:

    Um…….the celtics almost beat the heat and would have won the title this year against the thunder….I think he had a great chance at getting another ring with the celts as well….

    • Jamma123 says:


  335. dexter says:


  336. Celtic Fan says:

    Thank you for everything, ray. You will always be remembered as a Celtic

  337. bigdog says:

    jason terry can do the same thimg as ray allen.He wont be missed watch jason everyone.

  338. C Nastrom says:

    I can’t believe that the NBA let them buy their whole team anyways (screwing the raptors and clevland in the process)
    like david stern kyboshed the cp3 to lakers deal but when three super stars want to team up he allows it like cmmon

    • Jamma123 says:


  339. Green Nation says:

    I’m a celtics fan, and this makes me upset. I would much rather see Ray just retire than join the heat..I know this might sound cliche but watching the celtics was like watching a bunch of brothers play ball, and Ray just acted as the traitor…man this hurtz

  340. renz_garnett says:

    wtf is going with in your mind ray.. i know you will part ways with boston.. but why did you chose miami.. you know.. you will play now with your rival.. damn ray.. shame on you..

    • Jamma123 says:


  341. I’m a Celtics fan… but I don’t hate Ray Allen for his move… just give him the respect he deserves guys… he has done a lot for the Celtics… 🙂

  342. dexter says:


  343. eatourdust says:

    cant wait to hear rashard lewis joining the heatwagon:DDDD

  344. bostonceltics says:

    J.R Smith Should go to the Celts

  345. cm says:

    apparently, he’d take his talents to south beach…

  346. dodz says:

    Whooooooooo….. Expect for the Back 2 back Champion of the Heat!!!!!

  347. Ray Allen sold his soul to the devil and join the shortseason chump miami the half ring king lebron james.

  348. Spike4Celtics says:

    My fav……..You broke my heart.

  349. nba2k12 says:

    very true, he wants to do what he does best, shooting treys. but with terry and bradley on the rotation, he wont be getting much playing time. but i still don’t get it, he’ll be coming off the bench for wade, he definitely cant play sf at this point of his career. if he’s after another ring, well of course, he will have a better chance of getting a ring with the heat who are still the same team who won championship. i’m an allen fan from huskies and hoyas rivalry with allen iverson, to bucks to seatle, but didn’t like his decision this time, boston should have been his last stop, where he got a ring. he doesnt need to prove anything anymore, he should just relax in boston and maybe mentor the younger guys, like what garnett will be doing.

  350. bostonceltics says:

    heat fans for some reason love ray allen now what a joke

    • dadecountymike says:

      maybe its just me but maybe cause he’s a heat player now i may be wrong but i doubt it

  351. Borge says:

    Ray Allen left knowing he almost got traded in the trading deadline, Celtics owner and Management never really made a pitch to keep Ray. Then they reached out and agreed to terms with Jason Terry first instead of prioritizing to keep him in Boston, he felt he’s no longer wanted and it’s time to move on. Of course he wanted to win another championship, who doesn’t? And so when the 2012 NBA CHAMPION MIAMI HEAT made a strong effort on getting him aboard, I am not surprised at all that he took the deal even for a lesser money. Welcome to South Beach, Walter Ray Allen!

    • Leonard says:

      Ray went on this free agent tour on his own. No made him do this, just like no one made him sign with Miami. He did not like coming off the bench in Boston; he’ll be doing just that in Miami. Miami does not have size-when teams go big who do you think is coming off the floor? Also, what does this signing tell Mario Chalmers? He is the starting PG for them-will his minutes get cut because of this? As good as that team is you still have to be smart. As for Allen, everything that he balked about in Boston is what he accepted in Miami. Go figure.

  352. ice says:

    welcome to heat nation allen. celtics were going to trade him during th season for a future draft pic. they tried it for two seasons but didn’t work. good choice Allen. welcome home.

  353. C Nastrom says:

    that’s it someone needs to take out the whole heat team, maybe like the way ron artest did to harden.
    elbow right to the face or just break dwayne wades knees.

  354. lakerfan says:

    Ha! how can you say that heat big 3(or 4 now , however you want) is same as lakers team . Pau was brought to help kobe , but bynam was drafted by LAL , so they made a player out of him . And its ok for steve nash to come to lakers , i wouldnt even mind if he went to heat instead because he doesnt have a ring , but he deserves one . On the other side ray ray already has a ring , so there is no excuse for him . I am disapointed by allen s decision . I hope heat fails this this season . enough rings for bron bron .

  355. Looney Gooney says:

    now the heat have allen theres no point of watching basketball just give the championship to the heat and call it a day. smart choice from allen though

  356. Wolvesman says:

    wow why are all these peopple hating on ray allen just cause of this trade?? firstly he is one of the legends of the game top three if not best shooter in nba history (that i know of anyway). Secondly he always gave his all and showed his love and support for boston for many years. they only won 1 ring and he still kept believing. even after all his injuries this post season he still gave it his all. How can you call a man disloyal when he does that? Finally, for those that are just “heat haters” (yes i dislike the heat and other teams and i am a timberwolves fan but i RESPECT every team) who are just saying he is after a ring so what if he is?? this will be his last few years and the heat is perfect for his style of game now cause he cant move nearly as much. let the big 3 make his space for him. Also now boston can start rebuilding. Sounds good to me!!

  357. ivanne says:

    ray good choice if you cant beat em join em

  358. kk says:

    Ray Allen is legend. We were blessed to have him as a Celtic and the Heat will now be blessed. I will never boo him and wish him well. I hope all will treat him with the respect he so deserves. God bless you Ray Ray and I will continue to wear my #20 C jersey with pride. You are loved.

  359. toink says:

    With ray ray on board 2013 ring is just a 3 pt shy away…

  360. Chirag says:

    Guys after seeing all the Ray Allen interviews, I find him to be such a humble man. Do you really think that it was easy for him to leave the city that loved him for FIVE seasons. He obviously knows his loyalties lie in Boston. Now he’s a free agent who thinks that he’ll play little or no part for the team like Boston. He decided to go to a team which needed him the most and a team for which he can play a valuable part even though he’s 37-38 years old. And I must say if you don’t get along with someone you just don’t get along no matter how good a player he is. Ray Allen doesn’t like Rondo so what? He pretended to like him for 5 years played well together on the court. Off-court hardships happen so you can’t just blame Allen just because you guys like Rondo so much. I’m a big fan of the Celtics’ crowd and if they boo Allen when he steps on the court again I would be so very disappointed.

    • Leonard says:

      Well you can expect him to be booed. He left Boston for Miami. He might as well had gone to the Lakers. It is just not something you do(unwritten code of ethics). You take your whopping like a man-not join the team who gave the whopping to you in hopes of changing the outcome.

  361. Justin says:

    The finals is gonna be very interesting this year, i predict Lakers-Heat

    • Kobe24 says:

      yeah man! that’s gonna be a new show for NBA fans… Clash of the superstars! I’m a Lakers fan and a Heat follower. Goodluck for both teams.

      • Denzo says:

        How can you go for the 2 best teams? Different conferences and everything too? Whack phan..

  362. Garnet says:

    YEAH!! boston had a lot of arguements between the players… hehe!

    its more fun in miami rayray! goosshh!! can imagine how fun the ball movement really is!! and fall out to a
    wide open ray ray!! swish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahha! bron create, to wade, to bosh and a rio to rayray!!


  363. I’m happy to hear we got Allen it’s a great addition we should amnesty miller he’s overpaid had a great game 5 but makes to much money then we can sign camby

  364. NBA Knowledge Guru says:

    1. HE WANTS TO BE VALUED AND AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE TEAM( lost value bcuz of alot of guards in boston)

  365. hans1429 says:

    allen wasn’t the only one who switched jerseys. Its what we call FREE AGENCY. pouting fans shut up. player’s decision are based on different factors. it could be pride, money, winning, loyalty, playing time and being a starter. i think allen could swallow up being a 2nd string 2 guard but having terry in boston just puts a questionmark there. what mattered to him was winning a ring and winning now. if he couldn’t see that happening in boston, lets respect that. he gave a good five-year run with the C’s. dont oversee the things that he did while he was still there. if it wasn’t for him, that 08 ring could have been just another good dream. allen is a good player and a good person. stop hating him.

  366. dadecountymike says:

    ray left boston wow good for him now for people that said heat did it wrong way how last i checked all these rich guys when there contract is up they can do what they want tired of fans thinking they own the players get a life and stop crying over rich grown men

  367. MrBigShot says:

    I really don’t know what to say at this point. Obviously Ray wants another title but as a Celtic fan can he have picked a worse option. I mean really I understand that he wants another ring and he really isn’t even that valuable for the Celtics any more especially on defense where he’s a liability. But come on KG came back and Pierce (the truth) has been loyal to Boston for his whole career! This really won’t hurt the Celtics especially with the recent signing of Jason Terry (the JET) but this is one of the most disloyal moves that I have seen in a while.

    • duh im right says:

      first how is he disloyal he only played there 5 years and the last two they tried to trade then last year they benched him for avery bradley then denied him a no trade clause when HE DID TRY to re sign and considering that the already beat them this year with a hurt bosh add him the celtics arent even in their league

    • Jamma123 says:


  368. STASH says:

    Allen is a great player and could be a weapon for heat but he didnt help boston last year and he wont help heat this year soon he starts missing 3s they will bench him and bring the champ team in the court

  369. Garnet says:

    hey way to go ray ray!! welcome to the best club!!

    Now Miami.. lets go get Rashard Lewis and finish all this!

    Please dont forget to train our new center Howard.. He can Bang a lot their and i can see that he shoots 3 very well.. Teams will go crazy now! hahhahhahhahahhahah!!!


  370. Kenzie says:

    GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!
    will DEFIANTLY win this year

  371. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    this is going to be a tough line up for coach Spoe.

    PG – Chalmers
    SG – Wade
    SF – Allen
    PF – James
    C – Bosh

    PG – Cole
    SG – Miller
    SF – Battier
    PF – Haslem
    C – Anthony

    C – Pittman
    SF – Harris
    SG – Jones

    • trade1 says:

      I respectfully disagree, Allen comes off the bench, joel anthony plays center, unless the heat pickup a big somewhere thats off the radar.. pittman is to small and free agent I believe so he’s gone.. miller, I can’t see him coming back from back surgery, so hopefully james jones doesn’t retire.. all of this still awaits decisions to be made by heat/miller/jones.. if miller gets a buyout, then the heat will have enough for a kaman type..

    • duh im right says:

      actually i was thinking pg-wade

  372. ian16rico says:

    Why are those HEAT haters trying to ruined it all? Is the HEAT only the team that builds a super team? Oh come on! Don’t only look for the HEAT roster. Bittersweet! just accept the fact that HEAT build the biggest 3 of all time. Don’t u see now in the NBA that no team has only one superstar? Why D’Howard is still looking for another team to deal with? why Kobe wants another player to gel with? So be it ok? Heat would still be HEAT! Mind your own business HEAT HATERS! booooo!m

  373. Celtics2013 says:

    Why ray just why it of all teams you can’t say because Miami had a better chance of winning the clerics were putting together a good team with the draft picks Jeff green coming back and the jet terry here, the clerics would be making a whole bunch of noise in the east but SMS never thought the day would come when a true celtic decides to join the heat CELTIC NATION !

