Report: Knicks In Lead For Nash

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin wearing the same uniform?

If the New York Knicks get their way, that’s exactly what’s going to happen in training camp.

The Knicks have moved into the lead to land Nash, per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, using a sign-and-trade deal with the Suns to make it happen:

Nash and the Knicks are in the critical stages of discussions on a three-year deal worth between $27 million-$30 million to be executed through a sign-and-trade deal with the Suns. The Knicks would send rookie guard Iman Shumpert and multiple players – including Toney Douglas – to Phoenix for Nash, sources said.

Nash, a two-time MVP, has been enthusiastic about joining the Knicks’ core of Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and Amar’e Stoudemire.

… The Knicks also intend to match any offer restricted free-agent point guard Jeremy Lin receives.

The potential addition of Nash would be a game-changer for the Knicks and could vault them into the conversation of teams capable of legitimately challenging for one of the top spots behind the Miami Heat in the East.

Nash has history with Stoudemire dating back to their days in Phoenix, when the Suns were contenders in the Western Conference on a regular basis. He’d also be the perfect maestro for a Knicks offense that lacked one in the time before and after Lin’s rise last season.


  1. 16going417 says:

    LOL, goes to show that you cannot make perdictions in this day and age. ANYTHING can happen during the off season. Welcome to LAL Mr. Nash!!!!!

  2. LALFan says:

    Nash to LA!

  3. Curt says:

    I’ve never understood giving up 4-5 players for 1 guy. Sorry it NEVER made sense to me. And now we’re talking about young players for Steve Nash, who is what like 36? Nash has I’ll say a good 2 yrs left in him. But even if the deal was made I still don’t see NY getting to the finals which would be the point of the trade. I don’t see Nash & Melo working out for the simple fact that both need to handle the ball to be effective. So which one are you gonna ask to take a back seat Melo or Nash? I don’t see Melo’s ego letting him do it. For 1 he’s an iso player. He’s not a spot up player or a screen & shoot player. Melo has 1 style & that’s give me the ball & move. Can Melo defer to Steve Nash to run the offence? And then you would be asking Amare to be the 3rd option, can he accept that? And bench wise where is your bench play gonna come from?

  4. Ap says:

    Remember Miami has been the East champ 2 years straight. nash does not bring a defense presence to hang with the heat.
    Trading the young guard is a high risk. Miami will surly add beef to go with their aggressive mentality. why do you think Boston drafted 2 bigs? N.Y. biggest obstacle is getting Melo to work on other aspects of his game, and how to incorporate A.S. in the flow. This is the East you got to bring it!

  5. Joshua says:

    Well Nash is a 2-time M.V.P and He;d be good with Stat again in that pick and rool and with Melo psh ther gonna be tough to beat and Shump is young he’ll find his self in the NBa wether it’s with the Knicks or the Suns

  6. chris says:

    Nash should go to Utah. Afterall Utah has no point guard since they traded Harris away for Marvin Williams of all people. Mo Williams is more of a combo guard. He is not a pure PG.

    The Knicks should sign Raymond Felton back. He played good with Amare before getting traded in the Carmelo deal. I liked Felton alot and was sad to see him leave NY. I feel like he has unfinished business in NY. I think the Kinicks should re-sign Lin back too. If Lin doesn’t work out you can count on Felton though. Felton will always play his heart out and he is a little bit of an over-achiever.

  7. Israel says:

    yeah, but giving up Shum’s who is young great on ball defender. Who can finish, and who has a great upside. I like Nash but he is on his last leg. I don’t know I would not give up Shum’s. Lin is not a good on ball defender so I don’t know. Keep Shumpert, keep Lin and still try to get Nash.

  8. weSC says:

    So acquiring Stoud and Melo is just for what? It’s been a long time since Knicks rise up again, and the only chance is right now or never. The Knicks should not be contended of what they achieve last season, look at the Celtics, they are old but they are still one of the team to beat in the East. Shumpert is a great defender, but Amare and Nash pick and roll/ pick and pop is one of the best in the NBA, last season look at the Suns rosters, Dudley, Shannon Brown produced. Players around Nash gets better. He is so underrated coz of he’s age but if you watch every Suns game he always put his 100% to win.

  9. I Dont like the idea of Trading Shumpt. Shumpert is the 2nd best defender on team. But if they do trade shumpt,Good Luck iman. The Good thing is WE GET NASH. Also we can get Jamal Crawford back in free agency. Knicks Starting line up,

    PG:Steve Nash
    SG:Jamal Crawford
    SF:Carmelo Anthony
    C: Tyson Chander

    CHAMPIONS OF 2012-2013 SEASON !!!!!!!

  10. Mark says:

    Steve Nash will go to Toronto. He just became the president of basketball operations in Canada. His mission statement is to get Canadian basketball on the map. Toronto offered him 36 million for 3 years and will go higher if necessary. He is tight with the GM of the Toronto Raptors – Bryan Collangelo. Too bad none of the media consider this news too important because its Canadian news.

