Nash ‘Didn’t See’ Suns Exit Coming

Divorce Reno-style or via mediation is said to be a relatively no-muss, no-fuss affair. Divorce that ends up in court can get nasty, with accusations and recriminations flying as fast as the dollars that circle the drain.

The end of Steve Nash’s memorable run in Phoenix veered into divorce court Thursday as the veteran point guard offered background on his surprising sign-and-trade move to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Arizona Republic‘s Paul Coro has more details about the former two-time MVP’s departure from Arizona:

Steve Nash’s evident departure from the Suns turned into a slow death, capped with a twist of the knife when he and the Suns chose the enemy for his next destination.

Do explain how you are a Los Angeles Laker, No. 13.

Like fans who chanted “We want Steve” in his final Suns game, Nash said Thursday that his first wish was to remain a Sun.

“I never saw this coming so I’m still not completely through the process of realizing this is a reality.”

Sounds a bit like, oh, countless stunned ex-spouses caught unaware when the papers got served, don’t you think?

As Nash hit free agency, more curious about his options and value than committed to leave, Nash apparently didn’t realize that he no longer figured in Phoenix’s plans. He saidย the Suns didn’t made him a contract offer to head off his free look at the market and then weren’t inclined to go as long (three years) or pay as much (up to $28 million) as the Lakers.

Truth was, Nash at 38 didn’t fit in the blueprint that managing partner Robert Sarver and the Suns’ minority owners have for the club. That’s when relocating, with an eye on his two young children’s whereabouts in Phoenix (via a real-life divorce from their mother), became a reality for Nash, as Coro wrote it:

“A head’s up that they were moving on would’ve meant a lot to me. I don’t have any problem with them going in a new direction. It takes guts to do it. They got younger and more talented. I’m excited for them and Suns fans that they’ll be back in there.”

Three years at great money, an hour’s plane ride to see his kids and a chance to run an offense with weapons such as Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and possibly Suns teammate Grant Hill already has Nash looking forward. He thinks the hyper-competitiveness he’s felt vs. Bryant will simmer and blend just fine as teammates.

But the way his exit from Phoenix came about still seems to be simmering, or festering, too.

“I did want to come back, move the franchise forward and leave it in a better place than the past two seasons. The Suns knew that. Once I realized they were going in a new direction, I got used to the idea that I’d be elsewhere. It’s still going to take time to get used to.”


  1. Mr. says:

    I m quite sure that the fact the Lakers take Steve Nash has nothing to do with the fact that their neigboor have take CP3 last year ?

  2. Rommel Reyes says:

    i like and respect Nash as a person and as a player but his defense is not above par with Lebron. it would have been bad had Nash decided to move to Miami instead. our team has ray allen now but i would not trade Shane Battier for anyone else.

  3. jpb says:

    Go lakers

  4. Dr K says:

    The move really depends on Kobe. Can he step down and let it be Nash’s team? Kobe will get better shots, more rest and the rest of the team numbers will be up. Their supporting cast can carry more minutes so that they can reach the playoffs healthy and rested. LA does seem a few pieces short for a championship, they will need a prime defender for Lebron/Durant (in addition to world peace) and an athletic defensive PG for cp3/westbrook/parker.

    Otherwise like most of the comments love Nash and love the move. Let him bring heart to LA.

  5. Bring The Heat!!! says:

    LOL! Just one more player for Kobe to get the ball from!

  6. ann says:


  7. phamie says:

    Nash really love the suns, but he really needs to complete his career with the ring.
    We have to understand that, and I’m sure this is not the end of SUNS and NASH.

  8. Karlo Garcia says:

    Nash 3years/$27m!

  9. Karlo Garcia says:

    If Nash did’t c this coming then what did he c? He either wanted 2 stay in Phoenix & keep losing/not get a championship! or he either wanted 2 leave & go 2 a championship calibre team with the best competitve player in KB24! 3 years & $25m that’s pretty good considering he’s 38.

  10. XanderZane says:

    I’m happy for Nash and I hope the fans don’t give him a hard time. The Suns made him “No Contract Offer”, so what was he suppose to do? He wanted to be close to his kids, but still have a chance at a ring. The Clippers, Kings, Jazz wouldn’t get him that. So he signed with the Lakers. I honestly don’t care who wins the NBA Championship next year as long as it’s not the Miami Heat. lol!! Ray Allen can kiss my hairy @#$% for leaving my beloved Celtics. I hope the Bulls, Knicks or Indiana can remove the Heat next year. Good Luck Steve. We’ll still be routing for you when you’re playing again the Heat and Knicks.

