Reports: Raptors Trade For Lowry

The changing of the (point) guard in the Rockets’ backcourt continues at a furious pace.

First free-agent Goran Dragic was told that the club would not meet his asking price and was cut loose.

Now Kyle Lowry has been traded to Toronto. League sources confirmed reports by the Houston Chronicle and that Lowry will be exchanged for a future first-round draft pick that will protected in both directions.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle has more of the details:

The exodus of Rockets point guards continued Thursday with the Rockets sending Kyle Lowry to the Toronto Raptors for a package built around a future first-round draft pick, a person with knowledge of the deal said.

The pick will have limited protections, but was called “a likely lottery pick.” Protections, still being discussed, could keep the pick from coming in the upper echelon of the draft. In an unusual clause in the deal, the Rockets also will not get the pick next season if the Raptors’ season keeps the pick from getting too late in the draft.

The Rockets will get forward Gary Forbes in the deal, according to a person with knowledge of the trade, but the deal was made to get the pick, rather than the player. The trade will not become official until July 11.

So in the past week the Rockets have severed ties with both of the players who started at point guard last season.

Goran was asking for a contract far higher than the Rockets wanted to pay. Lowry has been on the blocks ever since he said after the season that he felt it would unable to continue playing for Kevin McHale and would probably be best served by a trade.

The Rockets had free agent Jeremy Lin in for a visit earlier this week, but not deal was reached.

The dealing of Lowry — the Rockets’ best trade chip — probably eliminates Houston’s long-shot hope of making a deal with Orlando for free agent center Dwight Howard.


  1. Bj Fard says:

    Put me in coach,.,,me at Pg and Dwight will win a championship…who else you got?

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  3. Traps says:

    traps in the playoffs this year

  4. chris says:

    Kevin Mchale is the problem…..he will be fired after this season….rocks need to go for Phil Jax and Dwight the following year…..Nobody get along with Kevin and he was horrible in Minnesota…..

  5. Eric Yang says:

    I’ll put it to you straight right now. The rockets never wanted to win, but only to get worldwide publicity. Why do you think they got Yao Ming, to strenghten ties with China and to get money from merchandise! Why do you think they want Dwight Howard, because his jersey sold higher and more than Yao Ming! Who cares if Jeremy Lin isn’t good, he only needs to play decent so the Rockets can make money with his merchandise. Rockets don’t want to win.

  6. toronto416 says:

    thank u mchale i dont y any team hires this ediot anyway cuz 1s he apart of ur franchis ur team ready to tank and rebuild lol

  7. toronto416 says:

    i love the trade for lowry btw now we need a great sf i hope we stay away from feilds if that is possible and get beasley to change his mind come up north on 5 yrs/40 mil sound reasonable hell do great against some of the best 3 man in the nba who are in the east he is up ther with peirce lbj melo gerald wallace

  8. toronto416 says:

    every raptor fan out there boycott the GMbrian c he need to G.T.F.O. T.O A.S.A.P this strik 10 he garbage we gave him tooo many chances

  9. RAPS4LIFE says:

    Raptors are going to the playoffs this year for sure…watch and see…..TORONTO RAPTORS VS MIAMI HEAT EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS

  10. anthony says:

    Remember what happened when they acquired Hedo via Free Agent, Raptors thought they had a chance to make the playoffs, but at the end, Hedo didn’t play like he did when he was with the Magic (even now he not playing like he use to), I just hope that Lowry will play hard every game for the Raptors.

  11. toronto416 says:

    i really dont know who calls the shots up there but whoever it was that gave GM Brian C that extension last summer is a ediot get him out of there fast then get rid og brian that man knows nothing about the game. look what he did,

    let me start with the trade of roy hibbert, now considered franchise C for j.o an old beat up veteran. how that turn out? what about hedo? LMAO!!!!!!!

    now this man is going all in after a 38 year old hall of fame player who has a couple good years left in him. with that move Brian is going to take the team so far into the tunnel were never going to even get a glimpse of daylight in frachise history. throwing 36m/3yrs at a man thats most def. not taking team anywhere and another 20 mil 3 years on a role player who we dont need on the team. Any g.m. with any knowledge of ball, and the financial flexibility the raptors have. would, could and should be going so hard after oj mayo and micheal beasley, who are the two most underrated players at their position. i would consider them both at top 5 at their positionsand most people would agree atleast that they have the potential to get there sooner then later. there young just about to enter their prime, and there coming for cheap lock them up for the future and the future sure would be bright for us. those two players woud take us way over the top. i can see us as major contenders for a championship within two years with the roster we got, and the addition of those two players i mentioned. which im poitive toronto would have had no problem to get them signed up long term if they were determined to have them on the team. we styll got a chance so please go after them A.S.A.P.