  11. Chance says:

    Please don’t give away shumpert. He can only get better and we need that defense. Please LordI’d rather give up like 2 or 3 1st round picks. For a 38 year old pg i dont think its a good idea to pay that much either what aboutother pieces yo.

  12. NashFan says:

    i like the idea of Nash playing in New York.. but i dont like the idea of trading Iman Shumpert for him… i mean Shumpert is a rising star.. he’s very good in defense .,i watched him shutdown D.rose and Dwade.. i think he’s a future superstar.. and will be great the the Knicks for 5-7years.. i like him in the SG spot and Nash will be the PG and knicks will be championship contnder

  13. Tone1000 says:

    Okay I love steve nash and he’d be perfect for the knicks but giving up Shumpert as part of that deal isn’t worth it. He’s the guy that we’re gonna throw on guys like Rose, Rondo, wade, etc. along with that his offensive potential is VERY GOOD. HE WAS A ROOKIE LAST YEAR and still a big piece of our team. Like I said I I’d love to have nash but including shumpert in that deal is not smart. Just another deal we’ll regret when shumpert is a brewing star out their in pheonix…… DON’T MAKE ME BECOME A NETS FAN.

  14. MR.Change says:

    A trade for Nash would be great but not for the like of Shump, Keep him bring back Lin. Nash-Lin tandem and trade Douglas, Harrelson, Jordan. Resign Novak Add Camby and a couple of other pieces we are going in the right direction. We signed James White add a few more J.R. Smith. The Knicks give away Shump give back tickets and demand refunds!!!!
    Sick of the Knicks making stupid decision bring back Walsh the right in the whole organization buy him out Indy.

  15. Bernard Verna says:

    I don’t think this will be a good trade. Iman Shumpert seems to be a promising star of the future, and Nash’s career is almost over. All in all, I would try to keep Shumpert.

  16. 123kid says:

    I hope NY gets Nash becuz it’ll be fun to watch and hopefully rejuvanate Amare who jus seemed a step slower and outta place this season. Nash has played w/him and knows how to run a good offense even w/Melo who can be selfish at times. The East wud be so fun to watch w/MIA,CHI(w/Rose healthy), NY & BK(if Dwight goes there). Idk the last time in NBA history where the East was this strong. NY hasnt won a ring for a very longtime so the time to compete is now becuz u have stars who are only getting older and are in their prime. Shumpert is a good athletic defender but he most likely wnt be an All-Star and definetly wnt become one on this knicks team. Nash should be worth it if he can stay healthy and they manage his minutes. The Knicks become instantly better w/Nash and even if they dnt win it all, they cud atleast compete in the Conference final rounds.

  17. kobe-ta says:

    no sense at all………how easily everyone forget… experts, and i believe Mr. Sekou Smith included, is saying all along during the linsanity era that Mr. Anthony cannot co-exist with a true point guard who is the focal point to start every play.. that’s the worry of everyone when Mr. Lin is creating havoc while Mr. Anthony is sidelined with injury… That worry came into reality once Mr. Anthony got back on the court… The winning streak (during Linsanity) ended with Mr. Anthony pouting that dantoni’s system is not effective for him…and that plays should be driven from him… dantoni got fired and enter woodson, the focal point again is Mr. Anthony….. so how in the world would anyone say that Nash would be a game changer for the Knicks since Nash and Lin plays the same kind of offence (NOTE: I am not comparing Lin and Nash — that’s disrespecting Nash because of his achievements. On the other hand, i am a fan of Lin… i am merely saying they run similar plays). So 95% of the time, play will come from Nash… what now Mr. Anthony?

  18. daniel.b says:

    nash would be a really good fit for the lakers, he can go hard to the basket if he wanted to, kobe can play of a more relaxed shooting pg and dish it out to andrew and kobe,also metta world peace spotting up to shoot a corner three. i say nash is a better derek fisher for the lakers, nash doesnt always look for his points but when he does he can 10-20points where derek can get in my opinion 8-12points.. i really hope nash can go to the lakers

  19. the finishline says:

    The Knicks and Lakers need Nash bad. They both need someone to conduct their talented offenses, more importantly get the ball out of Kobe & Mello’s ballhogging hands!

  20. Mr Gaines says:

    Lin was a undersize “2” in college, but he made up for it with his quick feet, plus he is strong as a bull… he showed when he was given the chance… he is still “hungry” to prove he belongs….Nash/Lin would work….all we need is a “competent” 3 and we would be set…..meaning…Carmelo to the following teams…..Philadelphia, Charlotte, Sacramento, Golden St., Toronto…all these teams can give back a compliment of players the Knicks could incorporate either into the starting line up or the bench……Somebody needs to call Coach Behiem to see how to deal with this headcase……or maybe he should take a lesson from D Wade….U no, “Buying into whats better for the team”….that will get him rings……not Stats…………just saying

  21. mmja says:

    if steve nash sign with knicks. please sign grant hill too for last 1 yr. a good defender for perimeter shooters.