    • Jamma123 says:


  374. HeatFan says:

    YES!!! Very wise choice Ray! You will not regret this decision…

  375. LEBRON IZ DEEZD says:


  376. Celts Fan says:

    How can you go through the year he went thru with his team mates and have the type of playoffs they did vs the heat and then turn around and abandon the cs to join there enemy i understand its a business but comon man isnt there still loyalty anymore? i thought he was a better man than this.. Oh i cant wait untill those old legs match up against avery. unfortunatly he may very well win more rings than paul and kg but like the steroid issue there should be an asterik next to those rings which reads as follow
    * won as apart of all star team
    Lebron has destroyed the nba turning this free agent period into a joke loyalty is gone and now the players meet and agree where to go to team up and have a super power
    this league will loose competitiveness for years untill theres maybe 4 all star teams and the rest good thing hockey is coming back

    • dadecountymike says:

      really? all the super teams in the 80’s helped the nba and by that i’m talking lakers and celtics, also isn’t part of celtic history how they dominated the 60’s? no problem celebrating that era right

      • 1 says:

        At least the main star, bill Russell, didnt betray a team like lebron did to cle. At least bill didn’t ruin an important part of the nba like lebron did to the free agency.
        Im a cle fan and hate the celts and heat

    • MiamiFan says:

      Dude, one question. Did you feel like this when Allen, KG and Paul got together in Cs.. Sure they got together by trades, but they had a word on it.. And loyalty? Really? Allen even wanted a no-trade clause on his contract if he re-signs with the Celtics..

    • Jamma123 says:


  377. OVER RAY says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is actually a good thing? I liked Ray Allen, but even before the ankle injuries his game was declining. He was a huge liability on defense – a fact Miami exploited – and his shot was no longer reliable. Maybe it was all just his ankles. But for a guy who really is now just a spot up 3 point shooter he isn’t worth 12 million and all the complaining. You’d get the same production from Steve Novak and he wouldn’t bitch about being a starter or make stupid drives to the hoop he can never finish. Here’s hoping OJ Mayo is still a possibility.

  378. carnelld says:

    Ray Allen felt disrespected in Boston. One sattement stuck out. The way Danny Ainge dangles his players as trade bait is not respectful. Note the following:

    “He had several clutch postseason performances in Boston, including seven three-pointers in the Celtics’ series-clinching Game 6 rout of the Lakers in the 2008 Finals. He had played that series while his son, Walker, was hospitalized and nearly died after being diagnosed with diabetes”

  379. Chris says:

    Wow you Celtic fans are pathetic. Almost as bad as Laker fans. If that’s what Allen chose, let him be. Wipe the tears and move on.

    • BullsFan says:

      You Heat fans aren’t much better. If things don’t go your way you guys start crying that you need even MORE good players. Nothing is never enough for you. You can call me a hater but everyone else knows that when your team loses you hate more than anyone else.

  380. 216--- says:

    Welcome Ray ! Very smart move . Don’t understand why Boston fans are so upset ? You fools wanted J terry so Allen didn’t want to warm the bench for the next two years ! Good luck in the magic city !!!

    • Laura, Boston says:

      He’s going to “warm” the bench in South Miami just as well. He could have had more money, loyalty from fans who truly care for him, great teammates, and a marvelous coach.

      He wants to win another championship! However, no one can predict the future. LBJ or Wade could get hurt, then what? Never wishing any hurt on anyone, just saying it can happen. Paul Pierce was hurt for quite a while so it can happen.

  381. f.... says:

    Ray allen, Miller, Jones, and Battier… raining 3s in south beach….damn I hate the Heat

  382. Bulls says:

    Everyone thinks Ray Allen is automatically going to start in Miami? Haha. He may start, if they run D-wade and Allen in the back court but neither one of them is a true Point guard. I still think Ray will come off the bench. He will get his min’s but they will start Chalmers as the point. Unless they start Bosh at Center and Lebron at Power forward, slide Wade to the Small forward spot and then Allen and Chalmers in the back court. Not a bad line up, however there is no point in playing Bosh against bigger, stronger centers. He is capable of guarding them, not all season though. That will be a deadly line up for Miami, I still think Allen comes off the bench.

    • are you kidding? Spoelstra’s trick isn’t to OUTMUSCLE the other centers, it’s to OUTHUSTLE them…the HEAT are in a mindset of ‘smallball’ where they are always appreciative of how undersized they are, so they just run the other team out of gas….try to use some simple logic…

  383. bravo says:

    heat you need a fking CENTER…not SG

  384. Chou says:

    it’s so funny that many people believe that Celtics will win a championship!! are u kidding me??

    • Peter says:

      This is funny why?

      We were were so banged up with injuries last year weren’t even supposed to make it past the first round, let we took your prescious ‘godly’ Heat to the brink of elilmination twice. With no bench scoring whatsoever and 2/5 or a healthy starting lineup.

      Now we comeback with the same lineup (this time healthy) plus add maybe two of the best bench players in the league (Terry and Green) while the only thing Miami adds is Ray Allen – who at this point is nothing more then a catch and shoot guy.

  385. Benny Liu says:

    Big Four!

  386. Wolves says:

    Rondo was caught by RayRay dating his mom

  387. The Heat made their bench better because the bench itself wanted to get noticed…so y’all don’t go saying that the HEAT were cHEATing…they wanted to get better and they did…so stop crying and just appreciate the sport.

  388. It’s the Superfreinds puls the Sniper…hell yeah!

  389. exqzt says:

    Ray made a wise decision.

  390. Baller says:

    All the Heat need now is to find a centre who will play for less lol. ……..Looks like a Heat vs Lakers/OKC final.

    • Jamma123 says:


  391. jv says:

    thats just sad

  392. 007 says:

    He will be a spy in Miami. In heart, still with C’s. BOS 2013.

  393. cedric says:

    this guy don’t need money anymore, nice move, nice job Mr Riley…all they have to do is take care of business on the court…best basketball show on earth…i wonder how Mr Riley talk to Ray…

  394. mr huang says:

    ray i am a laker fan and now ur n heat,nice move ray…wlcme to the heat!see u to the finals f dwight howard will join us n f dont i do know if we can…lol

  395. HeatFanSince98 says:

    It’s Crazy How Every Other Player Can Go To Another Team But When Someone Go To The Heat They’re A Sellout…Wake Up People!!! The NBA Isn’t A Magical Fairy Land Where Everything Is Perfect And Everyone Retires With Their Team…You Don’t Live Those People Life So Don’t Judge The Decisions They Make For Their Careers. It’s One Thing To Be A Fan And Another To Be A Fanatic…

    • Peter says:

      If Chalmers or Haslem went to Boston for half the money and a similar role, Miami fans would label them a sellout too.

      That’s what happens when you leave your team and move over to play for your teams’ greatest nemesis.

      • Jamma123 says:


  396. casey says:

    i really dont know why the hell Heat fans are calling it the big 4???? i mean yea hes a good three point shooter but hes really going to be nothin more than a shane battier AND HES ON THE BENCH??? AND HES 37!??? WHY you callin it the big 4. d-wade and lebron are top 5 in the league (LeBron is number one) but chris bosh is just unpredictable any more SOME nights he can give a 20 and 11 game but most if you never seen him play your thinkin who is this chris bosh guy and why is he startin??? come on heat fans…really?

    • michael says:

      Yeah, Bosh made the all star team five times before he played for Miami and averaged 24 and 11 his last year in Toronto. His numbers aren’t as consistent in Miami because with James and Wade he doesn’t need to score as much, but he is a 7 time all star who has averaged 19.8 and 9.1 over 643 career games. Also, I am not sure that Miami would have beat the Celtics if Bosh didn’t come back in game six and play as well as he did.

      Allen ia 37, but he is also a sure fire hall of famer and still has some game.

    • Peter says:

      Allen is not Battier. Battier can defend.

  397. Liam says:

    Boston deserved this anyway. After all the time that they tried to trade ray allen and made him uncomfortable with the team, plus he’s a definite winner and will look to add to his collection. Hope Miami repeats with him. Now Miami still need to make sure that Miller and/or Jones comes back, get a center and keep their game intact.

  398. Yeah, and that non-factor just burned for 23 points in 23 minutes in the Finals…Ray will just be a more deadly version of Mike, so get real

  399. Me says:

    no loyalty? lol ray n kg were stolen from their hometown nba teams…#1. #2 celts resigned j terry b4 getting rays answer. thats terrible loyalty. # 3 ray is getting older and he wants to win another ring or two while getting minutes, not back up terry and some young punk (bradley) wheres the loyalty in bradley starting over ray wen ray was there to win boston their ring???? hmmm

    • BBall Fan says:

      thank you

    • Kman says:

      It’s Boston fault…signing Terry was a slap in the face of Allen

      • Peter says:

        Why? Terry is almost as good a three-point shooter (maybe even better after Ray’s performance late last year) and yet is better in every other possible aspet of the game.

        Plus he won’t cry like a baby about having to come off the bench.

    • Celtics_Fan5 says:

      KG was a free agent and really didnt want to leave the T-wolves, Ray Allen and Glen Davis were part of the trade that Seattle made b4 they moved to OKC…no they were not stolen…the C’s were fortunate to get those 3, which led them to a ring that same year. Now that young punk had no choice but to step up wen Ray went down with that ankle injury…it just so happened that Bradley was actually playing well…everybody was thinking the same thing when LBJ joined forces with D-wade, that they couldnt play together…Terry and Allen couldve been a lethal weapon together. If Allen didnt get hurt, he wouldve still had his starting position and wouldve been re-signing with the Celtics…unfortunately, he did get injured and this is the outcome…the Celtics knew that Allen might not re-sign so why not be prepared to get a player that will make up for the void that Allen could possibly leave…the Celtics wouldve been deadly from downtown with Allen and Terry especially in late game situations which are rarely the standard starting 5 but trust and believe Doc Rivers got something up his sleave with this line-up he got…Sulli from O-State is very promising.

    • Peter says:

      Me – you have no idea.

      * They signed Terry because Ray wouldn’t give them an answer, and they needed insurance in case he didn’t return – oh look, he didnt!

      * Ray has at least as much chance of a ring in Boston, and would get similar minutes (he wont get more then 15 behind Wade)

      * Why does it matter who he’s backing up? Bradley is probably a top 5 perimeter defender in the league, if ray wanted minutes he should have earned them with his play.

      * Loyalty in starting Bradley over Ray? A true teammate should do whatever the team needs, even if it’s coming of the bench. That this upset him symbolises selfishness.

      • Alex says:

        I think you’re forgetting the flexibility of Miami’s starting roster compared to the limited role flexibility offered in Boston. Lebron and Wade can go between at least 3 different positions each, giving potentialy bench players like Ray more time filling a SG spot.