  11. CAT says:

    L.A. as a whole will never realize how truly great Steve Nash is, and that’s what bothers me.

  12. Bunsenburner says:

    Imagine me, rooting or the Lakers. Steve Nash might pull it off.

  13. scott says:

    Nash was good like when people rode horses and was fighting off those dang british red coats but he is waaaay past his prime, he is a step up from what they had but come on isnt he like 50 or something . the man is going to have a heart attack running up and down the court . i dont think its really going to shoot the lakers up that much , as well as ray allen going to miami, they was (was) some of the elite players but its time to go home guys , your going to break a hip .

  14. davis wan says:

    Lakers still need more then just Steve Nash to take on the Miami Heat period.

  15. carl angelo says:

    you know,me and me friend joey always batteling about Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant
    because i’m a Phoenix Suns Fan,and he’s a LA LAKERS fan,and i can’t believe that the both players we are fighting for is today’s number 1 Tag Team in the NBA! hahah ๐Ÿ˜€ Go Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant !

  16. Chrizz says:

    I wanna see those two work well together before I believe it’s a good idea. They both require the ball all the time to be effective, though Nash won’t mind sharing.

  17. Miles says:

    Steve Nash change Phx into a winning team and you can tell he loved the franchise. The franchise decided to move on allowing him the chance to go anywhere he wanted. He decided to go to the Lakers for 4 draft pick. I think that’s better than him going to the Heat and giving Phx nothing….. RIGHT!

  18. Joseph says:

    I for one will be rooting for Nash until he retires. I’m a huge suns fan and hate to see him go to the Lakers…. but it certainly beats him going to SAS. The suns obviously weren’t interested in resigning him considering their draft choice.

  19. ronnie says:

    i always liked/admired steve nash &all that startd when he was with dallas. on the other hand, i’ve always not liked the lakers cos of kobe..this guy’s just simply a ballhog. it’s not hate, though, mind you, lest i get bashed by kobe/lakers fans. now it looks like i will have to like them a bit..just a bit though..just a bit! what i want for nash is a championship ring. i really wish he gets now how will i root for a team i don’t like but who’s got a player i really like!:))

  20. Brooney602 says:

    we still love you in the phx stevie. HATE the team you went to, but phx will always have love for ya

  21. Andrew Lipman says:

    I live in New York but i have always loved PHX since I was a young boy.

    I grew up watching Steve Nash and he is the sole reason that I fell in love with the game of basketball.

    Even though I remain a PHX fan, Nash is and always will be my favorite player in the history of sports.

    You definitely deserve a ring as one of the greatest players in the game EVER and even though I am very upset that you did not get it with phoenix I wish you the best in L.A.

  22. jerome0215 says:

    He has now the chance to get the ring! Goodluck steve!

  23. Spikey says:

    If Nash really wanted a ring, he should have joined the winning team. KB will not allow Nash to take the light from him, that’s for sure!

  24. jomarlo says:

    Nash is okay in L.A. because he said he wants to be closer to his kids! and his decision is final, u can’t change it.

  25. Bubonico says:

    This is the worst written article I’ve ever read on

  26. Addison says:

    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Metta World Peace
    PF: Josh Smith
    C: Dwight Howard

    • scott says:

      you mean kobe, who cheats on his wife and cant stop licking his lips when he gets interviewed, mette peace who has major head problems who if he wasnt a pro sports guy would be in prison, howard one of the biggest babys in the nba ( i want to be traded ! , fire the coach cause im the boss waaahhh !!! ) and steve nash who is like 50 and going to get hurt 10 games in the season and be out 50 games. that line up , yeah good luck with that. dream team lolololololo …..

  27. NbaFan says:

    i still dont think the lakers will win it all anymore as long as OKC are still playing. Durant,Westbrook,and Harden are too much for the lakers to handle, they are all young and hungry, if rose stays healthy they will have a problem with the bulls. if nash really wanted a ring he woudve had a better chance in chicago or miami

  28. Sick says:

    Ray Allen joining Miami Heat.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. japez21 says:

    yeah like it nash to the LAKERS!

