Miami In The Plans For Ray Allen?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — LeBron James has abandoned the subtle approach in identifying the next veteran he’d love to see join the Miami Heat’s quest for a repeat championship next season.

With his son Bryce serving as the perfect accomplice, James took to Twitter during the Draft to court one-time rival Ray Allen, the soon-to-be free agent and former Celtics star:

While watching the Draft my son Bryce ask “Is Ray Allen gonna play for the Heat”. I said “I don’t know, I hope so”.

James probably won’t be the only superstar courting Allen this summer. Even with an injured ankle that cost Allen and the Celtics dearly in the playoffs, the future Hall of Famer will be a coveted prospect on the free agent market.

With the Celtics apparently searching for a younger replacement (O.J. Mayo?) at shooting guard, Allen should listen to the recruiting pitches of James and others (the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns, run by Allen’s former agent, Lon Babby, are also rumored to be among the teams preparing to court him). Allen’s emotional departure from the Celtics after their Game 7 loss to the Heat in the Eastern Conference finals was a fitting tribute from one of the classiest players the league has seen and probably had Celtics fans choked up a bit.

But the sight of him in a Heat uniform will surely get the blood boiling in a different direction. Allen could slide into the role that Mike Miller is expected to vacate this summer, if he retires. And the Heat have never been shy about pursuing big names in free agency.

The Celtics have free agency issues of their own to deal with, including a reported Saturday decision from Kevin Garnett on whether he will retire or come back for another year. (While Doc Rivers was enjoying the draft as a dad alongside his son Austin, the Celtics were busy drafting their potential frontcourt of the future in Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo).

The future for Allen, however, is still very much up in the air. There is a chance he could return to the Celtics. There seems to be just as good a chance of him taking his talents to South Beach to join an old rival!


  1. Noah Evans says:

    Pg Lebron SG Allen SF Wade PF Battier C Bosh… Anyone think that would work? Maybe if lebron plays pg first half and wade gets second half? I dont really think Lebron is a PF.

  2. Melvin says:

    If the Miami Heat gets Ray Allen they are guaranteed a championship next year. They need a solid point guard and Ray Allen is a beast from downtown….Let’s get this deal done and bring him to MIA. However, the harse reality is that Mismi can’t afford him. They already have three superstars…

  3. jose says:

    heat can help him to get that ring.

  4. jose says:

    Why not sign Grant Hill? He is suited to the Heat rotation and a much better defensive player that can play 1-4. Also, he is a good replacement for Miller . I think he’ll sign for veteran’s minimum for 2 years. It’s not much to lose for the Heat. Just a thought, he’s still got game and maybe the Heat will help to get that ring.

  5. RayAllenVai98 says:

    Is there a possibility that both Ray and Nash can play in Memphis

  6. Liwei Wu says:

    As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them!

  7. RAY ALLEN NO.1 FAN says:

    Ray Allen is not the miami type Hes the Boston type. CELTICSSSSSS

  8. Silencepls.. says:

    I don’t know about that.. Miami is a defensive team. Allen’s defense is questionable.. Even Mike Miller plays tough defense there.. He’s not fit in Miami..

  9. makataeus says:

    Ray Allen wold be a great replacement for Miller. We need a consistent shooter like Ray who can knock down a decent number treys each game because in the playoff games they lost and could have won, in the moments where it was a 1 or 2 point game they’ve been beaten by the other team scoring a 3 and Miami only going for the safe 2 hoping for a turnover. And when they do attempt 3’s they have missed oh so many that led to losses as a result of d rebound fast break from the other team. Ray fills the spot very nicely.

  10. TheRileyLegacy says:

    Honestly what I’m really hoping for is that the Heat acquire Ray Allen this year and keep their draft center and then next year granted Ricky Rubio doesn’t extend, decides to take his talents to Miami. That would solve the PG problem that many complain about. I’d give Hamilton about 2-3 years to improve and if not acquire a real Big in 14.

  11. NBAddicted says:

    Love to see Ray Allen and Brandon Roy to Miami Heat.

  12. Ian says:

    should get a legit Center so Bosh could slide on the PF position as his primary, if they’re goin’ to do a small ball, then he’d play C. should’ve made a pitch on Dalembert, or Kaman. If they goin to get a PG, they must establish his role, if he’s the director of the floor or just a spot up shooter. Lebron must refrain from dominating the ball most of the time but learn how to position himself or find a mismatch of sorts. If Miller’s gonna retire as reported, and if James Jones will look for greener pastures, then they should convince Allen to play with them, boosting their chances of a good season run. Better dispose Curry and the other rookie PG, Harris. then get some decent players who will be of use.

  13. Starters:
    Lebron James
    Bosh as 5 period.

    Allen Iverson
    James Jones ( solid bench) (when you have James Jones, Battier, Miller, Cole, Chalmers, Iverson you cant lose cuz three points )
    Joel Anthony ( he deserved more minutes in last games)

    Justin Hamilton
    Dexter Pittman

  14. Kyle says:

    I dont think they need a point guard because James and wade primarily have the ball in their hands and the team is better that way but ray would be a great addition. Need a athletic big that can get rebounds and block shots

  15. Nicholas says:

    if you guys think that Miami will get another really good player like Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, O. J Mayo, Jason Terry, Marcus Camby, Roy Hibbert and even Steve Nash or Ray Allen u guys don’t know basketball because all those guys want more money than their team is offering them and u guys think Miami has enough money to pay any of those players even if they release Mike Miller, James Jones, Ronny Turiaf, Dexter Pitman, Eddy Curry, Shane Battier they barley have enough money to pay the big three so don’t get so happy Miami fans and if they get at least 2 of those players on my list way to kill basketball Miami Heat just so LeBron can win more rings I guess the Big three right now isn’t enough for the team to win more rings

  16. Chris says:

    selfish LBJ………….. why don’t he come back to the Cavs!

  17. dan says:

    I think nash or ray allan is a must for the heat. allan can replace mike miller and steve nash and chalmers can fight for pg… and on a financial note, if chalmers stops getting starter minutes, people wont want to give him money to somewhere else…. thus getting him cheap 4 year deal yep i went there

  18. Dan says:

    Don’t forget about greg oden 🙂 having him would be nice 🙂

  19. BiG FaN #6 James says:

    why not chalmers improve and ray comes…steve is not gunna come
    i dunt think so…
    budget? LOL

  20. Andrew says:

    Ray Allen isn’t going to Miami, he’s going to want more money than the Heat can offer him.

  21. Shanitra says:

    people need to get out of their comfort zone…ray allen would be EXCELLENT for the Heat because like it was previously said it opens the floor A LOT more!!! If ray allen is really looking to win a ring he will come to the heat…makes no sense going to anything other team because they’re just not on the level that the heat are playing on…the heat player’s eyes are blood shot RED!!! AND ARE WANTING MORE RINGS!! REMEMBER NOT 4,5,6,7…..!!!!!!

  22. TheRileyLegacy says:

    If Miami can pull that off granted there’s been a mutual interest since April so it’s likely it’ll happen, then Miami will pretty much have the best 3 point shooter of all-time in their arsenal which would leave a lot of room to start cleaning house with their roster. Allen would be the best relief for Wade possible, but would leave Miami with the same lack of a real big man situation which makes them worse off against real defensive teams. Miami picking up an ok center and was hoping they’d make a run for Melo but hey now we might get an even better scoring squad this year. As far as Miami’s PG situation, I think that both Rio and Cole are good PGs and once Rio learns to be more consistent and Cole gains more experience, they’ll be solid PGs.

    Right now looks like the starters will stay the same with:


    But now the bench is looking more solid with
    Haslem (solid defensive player)
    Miller? (if he’s not broken and decides to stay with Miami)
    Hamilton (solid defensive player in college let’s hope he can deliver in the NBA)
    Allen? (crosses fingers)
    Cole/ JJ?

    With a worst case scenario for the bench being the following:
    Haslem Battier
    Battier LBJ
    Bosh or Haslem
    Allen Allen
    Cole Cole

    Either way it’s not too bad all things considered. They have salary issues, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to fit Allen in especially since he’s expressed an interest. Go Heat! Oh and to the haters that think “oh they’re ruining the game”, to successful players like Karl malone, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, etc. winning that ring is much more important than money and they’re willing to do what it takes.

    • TheRileyLegacy says:

      I meant Joel Anthony on the second rotation of the worst case scenario
      So it would be




  23. RAY ALLEN NO.1 FAN says:

    Ray Allen is getting tht 2nd championship if he stays with the CELTICSSSSS. Wanna know y bc CELTICSSSSS is the best team ever. CELTICSSSSSSS.

  24. Kamote says:

    Why the hell would Rayray go to Miami??? BOSTON TOOK THE HEAT TO 7 GAMES, that without an improving Bradley, w/o a bench punch in Jeff Green and Pierce and Allen playing through injuries.