  400. dwynn says:

    All Haters of the HEAT,why is that when the Big 3 of boston was built u didnt react that much and when the Lakers got Pau,Meta etc you didnt react and never that i heard you said something bad about them etc…now all your eyes is in the HEAT!?…Just appreciate the Game!!!!

  401. HeatKingsofEast says:


    SG=gerald green
    SF=joe johnson
    PF=gerald wallace

    2013 ECF match up

    • DJ3 says:

      Dude… NO! Battier is not a SF and Ray will not be starting. The Nets might not get Dwight the Magic are looking at all sides. LA, Houston, etc. so your lineups are crazy. (and GERALD GREEN??? SERIOUSLY? HE DOES ONE DUNK AND THEN BEST SG EVER!!!???)

      • uoykcuf says:

        best? who said he’s the best? He just put him in the starting lineup. stop screaming, idiot.

    • Peter says:

      This guy has no idea…oh wait, he’s a Heat fan! That explains it.

  402. MOSES RAMOS says:

    Heat all the way, all the way, all the way to the hole! They will never be champions again next season, put that in mind! Haters gonna HEAT, rather HATE!!!!!!! 😛

  403. Jimmy says:

    So trying to make your team better is taking the easy way these days….Every team is doing the same thing too bad If south beach seem like a perfect place for alot of people hehe….Alot of you guy don’t realize it but more then half of the NBA (alot more like 80%) want to play with Lebron, and that a fact!!! done by survey…And oh yeah the Lakers got Bynum, gasol, Kobe, Nash..And no hates on them lol….Yall just hate the Heats so much tho…its getting old!!!!

  404. Rom says:

    The reason this happened is cause he does not get along with rondo and he felt like he was being replaced by Terry so i blame it on BOSTON!

  405. WhiteHoward says:


  406. jj says:

    im not a di heart ray allen is a traitor now the heat will be overated and abused in 2k13

  407. HEAT FOR LIFE says:


  408. jj says:

    im not a die heart celetic fan but ray allen is a traitor now the heat are gunna be over rated and abused in 2k13

  409. heatfan says:

    i don’t know why y’all celtics fans keep saying and bringing up the EC FINALS. y’all only went because the bulls lost. so thats it for y’all. cant sleep on the bulls never sleep on the bulls. so before y’all celtics fans bring up MIAMI think about how y’all planing on beating chicago and Mr Allen good move. nothing is promise to anyone and injuries don’t have any warning signs, so stay healthy you guys and we will have a 90% chance of winning.

  410. MIAMI FANS says:


  411. Eric Coleman says:

    man why is y’all nikkas complaining smh every team in the league basically has a big three

  412. orlychio says:

    miami heat is now a dream team

  413. HEAT FAN says:


  414. John says:

    Nice Allen now Heat can have even a bigger chance to repeat champ.

    Dont blame it on Allen when the Celtics first agree on deal for Terry, means there wasnt room for Allen to have good minutes.

  415. mikel.d says:

    Welcome aboard RAY RAY…to all Celtics fan you have to understand this was a tough decision…it’s hard to leave a great team and organization to join the defending champs. He can look like a totally traitor…But Celtics practically forced him to leave. If he was going to compete with Avery for a starting spot that’s one thing , but to totally disrespect the man by signing Jason terry a complete replica of ray Allen days earlier defiantly did not make his decision any harder. Also rumors were that they were after O.J Mayo as well. and the simple fact is do u want a RING or MONEY. Thank you for ready please comments on what you think. Also many teams now have big threes or atleast big 2. many stars re located this will be an interesting nba season at most

    • Leonard says:

      Mikel.d they are not the same. With Terry’s ability to handle the ball and Allen recovered from ankle surgery that would have been great to have. No doubling the post with those two on the floor together. Defensively, the Heat exploited Allen on defense and now they bring him in. If they start Allen who plays the 3? Your three man has to be able to rebound and play defense on the perimeter and Allen will be asked to play more defense if he starts. If he does not start he left Boston because he was not starting to go to Miami where he won’t be starting. SMH.

  416. markangelo says:

    Listed on the calendar next playoffs that the Heat will win back to back NBA champion, i wish that marcus camby or rashard lewis will join the Heat

  417. lebrons #1 fan says:

    smart Ray Allen now he will get lots of rings Miami bench will be stronger than ever

  418. BOSTON CELTIC says:


  419. malaki says:


  420. dwynn says:

    KB24 stop hating…what can u say about your lakers ,having NASH,Grant HILL isnt that a LA BAndwagon too?

  421. Zachary says:

    Ray, your from CT…i looked up to you…

  422. Sunny says:

    Ray Allen will be a non factor just like Mike Miller was last year due to injuries. Ray Allen doesnt have the lift that he used to and thats why his 3p% has gone down. Age and bone spurs dont help. Miami would have been better off waiting and possibly getting a Center for the 3 Mill. Bad Move.

    • kbgphilly says:

      his % was 45 from the 3 i Diot

    • Francisco says:


    • Alex says:

      What solid centre will play for $3M a year? The Allen pick-up was a smart move on Miami’s part because they’ve acquired a player who works into a more solid routine when the floor is well-spaced (which aggressive inside players like LBJ, Wade and Bosh can provide). His 3pt%, for the record, improved to a career best last season (check the stats yourself), so his seasonal consistency shouldn’t be put into question (at least not this early). Now imagine what greater spacing will provide to someone with such a deadly shooting touch, we could actually be looking at Allen giving a supreme shooting performance next season if he can work his health and fitness back into a positive.

  423. Rich get richer... says:

    Will be fun to watch one of the great shooters play with Wade and LeBron…

    and yes he turned down the money but he’s still filthy rich at this point in his career and one of the wealthier teams talent-wise just got wealthier…

    but I have to agree with the general “rich get richer” consensus out there amongst not-in-Miami NBA fans.

    Going back to Boston at least balanced out the Eastern talent levels… The Heat are now miles ahead of Celtics, Bulls…

    In the short term, it’s been interesting but this can’t keep happening in the next decade, it will start to hurt the competitiveness of the league. Everything is more exciting when there’s a more even talent spread across 16-30 teams and the trend of superteams is killing the drama — an overlooked aspect of the sport, making things boringly predictable ever since LeBron took his talents to south beach.

    …Minus the Mavericks upset, that was, other than The D-Wade Show versus the Mavs six years earlier, probably the most awesome finals win in the last 12 years.

    • RayIsSelfish says:

      I completely agree with everything you said, except for the part about Miami being “miles” ahead of the bulls and Celtics…Ray Allen isn’t as good as people think he is..The teams aren’t that far apart they can still compete with the Heat…But the comment about hurting the competitiveness of the league is spot on.

      • LBJ: man on a mission says:

        boo-hoo! you wouldnt be saying that if ray stayed with boston. and how dare say that he’s not that great? most prolific shooter of all time? i suggest you look up his career history. he even had his best 3 pt shooting % just last year.

  424. If you a Nash Fan says:

    Ray Allen Is the Best shooter ever this gives miami a real 3 point Man And makes more difficult to dobble on james or wade or bosh

  425. Wooooooooow says:

    Batum your a complete idiot with that statement Im heat fan. Im surprized ray allen actually agreed. I like ray allen but to say Ray Allen the best 3point shooter of all time is not better then miami 3 point shooters is the dumbest thing i have heard. Ray allen made the most 3s ever he is obviously the best. batier and miller are near the end of there career and they are not even close to rays record. do me a favor look up ray allen stats. that like saying Westbrook is better then Jordan. you are a fool with that statement

  426. Paul says:

    starting 5
    PG- chalmers
    SG- allen
    SF- wade
    PF- Lebron
    C- Bosh

    • LeCHOKE says:

      LMAO with this starting 5. so small LOLZ.

      • LBJ: man on a mission says:

        i hope your laughs gets your team a championship. did you know that the HEAT’s small line up finished OKC in the finals?

      • Alex says:

        With no solid front court the Heat still dismantled a superior OKC front court. On paper Miami should have tortured in the paint, but they’ve proven throughout last season that height is not the deciding factor in what wins games and, coincidentally, what wins championships.

    • DJ3 says:

      No.. No… NO!
      PG – Chalmers
      SG – DWade
      SF – LBJ
      PF – CB1
      C – ?????


      • Peter says:


        In a league that puts such high value on big men, what Center do you think you will get for a one dimensional player with a chronic back problem?

      • Alex says:

        That’s a big ask for Miami’s cap. Considering the limited payout that the Heat can offer any kind of player (especially highly-valued centers) they’re not likely to acquire any solid centre for a while. That, and Miller’s trade value stands at literally nothing going from last season due to his back issues that prevent him from holding any kind of consistency and form, both in shooting and in playable minutes.

    • MiamiFan says:

      Either that or

      1 Wade
      2 Allen
      3 Shane
      4 LBJ
      5 Bosh

      Still a small line up, but they will definitely give defense a lot of problem with all players able to knock down 3 pointers…..

      your version of a starting line up is a little weak on defense though, chalmers would better be off as a reliever for Wade/Allen.. Either way, this would really give the Heat a good bench..

  427. Mercedez says:

    Ray Allen so weak for this. No loyalty to his team at all!

  428. Mavs says:

    Mavs 😦

  429. lakers 4 lyfe esse says:

    the lakers wiil still stomp on the heat with steve nash in! i dislike the heat very much

    • BBall Fan says:

      the “Fakers” will not going to the final this year… not this year, not next year, not the year after…

      mark this post.

    • Sick says:

      OKC will still stomp the lakers… LOL

    • LBJ: man on a mission says:

      go hug your mommy.. lakers would probably get killed by the spurs or okc. wont even get the chance to play the HEAT in the finals next season.

  430. Eric Coleman says:

    Lol Celtic Fans Y’all is Sorry as hell y’all should be Happy 4 Ray Allen and stop hating

  431. rip lyl says:

    miami heat 2012 squad

    dwight howard
    ray allen

    8 peat here we come!

    • RayIsSelfish says:

      Are you delusional? the Heat have no way to get Dwight Howard. I’m tired of you miami fans wanting miami to get every good free agent. Don’t you guys understand the Heat are over the salary cap..They cant get these superstars that you want them to get..How bout being more realistic and think of good role players to fill out miami’s already superstar ridden roster.

    • Alex says:

      You think Howard is gonna play in Miami for free?