  30. panda10 says:

    i am a lakers fan for years now and this could help us more so lets go lakers lakers lakers

  31. igi pop says:

    Lakers will be be slow still…. they will lack defence….. if they can’t find away to stop OKC from scoring 120 points next season they will lose……… even with Steve Nash handling to ball.

  32. willie says:

    ‘didn’t made’ …. ??? what?

  33. Jamie says:

    Suns fans are hating nash when they should be hating THE MANAGEMENT !!!! Nash’s kids are in pheonix and no one who loves their kids that much would want to move to far away from them, so THE MANAGEMENT had home court advantage, could have had him if they wanted and didnt put a deal on the table because they didnt. They wanted 4 draft picks first rounds included, they want to shed old heads and rebuild…. so the next time you want to boo Nash, Boo the exec as they sit in their Corporate box… enough said.

  34. jj says:

    honestly, steve is one of the few players that is respected on and off the court where even if he leaves phoenix, they will still love him

  35. Choker says:

    I remember Phoenix back then…. love those glory days….. We miss all former Phoenix players….. We miss Steve Nash… a promising point guard who deserves more….. Good Luck Buddy!

  36. John says:

    This dude Steve Aschburner is the worst!

  37. Ricard says:

    Goodbye Nash i wish the best for u buddy, I hope one of two things happen Nash wins a ring which he deserves or destroys the lakers because Kobe cant share the spotlight,mmmmm both sound great cuz i cant stand Kobe

  38. Jojomon says:

    I remember when all Lakers fans were smashing Steve Nash, remembering the days.

  39. lakerlover155 says:

    All we really need now is a scorer to come off the bench, I was hoping for Micheal Beasley, Jason Terry or even Odem again but none of that is happening so I guess we’ll see.

  40. Gattone says:

    Come On…How you can compare Steve Nash to Lebron? Nash gives to Phoenix his best years, and now at 38 he just realised that the suns won’t be able to put him in the position to contend again in the next two/three years. The suns want to rebuilt and Nash really want to compete at the height level again. So…He try it to the Lakers. You can’t blame him for that. He doesn’t make the playoffs for two years.
    If Allen goes from boston to Miami now, you can hate Ray. But not nash is not the same thing. Ray has already win a title in boston. And now he can just try to win another with them. But not elsewhere. Not if the celts. Decides to keep their old star togheter. Phoenix just start the rebuilding process. New york is a joke and the same is Toronto…So Nash and suns just made the best for them…

  41. blablabla aschburner says:

    i bet this writer is a Nash hater. I saw one of his articles a few days ago; he tried to infuriate Raptors fans because he didn’t choose to be with his beloved Canada. We all love Steve and he deserves to be with a contender now!

  42. rouan ralph says:

    nash,kobe,pau & i love to see dwight howard wearing that yellow jersey of the l.a lakers….im a huge fan of lakers since birth!!!!

  43. john vince says:

    yeaHH!! lakers 4ever.. im exited for the next season nash+kobe=kash.. im just kidding.. ,, but i want dwight howard swap to bynum and banes.. and gasol swap to beasly and batum .. thats all thank you..

  44. luis says:

    i think Steve Nash is one of the best players i have got the oppurtunity to see in a Sun’s uniform. He has done a lot for this team and for the fans. i HATE the fact that he has gone to one of our biggest rivals but i wish him all the best. Thank you Steve for everything! You will always be a Sun in my eyes.

  45. spur okc says:

    even w/ Nash on the line up!! lakers(punks) <less Spurs or Okc

  46. NO. 18 says:

    lakers will not win without a descent bench for sure; starters cannot do it all

    • lakerlover155 says:

      Your so right and truth be told they have been trying to get rid of Nash for a few seasons now, if you recall when they traded the matrix and Amari Nash name was tossed around in a trade, so be it he can come help us out in a La where he will make everybody better around him.

  47. D says:

    im a Mavs Fan and a Laker Hater but this year, I’ll be rooting for Dirk’s best friend to win a Ring… ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Bryce says:

    Im happy for Nash! There have been many players who left their main career teams to seek a ring. And besides Koby needs another ring, haha

  49. pdm7 says:

    I actually hate both the Lakers AND Boston @lakersfan. I understand why Steve did what he did, but that does not mean that I like it!

