Report: Lakers Not Interested In Roy

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can cross at least one team off the list of potential suitors for Brandon Roy as he makes his return from a seven-month retirement from the NBA.

Roy is apparently not on the Los Angeles Lakers’ radar, according to Dave McMenamin of

According to a source familiar with the team’s thinking, the Lakers are not interested in Roy, the former Portland Trail Blazers All-Star guard who retired last December because of knee troubles. Roy, who turns 28 next month, has been working out in L.A. this summer in hopes of returning to the league.

While certainly respecting the player who Roy once was, the Lakers are skeptical that Roy’s body would be able to make it though the grind of a full 82-game season, according to the source. The prevailing thought within the organization is that Roy misses the game and is going through the natural longing process that many competitors deal with shortly after retirement. They aren’t convinced that Roy will be able to physically return to the form that allowed him to average 19.0 points and 4.7 assists over the course of his five-year career. With many holes to fill on their bench and only the mini mid-level exception and veteran minimum contracts to use in free agency to fill them, Roy carries too big of a risk.

The Lakers might not be interested, but there are several teams — the Warriors, Timberwolves, Bulls, Pacers and Mavericks — with legitimate interest in Roy.


  1. Sohax says:

    release worldpeace they need better 3pointers or consistent SF..put fast runner roster please in your bench.

  2. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    No disrespect intended but Think about it if you were 7 foot tall would you like playing with Kobe. Its obvious that Gasol AND Bynum do not like playing with Kobe. Gasol has his ring and now he uderstandably is basically ready to go. The roster, politics and system of the Lakers is not on point. Where ever he goes he will probably be an entirely different player.

  3. dattebayo says:

    Of course the Lakers have no interest in Roy, duh. You can’t have another wingplayer on the floor besides Kobe, that permanently needs the ball. I mean, what if he ends up taking shots away from Kobe? Shots that desperately need to be taken over double and triple teams whilst ignoring open players. Roy can’t do that, he’ll end up getting other people involved and then we will have team basketball and that sure as hell should never happen to Kobe’s Lakers…

  4. Junebug says:

    Keep Kobe an Bynum an mwp trade gasol an sessions get Howard or d williams an pick up odom An fisher

  5. Junebug says:

    Keep Kobe an Bynum an mwp trade gasol an sessions get Howard or d williams an pick up odom

  6. dominap says:

    trade kobe n bynum 4 howard n sign deron williams….

    • Chitown-Goon247 says:

      The magic could just sign d-will? =| The lakers need a PG, period. They’re some out there so go fish, simple as that.

  7. old school spurs says:

    lakers can’t do much when Kobe takes up half of your cap space 🙂

  8. Ricard says:

    Trade Bynum for the #1 pick in this dratf n pick Davis.. Trading Gasol means no ring n Kobe needs to take a paycut if he wants to win..
    Lakers need a star PG like Deron Williams go get him

    • Sea Pea says:

      Deron Williams is overated. If you are as great of a point guard as they make you out to be you should be able to get your team to the playoffs no matter what teamates you have given this watered down league. Jason kidd and Magic could take any bums to the playoffs.

      • chris says:

        please state which PG has by himself taken a team to the playoffs… ever? kidd had kmart and RJeff in there prime and they ran the east and got to consecutive finals, Magic had kareem and worthy plus a few other stars on his team.. please name as many others as you want and well look at there teams.

        Deron has humphries as his next best player ( i would say lopez but when ur that injury prone u mean nothing)
        hard to imagine any 1 player not named lebron replacing deron and taking that team to the playoffs

    • Bball fan says:

      lol, trading andrew bynum for #1 pick, that’s so dumb. who would want andrew bynum (no heart) it’s same as to pick kwamie brown as #1 pick. good job mj NOT, dont mess up this year please

      • Chitown-Goon247 says:

        The question is, who wouldn’t?? Bynum’s on his way, you’ll see (and I’m NO laker fan, but I give credit where credit is do). The dragon is waking up, he’s starting to show lots of heart I can see it in his eyes when he has monster games. I think what you’re mistaking as heart is confidence, and I agree that he didn’t(notice I used past-tense 😉 ) show much confidence in his abilities before. But it looks like he has seen the damage he can do and is going to start taking names from now on.

  9. lakerjohnny says:

    The Lakers are one of the teams that go thru “rebuilding” but seem not to fall to far. Gasol will never live up to the hype of being the clutch player or the “Dirk N” player so to trade him is not a big loss. Bynum will be better next year seeing that he is still growing, what the Lakers need is a decent point guard like a floor general (Nash, Williams) who will help Kobe. I think Kobe was thrust into the leader role and did not grasp all of it with the late trade of Fisher. If the Lakers can get some key pieces then I believe that will rejuvenate Kobe and give him that hunger to go for at least 2 more championships.

  10. Bennyi says:

    Lakers need to sell Paul and get d Howard n Paul pierce. Pierce is from LA so he would love to play the rest of his days in la. Coach needs to develop sessions and sell Walton, meta, mcroberts and co

  11. AaronL says:

    If the Lakers want to win, they need to look both at their starting five and their bench. Ramon Sessions, he’s not the best point guard in the league, but he was still pretty valuable before the playoffs, putting up 1 or 2 double-doubles in running the offense. He needs to be resigned. SG – Kobe. The SF position, Ron Artest, should be traded away for some good draft picks or a decent SF, like Luol Deng. Ron Artest is one of their best 3-pt shooters, but if you look at how many possessions he threw away or nearly threw away in the past, its safer to trade him. Gasol – The Josh Smith trade should be made. Although Smith is shorter, he’s younger, more athletic, and will be able to bring more energy to the Lakers offense. C – Bynum. For Bench, there needs to be someone to run the offense there – we should use the amnesty clause on Blake. The rookies, Devin Ebanks and Goudelock – they should be in more workouts – they have potential. Brandon Roy though, on the Lakers, and Odom, wouldnt make a bad bench for them to be title contenders.