  432. nuggetsfan says:

    how are you going to say that mike miller is a better shooter then Ray allen, let me remind you that he has the nba record for most three pointers mad in a career. You think becuase mike miller went off in afew games hes a better player. Ray is a loyal guy but at the end of the day, everyone plays for a championship ring, and if you have the chance to join a team that just recently won one, then why not join it. He took less money because he doesn’t care about money he just wants to win another ring

  433. Majg16 says:

    To everyone that says stuff like “No Loyalty” and “Sell-out” and other nonsense needs to understand that First of all, Ray got Beantown a ship’. He also gave them 5 amazing years where he became the number 1 3pnt shooter of all time. D.A. just explained the key reasons why Ray Ray left. The friction with Rondo would be a problematic situation, plus Jet comes in taking more minutes and is about on par with Ray shooting wise, so whats the point in him staying? If Boston boos Ray, Then they have no idea about the game or what goes on behind the scenes, same with Nash… If he gets booed than I will lose faith in Humanity. With all that said WELCOME TO MIAMI JESUS! Hope We can REPEAT!!! This coming from a guy who lives in Ottawa and is a diehard fan Of Bron’ Dwade, Bosh, and now Mr Shuttlesworth!

  434. Carlin says:

    im lost for words as a celtic fan I saw ray allen finishing his career in boston along with KG seeing him in a heat uniform nex t season will break my heart

  435. Amir says:

    if Boston get J.Green and one more guy like Q.Lee , R.Lewis,or OJ.Mayo then Boston can go to finals
    Q.Lee from Huston is a good shooter and good defender

  436. RBrat says:

    Disgusting…. hopefully the C’s can sign OJ Mayo and kill the East as they should… Ray Allen is now our mortal enemy

  437. TRINI8300 says:

    There is no other sales person better than Pat Riley!…. AMAZING!!! JOB WELL DONE ONCE AGAIN!.. You see MAVS, that is how you do it!

    • trade1 says:

      Agreed, one of the biggest sellers is when riley meets you and brings the shiney box of 8 rings and says we’d like to have you in the family.. pretty much a done deal.

  438. forTheHaters says:

    enough said

  439. mikel.d says:

    Welcome aboard RAY RAY…to all Celtics fan you have to understand this was a tough decision…it’s hard to leave a great team and organization to join the defending champs. He can look like a totally traitor…But Celtics practically forced him to leave. If he was going to compete with Avery for a starting spot that’s one thing , but to totally disrespect the man by signing Jason terry a complete replica of ray Allen days earlier defiantly did not make his decision any harder. Also rumors were that they were after O.J Mayo as well. and the simple fact is do u want a RING or MONEY. Thank you for ready please comments on what you think.

  440. Colin says:

    You’re all acting like this was Ray’s fault? Are you forgetting it was your Celtic GM that just signed Jason Terry to a 3 year deal? Or are you forgetting Avery Bradley still exists? How many minutes per game do you think Ray would have been playing?

    Get real.

    • Gustavo says:

      Finally a comment with some common sense. Good to know I’m not alone out here.

    • RBrat says:

      U gota look at the second unit.. it would have been a perfect 1-2 of point and 2 guard

    • FL Boyy says:

      Thank You !

    • Alex says:

      You’re almost completely right, but even with Jet taking up Allen’s minutes Bradley isn’t exactly a concern for the time being due to injury. If Allen were to recover in a best-possible-scenario fashion, he could even have worked himself back into a permanent starting role in Boston. On the other hand, having both Jet and a healthy Bradley would be enough (in my opinion) to shut down Allen’s impact for the most part. His move to Miami isn’t a blunder, as a lot of intelligent people are aware of, but die-hard Celtics fans will undoubtedly turn on Ray for his move.

  441. Jai says:

    Ray…I am a Boston fan, and you just broke my heart! really? you left us for our enemies…shame on you! This hurts more than Perk leaving, b/c you chose to leave…smh…unfortunately, we will beat you next year, and you WILL regret this decision….be blessed in all you do. Thank you for helping us win when you were a Celtic…smh…

    ps. Avery, Terry….lets get it…I believe in you.

    • duh im right says:

      too bad you didnt account for the fact he is on a team with lebron wade and bosh who just came from beating yall smh some day you will learn

  442. Ronald says:

    LA Lakers 2013 Champions Heat are getting no were this year !!!

    • Lov my Heat says:

      Lakers! why because of Nash? Do you think Nash will be able to help on Defense . Brown is a defense minded coach. Do you think Nash will be able to defend Parker or Westbrook. Lakers are done!

    • Jai-Celtics fan says:

      lol…thats definitely not happening buddy!

    • LBJ: man on a mission says:

      are you talking about basketball? hahahaha dream on buddy!

    • lakerfan says:

      you type of laker fans is why i hate the lakers.

      dream on.. that boat has sailed. okc or miami era now buddy.

  443. ASAP_FATTY (bulls) says:

    ah hell nah the heat makeing another run lol ray allen did the C’s bogus lmaoo.. but bulls next year wit rose comein backk bangbang sosaaa

  444. designlords says:

    thank you Rondo! your ego gave us Ray Allen..welcome to the Heat Nation # 20

  445. Jegba33 says:

    I can’t believe people are on here hating on Ray Allen, He made the right decision for himself and will have a better chance at winning another championship wtth the Heat! Let’s not forget Boston tried to send him at the deadline for OJ Mayo and then that deal fell througth. What a great day to be a Heat fan! Let’s get another one!

  446. KING JAMES & MIAMI ! says:

    A very wise decision by the great and ultimate shooter .. this is wat the greats do …make wise decisions …Welcome to the Miami Heat …Looking forward to more championships !

  447. kumag says:

    wow… that move man i never thought that would happen, how can anyone stop the heat now

    • StandingUp says:

      Well OKC and the Lakers are a tough matchup in the west and even the bulls if they can stay healthy.

      • Alex says:

        Don’t overlook the Nets either, on paper they could be the next team to beat, especially if they get a hold on Howard.

  448. reprezentedmami says:

    Miami Heat did not need to make this trade, they’re just being greedy. How can you have LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh all on the same team coming fresh off of a title, not including a bench that’s better than most, and still dip in the Free Agent pool? You don’t hear teams like OKC and San Antonio trying to grab Free Agents off the market, and that’s because they have a contending team already. That’s exactly why the Lakers need to get Dwight Howard and stop thinking about it. Miami is trying to build a dynasty and they will stop at nothing. They will get every valuable player on the market that’s worth having to come play in Miami if they could. It’s unfair to say the least when the Commissioner nixed a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers. The only way to win is to fight fire with fire. LA already has Steve Nash and if the Lakers want to win another title before Miami, the smart thing to do would be to make signing Dwight Howard a priority.

    • Lov my Heat says:

      You make no sense. First of all, it was not a trade. He was an unrestricted free agent… if you don’t know what that means go ask your mommy. He chose Miami over Boston. OKC picked up Hasheem Thabeet and they want to resigh DFisher. Moreover, have you seen the Spurs. They don’t need to change anything about that team. They just need to figure out how to beat OKC

    • RayIsSelfish says:

      They didnt trade for Ray Allen, he was a free agent..

  449. heatCHAMPS2012 says:

    nice move.. ray allen deserves credit not hate..

  450. skyy says:

    Why Ray, why Ray??? Dont leave us this way. Why Miami out of all the other teams.

  451. designlords says:

    as the article said, he has an occasional friction with rondo, who knows it might be personal too.. welcome to the HEAT nation Ray Allen, we will give you a ring!


    Boston will win next 2 years



  454. bruno says:

    curry is also developing a steady corner 3

  455. Gabriel says:

    You dont have the celtic pride..

  456. Gustavo says:

    Win – Win . LeBron get’s some of the hate of his back some more and we get another three point option to clear the lanes for Wade and LeBron. Can’t wait for next season!

  457. Amitpal says:

    Anybody who’s wants to win a ring without trying pleae join the Miami Heat. This Ray Allen signing just proves why Lebron James will never be on the same level as a Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant or even Kevin Durant. Those guys would never try to recruit good players. They don’t like the easy way out. They want to work for that ring. Lebron as usual wants to take the easy way out. The Thunder were right there for a championship and yet you don’t hear Kevin Durant begging people to join him and help him win a ring. Everybody felt so sorry for James last year for all the hate he was getting but nobody sat there and thought for a second that all the attention he’s getting is something he and the miami heat asked for. They’re the one who said we’ll win 6 7 8 rings. They had the stage show of the big three. They had the t.v. show. They asked for attention and when they couldn’t handle they started crying like babies. Oh I can’t be the villian and do this and that and read books to calm yourself down like your innocent. Somebody this year has to put this cry baby heats in there place and I’d love it if that was Boston or the hero of the NBA Kevin Durant and the Thunder.

    • Sick says:

      Kobe Bryant never try to recruit?…. LOL

    • kbgphilly says:

      LOL sad

    • Donald says:

      thats hilarious. Lebron didnt win MVP and finals MVP by not trying… or if you’re right, and he really did win both those awards by not trying, then he would be worlds ahead of Jordan or Durant.. which he’s not. he clearly tried harder than he ever has the years before 2012.. he wanted that to be his season and he made it his season. let Allen prove he isnt jumping on a HEAT train.. if he comes out and hits big threes then he’s doing his part and deserves to be where the heat take him. if he dissapears then you have merit to what youre saying.. but give him a chance first. and stop crying about Lebron and the Heat. Bosh and Wade didnt play as good as they can, and were somewhat lucky to win a ring.. somewhat.. but LeBron played amazing basketball all year and fully worked for and earned his ring. just relax and enjoy what looks to be a really good 2012-13 season

      • trade1 says:

        somebody needs to check circumstances..
        Jordan couldn’t recruit anybody, Jordan was making over 20 mil a year, they could rarely sign free agents, they always had to make trades for Kerr, Paxson, Rodman types.. roll players, which is what allen is for miami at this point in his career…

        As far as Durant, since durant isn’t bitching about westbrook taking as many shots as him or more in certain games, then how can he recruit a superstar to come to OKC. OKC is trying to work under the salary cap and will stand pat with mediocre acquisitions.. the real deal will be next year with Harden who will command a 5yr, 43-45 mil max contract.. then what will happen.. they got lucky getting the big 3 thru draft picks, now they are stuck, giving extensions to westbrook and durant who are perimter players.. you will NOT win an nba championship with jump shots…

        enough said.. excellent signing by the heat and I’m sure bron wasn’t the only one talking to allen in a heats uni..

    • dude, are you serious??? was Kobe himself who talked to Nash and tried to recruit him…so…whose on whose level again???…blind Laker fanatic.

    • Francisco says:


    • lebronheat says:

      your rediculous kobe never even won an mvp and finals mvp in the same year u obviously dont know how hard that is for someone to do against thousands of nba players in the league ur dumb. lebron can recruit anyone he wants after winning an nba title and ur saying kobe never did that? hes the biggest cry baby in the nba!!! GO HEAT!!!

    • V says:

      The was a dumb statement. Kobe needed’ Shaq and then after he left they needed pau and lamar and ron and now they got steve nash. Only Jordan is the only one who did it the right way and maybe Durant when he wins a champion. Even boston did what Miami did or even the knick which hasn’t worked out for them yet. I’m not even a Lebron fan and thought his “decision” plus prediction of rings was stupid but still think he deserved that ring the way he played. He took wade’s team and made it his team. I bet you’re either a lebron hater, a lakers fan or a cleveland fan. From someone who doesn’t have a team to root for and just seeing how it from a non bias way, the only team that are doing it “right” as you say are the thunder and spurs. Also there is never an easy way, you still got to play as a team. Watch the dream team, a bunch of hof who lost to college kids because at first they didn’t know how to play together.