    Allen played perfectly w the Celts system. Rondo can still improve and be their leader, Green still has to play, Bradley can still develop, and they can still get a better bench this year. The Heat was in better shape in the series (Bosh came in just in time), but Boston was beaten in 7 games!!! THE MIGHTY HEAT NEEDS 7 GAMES TO BEAT AN AGING CELTICS!?!?!

    Last year was a lock out year where teams have to play 66 gruesome back-to-back-to-back games. OKC and the Heat, with their stars at the prime of their youth, would definitely have that big advantage over veteran teams. Next year would entirely be different.

    Next year, should Boston be able to retain their core (big 3), have Green and Bradley develop within the team’s system, have Rondo reach his potential, and have a better bench… THEY’D HAVE A BETTER CHANCE IN BEATING MIAMI IN LESS THAN 7 GAMES. If that didnt happen, then I’d just be happy admitting Lebron’s ring doesnt need to have an asterisk in it LOL.

  25. Tommy says:

    Ohh yeahhh, this is great the Heat are going to go out and buy more good players, nice well Miami thanks for ruining the NBA. Now every team is trying to get a Big3.

  26. renz_garnett says:

    it is a shame on allen if he joins miami..

  27. bronbron says:

    why not get Durant, Dwight, Deron, etc.. too

    way to go Bron,, cant get enough allstars in your team.. need more stars to bail out your sorry A***

    u just can do it urself.. pure greed.

  28. ize says:

    ray allen and marcus camby… why not???

  29. chris10237x says:

    Uh… what? Just because LeBron posted a tweet about hoping Ray Allen will come to Miami doesn’t mean he will. I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want Ray Allen? He hasn’t leaned toward any teams so far anyway.

  30. steven says:

    Miami, needs a Ray Allen type could be Jason Terry, who is a 1/2 guard, he is a veteran who has made more than enough money, and he has had a taste of the ring.. Marcus Camby, who would give you 16 minutes in the low post combined with Joel Anthony and allows Chris Bosh not experience the in season wear playing huge amounts of minutes at the 5.
    Both could be low cost individuals. Jason Terry takes Mike Millers place and Camby is a real center unlike Eddy Curry and would want the taste of the ring.

  31. andie says:

    After all the hate, and trash talks about the Celtics. Here goes Miami trying to recruit Ray.

  32. joe says:

    i wish all these superstars would stop joining miami. i like it when a team builds its championship through the years, the draft, gms, like a process. This quick fix championship situation in miami gaining so many stars so quick is unprecedented and diminishes the value of a championship.

    • Tobi says:

      Typical comment based without facts. The heat spent three years with a medicore team, shedding as much cap space as possible in order to land the big three. It was a very risky plan that paid off. Some teams win by the draft, others by trade and others by Free agency. Look it up….stop the hate and grow up.

  33. AK says:

    That’s just pathetic, already that you have 3 all stars and a pretty good and stacked team you want to add more?

    Its not worth winning when there’s no competition stopping you from winning.

    Where’s the time where a team was lead by 1 or 2 players and not by a thousand…

  34. onin says:

    bring ray allen and deron williams to heat

  35. Phil Jackson wannabe says:

    If Ray Allen lands to Miami, what will happen? A. Win another nba championship. B. lose in the nba finals. C. Boston will riot.

  36. Heat_emn says:

    Chris Kaman and ray allen period

  37. Rajon says:

    Nash would be a better option for Miami if they end up with limited cap space

  38. Heatalltheway says:

    They need a center so badly, they need Hibbert

  39. UncleDRew20 says:

    NO!!!!Allen don’t go to the miami heat and please back to the boston..

  40. Dimitar says:

    I want to see Dwight Howard and Stephen Jackson on Miami Heat

  41. Mike From Akron,Ohio(North Hill) says:

    Why not go after Garnett,Allen,and Nash and bring in them to the Heat….

  42. Felix says:

    Why you guys were thinking about Nash.. Heat needs Chris Kaman..

  43. HeatFun says:

    Wade and Lebron really strong in Miami
    Ray Allen is a good addition thats for sure but they recruiting veterans y not court
    The Big Man Shaq and PG MJ would be best all rounder yeah!

  44. Still dont get the whole thing bout Heat need a PG? Look, Mario Chalmers is still quite young and yes he aint consistent but his game is growing each year… Norris Cole, same thing he’s a nice role player and realy fits this team very well. I agree with AirWITness, I mean LBJ and DWADE have the ball like 70% of the Heats game, so by adding a PG like steve Nash could just disturb their game I think! Ray Allen would be the perfect man for HEAT, even though Miller retires or not, he is consistent and a man of big shots!

    But still, let Chalmers and Norris be Miamis Point guard, they are both young and have a bright future with the Heat!

  45. kurt says:

    I expect Chalmers to keep improving and become more consistent. I agree Nash woulnd’t be a great for Miami as Lebron and Wade do a lot of the ball handling because that is their style of play. Also Allen would be a great help for Wade as he missed quiet a few games this year due to injury so to have a player like Allen taking some minutes away from Wade would be perfect.

  46. Sam says:

    I don’t know what Allen would try to prove by coming to Miami, he will get plenty of open 3s and maybe another ring but I would rather see Nash a ring cause he deserves it. I hope they both come.

  47. all that miami need is greg oden….wade,james,chalmers,cole is a good ball handler alreadry….

  48. vergs says:

    ray is a celtic. .he will retire as celtics…. not with the heat..

  49. deligamer says:

    The odds of Ray Allen joining the Heat are solely resting partially on his willingness to play with Rondo. It is a known fact that they are not on good terms. The other part is KG. If he retires, consider Allen gone. For all I know, he could go to the Brooklyn Nets.

    I would see how he and the Heat could work, to be honest he’d fit perfectly and would create shots with his off-the-ball skills. However, I do think he will be courted by many teams.

  50. Jumpshot = fail says:

    that’s like saying Kobe couldn’t win his rings without superstar help (which he had for each of his rings). And no offense Pippen = was amazingly good, he thrived in the triangle which opened up the strong side for MJ.

    The only team that hasn’t won a championship with multiple stars the last 30 years is what the pistons? once?

  51. dexter says:

    goodluck justin hamilton

  52. dexter says:

    my advice to justin hamilton work hard and better listen to coach spoesltra and focus what he would be going to tell you and teach you,in what you can contribute for the heat team.its for your own success as a player and as for the whole team..congrats and godbless.

  53. dexter says:

    now miami got a 7’0 and (260lbs )wide body mobile player with a better freethrow and good rebounder and a bit of shotblocking ability who would help james,bosh and wade in rebounding,blocking & defending in the the big three can concentrate on scoring more and more…way to go again godbless

  54. sanjay says:

    what were cleveland fans thinking? they expected to win with one just super star? james took them to finanls and than what happened? they got rolled over! It is not that lebron was paid 30 mil, in cleveland, he is basically making 15 despite being worth 35 mil player! He is chasing rings and his endorsements are strong!

  55. dexter says:

    i like what miami heat did trading their 27th pick to the sixers’s 45th pick…way to go god bless

  56. allstar1223 says:

    Wow , why do they want a ring the easy way? Allen should go with any team except the heat . BTW so many stupid heat bandwagon fans obviously know nothing about basketball . Stop saying the heat are gonna sign all these players they cant even afford ( EX. hillbert , ect)

    • uoykcuf says:

      who wants a ring the hard way?
      Look at lakers, they beef up with malone and payton just to win.(EPIC fail though), grab gasol at a garage sale and won 2 rings.
      Look at the celtics, got KG and rayay and they won a ring.
      If you look back, houston did it with drexler, and then add barkley, Willis at the later years.
      Knicks with houston, Larry Johnson
      Blazer added stoudamire, wallace, wells, pippen, kemp.
      Do you think they want to win at the hardest possible way?

  57. arvin de guzman says:

    Ray Allen can be a great acquisition in place of mike miller who is planning to retire. They don’t need another point guard, or a great center. A decent center is fine with Joel Anthony, Turiaf, Chris Bosh or even haslem sometimes, because their plays in a way evolves around james and wade, both the transition and the newly added post up moves of lebron and penetrating games of wade and james. Added with the kick out perimeter and three point touch of all other players like bosh, battier, chalmers and if you will have ray allen, miami will be hard to stop. Same with the point guard, chalmers and jones is a decent point guard. James and Wade can create plays for the team.

    Just look at the six time champion chicago bulls during the jordan era. They dont have a great center, luc longley, bill cartwright, dinky simpkins, they were just ordinary centers. and look at guards like bj armstrong, steve kerr, paxon, they are just all average players. as long as they do their job in the court and allow jordan to do the plays with the help of pippen and all will be well….

  58. val says:

    i think miami need to pursue ray allen to join with them and lebron knows that..coz they need shooter..not just shooter,a good stricky shooter like ray that u can count in crucial game..especially when lebron and dwayne are in attack mode!!! i love to see ray allen shooting 3pointers all day long!!!