  12. lakerjohnny says:

    The Lakers seem never to go thru “rebuilding” because they only missed the playoffs one year and so they hang on to their stars until another one is found, as far as Gasol is concerned I don’t think he has what it takes to be a champion and was relyig more on Kobe and Bynum to carry the load and he fade into the shadows. If you remember he was called soft by KG when the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the Finals that year and every since then he has not shed that name, with a core of Bynum and Kobe maybe get a decent point gaurd (Steve Nash, MO Williams) and Maybe it will rejuvenate Kobe to get hungry for another ring and once that happens he maybe could try to have 7 before he retires

    • Belizeboy says:

      What are you talking about? The Lakers won back to back titles after losing to the Celtics and one against Orlando while Bynum played barley any minutes. It was Gasol that took on the majority of big man work when they won. So how can you say he never shed that name? Yes he has disappeared over the past few years but I don’t think it’s because he’s soft so much as he’s not interested in playing (possibly for LA) anymore. Give him his dues because without him Lakers would not have won jack in 09 and 10.

  13. Joeryy says:

    Dump GM !
    1. Gasol (useless in defense) for Deron or JSmith(atl.)
    2. Bynam (4ever 15years old in head) + bencwarmers for Howard
    3. Hill to Minesota foe Beasly (wolves want it, and Hill is not playing anyway)
    4. Artest (useless and makes problems) whereever for some youngster
    5. sign few useful players from Europe (that can play) (Teodosic…)
    6. Leave LO away from Lakers, he was useless last year, and there is no Santa to make miracle for him
    7. not very possible but bring back Phil Master ! Browns tactic with C outside 3p line 50% of time is just idiotic.

    • Slider821 says:

      1. Considerable
      2. Why would Magic take a 15yr mindset for Howard, that wouldn’t happen
      3. Beasly for a benchwarmer, are you kidding? Minnesota isn’t that stupid.
      4. Artest for picks could help but LA likes artest
      5. good luck with that under Mike Brown
      6. LO should retire and go into tv, the only thing he’s good at
      7. Phil won’t come back anywhere except a front office gig that lets him work from home = not happening

    • Pirates4Life says:

      1. Good luck with that
      2. Why would the Magic get rid of one 15 year old for another AND receive useless bodies as well?
      3. Who cares, both are just average. Beasley only plays because his team is terrible.
      4. Artest is a solid defender (ruined Ben Wallace’s chance of 5 straight Defensive Player of the Year awards), Lakers need him
      5. Agree with Slider
      6. Last year Lamar was brutal, but with the Lakers he was a stud, in the right environment he can be useful and showed LA is the right environment.
      7. Agree with Slider again, and I think he brings the C out because he got used to LeBron attacking the rim, gives more space.

      P.S. Kobe is still the best. He’s the best combo of all important aspects. Durant’s a better scorer, LeBron a better rebounder, but Kobe is better than both 1 on 1 defending AND attacking, also better basketball IQ, and can hit the big shot (missed many, but nobody else in the league is more reliable down the stretch than Kobe). He is getting older and Injuries affect him more, but when healthy nobody can stop the Black Mamba, proved that when he carried the Lakers for those pre-gasol/post shaq years in the western conference. Lebron carried the cavs in a horrible eastern conference all those years and the east is still horrible so Miami winning isn’t a surprise, it”d be sad if they didn’t win.

      • chris says:

        ok kobe is not a better defender then lebron for one.. and quite honestly only might be debatably better in scoring and thats because he dam sure takes more shots and is more about him. its only durants 4th year.. and he took his team to the finals.. hes better then kobe.. and speaking of those pre gasol /post shaq years u speak of, remember the year they finished behind the clippers and missed the playoffs.. that was in there to with the black mamba.. mad respect to him and he does have game, but he is old now and not even a top 5 player anymore

  14. Sea Pea says:

    Kobe is not leaving. He is a lifer like Duncan. Gasol is still the man he’s just not hungry. Lakers will resign Odom and trade Gasol for Gasol. Roy is soft and he is injured. A bad combination for an 82 game schedule.

  15. Jami says:

    The Lakers need to trade Pau Gasol or they will lose aganist. The Management of the laker’s organization does not appear they want a championship team for next year. There is no way the lakers can win a Championship with the roster they have in place now. Look at the Laker’s bench. They cannot play.

    Kobi, you need to look at where the Lakers are and decide to either stay there or leave the lakers to win your 6th title. You donot have to be the Greatest that ever played the Game. You are Great!!! Michael Jordan is Great!!!

    You are the Best NBA player in the League. I respect you for what you have done for your self and the Lakers’s organization.

    • TriggaHappyTre says:

      I don’t know if he is the Greatest in the League any more, but I will defiantly consider leaving if the right changes aren’t made. Kobe is aging and so is his game. He needs to make a move and it has to be ASAP.

      • Sea Pea says:

        He’s still the Greatest (Biggest) name in basketball, but maybe not the best player but that is debatable. It’s definitely not unamimous anymore.

      • Bongoman55 says:

        He is not!!! LeBron, Dwight, Kevin D, Rajon Rando Chris Paul are some better players right now. He has seventeen years of wear and tear and is a good player NOW. Where could he go to win now? He makes 28m per year which team is going to take that salary for a 34 year old?

    • Bball fan says:

      Be real guys, nobody can afford his huge contract. He is staying with the lakers.

    • Jaye says:

      Well Said!!