      • Amitpal says:

        I’m neither I’m an NBA fan. I’ve hated lakers for a long time. I like competition not Bunch of talent on one team.

    • Even Greats had help says:

      @Amitpal Dude do you even watch baskeball? Great players do not win championships alone forgodsake its a team sport. and first of all Lebron is a great player. but even great players need help did jordan won his 1st championship alone? Hell no!! he’s got help from pippen(who is a superstar) and and in the future Rodman as well(a superstar) Kobe had a lot of help from Shaq and many other players like Gasol(who is infact a star) Bynum (is now a superstar) so if your talking about getting help here its pretty much all the same and Lebron James still have many years left in him and there is a huge possibility of winning championships in the future.

      Fyi: Championship team have at least 3 superstar on their roster to win championship
      Thunder has three am I right? So don’t tell us that Kevin Durant doesn’t get help

    • duh im right says:

      lol the hero of the nba and did you say kobe never tried to recruit so what you say about him calling steve nash or lobbying for dwight just stop u mad hater and what about jordan playing tony kukoc in the olympics because the bulls wouldnt give scottie a extension just stop crying and worry about your team

      • Amitpal says:

        Dumb heat fans Kobe never called steve, Steve called Kobe if it was ok. And Kobe never called Dwight and said if u want to come here ok but I’m the first option and pau is second. Once I retire u can have my spot. Doesn’t sound like recruit to me. Do some research before u talk. Also nobody in the league has ever begged people to play with him like lebron and wade. Make up stories about oh my kids wants u to play with me. Or all the other things he did.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Looks like we got another one! Everyone please applause for their courage to speak their mind! No matter how dumb it is, no matter how inappropriate it is, they will speak!

    • amitpal says:

      hahahaha your life must be a sad life.

  458. T. MILLS says:

    Why would he want to go back to Boston they signed Jason Terry they should have used that money on Ray Ray the dummies, but thank you will greatly appreciate your lack of loyalty to him.

    • Berti says:

      The celtics offered more money than the heat, so money has nothing to do with his decision.

      • trade1 says:

        disrespect is worth more than money, he’s already behind bradley and now they sign terry, so he would of been paid 3 mil a year more, but no luv.. in miami he plays 6th or 7th man… easy decision when you have already made over 100 mil in your career.. respect counts when you are 36,37,38, ask Nash…

    • Berti says:

      This is like when Johnny Damon left us for the Yankees. Plain heartbreaking.

  459. CelticLegend? says:

    do u guys think boston will still retire allens jersey now??????????? he sided with bostons primary competitor

    • uoykcuf says:

      yes, they should. Rememeber those walker pierce years before KG and rayray brought Celtics back into a championship calibur team? Also they won the chip at 08. Definitely going to the rafters! Jesus for life!

  460. davion says:

    now this is not fair! say something david stern !!! since you didnt want chris paul to the lakers smh! #ThunderUp!

    • trade1 says:

      roflmao, stern can’t say anything, ITS NOT A TRADE, he’s a free agent, can sign anywhere, just like the big 3…
      just because a lot of other free agents are stupid, doesn’t mean a certain 4 or 5 are…

      Now if they let dwight go to NJ Nets, we’d be done with free agency news… i don’t want him to go to Lala land… but lala land has 5 all stars starting in case anybody is counting.. lmao

    • thunder fan says:

      Ray Allen is a free agent, Chris Paul wasnt.
      if you dont know what free agent means.. which i doubt you do since your probably a bandwagon thunder fan.
      —–>FREE<—- agent means he can do whatever the F he wants.
      Chris paul is a different story so stop comparing.

  461. Brandon Keith Mhoon says:


  462. riceatoms says:

    To think you’ve settled down in Boston, with your mother being appreciated by the crowd at every game she’s at. But I understand, it’s hard going against the Miami Refs.

    • LBJ: man on a mission says:

      HAHA. instead of blaming refs and the trees and rainbows and bunnies on celtics’ loss to the heat, why dont you get over it for a change? in case you havent noticed, HEAT defeated OKS in 5, which cant be done by the celtics. clearly, miami deserves to be the CHAMPS. instead, why dont you go to danny ainge and bang his head for his decisions?

  463. power serge says:

    Boooooo.. dont you hate it that everyone is now trying to take the easy way out..

  464. Carlene says:

    good luck in miami Ray. Thanks for all the great memories as a celtic. I had alot of fun watching you. You were amazing..i’m sure you’re going to miss the big hearts in boston. i hope it works out for you and that you are healthy. Best of Luck.
    still though….go celtics..oom..booo…too.

  465. Jason says:

    It’s his life, he has the right to do WHATEVER he wants!

  466. ray allen fan says:

    ive loved ray since his days with the bucks and will always be a fan of him where ever he goes. he obviously wants that second ring and i dont blame him. just hope the celtics and every one in boston aren’t taking this to heart like Cleveland.

  467. Alexandra says:

    Welcome to the HeatNation ….. Big three r now Fantastic 4

    • Laura, Boston says:

      We’ll see if he comes out as a starter! You know that ain’t happening in Miami. Lebron was Miami’s last traitor to his “fans” and teammates. Now Ray Allen.

      Boston in all sports stands by its players, hurt or not, and we feel dissed not jealous! We will go on and our Big Four, when we get Terry! will gladly go up against Miami!

      We know how Cleveland felt but we are too good to let one player get us down!

      C’s in the playoffs/finals next year!

      • StandingUp says:

        Boston definitely stands by its players… they have been trying to trade him away for a while. Great loyalty boston.

      • celticfan says:

        hahahahaha celtics stand by its players? okay. answer this questions for me and ill rest my case.

        why where the celtics trying to trade allen last year? why they bench him? why they sign terry first instead of allen?

      • kumag says:

        whats with this “traitor thing” players can choose whom to play for… thats been the trend like forever… so stop crying already cry baby

  468. BOSTON CELTIC says:


    • awww..poor LOSER…what, sour grapes too much for you?

    • LBJ: man on a mission says:

      are you dan gilbert’s cousin? hahaha. great prediction. you will be eating your words in hmmm… 1 season? hahaha

    • nba4lyf says:

      dude why do you even care. he would have got basically no minutes in boston with them signing terry and im pretty sure him trying to get away from a team that was shopping him all last season doesnt make him any worse of a player. if anything it shows that hes not in it for the money and only in it to be the best player he possibly can. have some respect and wish him the best for his future

  469. Navtej Singh says:

    Another championchip year coming up.

  470. Batum says:

    Ray allen is not the best shooter.. mike miller and batier is better

    • Amitpal says:

      ????????? What NBA games r you watching. Stupid Heat Fans.

    • Kman says:

      Yea but ray can drive to the rim

    • Scobus says:

      You must be insane. If Reggie calls him the best… he’s the best.

    • dude says:

      no….just no get out of here

    • Daniel says:

      What is wrong with you?

    • zunder says:

      nw that allen,miller and batier joining forces miami is deadly outside welcome to miami ray ray lol!

    • rondo9 says:

      hahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha ray allen at 40 is still better than mike miller and battier in their career best shooting form

    • Albert says:

      Battier is still with the HEAT and Mike Miller is retiring:s it was a great acqusition for us

    • rich says:

      Mike Miller is gone. He gave us a great finals and it’s time for him to go out on top. Truly a great BB player, Mike won the NCAA and nba titles. But he is a shell of his former self with a Bird back. Ray has 1 or 2 years off the bench for 10–15 minutes a game. He’ll fill Mike’s spot. Ray in Miami is win-win for Ray and Miami. Besides, Celts dissed him for Bradley. Can’t help but wonder how history would have been re-written with Albert King in the Celts lineup. And will someone tell Wikipedia that their bio of Albert is all screwed up with his brother Bernard? Too hard to register with them…………….

  471. CelticsFAN says:

    Farewell allen…:(

  472. kb24 says:

    nba will be so boring with everybody jumping on the heat bandwagon. all the great players go to heat now what’s the point of other teams existing anyway?? this is crazy

    • LBJ: man on a mission says:

      well you can cry in the corner, baby boy. have you noticed nash just joined kobe, gasol and bynum? you’re just jealous because you know your team still wont match well against the heat. maybe you’ll change your mind when lakers get howard, then say “what bandwagon?”

      • david says:

        heat fans are mad stupid they calling other people cry babys but there the one’s doing all the crying careing what other people think about there team. to stupid heat fans that think there heat team can never lose think again even the best of the best can be beaten where theres a will there is a way so don’t be saying bs to me heat fans like im jealous and all this othe bs you would not like this comment because the truth hurts oh well sorry go stare at a heat/james poster and talk to it

      • DJ3 says:

        Yeah, go cry in a corner, cry baby.

    • 2012champs!! says:

      u didnt say that when the lakers went to finals three straight times two years ago

      • uoykcuf says:

        I remembered kb24 said “we got a superteam, we are the fantastic 4!” when they signed Malone and payton. Npw the lakersfan boy cries?

  473. Kman says:

    Camping already for another parade in front of the Arena

  474. Geterop says:

    Can’t believe he actually signed with the Heat.

  475. Ali says:

    YESSSSSS! AMAZING move by Miami. Ithought that with the Heat fresh from winning the Championship added with Allen would mean an eventual repeat of winning it all. Now a whole new bunch of superteams have been made that make life harder for the Heat. This season is going to be amazing to watch, especially the playoff’s.

    • power serge says:

      Amazing move by miami?? how is it amazing that people are jumping on the easy way out.. Miami management didnt have to do anything amazing to accomplish this..

      • pakyaw says:

        AMAZING coz they convince Allen to come to south beach with less money…..HAHAHAHA…WHY JEALOUS?

      • Lakers fan says:

        LOL. The Lakers either, they were lucky that Nash’s familyl is close to L.A. is all. He like Allen also took less money. The players are making it easier on the orginizations because many of them actually are starting to put winning at the top of their priority list. It’s almost as if they’ve figures out they’re over paid.

    • Amitpal says:

      What superteams. Beside the Heat everybody else made the teams the right way. Through Free agents, trades and drafts. The Miami heat r the only team who was weak enough to join forces. Ray allen and DWade will get injured and Miami will not win another championship again for a while.

      • Sick says:

        oh what a jealous poor boy… lol

      • LBJ: man on a mission says:

        you just mentioned how teams get created, and that’s what miami did, you cry baby! if your team did it, i bet my house you would be singing a different song. so grow up and accept that this is the NBA. and maybe pray a little that your team’s management become a little smarter.

      • Donald says:

        um.. the Lakers? who now have Nash, Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum. i would say that is a superteam aswell. Predicting injuries is a really strange way to say a team will lose.. your clearly hoping for a miracle to stop a team with a roster as good as the heats

      • JJM33K says:

        What do you mean ” beside the heat everybody else made the teams the right way”. Last time I checked the Heat made their team by free agency, trades, and drafts too. In fact, those are the only ways you can make teams.