  50. #24 over # 23 says:

    nash needs to come to a place with a proven champion like kobe bryant. Point guards like nash cant win rings alone. there has never been a solid player with him in phoenix thru his entire campaign. they saw it before with kevin johnson. the entire nba has seen it wit john stockton, the glove (b4 d wade & shaq), j kidd(b4 dirk), the list is endless.

    Kobe is still the best shooting guard in the league hands down. This laker team will be the in the Finals with or without dwight howard. The 3rd best record with a new coaching staff, new offense and still no pg to run it? Kobe fresh off knee surgery? This is a man who couldnt depend on anyone to make a basket in okc. this year nash will be getting all the shots steve blake and sessions got and then some.

    The pick & roll is always deadly with nash and bynum and gasol hands are the best amongst a big man duo in the league. It will be 6 rings for kobe byrant and 1 deserved for steve nash. #Indeed

    • #24 over # 23 says:

      o and i forgot to mention teams will now have to rethink sending double teams towards kobe bryant for sure. aha this will be a joy to watch. season tickets indeed…

  51. hanamichi says:

    return of LA SHOWTIME!!!

  52. Palmsy says:

    I never, never want the Lakers to win it all, but this year I will. Very few players out there deserve a legit shot at a ring as much as Nash.

  53. Nash is officially off of my hate list. Or, at the very least, significantly lower on it.

    Sarver, welcome to the top.

    How dare you treat Nash like this! He was the face of the franchise, and one of the best players the team has ever seen! He could have mentored all the new talent while still being one of the best PG’s in the league! He could have retired a Sun, an untainted legend! Worst of all, he actually WANTED to stay!!!

    Now he’s a…..Laker…..

    It’s just disgusting and wrong.

  54. Lee says:

    He may be a Laker, but he’s not gonna be no. 13, that number belongs to Wilt Chamberlain so he’s going to have to change it!

  55. almoses says:

    why do we keep talking about this rivalry btwn phx n lakers.they only met twice in the last ten years or since nash rejoined the suns.and it was a time when we the lakers werent in top shape. smush parker, bryan cook, kwame brown.that aint the lakers. the only thing memorable is the suns came from a 3-1 deficit one year to win game seven. but that wasnt the lakers,that was a transistional team.yes kobe was in it but who else?

  56. Lakers4Life says:

    Lakers number 13 is retired

  57. Stroganoff says:

    I seem to recall when Gary Payton did the same thing.

  58. Brenton says:

    It’s NASH TEEE time! woo hoo…

  59. dom42 says:

    I respect Nash like no other, but Nash will not be able to stay healthly with out the Suns medical staff. They have the best in the league. Thats how Grant HIll, Nash and even Shaq stayed healthy while there. CP3 and Westbrook gonna eat him up all day…

    Miami heat FOur Peat come’n up….

    Heat Haters are just lucky they didnt win it last year.

  60. AC says:

    No one in PHX should be mad at Nash. The guy gave us everything he had. In the end, we just couldn’t give him the right pieces. I honestly don’t think this move makes LA the favorite in the West (not even in the top 2) but it would be nice to see Nash win a ring before he calls it quits.

  61. Lakers fan says:

    Why do people hate the Lakers sooooo much? Because they win? Because they’re in Los Angeles? Because somehow they always find a way to stay competitive? What is it? Boston has more Championships than the Lakers but nobody hates them but Laker fans. I just don’t get it, unless they’re your teams rival why hate them? I’m a Laker fan myself and the only teams I really can’t stand are Boston and Miami. Miami only because of the way they put that team together and of course the whole Lebron spectacle, which I’m almost over actually.

    • Ricard says:

      I hate the Lakers, but i want nash to win more, that being said the black mamba is gonna have his temper tantrums when nash handles the ball

    • CAT says:

      Because they lack team spirit and heart… The people who work at staples lack customer service skills,… a lot of scary people are hanging out around staples…. the me me me attitude…
      STEVE NASH might bring needed HEART to L.A. and some smarts too…..

  62. Eddie says:

    When do the Lakers play in Phoenix this upcoming season?

  63. winnipeg man says:

    Iam must be the biggest Steve Nash fan in Canada and a Suns fan. I always wanted to see Nash win a ring and that will happen now. I may be a Suns fan, but now i will be the biggest Lakers fans in Canada also. Go Lakers.

  64. LOL says:

    Everyone keep saying nash, Kobe, Pau, Bynum Championship. Lets recap GP, Kobe, Karl, Shaq and Phil. Think about it. Nothing is handed to you.