  22. Kent says:

    Steve Nash will play in Toronto. The Raptors are offering him the most money (by far) and it is his opportunity to return to his native land and increae the visability of basketball all across Canada as he ends his great career. Any other scenario based on some sort of cap and trade involving the Suns and Knicks is fanciful thinking. Knick fans who think that Nash will eagerly sign on to a cap and trade that moves him to their team; one with little chance of winning the championship, all the while taking a $7-9 million pay cut from what he would earn in Toronto, is seriously deluding themselves.

  23. epic says:

    why would they want Nash and Lin. That is plain stupid.

  24. Kem says:

    Why end his career in NY? Nash won’t get a ring with the Knicks simply because Stoudemire and Carmelo don’t play well together. That is their current handicap of which Steve Nash cannot correct. Makes no sense to me…he might as well stay with the Suns or go to Toronto. Ending his career in Toronto makes more sense than NY. I’m just a fan maybe I don’t know everything there is to know, however this is just my thought on the matter…3 years left in his carerr why not make a move that is worth it??!!

  25. slimpulla says:

    After seeing that knee injury to Shumpert I would trade him too. If Amare can score more than 15 they Knicks are competitors either way.

  26. Mr Gaines says:

    If we need to get rid of Iman to get Nash, so be it…..remember, he blew out his knee without any contact….who knows if he will ever be the same…..then, Carmelo better get w/the program, or hey, why not trade Mega contract for Mega Contract….say Melo/Howard, or Melo/Kobe, or Melo/to the 2nd dumbest GM in the league…..Michael Jordan….Get that kid Gilchrist, plus a couple of “serviceable pieces” Charlotte has, and Guess what????

    Knick fan 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. E-starr says:

    I have been a life long knicks fan, if they trade shump i will become a nets fan!!! They always trade off their good player b4 they develop into star’s.

  28. Jason says:

    you got 2 keep shump go after Jkidd instead of nash makes more sense jkidd plays good D and can slide over to the 2 and play off ball need shump for the defense…. or trade tyson and amare for Dwight and get nash

  29. jty7271 says:

    I like the idea of Nash as a mentor for Lin, and reunitinf with Amare, but NO WAY should they give up Shumpert. He is a very important player for the Knicks future. Last I checked, Nash was a free agent. Why should they have to give up anything? What’s wrong with the management, first they give up way too much for Carmelo, and now this?

  30. Choker says:

    Who cares…. Melo isnt going to fit in again. I dont think he’ll embrace a role with Nash on the team. Trade Melo

  31. Bob f. says:

    I have been watching the knicks for. Lot of years..and put up with lot of their horrible decisions….letting shumpert go…would be the last straw…i mean sure we need a point guArd…but an aged nash for a budding potential all star in shumpert ..i just couldent handle anymore……..brooklyn here i come

  32. newyorksteelo says:

    I would hate for the Knicks to lose Iman Shumpert, but gaining Steve Nash will make the Knicks Instant contenders hands down no questions asked. Lin can also be schooled by Nash. Just do i!

  33. jty7271 says:

    I love the idea of Nash acting as a mentor for Lin, and reuniting with Amare, but No Way they should give up Shumpert. He is very important for thte future of the Knicks. Last I checked, Nash was a free agent. Why should they give up anything? What’s wrong with the management, first they give up too much for Carmelo, and now this?

  34. Knicks and Nets says:

    July 4, 2012 at 4:11 pm
    Do the Knicks really need to spend that much $$ and get rid of good players for a 38 year old point guard? Is any 38 year old worth a 3 year contract? They’ve got an excellent PG in J. Lin, take advantage of him. Use the big bucks wisely!

    J-Lin is still too young and needs to learn. Why not sign Nash and Grant Hill and J-Lin. I am sure Hill will take a pay cut to play with Nash and the Knicks. There is so much endorsement playing in NY.

    ps. Nets made a big mistake in taking on Joe Johnson big expensive contract. It wasn’t worth it unless they trade Joe and picks for Dwight.

    It would of been great if the Nets got Artest and Odom since they are from the same area.

  35. Noah says:

    Why would they even think of trading Shumpert?! He has the potential to be an All-Star someday…Why give him up for a player who is past his prime? It doesn’t make sense…

  36. HJP says:

    I think that Steve Nash should go to the Miami Heat because he is a two-time NBA MVP and never made trips to the NBA Finals, I feel with joining LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh he will make it to the NBA Finals and be an NBA Champion.

  37. BuffaloBills says:

    Toronto is going to let Nash have it, when he comes to town! Piece of sh1t! Hope you blow out a knee in training camp, old man…

    • BasedonStats says:

      Why would he go to toronto? did i miss something? did they get any players to help him make a run at a ring in his last years?