      • NBEATZ says:

        Do the Boston Celtics not have Rondo, Garnett and Pierce, Now they added Terry who can score 20 on any givin night. Do the lakers not have Gasol Kobe Bynum and now Nash, Does San Antonio not have Duncan, Parker and Ginobli, Does Thunder not have Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Do the Clips not have Griffen, Paul, Chaunsey and now they add Odem to the bench. Do the Nets not have Williams, Johnson, Wallace AND (MAYBE HOWARD). Do the Bulls not have Rose, Deng, Noah and Boozer, Do the Grizzlies not have Gasol (ALL STAR) Randolph (20 and 10) and Gay 20 on any givin night, Do the Pacers not have Hibbert, Granger and West, three players that are or should/could be ALL STARS that can put up 20 on any givin night. Not to mention teams that still have stars to bring attention to the leaqu like Anthony Davis with NO, Like Andrea Iguadala with PHILI, Eric Gordon (should be an ALL STAR) with PNX, Dirk with Dallas, Lowry should bring some attention to the Raptors with 17-20 PPG, 6-9 APG and around 7 RPG (SHOULD BE AN ALLSTAR), Not to mention they have a yong Center comming from Lithuania and some have said he could be the best defensive Center since David Robinson or Patrick Ewing. The Timberwolve have Love, Rubio,and now Roy, The Blazers have Aldridge. There are teams that playcollectivebasketball were there are multiple players that average 12 PPG or more, like Phlili, Houston, and Utah. All I am trying to get accross is that by you saying that the heat maid the team the way they did id crazy, because thats the only way you can.AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.This leaque is so competitive,and just because team have superstars and some just have stars does not always mean they win. Look at the 2003 Lakers. Shaq, Malone Kobe and Payton?????????

      • duh im right says:

        lol so your mad did you even know what you said you free agent draft trade ummmm they drafted wade and they picked up lebron and bosh out of free agency sooo even by your definition the team is still legit it is funny how dumb people make they self sound

      • wadefan says:

        trades, drafts, and free agency.. well the heat drafted wade.. the pulled sign and trades for bosh and bron and have picked up plenty of decent role players in free agency.. also drafted chalmers and cole..

        so ya.. they built their team in a completely legit manner.. its how the business works.. boston did it too.. and the superteams are.. well i guess some people will count the knicks and nets.. they have talent.. lots of it.. but not enough for the upper echelon.. okc could be considered a super team.. two all stars.. sixth man of the year.. 4 olympians.. lakers are another one people will talk about.. wherever howard ends up.. people will probably also call it a superteam

      • bullsfan0218 says:

        “Through Free agents, trades and drafts”, pretty sure thats what Miami did, the drafted wade and signed bron and bosh as free agents. Plus their team isn’t even that stacked when you consider they don’t have a point guard or a true centre

  476. THE KING HAS A RING says:

    The heat will be a beast, now wit ray ray,, we might just get the king another ring !! LETS GO HEAT

  477. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear his decision. He’s not as high in my opinion as before. Oh well, it’s his career and I guess he’s doing what he thinks is best. Still, it’s hard to imagine a true CELTIC playing for the HEAT.

    • kbgphilly says:

      he”s not a true celtic he was there 5 years.smh

      • Laura, Boston says:

        Boston thought of him as a “true” Celtic!

        He also won a championship as a Celtic. I don’t know if he won one with any team before he did with the C’s.

        I would love it if Boston won the championship next year.

        Go C’s.

    • Average Joe says:

      It’s also hard to imagine The Chief Robert Parish playing for Chicago but he did. Players come and go. Deal with it.

    • Frank says:

      I don’t get that, a “Celtic” Playing for the Heat. I didn’t see that complaint when a former Heat (O’Neil) took his talents to Beantown, or when a former Tiimberwolf packed his bags to be part of the “Big Four.” That is hypocrisy. Ainge had been marginalizing Allen for a long time and the nail in the coffin was hammered when he signed Terry to be the new sixth man. Allen saw his minutes dwindle down to garbage time. The Heat, within the context of famed rivalries, is a pup. Now, if you talk about Dave Cowen parting ways to go play for the Lakers, or Paul Pierce hightailing it to be part of the Knicks, then that would have been tantamount to high treason, but the Heat? They are up and coming and they have the front office to produce results, but any TRUE Boston fan would laugh at the knee-jerk reaction of having an imported “Celtic” know when his time was up with the shamrocks.

    • Celtics Fan Forever says:

      The ENTIRE city of Boston sees Ray as a true Celtic?? – perhaps but there are people outside of Boston and around the world who may have a different opinion. That’s what my comment was – my opinion.

      Whatever his reasons, $$ doesn’t seem to have been a major factor. I realize there are more things than $$ and even a better potential of winning another championship that may have caused him to sign with Boston’s main rival. May have been more going on than we will ever know.

      Bottom line, he was a free agent; it was his prerogative to sign with whatever team he wanted. That said, signing with the Heat stings a bit to me since the Celtics/Heat have been in some very heated battles for the past few years. The Heat has been trying to get where Boston has been and now one of ours is joining the opponent to help them.

      • wadefan says:

        the money isnt as big of a deal as it seems.. 3.09mil compared to about 6mil seems big.. but florida doesnt have the state tax.. so he gets the whole paycheck.. boston does so he wouldnt keep it all..

        but its not about money, and probably not as much about winning as people think.. boston has dangled rayray on the trading block for the past two years.. also, there is no way that he considers himself a ‘true celtic’ either.. his better years were with the buck and super sonics.. he’s been around 16 years.. only 5 were with the celts.. and like i said 2 of those he had to deal with trade rumors.. he obviously didnt feel well valued..

        and ya.. its definitely not even a rivalry yet.. if he went to laker land.. maybe then it’d be an issue.. not to the heat.. whatever

  478. lakerfan says:

    another fantasy basketball

    • dude says:

      why do you complain? lakers have a stacked team now with Kobe, nash, gasol, and bynum

      • Heat Fan says:

        umm gosal? might wanna re think that lol, if kobe wants dwight howard, they need gosal gone. or atleast i know kobe wants bynum to stay, cuz hes not even in his prime yet rofl and hes a beast

      • KB24 says:

        they need one more to be THE BIG 5! :))

      • Average Joe says:

        Yeah. Pau and Andrew have been exposed this past postseason. They can only score on non-aggressive bigs and Ibaka and Perk exposed them. Good luck getting past the Thunder this season, even with Nash.

      • Lakers fan says:

        Gasol is the perfect fit for Nash. Nash can run pick and roll to perfection and Gasol has the 20 jumper on lock. The Lakers offense is going to be a thing of beauty, IF Kobe lets Nash dominate the ball like he should. Kobe will get his shots and won’t have to shoot 18 foot contested fade aways anymore. I can’t wait!!!!

      • wadefan says:

        @Heat Fan you have got to be joking me.. if they want howard they arent going to give gasol for him.. they’d give bynum for him.. why in the world would you have bynum and howard on the same team.. two centers?? and why would orlando do that.. its soo stupid.. if they are getting howard.. they are dealing bynum, end of story

  479. Sick says:

    Welcome to the HEAT ray ray.. 😉

  480. You goes to be kidding me says:

    You goes to be kidding me.

    • keith daniel says:

      Why Ray, why Ray??? Dont leave us this way. Why Miami out of all the other teams.yup

      • MackDaddy says:


        Because the Celtics didnt need him anymore and virtually showed him the door.

        He lost his starting job, and only got it back because there was no one else to fill in.
        Then the Celtics signed up Terry, which basically put the nail in the coffin.

        Ray has still got more to give than being a benchwarmer… and Miami is a perfect match.
        They need a sharp shooter (so why not get the best in the game), and with Florida’s great tax rate he’s not leaving as much on the table as what the books say he is (when compared to what he could have got with other teams in take home pay). The ‘bonus’ is the chance to win one more Championship.

        Good on you Ray!
        Great decision.

  481. Jaycee says:

    this is crazy. BIG 4 need SOUTH BEACH baby.:D

  482. Dakota says:

    We’re Happy To Get Allen.

  483. Deonte says:

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! = )

  484. Xrysz says:


  485. Travis says:

    I would have preferred to see Allen stay in Boston he would have made more money in Boston I don’t get it but then again what do I know!

    • Darwin says:

      Alright Listen Allen Did It Cause South Beach Is Way Better Than Boston Allen Wanted To Start Fresh After What Happened Vs The Heat

      • Peter says:

        What happened? He underperformed and his team lost.

        Now he will underperfrom in Miami and they will lose.

      • Laura, Boston says:

        Ray Allen would have been given the ball just as he was during the playoff against Miami. Doc Rivers kept Ray in the game. The team was a team. Ray didn’t get his part done! Period. They did give him his shots.

        He will go from being a sweet reserved guy to an arrogrant showoff. But if that is what he wants, Boston will get someone who wants to be there!

        Miami won’t win again. Their arrogance will come in and take over!

        A huge Celtic fan!

      • Sick says:

        poor Laura crying… lol

      • khalief says:

        wat do u mean miami is not better than boston

      • Blahbalh says:

        Bruh, heat is way better in cheating thats why they won the championship.:))

    • THE GUY in next door says:

      to make you mind clear – they have made a mistake putting ray allen on the trading block – as a player he felt that he is not valuable any more in that organization.

    • Heat Fan says:

      if he stayed with the celtics this is what would have happened.

      1 a little more money then heat.
      2) comming off the bench for jason terry
      3) no ring again
      4) end of carrier, altime greatest 3-point clutch shooter, with no ring….congratulations.

      tbh ray allen did the right thing, i’ve been a heat fan since they drafted dwayne wade. and i think they can go for another 2-3 championship runs, until jay z pays lebron to come to brooklyn nets and play along side dwiaght howard and deron williams, as a ground player like kobe atm.

      • Peter says:

        1. Double is a LOT not a LITTLE
        2. Terry is coming off the bench, he’d be coming off the bench for Bradley
        3. Boston has just as much chance of getting a ring as Miami – Miami almost lost to half of Boston’s team last season…
        4. No ring? Boston already got him a ring…

      • Lance says:

        No rings? Allen already has his ring…. FAIL

      • Costa says:

        No ring? LOL

      • hoopfan says:

        no ring????? zzzzzzzzz

      • Marco Perez says:

        maybe you’re right, but he’d be coming of the bench in Miami tooi think, charlmers will still run the point and wade at sg.

      • preme808 says:

        he won a ring in 08….

      • Dom says:

        @ 4), Allen got his Ring in 2008.

        But we all should understand that he wants another one.

      • uoykcuf says:

        NO ring again! Ha! I guess some people just start watching basketball when the “big three” was formed.
        Rayray got out of boston because they used him as a trade bait and almost trade mayo for him. That`s all!

      • Yankees All Day says:

        If anything is a fail, it’s Boston’s “Big Three”. You have three hall of famers who could only put together one championship run. Not just fail but epic fail.