    • LOL BACK says:

      LOL, comparing PAU GASOL and LAKERS KARL MALONE is like comparing Andrew Bynum and Juwan Howard. THINK ABOUT IT TOO. NASH > LAKERS payton

  65. Tony Nguyen says:

    I have been following this news like the Lakers has just won the championship again. Welcome to Holywood, Nash!

  66. larich says:

    Suns fans ( if they havent figured it out yet) your management is mired in mediocrity. They will only go so far but will not spend the $$ to get the pieces needing for a championship. So veterans when veterans like Nash are abruptly shown the door, the results end up bitting them big time like now. SO you get what they with provide. a close opportunity then rebuilding all over again. And this aint small market issue , its what the owners want. All long as the fans come in and pack the house and their pockets get lined its ok. Championships are not a priority otherwise since being in the league theyve have one.

  67. bryan says:

    Nash’s over rated play failed to get a ring now he’s going to fail to bandwagon a ring

  68. fomhk says:

    cant wait to see the next season for lakers.

  69. fomhk says:

    i cant wait to watch the Next Season. i can smell Championship!

  70. Ran says:

    I hate you Robert Sarver!! since you arrive to the club you have destroyed it..

  71. danito says:

    why nash wona go to toronto or jazz or mavricks. he has no chance to win a championship there. at least with the lakers he has a chance

  72. danito says:

    everyone love the lakers , some people are really stupid to say comment about everyone hate the lakers. lakers have fans all over the country. just watch the games and see, everywhere they play they have fans. kobe been the most popular guy for like a decade. nash, kobe,pau, howard. thats the new lakers team. and they gona win it all

  73. Word bond says:

    Lakers need to steal ” E Bled ” Eric Bledsoe from the clips NOW ! Not young , no more Luke styles, no howard. Get that defensive guard who’s quick and MORE SHOOTERS, any one who can and shoot and MAKE a shot. Spend money now don’t get CHEAP on us ! You will have time to save money and regroup when MAMBA is done. LAKERNATION forever !!!

  74. Asa says:

    Nash going to LA is awesome. For those of you who say that he jumped ship, you must take into consideration that it was the Suns organization that made him walk the plank. Don’t tell me that Nash didn’t give everything he had to the Suns! He said it himself! He did not want to leave. They should have fought harder to keep him. You don’t push one of your best players ever out the door! It is the Suns organization that spurned all of you Suns fans, not the Lakers, and certainly not Steve Nash. There is a major fundamental difference between an organization like the Lakers and the one that the Suns operate…the Lakers listen to their fans and they do what they have to in order to win. Who can argue with the results?

  75. LA says:

    haahhaha yessss we got nash ..never liked phx suns but always respected nash as a hes a on a team worthy of having him.

  76. gdf` says:

    Steve no matter where you go we suns fans will have youre back. You’re the best. A true professional and i wish the best for both you and grant hill. Be rooting for you guys. Maybe comeback to coach suns one day!

  77. New Yorker says:

    Lakers Management, please bring back Vujacic. He is the 3 pointer the lakers need. He is one person who really helped the lakers to win 2 championships in a row together with Farmar. That bench was awesome.

  78. luis says:


  79. Kobe says:

    champs already lets go lakers

  80. Gaopo says:

    lakers forever!

  81. Mr.CALVILLO says:

    nash will never be the same without phoenix? lakers dont got 3pt shooters…

  82. Josh says:

    This is not right Steve Nash is supposed to go to Toronto Raptors not L.A. Lakers . Steve Nash is a Canadian he should have joined Toronto Raptors. I wish Steve Nash joined Raptors not L.A Lakers.

    • KareemOftheKrop says:

      Repeating yourself makes you sound more right dont you think?

    • Stroganoff says:

      So, what you’re saying is Nash should have gone to the Bobcats?

    • jasonC says:

      I’m Canadian and was excited about the Raps finally getting him. BUT, I am a Laker Fan at heart (B.C. is a loooong way from Ontario) and this will be a way better situation for Nash. He’s been the consumate professional and he, frankly, should be able to look after himself.