  59. dexter says:

    as i’ve said in the previous comment get a bigman who can either play forward/center and a shooter to get a multiple rings…its all up to the miami heat organization…congrats for your championship and godbless coach spo and the miami heat for the next season and the following season.

  60. Honestly, the Heat shouldn’t be as worried as getting Nash, Allen, Terry, or anyone, go find yourself a good center than worry about shooters, LeBron should be playing the 3, not the 4, they need to find an official center so Bosh can move to the 4, honestly, getting Allen would be great, Nash, eh, that would cause to much problems with the ball hogging, especially if Wade and LeBron wants the ball, adding Nash will be a nightmare, I’d say go after a center, than worry about Allen after.

  61. dexter says:

    because of coach erick spoesltra with his brilliant system in coaching lebron now has a post move threat and chris bosh has now become a versatile center way to go coach brilliant and amazing coaching job.

  62. dexter says:

    its up to the miami heat organization to do this all!!!!!!

  63. dexter says:

    in the heat vs. pacers series coach spo needed a big adjustment defending the paint against the 7’2 and young roy hibbert and vice versa at the offense they struggle most of the series bc of roy hibbert presence…so my point is get a bigman who can either play forward/center like chris kaman,elton brand or convince kevin garnet to sign and if greg oden is healthy then get him sign too and convince ray allen or some shooters to sign or to fill in the retiring mike miller or james jones but regarding miller and jones pls be healthy and play for 2 more years with heat to justify the lebron statement that he want to get a multiple rings…its up to the miami heat organization to this all….god bless you coach spoesltra for doing a great coaching job,you did very well in coaching the whole heat team as well lebron james who has a post move threat and bosh who became a versatile center,im proud of you coach…win multiple rings coach erick spoelstra…se ya next season from philippines.

  64. BBDeee says:


  65. james says:

    Did someone actually suggest for the heat to sign williams? seriously some people are stupid… Im an OKC fan, and as much as id hate for ray ray to go their its the smartest decision for him and the miami heat… riley will make it happen

  66. Cavs fan says:

    I am a Cavs fan and also a Lebron fan. As long as the Cavs keep getting rid of the good players and the teams chemistry I will follow Lebron. Yes it would be nice to get Allen in which I said this a couple years ago when Lebron joined the Heat. If Miller retires they will need a 3 point guy to be there in which knowing any NBA team that just won the championship, why would you try to start a whole new team up except for the sake of Miller’s plan? I mean lets say Miller don’t retire why would they look for a new team altogether?

    These are all the same guys who have great chemistry with one another and those who weren’t great are now just adjusting to the team and were good enough to help take this team to the end. That is why the Cavs didn’t win because they started getting rid of the whole team during the middle of the season and picking up crippled Shaq. I do see Miami picking up Allen if Allen accepts and actually practices with the team and they have good chemistry. Chemistry is what matters.

  67. sanjay says:

    There is no doubt that OKC would have been sent packing by celtic defense( zonal defense was awesome). It needed genius and determination of lebron in game 6 to bring celtics down which lifted the whole heat team and they never looked back. Celtics contested lebron toe to toe and challenged him to dare ( ala micheal jordan with detroits).

    And another good thing was heat took a page out of celtics zonal defense and out-hustled the inexperienced OKC. They shut down westbrook in game 5( he dint get 45 again).

    And James haden does not move well side ways. He was dribbling in the gaps between the defenders. But heat defense was so clever. They shut that gap and make him cut the guard and harden legs gave away. His 3 points would not go in anymore, same is true for KD who did not have legs late in the quarters, having had to deal with james on both sides of the court. Haden and KD both were affected. Even lebron had cramps. The real wade woke up, which helped chalmers and mike miller wanted to prove point! Heat are the masters of hustle( next close is celtics).

    The real unsung hero is battier. He came as a breath of fresh air. knocked down shots and when free he drove too!
    he irritated the offensive okc shooters by being in their face without thrash talk! He was bowen for heat.

    They all contributed. Bosh re-invented himself with paint and shot 3’s when left open, chalmers is clutch but he can get better if he stops being clumsy, Noel got speed as good as westbrook!

    Howard made it at last. curry saved his mortage and career!
    Haslem has 2! wade has 2,james will get 2 soon!

    with ray allen in the mix, heat would be something else come this season! chicago could pose challenge but that boy is inured! lakers/okc are true challenge this year( but both have issues).

    But the transition basketball heat played in the first 2 quarters of game 4 is something to behold. They beat ock in thier own game and never looked back!!!

    lebron can do one better. lebron can just give the ball to man in open when he is straight away double or triple teamed rather than going for tough shot, if he thinks he can take it! He can do this during regular games and experiment a bit! it will be so hard for other teams if lebron improves his paint game by another 10 to 15% and bosh also poised to improve!

    It comes with age( thinking of which bosh/james/chalmers/noel<<28)! And wade is not old, he is just 30 and needs rest!
    Jordan won his 4,5,6 at 32,33,34… hmmm….!

    Heat can go 2 peat here folks!

  68. sanjay says:

    wow, heat would have time time acquiring ray allen for 10 mil( he may agree for 8 mil). How much will he get if he stays with the celtics? Chalmers and noel are good enough for miami and both are good small shooters. To acquire ray miami has to let go(miller,howard, curry+jones=4+1.5+3+3), which is do-able easily!

    Heat needs a big man as a back up for bosh under the post. Bosh will be better next year. This year load was heavy on his body pounding the rim as he is not used to this kind of role( no wonder he got injured). But he is just 27/28 and would be a super force in 2 years time( he will get better under the rimm and also his shooting is so good).

    An improving chalmers and noel will reduce burden on wade by at least a quarter in a game and that is good enough for wade( he can run amuck for 30 minutes and save his energy for playoffs mania. we could see old wade in game 4 and game 5 where he outran the OKC in transition)

    Battier,ray, chalmers,noel,big3, and veteran haslem( so these 8 would be hard to beat). They might need a back up to bosh in the paint though! They have not used dexter and another rooky who could do it for them!

    MIami will get better come this season! And happy that wade+bosh both are resting( a solid 3 month rest and than watch out others!!!). They are in great position for a repeat!!!

  69. Jm says:

    Get Allen then add (D-will and Rondo plus Dwight, Terry, Hill, Camby!) WHO ELSE LEBRON? The Fvck! To afraid to lose? So you want all the stars on your team!?? Where’s the competition in you? It’s not about getting better/star teammates! It’s about making your teammates better! That’s how you can be great! Look at MJ he made alot of his teammate look better! The last 2 championship of Kobe he make LO,Drew,Ariza,Farmar better players. Another star is enough for MJ and KOBE to be a CHAMPION! That’s GREATNESS! And you Pathetic LEBRON? You need to stick to BOSH and WADE and get another STAR in ALLEN to defend your title? That’s bullshhhht! Your making this NBA a big JOKE!

    • uoykcuf says:

      Allen is still a star?
      who’s kobe lone all star @ championship team? Shaq? Malone? Payton? Harper? Richmond? Fox? Horry? Gasol? Bynum? MWP?
      whos’ MJ lone all-star @championship team? PIP? Grant? Armstrong? Pax? Harper? Rodman? Kerr? Kukoc?
      Still saltly that you cannot make the ring joke anymore?
      I got a solution, his hair will NEVER comes back. We can always laugh at his hairline.

  70. dude says:

    To the ppl still crying about the refs for the heat, shut up, their style is to drive the ball and thats how they get calls…..Idiots, dont you watch the games? I rlly dont see the need for nash here, ray allen will stay with the Cs.

    Ppl LBJ was just answering sumthin his son asked him, and why would you not be exited at the thought of a three point king comin to your team? but at the same time it was dumb move lebron for you to post that up man, rlly bad mistake. If they can get a good veteran, the will be set specially of Miller retires, a good move by Pat is to give him the amnesty and then they’ll have more flexiility for free agency, eliminating miller’s big contract and then getting 2 players that will have short term contracts that will come off the bench. They can get rid of Juwan, Eddy, Miler, and Turiaf, and replace their salaries with 2 solid guys at PF and SG, I like their decision of Justin Hamilton, he seems like he could fit in with them as another three point threat. The PG rotation is definetly solid with chalmers and cole complementing each other and cole will only get better in skills, he has the IQ, he will develop the skills.

  71. In my opinion the Heat has excellent team they could win with this team next year even.
    Ray Allen is an icon of Boston Celtics and you have to respect that but Lebron is the King he knows.
    In my opinion Turiaff and Curry should tune up for next season and bring Allen Iverson because we are only talking about practice.
    Chalmers awesome, Cole exellent role player, Battier awesome, Miller hope he continues.
    See you next season Lebron.

    • Tired of Haters n Cry Babies says:

      1) CRY BABIES: The refs are not a factor in the Series. There were bad calls both for and against Miami but the refs didn’t make Miller shoot 4/4 against OKC, make Lebron Average over 30ppg in the Finals or make Miami n Boston go into overtime. Every team that played Miami had a chance and a fair chance to win but didn’t. Its simple, anyone else who says different is a sore loser. When Miami lost in the finals last year it was bc they just didn’t play well. I don’t blame it on the refs that’s childish.