  486. EJ says:

    now the heat got them another scoring machine

  487. lakerfan says:

    boston will hate allen.

    • hoopfan says:

      so what? like he’ll gonna die outta hate.. -__-

    • shut up already you sorry troll says:

      It’ll happen to anyone who’s given long service making a move when they’ve gotten older. But since you don’t have a clue, why don’t go take a flying jump.

  488. Trevor says:

    My life is complete. Thank you Jesus

  489. Joan says:

    OMG i hate u Ray Allen!!!… he´s doing this just for the attention…

    • J says:

      You dont need to hate him, e just made a smart move. Everyone in the game wishes to win a ring. So why the stress? Ray allen to Miami , Nash to Lakers.
      Mas next season will be tough .

    • duh im right says:

      huh? if you have nothing valid to say dont speak

    • Zac says:

      he wants another ring not attention i think we was sick of all the trade rumors in boston all last year so he bailed and it seemed like celts didnt want him.

      • uoykcuf says:

        yea you hate rayray because he choose another team but what about all those times as a trade bait and that “Mayo trade”? It’s his turn right now and he’s showing you how loyal Boston has been with him.
        I don’t like him going to the heat as well but I don’t hate him for that.
        rayray win one more ring and show it to Ainge!

  490. Lakersfan says:

    He is chasing a dream in Miami, they wont win next season.

    • delusional laker fans says:

      read name ^

      • Lakers fan says:

        I’m a Lakers fan as well and he is delusional. They are the defending champs, they just got even better and they should be favorites this year. Unless DH12 goes to Brooklyn, there really is no legit obstacle on the East except maybe a scourned Boston team. On the West, OKC, San Antonio, and with the addition of Nash the Lakers are a contender again.

      • uoykcuf says:

        LOL, good one! And well said!

    • KB24 says:

      Yeah BOY! HEAT WONT WIN AGAIN! :))

      • Sick says:

        Lakers won’t win either… 🙂

      • Nash wont help yall says:

        Heat are gonna win it for the next couple years just accept the fact!

      • King James#1 Fan says:


      • welcom2miami says:

        yes, with or without ray heat will do it agian! lebrons goin crazy man. u got to accept it. hes more than unstopable. wew.
        but i love the fact that ray is going to southbeach! hell yeah! !! hahahahaha. will break brooklyn man!

    • Average Joe says:

      We’ll see. At least, this is shaping up to be a very interesting season.

    • duh im right says:

      dumb lakers fans wont learn

    • NashGoodKobeNOOO says:

      Pops to Nash for wanting to stay close to his children and give up his championship dreams. His best shot was definitely the Heat. It’s gonna be Heat VS. Thunder for a while. I thought Thunder had the better team last year but obviously I was wrong. Watching LBJ work the low post was mind-blowing. Gonna be a couple of years of exciting finals, yay!!!

    • The Heatles says:

      Dont hate appreciate – dont get upset the Lakers wont sniff another ship – its our time so relax and enjoy the ride – hater

    • CC says:

      Your Lakers chasing a dream too by adding Stevie Nash.

  491. fernando says:

    yeah buddy no big three is the big four

  492. John says:

    Now the superteam has the all time best shooter as well. What’s the point of watching.

    • turk says:

      I hate to say it, but you’re probaly right. I believe the Heat were a really good team, but still not that great even though they won the championship. But with the addition of Allen, I don’t know if any team really stands a chance, pending they don’t [suffer] any major injuries. ( Which I hope happens considering I’m a Bulls fan ).

      • turk says:

        It’s ok though. We got Rose who’s going to come back stong late in the year next year. We got Mirotic coming the year after. Hopefully our core remains intact with Noah, Deng, and Boozer. We got more than a solid team. I think Teagure is going to be better than his brother Jeff, hopefully we can still hold on to Taj and Asik for the coming years. Maybe Rip will regain his old form. Who knows? Maybe add a decent shooter considering we’re likely to lose Korver. Either way the Bulls are going to be right back in the thick of things and looking to make some serious noise in the Eastern Conference. I’m not saying we’re the favorites in the EC, but look out with Rose poised to make a strong return towards the end of the season next year.

      • CC says:

        Why would you want to see someone get hurt.

      • LeBron to Ray for threeeeee!!!!! *splash* says:

        Wow!….you hope a player gets hurt??? how tasteless…..I’m a Heat fan and I was upset when D Rose went down, and I hope he makes a full recovery because he’s such a great player. I believe in karma though and the way it works……whatever you put out there ALWAYS comes back

    • hoopfan says:

      watch euroleague then. hahaha!

    • Lakers fan says:

      Right, best on ball defender in Battie, Best player in James, best shooter in Allen, best traveler in Wade, might as well give them the best cente in DH12 and call it a day. And the Lakers weren’t allowed to get CP3 lol. They were just trying to compete with Miami and OKC. What a joke!!!!

  493. I am a Celtic says:

    No loyalty whatsoever.
    Let’s see how he feels when the Celtics whoop on them in 6 games next eastern conference finals.

    • CELTICS! says:

      Im from Chicago and im a huge celtics fan, not a bulls fan. You shud know the celtics were preparing to part ways from allen. Allen knew too. He doesnt care about money. He just wants to be valuable. His value significantly decreased in boston since he came off the bench and soon signing of jason terry

      • THE GUY in next door says:

        I really agree!!! he lost his respect to Boston because they were planning him to get traded . For him, he felt that he is not valuable as a player in the organization

      • CELTICPRIDE1224 says:

        I to like ray allen a lot, and I think that he might come back after the first year. I do not blame him for leaving.

    • Perry says:

      I am a Celtics fan, too, but with all of the trade rumors the last couple of years, do you really blame him? The Celtics are in decay, and he’s giving himself a better chance to win another title. And I’m sure the Heat fans think of it the same way that we thought of it when he left the Sonics to go to the Celtics.

      • Peter says:

        Umm…everybody says this, but where is his ‘no trade’ clause in his Miami conrtact?

        You really think Miami won’t trade hiim at the deadline if some team offers him a quality big man (like Kaman)?

      • SL... says:

        Ray didnt leave the Sonics…he was traded to Boston. Danny Ainge traded Jeff Green, Wally and West for Ray Allen in 2007 AND it was not a sign and trade either.

      • le-wade-bosh-choke says:

        he didn’t leave seattle for boston, he got traded. what kind of boston fan are you if you think ray left seattle for boston?

      • Dennis says:

        In decay? They won 2008, nearly won 2009( Perkins injured for final 2 games.). And just now made final 4? Decay? You crazy there balling. They played without Bradley and Green, 2 young gun options bro.

        Seriously how does a team that gets to the final 4 out of 30 teams, takes the eventual champions to game 7, get put in the same sentence as decay.

      • Perry says:

        I thought that he requested a trade from Seattle. I definitely could be wrong. I just think that people should stop talking about athlete’s “loyalty” for going where they think is going to work out best for them. And yes, they are still good but they’re going down hill. You think that Garnett and Pierce are improving? I’m not saying they don’t have a chance at another ring, but it’s not as good of a chance as the Heat have. So you all can be mad at Ray Allen for leaving the Celtics, but he was a “free agent,”, meaning it was his choice, and I will respect that.

    • whatLoyaltyyoutalking? says:

      Didnt Ray Allen started his career at bucks?

      • SL... says:

        Yes…he was traded from the Bucks too. And people wonder why he took matters into his own hands now that he is a free agent. He is tired of being traded and used as trade bait by Danny Ainge!

    • Beverly says:

      They will have to get there first…Heat all the way!!!

    • JKaos says:

      Ray Allen to Miami baby, take that sweet touch to South Beach. Talk about floor spacing with Ray, Battier, Chalmers, Miller (if he comes back – which I dont think he will since Ray joined), Bosh [with his newly acquired 3] & Cole. I’m a huge Heat fan, but I have a lot of respect for Beantown & their Celts. I hope Celtics understand the reason he left was because Danny Ainge had announced pursuit in Mayo & Terry, which left Allen to believe that his minutes were almost gone, which is true. Now Ray made his choice, I reckon we’ll see Mayo join the C’s & try to make them a Big 4 again (even though Terry’s scoring can place him in that category).

    • go heat says:

      no loyalty? c’s signed terry and bradley, and all they want is ray coming off the bench to make the game winning 3? this guy deserves more than that

      • Peter says:

        Actually with Bradley recovering from surgery, Ray probably would have gotten big minutes (probably even started) for quite sme time, and even after that would have gotten significant time.

        Given that Ray Allen is not effective in any position other then SG (and the facf that Wade will play AT LEAST 36 minutes a game) how does anyone here believe Ray will get any more minutesin MIA? He’ll get what..15 MPG? Even Boston could have given him more then that, as Bradley may have only played 29 MPG.

      • Lakers fan says:

        That’s all he’s good for lol. Why do you thing Miami wants him? They want him to stand behind the arc, that will create so much space for James and Wade you’ll have to send help and then boom Allen get’s the ball with no defender within 5 feet of him. The Heat are going to be unguardable in crunch time.

      • wadefan says:

        @Peter heres the thing though.. miami doesnt always play with a conventional line up.. with both wade and bron being able to handle the ball ray can get time playing in the back court with wade.. or they can move bron to the 4 and bosh to the 5.. shift wade into a sort of small small forward position with him and ray filling the wings and having either cole or chalmers run the point.. there are lots of options on how to get him time.. i dont see how he could possibly be a starter.. but he’ll get his minutes and plenty of touches

    • wadefan says:

      what does it have to do with loyalty.. ray allen has been in the league for 16 years.. only 5 of them were in boston.. he doesnt owe them any loyalty.. especially after being shopped all last season until the trade deadline came and went.. nobody wants to deal with those rumors..

    • John says:

      BOOOOOO… Right back at you! We heard the same comments about Boston winning the previous two series against Miami two years in row. What makes you think they’ll have a better chance come next season; not even knowing what you complete roster is going to be like. Such a smart fan!! The hell w/ loyalty, it’s a freaking business. Such thing no longer exists in modern days society. Get used to it! Whenever the teams do it it, it’s called business; however, when the players do it it’s a lack of loyaly. What a double standard!!

    • Viktor says:

      LMAO! are you dreaming

    • Lakers fan says:

      I hate the Celtics and even I think Ray leaving is bs. They were one of Miami’s biggest obstacles and Ray was a huge part of that (even though he was off a bit recently). You were a champion with Boston and you take less to go to Miami. He’s looking for a free ride to a ring where he can ride the bench and come in a knock down a few open j’s. What a b*****.

    • slapurself says:

      loyalty?.. oh right bcuz the celtics didnt put ray allen in the trading block the last 2 years and benched him in the regular season.

      just slap yourself you dont stay in touch with your celtics that much to know they tried to trade him. loyalty? yeah where is that from the celchicks.

    • tony says:

      Really!!!!!! @ years they could not di it. Suddenly they will, common be realistic. Yes I am a Heat fan

  494. damian says:

    smart move you will end with more championships that pierce or kg

    • ClapTrap says:

      or kobe. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu***.