    how does this linup sound starter/bench pg-calderon/bayless sg-derozan/oj mayo sf-beasley/ross pf-bargnani/amir johnson C-jonas.v/ed davis

    i dont know about you but i dont see anyone in the east or west up for a challenge VS the TORONTO RAPTORS with a roster like that.
    so please quit playin the brianC game, dont let him hold us back and get to work.

    • coach casey says:

      just because michael beasley and OJ mayo were high draft picks does not mean they’ve played that well in the pros, there a reason why B.Easy is on his third team in as many years, if anything they’re overated. As for the Jermaine O’neal deal, hind-sight is always 20-20, we had already (unofficially) made the JO trade and were making the pick on behalf of Indiana. At the time the pick looked pretty terrible, a lanky, unskilled Gtown centre, but props to them to sticking with Hibbert, hes a heckova player

      • toronto416 says:

        yo micheal beasley is better then melo kd and lebron take that watch wen he start gettin in his groove over there in the dessert every team gonna regret not goin after him

  12. LAKERS 4EVA!! says:

    I seem to remember that the Lakers wanted to trade Gasol for Lowry / Scola, but the rockets “could not let go of a young, dynamic PG like Lowry”….. Bet they are kicking themselves they didnt make that deal when they could have…..

  13. alex .T says:

    It is very unprofessional move to trade talented players who already spent few years with the team and know each other’s game. Big problem is that Morey thinks that he is genius and Mr. Alexander believes him. This mentality is ruining the team. Even if they will get decent C and P (i have no clue where to get them as market is almost empty) it will take at least full season to rebuilt solid team with all this kids and new comers.
    If you could scan properly available players it would be best think to make max offer for Roy Hibbert or at least C. Kaman, this would be the only bright spot in this mess. Well done Raptors, Wolves, L.A. …. this is the proper way how to run NBA team
    Bye bye playoffs.

  14. alex .T says:

    At least bring Chris Kaman to Houston guys and leave alone Asik

  15. alex says:

    It is very unprofessional move to trade all this talented players who already spent few years with the team and know each other’s game well. Big problem is that Morey thinks that he is genius and Mr. Alexander believes him. This mentality is ruining the team. Even if they will get decent C and P (i have no clue where to get them as market is almost empty) it will take at least full season to rebuilt solid team with all this kids and new comers.
    If you could scan properly available players best think would be to make max offer for Roy Hibbert, this would be the only bright spot in this mess. Well done Raptors, Wolves, L.A. …. this is the proper way how to run NBA team
    Bye bye Houston playoffs.

  16. Winning & whining says:

    Fire the GM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Fire the Coach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got all respect for KM as a player but not as coach or GM . , As for DM , man , his stupid !!!!!!!!!! He was short for all the good things about him – statistical genius ,etc …. Old school is still the best !!!! Better get back Old GM or any new better than DM . Its ruining the Rockets seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. eddie57 says:

    I guess McHale wants to trade the whole team for future draft picks.

    I wish they put the comment box at the top instead of way at the bottom. Get with the times

  18. T DOTS BACK says:

    great pick up for the raps houstons a mess who knows what there trying to do. They could’ve got more for Lowry but who cares now landry fields signing doesn’t look too bad. Landry Fields is still young and had a good rookie season but Melo slowed his growth as a player and coming to Toronto could be the best thing for him. Raptors might be contending this year. By contending i mean fighting for the 8th seed lol thats all we ask for from our Raptors.

  19. SmoothMM says:

    The Rockets are still in good standing. Trading Lowry looks horrible now but that future 1st rd pick could be a good one. For now, looks like the lineup may be: PG – Royce White SG – Courtney Lee SF – Chandler Parsons PF – Louis Scola C – Marcus Camby PG2 – Earl Boykins SG2 – Jeremy Lamb SF2 – Courtney Lee PF2 – Terrence Jones C2 – Pattrick Patterson SG3 – Shaun Livingston PF3 – Marcus Markeiff… Omer Asik is not guaranteed and the other acquisitions may be dropped.