      2) HATERS: Stop comparing Lebron to MJ or Kobe to MJ. No one will ever be MJ bc there is only one MJ. No one will ever be Lebron bc there is one Lebron just like there is only one Kobe. How can you even compare the different playing styles and areas and judge Lebron on his non-accomplishments when he’s not even done playing in the NBA? “What I require from you is to explain what criteria you use for comparing two players. How do you compare Patrick Ewing vs. Hakeem Olajuwon? Isiah Thomas vs. John Stockton? Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson? Wilt Chamberlain vs. Bill Russell? Allen Iverson vs. Vince Carter? Kevin Garnett vs. Shaq? If you have a consistent method for determining which 2 players are better, then I will prove to you that Jordan is not the best. If you say, “Bill Russell is better than Wilt because he won more championships” then that means you believe Isiah Thomas is better than John Stockton (2 championships to none) . If you back peddle and say Stockton is better because he had better career numbers, then you have just exposed your duplicity. You have no method for comparing players. You just make up any excuse to pick a player you like, and your double-standard is a joke. I often find Celtics fans say Russell is better than Chamberlain because of championships, but at the same time, they will not admit Magic Johnson is better than Larry Bird, based on the same criteria. These people do not have educated opinions. They are just fans trying to hype their favorite players. If you are one of these people, go away. I only want to talk basketball with intelligent fans.”

      3) HATERS & CRY BABIES: Lastly it’s stupid to say Lebron wants Ray because he can’t do it on his own and whining about too many superstars and how real men don’t have so many superstars. Miami won this year and they can do it without Ray. I don’t know what you call Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo. MJ, Pippen, Armstrong, Paxson. MJ, Rodman, Longley. Kobe, Shaq, Harper. None of these players everyone praises did it alone. Teams win Championships not one player. Each of these players were key roles aka superstars or whatever you would like to call them. The point of a season is to win games. How does it make anyone any less of a team/man/champion for wanting to strengthen themselves with another player. The Bulls did it. The Lakers did it. The Celtics did it, Why is the Heat any different. Let Ray Allen decide for himself and stop speaking for him. If you seriously jump on the bandwagon that hates on players choosing to go to different teams then you also are a sore loser my friend. Players leave teams all the time and you have no idea why besides the fact that they want a championship but you don’t personally know these players or understand fully why they could or could’ve decided to leave so just stop the hate and the whining and watch the game. I’m done.

      No hate intended just tired of lame arguments and excuses without facts.


    honestly man we need like ray ray in our team,we are the champ now and honestly we don’t need a PG like nash… we have lebron the best point guard in the miami heat today,second d wade… so in my opinyon we need a shooter like ray allen,and i hope coach spo give some playing time on JUSTIN HAMILTON we need big like him…

  73. ugh says:

    i got an idea, how about ALL the good players go to 2 teams. get rid of the rest of the players, and teams, and play 82 games. then a final game. jezz, so dumb. i hate the heat, i hate lebroke, blah blah blah.

    • james hater says:

      I sense sarcasm. That’s hilarious! I totally agree. LeBron had to convince 2 other superstars to join him in order to get a ring. He’ll never be Jordan. End of story!

  74. ALLENforDHEAT says:




  75. Some Person111 says:

    PG=Steve Nash
    SF=Lebron James
    PF=Chris Bosh
    C=Udonis Haslem or (some good center from free agency)

    Key Reserves:
    Shane Battier
    Ray Allen
    Mari Chalmers

  76. in my opinion the heat are fine i think they finally figured out how to play without a point guard and a legit center, but i would love to see them get a some veteran shooters if miller retires.. Ray allen is there also Michael Redd, i also think Agent Zero can still be revived he was a streaky shooter back in the wiz vs cav days. they might also want to get a few defensive centers, like marcus camby or javale mcgee, omer asik. as for point guards nash isnt the only good point guard in the free agency, Chauncy billups for me is a better choice or even andre miller.
    Oh well maybe on my NBA libe lineup hehe.

  77. AllenComeToHeat says:

    Come to Heaat RaaayRaayy

  78. ALLforKINGJAMES says:

    forget it fellah.,go get someone whos playing at 5,.not another guard.,we HEAT needed a player who can defend the rim, block shots.,so get a center not a guard

  79. I told u says:

    The Heat can get Nash for cheap. Didnt he say he was retiring to go back to Canada after this season anyway? Nash would sign for cheap for a shot to be back in the spotlight as well as a ring. Ray Allen as well. Join the Heat you instantly become a star. Who would turn that down? Probably about 10 players total in the NBA. Get Allen and a big man……and much props to Chalmers and Big Shot Miller…..and Shane! They all stepped it up big.


    SIR. PAT RILEY KNOWS THE BEST FOR MIAMI…THE HEAT NEEDED A BIG MAN WHO CAN PLAY AND DEFEND, and IF RAY ALLEN and steve NASH decided to go in MIAMI HEAT.. that is a good and welcome addition to strenghten thier point guards and shooting guards positions..and if they get ELTON BRAND or KRIS HUMPHRIES to solidified the heat frontmen. i also consider GRANT HILL or jason KIDD if ever NASH and ALLEN decline the offer… TO RAY ALLEN and STEVE NASH i hope and pray that you will wear the HEAT uniform this coming NBAseason. good luck miami heat! from MIAMI FANATICS PHILIPPINES.

  81. king james says:

    stop haten on miami

  82. RocCity22 says:

    Miami will get Ray allen plus andre miller or Marcus Camby.

  83. what about james jones a real shooter for miami….Ray allen is good fit for heat..nash for NY… also nid a good center bloking rebounding…so d wade and LBJAMES will less bangging up for the rebounds….

  84. Swagflu says:

    Congrats to the heat for finally backing up the hype they brought along themselves.. With that being said, okc did not play well in the finals and they happened to big a pretty good matchup for the heat. Had they played a team like the lakers, or grizzlies..they would get destroyed. So say bye bye to your 8 rings bron bron

    • Sick says:

      It just showed that your West teams are weak… idiot
      Lakers and Grizzlies maybe champs in D-league.. LOL

  85. guest#6 says:

    I think Ray Allen is a good add to the heat. in a case that Mike Miller will retire this season. or while D-Wade is recovering most likely due to the knee surgery…I think Ray will fit in the heat…for PG i think the heat already had Mario Chalmers and lets not forget Cole is also doing great. hopefully this championship experience they have will be enough to boost there confidence. for i believe the missing piece is a Center., no offense to anthony and turiaf. when heat face the pacers it was tough because there a 7’2 in the center. it will be great if the heat would have a middle man about 7’0. for example tyson chandler…grabbing rebounds playing one on one downlow, lock down the paint and to think that you have unselfish superstars in the team the when the dynamic duo attack the basket they can always have an option to lob the basketball to there center. well it was just my opinion

  86. Starting Lineup Next Season


  87. fall pierce says:

    MORE money????? come on… hes not playing for the HEAT for free….the ring is what matters most… every NBA player is gunning for it, and hes spending maybe 1 or 2 years of his career so the better way to do it is to play with the championship team…and @joshua you said no body can stop them hey they been stop 2 playoff ago the boston big 3 is no match to the heats big 3…get over it they are old..

  88. Gadzmin says:

    Danny Ainge told the media last night that he’s gonna match any offer to Ray Allen. Good decision for someone who releases a three-point king must be out of his mind.

  89. bu says:

    Money & cap issues are upfront.

    Miller & Battier are good enough shooters & if Cole gets his confidence back (attacking shooting guard), they should be OK. That’s partially Spoelstra’s fault as he didn’t do a good enough job to make plays so these guys get the right looks at the right place.

    Allen is great player though too expensive, being just a sharp shooter and becoming more of defensive liability as he clearly slowed down in last 2 yrs, and esp wl the Heat’s situation.

    Heat should go after a strong center and better 1 guard or combo guard with their remaining money & cap. If they get these 2 spots filled, and possibly change Spoelstra, Heat will be at another level.

    Sorry, I really think he’s not a good enough coach even though he won the championship while OKC self destruct with inexperience. X’s & O’s he’s OK, as shown. However, his teams all these years never really showed a system they rely on. They just rely on & ride their stars & hot hand. All great coaches have a system that they rely on, both offensively & defensively, like Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan, Pop, Doc Rivers. I even have some doubts about the greatness of Pat Riley as a coach as he seemed to be more of a superstar bunch coach rather than “blue collar, all business, system” coach.

  90. vince says:

    whats the essence of competition if you’ll gonna have superstar teamatessss… all 1st five are superstar??? what the heck!!!