    • Big 4 Proposition says:

      I think the Big Four Teams will be Lakers (Perfect Teamwork) Vs Thunders (Increased Defense) and Heat (Allen’s on Fire) Vs Bulls (Perfect D Rose ).

      • Big 4 Proposition says:

        Unless one of the teams meet before they reach the Big Four.

      • uoykcuf says:

        I won’t rank bulls as one of the top teams unless they made a major move this summer. I was hoping B. roy will join them but oh well. AGAIN, only D. Rose won’t get them to the finals. I am going to put Minnesota as a darkhorse to get deep in the playoffs this year.

      • Lakers fan says:

        Rose is injured and we don’t know how he’ll recover. Not to mention DH12 is out there and Brooklyn is shaping up very nicely.

      • LOL says:

        the Bulls are screwed for trading Asik… so who’s gonna back-up-ed Joakim Noah in the center position???

    • keith says:

      i think that the needs some wins but boston needs more than heat :):):)

  495. Tommy says:


    • roselyn says:

      its so sad that allen going to heat. the reason why garnett re-sign the contract bco’z allen wants him to play. the he transfer to heat! WTF!

      • chris says:

        did you really say bco’z?

      • pakyaw says:

        i think LEBRON started all of this..he open up the eyes of those FA out there, …that it’s not about loyalty. its not about money.., its about giving yourself a big chance to win it all..(a championship)..and i think he’s right.. When the big 3 heat form,they made straight to finals on their 1st yr,(CAME UP SHORT) 2nd year a champion….for me thats already a big accomplishment…that can easily attract the FA to join,b’cause of the mentality of team is to win!….. some of you will not agree with me,it’s because some of you are BLINDED BY HATE

      • Wait for the start of a new season says:

        I wish players dont have as much media exposure like the 80’s and 90’s. the more they’re being talked about the more opinions were made which means people will either love you or hate you, when gary payton joined the La Lakers no one cried like a baby on the internet or say anything on twitter, same with malone or even when barkley or pippen joined the rockets. the goal is to win it all. can we blame the players? sure, but with the media it was given a wrong image about moving to different teams and such.

      • Gman says:

        Yeah she did….whats the problem comment police?

      • HOLLODOT says:

        LMAO @ CHRIS

      • Gus says:

        I wanted to like your comment, but there isn’t a button for this =/ @Chris

      • Denzo says:

        To the person called “Wait for the start of a new season”.. People knew why there was trades down before in the 80s and 90s? R U serious?

        Pippen left because after MJ left he probably wanted oout due to years of Krause.

      • Don Felipe says:

        Replacing Allen with The Jet – the much better 6th man – is a good move. Allen’s not getting any younger anymore, neither will Terry but Terry will still be faster and more explosive in the next 3 years or so, plus he’s not too bad from 3-point range either. This is a good replacement and move by the Celtics. Unfortunately, Allen is going to the Heat. I don’t think he won’t get more playing time in Miami either; however he will be just another threat.

      • pakyaw says:

        there is no”NO TRADE CLAUSE” offered by the celtics…LINK?

    • Bball247 says:

      No it doesn’t lmfao, have you noticed that neither his 3pts AND free throws havee been like..burned ever since he’s come back from injury. One of the playoff games he shot like 4-10 from free throws, like…he’s not the same. I even said it, matter of fact it was AGAINST miami. Usually when he’s on fire, he’s on fire. Hit his first 3 3ptrs. After that, he missed the 4 or 5. He’s just not the same anymore, but I think he’s a great replacement for mike miller who gives you like 3 3ptrs a game. Are the heat better than last year? Yes. Does it mean that the heat will repeat? ABSOLUTELY NOT, here’s why. This year has more than two elite teams, theres atleast 7 that I know of off the top of my head. Atleast 6 more teams that are playoff born, canactually beat good teams because of depth. I mean, it’s pretty much up for grabs. Last year mostly everyone incluuding myself called the heat or bulls to go as well as thunder. This year, is a COMPLETELY different atmosphere, I just feel like the playing feel has been brought more to the ground. Good, because I like it this way much better.

      • Imad Akel says:

        i’m a Heat fan, and at the same time always had tons of love and respect for Ray Allen (and his cool mom), but i agree with bball. He’s just been off recently. He’s old and prone to injury. Not sure how much we’ll be able to get out of him.

      • berc says:

        Well, no one can be absolutely sure who will win the championship. But the Heat will be one of the main candidates to win it all. Adding another veteran to the roster who can stretch the defense is a big plus. And remember Allen was playing with injured ankle, he wasn’t 100% recovered. And in my opinion Lebron is going to play much better because he doesn’t have that burden of winning a championship. He has won it, and he will play without pressure. But, one thing is for sure: Next season is going to be one of the most excited season in recent years, too bad we have to wait 4 more months…

      • Danger Lou says:

        7 elite teams???? WTH are you smoking? There are 3. 4 tops. And, Miami IS at the top.

      • duh im right says:

        but the heat have proven they can beat good teams more good teams in the league just mean even more glory when they win they beat the best team in the west in the finals now they just have gotten better no one can stop them with miller battier and allen coming off the bench its just too much heat to say there are more good teams isnt exactly true you dont what the teams are gonna do next year they could still be trasheither way the heat are just too good to beat

      • You're an idiot Bball247 says:

        if you think Ray-Ray at even 75% isn’t a better proposition for almost any team he plays on, than most any other, current SG in the league. He is a great competitor and fighter that is an example to every young player aspiring to play at the 2 Guard position. His below par performance of late are more likely because of injury, fatigue and the sheer fact Doc wanted to try the waters with younger options. Having said that, it’s weird that they pickup Terry’s contract as he’s only a couple years shy of where Ray Allen is, age-wise. But Terry is a nice replacement for The Celtics – they don’t sacrifice much in having him fill Ray-Rays spot on the roster. Again, you’re an idiot if you don’t believe this move by Miami doesn’t make them a pretty good bet a B2B Championship. Farewell Ray-Ray, thanks for all the great service to Boston, and all the best in your quest for Championship ring No.2 (..barring any Season ending injuries or mishaps, it’s looking pretty darn good at the moment).

      • ndog says:

        yo ray just had his surgery and that was the only thing that made his free throws and 3-point per drop but watch with him joingg d-wade,

      • ray fan says:

        Ray shot 8-8 from the line in game 5, 3-4 in game 6 and 2-2 in game 7

      • Preston says:

        Hey Berc Lebum still has a lot of pressure. ” Not 5, 6, 7, 8, but 9 is what we will win in a row.” Lebum is a 27 year old, acting like a 17 year, and playing like a 37 year old. The Heat big 4 has t least 3 years left in each of them. That is a lot of pressure.

    • LeCHOKE says:

      STFU. Tommy D1CK

    • Lakers fan says:

      Let’s see where DH12 goes before you crown Miami repeat champs. If he goes to Brooklyn or the Lakers, watch out.

      • LBJ FAN says:

        I think if he goes east brooklyn will lose to chicago and if he goes to the Lakers Lakers vs OKC HAS TO GO TO 7 games

    • thunderfan says:

      Ray allen should be considered the biggest trader in basketball. Everyone hated on Bron for his move to miami and it was a honest legitimate move and Bron earned his championship. Its not like he joined an allstar team that was garanteed a title. They won the title because of him. Ray allen on the other hand is a complete trader to his celtics. So crazy to hear he is now joining his rival? Hate to see this for celtic fans and us thunder fans of course. Thats one more guy jackin up 3’s. Oh well, maybe next year the rest of the team will join Westbrook and Collison and step up in the finals and dominate like expected. Go Thunder!

      • Christiaen says:

        Did you actually write “trader”? (LOL)
        Ray Allen is a trader, yes, of 3-pointers, shoes, t-shirts,….:-D

        “Traitor” might be the word you were looking for…

        Come on, man, why call him a traitor?
        This transfer just adds more spice to the rivalry with Boston. Enjoy it!
        Respect him for what he has done for the Celtics the past 5 seasons and let it go…

      • BadLuck Bryan says:

        No he called him trader. Trader of spice. He’s bringing some chilli’s on his hand because he will be hot from the 3 pt line!

    • Team NO Sleep says:

      You haters are dumb for bashing the heat and ray allen!!!! how can you call him a trader when the C’s wanted to trade him all last season for OJ Mayo and if he would of resigned with them the he wouldnt start and he would get less minutes than bradley and terry (the real trader for leaving the mavs and dirk all by himself but no one notices that right!) plus ray allen would be on the trading block once again but now that hes on the heat he would be the main source of offence off the bench, he wouldnt be scruntinized everytime he has an off game, lebron, dwade, chalmers, will all look for him off the pick and roll unlike rondo did and ray allen would be able to extend his career earning multiple championships. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS 2013 6th MAN OF THE YEAR

      • Umm says:

        1st, it’s “TRAITOR” not “trader.” A trader is someone that trades. lol
        2nd, Jason Terry didn’t join a team that’s a sure lock to win another championship.
        3rd, the Celtics were offering a “No Trade Clause” meaning that he would not be traded.
        4th, Allen did not want to come off the bench and have reduced minutes in Boston so why would he agree to be the SIXTH man in Miami?

        Ring chasers are getting annoying now. There seems to be no loyalty and aspirations to win a championship for your city and organization. It’s all about getting as many rings as you can for yourself. Takes away from the whole TEAM aspect of basketball.

    • dubi says:

      PG- james
      SG- allen
      SF- wade
      PF- battier
      C- bosh

      • Heatles says:

        PG. Chalmers
        SG. Wade
        SF. Allen
        PF. Lebron
        C. Bosh

        Battier isn’t starting & he will be interchangable with Allen for the rotation. The reason why they picked up Allen is to spread the floor (and shoot the 3). By having him & Battier at the 3, it’s stretches out the other (larger) swingman to the perimeter to keep & keeps him away from help (or forces him to help & leave open the wing). Wade won’t play as much 3, because they don’t want him inside too much (aside from iso’s & drives) due to his size & body. Ultimately, the minutes should be fairly distributed as the wear & tear of the season is something the Heat are focused to avoid. They prize themselves on having (one of) the best athletic staff in the L. So the last thing they need is Allen, Battier (maybe even Mike) Dwyane & Bosh (hence swapping Bosh to the C position to give him an easier cover & make the less athletic 5 come & guard him on the baseline corners or high post) to get worn down. That being said, Norris Cole will play a major role this season as the Heat try to incorporate a more stable PG system into their structure. Allen will average around the same as Batiier 26-30mpg, it’s just not smart physically otherwise.

    • huschk says:

      sad but true

    • Musical MD says:

      Ray Allen is a turn-coat. How could any player JUMP SHIP and go to the team that eliminated him in the conference finals. The Celtics new young pieces to the squad to enable Allen to get more rest during the season and be ready for Miami in the playoffs, bcuz they’ll surely will meet again. Ray, you should be ashame of your decision. You lost pride and money ($4MIL) to play for your enemies.