    • Jayodarapper says:

      this would be a terrible trade. i have been a Knicks fan since they were bad, when they went to the finals, until now they have something special with him they need to resign someone else and not make shump available. yeah his offense is shaky but he is athletic. you can teach a jump shot but not defense ijs

    • dattebayo says:

      What up with the hate? He hasn’t even signed elsewhere yet. And I don’t think Toronto will ever boo him and why should they? For not signing in Toronto? Please…

      • nonbiased fan says:

        exactly. just because he’s canadian? if he does get booed when he signs with a team other than Toronto then those haters who are booing are really shallow and naive

  38. Stacey D says:

    I’ve been a Knicks fan since King, Tucker,Orr & if they deal Shumpert,Dolan the GM & Woodson all need to be shot!. Shumpert is young with many more years left. Nash is not the same player he use to be. Very bad move in my eyes. Let Fields go, sign Lou Williams or Mayo

  39. LoyalKnixFan says:

    Do the Knicks really need to spend that much $$ and get rid of good players for a 38 year old point guard? Is any 38 year old worth a 3 year contract? They’ve got an excellent PG in J. Lin, take advantage of him. Use the big bucks wisely!

  40. Nobody says:

    I don’t like this. Steve Nash doesn’t guarantee anything for Amare since Amare is the kind of guy that will not succeed with another star in the front court with him. We saw this when they brought Shaq in Phoenix. Amare always has to be the guy leading the front line for him to be effective.. and he isn’t even a solid rebounder or low post defender. Same thing with Melo. He’s numbers are not gonna decline but he destroys team chemistry. Tyson Chandler is a good defender. He makes most of teams’ defenses good, but he’s not the kind of player that can be a cornerstone for defense like a Dwight Howard or Kevin Garnett. Dallas is already a solid defensive team and Chandler made them great in that aspect. As for the Knicks who had no defense to begin with, Chandler doesn’t make a significant difference.

  41. danny says:

    trade shumpert, he still needs to recover from his injury, and we need contenders right now,, not years from now. why wait for things when we can do it NOW!, New york city is one of the biggest city in the markets and they have not had a quality team or dynasty in yearsss, so i dont see whats so bad with tradin shumpert. its just that some other people have to step up on defense thats all…

  42. JayJay says:

    Lin played SG in Harvard…. And was still showing flashes of it in the Linsanity period-
    so why not do this for the starting lineup

    PG: Nash
    SG: Lin
    SF: Melo
    PF: Amare
    C: Tyson…

    And hope that Amar’e learned defense from Olajuwon as well as post moves..

    • nonbiased fan says:

      yep. Lin could be a combo guard but i think a spot up shooter is better suited to play the SG. Smith/Novak is a good option. I hope Lin could accept coming out of the bench and providing that fire power with the 2nd unit if he can’t start. Lin is very versatile but it would benefit the team more if he came off the bench

  43. Michael says:

    I like the Nuggets as well. We only need to fire Karl and pick up a championship caliber coach to step p to the next level.

  44. BasedonStats says:

    Are you guys serious? I’m a big fan for Iman Shumperts defense, athleticism, hustle, and potential. But c’mon, the Knicks need someone to make this Carmelo and Stat thing work. Who better then the best pure point guard in the NBA right now(respect to Chris Paul). You can find a decent defender in free agency like the Celtics did in Dooling. But a point guard like Nash, with his experience, leadership, and just will to win. That’s a lot rarer. I say pull the trigger….the benefit this will have on a still unproven but definitely talented Jeremy Lin will also reap its benefits.

  45. LAKERRSSSSS says:

    man this is some crazy nonsense STEVE NASH and DWIGHT HOWARD will end up going to the lakers this year if I were to be the Lakers GM I would give metta and Bynum and barnes for the Howard and sign Nash on a 2 year deal of 35 mls that would make the lakers unbeatable and the heat which were some lucky bastads won this year

  46. Knicks getting T-mac? says:

    PG:Nash/Lin – Both are very alike because they are both 6-3 with no hops but keep their dribble in the paint

    All the knicks would have to do is sign defensive role players, such as grant Hill. Also Knicks should hire Magic’s former coach, Stan Van Gundy as the coach staff.

  47. I have been a Knicks fan since 1968 and yes its been 40 years now since a Championship; you cannot mortgage your future. Iman has won over NBA fans with excellence on defense & flashes of explosive drives reminding us of the young Dwayne Wade. Mr. Jim Dolan beware you will loose permanently more than half of your fans trading Shumpert. Bring back Lin or Felton who played extremely well here in New York. Trade Shupert & I along with many fans are done with MSG. Worse than trading Ewing, Mark Jackson, Walt Frazier all rolled into one. Win championships with keeping some of your home grown young talent; remember if Mario Charmers does not perform well then Miami is not the new Champs of the NBA!

  48. Knicks Fan says:

    sure this team would be great….if mike d’antoni was still their head coach…

    it’s not gonna work with mike woodson and melo style of play in the mix. nash has always been a part of the run and gun offense except in dallas. and amare too. shumpert is too valuable in the long run for the knicks to trade for nash.

    i say forget nash, pick up raymond felton, and put him with amare in the 2nd unit. 3 years for a close to 40 year old is not a good long term strategy.

  49. TheDude says:

    You guys are forgetting one thing; Iman Shumpert tore his ACL towards the end of last season. This may potentially be a steal for the Knicks. Iman wont have the same jumping abilities, lateral movements, etc anymore – the dude busted his ACL, an injury that ends CAREERS.