    • pakyaw says:

      essence of competition? COMPETITION is all about winning….dont you wanna be on a team that have 85% chances to win it all? ALLEN is a winner,i think if wants to retire,he wants to retire as a winner…

  91. southbeach bum says:

    omar asik, jason terry & steve nash to miami

  92. John says:

    I can’t imagine how much the Heat could possibly afford to pay Allen, especially under the new CBA. Perhaps if they did a sign-and-trade to bring-in Ray Allen and a center like Spencer Hawes for Dwyane Wade… that would make the Heat interesting.

  93. aaeeddd says:

    why heat not draft anthony davis?

  94. James says:

    You guys are dumb thinking the Heat will get OJ Mayo. He won’t take a major pay cut. He’s young and looking for money. Ray is willing to take a pay cut because he is just in it for the rings, not money.

  95. Nat34 says:

    God forbin! Stay in Boston Ray! Don’t got to Miami… you’re a Celtic! GREEN PRIDE.

  96. miamiheatno.1 says:

    instead of getting a shooting guard, a center would be better. a big man who can back up bosh haslem lbj inside the post. and fortunately their is a one good center in my opinion who is a free agent, that miami heat should get. im talking about chris kaman. look at his average, 13 ppg 7-8 rpg 2 apg. thats a good stats for a center. imagine miami heat doing there activity in the post ( lbj bosh kaman ) on both ends of the floor. hell that would be a phenomenal.

  97. Emilio says:

    first of all allen should never go to miami its going to mess up miami rotation if their going to pick up nash thats fine because lebron and wade wont have to handle the ball as much as they usually do nash can give that 12 pts and 10 ast that he usually does as a older person not only tryn to pick up allen is calling miami an over powered team i personally hate when people say that but if they pick up allen its like saying miami gonna get a ring this year again

  98. KG21 says:

    We’ll be back ! Ray looks better on Green and White.

  99. Graham says:

    lol how many good players do the heat need to win?
    this is gettin stupid wheres the heart and competition and teams that actually want to work for it and not just have it handed to them.
    lebron knows okc was robbed in that series so was boston thats why he wants more and more better players is cause next year hopefully the refs arent the heats best players

  100. BigMonster says:

    We ( Heat ) should go get Jason Terry. Proven 6th man who is an automatic 15+ off the bench. Maybe get Nash at the League Min and another Roll playing Big Man. Dynasty!!

  101. lebronfanatic says:

    ray allen for miami, its a good move in my opinion, he can give a quality time as a support now that d wade’s games was inconsistent. his presence in miami as a bench player was a big impact, a player coming from the bench who can hit clutch shots, 3 point shots, can make a double figure in scorings. miami heat’s supporting cast will be more deeper if his talents will be brought in the south beach.

  102. StaywithusRay says:

    Please don’t go Ray. My friend still wants to bag your groceries at Whole Foods.

  103. Omar says:

    yeah i think Ray Allen should go to the heat!!!!

  104. Jacky says:

    miami don’t have enough cap room to sign anybody

  105. etm says:

    Ray, stay in Boston, since there is a new addition in the team…you will add another ring on your finger…

  106. vasco says:

    taking a paycut to go to the bench in south beach subbing for wade? I call BS.

  107. Kanishk says:

    Does LeBron even have this in him to win a ring by being the man on the team?

    Just how many other star players does he want in Miami?

    What a joke this guy has become.

    Does he really think he can possibly be considered top 5 all time if he has a team full of all stars playing with him? What do these worthless rings even mean?

    • uoykcuf says:

      means kobe is a joke as well. didn’t he tell barnes to come to LA? Hmm, lakers championship team got, shaq, horry, fox, shaw, fisher, harper, MWP, gasol, bynum, barnes, WOW, how many stars do they want?
      lol, accept it bud. He won fair and square.

  108. god says:

    Why would you join the team that knocked you out last year? Ray Allen should go to NY and KG should go to Chicago if they are going to split that team up.

    • KnixFan says:

      KG would be a good addition to CHI but the Bulls really should try to get Dwight Howard.

  109. isha says:

    If Ray Allen goes to Miami i strongly write a letter to the commisoner in regards to this. They stopped the trade for Chris Paul to come to la cuz there wud be too much talent on one team yet u let james,wade and bosh be together and now maybe allen. Get out of here i definetly feel a conspiracy!!!!

  110. Royale says:

    EXplain to me how nash is a good fit in Miami

    Defense liablity

    Alrready older

    The heat already have 2 ball handlers in wade and james bring up the court not to mention cole/chalmers complement each other as a 1 2 pg combo each bringing something dif to the table

  111. Akhil says:

    Um guys……

    This was Lebron’s comment, not the Heat GM or organizations’. So I Hope Ray Allen chooses what he believes is best since this is his carrer and be it Boston, Bobcats, Heat or anywhere else in this league, i will follow him and be his fan and his team’s fan

  112. allen says:

    i’m a celtics fan and the big three fan but if Ray Allen at the miami heat? it’s nice to see that… miami heat will be the unstoppable team.. they have many shooters…..

  113. J.PS says:

    I think Ryan Anderson will be a better Choice!

  114. Jonathan Ma says:

    Plz stay ray ray. go the the thunders if you want to win a championship just not the heat.

  115. heh says:

    Keep dreaming Heat fans, but there IS such thing as a salary cap y’know. The Heat will most likely not end up with a top free agent this year.

  116. sixth says:

    sign allen. go go go for the 2nd championship

  117. MIKE says:


  118. NBAGuru says:

    stay where you are ray allen. with the additions of fab melo and jared sullinger, the celtics will have better depth behind an already potent line up if you, garnett, and pierce stay as a group. getting back jeff green and avery bradley also whom ever you add via free agency the celtics will easily compete with the heat. the heat have very little money to add shooters. with green, garnett, sullinger, melo, johnson and moore the celtics have a lot of able bodies to score down low

  119. Sagittarius says:

    i think the heat needs a stong center n a gud 3 pointer if we get tht we will b gud

  120. RAY ALLEN NO.1 FAN says:


    • uoykcuf says:

      Greatest shooter? Maybe, Greatest player? Nope. Greatest shooting form? YES! Hell yes!

  121. Not a hater, but I do hate LeBron says:

    LeBron is known for his need to play with SUPERTEAMS, so why stop at Allen?

    Maybe KG or Howard could also join the Heat- they need a center, right? DWill would make a good addition too since they need a PG.

    My favorite LeBron quote is after winning the finals he said he “won it the right way” and “paid his dues.”

    Yeah right bro, whatever you say. Reality = you secretly conspired with your little buddies D(irty)Wade and Bostrich to create a special team of SUPERFRIENDS. Then after promising 8 titles to Miami, you failed. You got lucky this year because the Spurs didn’t make it and you were barely able to beat a team who’s main players would be seniors in college this year. Great job LeBron, you’re a real winner!

    • Sick says:

      Spurs can’t even beat OKC… LOL
      your team is just FAKE

    • pakyaw says:

      YUP, HE’S A CHAMPION.. even if you’re old boring SPURS made it to the finals,its stil same outcome .. and barely able to beat OKC? they beat them 4 straight game,just like how OKC beat youre boring SPURS.. 4 straight! LOL

    • BoskeTaytayTonggo says:

      you should go fishing.. that would be better for you..

    • 6&3>35&0 says:

      How can you “not be a hater and hate lebron”? How was his ring not earned? Kobe had Shaq, Jordan had Pippen & Rodman,Bird had Parish & Walton, Magic had Kareem & Worthy, Russel had Havelick & Cousy, but when Lebron gets Wade & Bosh it’s just unfair. We took the team that took your old crusty spurs out in 5.

  122. Ahmed says:

    Rondo please LEAVE this Old Celtics team and Join Lebron and Wade on a quest to win atleast 7 championships. i know they’ll wn every year if this DOES HAPPEN! Lebron Needs u to fulfill the Stupid Guarantee he made….

  123. Kman says:

    Ray Allen will cost them a game by missing , bc he hates the Heat so muh

  124. DJORDJO CRNIC says:

    Ray to MIAMI!!!

  125. HEATNATION626 says:


  126. Jay says:

    the only team to push miami this year is the celtics. who didnt have a “legit” center. boston became a better team when KG (a PF) moved to center. teams will end up having to play “small ball” with Miami which isnt really small with LBJ and CB at the 4 and 5 respectively. So Miami doesnt really need a center unless they’re playing a team with a dominate scoring center and there’s only 2 1/2 (Howard, Bynum & Hibbert). Teams best shot at beating Miami will be playing zone which opens up the floor for even more open perimeter shots so Miami just needs more shooters. Ray Allen would be perfect but I dont think he’s coming so that leaves Nash. And inconsitent or not Chalmers has earned the starting position. Miami doesnt need a new starting line up. Just more power off the bench from veterans who can be stars once in a while which fits Allen and Nash (at this point in their careers) perfectly.

  127. ... says:

    Its better it they got Rondo.
    Now that would be something.