  20. dubious says:

    this ended up worst than trying for lazy azz baby pau gasol and diva howard

  21. nuggetfan says:

    finally the raptors make a good move. lowry is a nice PG, now if its bayless and lowry, trade jose for ANYTHING at this point ( maybe a future first round pick) soo they can balance the one they lost. Now with the lin situation, the knicks have a strong interest in gettin kidd soo if kidd goes there lin might not have a spot there, soo y not go to houston

  22. Dee Matthew says:

    i like all the Houston Rocket players, they’re really talented, but the only problem is that Houston Rocket really need a Center and a few point guards…. i think that’s why they couldn’t make it to the playoffs last 3 season.. that’s one thing they really need to start think about..

  23. G. Willis says:

    The Rockets appear to be a team confused in their attempt to rebuild. With the lost of both of their starting point guards from last year who are both high quality players, they will now try to replace what they had an abundance of. Mr. Morey’s days as the Rockets GM are surely numbered based on his inability to to sign a big name player or retain any of the teams real talent. Allowing Goran Dragic to get away will probably be his biggest mistake given that he just began to tap into his potential and will probably go on to be an all star caliber point guard for years to come. The salary that he was asking was reasonable based on his obvious talents and there was no need for the rockets to play the money-ball angle when they knew that they would trade Kyle Lowry soon anyway. If New York decides to match their offer for Jeremy Lin then they will have nothing in the way of a quality point guard. Good luck Mr. Morey, your job security is fading fast despite the confidence that Mr. Alexander has shown in your methods and formulas over the years. The big free agent market has all but dried up and you have not been able to make a splash. Most of your Rocket supporters expected you to make a max offer to Roy Hibbert or Eric Gordon even if you were not able to get either of them. Give the fans and the owner reason to keep believing in you; and do it fast.

  24. larry says:

    The Rockets will be ok after everything is said and done, there is a reason kyle had issues in new orleans, he always would complain about something here in houston, he was great off the bench for Aaron Brooks but after he got a little recognition he changed.

    • Mr. Brown says:

      Lowry never played for New Orleans. He was initially in Memphis then they drafted Conley who, depending upon your source, was given the position because of his high draft status OR beat out Lowry. Nonetheless Lowry beat out AB then Dragic looks like he had beaten out Lowry. NO PG is what’s in Houston as of now. Got a ton of Swing Men though…

      • Larry says:

        You’re right, i ment to say mempis, thanks for the correction, what is your thoughts of moreys job as a GM ? i believe ever since carol dawson left things have gone south fast, no one seems to want to come to houston anymore. do you think it could be a curse or maybe some old rockets players bad mouthing us ? i dont think us trading Hakeem to Toronto the last of his career was a great idea and made us look bad as far as loyalty and im sure TMAC doesnt have anything nice to say aswell.

  25. jon says:

    Three team trades with orlando and l.a.. lakers get dwight and huston takes all the role players neither teams wants!! jk that would be the best solution for orlando though. they would get bynum and houston can obsorb hedo’s conrtact.

  26. ko0kie says:

    what’s wrong with houston? they go from deep at the PG position having two promising young guards to no point guards?!
    lowry is a bulldog.. I would never let him go.
    omg. houston is never gonna make the playoffs in this strong western conference..

  27. larry says:

    I believe from what i read that Courtney Lee is being let go asweel, the rockets seem to be tanking, yes i GM has done nothing to help us and for some reason no one wants to deal with him or the organization. I believe something has happened behind closed doors that us fans are not aware of. Houston used to be a mecca for players considering to play here, no it seems like we are a inside joke.

  28. CManley says:

    The mighty Kevin Mchale strikes again. As a twolves fan, I urge all Houston fans to get rid of that dude ASAP. He may not be a GM, but he used to be and don’t think he doesn’t have sway in the front office. He ruins teams.

    Thanks for Budinger, I have always liked his game.

  29. Sk says:

    This is an excellent move by Colangelo to get a defensive minded PG! He likey targeted Nash for publicity reasons but this move makes lots of basketball sense! Now hopefully the opposing PGs will not be able to enter our painted area so easily

  30. Frank says:

    This has to be the most ignorant thing the rockets have ever done! First we lost Budinger, then Dragic, and now Lowry! Courtney Lee is probably leaving too. We did all this in an attempt to get a superstar. GM NEEDS TO GET FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. HANKSTER says:


  32. John says:

    So the Rockets will sign Lin or Knicks to keep him? Means Rockets has no PG. At least get Calderon too or maybe the raptors going to amnesty him.