  83. chandler says:

    WOW i really wanted good old steve to win but, the lakers! really cmon, no body likes the lakers, i would have been fine if he went anywear else but the lakers do not need another champinship. should have gone to the jazz!!!!!!!!1

  84. ah77 says:

    if nash wanted to be near his kids – he could have stayed in phoenix…

    if nash wanted to be relatively close to his kids and have a chance at a ring he could have chose dallas

    Dallas and LA have similar flight times to phoenix!

    he chose LA to help his aspirations for tv / film / producing / acting…

    • Dave says:

      Dallas is becoming the joke of the league, so he wasn’t going there. Phoenix did not make an offer, so he picked the right choice until Kobe realizes that he has to become part of a team to benefit from Nash’s skills.

    • Stroganoff says:

      Eventhough I’m a huge Laker-hater, I have to laugh at this one. Lakers = Mavs right now? Kidd’s out, Terry’s out. Nash has a much better chance at a ring in LA. LA’s the only contender out West that doesn’t have a PG.

    • kush says:

      what an idiotic comment, you know nothing about steve nash

  85. don says:

    Both Nash and Phoenix received exactly what each wanted.

    • Jimbow4jc says:

      I agree, the Lakers gave up a lot of draft picks in the next two years but think about it, they were not going to draft high anyway so why not make this deal. Kobe maybe has 2 or 3 more seasons and so does Nash so with a couple of good trades, the lakers will be in the championship mix. The Lakers are poised to make a couple more moves before the free agency clock ticks down, hold on to your hats, something big is brewing in the war room.

  86. Glosh says:

    Nash,kobe,pau,Bynum or howard. Hellyeah! :DDD

    • Axel says:

      Forget Howard..He is turning out worse than Bynum.

      • caseman says:

        Howard is my least favorite player in the league, but Bynum is far below his level. If they got Howard and didn’t have dumb-as s Mike Brown, they’d win the title for sure.

    • Jimbow4jc says:

      That will never happen, the league can’t see that combination manifesting. One of those big men will have to go in order to land Howard, lol. I’ve been a Laker fan for 40 years and remember when Magic was drafted, this trade has me feeling like I did back then, A CHAMPIONSHIP IS IN THE MIX.

      GO LAKERS, you got the guard you needed, now let’s get the championship before Kobe and Nash call it quits.

  87. Jordan says:

    As always, the perfect professional. All the best Steve, no one in the league right now deserves a ring more.

  88. I am an avid Suns and Steve Nash fan, little bit annoyed at some of the JUDAS comments I have seen via social media. NOTE : He said the Suns didnโ€™t made him a contract offer to head off his free look at the market.

    Steve was an amazing professional and servant to the Suns. Has unfortunately gone through a divorce with 3 young children. This move makes sense on every level. We Sun fans should be thankful and privileged we had him. I live in England and made the flight to see him in a Suns uniform last year (a lifelong dream as a big fan).

    Whatever happens people will remember him as a Sun, his jersey will be retired by the Suns one day, and he will go to the Hall Of Fame.

    I thank him for the amazing memories.

    The sign-and-trade deal was the best thing for phoenix as well as himself. A win-win for all parties.

    Had he been motivated by money and took the Raptors money, we at the Suns would have got nothing!!!!
    And at least this sign & trade we didn’t end up taken on any players we didn’t want.
    we have enough bad contracts, Childress, Warwick, Frye.

    Moving forward if we can get Gordon.

    A starting 5 of Dragic, Gordon, Dudley, Morris, Gortat would be pretty good. As well as Kendall Marshall who I think will do well, with perhaps Beasley thrown in the mix. Perhaps we can resign Michael Redd, who showed promise.

    I think Frye will go rapidly backwards with no Nash.

  89. RipSonics says:

    Nash sees a Ring

  90. Clayton says:

    Don’t try to point hate at Nash. He was there for most of his career. He did it with good intentions. if you got something against it, keep it to yourself.

    • K says:

      Why? Is Nash exempt from fans voicing their opinions regarding this move? This was a crazy move! You go to your hated rival so you can do what; win a ring? Now let this had been LeBron, it would be open season with the negative remarks! But because this is Steve Nash; we’re suppose to spare him the negative comments, PLease!!!!!

      • Axel says:

        Now i understand where you are coming from, but this isn’t lebron, this is steve nash. He devoted alot of time and effort in Phx and it is unfair for Phx fans to hate on him.