  128. Me says:

    celtics fans are forgetting that the celtics GM is building for the future lol its not about whethere ray pp or kg wants to come back. its about the GM wanting them back. he wants to rebuild a young team for the future. say goodbye to ray unless some amazing trade is pulled to bring in a star

  129. B says:

    The Heat should try to sign Grant Hill and get a solid center.
    I don’t think Nash is the kind of player that would join the Heat… but you never know.

  130. eric says:

    and another thing kg goin to the heat yall r nuts never happend be real

  131. Johnathan says:

    Ray Allen:

    Kinda gettin’ up there in years, aint cha? But hey, who wouldn’t take a cut for another ring, want another Trophy?

    Join Miami for their “HEAT-PEAT”

  132. Birdman says:

    This is ridiculous. The Miami Heat don’t have the cap space to sign Ray Allen. The only way Ray Allen ends up in a Miami Heat uniform, is if he takes a SIGNIFICANT pay cut. Do you really think he’s gonna uproot his family, take a pay cut, and play for the rival Miami Heat after we took the Heat to 7 games? No way. If Ray Allen takes a pay cut, it will be for the Celtics green.

  133. Me says:

    First off, I just wanna say that it ain’t about the Heat cos I know some of y’all bandwagoners gonna turn it all into that…But if Ray Allen joins the Heat I will forever consider him a sell out and I will be optimistic about his downfall there… my point is, he shouldn’t do that to Celtics, if he really wants to leave that’s OK, matta of fact IMO that’s great, but he should at least keep his honor. And yes I do realize that it is a business and franchises are involved but honor and dignity sould never be given up for such things. Hence, if he were to leave Celtics, it shouldn’t be to the Heat, it should be to some other team, some championship team yes, maybe OKC? maybe ATL? maybe even Spurs? but not Lakers / Heat or teams that are in constant rivalry (competition-wise) with Celtics. (Y’all know Lakers would have been in there and might even have met Heat if not for that Kobe injury so forget this year’s). I mean imagine if Lakers n OKC met in the Finals just after Fisher got there, that would be a b8tch but what would be even worse would be if Fisher LEFT on his own, rather than got traded. And that is what I foresee happening if Ray goes to the Heat / Lakers.

  134. eric says:

    celtics fan get over urself heat need some size maybe ray to replace miller but nash come on rio and and cole r fine we neeed size i mean i know we beat indy and all but next year if we dont get no size we will have trouble with them celtics r done the only thing yall got goin for yall is yalls coach

  135. jj says:

    nash should go ny, lin to miami. allen i dont know, he’s the shadow of the player he was, so no big deal

  136. Carl says:

    How many All-Stars does this team NEED? For goodness sake…


    First Off, Chalmers may be inconsistent, but that’s really just on the scoring side, he’s a fine distributor and likes taking shots in the clutch! This guys fearless and always seems to come up with that three point shot when you need it the most. Any short comings he has he will improve on next season just like he did in the previous year. Likewise, Lebron and wade are gaurds as well and between the 3 of the them and an improved and more confident Cole, there gaurd play is good enough. Far better than an aging Nash who will only give you 25 to 30 minutes of great play, yes great, but only if he’s healthy.

    The heat are strong just the way they are, they are versatile and fast, lBG can play every position, adding a shooter like Ray allen makes sense to replace Miller, but to suggest we need steve nash???? I don’t know, for some reason I envision him standing around the perimenter half the time while LBG and Wade still do there thing.

    Nash, go back to your home town, and retire in Toronto.

  138. NAHK says:

    DON’T SIGN WITH MIAMI!!!!! Stay with Boston!! I personally do not like Boston (New York fan), but i think he fits in with Boston better than the Heat. He won’t be a starter, but he could be there sixth man. Ray Allen should stay with Boston and win a Sixth Man award there!!!!!

    • KnixFan says:

      I think BOS is already moving towards rebuilding.
      I honestly think KG and Allen will move on.
      I also wouldn’t be surprised to see The Truth get moved.
      BOS did draft some decent players.

  139. preme808 says:

    i hope allen goes to miami hes old not worth bostons time anymore doesnt matter how good he is in the season if he cant ball in the playoffs hes not worth bostons money……..

  140. KingJames says:

    get allen,kg,kidd and terry. jones,howard,and miller retire. and get rid off eddy curry

  141. Wayans says:

    There’s no way to Allen goes to the Heat. The least he can do is accept a lower salary because the C’s needs more young players. A Celtic lands not in Lakers, much less in Miami, rivals from the same conference. I don’t think it gonna happen.

  142. Ryan says:

    i think they should get ray ray move lebron to the 1 spot like magic was bring in a small forward with ray allen now we talkin 3str8 championships and a new dynasty

  143. deadmann1992 says:

    Ray Allen would smart if he went to the heat if he’s wanting another championship. Only people who don’t think he should is the celtic fans or people who have hatred for Miami. Trades always happens to even the best players out there, it’s a business.

  144. deadmann1992 says:

    let’s be realistic now. If Ray Allen was smart and wants another championship, he’d go to Miami. Only people who don’t think he should go there would be celtic fans. Trades happen, it’s a business.

  145. john says:

    ray allen would enjoy playing with the heat.. im sure it would be fun for him.. once the ball start moving its all fun and more laugh on heat.. opponents would look like kids.. lols! watch them play in the final.. im sure there are a lot of laugh in the locker room after that.. specially on miller, jones and batier… hahhahahhaahahahha!!!

  146. abdin says:

    boston is a champ team 18th banner

  147. rolly says:

    I think Ray Allen will do an inside job and that is to destroy the chemistry of the Miami Big 3 to make sure that Boston finally will defeat them next year. Brilliant move.

  148. Darius213 says:

    wow its amazing ray allen and steve nash come to miami lets go heat

  149. TheRealRayRay says:

    Ray is a Celtic forever!!!!

  150. MIAMIGUY says:

    I know this would probably never happen, but I think that miami should get a shooter, but not nessesarily a mid 30 year old, someone like bradley beal on the heat would be a perfect fit. Give Allen to the wizards for beal. He is young and a proven shooter. I think that if miami wants to win multiple championships, they need more solid youth.

  151. L.J.B #6 says:

    Miami have 5 spots to fill and they can do it with these 5 players Camby,Gerald Wallace,Steve Novak,Ray Allen, Jamal Crawford.They have the best point guard in L.J.B if they put him as one. Did you see game 5 of the playoff?

  152. YourClearlyOnlyAFan says:

    Lol some of you ppl are too funny. Mario Chalmers is a proven Pg now… Beast in Playoffs, Steps up in the moment. Talking about Kg to heat? never gonna happen….. Saying that the heat should sign jason kidd or steve nash is a joke…… and wouldnt be any better then chalmers/cole duo (infact it would prob be worse considering age). Ray allen would be a good back up SG for wade because he can spread the floor and clearly hit 3’s plus wouldnt take much money if miller does retire. And dont say Oj Mayo to the Heat not enough money to get him. And for anyone that does think the heat have all this money go look up the new Luxury Tax Rule, and remember why your a fan and not a GM.

  153. Bert says:

    Nash and Hibbert…

  154. celtics fan says:

    we want KG and Ray back in Celtics, this is for the Ref.. Refs don’t like Celtics players at all. they wanted Miami Heat to win the championship and that’s why they kept taking Heat side. that better stop.

    • pakyaw says:

      MOVE ON! STILL CRYING ABOUT THE REFS…dont you have any better excuse,besides the ref?

  155. Joshua says:

    Allen family is in Boston and after getting Jared Sullinger and getting green and bradley and a health paul pierce and garnett who came offf a incredible playoff performance there is no one who can stop them,,,,,and he would get more money in Boston

    • Heat says:

      Are you OK in the head?? U said no one can stop a retirement team that the Celtics are??? LMAO

    • Brizzy says:

      its not about the money and the celtics team would not be unstopable thats just a joke GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jack says:

      celtics are too old to win. best chance to win was before the miami 3 happened

    • fastbreak says:

      Boston can’t give him a lot of money actually. If he wants money, he won’t stay in Boston. If he wants a ring, he won’t stay in Boston. Only reason he would stay is if he wants to show loyalty to the Celtics.

  156. John says:

    Would be nice if Allen goes to Heat. Even higher possibility of repeating the champ.

  157. Doug says:

    If you cant beat them… join them!

  158. osama says:

    yall are stupid. the heat are going to sign michael jordan. he is coming back from retirement.. again. GO HEAT!!!!! I LOVE THE HEAT!!!!!

  159. Respect says:

    Dont do that Ray

    • Team Heat says:

      Am not a Boston fan but I think Ray Allen should stay he dont have nothing to prove to anybody in the NBA he got his ring yeah I know he want to double up on rings. But Steve Nash time almost running up Nash bout 38 year old he just a other piece of the puzzle for The Heat he can spread the offense and Charmer can be a role player so he can learn from the best.
      Point Guard:Steve Nash
      Shooting Guard:Dwayne Wade
      Small Forward:LeBron James
      Power Forward:Chris Bosh
      Center:Haslem (Maybe)

      • BoskeTaytayTonggo says:

        well, a miami fan should wish for a miracle that the celtics will waive ray ray and no other team would claim him except for the heat.. then ray ray won’t have a choice but to play for miami.. hahaha..