  33. HKarl says:

    we are definitely in the playoffs now: we have no pg, a sg who cant play defense, a second year forward, scola, a 38 year old center, and GARY FORBES!!!!!!!!!

  34. Zeb says:

    Bring back Aaron Brooks….smh. Still can’t believe this mess!

  35. Zeb says:

    What in the name of Hakeem Olajuwon is going on with this team??? We were just 2 games removed from the playoff. I feel like the Rockets are committing suicide after failing to get Dwight Howard. We just needed a solid defender at the Center position and we would have been fine. I think we’re missing the big picture here. Players don’t believe in Kevin Mchale’s coaching ability. No one wants to play for him. Not Goran, not Kyle, not Jeremy. This is all ridiculous to say the least. -However, I will remain a fan of the Rockets. We will get through this.

  36. BH says:

    C’mon morey this is just ridiculous. Who the hell trades our only PG only for a draft pick? And another forward? We don’t have any centers or PG’s, but fowards we almost have a full roster with them. Do something or we will be extremely awful next season

  37. ballin says:

    Contrary to what all of these writers tell you, Forbes is a PG/SG. No idea how anyone thinks he’s a SF…

    • raps fan says:

      he is a swingman (SG/SF) he only played at little PG last season because jose and bayless were injured at the same time, but his natural position is at the 2

  38. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Jeremy Lin should come to the Rockets (of course it depends on the Knicks not being able to match Houston’s offer). He would be the star of the team, and still has good players around him in Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons, new draftees and etc… Maybe the playoffs will be hard to get next year, but it will offer possibilities for 2013 free agency.

    Still, they should have traded Lowry for more in return.

  39. DWade is a BOSS says:

    does houston honestly thinks that they have a shot at getting howard at all??? just wow….

  40. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:

    Houston’s not making it to the playoffs next season for sure lol

  41. Travis says:

    Furthermore the Houston Rockets are stupid if they think Jeremy Lin is going to get them to the playoffs. Yes I liked Lin-sanity like the next person but Lin’s body can’t handle 82 games I mean really the guy started complaining after 7 games of Lin-sanity I think Lin is good but the NBA is not a sprint it’s a marathon Lin’s body in my opinion can’t handle the NBA. The entire Houston management needs to be fired they sign Tracy Mcgrady, Yao Ming, now they’re going after Jeremy Lin all these people are good but again all you have to do is look at prior injuries and their causes certain players just can’t handle 82 games it’s the reality horrible management by Houston! I love Lowry bring him to Toronto PLEASE!!!

    • Troll says:

      you sir are stupid. mcgrady and yao didnt have prior injuries when they got them, and even so they made the rockets a team to watch again after the hakeem era. look at them now.

  42. Travis says:

    Now this is a good move by Toronto! I can’t believe Houston let Lowry go! If this is a real trade tell Lowry welcome to Toronto I love this kids game he has the mind and the heart of a Champion! If he plays up to his capabilities Toronto is in for a treat!

  43. Thebz says:

    Dont like the trade even though toronto needs a point guard they shoudnt have traded a first round pick to get one but i do think that lowry would be a good addition for toronto.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Raptors are on their way up, meaning the pick will be around 14th or 15th, or even out of the lottery, so I don’t mind this trade at all, I like this trade actually, giving up practically nothing for a great defensive PG. Well atleast we know BC had a backup plan after not landing Nash.

      • raps fan says:

        the pick is rumored to be lottery or top 7 protected, so if the raps still stink then we get to keep our pick

  44. dok says:

    I may be short-sighted, but this is dumb. Houston didn’t want to pay for Dragic, ok, I get that. That makes Lowry the man at point… but then you trade him and get little in return?!? Houston doesn’t need more draft picks. Their team is young as it is. What they need are capable players NOW who understand the game and Lowry proved he was capable. They may be looking at Lin, but Lin has proved little aside from that stellar week or so he had. I don’t understand this move from Morey & Co.

  45. BFoulds says:

    This is crazy! This is obsurd!

  46. Foureyez says:

    yeeeeee boy playoffs forsure now

  47. matt says:

    no PG for Houston?

    • ThatNBAGuy says:

      Yeah, they trade away Lowry and then lose Dragic less than a day after that. Now they only have Courtney Fortson and Earl Boykins. They should of got Jose Calderon in return or go after Lou Williams, Raymond Felton, George Hill, or Jeremy Lin