  50. chandler says:

    nash to utah!

  51. Axel says:

    I guess steve nash doesn’t want a ring? Good luck trying to win one with the Knicks.

  52. Mahad says:

    Do Not Get rid of Shumpert, We Need Him!!!!

  53. Trade KOBE please! says:

    Trade KOBE so Lakers could get NASH and DH12.

  54. me says:

    no way thei are trading Imam shrumpert and some other non starters for Nash, for some reason ppl go crazy over this dude (I swear I’ve seen his moves and plays and still don’t understand why he so overrated). Anyway, my point is Chandler or someone and maybe a future draft pick is gonna go to Suns

  55. granti1028 says:

    As a Suns fan I hate to see Nash go even though you knew it was coming, but I’d love Shumpert in the trade and would rather get draft picks than multiple players. Draft picks have more value than Knicks role players….

  56. kitoy says:

    don’t trade shumpert.. 3 yrs from now … his better than melo.. .

  57. HaleyBird says:

    Nash will make everyone look like All Stars again as he did in Phoenix., Amare, Matrix, etc. They all should have cut him a cheque when they signed their big deals upon leaving Phoenix. They have the pieces and he’s the glue., he’ll distribute the ball whereby Amre & Melo can do what they do…score! If you Knick fans can get excited over Linsanity., you’ll lose your marbles over Nash…Done Deal!

  58. T. MILLS says:

    It would be a good trade but the Knicks would need the coach they just got rid of back because Nash plays no defense and along with Melo and Amare not playing defense I wouldnt expect them to be able to stop anybody from scoring at a crucial point in the game.

  59. Mrmacpatty says:

    Well put. I’m from PHX. Huge Amare and Nash fan. It’s gonna be fun to watch again. Imagine, Nash and Stat runs pick and roll. If that doesn’t work kick it out to melo. Nash and Stat get the first 12 seconds of the shot clock and Melo can have the rest if they need it.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      totally. they can also manage the team very efficiently with their rotations if this happens. if Nash is out, Lin is in. Lin is great on the pick and roll especially with a great screener like Chandler. Melo is their closer and scorer. what’s great is that they can win it with pick and roll and from the post which is the epitomy of halfcourt offense in the playoffs. defensively this is not a problem since Woodson is a defensive minded coach they will play team defense like the Heat does. with Chandler in the middle being their anchor this team really looks amazing.

  60. Berkeley says:

    The Knicks can resign J.R.Smith and getting Nash is what they need. And in case you haven’t notice (which you haven’t) the Knicks turn the corner (aka started winning) after Mike Woodson took over and they started playing defense, as a team. Now granted Iman Shumbert is very good ball player(and his best day is ahead of him). But according to some the statements I have read. That the Knicks will be over the hill in three years, Having a very good young guard (Iman Shumbert) will not make that much of a difference. Plus the Knicks are trying to make the deal, so that Shumbert is not traded.

  61. rguigamma says:

    why do so many people keep using the word ‘ there’ in place of ‘their’? smartphones?

  62. Andygdl says:

    Id rather see Nash in a Toronto uniform…

  63. overrated says:

    nash to the knicks for shumpert? eric gordon hoping hornets will not much offer from Suns? why not they knicks-hornets-suns try a multi player trade so everyone will benefit. see below:

    nash + other players to much salaries to knicks
    gordon + other players to much salaries to suns
    shumpert + douglas + other players to much salaries to hornets

    nash and gordon goes to the team they want to play for… hornets cont w/ the youth movement and improvement w/ shumpert at SG,douglas coming off the bench

  64. b-rad says:

    Wow this is a tough one. Nash should get the offense moving again but they would be losing one of the best defenders in the league. During the Linsanity craze it was shumperts defense that triggered much of the offense. He’s a great energy guy and I love that he plays with so much confidence. If this does go through they better find themselves another defender to take his place cause it looks like Fields will be going (not that he was that great) and walker is nothing special on D either. Is Deshawn Stevenson available?

  65. mohammed says:

    the knicks will make a HUGE mistake sending shumpert just like they did to ariza and gallo and raymond felton i mean i really like steve nash to come and play for the knicks but i wouldn’t trade away my best defensive guy (shumpert) i just hope the knicks should think this over and do this wisely

  66. Ring for the King says:

    Nash would be a good fit, but unlike iman shumpert, and just like melo and amare he plays absolutely no defense. We all know to win the east you have to be a defensive minded team first,and offense second.

  67. lakers fan says:

    nash should get traded to the lakers but it wont happen b/c the nba is a fix! david stern does NOT want kobe to win another ring and therefore has screwed everything up by not letting the lakers get chris paul and making them lose odom! if dwight howard comes to the lakers he will screw everything up! we dont want dwight! bring back phil jackson! if the lakers got nash he would be a perfect fit for bynum bnut david stern WONT let that happen! he will do anything in his power to Not let kobe win another ring! he will make Lebron win and tell the refs to screw up game calls llike in game 2 where lebron fouled durant and no foul was called! The nba has been screwed up!