  160. RayAllenVai98 says:

    I’ve also got to say another thing.
    Eric Spolestra should consider this:
    If the Heat do indeed sign Steve Nash the starting lineup should be the following
    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Ray Allen
    SF: Dwyane Wade
    PF: LeBron James
    C: Chris Bosh

    Heat could easily play a drive and dish game to start out the match. The defense will be too preoccupied with LBJ, D-Wade, and Bosh so then they will definitely sag off Ray Allen, and everybody knows what happens when you sag off Ray Allen. (Watch NBA finals 2010 game 2)

  161. Agent123 says:

    Ray wont go to the Heat. He hates them especially the Heat eliminated them 2 consecutive seasons.

    If there’s somebody who will, its certainly Steve Nash….the amazing veteran badly wanted a Ring and a title, the ultimate goal and the greatest accomplishment of a player is to have and ring. So it’s just understandable why all players wants to go to the Miami Heat, because it will make the task easier for them.

    Shane Battier , Mike Miller and James Jones are just standing in the perimeter and the ball is going to their hands so easily from the 2 super attackers Wade and Lebron, dishing the outlet. How much more if you are as good as Steve Nash.
    I mean who would not want to join forces with the obviously superior?

    If Ray would abandon his principles and dignity….. this would form an unstoppable Heat Line-up.

    Center – BOSH
    PF- LeBRON
    SG – WADE

    Now it’s Over already.

  162. RayAllenVai98 says:

    Ray Ray, I am your biggest fan by far. Personally, I think you should go to your heat and finish of your amazing career in a Heat jersey…..

  163. jasonC says:

    Well, I like Ray but I was disappionted when he was on David West’ case about choosing the Pacers over the Celtics. If he bolts for the Heat, that seems to be somewhat hypocrtitical, to me.

  164. DWadeHomie says:

    The Heat Dpont Need A Point Guard They Have Cole an d remember hes still a rookie, well not now but hes good, and they need to get allen, and remember it wont cost much to get him and he dont have many years left so its perfect..

  165. Jason Ramroop says:

    if ray allen goes to miami i think the heat will repeat as champions. he will bring a consistent performance every night knocking down 3s while the defence is too concerned about james, wade and bosh.

  166. Amitpal says:

    It will be really dissapointing if ray Allen goes to Miami. Teaming up with the best is not the way men do it. That’s how kids like dwade and cry baby lebron do it. If ray Allen wAs a real man he would sign with celtics, clippers, bulls, or someone like that. But u don’t go with the team that u hav a riveraly against. Even if it is a small one.

    • wadefan says:

      allen and kg did the same thing 4 years ago.. soo.. what is your point? they were kids then? but now are real men? you are dumb

      • uoykcuf says:

        I say KG and rayray were dumb, If they team up earlier and didn’t wasted those late-prime years at Minnesota and Seattle. They might win more than 1.
        If he sign with the bulls, they are not teaming up with rose, boozer, noah and RIP?
        If he sign with the Clips, they are not teaming up with CP3, Griffin, Jordan and Billups?
        Let rayray be and best of wishes to wherever he wants to go!

      • BOOyah says:

        no they didnt you retard, they were traded, they didnt come as free agents. another stupid miami fan

  167. Yeahhh says:

    nash want’s the riiiiing ring, so he will play for Maiami, and ray allen is not stupid, he will play for Maiami

    • uoykcuf says:

      Yea, he’s not that stupid. At least he’ll spell Miami correctly. “MAIAMI” fan boy?
      Wait, I got it. It’s Mai am I?

  168. IloveBasketball says:

    Damn this is really stupid! Seriously, I understand that every player wants another title, it’s a good chance for Ray Allen. But seriously? Now everyobdy going to the Heat or what? Is that was the NBA is? Basketball is a team sport…not 2 vs 5 like in Miami. No words…No words. And a champion is like the 2008 Celtics who were a team.

    • dattebayo says:

      What kind of knownothings are on here? There are a lot of free agents and some might consider signing for the Heat whilst taking a paycut. Just because its a possibility, does not mean it will happen.

      If Miller and Howard retire, the Heat have 4 spots open to be filled and not much money to give away. They will probably sign only one good free agent and maybe get a veteran or 2 for the minimum. Nash/Terry/Allen all want multi-year contracts that the Heat probably can’t guarantee.

      And have you not watched the finals? Battier, Chalmers, Miller, Haslem, Cole and Jones all contributed on offense and defense. It wasn’t 3 on 5, it was team vs team…

    • 6&3>35&0 says:

      Hey IloveBasketball, didn’t the heat win? So you’re telling me that 2 players won the trophy earlier this month?
      the 04 pistons were better than the 08 Celtics.

    • Willem says:

      you know, boston basically did the same thing with their big three as miami did last season, they were nothing more, nothing less than a team than miami is right now…

    • if you watched says:

      these finals you would know that miami is a TEAM they would not of won had it not been for their bench so stop hating ,,,,,,,always saying miami is not a team last time i checked they had 5 guys on the court at all times SMDH

  169. EXswaggg says:

    Ray if i were u i would try one more year with us (Boston Celtics). U are great when u r in top of your shape.

  170. Pall Pierced says:

    Unfortunately that “piggy back champ” had a break out game because he’s not our main concern on defense and we are “loose” on him. That game 6 was just a gimme for him. Now he is again conspiring to pirate my beloved teammate and he is using his son. What a is that…”If you can’t beat them, join them” is not our motto. It’s just your style, to piggy back and take all the credit. Great propaganda by your handlers.

    • Damien says:

      You have a point there, I remember sitting at the back of the Boston bench and I always hear Coach Doc Rivers command. “Trap, double and Shut down number 3 ” . I think It’s okay for him to let other Heat players break loose and hurt them than to let number 3 escape and beat them…..I was thinking Man do they hate Wade. I hope Ray Allen won’t join the team of the man that broke his ankles and blocking him face-up on national TV.

      Ray any team except the HEAT. please?

      • Knickfan says:

        SO the mvp is a gimme. They’re concern for james but the problem was they can’t stop james. They can stop wade so at least they stop the 2nd scorer for miami, Ask Oklahoma how James play and tell me if james was a joke

    • uoykcuf says:

      I LOVED rayray but didn’t he and kg “piggy back” truth for a ring? Man, time flies though, remember watching a bucks raps game and saw ray exploded to the rim! I thought “What a rookie!” I think I still have that vhs.

    • dattebayo says:

      You should have shown up a little more, so KG and Rondo wouldn’t have to carry your lazy behind on the court. You had like one great shot in 7 games and now you are here hating on the champs? You should thank your lucky stars, that KG and Allen came to Boston to help you and that Rondo and Perkins turned out to be great roleplayers so that you could win that one ring in 08. Must be a good feeling to be supported by ownership and management.

      Maybe it’s about time somebody tells the Truth the truth, that he is old and done. The 18th banner won’t be raised in this decade…

    • Sick says:

      poor Celtics fan … ahahaha

  171. Reality says:

    you are crazy in adding those three! miami will most likely go all in in trying to get ray and nash, but never after kg, because kg will either retire or stay with the celtics! It’ll be great see ray draining threes against boston!

  172. PEDRO MIchael says:


  173. Mister Anderson says:

    Ray Allen is a good fit since DWade will under go surgery on his knee…
    the heat needs a SG OJ Mayo perhaps? wow

    • Bball247 says:

      I don’t think so…….mister anderson *matrix kicks throat* he’s RESTRICTED…look it up to know what it means please.

  174. JTastick says:

    Ray Allen is great and all.. But I’d much rather prefer if Heat could get Steve Nash

    • Alexies says:

      I don’t understand some Heat fans, why would you want Steve Nash to join the Heat? This team doesn’t need a PG because the ball is on Lebron’s hands all the time, he is their PG. Nash is a true PG that needs the ball in his hands to do his job. The Heat should be looking for players to complement LJ game not take away from it. If they want to add to their team Ray Allen makes perfect sense if he’s willing to go there.

    • Bball247 says:

      Yea, and I’d prefer if I could sh!# golden nuggets =|….*shoots self*

    • Costa says:

      I prefer Pietrus over Allen.I will propably get flamed.But Pietrus is better defender.He shot in the playoffs very good %.He can run the floor and he will be in Heat for more years making a better core.
      Ray is the best shooter i have ever seen but i just feel Pietrus is more valid option.

  175. GO HEAT says:

    If the Heat are looking to add more veterans then they should add the following 3:

    Jason Kidd – So they have a real point guard
    Kevin Garnett – So they have a back up big man
    Ray Allen – To fill in the spot of the retiring Mike Miller

    • Ben H. says:

      KG would never go to Miami, he and Wade have gone at it way too much for that to happen. KG and Bosh backcourt would be nice though.