      • LA24 says:

        Please, you’re just looking for things to hate about. Don’t disrespect Nash and compare this to Lebron’s move. Suns management said they rewarded Nash for his 10 years of loyalty by trading him to a championship caliber team close to his kids. Lebron played on a team with the best record in the league 2 times, a team that made the finals, conference finals, and could have won a title if he stuck with it, because he was getting better. Instead, he left them to die in free agency and did a TV special gloating over 8 championships he hadn’t won for a team he hadn’t even played for yet. Nash is 38, nowhere near his prime, and his team didnt even make the playoffs this year. He’s been loyal to the Suns for 10 years and deserves anything that’ll push him closer to a ring.

      • Z says:

        How dare he want to win games! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE

        Or, you could just remember the good times and stop being a punk. It honestly scares me how many people nowadays seem to be against the very concept of free agency.

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Difference between Lebron and Nash, Nash was never called king! How can you be called King, and it took you nine season to win your first title. Not to mention a title not many people respect. Huge difference between the two, you need to grow up. Im sure people can respect what Nash has done. How many people respect Lebron?

      • Joel says:

        ummmmm…just a point to ponder on….nash spent 9 years in phoenix and showed absolute loyalty to them….agreed. But ppl need to realize that lebron spent 7 years in cleveland too and showed his loyalty there. 7 YEARS is enough time for a management to build your franchise player a championship calibre support cast and the cavs did NOT deliver on that. How i see it is if lebron wasn’t as good as he is and was at the level of steve nash, no one would even care about the fact that he left cleveland. The issue is because lebron is so great and it left a huge hole when he left the cavs as opposed to nash leaving phoenix not having as much of an effect. So basically, the fact that lebron is better than nash, is attracting more hatred towards him which i think is really unfair.

        Ok maybe lebron could have made his decision in a more subtle way but clearly thats not the main reason he’s hated, that’s just something that adds fuel to the fire.

        So basically im sayin that it’s unfair that people hate on lebron claiming that he ditched the cavs and all that because he did give them 7 years of amazing basketball. Got them to the finals once, conference finals once, conference semis once…..where were the cavs before lebron?? So i feel it’s not right that people can say nash gave 9 yrs of loyal service to phoenix and so he deserves a ring. Lebron did too!! So why doesnt he deserve to join another team where he has a better chance of winning one.

        What do you guys think?

    • cheega says:

      LA24 still bitter about lebron leaving.. LOL get over it. the tv thing was stupid the whole world agrees on that. but you catn hate on someone for wanting to win. if someone had a oppurtunity to go to another job, with close to same pay, but be with people you like, in a awesome city, and be #1 in your job field… who wouldn’t take that job! now as for nash, as a DIE HARD suns fan i hate to see him go to the lakers, i did want him to go chase his ring, obviously not with the lakers but hey, its our time to rebuild. hope good things come nash’s way. the suns will be okay. kobe getting old, nash getting older, their window is 2 seasons 3 at the most.

    • CryssEli says:

      JOEL, thank you for commenting!!! Finally someone that feels the same way as I do on LeBron leaving Cleveland and going to Miami.
      LA24 LeBron got them there and he did that, however, at the end of the day he couldn’t do it all by himself. In his 7 seasons with the Cavs, they surrounded him with ok players, that played ok basketball on certain nights. They could have put out some real money and got themselves some good players, and a better bench.
      At the end of the day the NBA is about getting championships, and as an NBA fan you want to see your favorite player/team win that trophy. The only reason why Cleveland was mad was because they didn’t get anything for him. They knew LeBron wasn’t coming back, how do you not know your star playing is not happy or satisfied?! I respect his decision. As for Nash, him joining the Lakers is a nice move.

  91. teokun says:

    wth article is this??

  92. Money says:

    Hope you finally get that elusive ring, you deserve a championship more than anybody in the league! I have always hated the Lakers for rivalry reasons, but Ive always loved Nash as much! So Im gonna root for The Lakers so my favourite player gets what he truly deserves!

    • The Right Choice...Or Else! says:

      U better root for the Lakers, loser!

    • basch says:

      How does Nash deserve a title more than anyone? The guy has good attitude, but he doesn’t play at both ends of the court. He’s a liability on defense, always has been, always will. Because of that, I can easily name around 10 or so that are more deserving of a championship.

      Lets start with his teammate Grant Hill…

  93. Matthew says:

    Nash Phx still loves ya buddy

  94. lakerboy says:

    really excited to see nash-bryant backcourt combo