    • ram says:

      dude shutup and stop crying if your going to say hes biased u can say hes biased towards the hornets other than that your just crying cus kobe didnt win and then u cried again because by being a kobe fan ur obviously a lebron hater. respect the game. shut ur mouth

    • James says:

      lol shut up. Nash would NEVER play with LA, he said so himself. Because of all the history Phoenix and LA have with each other in the playoffs. Don’t talk about topics you know nothing about.

  68. ron says:

    nice!!!hampionship contender

  69. zip says:

    Nash+Lin+Anthony+Stoudemire=the worst defense ever seen in basketball. The Knicks are bringing together a unique and never before seen combination of age, lack of foot-speed and lateral movement, and just not giving a damn. If Chandler gets injured, I think we will be the first to see an NBA team score over 250 points in a single game.

  70. razzledazzle says:

    on paper – nice.

    NY definitely needs a floor general – one that can distribute ball to Melo & Amare – and while Nash’s age is near retirement – and disregard $$ – he’s one of the proven PG in the free agent market. Sure – lots of potentials PG – lik Dragic…etc. But definite a good addition.

  71. Mateo says:

    They should not trade schumpert! He has the potential to become a young star. His jumping ability and defensive skills are amazing.

    • Drew says:

      Potential means nothing when you can acquire a player that already is a star. Too many teams fall in love with the guys they already have. I bet Cleveland feels stupid right now. They could have gotten Amare a few years ago, but they were obsessed with keeping JJ Hickson at the time. Look how that one turned out.

  72. drew says:

    this is great for knicks cause they have a 3 year championship window there guys arnt getting any younger and they need to win now even if the knicks win one title it wont matter how good shumpert becomes cause it will have been worth it

  73. Brandon says:

    Nah, i’d say the real threat to the L.A Clippers are the Spurs, they went 3-1 against OKC during last regular season. But otherwise you are right.

    (Yeah I know you meant the Lakers, but Clippers will take the division title this year, you have my word)

  74. LordP says:

    As a Heat Fan I would love to see Nash in Knicks uniform..Amare will be back the terrific player we used to see in phoenix..and the level of the competition in the eastern conf gonna rise foreal…

  75. Jimmy House says:

    Nash would certainly be a great addition for the Knicks but giving up Shumpert is a mistake,in my opinion..

  76. Rod says:

    Make this happen and then trade Melo for Howard!!!!!!!!

  77. DGreenn says:

    I love shump. In three years all our big contracts will be done. As good as shump is, our biggest issue is at the point. Nash instantly make Chandler the threat he was with CP3 and Nash will get Amare out of his funk. The threat our bigs will pose will be a lot for teams to over come because of Nash. Ask yourself this, is it easier to get a Nash (Top 3 PG in the NBA) or is it easier to replace Shump. You may not get a defender as good as Shump but he is easier to replace.

  78. Lol says:

    Trading Shumpert would be a disaster for the Knicks. Shumpert is one of the best defensive shooting guard there is that is capable of defending Kobe or Wade or anybody else and is what the Knicks are needing… DEFENSE. I think trading Toney Douglas(3.1 M) is already enough to release a salary cap space for Nash rather than adding Iman Shumpert(1.7 M) in the mix.

  79. John says:

    Why would they give up Iman Shumpert to gain Nash? I dont like it, hes the best defender and energy guy off the bench…big loss for the knicks.

  80. 314huSTLa56 says:

    knicks PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! dont trade shump i like nash but sign and trade jermey lin for nash and other players and try to get dragic for a back up i repeat PLEASE dont trade shump

  81. PG at Heart says:

    While I wouldn’t want to give up Shumpert either, this will still be a good move for NY. Nash can provide 2-3 good years as well as mentor Lin as a long term replacement. However, I think they still need to ship Melo out and find a more TEAM oriented replacement.

  82. Jason says:

    I think Shumpert shouldn’t leave. He’s a great player. Like some of you said, Nash only has a few years left. I would like to mention one thing and I would love to hear your opinions guys. If you guys remember, there were news of Phil Jackson returning as a coach but he said he won’t be a coach. Some said he should join the Knicks but Phil said there’s too much work to be done with the Knicks. What do you think about Steve Nash running the offense? Could it somehow change Phil’s mind? Whether it’s possible or not possible for Phil to be a Knicks coach, I just want to hear about the idea of him being a coach for the Knicks with Nash running the offense πŸ™‚

  83. CISCO says:

    When you have a chance to get an All Star caliber player like Steve Nash who makes everyone he plays with better and is the only savior the Knicks can land this offseason, you make the trade. Sure he only has 3 years left, but he is a game changer, big time. I love Shump, but fact is he can’t carry this team. He is a great leader, especially on the defensive end. Trade him, he’s the only way you get Nash. One shump’s contract is up, resign him in the future. Knicks, win now!

  84. Patty says:






    • Francisco says:

      kobe is the reason of the lakers demise, flashy and uneffcient, trade him

    • joe says:

      i could see NY trading stoudamire for Pau, or otherwise just trading him flat out. his back injuries, incosistent play, dude is getting paid too much for doing too little

  85. ram says:

    If the knicks decide to trade away iman and all those other guys they would be making a bigger mistake then when they gave up their whole team to trade for carmelo anthony. The trade for carmelo in the end gave the knicks one player (melo) for gallo, wilson chandler, felton, mozgov , (knicks got billups too but another dumb gm move was to dump him to sign chandler to an overpriced contract).

    This trade for nash will only added to the stupidity especialllyyyy if they retain Lin. Knicks dont need anymore offensive minded guys that are clueless on what to do on defense. tyson chandler and shumpert are the only guys that can play defense for the knicks (even fields is leaving) so to trade one of the best guard defenders in the legue (whos only a sophomore) is ridiculous. Steve nash , jeremy lin, amare, and melo all playing together? yeah right carmelos going to demand the ball and put up the most shots and everyone elses role will deminish, a team centered around signing the biggest name players and all offense will never win a championship or even get past the first round.

    writter of this article is just as dumb as knicks Gm

  86. MS says:

    ^ agreed on that. Shump has the potential to become one of the best defenders in the league and he will no doubt get better on offensive end as well. Knicks are also probably going to lose Fields and J.R.Smith, so he’s going to play SG? it seems that only defender on the team is going to be Tyson Chandler and maybe Bill Walker if he stays.

    on the other hand, Nash + Stat pick’n’roll. i’m starting to salivate.

    • Average Joe says:

      The pick and roll can easily be contained by an aggressive switching defense. The Heat proved that in the Finals. They had less success against the Celtics because 1. They did not have Bosh to anchor the defense until Game 6 and 2. KG is hardly called for illegal screens, which made it easy for Rondo to turn the corner on his defender. The Knicks should keep Shumpert but if they really want to pair STAT with Nash, then that’s their business. Nothing against Nash. He’s the best orchestrator in the game, but he’s seriously lacking in the defensive end. And if they sign and trade Shumpert for Nash, they’ll lose a valuable piece of their team defense. They already lost Fields to Toronto. No offense to Chandler, but if perimeter defenders can’t keep opposing players or the ball off the paint, the Knicks would be in serious trouble. Chandler only has so many fouls he can use and there’s no other defense minded player in the Knicks roster.

  87. Ramon says:

    If they trade shumpert who will be there shooting guard?

  88. go heat says:

    tyson chandler isnt gonna bail you out every time, keep shump! if you want to beat miami you need to contain wade and james and he’s your only shot at that.

  89. UltimateVIP says:

    To say that the Knicks are in the lead here is premature at best. Nash is reported to be meeting Miami Thursday so how could anyone be in the lead, before he hears what the WORLD CHAMPIONS have to say.

  90. Amitpal says:

    Getting Nash by trading imam shumpert is a terrible mistake. Iman is there best defender and without him they have nobody that can stop anybody. This could the worst defensive team ever. Amare melo Nash Lin these guys are one of the worst defenders at there position. Inorder for Knicks to win they have to keep iman. Have to.

    • Amitpal is an idiot says:

      How can you say Iman is there best defender??? You are a complete idiot or saying so. Just for one second of your life think! TYSON CHANDLER.

  91. dave says:

    Nash wont win a title in NY in the 2-3 yrs he’s going for, there not getting past heat,celts,nets…..L.A. is absolutely the spot for him to get that ring, just gotta go through okc.

    • wtfdude says:

      seriously have you ever watched the phoenix suns and lakers battling it out on the playoffs before? it will be like blasphemy if nash will go to the lakers. Besides Kobe is a ball hog! Nash and Kobe will not click in any way!

      • taalat says:

        im not saying nash should be in the lakers cuz he soulddnt but are you telling me carmelo is not the biggest ball hog ever him going to the knicks is bad to

    • Shane says:

      And then the heat, celts, nets….

    • L!N MVP says:

      The Knicks will not be able to get past THE NETS??? hahaha that’s a good one. The Nets are just hopeful that maybe they can make the playoffs, not make noise there.

    • Jackmouve says:

      Why is everyone still sleeping on the Bulls, if not for the injury to Rose, they could easily be wearing a ring. I hope the Heat aren’t sleeping on them too, they dodged a bullet this year and if they pick up a Mayo or JR Smith, WATCH OUT East!

      • Rafael Ramos says:

        Rose is out for the year so the Bulls don’t factor. Who knows if he will be the same again.

      • Average Joe says:

        Or maybe the Bulls wouldn’t have gone past KG and the Celts. Don’t be so quick to diss the Heat just because you hate them (I bet you even forgot why you hate them). They are the champs and they justified it by beating the Celts at the top of their game and the Thunder who beat three championship caliber squads in the East and with the best roster in the NBA. IMO Rose wouldn’t be a match for the perimeter switching defense of the Heat. He would have fits breaking it down. Westbrook is more athletic and more explosive and even he had trouble finding his way to the hole. Durant is taller and almost as quick and he only sporadically tested the Heat defense. So don’t you go saying the Heat dodged a bullet. It just shows your lack of basketball IQ.

    • Indy Kene says:

      Miami or LA would be the better detination for Nash. That would give him the better possibility of winning a championship than just making it to the playoffs again.

  92. Gruvefreak says:

    Matt – I don’t wanna give up Shump either but without a stellar point guard, Melo and Stat will not work. Yes, it’s a 2-3 year thing, but in 3 years, all the big contracts on these guys will be up and we’ll have to start rebuilding anyway. I hope they pull the trigger on this.

  93. cmac347 says:

    I like the addition of Steve Nash on the Knick roster. However, the loss of Shumphert will be monumental for the Knicks especially on the defensive end. The Knicks of course struggle on the defensive end and needs to create more a defensive presence. Especially if they want to be considered as a possible threat in the Eastern Conference.Dethroning the Heat and the other elite teams in the conference. If they can find a way to avoid adding Shumphert in the deal it would allow them to add a piece they desperately need. Instead of having to find players to make up their bench and gel a team together to make a run at getting out of the first round.

  94. Shump for MVP says:

    Noo, trade jr smith or something not shump !!! Mans a beast, and so much potential.

    • Lol says:

      how can you trade JR Smith if the Knicks didn’t own him in the first place??? He’s unrestricted!

      • Shakeem says:

        Dont trade j.r smith bc nobody can be a better 6th man on the team nd dont trade shumpert for some old man tht might get hurt like baron davis get rid of baron davis nd get steve nash so the starrting five can be steve nash jeremy lin melo amare nd chandler thts better yaa ppl dont noo basketball i hope steve nash either declines the trade if they trade shumpert or trade baron davis for steve nash

    • Bball247 says:

      Go look at free agency buddy, they can’t sign smith let alone trade him. He declined an option from them so he could test free agency. I also agree that they shouldn’t trade shumpert, do whatever they have to do otherwise. But shumpert? I don’t like that, give them future draft picks or something. He’s goin to be a defensive monster as he is already one of the best defensive guards in the league and only has one year under his belt! He’s an ok scorer, but a shot can be developed a lot easier than a scorer developing defense.

      • Shoaib says:

        shump is just another westbrook

      • Shoaib says:

        shump is just another wesbrook but with more potential n less ball hogging

      • LS1Kid says:

        100% AGREE
        Shump is awesome, he guarded wade/rose/calderon/rondo/dwill with ease, we should trade toney/josh/cash and maybe a future pick for nash. starting 5 would be awesome with nash shump melo stat and tyson BUT if they do give up shump then we need to keep feilds, he a a good defender and excels when the ball moves around which happened when we had felton, thats why he was considered in the top 5 of rooks that year.
        nash fields melo stat and tyson is a good starting 5 regardless

  95. Bob says:

    Nash would be a great addition, trade Shumpert and sign a decent sg in free agency. O.J. Mayo possibly.

    • Malaki Azul says:

      I like that idea, a lot! But they may have to give up someone like JR to get Mayo. I think I would be willing to do that. How much $$$$ is Mayo looking to make?

  96. Matt says:

    The Knicks should not give up Shumpert. He has the potential to be a defensive game changer down the road. I’d love Nash to be on the team, but not if they have to trade away there best young talent. That’s giving up on the future, because Nash only has 2-3 good years left, so if they don’t win in those two years, it’s back to the drawing board because all of your key players will be on the wrong side of 30 and past their prime.

    • Nonbiasedfan says:

      you’re talking about the future and bad side of 30s for stoudemire and melo if they don’t win it with nash in 2-3 years. so you’re saying they’re gonna win it in 2-3 years with shumpert? ur a funny man. yes i do like shumpert on the defensive end but id gladly give that up with Nash running my PG position and giving professional advise for J.Lin while at the same time Tyson Chandler being the anchor of their defense. please tell me this makes more sense.

  97. Conor 2L says:

    I am a nuggets fan and like the trade for Melo the Knicks will end up trading a core of their team for a star and have no role players which is what normally wins rings. However Nash could be the piece that NY is missing but again thanks for the Melo trade as we in Denver have one of the lowest payrolls now and the youngest teams in the NBA and still make the playoffs at the 6 seed. Big up

    • dattebayo says:

      Hey, I really liked the Nuggets too, this season. Their uptempo style of basketball play is a winning style. Had they not had so many injuries, they might have had Homecourt advantage in the playoffs. Too bad they couldn’t beat the Lakers, but they just gave away the first two games by not playing their style and the refs were not helpful either. I don’t know how many travels I saw on the Laker side, that they never got called for (Bryant, Gasol, Bynum).

      The player core is good for now, they just need to improve individually and also as a team in the halfcourt offense. Maybe they can even add a better roleplayer like a consistent 3point shooter, so Triple-A and Lawson have more space to penetrate and another shooter to kick out to…

    • Malaki Azul says:

      Uh, can you at least be more current. How long ago was it that trade happened?

    • James says:

      Hell yeah GO NUGGETS