    • NashFan says:

      I Agree that those are great players but I think Nash is a better player then Jason Kidd…
      And Instad of Garnett You can get Omer Asik …
      And I think Ray Allen is going to be great in Miami .. but I think O.J Mayo is kinda better sign in Miami …
      Im not saying that I disagree with you.

      • Bball247 says:

        Omer Asik is RESTRICTED and the bulls already said they’re going to match ANYTHING that anyone throws out there….gah! Please, someone come up with a REAL plan that’s not more fictional than a lord of the rings trilogy??

    • NBA fan says:

      You seriously think KG would even consider being a BACKUP big man for the HEAT. Who, except for Chris Bosh, have a list of bigs such as Haslem, Curry, Pittman and Turiaf???

    • celts_fan822 says:


      1) I don’t think KG would agree to be a “back-up” for Bosh. If it were to happen, KG would be starting center.
      2) It can’t happen unless LBJ, Wade, and Bosh are willing to take even bigger pay cuts, and everyone you mentioned is willing to do the same.
      3) That much change is unnecessary, seeing as their current team won it all

      If I were the GM or a Heat fan, I wouldn’t want to shake things up too much, because clearly the Heat’s current system works. I could see Ray Allen working for them as he’d really fortify their bench. And I think offensive punches off the bench are all the Heat needs — LBJ is enough of a point guard and a true point guard would mess up their system in my opinion.

  176. dattebayo says:

    He would look weird in white, red and/or black for sure. I hope the Celtics resign him along with KG, all they need is a scorer like Jeff Green and a Center. If they are healthy they have a chance to beat Miami…

    Seems though, that there are a lot of guys on the market for the Heat to lure to Miami. If Miller retires they sure can use either Nash, Allen or Terry. I hope Curry finally gets in shape to contribute something to the team…

  177. nasbro20 says:

    ray allen please stay with the celtics you have been with them for far to long to leave now.

  178. celts_fan822 says:

    What’s wrong with trading Allen for Mayo?

  179. kolokoy says:

    I’m hoping Allen don’t go to Miami, he has nothing to prove, a great player he is and with a ring… He has proven himself in Boston and its righteous for him to retire there…
    Nash in his twilight years should be looking for the easiest way to have a ring, and joining Miami might help him and he still have the skills to help Miami get a back-to-back… And he deserve one…

    • Victor says:

      I think Ray Allen (along with every athlete in organized sports) just wants to win as much as they can. I mean it’s the primary objective in sports. So yes Ray Allen does want to win. Going to the Heat is the definitely his best odds of winning another championship, which naturally everyone wants to do…

      and it’s not a might… going to Miami will get Steve Nash a championship, just like it did for Lebron James in only his 2nd year wearing the jersey,

      Miami is becoming a Dynasty.

  180. BadLuck Bryan says:

    Sign Mayo! Mayo-mi Heat!

    • James says:

      No way they can afford Mayo

    • Bball247 says:

      Too much money, plus he’s a RESTRICTED free agent. Please NBA fans that have knowledge of what’s going on, I advice you to help me set these sad souls straight. It’s like watching 16 yr old’s talking like they know everything.

      • Costa says:

        They cant afford anything over 5M.That means players over 33.Or players lacking talent.

  181. waves says:

    love jesus hes the best

  182. Henry says:

    I’m a Celtics fan, and I’ve been a fan of Ray Allen since his time in Milwaukee. I’ll be a supporter of his wherever he ends up going for the final years of his career, even if he signs with Miami. Allen is a player who really embodies what it means to be a Celtic, and it was amazing that we acquired him in the first place. I’d love it if he retired in green, but I’d never fault him for his chance to play on this talented Heat team. I hope in years to come he’s remembered well for his contributions to Boston, and that he and KG are mentioned among the Celtics greats of the past.

  183. Tim says:

    Ray Allen won’t join the Heat, it’s just after so many years of heated playoff series with James and Wade(together on the same team, or not) you develop a subconscious hatred for them. I might be wrong, either way Allen is a great player and it’s fun watching him play where ever he goes. Especially when he was in Seattle.

  184. JaRon3 says:

    Miami needs another championship and so as Ray Allen…

  185. go heat says:

    get nash and allen! no doubt the heat is the team to beat for as long as lebron and dwyane have their contracts set

  186. Greg says:

    Oh god… how much money does Miami have? TT.TT

  187. Max says:

    As far as I know, Ray Allen is not going to south beach, hope not. If he does, we will miss him a lot here.

  188. LeBronFan says:

    I dont think the heat should let Allen join … they have some old players that over 30… I think they sould get more big Or a real Point gourd like Nash or someone like his type.. This is my opinion im not trying to prove something here . …

    • HeatThunder says:

      You make a point. The miami heat need a point guard. Mario Chalmers is terribly inconsistent but his twenty five points are a bright spot from him. The miami heat need a point guard abut they also need shooters to space the floor. With guys like dwayne wade and lebron james, you need shooters to space the floor. I think they will go after a point guard and ray allen. WAY TO GO HEAT!!!!

      • Arjan says:

        What about Lin and Allen? would be fun!

      • soulleopard says:

        wrong chalmers doesn’t have to be consistent they need more size to help take pressure off of bosh so he can start playing his best basketball. and chalmers comes up big in big games. plus they dont need a true point gaurd with wade and jameshandleing the ball 90% of the time.

      • Ahmad says:

        I believe what you guys are trippin on is my team miami heat need deron williams a really good young point guard that can benefit the heat in the long run.

      • Nilto says:

        I dont think the Heat can attract a player like Nash. A pure point guard like Nash needs the ball in his hands to be effective. As does wade and Lebron… they are the kind of team that dont really need a pure point guard. what they need is a scoring point guard that can hit open shots and is not afraid to take it to the basket on a rotation. Chalmers is a great fit, he is just not consistent.

      • grifter19 says:

        the heat would need a good PG, Mario can replace Miller if he retires and Jones is already looking for an option to leave Miami. Mario can concentrate on the 2 spot, he’s a good 3 point shooter. and to those that says LBJ and Dwade carries the ball 90% of the time, is simply co’z they have to coz Mario is really inconsistent as a PG. but with Nash as the PG the other 2, james and wade can be more effective in making space for themselves and the lane to cut. a lot of people gorgot how good those 2 are at moving without the ball and they will have that luxury adn save more energy if they can have a reliable PG and Cole can be a good apprentice for Nash

      • Costa says:

        Ahmad are you drinking something?The heat are at least 20M short of getting Deron.

    • Stickman says:

      i think u should read your comment again & I’m pointing this out to u bc u said the Heat have players that are over 30 but they should pursue Steve Nash…..ummmm Steve Nash is how old again?

      • Jerseybballer says:

        You have to understand even though Steve Nash is over 30, he’s in phenomenal shape and one of the most unselfish scoring point guards out there. Steve Nash has 2 – 3 good years left in him. He would be the perfect fit for Miami. I’m a Lakers fan though and I’m hoping we can convince him to go there. ; )

    • Stevy Wonder says:

      They Heaat do not need nash. Hs should go to dallas with nowitski. Ray Aleen would be perfect for stretching the defense that is played against the Heat; and they will stretch his career in allowing him to be productive in a less demanding role. They do need another solid Big Man to play good D in the lane and rebound.

    • AirWITness says:

      why the hell would the Heat need a PG? Haven’t we seen that sharing the ball between Lebron and Wade is already difficult enough and you want to make this worse by bringing in a real point guard? Lebron is going to be the man with the ball in his hand and when he down at the post, its going to be Dwade. Wade needs the ball to play and so does James. Let’s not sabotage the team by bringing in Nash. Besides, Nash is too expensive for the Heat. Ray Allen would be a good replacement/upgarde for Mike Miller and a consistent 3 point shooter. Cole and Chalmers are sufficient on the Heat roster.

    • Miami Guy says:

      As a long time Miami Heat fan, I agree with James. I would love to see him playing for Miami Heat. He is the most stable 3 point shooter in NBA. Do not full with how well we did in finals on 3 point shootings. We do not have a stable, and quick 3 point shooter like Allen. I love to see him playing for Miami Heat. What player we need? We need a center? OKC was playing quick basketball that is why they could not take advantage of having height. Remember how much hard time we had against Pacers 7’2″ center against 6’9″ center..

    • Bongoman55 says:

      Thet have Mario Chalmers and Norris Coles at Point. They need to replace a three point threat in Millet. James jones might be released also, so they need a pure shooter. Nash is older than ray anyway.

    • nick says:

      nash is 38….

      • chris says:

        the heat are fine how they are. after all they won the championship.all they need is better players coming off the bench.there bench players have no consistancy and they need that to make another big run but they need another big man to help bosh but other than that they are fine and will win another championship.

  189. 6&3>35&0 says:

    come to miami ray!

  190. Brandon Keith Mhoon says: